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Alien Abduction, Demonic Possession, and The Legend of The Vampire
by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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Note: The following was written in late 1994. Much information has come to light since then as a result of our ongoing research. We would suggest that the reader might like to read our Timeline of Secret Government Research as well as our discussion of Cosmic COINTELPRO for a more complete (though still in process!) information base. This additional information may put a different light on the "mode" of the phenomenon in the present day, though the origins remain the same.

Down through the ages people have been visited by all sorts of strange beings. Some of these have been utterly fantastic in description as well as activity. By far the most common type, however, have been humanoid -- and by that I mean having some semblance to the human physical configuration --although their powers have been distinctly super-human.

The general outline of many of these visits is that a creature with strange, glowing or compelling eyes comes in the night and somehow drains the energy, blood, or life-force from the victim who is unable to call out for help because they are paralyzed in both mind and body.

Other common effects are unusual lights and freezing temperatures.

The strange beings are reported to have powers that include the ability to disappear, fly, control weather, direct the behavior of animals, change into the form of animals, pass through solid objects and produce hybrid offspring by having sex with their victims. The producing of offspring seems to be only by the interaction of "male" beings with human females, although the incidence of succubi, or female creatures, having sex with human males is quite common as well.

Philip Burne-Jones' "The Vampire"

In his classic study Passport to Magonia (1969), French scientist Jacques Vallee presented many examples of similarities between fairy and UFO sightings. Jean Bastide, in La memoire des OVNI (1978) went further and said the "modern contacts established with extra-terrestrials respect precisely the same rules as contacts in the past with beings more or less human in form."

French scientist, Jacques Vallee

A fairly classic example of an alleged succubus interaction is presented in the book entitled The Haunted. The following is a transcript of a taped interview with the victim:

Q. How did you first know something was wrong?

A. The way I came awake, I guess.

Q. There was something different about it?

A. Yes, it was like I'd been - oh, thrown off a cliff or something. You know, as if some violent action woke me up.

Q. Can you describe what you saw?

A. At first I didn't see anything at all. I just felt this tremendous sort of panic - I wasn't sure if I was having a nightmare or not.

Q. What convinced you that you weren't having a nightmare?

A. Her scales.

Q. Her scales. You mean by that serpentine - snakelike - scales?

A. Yes.

Q. You said "she." these scales were on a woman?

A. Yes.

Q. Would you describe her?

A To be honest, I even hate to think about her. Her skin was paper white, but it was covered in some places with the scaly surface I mentioned, and then in other places with open sores, the kind you;d think a leper would have or something, And these sores were running with pus.

Q. How old was she?

A. I would estimate around sixty-five or seventy. I can't be sure.

Q. What else did you first notice about her?

A. She had long, white, scrabbly hair and her eyes were all red and the inside of her mouth and her gums were green. Some of her teeth were missing but those she had were very long and vampirelike.

Vampire as Banshee

Q. What about her body?

A. That was the weird thing. Her body itself was firm, you know, like that of a younger woman.

Q. What did she do?

A She paralyzed me in some way. I saw her walking out of the shadows to our bed and I sensed what she was going to do but I couldn't stop her.

Q. Then what?

A. Then she mounted me in the dominant position and she started riding me. That's the only way I can describe it.

Q. Was it pleasurable?

A. No, no. In fact, I don't remember feeling anything at all, other than panic and complete terror.

Q. What was Janet doing during all this?

A. Only after I'd been awake for a time did I realize that Janet had earlier gone downstairs to sleep on the couch, which she occasionally does in the hot months.

Q. What was the being doing next?

A. Coming to sexual climax. She just looked at me and smiled showing those incredible teeth. I tried to look away but something held my eyes to her. I could tell when she was having orgasms because she would give little jerks and her smile would broaden.

Q. She was having orgasms?

A. Oh yes, you could tell that by her expressions and her movements.

Q. Then what happened?

A. Then she vanished.

Q. Just like that?

A. Just like that. Just vanished. And that's when I noticed the sticky substance all over me.

Q. Sticky substance?

A. Yes. I suppose you'd have to compare it to semen, the texture of it, anyway. It was emitted from the creature's vagina. And I was sore, too.

Q. Sore?

A. Yes, as if I'd had prolonged sex, even though it had been only a few minutes. But then I began to wonder if I hadn't passed out during it or something because, as I said, my genitals were extremely sore.

Q. What happened next?

A. I went into the bathroom and looked myself over. The fluid on my body had a very pungent odor. I took a shower and washed it off as quickly as I could. I had to scrub very hard.

The belief that these are supernatural beings is to be found in every society around the world. This is a common theme in all religions as well as folklore. It seems that, in the guise of the UFO/Alien abduction phenomenon, the reports are as frequent in our own day as they have ever been. An incident with startling parallels to the above was reported in a recent book:

"This time, as he lay on the table, after having been made to drink a cinnamon smelling liquid, he saw a white haired woman walking over to him. He said she seemed gentle and perhaps caring. She got on top of him, initiating sex, and when it was over she left.

