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Letters from Readers about Jay Weidner's Letters


Note: most recent letters are at the end:

 From:               c@…
 Date sent:        Fri, 3 May 2002 21:52:51 EDT
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

horse hockey, Most could well do nothing public for the balance of his life,  but he has enough minions like SS to continue the campaign.  In fact this  could be a perfect ploy, he would always be able to say, " I have washed my  hands of the matter - you crucify her if that is your intent". 

There is another aspect that has a serious stink about it.  After all we have  observed, learned and know about Bridges....can anyone seriously imagine him  caveing in to Jay who Bridges supposedly regards as the worlds biggest dunderhead?   Come on - give me a break, give all of us a break...........B

 From:               "z@…
 Date sent:        Sun, 05 May 2002 17:14:43 -0000
Subject:            (Fwd) Re: (no subject)

-Goldenflower@c... >
Date sent:       
Sat, 4 May 2002 18:03:48 EDT >
Subject:           Re: (no subject) >

 >  > Laura: >  > I am leaving on a vacation tomorrow morning.  I know that this is  unfortunate > timing but I am tired and I need a break.

Translation: I've worn my little fingers to the bone heroically on  your behalf.

> I want you to know - that up to this point anyway - I have done  what I  > thought was impossible - I have gotten Bridges and StormBear to  remove the  > sites.  They did this with a great degree of reluctance and are  ready to  > escalate this ugly situation in a second.  Doesn't it feel good to  have that > garbage off the web?  I want to keep it that way and I know you do  also.

Actually, having "that garbage" on the web is reflection of the  people who wrote "that garbage", not the targets of it. Having it on  the web on a current site rather than in an archive allowed people to  see firsthand without much trouble what the entire situation was all  about.

> Bridges will never do all of your request.  However I think that I can  get him to do > some of it.

"Here I come to save the daaaaayyyyyyy!"

> How about an agreement, written to you and me, that says that he  apologizes for > his false statements concerning his background and career, his  statements > concerning the integrity of Ark, Laura and the rest of the Perseus  Foundation, > that he agrees to never say anything in public about you guys, that  he agrees to > not pursue any legal matters against you also.  If he breaks this  agreement then > you can place it up on your site.  As I understand from your site  you already > have an agreement with "Frank" about the copyrights so lets just  leave that out > as it is a problem that has already been solved.

Of course, let's leave the most important issue out of it.

> But to keep hammering away at him in public with this will just get  him more > crazy.  You and I don't need this.  Cooler heads must prevail here  and - you > have to admit - I have cooled the situation down on his end.  Now I  need you to > come a little closer in distance from where you are to end this  thing.  I am > asking you to please help me.  I have proven my words with actions -  just as you > requested - but my time as 'mediator' (why did you put that in  quotes?) is > coming to an end.

Let's get this straight now, because it's a very subtle point. If HE  gets crazy, then it's YOUR fault. That's the same reasoning Bridges used  to attack you for being an attempted rape victim. It's like  kidnappers saying "if you call the police, you'll be responsible for  the hostage's death". Twisted reasoning, making someone's else's  actions entirely your responsibility, alleviating that person of the  responsibility of making responsible choices for what he does.

> This is truly the last chance.

Threat, threat, threat.

> If you will agree to the above then we can get this behind us.   >  > Please consider this carefully and thanks for your patience (Henry  Kissinger I > am not!) >  > Jay

Methinks the heroic knight wears a coat of many colors as his armor--- and will present the color he thinks will most appeal to you at a  given time. It presents us with an opportunity to make sure we see  the entire coat, and not simply what they wish us to see.


From:                ZZ@…
Date sent:         Sun, 5 May 2002 11:16:13 -0400
Subject:           Re:  (Fwd) (no subject)

Me thinkith Sir Jay doth place high priority upon his importance in all matters.    Perhaps Sir Jay's vacation will giveth more common sense to his dwell in fairy/dream land.  "poof"

 From:               m@…
Date sent:         Sun, 5 May 2002 10:53:54 EDT
Subject:           Re:  (Fwd) Re: (no subject)

 Goldenflower@c... >
Date sent:       
Sat, 4 May 2002 18:03:48 EDT >
Subject:           Re: (no subject) >

<< If Bridges signs that document that you wrote he can be arrested.  It admits  libel and slander.  You must understand that no matter how insane he is, he is not that insane. While the charges may very well be true you can't expect him to sign a paper that says that.   >>

To borrow a phrase form my kids...deeeerrrrrrrr! I haven't even read the others yet (I see about 4 came in) but this is  ridiculous!  Were they just playing and now it's over? Pick up the pieces and on to the  next event/victim.

