Adventures with Cassiopaea Supplement - Ark and Laura's Correspondence 1997

Ark to Laura
Date sent: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 20:11:06

> And don't forget the garlic... I am taking mine off and on. And > eating my yogurt and taking the acidophilus and drinking that nasty > spirulina which is so disgusting.

I even got today in the food store a natural garlic and will have it on the bread&butter - a piece every evening. See???

My Pegasus for some reasons was storing mail and refused to send it. I had to quit Netscape which was also open, start again Pegasus, and only then the stored mail went out. Funny.

It is time for me to go.... And you must KNOW that I do ALL that must be done. You MUST feel safe and protected. But watch!!!! Watch while you drive and all the time. And see if, perhaps, we can spend these 120 bucks NOW for OUR kids!!!!! Perhaps it IS good to do it NOW? Rather than wait for later. You know it better. These 120 bucks makes not really a difference and I will manage to produce 120 bucks MORE for this particular purpose.

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 97 07:17:43

But, the kids are VERY happy... they are looking so forward to your coming home!!! And they are even starting to think about how many days it is!!!

I was reading VERY interesting things today about underground bases. I have a little book about it that I have never read before, because I thought that the idea was simply TOO absurd. But now, I think I am a little more open minded about it, so I am reading it and finding VERY strange things in there!!! I will tell you about it tomorrow because you have to work now!!!

I have no more pain today, so you must be taking good care... and you must continue, or I will get hurt again!!! And we know now that I am a barometer for you... if you are taking care, I feel good... if you are not... then, well... you SEE?!

Ark to Laura
Date sent: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 13:13:45

Have taken garlic pills and goldenseal and vinegar Talked to Phillipe, discussed with Daniel, looked at the paper by S** (I agreed to write a report on this paper). This paper is a disaster. He is unable to formulate his ideas in a language that other people (including your hb) can understand. He is using words that he himself invented and which mean nothing to anybody else. And he does not care to explain or to define. I will take another attempt to understand what he COULD have had in mind - but it IS a pain. I will try to do my best. I will write an incognito report but I will also write e-mail to him because he has sent me the paper by e-mail asking for comments.

And it is a VERY nice day. There is no air conditioning but the buildings have very thick walls (25 inch) so it is ok inside. Blue sky, few clouds floating in a distance. The weather forecast tells it will be 82F. Not too bad.

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 97 17:35:24

The garbage man came this morning!!! He must have felt very guilty for forgetting me yesterday.

The Baby is watching "Alice in Wonderland" (an animated movie which she likes almost as much as "The Lion King" which you know.)

The pool is fine. I have no pain this morning. So, all must be under control.

I feel a little sorry for S** because he is probably being made even more paranoid by hanging out with Tweedledum and Tweedledee Smith. He will be sure that it is a plot to destroy him or suppress his work that everyone does not praise him to the skies.

I don't think I would like to have to criticize his paper by e-mail. I would have a very hard time doing such a thing. I don't even think it would be easier doing it anonymously. But, I know that you will find exactly the right words that will help him to see what he needs to see. That is, if he is capable of seeing at all. He is really a likeable and friendly sort of person.

Ark to Laura
Date sent: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 18:28:04

In fact I did almost no math today. But have finished reading "Bringers of the Dawn". It was a useful reading even if it completely neglects the dark aspects. But apparently it is addressed to a wide audience and this wide audience is not quite ready to digest too much of the dark. So after reading one may have the impression that implants and abductions and mind control is all sweet and nothing but sweet..... But still it was a useful reading .... Now I would like to read some of the Arcturian chanelling. Where to find it? But even before.... Who was the first with Pleiadians? Billy Maier? What do we know about him?

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 97 19:11:09

Honey! I am turning everything off! There is lightning and thunder! Getting close, fast!

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 97 20:09:44

Storm is over! Have had VERY interesting thoughts... Relating to what I have been reading. But, will have to tell it in order... Which I will do.

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 97 20:18:56

Honey, Remember the funny things in the book you sent from Bielefeld which you did not think was so special?

Well, let me try to put it together.

There is the coded message from Rennes le Chateau which has been decoded to read: SHEPHERDESS, NO TEMPTATION. FOR POUISSON, TENIERS, HOLD THE KEY. PAX DCLXXI. BY THE CROSS AND THIS HORSE OF GOD, I REACH (or, alternatively, "overcome") THIS DAEMON GUARDIAN AT MIDDAY. BLUE APPLES.

Okay, this is strange.

And, remember that there was something in an excavation in Rome that seemed to be related to the Poussin painting and the comments in the letter to the minister of the king of France.

So, it has something to do with what is "underground." And, in many of the related clues, there is the tomb, or sepulcher, a cave, a tunnel, and assorted other funny things....

Now, think about this and I will be getting something else here together!

Ark responds to Laura
Date sent: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 20:30:16

> And, remember that there was something in an excavation in Rome that > seemed to be related to the Poussin painting and the comments in > the letter to the minister of the king of France.

Tell you something. It was years ago. Which year? I do not remember. When I was last time in Rome? It is in my cv. So I was in Rome and at was few years ago. I was walking along Forum Romanum and there should be an entry in my journal because I remember vividly writing this down. And I had this image of taking an X-ray picture of the Earth in order to see all the mesteries that are burried deep underground. And as far as I remeber it was not just about ordinary excavations but about something quite mysterious....

I remember I had some interesting thoughts while there.... But also I seem to be reading some book while walking there, but do not remember now which one....

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 97 20:33:24

As we know now, "Poussin" relates to "fish." And, in ancient symbolism, fish related to creative energy - sperm and egg etc. Also, it is the symbol of the 12th house of the zodiac....

The fish of Pisces in the zodiacal imagery, are shown bridled to the monster, Cetus, or Leviathan, which is in the second decan of Aries. Read Job 41, and note the reference to the bridle in verse 13.

Also, remember the two fishes who ate the phallus of Osiris leaving him incomplete in his "new incarnation" after being reassembled by Isis.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which represents both deception and also higher spiritual love if the deception can be broken away, or the "rocks broken."

The first decan of Pisces is "the band," the ancient name being Al Risha, or "the bridle." This relates to the idea of the fish being bound together with Leviathan in a condition of limitation or restriction. But, the band also extends into the realm of the Lamb of Aries, who is above Cetus, showing that there IS a way to control both the fishes and Cetus, the former being the motive force, the latter being the essence of evil.

The second decan is Cephus, the reposing king, husband of Cassiopaea, in the attitude of power, with one foot on the pole star. In one hand he holds a sceptre or branch, and in the other he grasps the reins of the fish, which is the alchemical relationship to the king that must "die" in order for the "Son" to be born. The branch that is a sceptre relates to both the cutting apart of the DNA and the means of restoration, in part. It is the "golden bough" of Frazer, the mistletoe of the Druids, the "true branches" of the "vine of Christ." And, what does "Christ" mean? It is, in Greek, an acronym for "FISH!"

