The Cassiopaean Experiment

The Chilbolton Crop Circle
and The Cassiopaeans on Crop Circles

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Note added February, 2005: At the present time, one wonders even more poignantly about this strange "crop circle," appearing as it did twenty days before the events that are branded into the global mind as 9-11. It could certainly have been a warning from "Mother Nature" to those who were planning to execute this diabolical plan.

August 23, 2001: There is much excitement at this very time regarding the new Crop Glyphs which were reported to have appeared on Sunday 19th August in a wheat field next to the radio telescope at Chilbolton, Hampshire. According to a report by Karen Douglas, posted on the Swirled News website:

"One is a very strange rectangular formation with what looks distinctly like some kind of digital code displayed within it, the code being illustrated by standing patterns of crop. The second formation is also completely unique; at first it appears to be a random collection of standing circular clumps of varying sizes, also contained within a rectangle shape. However, as you get further from the pattern and gain some perspective, suddenly, and quite spookily, you see a face staring out at you from the crop field! Nothing like this has ever been seen before.

What is so interesting is that this ‘dot matrix face’ and the strip of code next to the radio telescope are remarkably similar to the kinds of coded information we sent out into space on the Voyager spacecraft. Could this be our reply or some strange intergalactic echo?

Many have already commented that they see a distinct similarity between this formation and the mysterious ‘face’ on Mars. Is this the face of the real circlemakers or a likeness of our own image engraved into the crop fields of Hampshire? Watch this space... Or is it space watching us? "

Note: It became clear later on that the coded information was sent in 1974 by the Arecibo Interstellar Radio dish, in Puerto Rico, not the one carried by the Voyager. For more info and links to more recent data check Chibolton page by Bruce Cornet. [Later Note: Bruce Cornet removed this page from his new site]

As I write this report, I am listening to Richard Hoagland on the Art Bell Show pronouncing sagely upon this wonder. He reiterates over and over how much the face looks like the face on Mars, or a primitive hominid type face, and I'm sorry that I don't see that in it at all. To make my point, here is the Glyph as it appears in the field:

Crop Circle

And here is the face after I have used standard, automatic enhancements from my Photo Edit program:

Crop Circle

I'm sorry, but the cupid's bow mouth and the deepset eyes suggest a woman's face to me, not a Neanderthal nor the face on Mars. And, in point of fact, on the very night this crop circle appeared, I had a dream.

In this dream was a set of images. The first set was a pair of wavy lines like the symbol of Aquarius. This used to be the symbol of the Great Mother Goddess and it represented water, consciousness, creativity, infinite energy and potential. The second set of images was the same wavy lines that had become serpents. I was puzzled by this transformation, but a voice explained it to me. You see, after the conquest of our reality by the Dominator Male Gods, the Compassionate Mother Goddess was "transmogrified" into a Serpent, or accused of consorting with a serpent. (This is standard Machiavelli: accuse your enemy of what you, yourself, are.) At this point, the worship of the Father and Son took over, paving the way for Male dominated Monotheism and all concepts of cyclic time and rebirth were overlaid with that of linear time and hell-fire and damnation.

This is what the voice told me as I was shown the images of the wavy lines and the serpents:

"The Mother Matrix is the Primal Source of all that exists in your realm. She has two faces - life giving and death dealing - and it is up to you which face you see. Those who gaze upon the Mother Matrix seeking to control her with rituals or domination or restriction in their hearts, will see only serpents - and will experience only destruction. For the Mother is a Mirror. Those who gaze upon her with non-anticipatory love in their hearts, will receive all the bounty of infinite potential."

I would say that this face is telling us that the mother will soon be showing herself to us, and it is up to us which face ultimately manifests in our realm.

Now, just to make my point, my son, the artist, has done some graphic enhancement of the image. He is only partly finished with his planned development of the image, but for now, here is the result. Does it look like a primitive hominid?

Crop Circle

Added later: Here is a further enhancement with color added: (he's pretty taken with this face, as you can see! It gets better all the time!)

Crop Circle

Well, you can tell that our son's art is influenced by his love of fantasy art. Here is my own pastel rendition - clearly influenced by my more spare and minimalist tendencies.

Crop Circle

Now, onto the funny "Carpet Glyph," as it is being called by Hoagland et al. It has been noted that it is quite similar to the message sent out on the Voyager spacecraft. If that message were converted to glyph format, it would look very similar to the image on the left. On the right, is the actual message on the spacecraft and its interpretation.

Crop Circle

Now, we come to the image in the corn. I apologize for the view of the image, but after examining what was available, this shot was the clearest and it is important to note the differences in the images. So, have a look at it first, glancing back and forth between them to see the differences: (To see the animation from click here )

Crop Circle Image Crop Circle

The speculations of Richard Hoagland about this image are, in my opinion, wrong. He is assuming, first of all, that it is a message sent to us by a 3 dimensional race of extra-terrestrials. With this as his foundational premise, he notes that the little figure in the crop glyph that takes the place of the human figure in the Voyager message, looks like a "Gray Alien." He also suggests that the image at the bottom of the "Carpet Glyph" looks like another Crop circle that appeared adjacent to the observatory a year ago in the exact location of this very image (See below).

Looking at the differences in the Voyager image, considering their interpretations, and the image of the Crop glyph, I don't think that the glyph is telling us about the "race" that sent it. I think it is telling us about US, our future state, and the state of our solar system and that it is a hyperdimensional transfer.

Why do I think this? Because all of the other figures are almost identical, from the symbols for the nucleic acids to the nucleotides in the DNA. This tells us that it is about US.

And what else do we see? We see a significant difference in the DNA double helix. This suggests to me that it is our DNA that is going to be changed, and this is the reason for the image of what I clearly see as an infant representing the rebirth of humanity - not a Gray Alien. The large head may also represent a coming state of awareness wherein the fuller manifestations of our mental and higher abilities may be facilitated.

There seem to be other changes coming to our Solar System represented here. In the Crop Glyph, the Planet Pluto is gone. Moving in from the outer planets, we can see Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter exactly as depicted in our "normal" Solar System arrangement as it is at present. But, after that, there is a significant difference. In the position of Mars, there seems to be four bodies. A single large body would be depicted differently, so I think it is four small ones shown rotating around an axis. Does this mean that Mars will be broken in pieces? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But next, we have two bodies in the "designated" position of the Earth.

Following that, we have Venus, Mercury and the Sun as normally depicted.

