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Re: Georgia Guidestones+Agenda21+FEMA what's happening
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There have been hundreds of sudden deaths and thousands with permanent problems, including brain damage, from Gardasil,  the last vaccine foisted on the public, and now 'suggested' for boys as well as girls.  Some batches of these vaccines were found to be contaminated with HPV recombinant DNA, aluminum, and contained toxic squalene; I actually wonder if there have been timebombs installed into the DNA of some vaccines (they have put spermacide into GMO corn).  The infant vaccine schedule is now 69 shots before age 2.  This amounts to biowarfare against children.  One daughter and I have developed autoimmune illnesses after taking flu shots.  In the Patriot Act, under 'emergency powers', the authorities can put anyone refusing vaccination into 'quarantine' camps.  Then they can ransack your house, or move somebody else in.  Anybody else here aware of the AID- like illness in rural China that spreads like the common cold? 

Something that also should be taken note of regarding Garasil, is that independent research has shown that it cause sterility in the 2nd, and especially the 3rd generations.  So even though there are those who die outright, there will be many, many more never born because of the sterility issues.  And I am thinking that it is not only Gardasil that does this.  I can remember reading about other vaccines/medications that cause sterility somewhere down the line.  Unfortunately, I can't remember which ones.
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