Transcript of direct channeling via "Frank Scott" on computer,
July 22, 1994

Laura's note: Those who have been in the habit of reading channeled or related metaphysical books, will recognize from the following the same sort of babble that gets patched together and passed off as "higher knowledge." I will place some notes in blue, in brackets to emphasize some of these points.

Frank Scott: The destruction of Atlantis did indeed occur in three phases, as has been reported extensively before. Here we will attempt to give as much background to the story in detail to the best of our abilities in ways that you will understand. As has been reported by those who could be referred to as "material scientists," the last phase of the ice ages began approximately 118,000 years ago as measured by the standard calendar measurement.

[The last ice age is thought to have begun about 80,000 years ago, which would put it right at the time the Cassiopaeans have designated for the destruction of Kantek, the 5th planet that became the asteroid belt.]

This happened when a large volcano located in the area now referred to as the East Indies exploded, filling the atmosphere with hundreds of billions of tons of volacanic ash and dust. The effect of this was to blot out the light of the sun sufficiently to rapidly cool the earth. This caused the areas from the north and south poles and the entire region from there to approximately 34 degrees north and south latitudes to freeze over after a period of approximately ten earth years of continuous and ever-building winter conditions.

[No mention made here of comet cluster or other "causes" of cataclysm as designated by the Cassiopaeans, which idea is also supported by scientific evidence..]

It was this event that precipitated the beginning of the civilization now known in legend from deep and nearly forgotten history as "Atlantis."

[It is strange that such a cataclysm should be thought to have been the start of high civilization, rather than the destroyer!]

The Atlanteans were primarily a racial mixture of the survivors of the Lemurian civilization, which was destroyed in a cataclycism, of the type often referred to in literature as a "pole shift," in approximately 233,000 BC, and those usually called "Native Americans," who of course have long occupied the land mass known as the Americas.

[The Cassiopaeans have said that the Native Americans were transported to the Americas by the Lizzies during a cataclysm. And, in fact, the Native Americans do have legends of Star Beings.]

These peoples co-migrated to the large archipeligo-like island located in the Atlantic ocean when their own adopted homes on the Eurasian and American continents, respectively, became uninhabitable due to the sudden development of the ice age. Prior to this, the Atlantean continent was not inhabited by humans, but rather, was the last vestige of domain of the surviving dinosaur and like animals.

[By this time, the reader should be getting the idea of how "stitched together and nonsensical this monologue is; evidence of a lower level source wishing to deceive.]

It should be noted here that the only reason the dinosaurs had survived here was because of the abundant flora that existed on the Atlantean continent, itself a survivor of the many previous cataclycisms that had served to wipe out all the rest of the dinosaur-like types, beginning with a comet impact 65 million or so years ago.

[Here we fall back on the standard scientific dating that is well known. However, the scenario actually proposed by science in recent times, that of cometary impact, is not even mentioned. Nor, the effects of shadowing the earth which would lead to loss of vegetation, and therefore food for the dinosaurs.]

The Atlantean continent itself was located in the area that is now bounded by the Azores islands on the northeast to the Bahamas on the Southwest. Both island chains represent the last surviving lands of the original continent, which at its peak of existence was shaped somewhat like the right-hand side half of a swastika symbol.

[This is derived from a popular book on the subject of Atlantis.]

The giant island emerged from the receding seas as a result of the beginning of the afore-mentioned ice-age in about 116,000 BC.

[How the volcanic eruption that started the ice age managed to cause the emergence of a giant island is not even mentioned.]

The combination oriental and native-American types who together migrated to this new land out of climatic necessity, formed what was to be the most advanced and powerful civilization that the earth has ever known in its many incarnations. It took these people about 5000 years to develop a society that was at its peak, estimably about 500-700 years in advance of the current one, technologically.

Now we will do our best to explain the details of the much talked about and theorized destruction of that which is commonly referred to as Atlantis. The island civilization was destroyed in three separate cataclysms, as has been mentioned before by others. The first was man-made and took place in about 77,000 BC. This resulted from misuse of the much talked about "CRYSTALS" and was specifically caused by an electromagnetic anomaly in the earth that developed suddenly when the energy-beam generated by the crystals went out of control accidentally and interacted with unusual cosmic rays from the sun that happened to be bombarding the upper layers of the planet's atmosphere at that exact time. This energy beam then "bounced back" at full force, struck the earth's surface in the equatorial region, passed through the interior of the planet and exited with concentrated energy--primarily in the polar regions--causing a phenomenon known as DANTENAEKON.

Now we will discuss the nature of the Dantenaekon effect in detail shortly, as it can occur from both natural and man-made reasons. Also, it is what was DIRECTLY responsible for all three destructions that befell Atlantis (though the last two cataclysms were natural rather than man-caused) and more importantly, will happen again in the not-too-distant future.

But first, it is important to reiterate that Atlantis was destroyed in THREE separate events. The last two occured in 10681 BC and 3602 BC, respectfully, and were the result of the earth's interaction with the cometoid rogue-planet Venus (10681BC) and the then unstable-orbiting planet Mars (3602BC0. this "close-pass" by Mars was caused by the disruptive actions of the wandering Venus, as correctly channeled and reported by Velikovsky.

The phase-one catastrophe in 77,000BC by the crystal energy beam was karmically induced and forever-more taught the Atlanteans to curtail use of the crystals, thus avoiding any further efforts at grotesque mind control, as had been the case.

But alas, the karmic destiny brought on by this terrible legacy was not to be totally resolved until the eventual total wipe-out of the civilization was completed in 3602 BC.

Now we will attempt to explain the Dantenaekon effect. Any sufficient disturbance of the earth's electromagnetic field causes an event whereby the planet's polarity is greatly disturbed for a temporary period (usually lasting from about six hours to 60 days, depending on the cause and of varying intensity). The result is manifold and dramatic, resulting in violent planet-wide storms featuring spectacular displays of lightning and other electrical phenomena, massive amounts of precipitation, excessive tidal swings, etc. But the most dramatic effect of all is the intense over-heating of the atmosphere and the ground, mostly in the polar regions. This occurs rather suddenly, emanating from both inside the planet and above it in the atmosphere, and usually results in an explosive melting and surging of waters from previously frozen polar ice.

Thusly, while most have theorized that Atlantis was destroyed primarily as the result of seismic action, and indeed, during the cataclysms there many and violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the real culprit was mainly a sudden and surging rise in sea level.

It must be mentioned here that the original land mass of Atlantis was arranged in three rather level steppes or plateaus, each somewhat higher above sea level than the other. Therefore, each sudden rise in sea level in the three catastrophes resulted in a roughly equally sized section of the land mass being drowned.

It is this sudden heating of the ground and the air above (in the polar regions to 700 degrees F.) that is what is called Dantenaekon. And believe it or not, it is the origin of all the traditions and legends from DANTE'S INFERNO to the stories of hell and purgatory as depicted in The Holy Bible and other religious works!


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