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Death Threat?

For those readers who are just "passing through the website," and looking at this page, who may not have a clue what it's all about, a good general overview can be gotten by reading Vincent Bridges AKA "Dr. Strange" and Vincent Bridges:"Psychotherapist?" and most especially: THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity - This may be the most important information the seeker of spirituality can assimilate. It has certainly been the most closely guarded secret of esoterica for millennia. Giving "love and light" to any of these individuals only fuels the negative hierarchy and it is crucial to identify them and withdraw from any energetic interactions.

October 2002: At the present time, as we have noted, there is a veritable explosion of reports from our readers about their experiences with individuals they have encountered in the alternative news, 9-11 Truth, alternative science and other truth seeking fields who fit the profile of the psychopath. It seems that the subjects of study covered in these fields are being further marginalized by the infiltration of these "agents" - whether they are just sick people taking advantage of a predatory opportunity or truly some sort of government COINTELPRO whose job it is to cast a light of lunacy on alternative research so that no legitimate researcher would dare to venture into such fields. Those who are serious about discovering the truth of our reality need to be aware that this is happening - whatever the final explanation may be - and it is only going to get worse. The next speaker, "expert" or teacher you meet on the lecture circuit, or the next association you form with any truth seeking organization, indeed, may, indeed, be a Vincent Bridges.

As we have described in the above linked articles, our research team and egroup have been engaged for some time in analyzing these interactions and the characteristics and the dynamics and the personalities. Our research has led us to identify them with what is known in psychological parlance as "Psychopaths." They can also be Narcissists since Narcissism seems to be merely a watered down version of the psychopath.

Of course, modern psychiatry likes to call them "sociopaths" for "sociopathic personality disorder," but we prefer the more honest and direct description: psychopath.

We do get a few nasty emails now and again - but generally not many. Well, except for the Bridges, Williams, Weidner episode, during which time the source of the threats was Jay Weidner and maybe friends of the gang. We got used to it and ignored it. But for several reasons - not the least of which is the fact that people with guns seem to be going whacko all over the place - the letter below seems to be a bit more serious than just trying to terrorize us.


Click letter for higher resolution view. (Envelope here)

The letter at left was postmarked October 21, 2002 - from New York City. The text reads:

You StupiD, STupid, StupiD, STupiD, STupid, pieces of SHIT!

You Are Channeling with Satan himSELF

StupiD!!! Oh, Miss knighT, you FEEL Like A chess piece when your life was FAlling Apart. You IdioT! Satan is telling you the truth right to your FACE! The biggest SECret is you Are being controlled by him! You are a Chess piece you idiot! The Lord Jesus Christ is going to release him on your hEad!

Prepare to be destroyed along with your Entire organization. This whole world was A gifT To Satan, promisED to him IN Eternity past while he was StiLL LuciFer

JEsus Keeps his promises. SAtan is AllowEd to run this ENtire planET AND EVEry human being on it. To A CErtain ExtEnt to WAge war Against thE Lord, Whom you havE bLAsphEMED For the last time.

Prepare to be destroyEd by SAtANS hanD.

Obviously, the writer of the above didn't want to risk being tracked via email, and chose to send the threat by US mail, with no return address.

Looking back over what we have published in recent times, trying to discover what might have triggered this missive, I had a look at the Signs of the Times page for October 21st - and the days prior - which the reader might want to peruse in order to try and figure out the possible source of this potential threat.

The lead article on that day entitled How to shut up your critics with a single word. It was a polemic against the favorite tool of Zionists for silencing their critics - to accuse them of anti-semitism.

Added note: June 14, 2003. We are gaining more insight into what is driving Vincent Bridges as reported in The Mossad Happy Dance.

The letter is strangely schizophrenic since it first says that we are "channeling Satan," and then that it is "Satan" who is going to destroy us and our entire organization. One would think that if Satan was getting such wide play in our work, he would at least be grateful! We also notice that the writer has said that Satan is allowed to run this entire planet. Since we know that the Bush Reich is considered by many occultists to be the agent of Satan, do we interpret this as originating from the gov COINTELPRO services?

As it happens, on October 21, I also published a significant comparison of Bush to a psychopath - a comparison that was startlingly apt. But was that the stimulus for the letter?

We certainly notice that the personality of the author of the above letter is right in line with Bush's - you know, claiming to be a Christian, all the while declaring death and destruction on anybody who does not agree with him. But that is pretty standard for psychopaths of all kinds, Christian or otherwise.

There are a couple of things about the above letter that remind me of the threatening email we received on September 3rd in response to the Organic Portals article. Have a look at the wording:

From: Anonymous
To: www_at_cassiopaea
Subject: OPs
Date sent: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 23:10:01 +0200 (CEST)

I guess it never occurred to you bags of dirt that you are describing yourselves and some of your cult members.

You haven't fooled everyone or even very many for that matter.

You've made many enemies with your thinly veiled hate mongering and many see right through your ruse. You are frauds and will soon be exposed as such.

