Author Topic: My experience with Cilantro as a heavy metal chelator  (Read 76173 times)

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My experience with Cilantro as a heavy metal chelator
« on: September 02, 2011, 04:46:12 AM »
Hello everyone,

I would like to put into writing an odd experience with a heavy metal detox diet that I created in 2005, at the age of 21. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it to myself since then, but have not yet shared with many others. Early that year, I began doing research into heavy metal toxicity, vaccinations, dental amalgams, etc. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. I have about a dozen amalgam fillings from my childhood, and can remember getting more vaccinations as a child than I care to remember. So in the course of my information gathering, I learned that Cilantro had potential chelation properties for mercury. So I decided to add Cilantro to my daily diet. Instead of just adding a pinch of it here and there, I decided on an entire salad made from the plant at least once per day. These salads were very large, usually consumed for lunch, and included salad dressing and occasionally other vegetables. Within an hour of eating this salad on the first day, I suddenly felt as if I had a fever, but this feeling left by the next day. In all, I consumed this large dosing of raw cilantro on a daily basis for about a month. During that time, I noticed many unusual mental and physical changes happening to myself, many of which were so strange that I could scarcely believe what I was seeing.

The first thing I noticed was an increase in acne, or what I thought was acne. Large pimple looking bumps would show up on my face, but unlike normal acne, they would persist for weeks or longer. They were also much more painful, and whatever was causing the bump seemed to be very far under the skin. Any treatments used for regular acne had no effect on them. They eventually spread to my back, chest and arms. Many times they would appear symmetrically on my body. I still have unusual scars and remnants of these lesions on my chest to this day. They continued to keep appearing for quite some time after I discontinued eating Cilantro.

I also noticed an increase in body hair. Back then I was not, and would still not consider myself an extremely "hairy" person. Previous to this, I had not a single hair on either hand. By the end of the month both hands were covered with an obvious thin layer of hair, extending down the fingers. Arm, leg and pubic hair all increased in thickness. This change was especially shocking to me.

Mental changes were just as drastic. I felt much more moody and emotional. Near the end I could not get through a day without weeping uncontrollably. This is what eventually led to me discontinuing the ingestion of these salads. I felt as if I was experiencing new emotions that I had never felt before. I felt much more concern for problems that friends were experiencing, and this caused me great pain. I also felt as if I constantly needed people around me, where previously I had been perfectly content in solitude.

I became filled with anxiety. I had been at my job for almost two years, with no prior thoughts of leaving. All of a sudden I could not stand being there, I felt as if I should not be there, and needed to move on to more exciting things. It was as if I had a huge quantity of pent up energy, and no way to use it. I soon ended up leaving that job and moving 1500 miles away on a whim.

The mental changes slowly disappeared after I stopped eating Cilantro. The increased hair remained, as did much of the skin issues. I know that the Cilantro caused all of these changes, but I am still trying to understand how and why.

Was large quantities of mercury being removed from my body? Was I reverting to a non-poisoned state?

Was the mercury being partially chelated, but not actually removed from my body? Just moving around and disrupting new areas? Becoming "mad as a hatter"?

Could mercury have been suppressing my testosterone levels? Evidence for this would be the increase in hair growth.

Could heavy metal poisoning have some relationship to acne/skin problems?

Has anyone had a similar experience?
Any feedback, questions and comments are welcome!

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Re: My experience with Cilantro as a heavy metal chelator
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 06:16:57 AM »
Hi My3rdeye here is a link that mention about cilantro:,19841.msg195978.html#msg195978

coriander (cilantro) – though low in thiols, this is a chelator and is likely to cause problems since it cannot be properly dosed e.g. its half life is unknown. Rather avoid.

the problem is that you don't now if the reaction you had is a detox one or the cilantro itself!

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Re: My experience with Cilantro as a heavy metal chelator
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2011, 06:48:43 AM »
my3rdeye, if I'm not mistaken, raw cilantro has toxins in it that are removed with low heat. I learned this from Dr. Klinghardt. Most cilantro preparations will have subjected the raw herb to enough heat to neutralize those toxins.  Pouring very hot water over the raw herb is supposed to be enough do the job. It seems to me there is a strong chance that your strange experiences with cilantro were due both to its detoxing you and to its toxing you. Let me see if I can dig up info on this.
Back to you later.

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Re: My experience with Cilantro as a heavy metal chelator
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2011, 07:03:05 AM »
my3rdeye, here is some info from one of Dr. Klighardt's sites.
I would suggest clicking on the link and reading the entire page.
toxins mobilized by cilantro can be reabsorbed and deposited to new places in the body.
With cilantro alone you can detox and retox simultaneously.