"He remembered once when he was thirteen waking up to see a strange woman, dark-eyed with white wispy hair, approach him in unfamiliar surroundings. She got on top of him and engaged in sex, yet it was not at all erotic for Casey." (Into The Fringe, by Karla Turner, Ph.D., 1992)

An Encyclopedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) gives many examples of fairy abductions. The similarities between fairy abductions and UFO abductions is also interesting to note. People who claimed interactions with fairies generally reported marks on their bodies consistent with reports of alien abductions. Fairy abductions and UFO abductions also exhibit striking similarities to activities of incubi and succubi. Almost always a thick drink is given to the abductee. The victim is paralyzed and then levitated away. The fairies traveled in circular globes of light which is also commonly reported in UFO abductions. Another similarity to the UFO abduction scenario is the bigfoot type creature which was called a "bogie" in fairy lore. Many so-called fairies and aliens look and act a lot like what have been described throughout history as demons.

Vampire as Alien

The point is that there is a tradition stretching back thousands of years of beings abducting humans and their offspring; these beings fly in globes of light, can paralyze their victims, induce amnesia about the event, force strange drinks on their victims, have sex with them and, in many cases, ultimately drive them to madness, physical ruin, or even take over their bodies for their own use. This possession can be permanent or semi-permanent. (Possession takes place after a long period of wearing down of the will through repeated forced encounters which generally include draining of energy through sexual contact.)

Some occultists see any sexual activity as part of man's lower nature. Others see it as a sacrament. Cornelius Agrippa described copulation as "full of magical endowment," and Aratus said that:

"As the physical union of man and woman leads to the fruit from the composition of eache, in the same way the interior and secret association of man and woman is the copulation of the male and female soul, and is appointed for the production of fitting fruit of the divine life."

Many occultists believe that the mysterious psychic energy producing all phenomena is sexual in nature. In point of fact, poltergeist activity is usually associated with a disturbed adolescent who is unable to "ground" their sexual energy. It is asserted that sexual currents of the libido are manifestations of an energy that can be transferred from one person to another. In this way, it is suggested, the old can draw the life force from young persons. For example, King David regularly slept with a young virgin when he had become old, and the same technique was used in classical Greece and Rome with some success. The Emperor Barbarossa was reported to have held young boys against his stomach and genitals in order to "savour and absorb their energy"; Pope Innocent VIII employed healthy young children to stroke him thereby transferring their energy to him.

Some physicians of the past went so far as to hypothesize that the life energy was strongly concentrated in young blood and suggested that vampirism should be employed by those enfeebled by age.

Legends of the vampire have persisted since the beginning of recorded history. The problem lies in sorting fact from fiction. The fact is that reports in Eastern Europe tell us that something called vampirism reached almost epidemic proportions in the 18th century. The stories are quite lurid and many of the details must be attributed to the terrified imaginations of superstitious peasants, yet much of the documentation is so detailed and the witnesses so reputable that it seems impossible that there is not something going on here. The question is, what is it? The idea of a corpse coming out of their coffin at night to suck the blood of the living seems pretty irrational and I think we can discard it as confused reports of a phenomenon of an entirely different nature.

From beyond recorded history the ritual drinking and spilling of blood has been the vital element in sacrifice, gaining power and appeasing the gods. For life, one must have blood. From what has this idea arisen?

For many years occultists have talked and written about demonic bloodsucking materialisations. Dion Fortune believed that the astral body can escape from a persons's living body and assume another form such as a bird, animal or vampire. Vampirism is believed to be contagious; the person who is vampirized, being depleted of vitality, is thought to be a psychic vacuum who then draws energy from the people they encounter in daily life. This energy is then available for the vampirizing entity on their next call to collect.

The cultic vampire, created largely by Bram Stoker in 1897, carries overtones of sexuality that may be more than mere accident. The combination of violence, psychic seduction, sex and giving up of life force made vampirism very popular. There have been numerous individuals who have been called or have called themselves vampires; none of these perverts actually rose from the dead though they have committed murders and/or drunk blood. They were not vampires in the supernatural sense of the word. But, the connection between supernatural vampirism and sex is profound. We have to wonder what is the extraordinary fascination that vampirism has on the subconscious minds of most people? It seems to be the blend of sexual excitement, surrender to possession with the promise of immortality and thrilling evil. Sex and the supernatural: an unbeatable combination.

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Christopher Lee with Barbara Shelley in Dracula, Prince of Darkness

British actor Christopher Lee explained the appeal of the vampire by saying:

"He offers the illusion of immortality...the subconscious wish we all have of limitless power... a being of tremendous brain and physical strength..."

But this writer thinks that there may be a more significant reason for this fascination; one that is deeper and more compelling.

The illusion of immortality! That is very similar to what has been offered to many UFO abductees:

"...Frank and James...both of them had been told that new bodies were somehow being made or prepared for us." (Turner, 1992)

One of the most common effects of vampiric activity is physical exhaustion without explanation. This phenomenon occurs frequently in UFO abduction scenarios as we see in the following:

"Throughout the fall and winter, we felt literally under siege from forces and entities we couldn't fathom... the next morning, I simply couldn't wake up. No matter how hard I tried or how much tea I drank, I was in a daze the entire day, yet I had no reason to be so exhausted... " (Turner, 1992)

"...but just as suddenly as she'd been exhilarated, she was drained of all her energy and almost fell to the ground in a faint...Megan collapsed on the couch, unable to speak or even open her eyes for almost half an hour." (Ibid.)

