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Albert Einstein, Free Energy and The Strange Deaths of Morris K. Jessup and Stefan Marinov
by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Extracted from Adventures With Cassiopaea, Copyright 2001. Republication of this article must include this copyright notice and a link to the original. no part of this text may be copied, stored, or reproduced by any means
except by express written permission of the author.

I want to talk about death here. Sure, I know, nobody wants to talk about death. But I have in mind some very interesting deaths that ought to be talked about for a lot of reasons.

The first death I want to talk about is the "apparent suicide" of Morris K. Jessup. The problem with Morris Jessup's suicide is that it was too obvious. He was found in his station wagon in a Dade County Park, Florida, on the evening of April 29, 1959. A hose had been attached to the exhaust pipe of the station wagon and looped into the closed interior. The whole set-up had been accomplished during daylight hours, in a public park. Ever since, researchers have said that Jessup's death was the price he paid for getting too close to the truth. You see, Jessup's death is SO apparent a suicide, that everyone just KNEW that it was NOT a suicide. And, of course, as a consequence, an entire mythos was born about something called the Philadelphia Experiment having to do with Time Travel.

There has always been an element of "high strangeness" to the "UFO mystery" that has been the subject of endless debates among researchers. Anyone who has seriously begun to delve into such matters, or who has experienced certain manifestations, is aware of the weird guys who dress in black, big-foot type critters, strange, hooded figures, poltergeist type events, and crazy electronic glitches in telephones, televisions and radios. Often, the type and level of such experiences can become quite frightening, or at the very least, disorienting. Very often, these effects are trotted out as proof that the UFO phenomenon is nothing other than the product of the spirit realm. Others will suggest that this proves that it is "observer created" reality flux.

There are cases where UFOs have appeared in conjunction with all kinds of violent and frightening phenomena, and often, those who experience such things run screaming into the arms of anything that will offer protection, usually religion of one sort or another, drugs, or psychiatry.

Anybody, under the best (or worst) of such circumstances, may come to the idea that there is some bizarre sort of conspiracy directed at them as an individual, and, according to the Cassiopaeans, they won't be far wrong. As they have said, "nobody is a nobody," and it is "no trouble at all for such forces to give seemingly individualized attention." After all, a single, small group of so-called aliens, with mastery over time, could be responsible for all such phenomena. All they would have to do would be to return to the same time over and over again, selecting only a different place and a different individual to harass, and all of the victims, being IN time, would have their experiences "simultaneously."

In reading cases of abduction, one becomes aware that there are many instances wherein the individual has no missing time, no memory of anything unusual, but has developed something like a phobia and goes to a therapist for help. One case involved a man who suddenly began to experience a serious reaction to a lonely stretch of road he had to travel every day to and from his job. It was a complete mystery to him why he was having panic attacks every time he approached this section of the highway, and he was quite shocked to have a "roadside" abduction come back to his memory under hypnosis. In other cases, the individual thinks they have experienced a "ghostly encounter," or for no apparent reason they have suddenly begun to manifest "psychic" abilities. (The reader might wish to have a look at Nick Pope's interesting book The Uninvited for elements of such cases from UK, along with some astute commentary.)

What this means is that anybody could be an "abduction victim" and they might never suspect it. And, as Jacques Vallee points out, the numbers who do have awareness of an unusual event who do NOT report it, when extrapolated from those who DO report encounters, could run into the multiple millions. And of course, there are still those who want us to believe that this is a government mind-control experiment. Yeah, right!

It is possible, of course, with the electronic technology of the present time, that multiplied millions of people could be - in certain respects - "programmed" via television, radio, music, video games, and so forth; that their subconscious could be taught a "binary code language" of electronic signals that are inaudible to the normal range of hearing; and that they could thereby be constantly picking up signals of some sort that are "unpacked" in their subconscious mind and emerge into their conscious mind as their own thoughts. We have even studied some specific technology of this type, and it is frightening in its implications. Using a binary code, speeding up the signal, entire books of information can be transmitted in almost no time at all, and the percipient would be certain that they were just "thinking it." It can even be individually directed with the addition of a personal "activation code." In this way, even "memories" could be introduced into the mind which would be accepted as the person's own experiences.

So, it is certainly true that human technology could produce a major phenomenon of belief system modification by simply broadcasting an inaudible signal over the globe, assuming that the recipients know the language and have been involved in activities whereby the "code" can be subliminally "taught."

This does not, of course, address the historical issue of "other-worldly beings." And we notice a large effort to distract attention away from those cases as though there is a program to gradually cover them up and induce belief in the idea that this is an "extra-terrestrial" phenomenon in strictly material terms. We have already mentioned the function of "memes" as mass mind viruses introduced by the Matrix in an effort to distract attention away from the true source of the phenomena. In short, all kinds of possibilities exist, even including mass hypnosis via such coded signals. And there are many, many people who prefer such an explanation to that of hyperdimensional realities and mind marauding, time-traveling critters with BO and questionable fashion statements.

I would suggest, of course, that such an explanation, placing the blame on human beings, leaves a lot to be desired since very often the effects of poltergeist type phenomena can be photographed, leave physical traces, and no one has yet seen the "man behind the curtain." I find it hard to believe that the "field work" of such a conspiracy could be carried out so effectively that no mistakes have been made, and nobody has ever caught any government agents toting Susy Smart out the back door in a state of drug induced insensibility, nor can any explanation be found for how such a program could operate logistically over such vast areas of space and time without a single "leak" of insider info. And when people "escape" from mind programming projects, or so they claim, we have to ask why? When we consider the capabilities and ethics of such programmers, the very idea that they would allow such escape and release of "inside info" raises serious questions about its authenticity. Anybody who has read any serious literature on the subject realizes how easy it is to put a period to the existence of a "squealer." Karen Silkwood was only ratting on safety in a nuke facility and she conveniently had an accident on a lonely road.

Having said all of that, there does seem to be a major "human interface" to the matter, with certain agencies or individuals of agencies, acting in strange ways that suggest either they know what they are doing, or they are some sort of "robotoid" type of individual who can be activated at will to perform various functions. The so-called "Greenbaum Program" is a case in point. Then, of course, there are cases such as the Cathy O'Brien situation. Did she really escape, or was she "allowed" to escape? Was her escape designed to emphasize the "human elements" of the Matrix and distract attention away from the hyperdimensional players? Is her story supposed to suggest that there are "glitches" in the program that give us an "inside view" of human mind control projects that suggest a vast social engineering program?

