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After my 85-year-old mother’s 4th trip to the emergency room for sudden spikes in her blood pressure (>200!), I began doing some research.  I had to look no further than Dr. Carolyn Dean’s wonderful book, The Magnesium Miracle.

Actually it was the first book I came across in the health section at Books-A-Million (What are the odds of that? a million-to-one  :)?)   I'd remembered that the first page I thumbed to was about a physician treating a patient for elevated blood pressure.  (After the first drug didn’t reduce the blood pressure, he progressively added three more.  And when those didn’t help either, he’d add magnesium to get them to “work”! )

So I decided to type a letter to my mother’s physician, to share with him what Dr. Dean said about treating hypertension with magnesium.   (Of course, it will be a miracle if he listens to a word I type.  Fortunately, I can “prescribe” magnesium taurate for her myself.)  As I was typing in Dr. Dean’s web address, I accidentally opened her website.  There I saw an article entitled, “Can Clay Treat MRSA Infections” which greatly interested me for 2 reasons:

1)  I’ve been battling MRSA-infected boils on my face and neck for 3+ years.  
(I’m delighted to report that I’m finally free of active infection due to18 months on a diet 100% free of wheat, and 90% free of dairy and sugar--radical dietary changes that gave me a head-start on the Detox program featured here on the Forum.)

2)  A Forum discussion of Bentonite clay stemming from the C’s admonition (Oct 22, 2008 session) to search the transcripts for references to minerals  (i.e. July 19, 1997 and December 5, 1998 sessions).

In Dr. Dean’s article, she tells of using “LL Magnetic Clay”, which she highly recommends.  When I went to the company website, I read of the effectiveness of their product in drawing out all sorts of toxins—and rapidly. 

Below are highlights from Dr. Dean’s article, followed by those from the LL Magnetic Clay website, including a list of their various clay baths for specific detoxification goals:
Friday, April 30, 2010

Let me tell you about LL’s Magnetic Clay. Late one night, two years ago, a friend came to me with a horribly infected foot that was excruciatingly painful, hot, red and swollen to the knee. He refused to go to hospital, where he was sure they would cut off his foot! He already saw himself wearing a prosthesis! Even so, I gave him an ultimatum that if there was no improvement by the next morning he had to go to hospital.

I blended up ½ cup of LL’s Magnetic Clay and 1 quart of water into a fine paste and coated his whole leg. His wife and I gave him Rescue Remedy and Sovereign Silver by Natural Immunogenics. We also did some Reiki.

Even though I know the power of clay, it was hard for me to believe that by the next morning the swelling was down by 50%. I had been afraid it was a MRSA (methacillin resistant staph aureus) infection, which would be very difficult to treat even with antibiotics.

LL's Magnetic Clay is dedicated to providing 100% natural detoxification and supportive therapies with only a force that mother nature can accomodate us with. Our products are centered around the largest and most viable detoxification pathway in the body -- the skin, and with over a decade of success in offering powerful foundational protocols to address environmental toxicity, LL's Magnetic Clay remains committed to providing pure unadulterated natural products designed to enhance the wellbeing and health of our customers.

The basis or source of many diseases is NOW found related to the immune-breakdown substances of chemicals and metals in our body! With so much emphasis on health, I can't think of a more important issue than addressing "body pollution", especially concerning metals and chemicals. This is a major issue that many practitioners and the medical field seem to overlook! According to Steven R.Schechter, N.D. and Tom Monte, in their book Fighting Radiation With Foods, Herbs, & Vitamins, there are so many pollutants that we "face such overwhelming threats to our health, it would be easy to give way to despair".

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with HEAVY chemical/metal poisoning. Among a major culprit along with numerous other metals/chemicals. It was recommended that I have all the fillings replaced, a major (and expensive) undertaking. After undergoing live cell/dry cell analysis, it was recommended that I needed a minimum of 20 chelation treatments (a drip-intravenous therapy) to remove chemicals and metals from my body. At $100 a session, that meant an additional $2,000! To confirm the diagnosis, a frozen sample of my blood was sent to a special laboratory in Colorado. The lab analysis showed an alarming variety of chemical and metal poisons in my body, including dioxin, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, chlorine and copper. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most toxic), seven elements registered seven or more. Where, you might ask, did all those chemicals come from?

