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It will be very helpful for the reader of this series of essays to read the selection of excerpts from The Secret History of The World . Certain ideas presented therein will be crucial background for the upcoming subjects.

Dear Readers,

Those of you who read Russian might want to have a look at the link above. Those who don't may find the illustrations to be very interesting. Suffice it to say that, during the course of this short little series of essays (I hope to do a little of it each day because it is too important to wait for this material), I will be talking about some of the ideas on those pages. And that is NOT to say that we subscribe to their conclusions, but there are certain things said there that resonate powerfully with certain clues that the Cassiopaeans gave us that, until now, did not make sense.

During this past year as we have been gathering the material together for the supplemented edition of Noah, (which has grown from an original 200 pages to almost 500, just to give you an idea of how packed it is with info), we have come across many ideas and theories relating to possibilities of cataclysmic upheavals on the earth.

As we understand things from the Cassiopaeans, there will be "signs" in the heavens sometime around the year 2003 accompanied by the final steps in the institution of social controls.  There is even a possibility of a few scattered minor asteroid impacts that will create a lot of turmoil and excitement and fear.  But all of this will settle down under the reassurances of the social control system, and all will seem normal in the solar system.

A few words need to be said about the social controls.  We are presently in a period of time when the groundwork is being laid for later active use.  We do not expect any of the laws being passed at present to be obviously and overtly used against American citizens.  Not yet, at least.  After the manufactured "Terrorist Threat" has served its purpose of foisting such laws upon the public, the pressure will be withdrawn temporarily.  You could say that what is happening now is just the building of a ramp to a new level of control that will not yet be exercised.  There may, of course, be other "excuses" manufactured to mandate more controls, but if so, they will be only temporary.  It is only later, during a period of turmoil such as described above, that reasons will be found to isolate and perhaps even eliminate dissidents.  At this very moment, the lists are being made.  But not more than that.

Now, while many "prognosticators" like to talk about the great Pie in the Sky Airlift, or what we like to call the Alien Rapture Theory, we do not see any of this being anything more than a ruse designed to induce belief in salvation "out there."  It may be utilized to enhance the presentation of Alien Hybrids as the "saviors of mankind" at some point, but it is not very likely that anyone is going to be saved off the planet in space ships hovering to "beam them aboard."

Also, as to whether or not hyperdimensional beings AKA aliens ever actually manifest overtly into our reality is highly questionable and problematic.

Nevertheless, the one thing that does seem certain is that the earth is about to undergo a dissolution into chaos preparatory to rebirth.  This is, in fact, already in progress.  There are many scientific observations about this and the related processes that we are including in Noah, so please wait for the full exposition on these matters.

There are numerous groups in and around the planet that are more or less "in cahoots" with the hyperdimensional beings AKA aliens.  Some of them know what they are doing; others do not.  There are even many innocent people who are being duped by various belief systems into being "agents" for the Matrix Control System who would never, in their wildest dreams, believe such a thing even if it jumped up in their faces.  There are groups that are doing various "workings" and sending out "calls to the aethyrs" a la Aliester Crowley.  They sincerely believe that what they are doing is supposed to "protect" the planet.  They failed to read the fine print in the contract, as we will soon discover.

There are a couple of remarks from Dr. Sauder's essay posted on this website that I would like to bring into focus as the platform for some further comments:

...We are seeing a tremendous  amount of garden variety lying. Yes, fibbing. The telling of  prodigious whoppers with a straight face... I say it is "BLACK" MAJIC  because it is so darkly, hideously violent and grotesquely murderous  and fratricidal and malevolent. I say it is BLACK "MAJIC" because it  is done to our faces and so many of us either cannot or will not see  it for what it is...BLACK MAJIC is done right in  front of us-- we watch the whole thing and think we know what is  happening, while in reality so many of us are fooled, bamboozled,  hoodwinked and flummoxed by superficial glitz, glitter and the  distractions of the stage craft, ...until we don't know  left from right, up from down, justice from injustice, or lies from  truth. ... it is  definitely MAJIC and MAJIC of a very ancient and murderous sort. It  stretches all the way back to the time of the medieval Crusades by  the Knights Templar and beyond... powerful groups in both Muslim and Western  societies are making use of an ancient, ritual system of magic...

Those of you who have read our commentary on the Stargate Conspiracy by Picknett and Prince, already have some idea that it is this very conspiracy that the Cassiopaeans have exposed through my questioning on these matters. What is more, you are aware that the Cassiopaeans have exposed the conspiracy down to the very roots of it in their expose of the 4th density STS plans to take over the planet at some point in the not-too-distant future when certain cosmic events transpire that I will describe a little bit further on.