Now, does this mean that the Earth will acquire a twin; another planet, or does it mean a dimensional split of our present planet? Or does it indicate to us that our planet will change its position? It's hard to tell. One thing I do agree with, suggested by Richard Hoagland, is that this is most definitely a wake-up call to humanity. As the Cassiopaeans have said about the Crop Circles:

Cassiopaeans: We are compiling an almanac as well as a manual for the entire Terran population there. The reason we are doing this, is that there are millions who want to know the answers on the eve of the Grand Cycle Transformation. However, there are precious few that have chosen to try this form of communication, thus opening up a conduit.
Q: (L) Well, how many people are going to be able to understand?
A: But it would not be in form with Prime Level 7 Directive to limit entirely the availability of supreme knowledge!!!
Q: (L) So you are trying to put the entire story out there for all the world to see?
A: Not "trying," we are, my dear.

Here are the two images with the observatory in view for comparison.

Crop Circle Crop Circle

Now, there is certainly some similarity between the Crop Circle in the left image immediately above, and the image at the bottom of the "Carpet Glyph," but there are also some differences. In the first place, the earlier circle consisted of, clearly, three circular formations. In fact, the image above seems to me to be rather similar to a depiction of merging universes with the large outer circle representing the Oort cloud and the inner circle representing the outer reaches of our solar system, and the dot in the center representing our Sun. If that is, in fact, the case, then I have to agree with Richard Hoagland that we are in for some seriously interesting times.

But, regarding the image on the Carpet Glyph, I do think that it represents the "origin" of the Crop Circles, but I believe that origin to be hyperdimensional realms of consciousness, not a race of beings living far away in our 3 dimensional universe.

Now, just to give the Cassiopaean perspective on Crop Circles, I am including here material that has been, up to now, unpublished except that it has been available to our research team for about a year.

Q: (L) Who or what group is responsible for crop circles?
A: 6th Density.
Q: (L) What is the purpose of the crop circles?
A: Messages to world. All.
Q: (L) Do these crop circles mean an idea, an energy, a concept; how do they transmit messages?
A: Translate; it can be done.
Q: (L) This one here, what does it mean?
A: You.
Q: (L) Do you mean the human race?
A: Yes. Symbol for human race.
Q: (L) What does this one mean?
A: Planet.
Q: (L) Now, what does this circle represent?
A: Interdimensionality.
Q: (L) This one here, what does it represent?
A: Atomic structure.
Q: (L) This squiggly one, what does it mean?
A: Struggle.
Q: (L) In what way?
A: Learning from change and adversity.
Q: (L) Well, that is all the pictures I have...
A: Need more soon.

Q: (L) Why are there so many crop circles in Britain?
A: Window. Why Stonehenge was built there.

Q: (V - looking at Reiki symbols) Has there ever been a crop circle that looks like this? It looks like one I saw.
A: Precisely. All are interrelated
Q: (L) Is it true that crop circles are a kind of grand Reiki being given to the planet?
A: But also messages and lessons.
Q: (L) Well, could it also be said that Reiki symbols as applied to the body are etheric messages to the etheric body?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they communicate information into our field, so to speak?
A: Everything that exists at all levels is just lessons.
Q: (L) Well, in the case of Reiki, what I specifically want to know is if, say an individual is psychically, spiritually, karmically, or otherwise wounded or discombobulated, does the application of Reiki symbols give messages to the electromagnetic field to re-form or rearrange the pattern in the perfect pattern intended?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And can repeated application of this, can not only physical things, but also etheric things, be healed? That is karma and so forth?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So that our continual use of Reiki and application to ourselves and each other literally would cleanse us from our karmic burdens, memories or scars of the soul?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What exactly are crop circles and how are they formed? I know we have asked about crop circles before, but I would like to know the specific mechanism by which they are formed?
A: Not issue, but energy vortex.
Q: (L) Does this energy vortex arise from within the earth itself?
A: No.
Q: (L) Where does this energy vortex issue from?
A: Here. Sixth density.

Q: (L) What happened to the infamous Flight 19?
A: They are still trying to get their bearings.
Q: (T) They are in a parallel reality... (L) Where time doesn't exist... (T) They are in a reality that holds them in frozen space/time over the ocean, am I getting this right?
A: In their thought reference, like being "lost souls."
Q: (L) Oooh, bummer! Does this mean that they are "stuck" in time? (J) You got it!
A: Bingo!
Q: (L) Is there any possibility that they could fly out of this place that they are stuck in and back into our reality?
A: Absolutely, remember, the wave is approaching, and as it gets "nearer", more and more unusual events take place, witness crop circles, for example.

A: Study mathematics for all possible unanswered pieces of the puzzle!!! Interpolate and use appropriate computer program, learning now increases your power tenfold, when you use some initiative, rather than asking us for all the answers directly!!!

[At this session we had a selection of crop circles that we held up for the Cassiopaeans to interpret. Go to the Catalog to view the images.]
A: crop circles.

Q: Is this snail formation a hoax?
A: Open.
Q: What does it mean?
A: Open.

Q: (J) Well, that's the one they use for their logo. (T) I wonder if they knew that?
A: Wonder indeed!

Q: Why the dead porcupine?
A: Scrambled body chemistry.
Q: Are the porcupines significant in these figures?
A: Learn. You have enough material to digest for now, so good luck and until the next time, goodbye.

In this next session, the (TF) refers to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tom French, who was present.

Q: Next question: In reading about crop circles; I know that we have been told that they come from sixth density, but I would like to know the exact mode or mechanism by which they are made. Is it like electromagnetic imprinting, is it like a whirlwind. Can you tell us a little bit about how they are actually physically created?
A: Field transfer.
Q: (L) What kind of field?
A: Magnetic.
Q: (L) Are they transferred directly from sixth density to third density?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are they manifested by an object that has come into third density, such as a craft of some sort?
A: No.
Q: (L) Can you give us a clue here?
A: We can give "clue."
Q: (L) Okay, what is the clue?
A: See Hoagland.
Q: (L) What does Hoagland say? (T) He says that basically what we see in this density is a 3rd dimension reflection of 4th dimension and that it can be seen mathematically by looking at the cloud patterns on the different planets. If there was not another dimension above us, circular would be circular and the circular motion of the clouds would be maintained, but if it is a transfer from fourth density to third density, when you are looking at a fourth density object, what the third density version of it would look like would show a hexagonal figure with angles to it, and that the photographs from the Voyager Probe that show that the cloud patterns from the North and South poles of most of the planets are not circular, they are hexagonal.

