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"Is Laura Hiding Something?"

Laura, when I read this account I wanted to cry. I'm so sorry you had to go through something like this. It's indicative of a legal double standard that exists to this day: women (victims) are not as likely to be believed about sexual assault as men (perpetrators). I'm glad justice prevailed in this case, but it's so saddening that it even went that far. Further, think about how often similar cases may not end with justice.

I'm also saddened that you felt you had to "come clean" with publishing such private information. But by doing so, we can see exactly how far these people are willing to go to attempt to victimize you again. We can also see that you now refuse to be a victim by revealing the truth. We can learn from your experiences, actions, and strengths.

For that reason, I'm grateful that you shared this with us, even though you didn't really owe it to us. I'm sure I speak for most, if not all of us, when I say that we never would have believed Most's accusations.

And on behalf of women everywhere who have been sexually assaulted, I
say, "RIGHT ON, SISTER!" : - )

kk <>
USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 09:34:16 (MST)
My first thought is that it would seem that without this
STS drain, your accuracy level would start approaching 100%...have you
queried the C's about this lately?
What a great validation to hear that you were incorruptible during these attacks upon you. I think many of us already knew that about you.

The nature of Frank's topics that were "off"---namely "predictions and terror tactics" changes the entire scope of the C's messages, and so it will be interesting to revisit the concepts with a mental filter allowing for new interpretations.

This also addresses the C's saying that the unique aspect of Laura's consciousness structure was that she could access a "Now" stance, and thus the information would hold it's integrity throughout the endless posibilities of scenarios that could occur in the physical world. And
so in understanding Frank's impact--to be a force attempting to insert date and time and event mentality to foment terror--we really see the STS agenda to sustain and prop up the artifical grid of the control system, which DOES control by fear and terror, riding on the popular millenia "end-times" wave.

This phrase: "He is now charged with the mission, in concert with
Maynerd Most, of destroying your ability to accomplish your mission" really ties to the idea that I first really understood when reading the "Remarkable Healings" book about spirit attachment. When the compacted entities who had been living in the bodies of the hosts were addressed in the exorcism sessions by Dr. Modi, she wrote of them feeling powerless to do anything except obey the orders of the chain of command, under the threat of great punishment if they would fail. The entities would state that sometimes they would be rewarded or promoted if they succeeded in their mission (entities' missions were usually about causing the host to be distracted from their mission
through various means: disease, etc.) but the "stick" was a much bigger factor than the "carrot". The threat of punishment from failure was a bigger motivator than the idea of reward for success.

So even if this is all unconscious within Maynerd and Frank, this dynamic would explain why they seem to become more and more stupid and more and more reckless as they dig themselves in deeper to continue the battle. I have thought for a while now that Maynerd Most really has no free will as we know it, as he has so thoroughly
integrated himself with the dark agendas of the STS, and so must serve them no matter what the cost to his personal reputation in 3D.
No matter how much of an ass he makes of himself, he must fight to the
finish, as he is just a pawn.

And my take on the energy of his blackmail email was that his words were like a spoken "hiss" sound...

So now it becomes very clear why this drama had to be acted out to the
very end, because Frank needed to reveal his true alignment. Now that Frank's alignment has been revealed, Laura can reposition her own stance as an experimenter in consciousness expansion and cast off the burden of all those who have opposed her since Day One.

This has been a most enlightening process.

It is great to get the clarity from the C's on the course of action to
pursue re copyright protection. Please let us know what kind of support you require throught this legal portion. If you need donations, just holler!

Chelle <>
California USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 09:42:20 (MST)
Laura --

I am a member of the C's moderated eGroup (though don't have time to post much), and I've read just about everything on the C's web site. I am amazed at the amount of personal information that Laura has shared with us, particularly in Amazing Grace. I'm not sure I would have the courage to reveal details about the events of my past at the level of intimacy that Laura has. In my mind, this clearly indicates that Laura has nothing to hide. Yes, she's made naive mistakes, but haven't we all in our learning process.