We've been silent until now in the interest of free discourse and exchange of thought, whether we agree with it or not, but you abuse free speech by using it as a shield for petty slander routines run in the interest of selling more books and recruiting more members of your pathetic little wannbe cult.


Prepare to be boarded.

In both letters, it is not just Ark and me who are targeted for abuse: the writer is angry at the members of our Quantum Future School also.

BUT, is the email from the same source as the letter? Here we notice that both the letter and the email conclude with "Prepare to _____" statements. "Prepare to be destroyEd by SAtANS hanD." and "Prepare to be boarded."

In the email, the writer composes his lines as though he is representing a group - a group that has "been silent until now..." yada yada. Then the remark is made that we "abuse free speech" by "using it as a shield for petty slander... in the interest of selling more books."

As the readers of the site may recall, one of Vincent Bridges main rants was about our books. First he wanted to publish them. He couldn't say enough nice things about our work as long as he was trying to maneuver our books and our discussion groups out of our control so HE could make money from our labor. After he had spent so much time trying to get control of them, only to be outed and removed from our discussion group, he then did an about-face and began ranting "You're just trying to make a buck on lousy books..."

There is another similarity because another of the rants of the Bridges gang was the typical COINTELPRO accusation of "cult! cult!" This was actually pretty rich because becoming free of cultic thinking is one of the main objectives of the Quantum Future School, and that is exactly why Vincent Bridges was kicked out: he couldn't let go of his culting thinking, his black magic, and manipulation. In short, creating a cult was exactly what Vincent Bridges wanted to do, and most of all, he wanted to do it in the Quantum Future School, with himself as the "head guru."

It is also notable that he had a "Fifth Way Mystery School" formed up and waiting for his cult following long before our discussion group was created. The only problem Bridges had was that he couldn't get a "following," and wanted to subvert our readers to his own benefit. And when he was removed from the group, his main rant was that we were trying to "suppress free speech."

So, the rant about "selling books" and "pathetic wannabe cult" and "free speech" are right out of Bridges's basic, repertoire. His (and Storm Bear Williams) "parody site", focus on these very issues - using "freedom to parody" as their raison, and their pathetic "pay me now" and "drink the kool aid" - lines are a clue as to the source of the email.

So, all of the elements of the Bridges/Williams/Weidner rants are in the email: selling books, cults, free speech. Typical COINTELPRO. And again, it is not important to consider Bridges a real "agent" in the sense of being connected to any secret organization. The principle of COINTELPRO is the same no matter if it derives from directed conscious activity, or unconscious social engineering.

One reader - a clinical psychologist - did a little ad hoc analysis and emailed it to me:

"You stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, pieces of shit!" You Are Channeling with SATAN himself Stupid!!!"

Ad-nauseum with the exclamation points!

This opening sentence truly expresses the emotional attitude of the writer toward the intended recipient. The infantile nature of the sentence - the enraged repetition, violent strokes, underlining etc - tells us that the writer feels TRULY THREATENED by the person(s) they are addressing.

It appears as though the writer is projecting his or her own feelings about him or her self onto the intended recipients, Ark and Laura and the Quantum Future School members. He or she obviously thinks that his or her own feelings of being "stupid" and a "piece of shit" have been induced by Ark and Laura and their School members. Either that, or the writer believes that others view him or her - or have recently treated him or her - as stupid because of the actions of Ark and Laura and the School members. This is often the case in juvenile attacks on another person.

The sizes of the letters indicates that the writer has very little grasp of reality and spatial reasoning. As the message progresses the writer writes smaller and smaller because he/she has not throughly planned the letter out. It also suggests that the letter was written only once - a single draft.

In the letter, there are inconsistancies in the use of upper and lower case letters. Noting the cursive "e" of the word "entire" being replaced by a printed block letter "E" suggests that this variation was intended - possibly being thought to be a means of disguising handwriting.

As we progress through the message, we also see the individual fluctuate more frequently between the two types of "e's" as well as between printing and cursive writing. This shows a lack of attention and concentration. From the slant at the beginning we can assume that the person changed paper position at least twice, angling the paper to the left. This suggests that the writer was right handed, sitting in a chair and using a book or some similar surface to write on.

Not too much can be said about the intelligence or education of the writer except to note that the third so-called sentence has a serious problem with verb resolution.

Assuming that the threat is written "incognito," we suggest that the approach was to write the letter as a deranged Christian Fundamentalist might write it. However, the individual has little knowledge of Christianity because ideas are expressed that are more in keeping with occultism than Christianity.

There is also the confusion between the accusation of "channeling Satan," and being "destroyed by Satan." This - again - is evidence that the writer has difficulty with attention and concentration. Coupled with the lack of dotted "i's" - we would have to say that this individual has great difficulty keeping track of his or her own speech - written or spoken.

In the sentence "Oh Miss Knight, you feel like a chess piece when your life was Falling apart, you idiot!" we notice an accent mark of some sort above the "e" in "Chess" and above the "e" in piece. It's not a displaced dot for the "i" because not a single "i" in the entire piece is dotted.

The word chess appears again in the message without the accent four lines down on the message. This "accent" is interesting. It suggests a person who is of a very low socio-economic status, but who has fantasies of erudition. But again, lack of attention to details and ability to concentrate expose the educational lack.