Dr. Sauder says further:

Just as in an ordinary magic show, that is staged in a theatre before  an audience, here there are also magicians, assistants, sleight of  hand, magical props, diversion of the audience's attention, carefully  timed pauses for building tension and dramatic effect to keep the  audience on the edge of their seats, as well as sudden tricks that  are pulled seemingly out of thin air on a moment's notice,  unexpectedly, to make the audience "ooh" and "aah" and manipulate  their emotions.

...and  listen real closely -- they are all playing from the same ritualistic  BLACK MAJIC playbook, the first rule in which playbook is DIVIDE AND  CONQUER. As in, divide and conquer the human race. Split the planet  asunder and have everyone at everyone else's throat, the better to  slaughter, plunder, manipulate and control. ...It is a power unto itself and it has only  one goal that I can divine: total, ruthless global control and 100%  subjugation of the human race to its iron will, and on its own  jackbooted terms.

Suffice it to say at the moment, that we are dealing with a cosmic, multi-millennial shell game. Yes, there is a pea under one of the shells, but the shells keep changing with the intent of confusing even the most discerning researcher. Without the assistance of the Cassiopaeans, I am certain that we would be among them.

Dr. Sauder is right when he points out that human agents of this great MAJIC show are expendable - all of them. There is something bigger and meaner and more cunning than anything you could come up with in your worst nightmare behind this.

But we never expected this magic show to be easy to figure out, now did we? Truth is, if it was that easy a puzzle to solve, it would have been done millennia ago. The greatest minds of history have been applied to the problems and issues of the true nature of our reality, (and we have most certainly researched all these many views ourselves in search of the answers), and in the end, they all have valid points and observations, but each of them lacks that essential element that enables the researcher to be able to connect them together so that a coherent picture is seen. It has only been through the assistance of the Cassiopaeans, that we were able to see these connections. It is only in terms of para-physical, hyperdimensional beings with time-travel capabilities and designs on our planet, that the whole, trans-millennial picture makes sense.

In a recent mass mailing that went out to many members of our egroup right after the WTC attacks, sent by a disaffected former member, the following declaration was made:

...on September 11th, [...] The ringing voice of The Goddess was finally heard at last! Sekhmet [...] If anyone can heal them of their victimization, it is a lion-headed warrior goddess who has never been defeated. How fortuitous She is also a Healing Goddess She is powerful, the Goddess of the Millennium and She offers you Her healing secrets. Sekhmet's healing is especially useful right now. Sekhmet embodies the extremes of Light and Darkness. She can easily guide those She has called to Her bosom with the gift of self-empowered healing.

Who the heck is this Sekhmet and why was her "voice" heard in the explosions of three large jetliners and the deaths of thousands of people? What kind of sick person would write something like that?

"Sekhmet: A lion goddess who personified the fierce, destructive heat of the sun. Her name literally means 'the powerful one.' She has been called the great and terrible lion goddess who belched fire. She was also honored as a goddess of war and battle who could be both punitive and death-dealing.

"According to one Egyptian text she came into being as an aspect of the cow goddess Hathor, to wreak vengeance on the people of Set, and her fury was so devastating that the other gods had to intervene to save mankind from total destruction." [Egyptian Mythology by Anthony S. Mercatante]

From The Truth About Enochian Magic:

It is not at all clear why the Enochian Angels communicated their system of magic to humanity. They intimated to Dee that it was given to him as a reward for his piety, and was intended as a bountiful gift from the angels to humanity. However, there is every reason to believe that they were not being completely honest in their motives.

Well, until a month or so ago, the only things I knew about Dee and Kelley and their "system" was the rather thorough history written up by Colin Wilson which did not examine the system, but only the lives and doings of the participants.  I wasn't terribly impressed by either so never saw any need to delve into it deeper.

At a certain point in time, rather recently, I became aware that "Enochian workings" and "calls to the aethyrs" were being issued by numerous individuals at the present time.  It was even suggested that the Cassiopaean communication was similar to that of Dee and Kelley, and it was me who did not understand that the Cassiopaeans were hinting to me that I ought to get the ball rolling and engage in some of these workings myself!  Well, since the Cassiopaeans are just death on rituals, I disagreed with this view completely and the matter came to an impasse.

Wanting to be better informed about the matter, I ordered the book with the complete transcripts of Dee and Kelley's conversations with the "angels." Considering his time, and the abysmal state of ignorance of his society, it is not surprising that he was so completely taken in by the nonsense that was delivered to him. There was, as far as I could see, only one entity with whom he communicated, at the very earliest stages, who could remotely be considered "positive" or STO. The early ones were pretty obviously just "dead dude" types - then one came along that was like a positive 5th density being - but that one never returned and it was after that that the "angels" came along and they were all pretty obviously just 4 D STS with an agenda.