About two weeks ago, my husband, Greg, who is familiar with much of the material on the C's site and with much of your story, woke up after having a dream about you and Ark. He dreamt that dead bodies had been discovered in your yard there in Florida, and you all were stunned by the fact that they were there and couldn't imagine where they had come from. You were fighting authorities and others who were claiming that you all were murderers. I said to him at the time, "This seems to me a warning dream that Laura and Ark will undergo even more severe attacks than they have previously endured." I think it's interesting that he precognitively picked up that it had to do with murder (attempted murder in this case).

I applaud you for being forthcoming with this information, despite the pain you must experience over rehashing this incident. Truth will endure and be victorious in the end. Hang in there, girl! We're all behind you.

Julie B.

Houston, Texas USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 09:48:39 (MST)
Why are women ashamed when someone tries to hurt them and they fight back? And, even even more ashamed if they do it successfully?

The "power" this aspect of the control system has over victims in situations like this is not the deed, it is the guilt that is instilled for having been a victim to something as horrendous as this encounter. The action of the perpetrator and the action that was necessary to stop the perpetrator are so diametrically opposed to your inner essence that the social control system was able to utilize guilt to establish a degree of control that has lasted 3 decades now. It is good that this has seen the light of day. Interesting that once again, those who seek to do harm, often provide a very pleasent and tasty glass of lemonade.

I read your summary of the situation and circumstances and while there
was an definite flood of empathy, there was an even stronger sense that you just had an enormous weight lifted off of your shoulders and your soul and off of your heart. You DID what I would hope everyone would do and it was acceptable, logical and correct. My thoughts were why was this such a big deal and then I realized that it was the guilt that had made it so big.

While this unbidden guilt thing is most noticible in situations which
involve assault (of any kind) on women, it also happens with men. I am not talking about sexual assault, I mean the common occurance of letting undeserved guilt grow in the dark like a moldy mushroom until it has reached proportions to huge for the individual to deal with. It is more common a result when there is an assault on a woman, because a man's first reaction is to counter the assault with just that, a counter-assault. Women have been brainwashed from infancy to not respond in that manner.

It is out in the open now, the Control System induced guilt can no longer assume massive proportions in the dark, you must feel 1,000 pounds lighter.

BT <>
FL USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 09:48:44 (MST)

I just read your article about your need for self defense against a total pig. Also about the betrayal of Frank. I want to say that in neither case do you come off as anything other than acting in a decent manner.

Of course you wouldn't want some slimeball to take advantage of you.

I had a very similar situation when I was in my first year of college
and I know the panic and fear in trying to extricate and just get the
hell out of the situation.

Frank has apparently simply followed his path and that's all we can
observe there. I can see why you empathize with him, but I guess he has to go where he has to go. Maynerd Most is just continuing to be his disgusting self.

Keep your chin up; you have nothing but respect from me. Continue your work knowing you are doing what you are meant to do. The rest is static ... hard to bear, impossible to get rid of, but of no great
consequence in the long run.

DH <>
USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 09:54:16 (MST)
When I was 20, my gasoline tank and car caught fire when I was driving home from work. The firemen that put the fire out gave me a ride home. I phoned the auto mechanic my father always used. I knew this man. He was married and had 4 children and I thought he was decent. He agreed to send a tow truck for my car. About 30 minutes later, the mechanic showed up himself. I thanked him for coming so quickly and invited him in to my apartment. When he came in and
closed the door he grabbed me and proceeded to sexually assault me. I was on the floor fighting him and managed to move close enough to an iron candelabra to grasp it. I hit him in the face and the rest is history. Today at age 51, I realize I should have charged him with attempted rape. I didn't, and he got away with the assault.

Anyone that would attempt to blackmail you with this incident falls into the same category as those that commit these acts of sexual assault. They view others as prey. They assess all those that they wish to prey upon as vulnerable and methodically proceed to search for a weak point and then attack.

They will learn and they are learning who you are. Grateful for the fact that you shared this latest incident - I am learning who they are. I take this opportunity to write that you have my full support and I offer my assistance in any manner that may prove useful.

Sara <>
NC USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 10:57:09 (MST)

Dear Laura:

I can relate to what you've been through because I've been in similar
situations myself. The method I use for self defense is that when I see them coming, I change my path to go around 'em when possible.