In September of 1953, Albert K. Bender claimed that he had received certain information that provided the missing pieces for a theory concerning the origin of UFOs. He wrote it all down and sent it to a trusted friend. Shortly after, he received a visit from "Three Men." One of them held the letter he had written in his hand. They told him that he had, indeed, stumbled on the answer, and then they purportedly filled him in on the details. He became so ill he was unable to eat for three days. A couple of other UFO researchers, Dominick Lucchesi and August C. Roberts, tried to persuade Bender to talk. He would only repeat "I can't answer that."

Finally, in 1962, Bender declared that he would tell the story and wrote a book entitled Flying Saucers and the Three Men. It described astral projection to a secret base in Antarctica inhabited by male, female and bisexual creatures. Researchers were perplexed and wondered if the whole thing was just contrived to hide something more sinister. Lucchesi said that Bender was a "changed man" after the three men had visited him. He said "it was as if he had been lobotomized." Bender was obviously frightened, and suffered from extreme headaches whenever he even thought about speaking about his experiences and what the three men had told him. He withdrew completely from UFO research, and went to work managing a hotel, and refused to discuss anything about such matters ever again.

Not too many months after Bender's silencing, Edgar R. Jarrold, organizer of the Australian Flying Saucer Bureau, and Harold H. Fulton, head of Civilian Saucer Investigation of New Zealand, had received similar visits and disbanded their organizations. Just recently, I was informed of a fascinating case where another UFO discussion group was broken up by the arrival on the scene of a psychopathic "contactee" who later involved the leader of the group and several members in a murder. I hope to get a full report on this case soon and will keep the readers posted.

Broadcaster Frank Edwards who wrote a best selling book, Flying Saucers, Serious Business, was a highly successful radio host. He was warned to abandon the subject of UFOs, and refused. He was fired. In spite of thousands of letters in protest of his dismissal, his ex-sponsor, the American Federation of Labor, stood firm. George Meany, then president of the AFL said Edwards had been dropped "Because he talked too much about flying saucers!" It was later suggested that the Defense Department had put pressure on the AFL.

Edwards was only temporarily silenced. He soon had a syndicated show that dealt almost exclusively with UFOs and related phenomena. Shortly after, the news of the sudden death of Frank Edwards on the anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting near Mt. Rainier, Washington was announced. Some people claimed that Edwards had been ill, was overweight, and so forth. Those closest to him said he had never been ill. The obituary said that death was "apparently" due to a heart attack, and we wonder how many other researchers have died of an apparent problem that had never before been apparent?

This brings us back to the problem of Morris Jessup's "apparent suicide." One of the most pervasive UFO-human conspiracy stories is that of the Philadelphia Experiment which explicates that, in 1943, the U.S. Navy secretly accomplished the teleportation of a warship from Philadelphia to a dock near Norfolk by successfully applying Einstein's Unified Field Theory.

The story tells us that the experiment began in an attempt to develop radar invisibility, but something unexpected happened: the ship became invisible, and when it returned, several of the crewmen burst into flames, and others had portions of their bodies melded into the steel structures of the ship. Of those who survived, most of them spent the rest of their lives in psychiatric hospitals. That's handy. I had a guy kidnap me when I was four years old who was conveniently "shielded" in a Navy psychiatric hospital. Any connection? Possibly.

The Navy denies the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment, but the rumors persist, and they are very powerful rumors. Researchers continue to hear accounts from eye-witnesses or purported family members of those who died or went insane. I was even told a story about the Philadelphia Experiment by my ex-husband who swore he had heard it from a guy in Key West when he was young. And this was long before I ever knew anything about the mythos of the Philadelphia Experiment proper!

It was the death of Morris Jessup that gave credibility to the rumors of the Philadelphia Experiment. In fact, the "details" of the experiment all began with the series of letters Jessup was purported to have received from a Carlos Allende. When you try to track the story back to its beginnings, you discover that even the story about the purported annotated copy of Jessup's book emerged only AFTER his death as a "rumor" in Washington social circles. The fact that Allende mentioned sodium pentothal in his letters is quite telling. That he was aware of the existence of sodium pentothal at that early date suggests that he was aware of mind control research being conducted by the Navy during the war, which suggests that he was a victim, or a handler of such projects.

Gray Barker, editor of The Saucerian Bulletin, loved a good mystery. He was author of They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers and The Silver Bridge. Barker had become involved in UFOlogy around 1950 when a strange creature with glowing eyes appeared in front of several eyewitnesses, floating about the ground, and giving off a terrible odor. Barker later discovered that there were physical marks in the nearby soil, and became convinced that an alien craft had landed in rural Flatwoods, West Virginia.

Barker tells us that his first contact with Morris Jessup was when he received a letter from him on November 5, 1954. Barker had sent Jessup a copy of his magazine, The Saucerian. This was just shortly before Jessup's first book was published. We discover from Jessup's letter that Barker was apprised of his existence and work by John Bessor who was, apparently, a subscriber to the magazine. Jessup wrote:

Yes, I'm doing a book. It is far along in the final draft stages, and we are hoping to get it in the hands of the publishers sometime next week. It is rather conservative as compared to some of the wild things so far printed, but I have tried to keep it factual, and have confined it to phenomena in the pre-Arnold era - particularly around 1875-1885. Altogether it makes quite a formidable array of proof and background.

Gray Barker describes Jessup as "a most cordial person, and greatly enthusiastic about finding some solution to the UFO mystery - though he indicated that in his professional writing he felt it necessary to take a more conservative approach. This conservative, scientific attitude, demonstrated in his first two books, may have been the reason that his writings were not popular with many saucer "fans.""

Jessup wrote to Barker on December 16, 1954:

There is so damned much nonsense being put out by silly people that one gets disgusted with a lot of it. I do feel that we are in a remarkable phase of human experience and that the waters should not be muddied by stupidity - the problem is tough enough without any Adamski's in the picture.

And then on December 20th, along with two articles he sent to Barker, Jessup wrote:

The Mexican craters are real - I found them myself, and I've seen the air force negatives. [...] The extension of the motive-power theme to include some jolts ro religion are rather obvious. This space race COULD be our GOD. They COULD have left the Earth millennia ago. Our book will hint at how Sun-worship may be connected with the space denizens.

I read your report regarding Albert K. Bender with great interest. Looks like SOMETHING did happen. He probably did stumble onto the truth. I will be glad of any additional information you may uncover.