Aliens or Demons?

Another of the most common of all psychic phenomena is that of the poltergeist. An allied phenomenon is that of the invisible attacker. Raised scratch marks appear on the bodies of some poltergeist victims and on one occasion an investigating police officer saw cuts spontaneously appearing on the legs and chest of a screaming poltergeist victim. An example containing elements of sex, poltergeist stigmata and possible vampirism from a very recently investigated case of UFO abduction:

"...he woke up in his bed with a strange female alien being beside him. " She was trying to get me worked up," he said. "She got on top of me and tried to make me respond, you know, sexually. But I kept refusing, I pushed her away and begged her to leave me alone... she was naked, though, and she felt really cold when she touched me." ..."I found these marks this morning," he pointed... three large puncture marks on the skin on the back of his calf arranged in an equilateral triangle." (Turner, 1992)

"...He was staying alone in a friend's apartment, collapsing in bed after hours of walking the streets alone, and when he awoke he was covered with bruises and scratches all over his back."(Ibid.)

"...I was sitting on the couch, and it was late at night. And all of a sudden, the couch started hopping up and down, and then this footstool started hopping, I mean, really hopping. It was shaking me!" (Ibid.)

"The whole bed started to shake, and when I tried to move, I found I was paralyzed. I couldn't even speak, but somehow I finally managed to whisper a prayer, asking the god of truth and love to make this frightening force go away. I repeated the prayer again and again, until the paralysis broke, but the bed shook even more violently as my strength increased... I tried to rouse Casey and tell him what had happened, but he rolled over sleepily without responding... at that point, three women came in and approached me. They held me comfortingly and told me, "You did the right thing, You passed the test." (Ibid.)

There are certainly striking parallels. The first thing we notice in deeply studying this phenomenon is that some encounters with entities seem to be be accidental and others seem to be clearly directed at the specific person. We wonder whether the seemingly accidental encounters are as accidental as they appear. Does the manifestation occur in response to some hidden need, a psychological state that calls for outside intervention of some kind? In this regard French ufologist Jean-Francois Boeded, in his book Fantastiques rencontres au bout du monde (1982) suggested that we should conceive of sightings as starting long before the actual experience. He points to many cases in which witnesses had premonitions that something was about to happen, or for some reason they went home by a different route, or took an unaccustomed walk. Somehow, it would seem, the witnesses were being prepared for the experience they were about to undergo.

Vampire as Incubus

This phenomenon is part and parcel of the alien abduction, vampire and possession syndromes. When possessing entities have been questioned during exorcism about how they selected a target for possession they often reply that the subject was chosen before he was born. In most cases, line of contact and the gradually building assault can be traced back to childhood. It could be said, in general, that the process of possession has already begun before either the target or those around him are aware of the signs.

In most cases there is a sensation of the presence before an actual encounter takes place. The Betty Andreasson alien abduction is a classic. The scenario described is quite common in many abduction cases. For the sake of comparison, let's look at a condensed version.

A light appeared outside the window. The rest of her family appeared to go into a state of suspended animation. Four small creatures entered the room passing straight through a door. One of them communicated with her telepathically and led her outside where an oval craft was waiting. On board she was subjected to a painful physical examination. A probe was pushed up her nose. Another probe was inserted into her navel and she was told she was being measured for procreation. Nest she was made to sit in a glass chair where she was enclosed by a transparent cover and immersed in fluid; she could breathe through tubes attached to her nose and mouth. A sweet liquid oozed into her mouth. When she was released from the chair she found that she had traveled to the alien's planet. Two of the creatures took her along a tunnel and through a series of chambers. The first was full of small reptile-like creatures; the second was a large green-colored space where they floated over pyramids to a city of mysterious crystalline forms. She was taken into one of the crystal shapes where she was confronted by a giant bird that burst into light and then collapsed into a pile of embers. A voice told her that she had been chosen for a special mission which would be revealed to her. When Betty stated she believed in God, the voice told her that that was why she had been chosen... the leader, Quazgaa, told her that secrets had been locked in her mind. She was then escorted back to her home where she saw the rest of her family still in a state of suspended animation. The aliens put the family to bed.

©Warren Criswell
Vampire or Alien? Alien or Vampire?

The following is a condensed account of a case of demonstrably demonic infestation, obssession and possible ultimate possession which has been thoroughly documented and described in The Demon Syndrome by Nancy Osborn:

"The room was bathed in a hazy, luminous glow. A strong scent of ozone... a gust of cool wind burst through the open window... It seemed peculiar to Ann that the moon shone so brightly on a cloudy night. She started to get up. Three dark silhouettes materialized as if entering through the open window. ... her husband... slept on, oblivious...Two of the figures stayed in the background but the third drew nearer... he was taller than the other two... As the leader advanced the two smaller creatures seemed to float in the background, chattering unintelligibly... the mysterious intruder did not have a complete body... It was clothed in a black flowing shroud with two arms and hands extending from the edges... but they were not human appendages. Not normal, regular arms and hands, but cloven ones like those of a pig. The teeth and mouth seemed inhuman. Four fangs protruded where incisors should have been, and rough, thornlike projections were the closest semblance of human teeth. Its face had an almond shape and the skin was tinted pink. But it was the eyes that frightened Ann most, for they burned crimson...The creature had only a small amount of wiry hair that stood straight up, and the ears were pointed... there were no feet...the thing moved by gliding and floating...