[What is curious to me at this point in time is the fact that Richard Hoagland has proposed his hyperdimensional physics, but yet seems to not fully understand the ramifications of same. He keeps wanting to interpret things in strictly 3rd density terms which are rather prosiac and material. And that is not to deny a material reality to the hyperdimensional realms. But, we also have to remember that if there are para-physical realms "above" ours, there are also completely non-physical realms beyond that. And it is the non-physical realms of consciousness from which Crop Circles originate. Now, back to the C's session:]

Q: (L) Okay, in sixth density, what are crop circles?
A: Thoughts.
Q: (L) Who is thinking these thoughts?
A: Yours truly.
Q: (L) Okay, if they are thoughts... (J) They are messages so they could be thoughts before they are messages. (T) Well, they have described sixth density as pure energy, therefore there is nothing physical in sixth density to reflect back through the densities. So the only thing that can come from there to here is thought. Because, that is all there is there. (L) So, it is a field transfer of thought. (T) So, when sixth density thinks and they pass that down, most likely skipping fifth density to fourth density, and then stepping down from fourth to third, we end up with a three dimensional crop circle. But what does a crop circle look like in fourth density?
A: "Look" is not point.
Q: (L) What is the point?
A: You need visual stimuli in order to remember.
Q: (L) Oh! So, in other words, these are thoughts designed to make us remember by looking at them?
A: Yours is a physical dependent existence.
Q: (L) Okay, if we made diagrams of the crop circles, and put them up on the wall and looked at them or meditated on them, would they do anything to our brains, our electromagnetic patterns, or would they bring up information from within for us?
A: Not likely.
Q: (L) Well, what are we supposed to do with them?
A: Nothing in particular.
Q: (L) Are they doing something to us?
A: Wait and see. Your media resists, why? Suggest discussion.
Q: (L) The media resists crop circles and I know this is so because when I went to the Library to research them, there was not a single, solitary book, magazine or article on the subject of crop circles in the entire county system.
(J) There wasn't anything in Barnes and Noble either.
(L) Now, the two books on the subject I do have, I had to order special. Why would the media resist crop circles?
(S) The same reason they resist everything else.
(F) But, they don't resist everything else as much as crop circles.
(T) Are we looking at this from the wrong perspective? They're not resisting or overlooking them any more than anybody else does. We were just told that crop circles themselves were not important to us.
(F) I don't think that is what they meant.
(L) I said what are we supposed to DO with them, and they said nothing in particular. (F) And then you asked if they were going to have any effect on us and they said "Wait and see."
(T) Could this be because no one is supposed to pay any attention to them? Is this part of it. Maybe we are looking for something that is not there by saying "Oh, the media does not recognize them and do a bunch of stories about them and alert everybody to them. Maybe they are not supposed to. Maybe the circles are supposed to work on their own without major attention.
(F) I don't think so.
(L) Here is something I got off the net recently. [Reads article]

"To some people, the circles which began appearing about a decade ago represent the handiwork of extraterrestrial invaders or crafty tradesmen bent on mischief after an evening at the pub, or even hordes of graduate students driven by mad professors. To others, the circles suggest the action of microwave generated ball lightening, numerous whirlwinds or some other peculiar atmospheric phenomena. These scenarios apparently suffered a severe blow late last summer when two elderly landscape painters, David and Doug admitted to creating many of the giant, circular wheatfield patterns that cropped up over the last decade in southern England. The chuckling hoaxers proudly displayed the wooden planks, ball of string, and primitive sighting device they claimed they had used to construct the circles. But this newspaper orchestrated, widely publicized admission didn't settle the whole mystery. Gerald Hawkins, a retired astronomer who now divides his time between an apartment in Washington and a farm in Woodville, felt compelled to write last September to Dave and Doug, asking how they managed to discover and incorporate a number of ingenious, previously unknown, geometric theorems of a type that appear in antique textbooks, into their "artwork" in the crops. He concluded his letter as follows: "The media did not give you credit for the unusual cleverness behind the designs and the patterns."