So, it is strange to me that anyone would read these dialogues and want to have anything further to do with such entities. One of these days, if I live long enough and run out of other things to do, maybe I will do a line by line analysis of this "Dee and Kelley" material.

We know why they chose Dee and Kelley -- together, these men were perhaps the only men of their time capable of receiving and making sense out of the angelic communications.

Or gullible enough to think it was "angelic."

As to why the angels decided to give to mankind a knowledge of what they claimed was the same magic that had been taught to Enoch, but which arguably might just as likely be the magic that was taught by the Watchers to their descendants before the Flood, we cannot know, but it may well have some bearing on the coming period of transition from the present Age of Pisces into the next Age of Aquarius, which will be a period of great suffering and destruction and which is generally known as the Apocalypse.

It was the magic taught to mankind by the Watchers that caused God to cover the earth with the Flood in Noah's time -- it is quite possible that the similar (or identical) Enochian magic is intended by the angels to act as a trigger for the coming Apocalypse. The angels intimated that this was the case to Dee and Kelley, but they never declared it openly. [The Truth About Enochian Magic]

And right here we begin to understand the "Sekhmet" connection. You see, it seems that many of the individuals who are deeply involved in this Enochian Magick believe firmly that they are the reincarnation of Dr. Dee and that it is their mission to complete the task that Dee was unable to accomplish  - and that is to TRIGGER THE APOCALYPSE by calling in Sekhmet to destroy the world!

I wasn't aware that Dee and Kelley had been given the task of "triggering the apocalypse." But, now we see that "awakening Sekhmet" to destroy the world is the purpose of the "calls" issued by the Enochian magicians. I would imagine that they even consider the WTC disaster to be a triumph of their activity. It certainly seems so in the quoted passage above where the statement is made "..on September 11th, [...] The ringing voice of The Goddess was finally heard at last!"

The writer above suggests that Dee's assigned task was to "trigger the apocalypse." Current day Enochians who believe that they are the reincarnation of Dee are not the first. Crowley imagined the same for himself at a couple of points. Designating himself as the "Beast," his "highest" aim was to discover the "working" of the keys to open the gates of the four Watchtowers to release the so-called "hordes of hell" into this dimension.

How does this bear on the present situation?  Well, it is a very interesting question since it involves cycles of not only planetary experiences, but also human experiences.  It is extremely likely that, no matter what they may think they are doing, the individuals who are issuing these "calls" are multiplying the energy that is supposed to open the door to an invasion of our reality by hordes of beings who, historically, during other cyclical periods of planetary transition, were enabled to invade and take control in a similar manner. And they are programmed to do so, whether they are conscious of the agenda of those who instructed Dee and Kelley or not.

Very often, in these matters, the name of Andrija Puharich is bruited about in terms of "mind control" programs.  I am becoming more and more convinced that this is, at least partly, a red herring. Blame it on the government, and that way, no one will be looking at the "alien agenda" or the "enochian agenda." In fact, if everything is blamed on the government, the aliens and the "angels" of Dr. Dee will seem like saviors, now won't they?

I investigated this matter of "programs" at some length during the time I was working with abductees.  One victim of numerous abductions, some of which were even screened from her memory as military abductions[1] described the programming project in the following terms:

A: Umm... it's almost like... putting receivers on a stereo and then all of a sudden turning the stereo on... like speakers of a stereo... it's like you spent all this time putting all these speakers all over and then you turn the stereo on, and it's almost like, I see when you turn the stereo on I see the energy go to the receivers…
Q: How many people on this planet have these speakers?
A: Umm... lot of em...

The Cassiopaeans have commented on this as well:

Q: (T) OK, the question is, is the fellow that just shot three professors in San Diego, I think it was, the University, before they read his thesis, because he was afraid they would throw his thesis away, and make it look bad, and flunk him. Was he a Greenbaum victim?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Why did they turn him 'on' at that point?
A: Not correct concept. What if: those programmed in the so called "Greenbaum" projects are preprogrammed to "go off" all at once, and some "malfunction," and go off early? [...] The programming is mainly intended to produce erratic behavior, for the purpose of “spooking” the population so that they will welcome, and even demand, a totalitarian government.

And we certainly see a great deal of this taking place at the present time. The WTC attack is a plain example of what the Cassiopaeans were talking about. And the results were exactly as predicted in this session from 1995. What is more interesting is the fact that the Enochian magicians seem to have been hard at it in the past few years, jumping for joy with every solar flare that manifests, reading it as proof that the gods of fire and destruction are listening and answering. We have to wonder if their efforts are related to the WTC events as suggested by Dr. Sauder? Are they programmed to open the doors to these kinds of energies and, just as my hypnosis subject said: once all the speakers are connected, they turn the power on? Have we just witnessed such an event with programmed pilots flying big jetliners full of people directly into fully occupied skyscrapers at the start of the business day? Is that why the Enochian magicians are crowing with glee and joy at the ringing voice of their goddess, Sekhmet?