From:                "D@…
 Date sent:        Sun, 5 May 2002 09:15:36 -0600 (MDT)
Subject:           Re:  (Fwd) Re: (no subject)

Goldenflower@c... >
Date sent:       
Sat, 4 May 2002 18:03:48 EDT >
Subject:           Re: (no subject) >

> I want you to know - that up to this point anyway - I have done what I > thought was impossible - I have gotten Bridges and Stormbear to remove > the  sites.  They did this with a great degree of reluctance and are > ready to  escalate this ugly situation in a second.  Doesn't it feel > good to have that garbage off the web?  I want to keep it that way and > I know you do also. [snip]

Whoa, wait a minute!  Didn't he just flame you guys, saying he "knew all along" what terrible folks you were, etc, etc ad nauseum? "Hey, Bridges, was I the bad cop?  No?  Doh!  OK, just a minute, writing new email..."

From:                m@….com
Date sent:         Sun, 5 May 2002 10:57:19 EDT
Subject:           Re:  (Fwd) (no subject)

 In a message dated 5*5*02 2:35:15 PM,:

Jay says: <<  At least I can go to my grave knowing that I did try to do the right thing.   >>

Oh really? Just let Bridges and his kind continue with their games? Yup...that's  the right thing...yup. Okay. Yup.

(sorry I can't stand this.) m

 From:               "G@…
Date sent:         Sat, 04 May 2002 17:00:34 +0000
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

 > (Weidner wrote:) >The only way I could get Bridges to finally cooperate was to tell him that he  >was >doing it as a favor to me because of what I have done for him in the past.   >  He >also wrote me a letter saying that he would take down the sites for three  >days >to see if you will take down everything that I previously mentioned off of  >your >site.

G here:

So we're now supposed to buy into this crap that psychopaths actually have a  sense of decorum and they are SO inclined to return favors that they can  swallow their pride and back-pedal anytime just for the sake of making up  and turning sour milk into sweet?

I say: Are we going to turn around at his bidding, or are we going to stand  our ground like true warriors?


From:                "DL"@…
Date sent:         Fri, 3 May 2002 19:37:51 -0600 (MDT)
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

Jay Weidner said: > It has taken me many hours of fighting with the obnoxious one but I > have  finally got him to take down the stuff on paymenow and >  I just checked both sites before I wrote this > letter to you.

"I've put lots of effort into this (even though you didn't request it of me), so now you are indebted to me."

> The only way I could get Bridges to finally cooperate was to tell him that > he was doing it as a favor to me because of what I have done for him in > the past.   He also wrote me a letter saying that he would take down > the sites for three days to see if you will take down everything that I > previously mentioned off of your site.  The letter also states that he > will drop any and all legal matters pertaining to you and any > foundations that you represent.  Once you take down the stuff I will > forward the letter.

"In doing this great and wonderful thing for you, I had to really stick my neck out.  Now you are *obligated* to do what I want you to." Interesting that he doesn't want to forward the letter to you until you take stuff down -- he's told you what the (purported) contents are; why wouldn't he forward it? I wonder if the stuff is really gone?  Or was that the stuff that was gone sort of before this all started?

> I also ask you to do this as a favor to me.  For that favor I promise > to you that I will moniter Bridges to the max and if I see him doing one > thing wrong I will announce publicly that he went back on his word to > me and you.

Funny that the only part where he seems to make a typo is in the part where he is "promising" something...  Odd...

> In the end it is a better thing that we do.

How so?

> I hope you take this as seriously as I am.  That way we can make some > progress in this situation and put it behind us.

And, once again, putting you guys in the negative position as a control measure.

From:                jh@…
Date sent:         Sat, 4 May 2002 19:51:10 +1000
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

> Date sent:                 Fri, 3 May 2002 21:17:07 EDT
 > Subject:                   (no subject)

 >  > Laura: >  > It has taken me many hours of fighting with the obnoxious one but I have  > finally got him to take down the stuff on paymenow and  I > just checked both sites before I wrote this letter to you. <snippity snip >  > Jay

Couple of points:

1. Jay did not get involved until the truth was put out there. Unfortunately he  was dragged in to this. It was big of him to allow you to publish the open  letter which appears to have been a big thorn in the side of Mr Bridges.  Pulling that is no big deal as it is still out there in Google land anyway. Google posts go back to the early 80's!