In my humble opinion, you are absolutely correct in your thought that the power source is the key to the whole UFO deal. I am convinced of it from my own introspection and reading.

Jessup's reference to Bender was made before Bender told his story. Jessup's little book The UFO and the Bible did not sell well and is now out of print. It was originally part of his book The Expanding Case for the UFO, but the publisher rejected that section. Jessup himself did not complete the final drafts for his books, such as UFO Annual. His agent simply took files of clippings and organized them into book form. A short story from a magazine happened to be among the clippings, and the agent included it as fact, resulting in Jessup's critics pointing this out to discredit him.

From the beginning of his research, Jessup evidently thought that UFOs were propelled by anti-gravity applications. Regarding the early developments of the factors that contributed to the emergence of the myth of the Philadelphia Experiment, Gray Barker tells us:

According to Riley Crabb, the annotated copy [of Jessup's book] was addressed to Admiral N. Furth, Chief, Office of Naval Research, Wshington 25, D.C., and was mailed in a manila envelope postmarked Seminole, Texas, 1955. In July or August of that year the book appeared in the incoming correspondence of Major Darrell L. Ritter, U.S.M.C., Aeronautical Project Office in ONR. When Captain Sidney Sherby reported aboard at ONR he obtained the book from Major Ritter. Captain Sherby and Commnder George W. Hoover, Special Projects Officer, ONR, indicated interest in some of the notations the book contained.

I first learned of the annotated copy when I was talking to Mrs. Walton Colcord John, director of the Little Listening Post, a UFO and New Age Publication in Washington. Speaking over the telephone, Mrs. John told me of a strange rumor going around to the effect that somebody had sent a marked-up copy to Washington, and that the government had gone to the expense of mimeographing the entire book, so that all the underlinings and notations could be added to the original text. This was being circulated rather widely, she told me, through military channels.

She had not, of course, seen a copy of it, and didn't know too much about it, but somehow she seemed to connect it with an alleged Naval experiment wherein a ship had completely disappeared from sight. I couldn't make too much out of all this until later I also heard about the strange Allende Letters, which told of such an experiment in a most horrifying way.

The publication of the mimeographed edition is established, but I have been unable to confirm whether or not it was actually paid for by the government. It is established that the Varo Manufacturing Company, of Garland, Texas, actually produced the mimeographed edition. I have been unable to find out much about this company, except that it has been said that it engaged in "secret government work."

Apparently, Mr. Crabb in some way came into possession of a copy. [...] In his correspondence with me of September 24, 1962, Crabb clears up the mystery of how he happened to obtain a copy of the original Varo edition. It was the copy that the Navy originally gave to Jessup, and apparently was given to Crabb by Jessup. This copy, however, rather mysteriously disappeared in April, 1960, when Crabb mailed it to himself from Washington, and apparently he no longer possesses any copy at all.

Crabb tells us: I understand that 25 copies were reproduced... Michael Ann Dunn, the stenographer who did the editing, explains why in the introduction. She's married now, living in Dallas, and won't answer her phone. [...] Varo, by the way, is a small manufacturing firm in electronics and up to its neck in space age business. Apparently it has succeeded in developing some kind of a death ray gadget, judging from a guarded press release of last fall when a group of Congressmen visited there for a demonstration.

Now, first of all, we notice that Gray Barker is apprised of the existence of the book via a rumor that is supposed to be coming down from military circles! Jessup never told him about it, and apparently, it was only after Jessup's death that the rumor began to be circulated. We notice that Riley Crabb claims to have had a copy - that this copy was the one the Navy gave to Jessup - but conveniently, it has disappeared in a weird mailing exercise.

Ivan Sanderson had been a close friend of Morris Jessup, and Barker tried to get some information from him when he ran into him in New York sometime later. He tells us that Ivan would not discuss the suicide at all, but he was more than willing to talk about the Varo edition of Jessup's book. Barker asked Sanderson why Jessup had never publicized the matter of Allende and the annotated book. (It seems that the only evidence we even have for this story is hearsay AFTER Jessup's death!) Sanderson apparently told Barker that Jessup was "just dumbfounded" to be called to Annapolis and shown the annotated edition.

The story from Ivan is that six months before his death, Jessup had visited him bringing along the annotated edition of his book that had come from the Navy. Ivan claimed that, during the course of the evening, Jessup had requested Ivan to bring three other persons (never identified) into Sanderson's private office where Jessup showed them the Varo edition, to which he had added his own notes. He asked them to read it and then lock it up in a safe place "in case something should happen to me." Sanderson never said what the notes were, remarking only that "after having read this material, all of us developed a collective feeling of a most unpleasant nature. And this was horribly confirmed when Jessup was found dead in his car."

What happened to this annotated copy? Sanderson told Gray Barker that it was left in his keeping. Sanderson is dead now, and no one has ever located such a copy in his effects. Yet Riley Crabb ALSO claimed to have been the recipient of Jessup's very own annotated copy.

I smell a rat.

In the years following Jessup's "suicide," almost everyone in the UFO field had forgotten him. During his life, Jessup was not a best-selling author. He was mentioned in Charles Berlitz's book "Without a Trace," and this revived a bit of interest. As a result of this book, Gray Barker received a phone call from a woman in Miami who had the idea that Jessup did not commit "suicide." He sent her a copy of the annotated edition which he had acquired by then (as have a lot of other people, though I am not sure how anybody can assume that it is authentic!) along with The Strange Case of Dr. M.K. Jessup. This woman, Ann Genzlinger, became obsessed with the matter, and undertook to investigate. Surprisingly, she found "doors eagerly opened for her" and the utmost in cooperation by both the staff and Examiner of the Medical Examiner's office in Dade County. Ordinarily, medical records aren't available to the public, yet she was allowed complete access to them, and was permitted to voice copy them onto tape. Strangely, after ten years, when the records should have already been moved to storage, they were right there in the "current section."

The Medical Examiner himself seemed to be interested in Jessup's death since he had written to Barker inquiring if he knew of any instances of the use of hallucinogenic drugs as techniques in UFO investigations. This convinced Barker that the examiner might have thought that Jessup had been made to commit suicide.

As it happened, no autopsy had been performed. The body had been donated to the University of Miami School of Medicine, which was in violation of the Florida State Code that lists instances in which autopsies are mandated. Apparently, even if the examiner was "interested," he wasn't interested enough to obey the law and perform an autopsy.