(L)And then he says that he is finding ratios of small whole numbers that precisely match the ratios defining diatomic scale. These ratios produce the eight tones of an octave in the musical scale corresponding to the keys on the piano. That was surprise number one, he said. He began looking for geometrical relationships among the circles, rings and lines and then he found that measurements reveal that the ratio of the diameter of the large circles is drawn so that it passes through the centers of the three original circles to the diameter of one of the original circles, and is close to 4 to 3. What he discovered were geometric relationships which simply are not taught anymore in the modern math. And yet, essentially he says that these guys that came forward and claimed that they did it could not possibly have done it.
(F) Well, the thing that is so strange to me is that since 1992 there hasn't been any reporting in the American media about this phenomenon at all.
(Laura to Tom French, Journalist with St. Petersburg Times) Is there any way you could check that?
(TF) I already have.
(L) You have? What have you found?
(TF) There's a lot.
(L) What is it and what does it say? When?
(TF) I didn't notice the dates. I didn't notice if there was any turned out after 1992...
(F) There's not...
(TF) I liked my photo so much I had someone check it out. One of the librarians. Some things you call up you get material that is that thick... this is only this thick. [Indicates file thickness large to small]
(L) So, there is something?
(TF) But I don't know what years any of it is.
(F) Well, it is not after 1992, I can assure you because I have been keeping very close track.
(TF) I know it hasn't been in the news. I don't remember seeing anything in the news for several years.
(F) It hasn't been here, but it has been in Britain.
(TF) Right!
(F) It is very strange when we are hooked up to the cable news channels that there has been a television blackout on it here. The other thing is Linda Howe showed the new ones from 1994 and they are more spectacular than any that have appeared. Now, if these artists are still going around doing this...
(L) Well, I hate to get paranoid, but, do you suppose this Dave and Doug were set up to make this claim so that the media would have an answer they could tout and then just drop the whole thing? If so, why?
(F) Because it's too frightening. I remember in 1991 and 1992 this thing was heating up and heating up.
(TF) That's true.
(F) It was unusual because this type of subject matter is usually not attended by the mainstream media to any great extent. When there is a big UFO wave there might be a little blurb about strange lights reported by various people. This subject was actually focused upon by all of the major networks, it was on all of the major wire services, it was everywhere. All of a sudden, these two drunken artists appeared and they all said: "Oh! That's it! Okay, forget about it." That was so strange because my impression of journalists has always been, at least it used to be, that they want to dig up the truth, and here, mere placebo, surface type explanations that don't explain anything and which are not adequate, suddenly caused them to lose interest. It would be like Watergate: "Oh, the 18 minute gap... well, Mary what's-her-name stepped on the pedal. Oh, okay, no problem!" Obviously that didn't happen! This just didn't make logical sense for those of us who had looked at the crop circles, and even people who don't follow this type of subject matter closely, who I have talked to, people who brush off the subject of UFOs, have told me that this explanation just doesn't add up! These two guys did all of this under the noses of thousands of researchers who were trying like the dickens to see anything that happened in the middle of the night - in the middle of this, a simple, ridiculous if you get right down to it, explanation is offered and the whole subject is brushed off?!
(J) And, the explanation would only work if the crop circles were within their physical reach logistically speaking.
(F) Well, not only that, if you have ever calculated what is involved, they started in 1973 with just a handful throughout the summer and by 1992 it was hundreds all over the planet. These guys would have to be working nonstop, 24 hours a day, flying all around the globe... [laughter] ...and I thought, how can they accept this brush-off explanation? The other thing is, you would expect, obviously if that were the true explanation, as crazy as it seems, if they could actually, physically do this all by themselves, which is physically and mathematically impossible, but never mind that; it has happened since then. If these two guys are pulling a hoax and nobody is going to pay any more attention, why would they bother to continue to do it each and every summer since that time. Wouldn't somebody catch them by now? There are just a hundred arguments against this explanation that come to mind. Yet, in this country it is completely ignored. My own theory is that it is too sensitive an issue. Here is something that can be photographed.
(L) It proves that there is somebody else out there.
(F) It doesn't prove it... I don't think it proves it, but it makes it very hard to ignore. As I have stated before, my father was a physicist and he was also a skeptic. A very brilliant man... when we would see on television... I remember one night in particular, we saw a very comprehensive segment on crop circles, and he actually got angry when I pointed out to him that this phenomenon seemed awfully bizarre, awfully intense, widespread and so on. He tried to brush it off: "Oh, I think it is a fad," were the words he used. This is a scientist!
(L) He dove headfirst into the deepest river in the world! Denial.
(F) Like a whirlwind is going to form a pattern like an intricate geometric figure? Come on! Sure! He grasped that whirlwind theory and when I pointed out to him that this was not logical, he got angry which I perceived as fear. Being very defensive because it stabbed into the heart of his whole life's work.
(L) That right there is the answer, culturally speaking.
(F) Exactly!
(L) It stabs into the heart of materialism.
(F) In this country somebody does not want this to be reported on because you can't brush it off. You can brush off UFOs... well, not if you really study the issue, but if you don't pay too much attention to it you can brush it off...
(J) Because there is no physical evidence. You have evidence with crop circles. They are there. You can see them.
(L) And, they are astonishing! Just to look at them is astonishing!
(F) Any of them, really, except for the very simplest ones, I mean, just using pure, simple logic, who would have the time, the energy, the expertise to do these things...
(J) And to do it in the dark, without any light...
(F) And in just short periods of time! It just doesn't make sense. Just imagine, Mr. French, it is your assignment to go out into the wheat fields of England, in the dark and to make this intricate figure...
(TF) I would ask them to do it for me and show me how they did it!
(F) Right!
(S) I don't know if it was Sightings or Encounters, but one time they had a segment on crop circles in Mexico, and they even appear on rock cliffs...
(F) Yes, and it's happening in Puerto Rico. And, the alleged report on this one was that Army type vehicles came in and destroyed it so people couldn't see it. Which leads me to believe, with my suspicious mind, that somebody doesn't want this stuff going on, for whatever reason.
(L) Yes, what are you going to do with a population that suddenly asks you: "Well, you're in charge; what is this? What's going on?" And, you can't answer them. You have lost credibility as the authority.
(F) And, none of the answers you can come up with are safe. It offends the church because they can't explain it. It offends the scientific community because they can't explain it.
(L) Yes, the church calls everything they can't explain "The Work of the Devil."
(T) Which one?
(L) We think we have come up with an answer. Are we anywhere on the right track?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Anything further you would like to add to what we have said?
A: No.

Q: (L) One of the crop circles you interpreted was an "astronomical twin phenomenon." What is an astronomical twin phenomenon?
A: Many perfectly synchronous meanings.
Q: (L) Synchronicity is involved. Does this have something to do with "image?"
A: Duplicity of, as in "Alice through the looking glass."
Q: (L) Double images. Does this relate to matter and antimatter?
A: Yes, and...
Q: (L) Gravity and manifesting on one side and manifesting a mirror image on the other...
A: Yes, and... Astronomical.
Q: (L) Okay, that relates to stars and planets... astronomical in terms of another universe, an alternate universe composed of antimatter?
A: Yes, and....
Q: (L) And is this alternate universe going to merge with our universe...
A: No.
Q: (L) Is this alternate universe of antimatter the point from which phenomena occur or are manifested in our universe?
A: More like doorway or "conduit."
Q: (L) Is this alternate universe the means by which we must travel to 4th density? Is it like a veil, or an abyss of some sort?
A: Think of it as the highway.
Q: (L) So, we must travel through this universe of antimatter in order to reach 4th density?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is something going to happen in terms of interacting with this antimatter in order to bring about some sort of transition?
A: No. Realm Border is traveling wave.
Q: (L) Okay, you say "traveling wave," and then you say that antimatter is the highway. Does this mean moving through antimatter or interacting in some way with antimatter via the impetus of the traveling wave, or realm border?
A: Bends space/time, this is where your unstable gravity waves can be utilized.
Q: (L) Utilizing antimatter by creating an EM field, which destabilizes the gravity wave, allows antimatter to unite with matter, creating a portal through which space/time can be bent, or traveled through via this "bending." In other words, producing an EM field, bringing in the antimatter, IS the bending of space/time? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Is there a portal for each person, or one large portal?
A: No.
Q: (V) So we move through a portal in masses?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is this generating of EM fields to destabilize the gravity wave what the HAARP assembly is designed and built for?
A: No.
Q: (V) If there are not personal portals for one person, or portals for groups of people...
A: Portal is where you desire it to be.
Q: (V) So it could just be a state of mind?
A: No. With proper technology you can create a portal where desired. There are unlimited options.
Q: (L) Proper technology. Unstable gravity waves. And once you told us to study Tesla coils.... antimatter... destabilizing the gravity waves through EM generation allows the antimatter to interact with matter which then creates a portal... is it in the antimatter universe that all this traveling back and forth is done by aliens when they abduct people?
A: Close. They transport through it, but most abductions take place in either 3rd or 4th density.
Q: (L) Is this movement through the antimatter universe, is this what people perceive in their abductions as the "wall of fire?" The coming apart. The demolecularizing?
A: No. That is TransDimensional Atomic Remolecularization.
Q: (L) Okay, if a person were passing into the antimatter universe, how would they perceive it?
A: They wouldn't.
Q: (L) Why?
A: No space; no time.
Q: (L) Antimatter universe has no space and no time... so, the antimatter universe is possibly where the poor guys of flight 19 are?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And you can get stuck in this place?
A: Yes. And if you are in a time warp cocoon, you are hyperconscious, i.e. you perceive "zero time" as if it were literally millions of years, that is if the cycle is connected or closed, as in "Philadelphia Experiment." And, on that note, good night.