[The entity speaks] 'I have come to take you with me, Ann Haywood. You have been chosen to be one with us. Turn to me and I will give you peace and comfort.' ...a sense of euphoria overcame her. It was a warm, calm sensation... she exerted effort and began to pray again... 'You and your damned God! He's no use to you anymore. Can't you understand? I have come for you. Relax and let go. You will never be sick or worried again. It is a place of peace and warmth such as you experienced minutes ago. So let go, let go!' As the monster cajoled, it came closer and closer to Ann. Finally its mouth opened wide and it began to cover her face with its sticky maw. The heat of its breath and the unbearable stench emanating from it seemed to weaken Ann. The being's saliva felt hideously cold and slimy as the monster sucked her life force out... Ann began to struggle violently... the creature hissed in disappointment: 'I am your peace, and I am your strength. I will take care of you from now on. There is no god.' All three entities left through the bedroom wall and into the night..." (Osborn, 1982)

And, in a chilling similarity we find certain images in common which have also appeared in other cases of both alien abduction and demonic infestation.

"An astral trip to some unknown, exotic place was standard fare. She saw the Egyptian pyramids... it was then that Ann felt that she was a part of eternity... immortal... safe, happy and free from pain."

In an interview with a member of the press, Ann Haywood was trying to explain how the Lady transported her in time to distant places.

"She puts the robe around me and then my mind separates from my body. I can look back and see it lying there. Then we go up through the ceiling, pop out the roof, and fly into space. One night the Lady took me back in time. We were in a foreign country and the people wore old- fashioned clothes. The Lady took on the appearance of a beautiful woman in a blue robe. She performed miracles for them..."

Suddenly Ann's face turned ashen and she asked to be excused. Her scream of pain was heard from the bathroom where she had taken refuge. When Ann came out, she was sniffling and holding her abdomen. The Lady had savagely attacked her for revealing that down through history, creatures like the Lady have taken the form of saints. They then use the gullibility of humankind to misguide and misinform people so that they believe they are seeing miracles performed. Ann begged the newsman to delete that portion of the interview." (Osborn, 1982)

And, reminiscent of the vampire and the Karla Turner case, Ann Haywood suffered too: contact with the Lady was always physically draining. Ann felt used each time the creature took her. And her health deteriorated with each attack. The demon was slowly killing her both physically and mentally. If she wanted to make love with her husband the Lady would tell her "Ann do not waste your time in senseless copulation. I need your strength. You are mine..."

Ann's demon is also a lot more talkative and we should pause to consider whether her talk is factual or more lies and deception. In the cases of alien abduction the scenario follows the demon infestation syndrome up to a point: the aliens are rarely, if ever, forced to admit their nefarious intentions. The demons, when queried under certain circumstances, will become quite verbose.

"The Lady transformed itself into a leopard and then a wolflike beast. 'We can take any form we choose...My kind rules this world. Destiny is changed forever when one of us appears...Soon, not just you, Ann, but the whole world will know us. Before the year two thousand, no one will deny our existence. But before your soul returns to spirit, another must replace you. There is one now who is being influenced.'

"Mechanical failures have been prevalent whenever Ann is present. Eugene Wyatt conducted the original interview before assigning a reporter to the feature article that was prepared for publication in the Tennessean [issue June 4, 1978] The recording was taped on professional equipment. Yet, the machine tore up the tape. ... Mr. Wyatt said on record: The computer failed immediately and had to be reset twice. When we tried to edit the story on a video-display terminal, it also failed. The whole power-supply section had to be replaced. It just burned out.

"When a local television station did some footage with Ann at her home and later ran it through a monitor at the station, the film came out a dazzling red. The technician said he'd never seen a similar anomaly." (Osbern, 1982)

This is a condensation of Ann's remarks from several interviews:

"I'm saying that there are invisible worlds and beings that populate them. Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist... Every animal has a natural enemy. And so does mankind. It's not disease or death, but terrible creatures that watch us all until we become weak. Then they hover around us like vultures picking at a corpse. When this happens, we become broken in spirit. That's when people do terrible, unspeakable things. They commit suicide or kill others and just create misery for everyone. Often, the victims end up in mental institutions...

One of those monsters lives inside of me... she only hurts me when I defy her. I try to stay on her good side. She's very temperamental and has a terrible temper. The Lady doesn't like religion, either. She doesn't believe in God as I do. ...the Lady doesn't communicate directly with anyone but me. Some have seen her, and she's left her voice on cassette tapes, but she's never spoken directly to anyone but me. I can speak to her aloud or in my thought. She knows everything you and I are saying and thinking. When she speaks, she has a woman's voice. When she's angry the tone is deeper.