2. It appears a deal has been done with Bridges trying to cloud the truth. It seems  to be that the truth is the thing that hurts him most.

3 The website is not in the USA. Wayback machine unfortunately does not work  past the transfer offshore, so any archived material will be lost.

4 Multiple copies of the pages (if pulled) with permission can be copied and  mirrored ad finitum by anyone who visits the website, not necessarily people  from this group.


From:                jh@…
Date sent:         Sun, 5 May 2002 13:09:29 +1000
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

Although the main index page has been removed the background pages are still  available at paymenow. etc

Is one that is still there; others are still there as well but pretty well need  back door access.

There is also a link at Rick Ross' website

All cassiopaea articles seem to have been pulled from

MPaymenow webring is still active.

Date sent:         Sat, 4 May 2002 18:25:59 -0700 (PDT)
From:                TJ@….
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

In that notorized letter for Bridges to sign I would ask him to include an apology by name to all group members he may have caused not only emotional, mental harm by his ridicule and defamation but also financial  Who's to say member did not purchase plane tickets for his zaca rip off and lost money when they had to cancel . It's not like he could deliver the speakers he advertised :-). I wish there was someway to include an apology and payback for S**'s losses too.  I know he would not sign anything like that but then he probably won't sign the other one either. And as such may not make a difference of something like that is included anyway.Ok that's enough wishful thinking for today.


 From:               ld@…
Date sent:         Fri, 3 May 2002 19:59:02 -0700
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

> Date sent:                 Fri, 3 May 2002 21:17:07 EDT
 > Subject:                   (no subject) >

(snipped) >  > The only way I could get Bridges to finally cooperate was to tell him that he was > doing it as a favor to me because of what I have done for him in the past.   He > also wrote me a letter saying that he would take down the sites for three days > to see if you will take down everything that I previously mentioned off of your > site.  The letter also states that he will drop any and all legal matters > pertaining to you and any foundations that you represent.  Once you take down > the stuff I will forward the letter.

BS, Laura. Why not forward the letter right now? He'll only forward  it AFTER you've taken everything down? What is REALLY in the  letter then? Actually, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense  anyway, because even if you take down everything, you can always  put it back up again (and it's on the internet archives), so what is  really going on here?

Well, I suppose you could call their bluff and take it down  temporarily (but with a notice saying specifically why you are doing  so, so that it is on record).

But you know what? It would negate the whole Adventure series,  which, personally, I think is one of the best things you've written.  Most of it would still make sense without the Bridges stuff, but much  wouldn't. And now that I think about it, that may be the whole point.

I guess I'm thinking out loud here (and the sad thing is, you all get  to be witnesses!). Bridges is running scared, and he's  going to lean on Jay and use him now.

I  don't think Jay is a controller. I DO think Jay is being used and is,  probably, unaware of it. Everytime I think of him, I think of his  original --or one of the original - E-mails, where he was so out of  control and ranting to the point of foaming at the mouth. But, to his  credit, when given evidence, he backed down and started to think,  then really turned on Bridges (or seemed to). Now, I admit that could be  the mark of a really consummate controller, but I just don't think so.  I think he took the reins for a while, and it took a lot out of him.

Nope.Screw everything I just wrote.  I'm wrong. If that was the  case, he would forward Bridges' letter, plain and simple. That's the part  that makes no sense to me. Actually, none of it makes any sense.  So maybe the whole point of the communication is to get it on  record that they tried -- God KNOWS they tried, right?

So, I guess, after all this, I'm suggesting that you make NO  changes whatsoever. I don't actually know what Jay's role in this is;  he may just be relieved that he and Bridges have supposedly  hammered out their differences (he does have a book involved,  after all, and supposedly a new book). But, frankly, I don't see how  that affects you guys -- nor should it. And supposedly, he's done all  this out of the infinite  goodness of his heart, in which case, you  owe him nothing. Actually, you don't anyway. You never asked for  his help. Whatever he did, if anything, he did on his own.

So, I guess I've sort of answered my own question, if nobody else's.


From:                mt@…
Date sent:         Fri, 03 May 2002 21:22:47 -0600
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

Hi lc,

You might have hit the nail on the head.  I have seen situations where the parasitic relationship between a con artist and his victims is almost *symbiotic* in that the victim seems to derive some sort of masochistic reward (of some sort) or effect from it also.

I have seen, myself, consummate con artists who have been able to con the same victims *over and over*, even using the same cons, and it is always the greed/desire/whatever of the victim that blinds them and that makes this possible.  And even makes it possible for the con man to enlist the victim's cooperation to further victimize others!