My father is a sociopath. He would think nothing of ruining me for
what I have. (Not necessarily meant as material things.) He kidnapped me three times in my life, and it was not because he wanted or loved me, it was to gain control over a situation he had no control over, or to use me to his own benefit. He even made sexual advances to me when I was in my teens. I'm not ashamed of that, because it was not my fault. He is a predator, and I learned what they are from him. Predators don't understand the concept of love, or loyalty, or compassion, they only understand that they can get energy/money/materal goods/control/sex/attention (you name it) from other people that they manage to manipulate. If we take that strength away from them, they will not go away. They simply focus on another "victim" and go away from those who know them. Those who refuse to be victims can avoid predators.

My husband and I have worked long and hard to be where we are, and to learn those things we need to learn. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from the whole dynamic concerning my father is that if I recognize one of these people coming for me, I make preparations to avoid them totally. My choice of the word "ignore" was mean in that vein. It was not meant to imply that we should purposely ignore an attack to all extents.... but most small attacks are easly ignored. The bigs ones do come, and when they do, it's personal, and
righteous anger is called for. I will not ignore a direct attack and I will defend myself, but in "ignoring" the predator's preparatory attacks serves to drain the attackers of their own energy, rather than to drain me. An attack is, after all, a means to gain energy and information from the "victim". In my case, it strengthens my defense, because lack of interaction with the attacker denies him any of those things he might gain from me through those attacks.

Fortunately for me, my "predator" is gone for now. I would be foolish to assume he will give up trying to get anything from me. I do have the upper hand now. I moved and he does not know where I am.

There have been times in my life where I've tried to warn other family members, demonstrate to them the reasons they needed to stay away from my father, but they simply did not listen and that only served to drain me. They do ignore him now, but then, they've learned too :) Apparently he is there for their lessons as well as mine.... we all had something to learn from this man. If I had insisted they not deal with him and was successful in accomplishing that, they would not have fulfilled their lessons and I would have violated their free will
in choosing to learn that lesson. It does no harm to warn people, but there comes a point where one just expends energy doing so, and some of the people in that dynamic just don't get it. It's frustrating at best.

Then there are the parasites that suck energy from the dramas of others, like seagulls feasting off the leavings of a shark attack. Another facet entirely.

My frustration primarily came from the fact that Mr. Most was taking energy from your efforts to teach us, and he dragged us all along for the ride. Not by your intention, but by his. For those of us who have had those lessons, we saw this one coming a mile away. When the advertisements went up for the Zaca Lake Retreat, my initial response was "OH OH" and I read how the chain of events unfolded, knowing how this particular energy flow worked. I don't know what the
C's have to say about energy beyond what is mentioned in the transcripts, but I have learned that it's a very tangible thing. If one pays close attention to the dynamic of a group of people in a room, they can actually perceive where the energy goes and how it's used by the different individuals within the group. You said yourself in the most recent posted transcript, that Frank went away charged while everyone else was drained.

I'm not attempting to be a "clapper"... I'm just so amazed that you are able to put it in a format that we can all understand. Often I've tried to convey some of the very concepts you've mentioned and have fallen on my ass doing it. I'm just so totally excited about your website. So forgive my exhuberance, but I think it has much valuable information for us all. If that's what a clapper is, then I'm content to sit on the sidelines with the pom poms and cheer you on.

Shaking pom poms now :)


Peggy <>
Fl USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 11:08:44 (MST)

Dear Laura, I was heartened to read that you are willing to carry on in the face of such adversity. I can imagine how you must feel and simply wish to express my support for you and those working with you.

My thoughts are with you, as are my thanks.

Regards, Graham.

Graham Saunders <>
UK - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 16:58:06 (MST)

Thank you for all you have gone through to provide us with a site
full of truth and insight. I would help in any way I can.

bill <wmfeight@...>
boulder, co. USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 21:07:56 (MST)
I sent a letter with some money a few weeks ago with a note urging you to comply with Maynerd Most's request to have his name removed in order to avoid what I saw as a looming black hole of endless legal bills which I thought might destroy you.