On the head of Cephus (note the similarity to "cephalic" or "cortex," indicating neurological functions) is a crown of 7 stars indicating that it is through the bringing of the creative energy into full manifestation in terms of the "head" (remember the Celt regard for the head) and the "chemicals" (Alchemy) in the head that redemption comes. The star in the right shoulder of Cephus is "Al Deramin," meaning "quickly returning," and the star in the girdle is "Al Phirk," meaning "the redeemer." In the left knee is a star whose name means "the Shepherd."

The girdle relates to the genitive organs, the shoulder is related to the "Chi" of the Greek alphabet, or the number 600, the symbol is X, or a cross, and the shoulders relate to a "yoke," or a "joining," which is also emphasized in the "knee," or "the Shepherd," which we now know relates to "jogi, yoga, conjugal, jugular, knight, jadczyk, genes, geneve, etc" The symbolism of the knee is to "bend together,"

Now, the north fish reaches over into the third decan where we find Andromeda with her chains broken. The name, Andromeda means "man ruler." This relates to the idea that it is the creative power of woman that can be utilized by man, if he knows how, to break the bonds placed on all by Leviathan and the fishes.

In mythology, the symbolism can be seen in that Neptune, ruler of the fishes, was resentful of Cassiopaea and sent Cetus to ravage the land, pulled by the fishes. Neptune would only be appeased when Andromeda was chained as a sacrifice. But, Perseus (Percy) returning from conquest of the Gorgons, rescued her. Percy being, of course, the "horse of God," or Perch -> Parch -> Marche -> Sea -> Mer -> Mary -> the woman who produces the "son" under whose heel the serpent is crushed. (Remember the heel of Achilles and Bran the Blessed?)

So, both Percy and "horse of God," represent the feminine generative power.

Pisces represents the river Styx, also, in astrological symbology. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, using the Ferry of Aquarius, transports the dead over the river of Pisces to new life in Aries.

And funny that Pisces is also similar to "Perce?" Yes?

The elephant mask worn by Charon indicates "benevolent malevolence." That is, that the evil, when understood by the questor, can be used to take him into the realms of light.

Okay, moving on!!!

In the book about the Canaries that you sent, there is this passage which I told you caught my eye and raised the hair on my head...

"For more that thirty or forty years the holy relic was in possession of the infidels, in the house of the Lord of Guimar, or near it in a small cave, on an altar. For the people only knew and believed that it was something supernatural. They were certified of this, because they heard much angelic music, smelt delicious odours, and saw many lights at night. All these things confirmed them in their opinion, so that by common consent, they offered the most beautiful goats in the flock which amounted to 600."

There is that number again!!!

Laura to another correspondent, forwarded to Ark
Date sent: Thu, 10 Jul 97 06:16:44

Dear J**,

I came across some interesting things in my reading in the past few days that I thought might pique your interest just a little. Comes from a little "black market" book I picked up at a conference a few years ago that I am just getting around to reading. And, since you are a LOT closer to the areas mentioned... well, there is close and there is CLOSE! So, perhaps there is some way you can check out the validity of any of it. Maybe there is a book in the Toronto library or something.

Anyway, the first thing that caught my eye is this:

"The Nahanni Valley is a warm mist-covered valley which covers close to 250 square miles. It is located in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada. It also lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest Canada.

"This portion of Canada is above 60 degrees latitude which is in the same latitude as the Yukon Territory." (so get out your mukluks) "This portion of the northland becomes very cold in the winter, however the valley never becomes as cold as the surrounding country. Hot springs and sulphur geysers are plentiful in the valley; therefore the valley is covered by mist, while the temperature always remains a least a good 30 degrees above normal. The foliage and trees in the valley remain verdant during the entire year, while the growth is heavier than in the surrounding section.

"Strange as it may seem, this warm area in a region which becomes bitter cold is not inhabited by anything but the animals which seek warmth during the cold winter months. Even though the valley is rich in fur bearing animals, it is reported that trappers will not follow the animals into or trap in this valley." (Do they still do THAT up there in the frozen North?)

"The indian tribes of the area \avoid it and the list is an impressive one, for it includes the Ojubways, the Slave, the dogribs, the Stoney, the Beavers and the Chipweyans.

"The Nahanni Valley is NOT a tropical paradise in the midst of the white wastes of Canada." (See what you got when you gave up South Africa?) "No prehistoric monsters, leftovers from the Cretaceous or Jurassic periods roam this section. Pterodactyls do not soar above it nor do Coelacanths reside in the run-offs of the host springs and geysers. No Neandertahl or Cro-Magnon men are resident, the Yeti, Bigfoot nor the Sasquatch do not haunt this valley. Legens have so claimed, but none have ever been seen here. True, huge footprints have been found imprinted in the former sandy soil which is no shale and in other types of prehistoric rock - but there were giants on the Earth then.

"Why then do the humans who live near this valley not take advantage of its warmth, as the animals do, why do humans eschew its comfort in the cold winter months?

"Because of one reason: the valley is known as 'The Valley of Headless Men.' Although no one or anything has been seen in this valley, those who were foolhardy enough to enter it in search of gold - which is said to be in the valley - have been found by various search parties as cadavers minus their heads - or skeletons minus a skull.

"A few very bold white fur hunters have gone into the valley and returned with a rich catch. They could never be persuaded to return the second time. They said that the utter loneliness of the country, the eternal mists, which made you see things which were not there along with the feeling that something was watching you, was just too much to take again.

"The list of those who lost their heads over the gold in the Nahanni Valley is as follows: two brothers, William and Frank MacLeod, John Potter, a prospector who was strong, tough and experienced - he was found a year later by a search party, minus his head, with an exploded cartridge in the rifle, which the bones of his hand still clutched. Examination showed that he had not starved to death, for he still had his cache of food. He had merely lost the means of ingesting it. Later a fearless sourdough" (I am not sure what this means) "came from the Yukon Territory. Undaunted by the tales of danger, he set off into the valley. When he had not returned after two years, a search party located his remains, minus the head, with cans of food in his knapsack.

"Two more men who entered the valley at later dates have also been found as headless corpses. One thing which stands out in all the deaths which have occurred in this valley is that those persons who entered the valley in search of anything which related to the Earth or under the Earth have been found decapitated. Search parties and bold trappers who were not interested in anything which lay below the surface were not molested.

"There is something in this valley which relates to the underground, which maintains the secrecy of 'The Valley of The Headless Men.'"