The homicide officer who investigated the death, Sgt. Obenchain, commented:

The job was too professional. And I've been on homicide a long time and I feel I can make such a judgment. For example, the ordinary suicide by monoxide poisoning doesn't take the time to wet down all the articles of clothing and to stuff them in the back window to make it more airtight. Most suicides use an ordinary garden hose. But the hose used in Jessup's car was larger in diameter, and similar to one on a washing machine. It was not just shoved into the car's exhaust pipe. It was wired on. And all this had been done in broad daylight, just off a well-traveled road, at the height of the rush hour when traffic was leaving the park. The water could hardly have been applied to the rags at the scene, or some second party had removed the evidence. The closest body of water was 200 yards away. There were no containers for carrying water to the car. Jessup's clothes were not wet, yet the rags used for stuffing the window were saturated with water.

While the police were trying to revive Jessup, a Dr. Harry Reed just strolled into the park, though it was after closing time, examined Jessup, and pronounced him dead. There was no Dr. Reed in the Miami telephone book, and none listed in the state licensing records.

Jessup's wife, Rubye, refused to view the body because she was so certain that her husband would not have committed suicide. Homicide Sgt. Obenchain's wife stayed with Rubye for three days after the death, and during this time Rubye told her about unusual telephone calls Jessup had been receiving right before his death. She said that these calls upset him, though he would not tell her what they were about. If Jessup was out and she answered the phone, the caller would hang up. The calls ceased immediately upon the death of Jessup. After three days of repeating over and over again that it was not her husband, suddenly Rubye Jessup asked Mrs. Obenchain to leave, stating that she no longer wanted to talk about the matter.

The person who did, eventually, identify Jessup's body was a fellow named Leon a. Seoul who claimed to be a friend of the family. Unfortunately, none of the family ever heard of him.

So, what do we have? We have someone who purportedly sent some weird letters to Morris Jessup, about which he was reportedly curious, but not terribly excited. All the "impressions" that are attributed to Jessup regarding these letters are from hearsay, AFTER his death. We have a story about the Varo edition of his book, that only emerged as a "rumor" after his death. The rumor was claimed to be from "military circles," as though this would give it credibility. The only people who seem to claim any "inside info" are Riley Crabb and Ivan Sanderson, both of whom claimed to have been in possession of the copy given to Jessup, on which he had made notes of his own. But this copy disappeared, and somehow, there are copies circulated from somewhere because I have two of them. The end result is that, due to this series of rumors, which seem so obviously concocted after Jessup was no longer alive to refute any of it, we have people declaring that Jessup was silenced because he was on the verge of proving that the Philadelphia Experiment really did take place exactly as Carlos Allende described it!

Every detail and element of the Allende story, the Varo edition of Jessup's book, and the purported strange events preceding his death just reeks of manipulation; all of it propagated after he was no longer present to deny any part of the story. After looking into the matter carefully, one gets the strange impression that a dead man was used to create a myth. Or at least, the "right" version of the story - the version that the Powers that Be want everyone to believe. And, at the center of the myth we find Ivan Sanderson and Riley Crabb, who seem to be responsible for spreading the whole story. Later, as a most telling coincidence, a long-time associate of Sanderson, Al Bielek, comes along and breathes new life into the story by creating "Montauk," followed by Phil Schneider, and others.

We come back again to the death of Jessup: a suicide that was so obviously"set-up" to look like suicide, that everyone KNOWS it was murder by persons or agencies unknown. Ann Genzlinger concluded: "I was motivated by a strong feeling that Dr. Jessup did not take his own life. But after my long investigation, I have concluded that he did - but not while in possession of his faculties. He was under some sort of control."

That, of course, does NOT explain the problem of the wet rags stuffed in the back window of the Station Wagon.

Nevertheless, the result of all of this is that the Philadelphia Experiment, as explicated by the Carlos Allende letters, and the story about the Varo edition of Jessup's book, is now firmly ensconced as fact in the minds of many people.

On January 17, 1996, Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment. He had been dead for about a week. After a lot of fooling around by the medical examiner, it was decided that Phil had committed suicide by strangling himself with a rubber hose of the medical type. Yeah, right!

Phil was a well known speaker on the patriot and UFO lecture circuit. His main shtick was underground base activities. As a geologist, he claimed to have been involved in the construction of secret government bases, including Area 51 and the base at Dulce, New Mexico. As it happened, for two years before his death, Phil had stated in his lectures that there were constant attempts being made on his life. These attempts were described as staged accidents, running gunfights, loosened lug nuts on his vehicle and so forth. Phil further claimed that his father was a German U-boat captain who had been captured by the Allies and inducted into the U.S. Navy under the CIA's Operation Paperclip program in which Nazis were given new identities and became U.S. citizens.

Loosened lug nuts?

I read that part to my kids - movie buffs all - and they looked at each other and then at me and said: "Yeah, right! The Secret Government according to Homer Simpson." The reader may wish to read Alexandra Bruce's well-researched book "The Philadelphia Experiment Murder," for the many confusing details of Schneider's background and claims that were brought to light which cast doubt on his stories, but still raise confusing issues.

In the end, the question is: was Phil Schneider a crank who took his own life because of paranoid hallucinations, or was he murdered by agents of the government for giving out classified information? Was he murdered to shut him up? Or, could there be another reason: the same reason Morris Jessup was murdered? Were they both murdered to give credibility to stories that were, in fact, FALSE?

Phil's death is seen by conspiracy buffs as proof that what he was saying was true. In the same way, Jessup's death is seen as proof that the claims of Carlos Allende about the Philadelphia Experiment are true. And in both cases, what seems to be an obvious murder poorly disguised as a suicide is the common factor of conviction that persuades the many believers in the stories surrounding the two figures.

The problem is that we all know that those boys in Black Ops can do better than that when they want to! If they want a death to look perfectly natural, if they want to just shut you up, you can be sure that they can do it. By the same token, if they want a death to look like a murder disguised as a suicide, they can do that, too. It is patently absurd for Schneider to have announced on numerous occasions that the secret government had made over a dozen "attempts" on his life. Such agencies do not make "attempts" on a person's life. They do the deed, and it looks exactly the way they want it to look. Don't delude yourself by thinking otherwise. There are occasional "leaks" and "embarrassing" stories about such agencies, but I can just about guaran-damn-tee that they are planned. Nothing like creating a reputation for being a bumbling bunch to cover up the fact that, at the deepest levels, very little bumbling takes place.

What this means is that the deaths of Jessup and Schneider were very likely engineered for the express purpose of promoting inspire belief in something connected to them either after their death, or promoted by them before their death. And if that is the case, then we have to seriously suspect the stories that are propagated in connection with their deaths, and assume that they may be disinformation.