I must thank you for teaching me a lesson. I'd never thought of 'Turning the Other Cheek' as being under certain circumstances an aspect of the control system! It suddenly became plain that there's a HUGE difference between leaving out the names of innocent people who ask for the protection anonymity provides, (as is done throughout the transcripts), and protecting monsters like Mr. Most.

I must say that you are doing an admirable job; standing your ground where I would have backed away. I think this must be one of the reasons you were chosen for the position you hold.

Learning may be fun, but I'm finding it also seems to include regular doses of embarrassment and servings of humble pie.

Power to you. I still have much to learn.


Mark <moak@...>
- Sunday, January 13, 2002 at 06:28:27 (MST)

Hi Laura!

I always try to post only when I'm feeling an inspiration to do so. It is so hard for me to be sincere as it is, but at least an inspiration gives me an edge. Even then, I often ask myself what part of myself this 'inspiration' is coming from. Nevertheless, I feel inspired to write to you concerning your latest post on your web page.

I am starting to read Amazing Grace and find it an absolutely riveting account of your personal experiences. However, as you requested you would like comments on 'What is Laura hiding' so I will reference my comments to this.

The secrets we keep makes us possess(hide) the truth within our very selves. To expose these 'secrets' only helps us to free ourselves from ourselves for we build the walls of own prisons, within ourselves, with the bricks of our thoughts and the morter of our own fears.

It is too bad that all of us (woman especially), have to go through a 'religious experience'(guilt trip), every time we protect our mortal bodies (and our developing souls) from a fatal attack. The attack to which you have described was no less then that; and in a woman's case, where she is being attacked by a man, she should consider it an attack to the death. To assume anything less during this violent engagement would be belittling that instinct that nature worked so hard at to give us.

Protective instinct is 3rd density protocol and as such we must abide by this protocol. The popular saying says it best: 'when in Rome do as the Romans do'.

When a man attacks a woman he is attacking with a deadly weapon--himself! He has brought upon the woman a life and death situation and in your case you had responded with no less effort than if you were escaping from a burning building. In your case, the 'door' that was holding you back from escaping the 'burning building' was the man who was attacking you.

Even if the woman dangles the red flag in front of the bull (which of course, was not done in your case), we still must call an attack by a man on a women a deadly attack just as we should call a spade a spade and not call it a garden implement.

Unfortunately, our masculine dominated society has suppressed this instinct in women and has created an imbalance that we try to correct in grotesque sentimentalism which screws things up between us to absurd proportions.

It may sound harsh for me to say this but I think that if we men would be real men (and I dont mean 'macho' men) then women would be real women. As to what a real man is I will only say that a real man is his true understanding and his commitment to same (in my opinion).

I have spent much of my youth in full contact fighting (not professional), and I can tell you this, that when a woman fights (as I have trained with woman), there is a 'fury' there that cannot be surpassed by men. I am NOT saying that woman should be in the ring bashing each others head in. I am only saying that society suppresses
this part of women and try's to turn them into docile, inactive 'things'. In my opinion, the best thing for a child (male or female), is the martial arts (I'd of course draw the line at full contact fighting) and only of course, if the child requests it. It teaches them discipline and indifference to physical pain as well as instinctual preservation.

Women make the best warriors. Did you ever notice who is the last one standing in the horror movies-- the woman! Evidently, the writers and directors see something that the rest of society wont acknowledge. Years ago, when I was in the Gurdjieff work,
I always thought I was a 'tough guy' and I would let no man stare me down, but I can tell you this, that many of the teachers of the Gurdjieff method were older woman, and I would shake in my shoes when I was in their presence! They were as fierce as any samurai (when they needed to be) and if there was any trace of insincerity in my demeanor in their presence they would cut me down with one word as surely as a samurai could do so with his razor sharp blade. Laura is headed in this direction and I wouldn't want to be insincere in her presence when she 'matures' unless I come equipped with full body armor!

I have been reviewing the echat archives and have noticed that the disrupters (including the present ones} all have a common voice. Its obvious, as Laura stated, that they come from one source. An attack against you and Ark is also an attack on us (of course, to a much lesser degree), and although its about as improbable as me dying tomorrow, it can happen that one day when we try to access your website it simply just wont be there.