The Lady seems to know everything... sometimes we talk about the place she wants to take me to. She says I'll find peace and rest, no worry, no sickness and that i won't have to die a painful physical death like everybody else... I have never gone all the way to the place she wants to take me because I was afraid I wouldn't come back... when I am with her it's usually a very pleasant feeling - when she's in a good mood - it's warm and peaceful... all my problems are blotted out... it's just a complete silence and we're together... thing the Lady doesn't like is that I pray a lot. She thinks I should never do that. If I don't stop when she asks me too she gets angry... my praying interferes with my relationship with her... I don't think she's afraid of God. When I do go to church, she won't let me concentrate on what the preacher is saying. ...she distracts me somehow and she waits just beyond the church property line for me to come out... I thought at first that she was of the Devil... I cry about it a lot... when I get depressed about it, the Lady snaps me right out of the bad mood. ...she tells me something about her side of the world - where I would go and what I would do and that changes my outlook and I just perk up. suffering, no worrying, no death, a land that's filled with promise, where the idea that you can make something of yourself doesn't exist - you already are something... it feels like a tug-of-war and I'm in the middle.

If I didn't love my family, I might have already gone with her. A lot of times I am tempted to give in... She's also trying to convince me that I can't help anybody else who has a problem like mine. She says mine is not a mental illness... It's a reality conflict... In the beginning I was really terrified. I would turn around and she would be there. I was afraid to go to sleep ant night, because she would come mostly at night, when everything was quiet, or in the daytime when I was at home alone. But usually she appears at night, when I settle down. She comes, and we go away together. She puts the cape around me and it seems like I go off into a dream world. The Lady takes me to beautiful places here on this planet or to other planets, and sometimes into the far, far past. Occasionally we even visit the future, but I don't understand any of it...

I still can't get used to the way she looks... she's not like we are. Not at all. She doesn't even seem to have the same body composition as humans. When she touches me with her hands, it's like touching dry ice... her hands just stick to my skin, and they leave red marks wherever she touches... The physical contact stings from the coldness and also burns a little... when she wants to she can control my thoughts.

If she wants me to say something about her while she listens to a conversation, she'll let me remember things. But if she doesn't like a person, all information about her is erased from my mind as if she doesn't exist. She says it's time for me to talk about her. Also, she says that soon the whole world will know about her kind...

she told me I was chosen... she needs people... she needs my breath. The lady needs that in order to survive in the human world. She has to have it on a daily basis in order to exist on our plane. I supply her with the breath of life every day, sometimes as often as three or four times a day. More energy output on her part and mine requires more feedings of breath... its the same sensation as you get when you hyperventilate... the Lady has to have breath in order to stay down here...

I know that I'm going to have to give up my family because they're Christian. I was saved at one time until the Lady came into my life. She says 'I don't know why you believe in old books that tell about a God that you must worship. that God belongs to other people and not to you. Have you ever seen God? You see me and you know that I am real, that I exist.' seems as if there's something like an army buildup. A forceful thing on both sides... she said that she will convince me sooner or later that there is no God. ...she thrives on wickedness." (Osborn, 1982)

In any case of psychic vampirism or actual possession there is usually an actual entry point, the point at which the spirit enters into a relationship with the individual and a decision is made by the victim to allow that contact. This often occurs simply because the victim is not aware of the significance of the event. It seems to be a minor event and may come as the result of tiredness, mental excitation, frustration, pain and other psychological factors predetermining a weakened psychic constitution. These beings, be they demons, vampires or aliens, have the ability to control our thoughts to a certain extent, our physical bodies, weather and events in our lives, to the point that we can be worn down under such attack and give in to control by another. In the case of alien abductions, the process of abduction itself may be part of the wearing down process as much as the energy stealing interaction.

The Betty and Barney Hill case, and all subsequent abduction cases with similar format, describe a simulated medical test in which a long needle is inserted into the navel. A fifteenth century French calendar, the Kalendrier des bergiers, shows the tortures inflicted by demons on the people they have taken. The demons are depicted piercing their victims' abdomens with long needles.

Jacques Vallee's control system hypothesis is interesting in this regard:

"I believe there is a system around us that transcends time as it transcends space. The system may well be able to locate itself in outer space, but its manifestations are not spacecraft in the ordinary 'nuts and bolts' sense. The UFOs are physical manifestations that cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see in effect here is not an alien invasion. It is a control system which acts on humans and uses humans."

The fact that modern alien abductions mirror demonic infestation and vampirism is part of a historical pattern. This, according to Vallee, implies a pattern maker. But who or what that pattern maker is, or for what purpose it is operating the control system, Vallee will not or cannot say.

However, we may conjecture a bit a draw some tentative conclusions. But first I would like to point out that in spite of the pain and fear experienced in an abduction, to a very great number of abductees, the aliens represent good rather than evil: the abductees think that the aliens are our intellectual and moral superiors who have come here to help us solve our problems. Let us keep in mind that this could be a dangerous and cunning lie. An example of how cunningly this lie is being propagated is in the fact that many individuals with no extensive knowledge of historical metaphysics are being taken in by seeming "benefits" of alien abduction. Of course, there could be several reasons for the effect. It may be that contact with the "dark" side causes an individual to inwardly draw more to the "light", or it may be, in fact, a lie to cause aquiescence on the part of the victim.