Next: "According to Malcolm Huffer, a former member of the Royal Astronomical Association, and researcher for the Northeastern UFO organization, infrared photos taken at night from the shores of Lake Ontario show all sorts of anomalies which cannot be either conventional aircraft or meteorological phenomena.

"From what we hear, there are any number of UFO bases scattered throughout Canada. Though some of them may be located in the wilds, there is a longstanding rumor that there is a stronghold of Dero or Grays right under Toronto.

"According to Malcolm Huffer, the photographs indicate that the main areas of interest and activity are over the lake between Oakville and Toronto.

"This is supported by Harry Picken, an aeronautical engineer, pilot and past president of Genair Ltd., a St. Catherine's aircraft research firm. Picken, who owns a home right on the banks of the lake has been keeping tabs on the aerial movements near his property for years. One of the most peculiar things the engineer has noticed is that the lights are usually orange, a color foreign to aircraft lights: 'The orange color indicates to me a high sodium content in the light source. Sodium is never used in conventional aircraft lighting.

"Both Harry Picken and Malcolm Huffer believe that the UFO activity over Lake Ontario is somehow related to the fact that a high voltage hydro generating station is located at nearby Lakeview." (In my humble opinion, the presence of the electric plant only creates an EM field which can be utilized as a "doorway.")

"Canadian researcher Ivan Boyes is one of the few who realizes that it may be more profitable to look 'closer to home' for the source of UFOs, rather than wander aimlessly out among the stars searching for a solution to this bona fide mystery.

"Boyes has spent a considerable amount of his life probing the enigma of the tunnel system that exists under the Earth's crust. Though others may poke fun at him for his unorthodox views, he has remained determined to root out the problem.

"Boyes filed the following report:

"'What do we know of what exists beneath our towns and cities? Not much. Most people think of earth, rocks and eventually dense strata beneath their feet. But, is this so? Underneath Toronto" (we play the "Twilight Zone" theme at this point) "for example, all is not solid. Vast cave networks have been uncovered by accident in August 1979." (There is that INTERESTING month, again!) "This chap, Ernest, who wishes to remain anonymous as to his whole name, discovered the cave system that networks under Toronto.

"He discovered it accidentally when he entered into a small opening off Parliament Street in downtown Toronto, when he was looking for a kitten he was minding for a friend. The cave was pitch black when he got inside of it, and he used his flashlight to see better. There was a strange creature, with orange and red slanted eyes. It was long and thin, almost like a monkey, three feet long, large teeth, weighing maybe 30 pounds, covered with gray fur." (Sounds like the mother of all rats, to me!)

"The next thing that happened was that the creature said to Ernest 'Go away, go away,' in a hissing voice, then took off down the tunnel. Ernest took off in the other direction.

"Many believe that the tunnel was erosion between the apartment buildings into the sewer system. But, are thos tunnels sewers.

"For many years before this incident, others and myself have known of a vast tunnel network under Toronto. Not only tunnel systems, but an underground city, deep beneath downtown Toronto. This city is aeons old, built by the El race that once inhabited this area. Vast machines and instruments beyond our wildest dreams exist there. A city of the Gods, abandoned by them ages ago.

"The center of the complex is under Gerrard Street and Church Street, where still the magnetic machinery is working. A friend and fellow researcher once lived over this site, a Jeff Mitchel. Herer strange things occurred that would have terrified anyone else. In fact, this corner has the highest accident rate in Toronto. Brakes and vital parts on cars fail and create fatal accidents, all from the effects of the underground machine.

"The city may not have been inhabited by ETs, but by something akin to what has been described as Deros. Sightings of Deros in downtown Toronto at night are not unknown. The creature seen by Ernest was identified by several Oriental Masters as the Tibetan Kadomma, the guardian of the gate. Yes, the legends here of these tunnels are old."

"Spelunker, Arnold White, came across an underground city while exploring one of the many old iron mine shafts located in Newfoundland. In his own words he tells the story:

"Although not generally known, one of these mines had caused much concern and controversy among the local populace. Shortly after it had been dug to its maximum depth, strange things began to happen. Miners working late at night in small groups of six to 10, began hearing noises, not rumbling or other natural mine noises, but what some described as 'strange music.' It seemed to come from all around them, sometimes faint and sometimes distinct. Later, some said they heard 'mumbling' and voices. This went on for several months, but only the miners who heard the noises were disturbed or concerned. Then, more serious things began to happen. One of the men entered the mine late at night to check on the equipment, and when he started to leave, some 'small men' grabbed him from behind, knocked his lamp from his hands, and 'shot' him with something that forced him violently against the mine wall, knocking him unconscious. In the morning, workers found him apparently none the worse for his experience physically, but quite shaken mentally.

"A few days later, a miner on night watch disappeared. Investigators found his lamp and hat deep within the mine, but no trace of the miner. Soon lights and machinery began to fail or work erraticlly for no apparent reason. Men became hesitant to work the mine. Finally it was 'condemned' and shut down.

"This was the mine we wanted to investigate. Although spelunking is usually confined to exploration of naturally formed caves, our curiosity was great enough to spur us on to such an unusual form of research.

"We arrived in the mining town, which was near the Quebec, Newfoundland border, at 11:30 a.m. on March 22, 1961, and lodged at the local hotel. The next day we got our equipment together, loaded up our jeep and headed for the mine. At the entrance we were stopped by policemen who warned us not to go inside. When we persisted, they threatened to arrest us for trespassing.

"At 1:30 a.m., we again set out for the mine. We met no interference, and shortly arrived at the entrance. While Rick Grayton stayed at the entrance, Don Lawrence and I descended into the mine. It was in excellent shape and showed no signs of any deterioration whatsoever - hardly what ought to be condemned.

"We had just completed our preliminary investigation when we heard someone, apparently deep within the mine, shout in a high pitched voice, 'COME!' We stopped dead in our tracks, and walked in the general direction from where the voice seemed to originate. Then we heard something running. We lighted a flare, but saw nothing. We continued, and again heard the running. By this time we were getting far back into the mine, and also very curious and excited." (Not ME! I would be going the other way!!)

"The running sounds ceased abruptly and we saw a faint blue light radiate from a far recess. Then we heard what we thought was the clank of a metal door closing.

"When we reached the area where we saw the light radiating, there was no door or opening. We tapped the walls with my pick hammer, and heard a hollow metallic report at several spots.

"After we had located this, we marked it by chiseling off some pieces of rock and found that it was generally rectangular in shape, almost five feet high, and about two feet wide. Since we had no equipment, we decided to come back the following night and continue our investigation."

Now, this is the end of the first installment! If you want to hear the rest, you have to tell me so that I won't think I am typing my little fingers off for nothing!!

But, if possible, maybe you could do some checking around on names and locations and groups or businesses, or old newspaper files... anything to provide any clues about this.