So now Jay is willing to mentally "block" that past; he is willing to sell out Laura and Ark; (and himself) and yet once again dance to Bridges' tune because he has been promised or led to believe something which he desires very greatly and will sell his soul to possess.  Bridges is pulling all the strings here - that's why nothing was forwarded.  From this point on I would consider Jay to be nothing more than a controlled "agent" for Bridges.

Or so it seems to me.

- mt

From:                "zz@…
Date sent:         Sat, 4 May 2002 12:15:00 -0400
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

My impression on Jay Weidner is that he is a go-between wannabee.  He wants to be on the winning side, so he plays both ends to the middle where eventually, he's  gonna get burned.  Very immature. I think  his job is mostly to keep people in a state of turmoil so they can't get on with learning what is to learn. This type needs to be deleted and ignored permanently.    zz

From:                "SS"@…
Date sent:         Sat, 4 May 2002 21:36:41 -0500
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

> From:
> Date sent:  Fri, 3 May 2002 21:17:07 EDT
> Subject:  (no subject)

>Once you  > take down > the stuff I will forward the letter. >

Hello Laura. Jay should  have sent the letter anyways.  The way Jay is saying it, is like  signing an agreement first, then negotiating.  I'm not the brightest  kid on the block, but this just makes me wonder why he doesn't send  the letter to begin with. I kind of would like to know what's in the letter.  Would their be  something in the letter that would prevent you from putting the  material back on the web site? This is just like when you think everything is going ok, a 'monkey- wrench' is thrown into the works to cause disruption.   I'm rambling here, but this just doesn't look right to me.


From:                mt@…
Date sent:         Fri, 03 May 2002 22:05:08 -0600
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

Indeed - circles within circles!  If such cagey foxes they be then such a distinct and chilling possibility cannot be overlooked, and you have pointed it out quite well .  But whether unscrupulous, greedy "victim" or more Weidner "player" it seems at least clear that there is not a single rational reason based on past experience or present evidence to "trust" anything the JW person has to say.


From:                "tt"@…
Date sent:         Sat, 04 May 2002 12:48:49 -0000
Subject:            Re: More from Jay Weidner


> In the end it is a better thing that we do.<

 This is the sentence that really had me in creases. Its just too ham  for words. It seems to be a reference to a famous war-time quote that  I frustratingly forget. Something like 'it is a far, far better thing  that we do..' Churchill maybe? I forget. Anyhow, the usual tripe from  Jay. As has been mentioned - utterly transparent.


From:                "ee"@y…
Date sent:         Sat, 04 May 2002 21:39:02 -0000
Subject:            Re: More from Jay Weidner

-> From:                      Goldenflower@c...
 > Date sent:                Fri, 3 May 2002 21:17:07 EDT
> Subject:                    (no subject) > To:                   

>  > Laura: >  > It has taken me many hours of fighting with the obnoxious one but I  have  > finally got him to take down the stuff on paymenow and  I > just checked both sites before I wrote this letter to you. > snip

Hi Laura, Ark and here

Well, after reading this latest Weidner whining, I must say with all  due respect to the seriousness of the 'game' these guys are playing -  this is becoming quite entertaining :>) "Please, oh please, Laura, please listen to me, I'm really doing this  for your own good..."

I guess once the veil is lifted, things that are this obvious can  become entertaining!  I'm just sorry you have to be 'sidetracked' by  these latest pleadings for making nice.  Do they think you're stupid  or something?  Well, thanks for sharing this latest from Jay.   Hang  in there, Laura. 


From:                Sa@…
Date sent:         Sat, 4 May 2002 12:05:44 +0000
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 02:59 AM, lc wrote:

Everytime I think of him, I think of his original --or one of the original - E-mails, where he was so out of control and ranting to the point of foaming at the mouth. But, to his credit, when given evidence, he backed down and started to think,then really turned on Bridges (or seemed to). Now, I admit that could be the mark of a eally consummate controller, but I just don't think so.I think he took the reins for a while, and it took a lot out of him.>>

I think the email you are referring to is the one pasted below,

<< Nope.Screw everything I just wrote.  I'm wrong. If that was the case, he would forward Bridges' letter, plain and simple. That's the part that makes no sense to me. Actually, none of it makes any sense. So maybe the whole point of the communication is to get it on record that they tried -- God KNOWS they tried, right? >>

No, it doesn't make any sense.  First he viciously attacks L and A on the subject of ritual -then he apparently sees the light about he  seems to be on his side again even though he knows exactly what Bridges is into - i.e. ritual magic.