There is another interesting death of recent times: Stefan Marinov. Marinov was a colleague of Ark's with whom he had corresponded on a number of occasions. Around the time that Ark learned of the flood in Poland described in a previous chapter, apparently Stefan was jumping off a fire escape in Graz, Austria. As it happens, Stefan was a political and scientific dissident. He did, indeed, have a history of protest against suppression of truth and the Scientific Thought Police. He did have a history that would suggest that suicide was not unbelievable in his case. His friend and colleague, Panos Pappas wrote:

I knew Stefan Marinov over 20 years. He used to say I am his oldest scientific co-fighter and fellow friend. Stefan was with me in Athens repeating his last experiments, just 15 days before he died. At that time, nothing could make me suspect his early death , two weeks later.

Adopting the Police explanation that Dr Stefan Marinov Killed himself, on July 15, 1997, jumping from the University of Graz Bibliotheque (Library) building, I would like to ask: Why there was no official press or news release?

I was the first to inform his son, Marin Marinov two weeks later, on 31/7/1997 in Sophia for the death of his father who asked me a similar question. "Why the police still did not inform me, for two weeks, after the death of my father?"

Stefan Marinov was known all over the world, half of the citizens of city of Graz knew him. Stefan Marinov's death , jumping off a public building, should have been the first news for the city of Graz, for half the people there will now look for Stefan and many more from all over the world. Is it true that there is no press release in this case for the city of Graz? Does it look like a cover up? Even, Mr Deisting who first informed us, found out accidentally about Stefan's death from the librarian on 25/7/1997.

Stefan had attempted unsuccessfully to kill himself in the past, in Paris, in an attempt to make a protest against scientific censorship and the indifference of the scientific community.

Assuming that Stefan had chosen for himself, a public building, as the Library of the University of Graz, instead of his own high elevated balcony, apparently he did so for the same protest, however, not particularly for the University of Graz. He did so to protest against all universities and position-occupying, indifferent-for-the-truth scientists and salary receiving professors.

The authorities of the University, knowing Stefan and his continuous efforts to answer unanswered scientific questions for the last 20 years, apparently managed to cancel an annoying press conference or press release by the police, which they thought would have caused students all over the world to ask more questions which their Professors could not answer and Editors would not publish, like the lists of questions and problems Stefan used to send and never got an answer - other than the typical "Professor's" answer: "I am not a Specialist", "Do not get me involved", "I have no time...", quoting only the most recent responses to his questions, just one month before his Last Protest.

Whoever controls knowledge for humanity and tries to stop human evolution by confusing the masses and public media should know that whatever they call Stefan Marinov's death -- suicide or killing, they committed another killing for Stefan Marinov killed himself, in order to protest against the control of scientific knowledge.

Just before the end of the last century the authority of the USA patent office issued a direction: "No more patents on electromagnetism will be accepted, for whatever is to be invented in electromagnetism, has already been invented!".

At the dawn of the airplane revolution, scientific authorities, like the Academy of Science in France or the Royal Society with Lord Kelvin made the aphorism: "Machines heavier than air may not fly!", presumably based on mathematical proofs!

At the last part of our century for ten years (decade of 1970), scientific institutions and public media were making repetitively clear via all means: "We are facing a disaster, petroleum is coming to an end before the year 2000!" Now, they say "conservation of energy" is perfect!, even they cannot prove this "conservation" better than the degree of error present day technology introduces -- at least 1 ppm masking error, remaining in all experiments, which is huge for planetary and astronomical scale. Instead, they want to say: Energy was violated only once in the past, at the beginning, only at the "Big Bang", and that this conservation will never be violated again in the future by all means! (not to allow humans to step to the next scientific evolution). They say the "Perpetual Mobile" is not possible, only a crazy scientist may attempt it, even, they have no scientific proof for its non-existence, only the assumption that it has not yet been invented. This attitude is not science!

Apparently the sense and politics, for the next step of civilization is coming, dictates these actions in order to stop or delay scientific evolution.

However, it was the Teslas, the Wrights, the Marinovs who did not listen to these politics, and science advances despite the intentionally spread confusion.

Stefan spent a big portion of his life to fight confusion and misinformation in Physics. Theories reducing the Physics of experiments in to the Physics of gendaken utopia, such as the relativity theory with observers moving with constant velocity (non-existing). Stefan, however, soon realized it was a waste of his time fighting a dead horse and the politics behind the Physics.

Stefan Marinov was also a strong believer in the non-conservation of energy as the underlying principle of the universe, creation, and life. Soon, the big passion and mission of his life became to prove the non-conservation of energy and to offer it to humanity, as a mechanism of supplying abundant energy for every one, terminating third world starvation and poverty below all elementary living standards and elevating humanity to its next due stage. Stefan Marinov considered, during the last fifteen years of his life, the construction of a self-sustaining energy producing device, the so called "Perpetual Mobile", as the only mission of his life given to him and purpose of living.

When the noble man (correctly or wrongly) believed could not accomplish this last mission of his life, decided to offer his life against his first noble goal, fighting misinformation, censorship and deliberately spread confusion in Physics. He decided his Last Protest.

Stefan you may not have been able (and you would not be able) with your short resources to give us an effective Perpetual Mobile, producing energy out of nothing and sustaining itself, however, you left us many principles and knowledge. You were unable because of another non-conservation Perpetuum that has long been discovered outside the world of Physics and is in operation in human society - the Perpetual Money Machine, producing (issuing and printing) money out of nothing and sustaining itself.

For as long as the second Perpetuum (even unknown to many, but very well known to a few) is in existence, the first is not allowed to exist. For the big truth is (without entering into details for the effective mechanisms): The one Perpetuum excludes and will exclude the other Perpetuum, ...and yours, Stefan, really happens to be the second.

Stefan you left us, though you could work, dig into forgotten and forbidden research, and produce more. However, you considered your Last Protest more important. Be sure, we do not listen, too, to politics and economics. It is only a matter of time. Your example will give more energy to us. It was the best Perpetual Mobile you made--that of energy and knowledge.


Professor P. T. Pappas
Markopulioti 28, Athens 11744, Greece.

However, there was one tiny little glitch in what might have been a perfect suicide. Panos was so distressed about this sudden "suicide" of his friend, colleague and current research partner, that he went personally to investigate and wrote the following email. Look for the very startling feature that Professor Pappas mentions.

Update on Stefan Marinov's death .