One of the strangest things I found was a mention of "choral" singing emanating from "underground cities" in Brazil, as reported by some UFO researchers down there.

Well, this little book Ark found in Germany that is written by a friar of the "Order of Preachers," an offshoot of the AUGUSTinians, talks about the processions of singing angels up and down the beach of the island of Tenerife shortly after the arrival of a certain statue called the "Virgin of Candelaria" because she is carrying candlesticks.

And, she appears on Tenerife right at the time the Grail story is left unfinished by Chretien de Troyes.

And this Friar who writes the history of the Virgin and the Islands in 1590, spent a LOT of time in BRAZIL as a missionary!!!

And then, of course, there are the lights in the sky and the processions that were seen by the Indians on Oak Island, which was obviously the site of some strange activity LONG before ANY known Europeans arrived!

Now, as we recall, we left our intrepid (or foolish, depending on how you look at it) spelunkers, deciding to come back to investigate the "haunted mine" on the following night. Here is what they say happened:

"Returning the following night, all three of us entered the mine. Very much to our surprise, the chisel marks were gone! It took us several minutes to find the hollow area again, but we finally did; and this time we had come prepared. Using a battery powered rock drill, we penetrated about three inches into the rock when we struck metal. We withdrew it and substituted a metal bit. Eventually we breached the metal and, withdrawing the drill, we again saw the soft blue light shining as before. Suddenly we heard a low humming noise and were startled to see the section of the wall we were working on abruptly lift out of sight. It would be an understatement to say we were frightened." (And my question is: why did they stay?)

" What lay before us was incomprehensible: a blue-lighted corridor which appeared to be made of some sort of translucent, seamless, self-illuminating, blue-colored metal or plastic. At first we were very apprehensive about investigating the enigmatic hallway. Our curiosity soon overcame our fear, however, and we entered the corridor. We had to stoop, for the hallway was only five feet in height. After walking about 50 yards, we came to another corridor leading off to our left and decided to explore it. We reached the end of the corridor after walking about 100 yards. There we encountered a steep, spiral ling stairway. We descended it for at least 20 minutes," (that's a LONG way down!) "all the while noting that the light was becoming more brilliant. Finally we reached the bottom and were confronted with yet another corridor, this one light green in color.

"After a brief rest, we set off down that corridor. It was only about 100 feet long, and we traversed it quickly. To the right and left were oval entrances. Making a quick decision, we decided to enter the one on the right, and noticed immediately that it was cylindrical-shaped and much larger than the previous passageways. It contained a floor on the same lever as the previous ones. We also noted that this passage was evidently made of some crystalline substance, and that a bright, but soft white light emanated from it. It curved downward at a slight angle.

"We next came to a huge chamber which appeared to be some type of scientific laboratory and hydroponic garden. In one section were rows of giant exotic plants and in another, some type of chemistry equipment. Lining the walls of this laboratory were arrays of multi-sized TV screens, dials, gauges, and other electronic equipment. Some of the screens were at least 10 feet square. In the center section was a great mass of scintillating varied-colored crystal; it had a rough, natural exterior and apparently performed some unknown function. The rest of the chamber contained many other strange devices and apparatus that none of us could identify. The entire ceiling was one great light. At its far end stood something that looked lake a car lift, with a disc-shaped metal object resting on it. We decided to take a closer look at it.

"Fortunately the lift was only about two feet off the floor and we got a good look at the object. It was circular in shape, about 35 feet in diameter and four feet in thickness. Suddenly Don exclaimed, 'It's a flying saucer!' We both agreed - we had indeed found a 'UFO.' Rick stepped up on the lift to take a more detailed look at the saucer. He tapped it lightly with his hammer and parts of it sounded hollow. Immediately after he tapped one certain spot, an entire section of its tail dematerialized! This took Rick totally by surprise and he almost fell off the lift platform. About one half of the inner mechanism was revealed to us, and again, we could not find a single piece of equipment with which we were familiar. The only thing we could surmise was that the object was a remotely controlled device, since there was no space provided for passengers that we could see. Rick jumped down from the lift and we continued our investigation of the laboratory.

"Abruptly the lift was activated and began to drop to the floor, and at the same time the lighting in the chamber changed from a soft white to a deep red. In short order, the screen directly above and to the right of us flashed on. Due to the unnatural lighting we could not make out the image on the screen. Then we heard a voice from the screen.

"It said, in a high pitched voice: 'You have been expected. You have been observed since first you entered our domain. You gaze upon the upper regions of our world. You are the first of your kind to be permitted this privilege. Let it be known this truth - we harbor you no ill will; we depend not upon your superficial world for our sustenance or pleasure. Those of your kind who make themselves the interpreters of our intentions are naught but the picayunish deceivers of your civilization. Let it again be said the we desire man no harm and wish only to pursue our independent existence on this, our mutual planet. We shall not influence nor bring to you discord in any medium. We are not doers of evil. Our world spans the inner gulf of your globe; we have existed since before your time. Had we wished harm upon you we would also have been its receivers. We beg you a friendly farewell and hope our message will be heeded and find wide acceptance among those of your kind who find it necessary to concern themselves with our domain.'

"The screen then faded, without our having seen a clearly defined image of the person who had spoken. Don had quickly written in his notebook what the voice had said to us.

"The red lighting in the chamber suddenly became even deeper in tint and all of us felt light-headed. Rick shouted that he was going to faint and started to fall, but we caught him. Then we too had the same feeling and blacked out.

"When we regained consciousness, we found ourselves lying outside the mine entrance. We still retained our personal effects, notebooks, pencils, wallets, etc, but all our equipment, such as hard hats, pick-hammers and chisel, and our geiger counter, had disappeared.

"After returning to the States, Don found all the pages of his notebook 'burned,' or charred, as though it had been thrown into a roaring fire. The cover, however, which was plastic, was undamaged. All of us had worn wrist watches with radium dials. Some weeks later, the radium became inactive and the dials no longer glowed in the dark."

And, that is the end of the adventure of the Spelunkers.

And my thought is that they may be telling the truth, at least as far as they remember it. There were a number of things that could have been embellished that were not, and they did not present themselves as great heros or any sort of "chosen ones."

What was said to them, however, I have serious doubts about, because there are so many stories down through history of people who have stumbled into such a place... so, we KNOW these guys were not the first. And, as to the disinterested "benevolence," well... I have my doubts about that, as well. But, hard to tell.

And, there is a LOT more to this subject, especially relating to certain underground areas in Rome and Britain and "openings" to these vast cities under the earth. Well, it is strange stuff. Almost incomprehensible to me since I tend to be claustrophobic anyway!!!!

And, they mostly seem to be inhabited by blond giants...