Q: (L) You said previously that time was 'selective and variable.' What, exactly, does this mean?
A: By "Selective", we mean simply to think of time as if it were like your jukebox. There are many selections there,you may play them as you choose. But you need not play them sequentially, unless that is all you know. The selections are always there, are they not?
Q: (L) Well, that is crazy! You can't just go around having things happening in random order?!
A: Random is in the eyes of the perceiver.
Q: (L) What is it that causes us to only be able to perceive time in a sequential way?
A: DNA restructuring, as in the handiwork of our friends, STS 4th density.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility of regaining or restructuring this DNA?
A: Was there, will be again. You Anna know all there is to know about time, quantum reality, etceteras? Then it is time for you, and especially Arkadiusz, to study all that you can about the "crop circles," and closely network with those studying them directly.
Q: (L) Why crop circles?
A: The answers to all the questions are, or will be there.
Q: (L) You said that crop circles represented thoughts from 6th density. What does this mean?
A: We are compiling an almanac as well as a manual for the entire Terran population there. The reason we are doing this, is that there are millions who want to know the answers on the eve of the Grand Cycle Transformation. However, there are precious few that have chosen to try this form of communication, thus opening up a conduit.
Q: (L) Well, how many people are going to be able to understand?
A: But it would not be in form with Prime Level 7 Directive to limit entirely the availability of supreme knowledge!!!
Q: (L) So you are trying to put the entire story out there for all the world to see?
A: Not "trying," we are, my dear.
Q: (L) Okay, crop circles are a language, so to speak. Are they in some way related to mathematics?
A: Mathematics is the one and only true universal language.
Q: (L) Well, I just don't see how they can be decoded.
A: In this room is all the mental power needed, with addition of another "room" in Wroclaw, (Ark was in Poland at the time of this session.) of course, that is needed to "crack" the code of our circles.
Q: (L) How do we start?
A: All one needs is a foundational point to build a computer program. And we have given you this already.
Q: (L) But nobody wants to hear what we have been saying!
A: Well, the circles are undeniable in their existence, our communication with you is deniable.
Q: (L) Well, if they don't want to hear it as it is channeled, what makes the crop circles different?
A: Not point. If you can crack the code, this becomes an undeniable language that is ongoing, consistent, and demonstrable.
Q: (L) So, you mean that if we can show what they mean, have it make sense, and then interpret others as they come into being, or show others how...
A: Self explanatory and yes.
Q: (L) At one point you mentioned that I needed to learn mathematics, which can be a years long effort. And now, Ark is a mathematician. Was this a clue that Ark was to be part of this?
A: Ark was coming into the picture all along. All is eternal, time is selective. We can see the entire jukebox menu selection at all "times."[Break, Ark joins group via computer]
Q: (L) OK, Ark has a question: how does one distinguish an authentic crop circle from a fake one?
A: Authentic ones are intricate in design and meticulous in the detail of their construction. The reality is that there have only been a few "fake" crop circles in the entire history of the phenomenon worldwide, any way.
Q: (L) Ark asks: to crack the code, is it sufficient to have a collection of pictures? I'm sure he means crop circle pictures
A: Yes, to start with.
Q: (L) Ark says, to crack the code, we need an example. Can you point some out? (T) Example, as in crop circle pictures? (L) Well, no, how to crack it, or whatever.
A: Please review transcripts.
Q: (L) Can you tell us, I'm curious, too. What is it, is it about the using mathematics, or is it about something else?
A: You asked for interpretation of specific crop circles pictures before. Remember?!?
Q: (Jan) We already did that, I already did the graphics for the ones we asked about last time. I have a whole file with nothing but crop circles. Didn't you send that to him? That's what we're talking about. We need other pictograms to ask about. (T) Oh, I know what we need. It's not just pictures of crop circles, we need the dimensions of the crop circles as well. You can't do anything mathwise if you don't know how big or whatever.
Q: (A) Can decoding of information from crop circles be automatized completely? Can this be done by a computer program, without human intervention, with out work of mind?
A: Not likely, and what would be the benefit? Learning is necessary for progress of soul. Remember, we are not here to lead by the hand. We will help, but some answers are for you to decipher, and you have been extraordinarily good at this, my Arkadiusz, since very early childhood. This is how you are building your power center. All there is is lessons and learning is fun. More fun even than teaching.

Q: (L) We've been discussing the crop circles, and would like to know if you have any input on that subject? Input on what we've discussed, what we think to this point, and just basically any info? Do the multiple perimeters represent multiple densities?
A: Partly.
Q: (L) Are the crop circles themselves like antennae, or like homing devices for energy or thought patterns?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is the chronology of their appearance important?
A: Semi.
Q: (L) Is their location on the planet, in terms of longitude and latitude, significant?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) In what way yes?
A: Location, not latitude and longitude... Those are merely measure markers.
Q: (L) If the location is significant, what is it about the location that is significant?
A: Magnetic generators of bonding frequency.
Q: (L) Are you saying that magnetic generators of bonding frequency are located at those places, are in those places?
A: Port through them.
Q: (L) OK, location and chronology...
A: Why have you not brought up Stonehenge?
Q: (L) Well, we talked about Stonehenge before, that it was an energy transducer, so to speak. Okay, what is it about Stonehenge?
A: Location attracted those spirit types on the proper frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to receive the coded communications in code telepathically, in order not to have to chase around the countryside reading encoded pictographs.
Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to receive the information telepathically? [Planchette spiraled in, and spiraled out.]
A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation.
Q: (L) OK, so that you're saying that moving in a spiral...
A: The spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the wave and focusing thought wave transference energy. Utilizes/transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit, by breaking down signal from universal language of intent into language of phonetic profile. This is for multiple user necessity.
Q: (L) Multiple user necessity implies that a number of people must do the spiral. Is that correct?
A: No. Must hear and feel and understand precisely the same thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when properly sculpted sing to you.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility that Stonehenge still has any capacity along this line?
A: Has fragmented energy only.
Q: (L) Well, that's what I would imagine. (T) Question. Last week you mentioned that the majority of the crop circles are real, that very few are hoaxes. Am I to believe then, that the method that is used to create the circles that everybody's looking for, that there are multiple methods being used, depending on who or what is available at the time the circle is created? In other words, Doug and Dave types may have actually made legitimate crop circles, only they don't know it, because they think they went out and made it their way.
A: No.
Q: (T) I just wondered if there's multiple things going on here. (L) No, I think it's all... (J) So, is there only one method for a true crop circle?
A: Reading instead of listening... decipher individually rather than comprehend universally... crop circles rather than Stonehenge!!!
Q: (L) Are you saying that this is the method to pursue now,since of course Stonehenge is not available?
A: How are you gonna pursue. Who is gonna believe you?
Q: (L) Is that it? In other words, how are we gonna...
A: OK, folks, let's try to picture Laura and Ark trying to drag 500 ton rocks around New Port Richey?!?
Q: (T) Maybe they'll drag themselves!
A: No, for that, you must "hit" the right key!
Q: (L) Sound.