Date sent:         Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:53:29 -0700
To:                   laura_at_...
Subject:             Channeled Lies

jay weidner -  ( | wrote :

Why do you lie when you say that others have backed out of the conference.  This is not true.  Not one has backed out except you (thank God for that!!!)You are a liar which somehow doesn't surprise me.  You are also lying about the entities no doubt.  Thank you for all the great material you are giving me for my article that I am writing about you.  Each one of your indescretions will be noted.  I know what you are and I will tell the world who you are working for. All of your bullshit 6th and 7th density beings and you call yourself a Physicist.  You couldn't get a job as a janitor.  I am telling Bridges to do the right thing and sue your asses into the ground.  He needs to let the boys who are running your show know that we will not be trifled with.  You should be sued for slander and I am telling Jirka Rysavy to do it as your claims are without merit.  You have shown yourselves to be the perfect dupes.  And your information is so full of crap it hurts.  That's why you don't lis! t your sessions chronologicaly.  You are back dating material as you find out what is right and what isn't.  You are a classic intelligence operation and I intend to wipe you out.  I am not afraid of you at all.  I know that the devil runs as fast as he can whenever he is confronted.  It is time to lay to rest all of this alien BS, this channeled crap and all the other lies that the NWO wants us to believe. If you expect anyone to believe that using a Ouja board is not Satanism then you should be attempting to get that fool into your organization. I told Bridges who you were, I said that time would tell.


From:                SF@…
Date sent:         Sat, 04 May 2002 13:48:55 -0400
Subject:           Re:  More from Jay Weidner

Hi lc and group: lc, You make some very significant points in your post, particularly the "coincidental" recent remergence of (jw) with a proposed helpful plan, just as (fi) withdraws his alliance with (vb).

What I have observed with jw's correspondence, is a repetitive pattern of contradictions, clearly indicative (to me) of a STRUGGLE.

A truthful and honest individual does not, for the most part withhold. When deliberate and conscious withholding occurs, with an honest intent to uphold a promise of confidentiality, this can be stated without breaching the confidence.

It appears to me, that the correspondence we are privy to, reflects a struggle.  The fact that we get to witness this struggle can serve as a valuable opportunity for learning.   I have observed that occasionally, dwelling within my empathetic feelings only clouds my ability to learn. That is not to say that empathetic feelings are inappropriate - only that to unnecessarily dwell within these feelings can serve to limit.

Truth and honesty are not wishy washy principles of vagueness and mystery. If in doubt - state the doubt.  If certain - state the certainty.  If promises have been extended to withhold information with the intent to protect the confidentiality of another -  state this.  If an agreement exists that cannot be discussed- state this.   Providing small tid bits of information (like bait used to catch a fish) and choosing to withhold the whole truth, will always leave the recipient hanging...  and in a state of speculation as to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.


Date sent: Sat, 11 May 2002 20:03:16 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Weidner Letter - Bravo!
From: "DL"@.....
To: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk"


I just have to write a quick note to say "bravo!" on the latest page on Jay. I think you've succeeded again in giving the lie what it asks for -- truth. I loved the way that you guys keep answering with what they are truly asking for, but not what they want!

BTW, every time Ark posts I learn something new! He is a marvel at not being distracted from the issue at hand (which seems to drive these guys crazy!). Great work! (Now off to read "tibet" ;-)

Date sent: Sun, 12 May 2002 04:19:03 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
From: dc@...
Subject: Weidner

Jay's E-mails -- wow. It's really interesting to read them all in order like that. It really let's you see the guy for what he is -- whatever that might be. What a switcheroo he's pulled. I find it hard to believe that it's only because VB paid him his money back.

What's with the Masters of Light bit? And it's the masters of darkness who control RLC? Actually that would sort of fit with the story of Sauniere's confessor having to take to his bed in terror after hearing his confession. And what is Jay talking about when he says "they" destroyed him, and he couldn't get into the "group" anymore because they were scared of his background? What in the world is in his past, or is he just being mysterious?

I'm going to have to go read it again, I think.

He has a lot of nerve commenting on Ark's English. Let's see Jay write in Polish. Besides, it's an incredibly childish thing to write.


From: hp@...
Date sent: Sun, 12 May 2002 13:50:12 +1000
Subject: Weidner

Ark did an extremely effective cut and paste job, which I learnt from. Keep hammering them with the facts. I noticed how JW was completely thrown off kilter by this method. Once again getting personal trying to manipulate emotion.