Laura to Ark
Date sent: Thu, 10 Jul 97 06:57:19

I almost had the Sauniere message figured out, and I got so upset I can't even read it now... and all my creative juice was HIGH and flowing and - just like that - Stopped. It was like getting hit by a truck.

Ali, who had taken her car to have the brake pads replaced, called and informed me that the mechanic had said that the rotors and drums had to be replaced as well... and this was gonna cost her 300 bucks (give or take a buck or two.) So, that just blew any idea I had of not having to spend the month worrying my head off... and, of course, after she comes home, she is fussing at Anna for liking some guy who is a "loser," and Ali says he probably uses drugs... so, Anna was defending the guy, Ali was being VERY aggressive about it (she IS worried about this) and [my son] was putting in his two cents worth... meanwhile, The Baby wants her dinner, mother wants to go to the store again... and I am just trying to keep my tongue in my head and say nothing except to try to pour oil on troubled waters while NOT feeling my best to begin with.

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Thu, 10 Jul 97 16:37:55

I am awake, I think. I awoke in the night because there was lightning and thunder... and I waited to see if I would hear anymore, but did not, so I went back to sleep. And now it is very sunny, and it must also be very humid because there is a lot of moisture condensed on the outside of the windows.

And this crabby crybaby is better. A little headache, and legs are stiff - but that is probably because I did not swim yesterday. I will have to swim extra today to make up for it.

We have birds nesting in the chimney and three of them have fallen out, so Anna has adopted them and is feeding them with a syringe with The Baby acting as assistant nurse. They are completely bald, and tiny, and I don't think there is much chance for them, but she has to try.

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Date sent: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 19:37:17

> the house... and you are still not back, and I am worrying a little. > Of course, you could be having a LONG talk with Marco, which is > good. Or the net could be having trouble... or you are out > somewhere having dinner... or any numbers of things...

Before lunch I was working on the paper that we are supposed to write with Marco and Janyska (a Czech from Brno). Then talked to Marco, went for lunch, and then was having further rather hot discussion with Marco concerning the paper. Half of the paper is discussed. I have to work now on the other half. Janyska wrote the paper and now I do not agree with many things and have to look and change what needs to be changed. It is rather long paper - 40 pages. Will take now some little relaxation (10 minutes) with eyes closed....

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Date sent: Thu, 10 Jul 97 20:45:07

More from our little book:

"There is an ancient tunnel system beneath the Earth that literally circles the globe.

"This system has existed beneath our very feet for literally thousands of years and very few of us know about it. And those that do have often found their lives turned into a living hell when they dared try to tell others of its very existence.

"The tunnels radiate outward from the Arctic and Antarctic in every direction and cover every continent on the planet. They were constructed by a civilization that existed before the 'great flood.' This civilization came even before that of Atlantis, thought the Atlanteans later improved on this existing system, adding to it, as well as establishing underground space ports for visitors arriving from other planets who came here in those 'early days' to establish 'relations.' Sometime in the distant past - after the collapse of Atlantis - these caverns were at first abandoned and then taken over by negative 'aliens,' who collaborated with a race of our own underground beings to rape the planet of all its vital resources. Humans were taken as 'slaves' to work in the underground tunnels from which few were ever able to escape. We are told that cities actually exist beneath the Earth's outer crust, and they can be reached by entering and exiting through concealed openings in various locations. Most 'shafts' to these inner Earth cities can be found in remote areas, while others are in more populated areas. There is supposedly even an opening somewhere in New York City in midtown Manhattan...

[There follows some rather bizarre 'channeled' stuff that I am skipping because it is too weird!]

"One individual who studied the ancient tunnel system was the late journalist, John J. Robinson of Jersey City, New Jersey, who several times was a guest on the popular Long John Nebel talk show heard over radio station WOR in New York. Jack was a student of history who became fascinated with folklore's many legends about the subterranean world beneath our feet. Though many of the stories were of ancient vintage, Jack realized that there was something a lot more complex going on than meets the eye at first glance." (You can say THAT again!!)

"After years of careful study and research, and after talking with those with 'first hand knowledge,' he became convinced that these ancient tunnels were very much a part of today's reality, regardless of whether we want to accept them as fact or not. Several of John Robinson's journals recently fell into my hands, and I am thus able to report on his personal findings concerning these tunnels in several areas of the globe."

[Here follows some lengthy stuff about the South and Central American tunnels and "cities of gold," and the origin of the legends of El Dorado, the Incas and Mayans and so forth. Some data about Pizarro and some of the Indians of the region, legends about caves and so forth, hieroglyphics, and something about Los Tres Picas, or the Three Peaks. Let me note that the Celts legend of the "Sun God" was related to something that CAME UP OUT OF THE SEA. Naturally, this has always been interpreted to mean the literal SUNRISE over the water... BUT, what if there is another layer of meaning? Just thoughts.]

More from Robinson's journal:

"While I was composing this article, Dominick Lucchesi called to see me. Dom is a close friend and fellow research associate [...] Dom has experimented for many years with electronic gadgets, building many radio transmitters and receivers. He holds an amateur radio license for the experimental 6 meter band. [...] Dom also began to build experimental miniaturized versions of metal locators. His research in this field has also led him to a study of treasure maps. This study also led to the discovery of a VERY SECRET GROUP known as 'Kafan' or 'The Circle of Companions' who are active in the field of treasure hunting. The Kafan hunt treasure very secretly and, should they find it, they merely remove it and replace everything exactly as it was before they arrived.

"The reason for Dom's visit was news about the 'Lue' treasure map. This map is nothing like a Cartographical map. It is a cryptograph, the symbols of which are said to reveal the location of many ancient treasures. It is claimed that only two people have ever managed to decipher this map and both of them are very wealthy.

"Dom felt sure that he has managed to decipher the symbols of this cryptograph and from what he showed me, I also feel that he has. If this ancient map reveals what I think it does, some tunnel entrances are revealed in its symbolism as well as a good many other treasures.

[Sections about cave entrances on the island of Malta and the connection to the Knights of Malta... and these Maltese caves are VERY interesting in relation to our friend Poussin and his Arcadian painting which was apparently done after some funny things happened during some excavations in Rome. Now, this guy writing here apparently knows nothing about the Rennes le Chateau affair, nor Poussin, nor has he made any connection to Cathars, or Grail stories... or whatever... So, this makes what follows even MORE interesting]:

"And opening in the wall opposite the entrance to this cave [on Malta] leads to a passage narrow and torturous, the entrance to the real caves. This passage ends on a pathway which extends along the side of a vast cleft in the Earth, a pathway which leads ever downward to the long underground tunnels and series of caves which are reputed to allow the venturesome one to traverse the entire length of the island and EVEN FURTHER.