Q: (L) Yes, and you know it's there. OK, let me jump over to this other subject of the number 33 and the number 11. Is there anything beyond what was given on 11-11-95, that you could add at this time, about any of the mathematics or the use of these numbers?
A: Prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics.
Q: (L) What do you mean, "prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics?"
A: Self-explanatory, if you use the tools given you.
Q: (L) How can a number be a dwelling?
A: Figure of speech. [Planchette spirals several times,vigorously] And how interesting that we have a new "cell"phone company called: "Primeco."
Q: (L) And how does a cell phone company called "Primeco"relate to prime numbers being dwellings of mystics?
A: Not for us to answer.[Word association by group: encryption, cells of monks,prisons, prime number divisible by one or self]
Q: (L) Is encryption the key?
A: Oh, there is so much here. One example is: "Snake eyes"is not so good as 7,11, eh?
Q: (T) They are all prime numbers, too; seven and eleven.(L) What kinds of documents or writings... or what would be applicable...
A: No, Laura you are trying to focus, or limit the concept, my dear. Think of it, what is the Judaic Christian legend for the creation of a woman?
Q: (L) That woman was taken from the rib of Adam. That Eve was created from the rib of Adam.
A: Ever heard of a "prime rib?"
Q: [Groans] (T) I hate being in kindergarten and not knowing what the subject is. OK, prime rib. We have a prime rib,so...
A: What happens in a "Primary."
Q: (L) An election. You narrow down the candidates. What happens in a primary?
A: Who gets "picked" to run?
Q: (L) OK, keep on...
A: "Prime Directive?"
Q: (L) OK.
A: "Prime time?"
Q: (L) The first, the best... and...
A: Not point
Q: (L) I know that's not the point! Is what we're saying here, is that we can use these prime numbers to derive something out of something else?
A: We told you about the mystics.
Q: (T) They're using prime numbers to... (L) Oh, OK, I get it. So, mystics... the mystics, the mystical secrets...dwell in the prime numbers if used as a code.
A: Name the primary mystical organizations for key to clue system
Q: (L) ...key to clue system?
A: Yes.

[We named: Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Cabalism,Sufism, The Koran, Mysteries. Jesuits, Masons, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians]

Q: (L) All right. With our little list that we're making, are we on to something, or are we completely off track?
A: Yes, now check out those crop circles photos... any prime number combos there?
Q: (L) Do you mean in terms of dimension, or do you mean in composition?
A: Composition and dimensions... anything you can find.

[Discussion: Sacred geometries, all sects listed use prime numbers John 3:16-19, Corinthians 13. Genesis, Ch.2, verse 22 "rib taken from the man and made woman" - 2 is the only even prime number. Ch 3, v5..."your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as the gods." (Eating from the Tree of Knowledge)]

Q: (T) find a way of decoding it to get an answer, to get something, to get a message, to get something from it...(L) Are we thinking in any of the lines of something we ought to follow, or are we drifting?
A: All are lines you ought to follow. Now, look at the photos on the wall!

[Referring to large photocopy of a number of crop circles we had pinned to the wall.]

Q: (L) OK, we're looking at them: point out something...
A: Count the large spheres in photo three.
Q: (L) There are seven.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what does that photo represent?
A: Not yet.
Q: (T) OK, there are seven large circles; a large central one, and then six outer ones that are smaller. Each of the six smaller circles is connected to the larger circle by a shaft, or a line, or a conduit of some kind.
A: Add large and small spheres.
Q: (L) OK, there's seven. Add the large to the small and there's seven; add the little teeny ones, there's thirteen;and then even the little teeny-teeny, the little knobs on the ends, there would be six more, so that would be nineteen.
A: Yes...
Q: (T) So, that's another prime: nineteen is a prime number.(L) OK, they're prime numbers. And... (T) Are they... just as an offshoot here, do the six circles, the first set surrounding the large circle, are those the sixth density attached to the seventh density?
A: No comment.
Q: (T) OK now, and then, outside of that are smaller spheres, each one connected one to the next, in a line. We're looking at prime numbers here. What are we looking at? We've got a central one, six outer: large, six outside of that: smaller,six outside of that: tiny... Could, and I'm just thinking off the top of my head here, nothing cast in concrete, is this a representation of... a sphere, getting smaller and smaller... going that way. Or, coming in, this way. Or that way and this way. Like the infinity mirrors...
A: If you three dimensionalize.
Q: (L) It would be circles, like balls, like spheres.(T) Ohhh, it's an axis, an x-y-z axis! A three dimensional axis. Three-dimensionally, it would be like this [Holds up hand, forefinger pointed up, thumb pointed to himself, third finger at the horizontal] Larger, smaller,smaller... A three-dimensional axis. Are we going somewhere with this, or am I out in left field again?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) I'm going somewhere with this?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Ahhhh, I now see this as a three-dimensional object as opposed to a flat circle.
A: Do that to the others too.
Q: (L) OK, we're trying to three-dimensionalize them. Now,tell us where we're supposed to be going here... (J) Well,this first one is a spiral going out... Or a DNA molecule...(T) There's got to be more to it...
A: You do not have to figure this all out tonight, just some food for thought.
Q: (L) Is there anything else for...
A: Ark may be able to three-dimensionalize by computer program already.
Q: (L) Yes, well, let us get back to this. The crop circles,as I understand, are related to the code or the mystical prime numbers, the mystical dwellings, and that somehow, putting all of these things together, these different pieces of this puzzle, from so many different directions, will enable us to perceive, or learn, or conceive something that will enable us to do something. Is that correct?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Is there anything more that we could look at on this subject tonight, because right now, I just need to think about it. You get so much, and you have to digest it. (J)Food for thought!
A: Well, you have enough to play with for now, so good-bye.