John E. Mack, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Harvard writes in Abduction:

"The idea that men, women, and children can be taken against their wills from their homes, cars, and schoolyards by strange humanoid beings, lifted onto spacecraft, and subjected to intrusive and threatening procedures is so terrifying, and yet so shattering to our notions of what is possible in our universe, that the actuality of the phenomenon has been largely rejected out of hand or bizarrely distorted in most media accounts. ... My own work with abductees has impressed me with the powerful dimension of personal growth that accompanies the traumatic experiences ...especially when these people receive appropriate help in exploring their abductions histories. ... Let us suppose that [Cosmic Intelligence] ... is not indifferent to the fate of the Earth, regarding its life forms and transcendent beauty as one of its better or more advanced creations. And let us imagine that the imbalance created by the over growth of certain human faculties ... were the basic problem. What could be done as a corrective? The two natural approaches of which we can conceive would be the genetic and the environmental. Is it possible that through a vast hypbridization program affecting countless numbers of people, and a simultaneous invasion of our consciousness with transforming images of our self-destruction, an effort is being made to place the planet under a kind of receivership?" (Mack, 1993)

John Mack thought we ought to love the aliens.

In recent times, military intelligence officers, physicists hired to work on secret projects, and many others involved in the cover-up have come forward to inform the public. They may have done this for one of several reasons. One of these could be because, as they have penetrated deeper into the veil of secrecy, they have been so horrified at what they have discovered that their consciences have prompted them to come forward. It has also been conjectured that the government itself has sent them out to "reveal" truths as the possibility of forced exposure becomes imminent. We may not ever fully know their motivations.

We only know that some of the information that is being disseminated exactly fits reports of those increasing numbers of citizens who have recalled either consciously or under hypnosis, scenes of unparalleled horror and abuse at the hands of some of the Alien visitors.

There are those who say that we cannot surmise or conjecture what the purpose of the Alien presence on our planet might be because we are dealing with an intelligence so far in advance of our own that human logic cannot apply. I think we need to make a distinction between alien intelligence and intelligent aliens. Occam's razor holds that when seeking to understand a phenomenon, what can be done with fewer [assumptions/concepts] is done in vain with more.

The Bible may have a clue for us in Matthew 24 where Jesus says:

"For then there will be great tribulation -- affliction, distress and oppression -- such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now; no and never will be. And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would endure and survive; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. If any one says to you then, Lo, here is Christ, the Messiah! or, There He is! do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect... So if they say to you. Lo, He is in the wilderness, do not go out there; if they tell you, Lo, He is in the secret places or inner rooms, do not believe it... Wherever there is a fallen body, there the vultures will flock together." (Vs 21 -28, Amplified, Zondervan, 1985).

Mankind is, indeed, a fallen body. A fragmented soul unit. When an animal in the wild becomes weakened, the vultures begin to sail around in great sweeping circles overhead, waiting for collapse. At that point they move in to feed, leaving nothing but bones. We have raped and plundered our planet to the point that it cannot long support us. In spite of the efforts at consciousness raising by the proponents of the New Age, we continue to hate and fight with our brother until nearly every society on the face of the planet is on the verge of collapse.

Science has postulated a slow and gradual evolutional process and has striven with all its might to conform all data to that mold. That which does not fit is reinterpreted or ignored. It is assumed that not only have we evolved as human beings from some primate ancestor, but that we are evolving as a culture as well. Science has given us the space program, laser, television, penicillin, sulfa-drugs, and a host of other useful developments which would seem to make our lives more tolerable and fruitful.

However, we can easily see that this is not the case. After three centuries of domination by science, it could be said that never before has man been so precariously poised on the brink of such total destruction. Our lives, as individuals and groups and cultures, are steadily deteriorating. The air we breathe and the water we drink is polluted almost beyond endurance. Our foods are loaded with substances which contribute very little to nourishment, and may, in fact, be injurious to our health. Stress and tension have become an accepted part of life and can be shown to have killed millions. Hatred, envy, greed and strife multiply exponentially. Crime increases nine times faster than the population. We swallow endless quantities of pills to wake up, go to sleep, get the job done, calm our nerves and make us feel good. The inhabitants of the earth spend more money on recreational drugs than they spend on housing, clothing, food, education or any other product or service. (This amounts to half a trillion dollars annually.) Multiplied millions of people are without adequate food or shelter. Two hundred forty million children will starve to death before the year 2,000 while we pay entertainment idols millions of dollars to perform for us while we hustle to obtain the cream, soap or toothpaste which will make us sexy and appealing. It is no wonder that we have attracted the vultures of the cosmos!

An Alien presence on our planet is real. Those who choose to close their eyes to this reality do so at their own peril. In recent times, major motion pictures and television shows have increased public awareness of the subject. However, the approach taken by the media has generally tended to place the subject in the realm of science-fiction entertainment. The news media systematically ridicules reports and the tabloids exaggerate the reports to the point of absurdity so that the public has no idea that the stakes in this game are real and it is being played for keeps. The book, Clear Intent, by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood (Prentice-Hall, 1984), provides massive, overwhelming and irrefutable evidence based on the government's own documents that our highest public officials and the elite of our security and intelligence organizations have been deliberately and persistently lying to tax-paying citizens on the subject of Aliens for the last 40 years or more.

I am not going to say that any protection against this kind of invasion is practically possible. All of the research is not in and what I have examined makes me think that these beings can plunder our world, our lives, our very minds, at will. But, one must wonder why they are going to so much trouble to persuade us to accept their total control if they could take it at will. Perhaps they can only plunder us physically. I have encountered cases where the aliens seemed to come off very badly in the interaction and no further contact ensued. It is still too early to reveal the methods used to repel or control the events without further research, but, suffice it to say that I do believe that a certain process is singularly effective.

I am finding more and more evidence that those who think they are psychic or who have prophetic "dreams" or visions, or other psychic experiences are, in fact, being regularly visited by aliens. Jaques Vallee extrapolates on the great number of possible sightings and/or contacts. He conjectures that there must be literally millions including those unreported for fear of ridicule as well as those unremembered, perhaps because of mind control techniques. He then goes on to say that he finds it difficult to believe that members of a civilization with space/time travel capabilities would come in such numbers to do "stupid" things like abduct people and perform primitive experiments or examinations on them. I have to agree. Our doctors and scientists can perform many of the procedures attributed to the aliens with far less pain and trauma.

It is my point that We are not dealing with materialistic, earth based technology here! For God's sake, these guys walk through walls, float people out of their bodies, control minds, paralyze bodies, influence weather etc. etc. All of these abilities are those we have historically attributed to angels or demons or vampires.

When we look at the alien problem we repeatedly see terms describing "light" or "lights" or related phenomenon. This tends to make the percipients regard the experience as "good for them."

The Apostle Paul wrote in II Corinthians:

"...for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light, So it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade as ministers of righteousness. Their end will correspond with their deeds."

This give us a direct injunction to observe the deeds, or fruits rather than the appearance or what is being told to us by said beings.

Added to this Jesus says in Matthew 12:33:

"Either make the tree sound and its fruit sound, or make the tree rotten and its fruit rotten; for the tree is known and recognized and judged by its fruit."

The point of all that is that it seems that the only criteria we may have by which to judge any phenomenon is the fruit it bears since it is possible for things to present as a positive and not be so in fact. Nearly without exception, individuals who have had "abductions", when the surface or screen memories have been probed in a competent way, reveal memories of events so chilling in their implications that the first interpretation must be looked at carefully. The fear evoked in these experiences is tangible. Yet, the Aliens somehow convince the experiencer that it is "for their good" or for "the good of the planet" or "the enhancement of our race." But Jesus told us that Satan was a liar and the father of lies.

II Timothy 1:7 says: "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity -- of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear -- but of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control." and I John 4:18 tells us: "There is no fear in love -- dread does not exist; but complete perfect love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror." Yet the cumulative effect of alien interference has been fear, confusion and distortion of reality to the point that the lives of many are irrevocably torn asunder.

Now, I suppose it may be argued that we are being challenged to love our alien abductors to fully test our capacity for complete perfect love. However, I think there are many other issues to look at before that conclusion is adopted.

What does this mean for us in practical terms, here, on earth, today?

It may mean that Alien intelligences, following a pathway of service to self, have influenced the leaders of our societies to guide us down a pathway of self-estruction so that they, the Aliens, might gather around the fallen body of our race and feed on our emotions, our energies, our very flesh. They are here, they are deliberately terrifying us in every way they can to keep us confused and off balance. They are feeding philosophical lies and distortions into our culture to lead as many astray as possible. They control the lions of industry, government and culture so that what exists in our world is perverted by a "twist", a peculiar upside-down, disjointed, askew existence governed by deception and falsehood. We are living in a frightful, topsy-turvy world where everything we cherish as good, noble, honest and right has been disrupted, soiled, deformed and made ugly. And, more horrible than this, we accept it as normal! And even more chilling, we refuse to look at these things and even go so far as to claim that they do not exist except in our minds. And, it seems, they can plunder our reality at will without our consent.

In looking at the UFO/Alien phenomenon, we see things which just do not mesh. The level of confusion in this field is horrendous. It seems to be all lies and deception. Layer after layer of lies. Confusion, confusion and more confusion.

It is time for the world to wake up to this phenomenon. In the past, we dealt with discarnates and demons. We are dealing with discarnates and demons now, only we are calling them "aliens." They probably always WERE "aliens!"

The assault of these beings is slow, careful and insidiously deceptive. The only defense we have is knowledge: to be able to identify moment by moment where we stand, what is going on, and which choice to make. "If you abide in My Word; hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them... you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." That truth includes the reality of spirit and demonic possession.

We were warned that there will be forces in play in these times which will be so confusing and so deceptive so as "to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect..." I take that to mean that the elect may, in fact, be primary targets. And, my work with alien abductees bears this out in certain cases.

But, the greatest deception of all, as I have stated before, is the teaching that there are no negative forces, and if there are, in any case, we haven't to worry about them because, if we just think nice thoughts, meditate regularly, and use our affirmations nothing icky will ever enter our reality.