"Legend has it that these passageways at one time connected with the underground crypts from which the Catacombs of Rome were created. This may well be true, for the reader must remember that the Mediterranean Sea was created after neolithic times by huge earthquakes and the shifting of the Earth's crust. Therefore, while the ancient tunnels may have existed they might have been closed by cataclysms of this type, with only the knowledge of them coming down to us in legends which still persist."

[Next a personal anecdote from a Miss Lois Jessup, who paid a vacation visit to these Maltese caves, and this was included in a book entitled "Enigma Fantastique," by a "Dr. Allen." Check it out if possible.]

Next there is a discussion about a purported entrance to the cave system in Staffordshire, England. Now, this REALLY startled me, because when I was digging through the Runes, I discovered a reproduction of a page from a book entitled "The Natural History of Stafford-shire," by a Dr. Plot, published in 1690. The author, Nigel Pennick notes: "The runes also became an integral part of calendar making." Which leads us to think of August, and even January 17th, which seems to be a significant date. Noting, of course, that August is the 8th month, and the 17th can be added to make 8. Anyway, Pennick was merely delving into alphabets and languages... his study was unrelated to our theme, but he had some INTERESTING clues, unbeknownst to HIM! However, this book about the cave systems quotes ALSO from Dr. Plot's book of 1690 about a fellow who stumbles onto the cave system. And, it sounds a LOT like some of the Celtic stories of the caves full of sleeping warriors and round tables!!! Anyway, apparently the Staffordshire opening was lost due to a storm, and the laborer could never find it again.

So, we have to ask ourselves whether there is ANY possibility that any of this can be true? Can it relate to what Poussin intended in his Arcadian painting? What did these early church "fathers," who are depicted as hermits in caves REALLY know, how does this connect to the Cathars, the Templars, the Rosicrucians and Masons... the "vesica Pisces," the "caves" of the alchemical works, Cells, Arks, Celts, Kilts, plaids, checkerboards, chess, and a LOT of other things including heads and feet and hands, platters and grails and swords, genetics, bloodlines and sleeping warriors!

Very interesting! Yes?

Laura to Ark
Date sent: Fri, 11 Jul 97 06:12:58
And here, I am going to back up and explain things from the beginning. It seems that I take for granted that everyone has read and studied the same things I have.

When I was a child, I began to read history and was hooked on stories of the past. Why, I don't know. It just completely fascinated me. So, I read everything I could get my hands on. And, in my limited world, that was not a lot. As I got older, I expanded somewhat, but I am sure that it was still limited. But, I discovered that different people also liked history and would research this or that period very extensively to use as background for novels. So, I read historical novels. I was able to compare what was described there with what the history textbooks said, and noticed that there were often points of controversy that were not adequately explained. This being so, I would read about this or that period from writers with different points of view, and discovered that there were as many versions as there were writers. So, it was a big question as to what REALLY happened at one time or another.

And this only created the foundation for the ultimate question: what does all this mean?

As you know, I spent a long time digging into metaphysical and religious teachings trying to find the answers, sensible ones, that is, to who we are and why we are here. There were no really sensible answers there. There were a lot of gaps that left me feeling very dissatisfied. Yes, I went rather deeply into studying the various mystery schools, the philosophies, and so forth. The grail legend was touched on, but just generally accepted by me as an allegory for the spiritual journey of the soul. I dismissed the alchemists as foolish seekers of the truth in chemicals, and the Rosicrucians, et al, as just a bunch of old guys who wanted to dress funny and pretend to be important. At the end of this, I decided that it was all MIND. That whatever one thought was what became real. And the fact that we had so much trouble with it was because we had not discovered this funny "gap" between intent and manifestation. And, of course, this or that person could do this or that thing because it was a "talent," like playing the piano or fixing a car.

Through it all, the question grew larger and larger: WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE? Because, it was OBVIOUS that there was something seriously wrong with all these different pieces that did NOT fit together.

And, of course, there was the time spent in trying to understand life and find the answer in very fundamental terms of biology and physics. This lead to another important idea: that the earth was obviously hostile to human beings individually and at large.

So, the truth is, when the C's came along, it was like my own private historical research library. You will probably notice from the questions, that I seemed to be more interested in getting answers to historical mysteries than just about anything else. I thought if I could obtain answers to all these gaps in our knowledge where this or that person altered the record or re-wrote the history, that all would become clear. And also, that it would explain why the Earth was hostile to man, and how we got here to begin with and what had changed that we didn't know about that made the Earth less than a salubrious environment. The idea of there being a deep impenetrable mystery that tied it ALL together NEVER ONCE occurred to me. I rather simply thought that it could all be blamed on this "change" in the environment that was lost in the mists of history... and, that it was a NATURAL thing. Just what happened. You know, the quantum metamorphosis idea.

So, I was only thinking in these terms when I asked the questions of the C's. Strictly linear. I was trying to pin them down to this point in history when something happened that made everything different - or even a series of things, each leading mankind down a path of gradual decline in certain terms of comfortable interaction with his environment.

And, the truth is, the question about Oak Island was asked in these terms. It was simply a historical mystery in my mind. Nothing more, nothing less.

But then, of course, at the same time, I was invited to view the David Hudson/Monoatomic gold lecture which very much excited my mind in terms of thinking that there COULD be a change in MAN that was the root of the problem, or at least part of it. So, I dove head first back into all the alchemical works I had accumulated in years past, and read them with a slightly different view: the acceptance of the idea that there COULD be something there. And, of course, you know that the answer to the Oak Island question was VERY mysterious and implied OTHER things.

So, during this ravenous devouring of the alchemical works, one thing led to another, and I ended up reading about the Rennes le Chateau mystery. And, the only reason this came up was because of the connections to the Rosicrucians, to the Templars, to the Cathars, the Pyrenees, and so forth. And I began to see that there was, indeed, some very funny things going on. And, in the midst of realizing that there might, indeed, be an enclave of "super beings" somewhere on the planet and that this had something to do with Poussin's painting of the Arcadian Shepherds... well, all the other things were going on in my life, and YOU entered the picture at precisely that moment and nearly scared me to death.

So, that is where we were and are. Yes, there are the years of astrology and all the other stuff, but it is only now that the pieces of all these things are falling into place...

So, in order to understand what I found, let me tell you about it.

In Southern France, there is an area called the Languedoc. We are concerned with the Southern half of it, from about Carcassonne to the Pyrenees. This area came under the rule of the counts of Toulouse in the 1050s. They were autonomous vassals to the king of France. This area was also the heart of the Catharist, or Albigensian heresy.

This was an area that was once heavily populated by the Celts whose capital was Narbo, now Narbonne. Later, the Visigoths, a variation on the Celt/Aryans, established their kingdom of Septimania there from AD 475 to 715, when the Moors overran the region.