Q: (L) OK, is the Quorum the group we're supposed to be looking for? (T) We have to go back and ask about the Quorum. We've got so many characters, it's worse than X-Files!
A: No, more interesting.
Q: (T) Yes, it is, definitely!
A: World banking conglomerate.
Q: (T) World bank. (L) I do not wish to be 'owned' in that way...
A: Not easy to avoid.
Q: (L) Well, I know it's not easy to avoid.
A: Will become even more difficult soon.
Q: (L) Well, they didn't say impossible... they just said difficult. But, on the other hand, I don't know if I want to do more difficult... well, we've got so much difficult (T) ...That it's easy now!
A: Many interesting things to happen.
Q: (L) To happen? Where, when, how, why, and to whom?
A: You. And everyone else in your realm... Expect revelations.
Q: (L) OK, let me ask this question. In talking about time, I would like to ask, in relation to time, what is memory?
A: More specific.
Q: (L) You want me to be more specific, well, let me put it this way. Some understanding of time refers to it as the 'now', the ever-present now. Well, a lot of people remember a lot of other 'nows,' some people don't remember any 'nows' at all, and it seems like memory is almost like a reverse function of anticipation. Anticipation being almost like a memory of the 'future' and memory being like a reverse anticipation into the past. So, what I would like to know is if time is merely a 'now', what is memory?
A: Conscious and subconscious record of perceptions.
Q: (L) OK. If memory is subconscious or conscious recording of perceptions, when one accumulates a sufficient amount of memory, does one then become 'timeless'?
A: One is always timeless.
Q: (L) OK, but does one then become aware of one's timelessness?
A: In 4th density.
Q: (L) OK. Does an electron have a memory?
A: Electron is borrowed unit of 7th density.
Q: (L) All right, in the picture of the crop circle you designated as being 'Atomic Structure', there was the concentric circles and then these three things on the outside corners of the triangle, one being zigzag, one being plain and round, and the other one kind of like a wheel, it had like little divisions. Would the zig-zaggy one be the electron?
A: Not correct concept atomic structure unifies elemental atoms.
Q: (L) What is an elemental atom, as opposed to an ordinary atom?
A: Elemental defines singular body of structure. Within, as in: "element of." Electron is element of atomic structure.
Q: (L) Is there anything about an atom that holds memory?
A: Memory is subjective, atom is not.
Q: (L) Well, some atoms seem to be somewhat subjective.
A: No, it is your interpretation.

Q: Now, I have found this strange connection with Springe, Germany, near Bielefeld, and the strange crop circle that appeared with the buried plates; connected to the actual location of the "Roswell," UFO crash, the plains of San Augustin, the Order of Preachers, Mary Magdalene, Tenerife, and the Virgin of Candelaria. Is this all related as I am thinking?
A: But of course! But, you are not yet finished. Wait until you get to the point where you can begin to connect what you have learned from all the various clues!

Q: Okay, in this relief painting done by Berenger Sauniere in the church at Rennes le Chateau, Mary Magdalene is depicted as gazing hopefully or reverently at a tree branch formed into a cross,stuck in the ground. What kind of tree is it?
A: The "tree of life."
Q: Well, I had a different idea... some people say it is an acacia tree. Are you saying it is not a genus, horticulturally?
A: Genus is family tree.
Q: And what family is it a family tree for?
A: Check your Magna for lesson.
Q: My magna? What in the world? [Later learned that a "Magna" was assembled by Ramon Llul and it was a sort of "word connection" key system.] Okay, "blue apples:" Stones or grapes?
A: Why not both?
Q: Okay! I can accept that! What was Berenger Sauniere collecting all those rocks for?
A: What about conductor?
Q: What do you mean?
A: What conducts.
Q: Was he building a little stonehenge?
A: Have you researched the power of stonehenge, and how it relates... where it fits in?
Q: Yes, we are bit by bit collecting things...
A: Well? And crop circles? Amazing connections... And what of "The Rosy Cross?"
Q: Well, this is what we are looking at! I have even discovered that Sir Francis Bacon's name is even derived from "beech," and that his Latin signature has the gematria number of 17 - and January 17 is the feast day of St. Anthony, who replaced St. Augustine in this affair somewhat... and I have connected the Rosicrucians all over the blasted planet, for crying out loud! And, who is who here?Just who are the good guys?
A: Airports are used by both.
Q: Well, what is THAT supposed to mean?
A: TransDimensional Atomic Remolecularizer.
Q: You mean there is a TDARM at the Denver Airport?
A: Not that simple... and much, much deeper meaning. Did you catch the latest report about Neanderthals and DNA and how it relates to you?
Q: Yes, I read it. But it seems that they have decided that this proves their screwy theory about the origins of mankind in deepest Africa.
A: Not "so screwy." Just the relating of the info.
Q: Well, I notice that there is a LOT of heating up of things lately. Gerald Ford admitted to altering the Warren Report, the Mars probe is admitting that there was once a LOT more water on Mars than could be "locked up" in permafrost as Sagan suggested. Good grief! I said that over 10 years ago! Yes, it took about 40 days for all the water on Mars to settle out of our atmosphere after Mars took a close swing and the Earth grabbed it's water.
A: Admissions of such types can be made when it is"convenient." Expect a veritable plethora... And massive numbers of UFO documentaries to be seen on TV

Q: Is this program that Ark is working on going to be something that we can modify to analyze crop circles, to decode them, so to speak?
A: The upcoming adventure will answer that for you.
Q: What upcoming adventure? I don't like the sound of that!
A: Why?
Q: I don't know... when you say we are gonna have an adventure, sometimes its not my idea of an adventure!
A: And sometimes it is.
Q: When you say 'upcoming,' that sounds like something fairly imminent. You don't usually say something like that unless it is pretty soon...
A: Maybe.