Q: (L) So, the programming is designed to, in other words, when the people are just being erratic...
A: Think of the persons who have inexplicably entered various public and private domains, and shot large numbers of people...
Q: (L) Are there also implanted triggers designed o activate at a certain point in future time, to create a mass chaos, in the public domain?
A: Better to discover that one on your own.

And we know now that it is true... but how deep, how far and wide it goes, we do not yet know. But the following will certainly give us some clues:

A: Now, some history... as you know, the CIA and NSA and other agencies are the children of Nazi Gestapo... the SS, which was experiment influenced by Antareans who were practicing for the eventual reintroduction of the nephalim on to 3rd and or 4th density earth. And the contact with the “Antareans” was initiated by the Thule Society, which groomed its dupe subject, Adolph Hitler to be the all-time mind programmed figurehead.  Now, in modern times, you have seen, but so far, on a lesser scale: Oswald, Ruby, Demorenschildt, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremer, Farakahan, Menendez, Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer, etc... you must know that Oswald was programmed to be the “patsy” so that he would say many contradictory things. Demorenschildt was both a programmer and programmed.  Ruby was hypnoticaly programmed to shoot Oswald.  With an audio prompt, that being the sound of a car horn.
Q: (L) The question has been brought up, is there some way or means that one can distinguish or discern a victim of Greenbaum or other mind programming by some clues?
A: Not until it is too late.  […]What is important is the subject has been programmed to lead a life designed to "open the wrong doors." And when this transpires, with one of these target subjects, if they don't get help, or more importantly, do not listen to the guidelines, they are destroyed as part of a grand plan.

Interesting that the Cassiopaeans used the term "open the wrong doors" in this remark. It could very well apply to those who are attempting to use magickal means to "open the gates of the watch towers." How might this operate? Well, the following may give us a clue:

A:  We wish to review some things first.  The concept of a "master race" put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density.  It was also a "trial run" for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.
Q:  (L)  You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a "vehicle" in 3rd density, so to speak?
A:  Correct.  Frequency resonance vibration!  Very important.
Q:  (L)  So, that is why they are programming and experimenting?  And all these folks running around who some think are "programmed," could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density - sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?
A:  You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types. 

Did you get that last bit? That means that super-duper NASTY 4D STS types are planning, and have already, just "moved into" certain humans who have achieved the correct FRV. And we suspect that some of these are doing "workings," calling on the aethyrs to open the gates of Hell. In fact, we suspect that we have directly interacted with a couple of them, if not more. They certainly bring new levels of meaning to the term "lowlife."

The point is: many of the people engaged in these kinds of activities are programmed to do so, and are candidates for total "takeover" of their physical structure at a certain point in time when they finally manage to "open the gate." And many of them are unaware of this. And I don't mean possession either. Possession implies the host continues to occupy the body. I think that the clues about these kinds of takeovers suggest that either a near-death experience will occur, or that their soul energies will be completely subsumed into the 4 D entity. In fact, the body may be animated from birth by an extension of a 4 D being, developing and nurturing it carefully for eventual complete "descent" into 3rd density. Any numbers of possibilities exist here. The point is, for those who think they are doing something "positive," it seems very likely that they didn't read the fine print on the contract.

The question naturally arises as to how many such individuals are there here in the United States?

Q: (L)  That's not exactly vague.  What is the percentage of programmed people?
A: 2 out of every 100.
Q: (L) How many are programmed by human means? [i.e. Greenbaum and other secret government projects.]
A: 12 per cent of the .02 per cent.
Q: (L) So, out of every 1,000 people, there are 20 that are programmed, and 18 of these are programmed by aliens, as in 4th density STS? [And 2 of the 20 are programmed by humans.]
A: Understand that 4th density is physical, indeed.  You are drifting further and further toward an ethereal only    perception/theoretical position.
Q: (L) You are saying that the humans working on these kinds of things... and...
A: No, Laura, we are saying that there is really a very strong "nuts and bolts" reality to this phenomenon, and    don't ignore it!

This last remark should put to rest any idea that we are dealing strictly with demons or "ethereal" beings. The 4th density reality is very much a physical reality, though it is also a state in which consciousness is able to manipulate that physical reality in ways we only experience or witness ccasionally, and over which we have very little control. The "nuts and bolts" reality of the 4th density mind control programs should also be understood to include utilization of many very "physical" means of both programming and control. It seems that, for some purposes, there must be physical proximity and/or technological methods employed to "turn on" the programs.

Once the Programs are in place, what then? How are the mind programming projects setting the stage for Cosmic Cataclysm?

To Be Continued...

[1]   A screen removal technique was utilized and the "military" programmers were exposed as aliens in disguise.

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