There was an ancient town that the Romans called Rhedae, a few miles to the East of Montsegur, which became Razes. Once it was a great capital with over 30,000 inhabitants. Now it is a decayed town. This is Rennes le Chateau.

Okay, nothing spectacular so far. But, let's bring in the Cathars. The Catharist heresy was what was known as a "dualist" belief - often called Manichaean because of the teachings of a Persian named Mani. Now, there are a lot of FALSE explanations of this Gnostic doctrine, but the truth is that it taught that the world was run by an evil magician.

Some of the Gnostic sects really went overboard, teaching that a man must give up all bodily considerations and never produce children etc., because he was then producing "food for the devil." You will be familiar with most of the Catharist ideas through Gurdjieff.

In the 8th century, a Bulgarian priest named Bogomil established a Catharist church. Their detractors said that its members practiced homosexuality to avoid procreation, but I think that this is another lie of history similar to what is said about both the Celts and the Templars and anyone else that the "system" wants to tear down. But, this rumor, probably created and spread by the Catholic church became so rampant that the Bulgarian members of this sect became known as "buggers," which, to this day, means men who engage in anal intercourse with other men.

Nevertheless, the Cathars attracted a lot of followers because they stressed the ideas - and practiced them - of charity and humility at a time when the Roman church was rather infamous for its hypocritical venality and love of money and titles.

So, the Roman church was taking strong measures to stamp out the Cathars the same way Julius Caesar had stamped out the Druids - and probably for the same reasons. The Inquisition was instituted largely for the purpose of getting rid of the Cathars. In 1208, Pope Innocent III proclaimed a crusade against the Cathars, or the Albigensians, (for the town of Albi, where there were a LOT of them) and, though they were being protected by the autonomous Counts of Toulouse, but Simon de Montfort the Elder led an army of 40,000 men against, essentially, ordinary citizens. There was a lot of blood shed for about 20 years, and in 1229, the French throne secured the final humiliation of Toulouse and took his lands. The Cathars retreated to the fortress of Montsegur. In 1243, the royal troops laid seige and on March 2, 1244, the Cathars surrendered. Supposedly, the night before the surrender, the "treasure of the Cathars," was lowered over the wall, down the cliff, and was never seen or heard from again. And, there is the Catharist prophecy that "in 700 years, the Laurel will bloom again." Or something to that effect.

Now, notice that this destruction of the Cathars starts not long after Chretien de Troyes is writing this Grail Story about which seems to be an amalgamation of certain "Christian" ideas with the Celtic legends. And, of course, we can relate the Celtic religious ideas with the Persian Sarman Brotherhood.

According to the story, in the 12th century, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar was Bertrand de Blanchefort, whose castle was within sight of Rennes le Chateau. The Templars were, later, accused of the very same heresy as the Cathars.

In 1099, Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders. In 1120, nine or so knights under the leadership of Hugues de Payns, formed the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. They may or may not have discovered treasure in Jerusalem relating to the Temple of Solomon, and they may or may not have been exposed to or espoused Catharist beliefs. But, the fact is, the Templars became VERY wealthy and powerful for about 200 years. They vowed allegiance to no one but their grand master, excluding even the pope and the king. They ruled large estates and collected tribute, setting up treasure houses and acting as bankers.

In 1307, Philip IV, of France accused the order of heresy, and within 4 years they had been destroyed. 54 of them went to the stake. Hundreds were imprisoned for life, and all their estates and possessions taken. But, it seems that a LOT was missing. So, the story was that the Templars also sent away the major portion of THEIR treasure the night before their arrest.

And, remember, when I asked the C's about this, their reply was: The Rosicrucians act as a "thief in the night."

Okay, getting back to our story. We have covered the history of the region, the Cathars and Templars and a possible connection between them because of Gnostic beliefs similar to the teachings of Gurdjieff which may also be the Druidic beliefs.

So, 1312... and the Templars are gone too. Things quiet down in a general way... the mystery is sleeping.

Almost 600 years later!!!, in 1885, at the age of 33, (note the number!) Francois Berenger Sauniere was appointed cure of the tiny church of Sainte Madeleine in Rennes le Chateau. It was neglected, poor, and in disrepair. Sauniere was the eldest of 7 children, and came from an humble family. His only future was in the church.

He took into his house a young girl, Marie Denarnaud, as housekeeper, and settled down to a boring life. Somewhere along the way, he learned that a parishioner had left a little money to the church for repairs and upkeep. So, he set about restoring the altar in 1892. So, essentially, he has been there for 7 years or so.

Story goes that the altar was a solid stone slab, one end of which was cemented into the wall, and the other was supported by an ancient, carved stone column that had survived from the time of the Visigoths. When the slab was lifted, the column was found to be hollow; inside were three wooden tubes containing four parchment manuscripts. Copies of these parchments have survived. At first they seem to be only copies of well-known New Testament passages, written in Latin, in a strange, archaic looking script. The first describes Jesus visit to the house of Lazarus, Martha and Mary Magdalene. The second is the story of the disciples plucking ears of corn on the sabbath; but it is put together from three different versions. The passages in question are: John 12:1-12, Matthew 12:1-8, Mark 2:23-28 and Luke 6:1-5.

When looked at closely, the manuscripts reveal a number of unexpected features: there are distinctive monogrammatic devices, additional letters have been placed in the text, some letters are marked with a dot, others are displaced. There are all the clues that these are ciphers.

At the beginning of 1893, Sauniere took the manuscripts to his bishop, Monseigneur Felix-Arsene Billard, in Carcassonne. The bishop gave him permission and funds to go to Paris.

Now, aside from the fact that it is interesting to me that the passage about the disciples picking corn on the sabbath is mentioned, and then YOU brought it up several times - scaring the hair on my head to stand up - this next part ought to give you a couple of pauses. Because, the fellow that Sauniere took the manuscripts to was Abbe Bieil. Now, notice how close this is to "Bielefeld." (And I just noticed THIS tonight!)

This Abbe Bieil was the director of the Saint Sulpice Theological Seminary, his nephew was a religious publisher, Ane, and his grand-nephew, Emile Hoffet, became a famous authority on old manuscripts and secret societies.

Okay. Saint Sulpice used to be commemorated on January 17, but this date was then assigned to St. Anthony. Now, I can't find out anything about this Sulpice fellow, but haven't really tried just yet. Nothing in the dictionary anyway.

So, the popular story tells us that Sauniere remains in Paris for three weeks. He spends a LOT of his time in the Louvre where he bought reproductions of three paintings: Poussin's "Arcadian Shepherds," Tenier's "Saint Anthony," and a portrait of Pope Celestine V by an unknown artist. He also began to hobnob with Emma Calve, an opera singer, who remained a close friend of his from then, for many years.