On 18 to 20 of August, [1997] I and Dr. Paul LaViolette visited the city of Graz to investigate the accident.

We visited the University of Graz at the back of the Bibliotheque at Universitatsplatz 2, A 8010-Graz, where Stefan Marinov presumably jumped off from the top of the four level outside emergency staircase to the street. According to the librarian only one student show Stefan actually jumping off. The name of the student is not known to us. The body of Stefan was found lying on the street below the staircase by Professor Ernst Ebermann. Stefan was not bleeding and initially Professor Ebermann thought he was sleeping there. He was still alive. Stefan left no cry or cries. The ambulance was called and Stefan died on his way to the Hospital. The bicycle with which Stefan presumably arrived there, is still there, locked and unnoticed (at least up to 19/9/1997). No body else noticed the accident, except first the assumed student and later Professor Ebermann, and perhaps a few other people later.

According to Professor Ebermann, a brightly visible fluorescent spot, about the same size and in the same exact position with the body, was left on the asphalt of the street, for 3 days, after the removal of the body, without an apparent cause for the spot, or without being due to any bleeding of blood or another liquid coming from Stefan's body.

The Police has made no official announcement today. Apparently, they did not investigate the case obviously in depth, since the bike is still by the place of accident, locked and unnoticed. The apartment of Stefan is sealed by the police and nobody is allowed to enter, except for his son Marin Marinov who entered for a brief time on 6 or 7 of August 1997. His belongings were not allowed to be taken and are still sealed there.

Stefan left various letters typed over his typewriter and bearing his signature. In a particular letter, he was asking me to be notified immediately and a few others. The police never made the notification to anybody.

The authorities of Graz refuse any value for the letters and to his last will, for it bears only one signature without witnesses. The case of Stefan Marinov and his letters were given to the city Advocate: Dr Egbert Sprenger, Joanneuming 11, A-8010 Graz.

In the morning of 19/8/1997, we, together with Mr. Jeorg Deisting visited the offices of the city advocate Dr E. Sprenger. The said case and letters were there, but, we were refused of any information. We strongly protested against the refusal, but, eventually, we had to leave without getting any information.

The son of Stefan Marinov, Marin Marinov is currently Deputy Minister of Industry of Bulgaria and is in a delicate situation with respect to the death of his father.

No one knew or was told about the intended and assumed suicide of Stefan Marinov, even his brother who talked to him on the phone one hour before Stefan's death. Stefan had visited his son in Bulgaria 20 days before, myself in Athens 15 days before, had written a letter to me 3 days before, and had written letters to various other people, making appointments or suggesting various future collaborations (to Professor Selleri for example). 10 days before Stefan's death, Stefan had made a Hotel reservation for me and himself for an International Physics Conference to take place in Koln, Germany, on August 25, 1997.

Professor P. T. Pappas
Markopulioti 28, Athens 11744, Greece.

When I read the above description of what Professor Pappas had discovered in his personal investigation of the death of his friend and colleague, the mention of the fluorescent spot on the sidewalk literally made my hair stand up. I immediately thought of a very strange remark made by an abductee under hypnosis:

A: Umm... You know, that's funny! I don't remember getting out of the truck! I see us getting out of the truck... For some reason.... I see the lights of the truck on... I see something over the top of the truck... I see a flash of light... I see us getting out of the truck... I see us walking in the woods.
Q: Where are you going in the woods?
A: I don't want to go in there. Um... I see almost like I'm fighting... like fighting going or something... I'm afraid...
Q: Take a deep breath, let's go deeper... begin to describe what happened. You said you are fighting and resisting...
A: Um hmm...
Q: What are you fighting? Who are you fighting?
A: No, I don't... I... It's like I'm ... nobody's around me but we're all three like walking into the woods... I'm afraid... I don't want to go... there's like a fear somewhere... It's like I know there's something there...
Q: Okay, what happens next?
A: It's like I fall... I'm asleep...
Q: Okay, well the subconscious mind continues to record even when you are asleep... what happens next?
A: I'm being carried...
Q: By who or what?
A: Umm... I see this large hairy thing with huge hands...
Q: Okay. Where is it taking you?
A: It's taking us to a place... I don't know how we get there... I don't know how we get there... but I see this place, and I see... what I see is a cave-like thing but I see at the top of the cave are these yellow lights...
Q: Yellow lights?
A: Big yellow lights... its almost like, um, not bright lights... like covered yellow lights... like, huge... as big as, um... like small swimming pools... they're big... and they are up in the ceiling... and they're yellow...
Q: Up in the ceiling and they're yellow?
A: Yeah, they're in the cave... boy! this is a strange place!
Q: Okay. Describe everything. What do you see?
A: Um, I'm just going to tell you what I see... this is strange... I see a cart... almost like a little golf cart...
Q: What is the cart doing?
A: Um... I see it there... I almost see us, um... this is like a conveyor belt type thing... It's almost like we're put on a silver disk, or like a silver stretcher-type thing...
Q: What happens next and what do you see around you?
A: Umm... I see myself on a table... (signs of distress)
Q: What's the matter?
A: I see this face I don't like.
Q: What face don't you like?
A: Umm...
Q: Describe the face...
A: Let me see it... can't see it... it flashed and then I can't see it...
Q: What feeling do you get from those faces?
A: I don't like them... they are angry...
Q: Why are they angry...
A: Cause somebody's snooping around.
Q: Who's snooping around?
A: They're mad about the hypnosis.
Q: Which hypnosis?
A: The one you did before.
Q: Okay. What do they propose to do about it? How did they find out about it?
A: They know everything.
Q: Okay. What do they propose to do about it?
A: Change things.
Q: What are they going to change and how?
A: It's almost like I'm hearing them say that, um, change the programming.
Q: Whose programming are they going to change?
A: I guess, mine.
Q: Okay, what happens next.
A: Too intense, too fast. Knew something like this was gonna happen... then I hear them say that they're behind schedule... running out of time...
Q: Can you tell what they are behind schedule for and what they are running out of time for?
A: Umm... It's funny, I hear them saying that the cleansing time is almost here... something like that...
Q: Why don't you like them?
A: They scare me.
Q: Why do they scare you?
A: Umm... (distress)
Q: What do you see?
A: It' almost like they're pinching me...
Q: Where are they pinching you...
A: My arm...
Q: What are they doing to your arm?
A: Like they are running a tube up my arm... like at the crease of my arm they're running a tube... into my arm
Q: Alright, now what are they doing?
A: I don't know what the hell they're doing with my arm... Umm... what was that?
Q: What was it?
A: I see a flash...
Q: And then what?
A: I don't know, it's really hard to see...
Q: What color flash? Just a flash of light?
A: Like a green light or something.
Q: Now what... what do you feel... what do you sense...?
A: I feel like they're putting stuff in my veins...
Q: And what is this stuff doing to you?
A: Changing me...
Q: How is it changing you?
A: I don't know... its funny... its almost like they're putting something in my blood... something that glows…

The hypnosis session above was conducted in August of 1994, three years before Marinov's death. The remark about something that glowed being introduced into the subject's arm had stuck in my mind as an extremely curious detail for which I had no explanation. I tried to contact several other people who were working with abductees to inquire about it, but no one seemed to have the slightest idea what it could mean.