It would behoove us, I think, to study what is happening in the attacks directed against Ark and Laura, so we can recognize the patterns, for every act of Will is represented by patterns (in physical terms by patterns of gestures), these patterns being patterns or signatures of motivations. This signature represents the essense or the truth behind the events. Attacks against Ark and Laura may someday be attacks against us.

It is unfortunate that the those who walk the path spend most of their time deeply contemplating on truth and less so on how to make money and many of us have difficulty contributing to Ark and Laura's struggle for this reason, but third density protocol requires money and since Ark and Lauras actions have transformed themselves from the realm of contemplation to the realm of CALCULATION ( strategic action) I will do what I can to financially help them to their ends.

Unfortunately both of you (Ark and Laura) are being forced to go within, to find that source of energy that I know is as Real as that pain you are experiencing at this moment. I could only imagine your hardships (considering the fact that your children are involved because you are), but you have no choice now but to believe in yourselves and proceed, and this very act will make you stronger until NOTHING can touch you. Its only a matter of time.

My best to you

Ken S

Ken S <>
hatboro, pa USA - Sunday, January 13, 2002 at 15:36:49 (MST)
Laura, I am not very good at writing especially when feeling so emotional. First, thank you for sharing such intimate episode of your life. Thank you for being an example of not being afraid of opening your heart to the world. After this account I don't know how anyone could ever believe one iota said by someone who can use this sad episode of your life to blackmail you and hint to the public that they have something horrible on you. This is a story of courage that anyone who knows about it would intuit that it only reinforces your image as uncorruptible and extremely brave, even from a young age. But as the C's have said before STS's weakness is wishful thinking. They force you tell the world how strong you are!! And if there was any doubt about this VB saga this placed everything in its proper dimension. But somehow I have been seeing this happen all around me since Sept 11. It is like the time for the stand has come, and everyone is showing their true colors. Now I know why I felt uneasy with a few things coming through in the chanellings. Thank you for discussing these problems of STS corruption, with us. After this, If anyone still has doubts about VB &Co I suggest they do a spirit release. As always STS forces underestimate others abilities to feel and see truth. I can't help but recall what the C's say about STS efforts to control and manipulate backfiring at any moment. Hang in there Laura my heart is with you!
ZT <>
Australia - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 03:48:31 (MST)
What else was an eighteen year-old girl to do? Thanks for being tough when necessary, and now is the time everyone's confidence, friendship, and internal-awakening to come to the fore. In Active Calm In The Valley of The Shadow, I have the story of my own experience with lock-up for around 31 hours ... when we go through internal pains and stuff brought on by pressure of the existant dark forces, it can culminate in the throwing of a plastic ketchup bottle at one's sister. The transcripts and the recent posts are bright feeling and you give us hope, thanks always.

Tobin Michael Alland

Toby <..@...>
Houston, Texas USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 09:36:19 (MST)
I am not a regular chat-group participant, but have read "Amazing Grace", in the new and also the older forms, and have been very touched by Laura's candor. And even more importanly, at the revelation of the inner workings of the universe that her very detailed chronicle shows us. It seems that the truth about life is revealed more clearly in the karmic interplay of relationships than in the written work of any one thinker, and to have such a rich "life account" to pore over is a huge gift to all of use who have pondered it.

All anyone needs to know about Most is what Alvin Wiley had to say about him in that recent letter. That alone clinches the whole affair, in my opinion.

While I have learned a lot from the "Wave" series also, there has always been a minor resistance in my inner being to some of the information presented, that is, certain material from the C's, mostly I suppose among some of the pre-history accounts and some aspects of those segments that peered into the future. It will be interesting to see how Frank's departure might allow some of these themes to be reviewed or revisited in new sessions as time allows.

One thing I want to say to Ark: I am so impressed that you have been willing to identify yourself both personally and professionally with Laura's quest. It is very significant that someone so skilled at doing pure scientific research (with all the epistemological checks and balances it brings to the table) is at the core of this team of seekers. I hope that along the way, you are provided with some missing clues that will amply reward you, intellectually and perhaps in professional stature, for the risks you are taking.