"Satan is telling you the truth to your face! The biggest secret is you are being controlled by him! You are a chess piece you idiot! The Lord Jesus Christ is going to release him on your head!"

Up to this point there have been nine exclamation points! This suggests to us that the writer is someone who is accustomed to not being listened to and is trying very hard to make sure that he or she is heard.

Another important point is the Reference "Miss" and "Knight". The subject must be aware of the fact that Miss Knight, is actually Mrs. Jadczyk - this seems to have been done purposely. On the one hand, we might think that this deliberate reference to Laura by her maiden name is an attempt to deny her status as the wife of a respected and successful physicist - a woman whose intellect is equal to her husband's, and therefore superior to that of the writer. On the other hand, it could mean something more sinister. Very speculatively, we might think that the writer's main issue with Laura is the fact that she is a WOMAN. The writer simply cannot tolerate a WOMAN in the role of a teacher or authority in any way.

In this sentence group we also see the second reference to a chess piece, this time without the accent. It may not be a far stretch to infer that the writer is now objectifying Laura. This is terribly important - and even a matter for concern - because it indicates that the writer is approaching what is known as the third phase of serial stalking of which there are four. Encounter, Obsession, Objectification, and Purging. The writer is undoubtedly acquainted with "Miss Knight", is obsessed enough to have a strong hatred and/or fear of her, and is now sending death threats in which the subject compares her to a chess piece. It is important to note that Laura's maiden name is that of a chess piece.

The question remains: how is the writer going to achieve his "purging?"

That is a matter of no small concern.

Laura here: Well, I don't know if I necessarily agree with all of the above analysis, but it certainly highlights some things that I hadn't thought of myself.

The reader who has the time and patience to read through the Weidner Correspondence may find some clues there. In his first letter to us - Jay Weidner wrote: "If you expect anyone to believe that using a Ouja (sic) board is not Satanism then you should be attempting to get that fool into your organization."

We notice the use of the term "organization" in conjunction with "Satan" to be most curious.

As it happens, in the Weidner correspondence, I once mentioned to him the research that one of our members was doing into the connections in the New Age movement, and how this had turned up some very interesting connections. We are now in the process of publishing this material in articles such as The Star of Sorcerers and COINTELPRO TIMELINE.

We notice, however, that the violence of the attacks in both pieces of correspondence - the email and the letter with the "prepare to be ____" endings - have to do with "Satan". We then see something of truth glimmering through in the letter that came today: the writer tells us that "This whole world was A gifT To Satan, promisED to him IN Eternity past while he was StiLL LuciFer ...JEsus Keeps his promises. SAtan is AllowEd to run this ENtire planET AND EVEry human being on it. To A CErtain ExtEnt to WAge war Against thE Lord, Whom you havE bLAsphEMED For the last time. Prepare to be destroyEd by SAtANS hanD."

And we suspect that our writer is actually a Satan worshipper and that we have "blasphemed" against Satan/Lucifer/Set by publishing the information about the real life manifestations of "Satan": psychopaths?

Click HERE for a high resolution view of the letter for those who would like to closely examine the handwriting. Click HERE for a high resolution scan of Vincent Bridges' signature. I think that a close examination of the two will indicate that Vincent Bridges is the writer of the death threat.

Is it a serious threat?

Well, heck, who knows?

But, what IS possible, considering the current climate and global events, is that just about anybody can be gotten rid of by sending out a Greenbaumed, whacked out, sniper to knock off the main target, and take out a few extra people just to cover up the fact that there WAS a main target. After all, a gang that would crash two passenger jets into a pair of occupied office towers, and then slam a computerized drone plane into their own Pentagon as an alibi, won't think twice about taking out a few of our local citizens just to get us out of the way.

For years the Contactees have been promoting the "aliens are gonna save us" or the "beam us aboard" ideas which have repeatedly proven to be disinformation. Yet the sources of these lies will soothe the followers with more lies. In recent times we have stumbled on the greatest mind warp conspiracy ever dreamed of in what we are calling the Cosmic COINTELPRO. We have exposed how religions, and nearly ALL of the New Age offshoots of same, or "contactee" information, is a product of this COINTELPRO, and we have published numerous books that reveal the lies in detail. We have already experienced attack on the internet as a result of this, and we have continued to expose the machinations of this spider web of mind control.

As I have written above, on September 24th, I took the gloves off on the Signs of the Times page, and it has been a wild ride since then. And now, with the publication of the Timeline of the projects behind the COINTELPRO operations, the readers are better able to put the puzzle together themselves.

The fact is: those individuals who seek Truth are like small rowboats bobbing in a HUGE OCEAN OF LIES. It is almost UNSPEAKABLE how deep and wide the lies are in every field of study, resource, religion, you name it... It's a pretty horrifying reality when you wake up and look at it objectively.

Knowledge Protects - but only when applied. Right now, applying knowledges suggests we relocate to a more secure facility. We expect that our efforts to continually give the lies what they are asking for: Truth, will only make things hotter.




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