Will the REAL "Dr. Grant Gartrel(l)" please stand up?

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Some Further Discoveries

June 14, 2004.

We published on this page yesterday research data and notes taken from public databases, available to anyone on the Internet, that had been compiled by researchers as part of our efforts to understand who was behind the recent "Aussie Bloke" hoax.

No conclusions were reached.

Rather, as happens while doing research, several questions were raised about the interconnections that were discovered between certain persons and companies involved in presenting the Aussie Bloke "story." We hoped that by publishing this information, that others might have pieces of the puzzle to contribute.

We received the following message today:

To: www_at_cassiopaea
From: XXX
Subject: Will the REAL Dr. Grant Gartrell please stand up?
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 11:29:39 XXX

Hi there.

This is a warning.

I completely agree with what you are posting regarding the whole Gartrell issue. But this has nothing to do with the private life of XXX [...].

Be aware that you can
1. Be prosecuted for
- mental horassment
- grouping and exposing private data and YOUR WRONG conclusions regarding those data on the net, claiming those facts are true (breach on law of privacy)

2. You are now hated by a lot of people regularly visiting GLP in silence and providing the GLP forum with the necessary data and facts which are not exposed in the public media. I think I don't have to tell you what these people are called. Many of them are now following what is happening on your site. Be prepared to take consequences if all links regarding untrue insinuations regarding XXX or XXX are not removed.

Since some of the connections we discovered related to the global porn industry, we take this threat very seriously. We have removed the page.

In the murky world of disinfo, it is very difficult to get to the truth. We have no desire to tar innocent people. We know all too well how many layers has the onion, and how simple facts can be twisted and taken out of context and made to say things they never meant. It is not our job to contribute to the fog; we are only interested in uncovering the truth.

It appears that the publication of research notes was interpreted by some as a publication of conclusions. There is not enough data available to reach any conclusions.

The "Aussie Bloke" hoax remains an interesting case study. We will continue pulling on the threads.



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