From: "KW" @...
To: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Subject: Weidner stuff....
Date sent: Mon, 13 May 2002 01:28:39 -0700

Hello Ark & Laura ~

I am really not certain what all the hoopla is about yet, as I have not finished reading all the Adventure Parts yet... saw the link to Weidner pages AS I was printing out the Tibet section for reading later tomorrow as I hope to finish the Part 24 through end then .... So right from the start I admit I know virtually nothing... (as Shultzy used to say in Hogan's Heroes)

After reading the first 12 or so copies of emails from Weidner... I became really really reallly really REALLY puzzled - - - As I read further I then became irritated with this "Jay" person.

WHY - if it is true that Weidner is actually "pissed" and other related feelings about Vincent Bridges - does he continue to say HE (Weidner) is going to get attorney and go to court.... then a few segments further he will say.... HE (Weidner) AND you two (Ark & Laura) must get attorney and "DO something right NOW".... and then starts to say he is resolving it for himself with Vincent Bridges and then says you (Ark & Laura) must now do "make a peace" . . .

JAY NEVER DOES DO ANYTHING.... just talks like it is a good idea to DO something.... lots of somethings.....

THIS is like throwing dirty laundry, books, potting soil and detergent in a washing machine, from different people, to accomplish their different tasks, and turning on the agitator.... It is a mess and nobody is solving or resolving anything - - - just getting everything ruined....

Jay Weidner is his own person and his own business is HIS affair.... IF he is upset - - - who ever said they were against letting him look to his own business and go to his own attorney and get his own resolution - - - and Leave you and Ark to decide what is necessary for your affairs. Jay is mingling his business into too many of your affairs with no clarity resulting.... what a jerk. He is all over the board with "reasons" and "rationale".... whatever he is trying to say it does NOT sound like it is about resolving or restoring his own affairs, and certainly does nothing for you but waste more of your time and resorces....

He says he wants to vacation a couple of times.... I say "Bon Voyage and DO forget to write !"...

MY biggest question is: When did Jay get the idea you two needed him to save you? I thought you were going along just fine in getting to resolutions and closing the gaps and doors with a better chance to "finality" the way you were discussing it.... INCLUDING getting the information into the public discussion & dissemination ....

Anyway.... I have no more time to complete the rest of the read... for all I know at this point... by the time I read to the end of this you may have already resolved this... But about half way through the Weidner stuff I think "Jay"is flaky and a waste of time.

Love you and THANK you for the energy and the sharing.... ~ ***

Date sent: Mon, 13 May 2002 07:51:43 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Ark's response
From: "DL" @....

>> I am stunned beyond belief that you have published the letters that
>> you assured me were taken in strict confidence.

> > "Please print my complete response or do not print any of it" [snip]

> You asked for it. You got it.

ROFL! "I know that's what I said, but it's not what I meant!" Great responses, Ark! I love the fact that you don't let people get away with *anything*!

From: "KW" @...
To: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk" , "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: Example of WHY I have become so Miffed while reading all this Weidner goop
Date sent: Mon, 13 May 2002 02:13:59 -0700

Hello Ark & Laura ~

I read a bit further and THIS is an example of how irritating this Jay person seems from my perspective: . . .

>If you want me to be part of his gang because I tried to make peace then I guess you will never make peace with him or "Frank" because then you 'are in his gang' also.<

Well, here is a bit of logic. On its own it IS reasonable.... However, all the Jerky stuff before and after Wash it away .... Poof! So therefore, using your own logic, there can never be a resolution. If Jay is trying to make peace, between two other parties... Was he invited to do so by either side? WHAT parts of the issues are directly relating to JAY's issues --- about either side resolving or not resolving ? ? (I am a trained Mediator. The fundemental premise for mediation is that a mediator is NEUTRAL to all sides.) Jay does not appear to be neutral to any of the "sides" in this issue.

What is so oddly jarring about this is that you have been given the green light to sue VB WHO is handing out "green lights" ? ? You were ALREADY 'free' to pursue anything BEFORE Jay uttered word one......

>and I have a letter from him saying that he will not pursue any legal action against you?<

WHERE is that letter? DID YOU (Laura & Ark) get the letter? A certified & signed copy? Is the letter REAL or HEARSAY ? AND more important: WHY is Jay getting a letter from Vincent Bridges which is directly related only to issues between Vincent Bridgest and Ark & Laura ? ? THIS is all nonsense.... But of course, Jay is being so enthusiastic and reasonable.... maybe we should all get on the sidelines and join a cheering section.... Oh, well, maybe NOT !

>So why is this not good enough?<

Good question... what were the anwers to the prvious questions.... LOL

>Why don't you want to fight it out where it belongs?<

NOW, here is a really BIG issue to me..... WHO is it that Jay thinks is in charge of determining WHERE an issue of Ark & Laura's needs to be 'fought out' ? ? ?

>Why do you wish to carry on in public when that will just escalate and cannot hope but worsen the situation?<

Well, it seems to me it actually depends who is trying to accomplish what, which determines when airing issues in public for the public to decide for themselves could prove to be the sticky wicket as some might say... Who has something to hide ? ? ? ..... etc....

>You have been given the green light to sue his ass off <

There AGAIN ! ! Who EVER took the green light away from you ? ? ?

>and you choose, instead, to continue to rant in public.<

HERE ~ ? ? "RANT" ? ? ? ..... I always had the idea when someone told me I was ranting they were not in my corner..... WHY DO YOU NEED ANY ASSISTANCE TO GET ANYWHERE - - FROM SOMEONE NOT IN YOUR CORNER?

>You do this despite the fact that you are not doing any of the work that you are supposed to be doing.<

You have an assignment? "Supposed to be doing" ? ? ? From Jay ? From "God" ? ? WOW ! ! Now I would like to know who has decided WHAT you are supposed to be doing with your time .......AND it would be interesting to know what Grade you are getting.....

Of course I would also be interested to know if you are taking or giving a 4th Level Class and Do we get credit for reading it? Is there a test for us too? AM I BEHIND TOO ? (I already know I AM ! ! ) LOL ! ~ ~ ; )

>It is very strange<

NOPE .... JAY IS VERY STRANGE..... and I will need to think much over the next few days about it. GOOD GRIEF.... the more he thinks the worse he thinks... I would suggest he just GO on vacation and leave it at that....

Going on Vacation seems to be Jay's idea of a 'threat' maybe ? ? ?

>There must be something else going on that I am not aware of for you to be taking such drastic measures.<

Drastic ? ? Your entire site is about public disclosure and Public discussion..... Of course, now that I reflect a bit on what history I have retained, That is Drastic in Cuba, China, Iraq, and now the USA ? ? Hmmmmmm ..... Beam me up Scotty.... ! !

>So one more time I will, for the record, state the deal as it stands right now.<

OH PLEASE ! ! ! WHO put Jay in charge of "the deal" ? ? The same person who is assigning you guys your tasks

>which I will restate in case you missed it<...

You apparently are off task and way behind on your homework.... or is that universe work ? ? Hmmmm....

Love ya both !~ I am Miffed about this entire back & forth stuff from Jay.... It is a HUGE WASTE of your talents & energy.... if you cared to ask me that is.... because I for one have NO desire to assign any tasks or whatever about how you spend your time and energy...... LOL ; - )

Love KW ~ . . .

Date sent: 14 May 2002 01:09:50 -0000
To: ark_at_cassiopaea
From: hs@...
Subject: Vincent...

I've been perusing and digesting as much of your site as my eyes will allow me to, and I'm beginning to wonder why you spend so much time discussing what Bridges has been up to. His alter(ed) ego is most definitely Bozo The Clown, and I for one am tired of him diverting you from your mission. Ark and Laura are excellent researchers, who have produced a long list of intriguing reports on any subject imaginable, and they are being sidetracked by some idiotstick eeking out a backwater existence which will amount to about 6 kilos of pure granite.

If you believe what has been said about STS entities using humans as puppets to knock people off track, then you should wise up and give him no more attention... . Period.

We look forward to more of your brilliant research which carries a 674% guarantee of pissing off Bridges and whoever else that may work with him.

Date sent: Thu, 23 May 2002 00:30:00 -0000
From: Astrid

This has been a most amazing process to watch: the series of letters from Jay in which he appeared to position himself against Bridges, especially when he himself opened Aethera books, thus appearing to take an opposing stance. His latest vitrolic diatribe has been an eye-opening example of his call for extreme unction from the dark side, apparently now annointing himself with the unholy oil of those who dwell within lies and layers of lies.

At first I wondered what scared him. Was it Jirka? Was it something Vincent said? Blackmail? Threats? However, it is more likely that he never changed camps, but was always in that dark camp, and only seized the opportunity to pose as anti-Bridges to see what he could gather as intel and to see if he could influence thinking. I say this because of the spewings of cursings, accusations and insults from the get-go, and a focus upon money. This is when he revealed his signature. His agenda is found within the text of AMET itself. Does a leopard change his spots?