One note to all: I see that someone above the paradox that seekers of truth are often short of funds. I am convinced that the price of silver will rise considerably in the next several years, although of course there are no guarantees. There are several stocks that will do nicely if that happens, SSRI and PAAS are two for starters, which have good leverage to increases in the price of silver. Holding some physical silver is not a bad idea. Leveraged bets on silver using commodity futures call options could also be used. Please do your own due diligence before investing ( and are places to find links and get started).

I have to admit I have a soft spot for silver since the whole fiat money banking system strikes me as a huge STS operation, and so any hint of less corruptible values coming around and sending a few tremors through that paper palace really makes my day. But this belief that the price will soon soar is based on simple supply and demand, not any philosophic slant per se.

Jason <nonlinear@...>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 12:48:35 (MST)

For every 16 year old that sleeps with a knife to protect themself from being molested again. For every 16 year old whose parents kicked her out of the house for speaking out about her abuse. For every man woman or child that have been preyed upon by disgusting predators and still brave enough to attempt to protect themselves from it, what would Maynerd Most have done to them? Why get them arrested and thrown in jail and if that doesn't work blackmail them about the details of such abuse. Only a criminal would want to punish the innocent for the crimes of the guilty. Shame on you Maynerd Most, you have shown yourself to be a worse criminal than the rapist because you attempted to gain from his act.

Interested Reader <>
USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 13:08:47 (MST)
I wonder why C's didn't warn Laura about the corrupted participant in the sessions earlier. They only told the reason for %72 accuracy is due to some natural reasons that avoids %100 accuracy. Some can say that guy can be considered as a natural handicap but I want to ask Laura was there any special reason that C's didn't reveal his secret earlier?

Farshad <farshad@...>
USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 14:09:14 (MST)
Hi Farshad,
Actually, they gave hints from fairly early on in the sessions, and for the sake of all of you who have asked, I will gather those comments together by date, and discuss how I tried to understand them. It was certainly an issue of much discussion among the other members of the group, but somehow, I always wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt; to leave every opportunity open for "change." At one point, the C's even said that there was a "battle" going on there, and the question was "who would win?" They then remarked that he had lost it before. I wanted to do all I could to make it easy for him to win it this time, if it was at all possible. I don't like to see anybody suffer, and he was always saying that he was suffering.

Laura <>
USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 14:44:24 (MST)

Laine wrote: see here


Mark's post, January 13, 2002, might as well be mine. Being new to the site and not fully aware of all of the background, with regard to Most, I too advised Laura and Ark to not squander their energies and fiscal resources on, what appeared to me to be, a no win situation. I stand corrected. The strength of Laura's conviction to defend the high ground humbles me, yet sets a shining example of the standards that one must set for themselves to achieve the grace that the universe demands for advancement. You go, girl!

Don Duca<>
Laguna Niguel, Ca USA - Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 15:49:43 (MST)

Thank you so much for sharing this most personal aspect of your life with myself and thousands of other readers.

The event itself is inconceivable and yet it happens to so many other women (and men, too) all over this planet every day. Causing guilt and self-hatred in the very ones who must endure the hardship. This is why statements like the one you published are so important. They promote healing and balancing.

Maynerd's affair was the apparent reason for your revelation. Sure, your hand was forced to return in thought and soul to that very fateful day. And yet, having said what you said, there must have been a cathartic aspect to it all as well. Sure, unpleasant people caused you to deal not only with them but also with other unpleasant events in your life. However, as long as you can sit down at the end of the day and say, "It was all worth it. I prevailed and now others benefit as well." - then their little head-games become small and petty indeed.

As they say - you were handed a bag of lemons and made a most splendid lemonade.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and Go Get 'Em Tiger!

Adam <>
Australia - Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 17:36:50 (MST)
Thank you, Laura. Never give up. You have rekindled my hope.
Nathan Laird <>
Tulsa, OK USA - Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 20:43:00 (MST)
And here you have the perfect example of attempted STS manipulation. She is attacked and defends herself. There are trial records, evidence presented, a verdict of not guilty, and yet she still has to defend herself again, all these years later. To divert attention from his own spurious, disgraceful, and potentially illegal behavior, he attacks her. All I can say, Laura, is keep working on the books, and get them published. They must be incredibly valuable for the STS forces to attempt so forcefully to divert you from the work.
Zilla <>
Canada - Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 02:23:12 (MST)
Well, all I can say is that Vinnochio is a classic case of
disassociation and projection, which is what he has been doing all
along. By now, we are all getting it that anything he accuses you of doing is what he is either doing already, or planning on doing. Like all true STS in their mirror world of Wishful Thinking, he projects his own reality onto others.