Dioxin, one of the deadliest substances known, was sprayed on coffee fields in Central America, where I had visited for several months. Now farmers are becoming more aware. Mercury, besides leaking from fillings, is also found in fish, cosmetics, soil, pesticides, film paint and plastics. Aluminum is used in soft-drink cans, cheeses, white flour, baking powder and deodorants. Arsenic may be present in coffee, some types of rice, salt and smog. Cadmium is contained in cigarette smoke, coffee, gasoline, steel cooking pans and metal pipes. Carbon monoxide, of course, comes from auto exhaust, cigarette smoke and smog. Lead is found in dyes, gasoline, paint, plumbing, pottery, insecticides, tobacco smoke, textiles and scrap metal. Many of these chemicals are also in our water, food, and air we breathe! In the words of medical researcher, Alan Levine, M.D., "The vast increase of chemicals in our environment, foods and medicines has greatly altered the body's ability to rid itself of toxins..."

The search for alternatives

Having neither health insurance nor the money to pay for those expensive treatments, I began searching for alternative ways to eliminate these chemicals and metals in the body, A MAJOR CAUSE of immune-system breakdown, according to new research. (Fasting does NOT remove these toxic chemicals and metals. They just accumulate in the body)!

I learned that certain toxic elements could be removed be taking specific combinations of minerals and vitamins. For example, a daily regimen of six magnesium oxide tablets plus one teaspoon of calcium/magnesium powder taken with fresh lemon or grapefruit juice was said to rid one's body of arsenic -- eventually. But at this rate, it could take years to clear all the chemicals and metals from my body, not to mention the huge amounts of vitamins and herbs to take daily.

Eventually, however, my search led me to a special Bentonite used in a bath, can actually draw out toxic chemicals through the pores of the skin. By immersing oneself in a tub of very warm water mixed with this clay! (Not just any clay will do! With over 200 kinds of Bentonite available on the market, be careful to get these with little or no aluminum and no chemical emulsifiers in them. Clays can vary tremendously in their ability to pull out toxic metals/chemicals).

After trying numerous clays, we were able to obtain the right kind of clay required for the bath and a head-pack.
After soaking in the tub for the allotted time, I felt exhausted and lay down to rest, leaving the clay "mess" to be cleaned up later.

A black substance

When I returned hours later, the clay had settled to the bottom. Trying to avoid damaging the plumbing, I skimmed off the clear water and poured it down the sink, then scooped up the remaining water/clay solution and carried it outside. I was astonished to find that the solid clay remaining in the bottom of the tub had turned from a light-grey color into a black substance! Wearing rubber gloves, I wrapped the toxic clay in crumpled newspaper into a heavy-duty garbage bag.

Amazed, I began sharing my experience with friends. One woman, also having of mercury poisoning, bought enough clay for her entire family. The residue from her four teenaged boys' baths was the normal color. Her husband's bath, however, left a dark-colored sediment. And my friend's results were like mine -- black "stuff"!

Curious, I sent off a sample of my hair for analysis. The results showed no chemicals or metals present, other than a small amount of aluminum. A few months later, I took another clay bath. The clay came out the normal color, with only a few black flecks in it. I knew without a doubt that the magical clay had done its work, saving my health - and thousands of dollars!

"Clay has been used for thousands of years, and yet no one has been able to pin down what makes it a healer," observes Michel Abehera, author of Amazing Cures from the Earth Itself -- the Healing Clay. "Most users," he notes, "seem content with the amazing results."

Raymond Dextreit, the French naturopath who popularized the clay cure in his own country, believes Bentonite's powers transcend its purely physical properties. Most of the poisons in the body, Dextreit notes," are positively charged, whereas clay has a negative electrical attraction." He states that, "These toxins cannot resist being drawn toward the clay."

So if you are really interested in REJUVENATING and becoming a new person, consider cleansing the chemicals and metals out of your body! Just take a remarkable, detoxifying, natural, clay bath! See the toxins come out of your body and into the tub. Feel better, live longer, and be healthier!

There are special instructions that must be followed before and after the bath. It's also crucial to use "clean clay". Most industrial clays in the market contain chemical emulsifiers to enable easy mixing, and high aluminum, defeating the whole purpose of the bath. With so many different types of Bentonite clay, we found that they vary greatly in the results of detoxifying.

Specific Detoxification Clay Bath Products Available

ENVIRONMENTAL DETOX: This bath is for pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, vaccination poisons, industrial pollution, chemical warfare, and almost all chemicals including food additives, chlorine, etc. Also used for nickel and other metals not covered by the other formulas. This is very helpful in radiation and lead, and some mercury detoxification.

DENTAL/MERCURY I DETOX: This kit is for assisting and focusing on clearing of dental/mercury poison from amalgams, fish and vaccinations.