Date sent: Wed, 22 May 2002 19:38:10 -0700
From: ldt (USA)

It has been really hard for me to understand in this whole thing. Jay's original about-face after his original volcanic spewings was extreme, but I tried to give him credit and figured that he was just a hot-head who when faced with facts, at least had the wherewithall to stop and think about it (which, I thought, was admirable, if that was the case).

Part of me (probably the part that's not so gullible), however, still thought, "Believe it if you want, but something is not right". But I couldn't imagine him putting up with the lovely and oh-so- sophisticated line drawings on concerning him. After all, I would find it rather degrading.

This latest about-face is even more bizarre than the first one, as it seems (at least to me) to come out of nowhere. Then Vincent comes up with this story on Universal Seduction about how his whole operation was as an underground reporter to do research on cults and channeling. Apparently, that's the new direction they're taking. But it's damage control at best and pretty transparent.

Anyway, the whole thing is very educational and very entertaining. Unfortunately real people are involved, as well as robots like Vincent and Jay, and real people have feelings. It sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term "human sacrifice".

Date sent: Thu, 23 May 2002 11:25:50 +0200
From: XS (a reader in Europe)

Esteemed Colleagues;

My subjective impression of Jay from the get go is gluous, shifty, unpredictable. There is a certain short term internal logic, but the span of attention is unbecomingly short for an initiate. Heard about the work, shifty-Jay? What does Schwaller say about practice? Or maybe the mastery is accomplished and I stupidly just don't get it that the homunculus has hatched and now doeth of Jay and Bridges what it wilt.

Being reviled on paymenow is not a problem, since paymenow is so infantilely stupid that any STS authority that one might like to impress is bound to view it with the utmost contempt. STS likes appearances of accomplishment and sophistication and control, and since all of these are lacking in the paymenow crap, it must just be classified as a pathetic work of wanna-be STS. And because they are all wanna-be's at the core, the existence of paymenow must actually piss them off, being a reminder of a complete lack of class they must all strive to hide to get ahead on their chosen path. Paymenow is a bit of an enigma, since it cannot possibly be politically useful to its authors. Blatancy sometimes passes understanding. Those idiots are not even very good at serving themselves.

I therefore suppose that if it has a purpose, which it must in somebody's mind have in order to be maintained, it is to invite this very speculation and act as a decoy. It is however a token of self-defeating stupidity for them to advertise it in their postings all over. This should be repellent to STS, who after all are into looking clever, powerful and composed. Contempt is another favorite emotion of STS, and maybe I am indulging in that, so watch it.

Back to Jay. It appears he fluctuates between threats and whining. Neither of these gets a particularly warm reception. In between he pontificates about how he is a great man of peace. Gimme a break. As if somebbody cared about whether his all enduring saintly patience ran out or not. There never was one.

And as usual, Jay-creep can't dig the fact that there's people who just don't want to do business with him. Yet, the 3D STS have a saying that there's always a sucker when you need one. On with the noise.

It must be the case that he is driven by emotion and more or less means what he says at each point. Because if he calculated, his bafoonery would not read as pathetic as it does. Reading Jay gives me physical symptoms. Bridges is far better and slyer than Jay. Even if they work in concert, Bridges must hold Jay in contempt. Maybe Bridges gives all the idiot lines to Jay while himself playing the wanna-be mastermind. Stupid cop, smart cop.

Maybe they don't work in concert, at least not all the time, that is, in their own mind. Maybe it is like the C's say, that they are directly controlled by 4D STS. 4D STS, by reason of economy, give each the lines best suited to the weaknesses of each. Less control to exert, when they sort of run on the autopilot of their own ineptitude/penchant for wiseass self -justification.

Anyway, there is a certain rotation of tactics that sort of spins on its own, not so much to be any specially successful offensive but rather to create a certain constant wear. Maybe there'll be a time when these are spent and the next one tries, but it's been a long time coming.

So spins the merry-go-round. Or the pinball machine. Read Umberto Eco's delightful description of a pinball machine in Foucault's Pendulum? The astral machine with the shining spheres of planetary perambulations of cosmic effulgences of the sefirah?



Date sent: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:52:41 EDT
Subject: The Weidner Letters
To: ark_at_cassiopaea

I appreciate all you do to keep the community on the right track by exposing the con artists that seem to be behind every bush. I read through the Weidner letters and not sure which side Weidner is on. He seems to have gone back to the Bridges camp. These people are cutthroat.

A Reader


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