Here, in particular, is what is said about cilantro on this page:

Cilantro (Chinese Parsley)

This kitchen herb is capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum in both bones and the central nervous system. It is probably the only effective agent in mobilizing mercury stored in the intracellular space (attached to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes etc) and in the nucleus of the cell (reversing DNA damage of mercury). Because cilantro mobilizes more toxins then it can carry out of the body, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals, that were previously stored in safer hiding places.

This process is called re-toxification. It can easily be avoided by simultaneously giving an intestinal toxin-absorbing agent. Our definite choice is the algal organism chlorella. A recent animal study demonstrated rapid removal of aluminum from the skeleton superior to any known other detox agent.

Dosage and application of cilantro tincture: give 2 drops 2 times per day in the beginning, taken just before a meal or 30 minutes after taking chlorella (cilantro causes the gallbladder to dump bile — containing the excreted neurotoxins — into the small intestine. The bile-release occurs naturally as we are eating and is much enhanced by cilantro. If no chlorella is taken, most neurotoxins are reabsorbed on the way down the small intestine by the abundant nerve endings of the enteric nervous system). Gradually increase dose to 10 drops 3 times/day for full benefit. During the initial phase of the detox cilantro should be given 1 week on, 2–3 weeks off.

Other ways of taking cilantro: rub 5 drops twice/day into ankles for mobilization of metals in all organs, joints and structures below the diaphragm, and into the wrists for organs, joints and structures above the diaphragm. The wrists have dense autonomic innervation (axonal uptake of cilantro) and are crossed by the main lymphatic channels (lymphatic uptake).

Cilantro tea: use 10 to 20 drops in cup of hot water. Sip slowly. Clears the brain quickly of many neurotoxins. Good for headaches and other acute symptoms (joint pains, angina, headache).   Or, rub 10–15 drops into painful area. Often achieves almost instant pain relief.


Both C. Pyreneidosa (better absorption of toxins, but harder to digest) and C. Vulgaris (higher CGF content — see below, easier to digest, less metal absorbing capability) are available. Chlorella has multiple health inducing effects:

    Antiviral (especially effective against the cytomegaly virus from the herpes family)
    Toxin Binding (mucopolysaccharide membrane)  all known toxic metals, environmental toxins such as dioxin and others
    Repairs and activates the body's detoxification functions
    Dramatically increases reduced glutathion
    Sporopollein is as effective as cholestyramin in binding neurotoxins and more effective in binding toxic metals than any other natural substance found.
    Various peptides restore coeruloplasmin and metallothioneine.
    Lipids (12.4%) alpha-and gamma-linoleic acid help to balance the increased intake of fish oil during our detox program and are necessary for a multitude of functions, including formation of the peroxisomes.
    Methyl-coblolamine is food for the nervous system, restores damaged neurons and has its own detoxifying effect.
    Chlorella growth factor helps the body detoxify itself in a yet not understood profound way. It appears that over millions of years chlorella has developed specific detoxifying proteins and peptides for every existing toxic metal.
    The porphyrins in chlorophyll have their own strong metal binding effect. Chlorophyll also activates the PPAR-receptor on the nucleus of the cell which is responsible for the transcription of DNA and coding the formation of the peroxisomes (see fish oil), opening of the cell wall (unknown mechanism) which is necessary for all detox procedures, normalizes insulin resistance and much more. Medical drugs that activate the PPAR receptor (such as pioglitazone) have been effective in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.
    Super nutrient: 50–60% amino acid content, ideal nutrient for vegetarians, methylcobolamin — the most easily absorbed and utilized form of B12, B6, minerals, chlorophyll, beta carotene etc.
    Immune system strengthening
    Restores bowel flora
    Digestive Aid (bulking agent)
    Alkalinizing agent (Important for patient's with malignancies)

Dosage: start with 1 gram ( = 4 tab.) 3–4 times/day. This is the standard maintenance dosage for grown ups for the 6–24 months of active detox. During the more active phase of the detox (every 2–4 weeks for 1 week), whenever cilantro is given, the dose can be increased to 3 grams 3–4 times per day (1 week on, 2–4 weeks back down to the maintenance dosage). Take 30 minutes before the main meals and at bedtime. This way chlorella is exactly in that portion of the small intestine where the bile squirts into the gut at the beginning of the meal, carrying with it toxic metals and other toxic waste. These are bound by the chlorella cell wall and carried out via the digestive tract.

More info on detoxing in general can also be found here:

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Re: My experience with Cilantro as a heavy metal chelator
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2013, 02:49:10 AM »

Thank you denekin.
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