When Professor Pappas wrote about the glowing spot on the pavement where Stefan Marinov's body had fallen, I wondered if there was any connection. Pappas was an academic, not interested in UFO's or aliens or the paranormal. He had no evident agenda in these areas to promote. In November of 1997, we discussed the matter with the C's. One thing we first wanted to know was if Stefan was really dead, or had the whole scenario been faked.

Q: (A) Alright, I would like to know something about the death of this guy, Marinov. Is Marinov. dead?
A: Yes.
Q: Did he commit suicide?
A: No.
Q: Was he physically pushed from the fire escape?
A: He was a victim of highly sophisticated post hypnotic suggestion/mind control.
Q: Who was responsible for installing the post hypnotic suggestion?
A: Chain of Command.
Q: Okay, the STS chain of command. In human terms, who was involved?
A: M1.
Q: What's M1?
A: British Intelligence.
Q: (A) What was the main reason for his death?
A: Revelations too "sensitive," would cause "instabilities."
Q: Instabilities in what?
A: Power structure/control.
Q: What kind of revelation?
A: Theoretical physics.
Q: In what specific area?
A: "Unified Field Theory."
Q: (A) I am not aware that he was working in this direction. He was more experimental than theoretical, but he was collaborating with other guys. In particular, I would like to know if this Pappas knows the same as Marinov. did?
A: Not completely, or he would be dead, too.
Q: (T) What was this guy's breakthrough in Unified Field Theory? I know they are not gonna tell us, but maybe they can point us in the right direction. (L) Well, they put that in quotes, so I don't know...
A: Merger.
Q: (A) I want to know if it is safe for me to contact this Pappas and ask questions?
A: Up to a point. Better to use faculties you possess for your own discoveries.
Q: (T) Did the gentleman who just passed away learn something about the merging of Unified Field Theories? (L) Or merging of factors...
A: The problem is that these scientists are often too eager to share and reveal. Remember: it is most difficult to win a Nobel Prize when one's residence is a tomb.
Q: Is it true that there was a luminous spot on the pavement where Marinov. died?
A: Yes.
Q: Why?
A: Residue of substance used in mind control procedure.
Q: What was this substance? And what was it used for?
A: Phosphorescent Sulphate Ammonia Chloride. Ammonium Chloride with correct formulation, can be injected intravascularly in order to induce a state of super-suggestibility when utilized in conjunction with pre-existant hypnotic programming.
Q: Alright, a subject I hypnotized some years ago described being abducted, taken to an underground facility nearby, and having some sort of glowing green fluid introduced intravenously. Was this a similar substance?
A: Close.
Q: I think that I remember something similar being described by Karla Turner.
A: Obviously, the residual on the sidewalk was there as a result of blunt trauma to the skull.
Q: He jumped because of the programming and the blunt trauma was the result of his head hitting the sidewalk...
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Are these ideas, the programming that is carried on this way that is described here, that was described by Laura's subject, that is described in the Karla Turner book, and that is making something of a stir in other arenas, is this within the realm of the military abduction scenario, or covert operation abductions. Are these all related to human abductors rather than alien?
A: Yes, to some extent.
Q: Yes, well S** described her abductors as being military guys and NOT aliens... (T) Yes, and she was taken out there by Anclote to the little base....
A: No coincidence, the former Stauffer Chemical plant nearby!
Q: (A) There was another guy who was in contact with both Marinov. and Pappas, and with whom I was also in contact, his name is Assis, does he know essentially the same as Marinov.?
A: Close.
Q: (A) The guy whose book we have, Graneau, it seems to me that he knows more than any of them?
A: Ask specifics.
Q: (A) Does Graneau know the details of the Unified Field Theory that is hidden from the rest of us?
A: More...
Q: He knows more... Why don't you guys just quit messing around and give us the UFT?
A: No. Because, then somebody would kill you.
Q: Alright, then, I don't want to know! Sorry I asked!
A: You will discover on your own, when you are ready.

The difference - or similarities - between Marinov's death and the death of Morris Jessup, or even Phil Schneider, have to be carefully considered. In the case of the former two, they were actually working on very similar subjects. Jessup and Marinov were both interested in sources of free energy, and they were both talking about things in ways that drew attention to certain ideas that, apparently are very dangerous to consider. The case of Schneider is more difficult. His "murder" seems to be set up to discredit him in general, or to confirm the Montauk mythos.

But what about this "M1?" Well, have a look at another curious excerpt from the C's:

Q: (L) When I was kidnapped at the age of 3 or 4 in Jacksonville, how many days was I missing. My mother simply has a blank about it, which amazes her.
A: 12 days.
Q: (L) Who was it that kidnapped me?
A: Jan. [...] Corps member. [...] Select division of economic legion under control of G5. [...] Intel.
Q: (L) What was the purpose of this kidnapping?
A: To install self-destruct programming.

Morris Jessup's death can be directly connected to ideas about UFT. "Carlos Allende" begins his initial letter by jumping on Jessup for requesting the public to demand research into UFT. The letter was received on January 13, 1956, with the return address: RD #1, Box 223, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, but which was postmarked Gainesville, Texas, and includes, in the very first paragraph, actually the very first sentence, a reference to UFT:

My Dear Dr. Jessup,

Your invocation to the Public that they move en Masse upon their Representatives and have thusly enough Pressure placed att the right & sufficient Number of Places where from a Law demanding Research into Dr. Alber Einsteins Unified Field Theory May be enacted (1925-27) is Not at all Necessary. It May Interest you to know that The Good Doctor Was Not so Much influenced in his retraction of the Work, by Mathematics, as he most assuredly was by Humantics.