Laura, I am so sorry you are being publicly reviled by such a
cesspool dwelling bottom feeder... He is just flailing about because of the hard spot he is in, having been exposed as not only NOT an "expert" on anything, nor even a semblance of a scholar, but actually a complete fraud - a con man, a "shyster," a "snake oil salesman."

And Laura, I've lost sleep the last few days and nights reading the transcripts, and I am continously blown away by both your questions, the issues you were facing in your life as you continued to quest for truth, the courage to persist against all odds, the unfathomable amount of work you have done to-date to make it all available on the website, and the amazing receiver you are that brought so much "good stuff" through....despite any accuracy waverings produced by STS agent Franketto. To me - and so many others - it is life-changing just to be able to read it, and I am so grateful.

Over and over again the C's allude to your destiny, mission, talent, abilities, etc. I think the bottom line with Vinnochio and Franketto is that they are just plain jealous that you've got it "going on" with 6D STO...and they are just hanger-on wanna-be's, now outed for what they really are. And every new attack upon you just paints that
picture more clearly.

Thank you for having courage and for refusing to be controlled or corrupted by lies and liars.

We see your nose, Vinnochio, and every time you open your mouth or touch your computer keyboard, it grows longer.

Chelle <>
CA USA - Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 04:15:15 (MST)
A poster above has given an excellent example of the difference between Most, others like him, and someone who is truly intent on ferreting out the truth of the matter. At best,(and this seems to be giving him the benefit of the doubt), Most may have read local newspaper coverage from that time based completely on the charges and lies of the minor politician. Naturally since they were accusations designed to cover this guy's butt, they were probably very one-sided.
On the other hand, Tom French in his quest to arrive at the truth of the matter, took the time to read court transcripts, talk with legal
representatives and investigators.

Quite a difference and between the two approaches and a microcosmic view of the difference between an STO search for the truth without expectations (French would have had a story either way) and the achilles heel of an STS search which only looks far enough to give some validation to their agenda and wishful thinking (Most).

BT <>
Orlando, FL USA - Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 09:04:42 (MST)
test <>
USA - Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 17:18:33 (MST)

Came across this "soap opera" whilst following a thread on "quantum fractals". I was interested to find ark's references to Nottale's scale relativity work because I have been a "fan" since first reading his book in '93. Therefore I will read ark's material on "quantum Future" with interest.

Here, though, I must add my voice to the many, by now, who are dismayed at the association of apparently valid physics (and metaphysics) inquiry with the hokey cassiopae/channeling/crystal toting stuff. Just plain goofy, IMHO and not worthy of serious debate or inquiry. I run into these characters pretty regularly here in the NW USA; apparently, they're keeping the lid on mt rainier for us (roll of the eyes). To a person these "conscious" folks strike me as rather dull (in both senses) and often prove to be neurotic attention seekers. Histories of physical or sexual abuse are frequent, as well, for what that's worth.

In any case, I will peruse and ultimately judge your material on the merits while ignoring the "big giant head" stuff (3rd rock from the sun reference; just about as credible and much funnier). May I say that it's really a shame, though, that valid and needed work to push the envelope of human knowledge is tainted by such "new age" drivel.

Best of luck to you

Chris Robinson <>
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, January 25, 2002 at 11:05:55 (MST)

Ark replies: You are rather superficial in your judgments. You say it is a "shame" for me to be associated with "new age drivel" - which simply shows that you judge before studying. A scientist first studies, then studis, then studies even more, and only then makes tentative judgements, and even then stays always open for revisions. You judge without studying, without even reading through - otherwise you would find that our site is strongly critical about much of the "new age" drivel - and when we write about it, we give analysis and arguments rather than fast and superficial judgements.


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