MERCURY II DETOX: This kit is for assisting and focusing on clearing of dental/mercury poison from the brain and from the gut, along with removing methyl mercury and overall mercury in the body..

SMOKER'S/DRUG DETOX (Also known as CADMIUM DETOX): This formula assists in removing toxins found in cigarette smoke (cadmium), tobacco, drugs,, and medical drugs or recreational drugs, smoke inhalation, etc. It is effective to release toxic substances found in tobacco such as tar, hexadecane, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, lead and arsenic.

ARSENIC DETOX: A formula that assists in removing toxins found in pesticides, industrial pollution, water supplies, and also addresses chemical wastes, assists in removing arsenic and arsenic of lead, etc.

ALUMINUM DETOX: This kit helps remove toxic aluminum found in aluminum cans (cola drinks), cookware, aluminum foil, antacids, automotive exhaust, American cheese, milk products, table salt, toothpaste & deodorants. Also assists in releasing chemical residues.

TOX-AWAY DETOX: This kit is a general detox bath to help remove metals. This formula has an herb in it known to help detoxify the liver.

CLEAR-OUT DETOX: One of our newer formula and the spices and herbs in this are known for various situations that are present with metal and chemical poisons, such as digestive problems, parasites in the body, depression, etc. This bath also addresses the following metals: lead (lead poisoning), arsenic, mercury and aluminum poisoning. This formula is a great bath for a general detoxification.

COPPER& LEAD DETOX: Copper is viewed in two ways. The first is a detrimental heavy metal accumulated in the system by drinking water from sources with copper plumbing. The second is that a lack of copper causes a form of anemia. Many doctors in the alternative field feel it is an important mineral. According to one doctor, copper levels are restored through the addition of chlorophyll.  Lead may enter the body through ingestion, inhalation, or skin eruptions. Adults normally absorb 5-10% of ingested lead. Children can absorb up to 50%. Biochemically, lead appears to be an enzyme poison. Saturnine gout has been connected with lead at levels as little as 1 ppm.

FORMALDEHYDE DETOX: This chemical is a colorless, strong-smelling gas present in a variety of products. This bath detox focuses on assisting in the removal of formaldehyde with the specially selected herbs and LL's Clay. We suggest using Zeolite Clay from our Blessed Bath line that also is known for removing formaldehyde and together one can clear the toxins in a quicker manner.

RADIATION DETOX: This silent killer is everywhere present and we are daily exposed to it in our technical world and in our atmosphere. We have special herbs and spices in this formula specifically addressing the removal process of radiation from the body. Radiation in excess results in flu-like symptoms and definitely affects the throat or thyroid area as well as other areas of the body.

LL's NATURAL DETOX: This product is only our wonderful LL's Magnetic Clay WITHOUT the spices and herbs. Everything else is in the kit except for the spice and herb mix. For those who are exceptionally sensitive, this is the kit to buy!

NOTE:  Many people like to see the results of the bath of the toxins being pulled into the clay from their own body. These can be seen with Clear-Out, Smoker's/Drug Detox, Dental/Mercury Detox and Aluminum, Copper & Lead Detox.   However, the Tox-Away, Arsenic, and Environmental formulas all have activated charcoal (black powder) and one cannot see the results in those formulas but many FEEL the results.

If you are undecided, use the Clear-Out bath. It is a bath that is for general detox use.
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Re: Dr. Carolyn Dean Recommends Bentonite Clay Baths For Rapid Detox
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Thanks, JGeropoulas, for posting this. Here are some photos of clay before and after use in a bath: _

This website: _ offers magnetic clay in a form which can be washed straight down the drain after use in a bath.

Your post led me to the thread on green french clay, which I'm going to try.
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Re: Dr. Carolyn Dean Recommends Bentonite Clay Baths For Rapid Detox
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The benefits of green clay:
In addition to cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals, green clay has many other health benefits:

     • renewing cells and tissues
     • preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria and parasites
     • inhibits tumor cell growth
     • has anti-inflammatory properties
     • promotes wound healing
     • cleans and enriches the blood
     • regulate the PH of the body
     • feed the body the necessary minerals

Green clay is used in the form of baths, masks and coverings.

Baths of green clay has a calming, anti-inflammatory and detoxicating effect. Packs of green clay is used to treat arthritis and injuries.

Raymond Dextreit is abaut clay wrote:
  "Consuming drinks with clay can be an ideal complement to detoxification programs. In addition to clean the digestive tract and intestine, like a sponge absorbs and removes toxins and heavy metals." The maturing of the blood, which also cleans and enriches. It has been proven to cure anemia "

Video about the benefits of using clay: