Kult Headquarters &

Sensory Deprivation Chambers

Part of the exterior of the Kult Enclave. Notice how the trees have no leaves. This is obviously due to the EM waves generated by Dr. Ark's mind control technology. Plants and trees, not having the higher centres through which the technology operates to control the subject, simply shrivel and die. It is not, we repeat, NOT because the photo was taken in the dead of winter.
Recruits are stripped naked, blinded-folded, covered with an assortment of oils and creams, then lined up against this wall to undergo "fake" firing squads in the heat of the Gasconny summers. This is NOT, we repeat, NOT because they are relaxing and sunbathing.
The Rest of the Exterior (L shaped). Notice that this photo was taken before the trees had lost all of their leaves.
Police photo of the Kompound.
Entry to the Empty Torture Chambers
Known as "The Pit". Large enough to roast an entire...sheep.
Another view of the "Pit".
Warning: If this photo seems blurry to you, you are falling under the influence of Dr. Ark's new Mind Control via Internet technology. We suggest you return at a later date.
The upstairs corridor leading to the cells of the kult members.
A typical cell. Members sleep on the floor, often thirty to forty per cell.
The Water Closet, where the ritual baptism of new kult members occurs.
The Lab. It is here that Dr. Ark, or D'Ark, continues to fine tune his Mind Control Technology.
The sensory deprivation extends to the surrounding countryside. No cars. No sirens. No shopping centres. No American cops.
Cut off from reality, the only connection to the outside world is the postman who drives in daily to deliver the cheques extorted out of members still under the heel of the Bush Reich.
More sensory deprivation is imposed on those victims who are forced to wash dishes. This is the torturous view from the Kitchen Window. The Kult also tortures animals. This poor doggie is forced to listen to Karaoke - see the effect on him?! Shameful!
Kult members are compelled to go on forced marches early in the morning, chased by vicious dogs that bite them if they slow down or stop. Kult activities are screened by blooming forsythia which is forced to propagate and bloom unnaturally in the negative environment of the KKK.
The scene of the most heinous of tortures... Not only forced to eat cheese and bread and drink fine wines, the victims must gaze hypnotically at beautiful flowers that grow in the garden... At the end of every day, the Kult Rite includes the dreaded: Watching the Sunset torture.