On his return to Rennes, Sauniere continued hsi restoration work on the church. He apparently had assistance from some local lads, one of whom was still living in 1962 and gave a statement which we don't know how reliable it can be. He could have been paid to tell it a certain way. Who knows. But, what he said was this: they raised another stone slab which lay directly in front of the altar. The underside of this slab was found to be carved in an archaic style dating back to the 6th or 7th century. There are two scenes that are either in a cave or an "arched" building or a crypt. The one on the left (I have a photo of them in this book) shows a mounted knight sounding a hunting horn while his horse drinks from a fountain. The one on the right shows another knight with a staff in hand and in the other, either a child, or a disc or sphere of some sort on his saddle bow. The stone is old and worn and difficult to make out.

After this stone was lifted, Sauniere ordered the boys to dig down several feet. When they announced that they had hit something, he sent them home and locked the door. But, the guy said that they had uncovered a pot full of bright objects and two skeletons. In recent times, this place was re- excavated and a skull WAS found that had been trephinated. There was a slot made in the cranium.

After this discovery, work on the church stopped for some time. It seems that Sauniere, accompanied by his housekeeper, Marie, would wander the countryside, a sack on his back. Each evening he would return with his sack loaded with stones that he had selected with care. (This is VERY bizarre, I admit!)

When anyone asked him, he said he had decided to beautify the garden with a grotto. And, the grotto is still there, so I hear.

But, this was not his only pastime. The cemetery of the church contained two memorial stones marking the grave of Marie de Negri d'Ables (died 1781), the wife of Francis d'Hautpoul, the seigneur of Rennes. By night, Sauniere moved these stones to the other end of the cemetery and erased the inscriptions. Supposedly, unknown to him, the inscriptions had been copied by some society that studies such things, and printed in a small book that was later found. But, there is some disagreement about this, because it seems that the author of this book could not have been the author of it!

But, one of the devices on one of the gravestones was similar to one of the devices on the manuscripts. And, one of them specified something about January 17th, when it was known that this date had nothing to do with the woman, and also the words "Et in Arcadia Ego," were carved there in Greek characters, but in a funny way with the emblem of the spider and the initials P-S and the words "REDDIS REGIS CELLIS ARCIS."

For the next two years, Sauniere spent much of his time travelling. He is known to have opened two bank accounts in neighboring cities, one in Perpignan, one in Toulouse, one in Paris, and a fourth has been found in Budapest!!! He went from Germany, to Spain, to Switzerland to Italy. Money orders arrived regularly for his housekeeper, Marie, some of them apparently sent by religious communities.

Then, from 1896, Sauniere began to refurbish his church. This is an entire subject in itself. Carved above the porch are the words: "Terribilis est locus iste." The words of Jacob at Bethel where he both wrestled with the "angel" and saw the angels ascending and descending on a ladder or something. Prominent figures are Mary Magdalene and a VERY unconventional series of the stations of the cross including twin infant Jesuses dressed in Scottish Tartan! These are somewhat described by Steve Mizrach in the Grail documents I sent you - the "Rennes le Chateau Refresher," I believe it is entitled.

Anyway, while he was obviously trying to be discreet, this guy spent a LOT of money and lived quite well. Supposedly, the priest who attended his death refused him absolution... so who knows?

And, that is the basic story.

And that is what rather started me on the subject the "Arcadian" mystery which has led in a hundred different directions which I don't fully understand yet.

Now, to the subject of the "Arcadian Shepherds." This painting was done sometime between 1635 and 1650 and shows three classical shepherds and a shepherdess before a bulky tomb. One of the shepherds is tracing with his finger the words carved upon the face of the tomb "Et in Arcadia Ego." This famous phrase, which has been adopted by many artists and writers, has been variously understood; its true translation, "I am also in Arcadia," seems to imply that, even in legendary paradise, Death is still present.

I am not sure I agree with this idea or with any of the interpretations.

But, the tomb on the painting is identical to one that is only 6 miles away from Renne le Chateau on a rocky mount beside the road. It has been covered with a layer of cement, but the shape is unmistikable. Even the skyline of the painting can be matched to the skyline by this tomb. And, this tomb lies in the parish of the village of Arques. Only problem is, it is later proven to be very recent - so it could NOT be the tomb in Poussin's painting.

Now, there is a lot of stuff that goes into family lands and mysteries that are apparently held in secret by certain families of the area... but it is complicated and I don't want to clutter my mind up with too much of it.

What is important is this: Nicolas Poussin spent most of his adult life in Rome. Arriving there in 1624, he suffered a serious breakdown in 1629 either just after or just before painting the first version of the Arcadian Shepherds.

He returned to Paris for little more than a year in 1640.

Anyway, his first few years in Rome coincided with a great deal of ancient site excavation activity that was going on. During his illness he was nursed by, and then married, the daughter of Jean Dughet, the cook to the Cavaliere del Pozzo, who was in charge of the excavations. Of this Dughet, it was recorded: "Near Capo di Bove was found buried a most curious treasure, including a room much decorated with silver; but by the intervention of a spy, those that found it gained little by it, for the great part of them were thrown into prison. Only the father-in-law of Monsieur Poussin was exempted, on account that he was cook to the senator."

Well, that is curious, don't you think? That they would throw all the workers in prison? Except Poussin's father in law?

It goes on: "The current rumour in Rome was that some of the diggers were Goths, who had come from the north on the faith of ancient tradition to seek for treasure."

In 1656 Nicolas Fouquet, finance minister to LouisXIV, sent his brother, Louis, to Rome and suggested he see Poussin. Shortly after arriving, Fouquet wrote to his brother:

"I delivered to M. Poussin the letter that you did him the honour to write to him; he evinced all the joy imaginable. You would not believe, Monsieur, either the pains that he takes in your service, or the affection with which he takes them, nor the worth and integrity that he brings to all things. He and I, we have planned certain matters that I could, in a little undertake to the end for you, by which M. Poussin could provide you with advantages that kings would have great pains to get from him, and that, after him, perhaps no one in the world could recover in the centuries to come; and, what is more, this could be done without much expense and could even turn to profit, and these are things so hard to discover that no one, no matter who, upon this earth today could have better fortune or even so much..."

And THAT is MOST curious!!!

So, somehow Poussin must have been in the confidence of the fellow in charge of the excavations, the Cavaliere del Pozzo, who I don't know anything about at all. But only because I haven't gotten to him yet.

So, as briefly as possible, that is the Rennes le Chateau, Cathar, Templar, Arcadian Shepherd, Poussin/Teniers story.

The rest, the myths and zodiacal images will have to be described separately.

Because it seems that, to me, the direction for this drama, the directors, are far more influential in the affairs of men than these players would have thought. Or, perhaps they DID know. I am not sure. But, nevertheless, it is all both real and an allegory at the same time, as all of it seems to be.

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