Q: (T) There have been a lot of reports of late regarding major solar activity, solar flares, solar winds, etc. The surface of the sun has a whole lot going on. The last I heard, one of the two satellites observing the sun, one of them is gone. Is this an effect from the sun itself, or is this an effect of the approaching brown dwarf?
A: The sun.
Q: (T) As the brown dwarf approaches, will it intensify the solar flare activity?
A: The effect on the physical orientation of the sun from the periodic passage of its companion is to flatten the sphere slightly. This returns to its original spherical shape with the retreat.
Q: (L) Is this flattening of the sphere of the sun going to have any noticeable effects in terms of enhanced, accelerated, or magnified radiation from the sun?
A: No.
Q: (T) Solar flares or anything like that?
A: No.
Q: (T) So there is not going to be any appreciable effect on the planet from this as far as the sun goes?
A: The sun's gravity increases, thus inhibiting flares.
Q: (T) Inhibiting flares is good. (L) Not necessarily. Solar minimums have been periods of ice ages. (T) One of the recent crop circles this year shows what the crop circle interpreters say is an image of the sun with a large solar flare coming off of it. It is supposed to be a warning to us that the surface of the sun has become unstable...
A: All events intersect.
Q: (A) Okay, I would like to ask what kind of effects other than just gravity we should expect from the close passage of this star? Any particular electromagnetic, gamma radiation, or what to look for? In which part of the spectrum?
A: Radiation emits from those cosmic bodies which radiate.
Q: (L) Are you saying that the brown star does not radiate?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) If it doesn't radiate, what does it do?
A: Its radioactive field is severely limited as the "fire" went out long ago. It does not give off light.

Q: (A) Also, I have decided after going back and worrying not, that it has been a long time since I was working on the crop circles. This has been for many reasons, the most important being the lack of time. Now, there is more and more time... I am supposed to work on this crop circle business; I am supposed to decode them. I started to look at what is known about decoding of crop circles on the internet. On the Art Bell site there is an interview with Hoagland and some guy who claims to have decoded everything, never mind that we don't know what is the answer. Anyway, they have the idea to three dimensionalize, and this was what you had told us as well. Now, about this three dimensionalizing, then what? You have interpreted some crop circles for us. I have this idea that these crop circles can serve as a kind of alphabet and that other crop circles can be interpreted in terms of already analyzed circles, by making them into certain numbers and combining these numbers and ideas. Also the idea was that the same program we use to analyze gamma spectra in terms of the library of already known spectra can be used in this way. Is it the right idea, or are we missing something very important that will hinder progress?
A: You are not missing something, except perhaps enough faith in your own abilities. Just proceed, fear not stumbling.
Q: (A) So, no more help in this direction.
A: Do you not know that your mind either contains already, or can access all that exists?

Q: The first question we have here is from a correspondent who asks: "Have the Cassiopaeans ever mentioned the significance of numbers?" She was particularly interested in the number 666, and I answered that there was already some discussion of this on the website. I also mentioned that there is some good material on the subject that I have not posted yet because I have not gotten to that yet. But, she did ask a couple of questions that we had not covered before, so I wanted to get them in here. She asks about this "magic square of the sun." Does this have any deep symbolic meaning?
A: Mathematics is organized such that one can construct what one wishes.
Q: Are you saying that Professor Eco was correct when he wrote: "With numbers you can do anything you like... I believe the universe is a great symphony of numerical correspondences..." and that the works of man "reproduce in their structures, unconsciously, the harmonies of the cosmos. ...If there is a secret, it is much more profound..." and that those who write about such things remain simply on the surface, "discovering with their incredibly tortuous methods a straightforward truth. ...The true initiate knows that these are metaphors, masks, conventional lies or, at most, pathetic surrogates, for an ancestral forgotten force."
A: Yes.
Q: Okay. Then it's a good thing that it's Greek to both of us! Next, she heard something along this line and asked: "Do crop circles use geometry and gematria to send us messages?
A: Messages? Yes. Geometry and "geometria? If one so desires.

Q: Well, Barry W. has written a paper about the formation of solar systems and the necessity for a twin star system in such developments. According to his calculations and his theory, the mass of the companion star must be far less than what you indicated the mass of the proposed companion star for our solar system might be. He theorizes that the relationship should be the same as between a proton and an electron, mass wise. Is he correct?
A: Best to not quite fall into the mirror image atomic principles trap, lest one suppose to have completely conquered the atomic properties puzzle.
Q: Okay, can you give us an interpretation of this crop circle here that Barry has interpreted in his way?
A: Maybe a solar type system. Maybe not the one commanded by Sol.
Q: If it is not the one commanded by Sol, which one would it be? It must be one of such importance that such a message is being conveyed in a crop circle formation, I would think.
A: Maybe.
Q: What solar system would it be? What is the name of the star? Would we even know the star?
A: In or of Epsilon.
Q: Which Epsilon?
A: Major.
Q: There are a lot of stars called "epsilon." Which constellation?
A: Adjoining constellation.
Q: What constellation?
A: No more information to be revealed at this time.
Q: Is this a solar system from which some of the aliens visiting our planet originate?
A: Something like that... From which someone originates.
Q: Someone who?
A: Take a wild guess!
Q: Are they STS or STO?
Q: Well, you have said that the crop circles are expressions of 6th density thoughts. Does this mean that we are being warned about this?
A: On wrong track. More like an historic pictogram.
Q: Is the orbit depicted without a planet depicting a planet that was destroyed?
A: No.
Q: What does the orbit without a planet depict?
A: Transference.
Q: Transference of that planet to another realm? Transference of what?
A: Those who were relocated after the prototypical population was completed.
Q: Are you saying that this is a pictogram of the mother planet of the human race?
A: Close. That which led to the human race as it now exists.
Q: As we measure time, what period of time does this pictograph represent, counting backward in years?
A: Millions.
Q: Getting back to the earth and companion star business, BW* is predicting that comets will begin hitting about the year 2003, based on the planet positions of this crop circle. Now, even if it is not a representation of planetary positions in our solar system, he COULD be picking up information psychically and using this information as a 'bridge' to present, or rationalize it. So, he has this prediction, what is the likelihood of this idea or prediction coming true?
A: Probably will not be.
Q: He said that the orbit of the companion star, based on his calculations, was about 5000 years long...
A: Our "companion star" data was meant as a clue for guidance purposes, not as the be all and end all.

*Laura's note: I misunderstood the prediction and my question was based on this misunderstanding. The actual date that BW predicted was 2006 - 2016 and probably concentrated in the 2006 - 2012 time. Thus, his predictions are actually the same as the C's indications.





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