After thirty-five years studying and teaching metaphysics, including an in-depth analysis of demonic possession, I can assure you that evil insinuates itself into our lives in the guise of goodness and truth. The difficulty in talking about evil nowadays lies not in the weird or bizarre, but rather from the insistence by the media that religious views of good and evil are outdated. The problem is further exacerbated by the New Age teaching that "evil" simply does not exist unless an individual creates it in their reality. This is an important point because the process of evil follows the line of erosion of our spirituality through the erosion of knowledge. What better way to protect evil activities than to deny that they exist? It is true, in an absolute sense, that evil is "self-created". But very often the selves which create evil and wish to perpetuate it are those at higher density levels and against whom we have no defense except through knowledge of who they are and how they work. We must learn about the lies in order to perceive the truth.

There are those who speak of "fallen angels" who became the "minions of Satan." However many ancient teachings describe this attitude, this essence of evil, as existing "From the beginning." This implies that there has always been a pathway of "darkness" or "service to self" since the instant of creation. This means that on one side of the coin of loving one's brother as an act of loving God and self exists; and on the other, the opposing philosophy of loving oneself as God and using others to perpetuate this love of self is equally valid. It might even be said that without this tension of opposition, nothing could or would exist.

It seems that, at an absolute level, nothing in existence can actually be called "bad." Without crucifixion there can be no resurrection. Without darkness for the cleansing, there can be no great inflow of light. It is the force of darkness that takes away the sins of the Earth. It is Light that then brings truth to fill the space created.

If we remove the terms light and dark or good and evil, we are left with the clinical terms positive and negative polarities. There is a pinnacle of negative polarity and there are those entities from many realms who follow this pathway. We must understand that it is a path. It has validity in the realm of creation. If it were intended to be destroyed, could not God ease all our problems and reach out and return this energy to Himself?

There are those who believe that putting one's attention on these ideas "gives them energy." This is true only if one focuses in this way with the intention of participation. However, a comprehensive understanding of these forces is absolutely necessary in order to know how to give them less energy.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

The surest effect of possession is the loss of the quality of identity as human. This is interesting in light of the fact that many abductees report their abductors as being singularly "inhuman" and seemingly without emotion. There is some essence, some value as separate and whole people that we treasure and protect which is assaulted, eroded, or annihilated by diabolic possession. This has nothing to do with our functions in our bodies. Possessed people can and do function efficiently in their jobs and in society in general. In fact, the more perfect the possession, the less likely there will be any disturbance in the day to day functions.

But those who are perfectly possessed lack those qualities of inner self and interconnectedness with other human beings that we perceive as human. We may see humanness as variable - we may think not all have it to an equal degree - some seem to have little of it - that which we have may vary or fail completely.

Most religions around the world view the source of this humanness as a gift from God in his many identities. The process of possession consists in an erosion of the humanness God confers.

Possession is not a process of magic. Spirit is real; spirit is a cogent pattern of energy; energy/spirit is the basis of all matter. Just as iron filings form patterns on a paper held over a magnet, so do our bodies and all of three dimensional reality form of atoms responding to the electromagnetic urgings of spirit. And, knowing this, it seems that there is a war of spirit taking place at the present time and that much of this war is being fought through interactions between aliens and humans and between humans and other humans and even within individual humans themselves.

I was told in one hypnosis session with a client that there is a literal war being fought at higher density levels in our sky. I asked why we could not perceive this. I was told that I could if I would simply look at the weather and tectonic activity on the planet. I received interesting confirmation of this statement several days later in the November, 1994 issue of Earth magazine:

"Strange things are happening in the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere. Something up there is releasing brief, intense flashes of gamma rays. And mysterious shapes are glowing above thunderstorms." (Upward Lightning, Steve Mirsky)

As to whether this activity will ultimately translate into "nuts and bolts" events in our skies, I think that, tentatively, we can say yes. One of my subjects talked about an enormous armada of spacecraft coming our way "riding the wave", apparently a great burst of cosmic force coming our way in response to the great negative activity on our planet. All of this is pretty scary and we have to ask ourselves if it is another lie to evoke fear in us or is part of it true and part false? The difficulty we have is in understanding what powers these beings possess and whether we can defend ourselves and how.

If the reader is expecting me to come up with immediate answers, they are going to be disappointed. The information I have so far needs more research and application before I present it. My own experiences and the experiences of those with whom I have worked have shown me that it may not be practically possible to do anything in a physical sense to protect oneself. The only thing I think in that regard is: if these beings could get what they want simply by moving in and taking it, would they spend so much time creating terror and confusion? Alternatively, perhaps the terror and confusion is exactly what they want to generate because they feed on it.

The only thing I can say at this point is that I believe we are being used and cunningly deceived. We have historical records of these phenomena stretching back thousands of years. We also have historical records of ways and means to deal with said phenomena in terms of protecting ourselves. We need to reexamine our past and learn what the ancients knew. We need to eliminate the clouds of myth and distortion surrounding the truth and discover what powers we truly have and how to manifest them. And then, more importantly, we need to know when and how to manifest our true abilities. These guys would not be spending so much time terrorizing us and trying to sneak in the back door if it were possible for them to walk in directly. There is something we have that they want. There is some power we have that they don't want us to discover. We need to find out what that is. It may be our only hope.

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