These claims about Albert Einstein's UFT were made by Carlos Allende exactly 8 months after the death of Albert Einstein on April 18, 1955 at 1:15 a.m. Not only was Morris Jessup not alive when claims were made about what he was up to, Einstein was similarly conveniently dead.

As it happens, the UFT that Einstein developed in 1925-27 was the WRONG one. It was the first "homemade UFT" and, at the time, Einstein publicly expressed optimism that UFT would soon be solved. Einstein realized soon after the publication of the 1925 paper that the results were not impressive. This HAS been repeatedly checked, and is a Mathematical fact, contrary to the assertion of Carlos Allende.

Einstein continued to hammer away at the problem, corresponding with friends and colleagues about his ideas, so there is no lack of source material about his thinking, his efforts, his frustrations. Of course, these papers were not published until long after the propagation of the Allende letters. In his paper of 1927, Einstein wrote that the Weyl, Eddington, Einstein road "does not bring us closer to truth." He then returned to consideration of the Kaluza theory, only he discovered that his own work was identical to that of Klein, and Klein did it first.

In 1928, the New York Times carried a story headlined: "Einstein on verge of great discovery; resents intrusion," followed by another headline: "Einstein reticent on new work; will not "count unlaid eggs." These stories erroneously state that Einstein was preparing a book on a new theory. In fact, as his correspondence shows, and his colleagues confirmed, he was at work on a short paper trying out a new version of UFT by means of distant parallelism. At the time, Einstein's name was as magical then as a rock star is today and considering the impending stock market crash, it is very likely that these were merely distractions for the public.

Einstein's friend Eddington wrote to him saying "You may be amused to hear that one of our great department stores in London has posted on its window your paper (the six pages pasted up side by side), so that passers-by can read it all through. Large crowds gather around to read it!" So great was the public clamor for a hero that Einstein had to go into hiding. And, as it turned out, it was much ado about almost nothing. His attempt to derive his equations from a variational principle had to be withdrawn.

But, in 1929, Einstein was again sure he was "on the right track." Wolfgang Pauli wrote scathingly: "[Einstein's] never-failing inventiveness as well as his tenacious energy in the pursuit of [unification] guarantees us in recent years, on the average, one theory per annum… It is psychologically interesting that for some time the current theory is usually considered by its author to be the "definitive solution."

When he finally gave up the "distant parallelism" approach, Einstein wrote to Pauli: "Sie haben also recht gehabt, Sie Spitzbube," or "you were right after all, you rascal!"

Q: (A) Okay. UFT. This is one of these things that I don't know what it is good for, because the Wave will erase everything and make everything new. Yet, it is in me, so let me ask. I don't know what it is good for, but I want to do it. Einstein was working on his UFT for like 30 years. Maybe more. He was changing his methods. At some point, did he realize that he found a solution? During all these thirty years, was there a point where he came upon the right solution?
A: Yes, but sadly, his solution for UFT largely erased TOR.
Q: (A) Once he found this solution, did he reject it because it erased TOR?
A: No. His progenitors sealed it, in order to keep intact the status quo.
Q: (L) His progenitors? Isn't that your parents?
A: Other definitions apply. [A source from which something develops.]
Q: (A) Can we have an idea of which year Einstein found the solution that erases TOR?
A: Sure, it was 1938.
Q: (A) According to what I know, between 35 and 38 there was a period in which Einstein published nothing. In 38, he published a paper with Bergman which was a revival of Kaluza Klein theory. That was exactly 1938. So, I guess that was the paper that was close.
A: Can you obtain a copy?
Q: (A) Yes, I have a copy.
A: Good!!! Clues abound within.
Q: (A) What I do not understand is why, a few years later, he completely abandoned that and started working very hard on a completely different solution. If he knew...
A: Was under control.
Q: (A) Can you control somebody and make him spend years.... Oh! Mind control! They got him!
A: Why do you think he emigrated to the United States in the first place?
Q: (A) Well, that is not a surprise. He was a Nobel Prize winner and America was getting together every possible Nobel Prize winner, and also there was the persecution of the Jews, so it was natural.
A: More to it than that. What about Freud?
Q: (L) I guess they didn't want Freud! He didn't know anything about UFT! (A) Now, aparently Von Neumann was also involved in application of UFT. But, Von Neumann was, as far as we know, doing a completely different kind of mathematics. He didn't even really know geometry, differential geometry. He was doing completely different things. So how come the UFT that was discovered by Einstein, involved Von Neumann. What did Von Neumann contribute to this project?
A: Von Neumann was one of three overseers at Princeton with level 7 security clearance, and a clear budget request permittance.
Q: (L) My question is, about Von Neumann, as I understand it, Von Neumann was supposed to have been involved with the creation of a time machine, right?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Did he succeed in such a project?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well, why was it that, when he developed a brain tumor and realized he was going to die - and I read that he screamed and yelled like a baby when he knew there was no hope - if he was somebody who had access to a time machine, why wasn't he able to do something about it instead of carrying on like a madman? The stories about his screams echoing all over the place, are horrible. He realized that his great mind was going to soon be still; if he had access to a time machine, one would think that he would have used it, would have pulled every string he could, to forestall his own death.
A: No Laura, it does not work that way. And besides, if you had a brain tumor, you could be forgiven for a few mental peculiarities too!
Q: (L) I just don't understand why, when he knew he was sick, that he didn't just use the time machine to go forward in time for a cure, or backward in time to correct something in his past...
A: The time machine was not his property.
Q: (L) So, they got what they needed from him and let him die. (A) It is not clear. He got this cancer so suddenly, it may even have been induced. (L) Well, that's a thought. (A) It is said that when he was dying, his brain was working perfectly and that was his tragedy. He could think, he could produce, he was a genius.
Q: […] (A) Now, Einstein's 1938 paper is a Kaluza Klein paper - no torsion. What is the story about torsion?
A: Clues hidden in the text.

Of course we dug out the 1938 paper and began to read and discovered to our amazement that this was the paper where Einstein proposed to take Kaluza's fifth dimension as REAL.

We come back to the fact that someone wrote some letters to Morris Jessup about his book on UFOs, including specific mention (in the very first paragraph), of a particular paper of Albert Einstein, which, as it happens, is the wrong paper to follow, and as soon as Dr. Jessup was discovered to have been "mysteriously killed," the story was off and running! And all the researchers have been mis-led ever since, following the wrong paper. And it's all about "free energy," so to say. This should give everyone pause when they read the claims of the many purveyors of New Age Free Energy devices. If you really discover it, you're dead.



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