Letters From Readers of the
St. Pete Times

Read: The Exorcist

Note: Names, as well as any text that would tend to specifically identify the writer, have been removed for privacy. Many letters that are sensitive, or that relate to requesting specific help have been omitted.

Date sent: Sun, 14 May 2000 13:37:18 EDT
Subject: the exorcist

Dear Laura,
First,l happy mothers day ! Next, I just finished the Times article. Put it aside to read later and lost track of it .Printed the " brief Synopsis the C's ---" Whoaa!!! Any chance we could talk? I'm leaving for N.Y. will be back on the 22nd of may. Ican imagine your schedule is busy but would love to compare notes on our respective journies to understanding. [Name withheld]

Date sent: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 12:00:15 -0800
Subject: Exorcist in Love

DearMs. Knight,
We are a television movie production company interested in your compelling life story.

We are very sensitive to the importance of your privacy and will change names and places of occurrence if you desire. In addition, the amount of time you put into the movie is entirely your decision. Some people choose to be very involved, but most choose only a brief interview with a writer.

We are prepared to offer you full financial compensation for the rights to your life story.

I have enclosed a list of our movie credits which will show you that we are an active, legitimate company. As you will notice, one of the projects we recently put into development is Project:Stargate which concerns the US Governments attempts to use psychics for espionage purposes. We are very sympathetic to stories involving the paranormal. We have an excellent reputation in this business. Our website is [Withheld].

Date sent: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 12:34:30 -0500
Subject: your web page

Greetings to you my fellow light workers. Just read the article in the St. Petersburg times and wow, same feelings for so many years..why am I so different...can I be the only one who is correct in my thinking? Have enjoyed your channelling and wondered after reading numerous articles have you visited the KRYON site, striking similiarities between the two communications. Both with love and laughter, let the end begin. thanks, [Name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 19:19:51 -0500
Subject: points of common reality

Hi, Laura,
:-) I finally read the SP Times article on you and Ark. (If I remember correctly, it was the second time I had heard about the Cassiopaeans; the first being in an article in Nexus magazine several months ago.)

Everything about what was reported about you and your experiences are real to me. I have seen UFO's over a couple of different beaches, and over the Everglades. Confrontations with bodiless people? Like confronting any other person, except the ones with no bodies are sometimes harder to see and communicate with. Sometimes, not always. Depends on the being and depends on who is communicating with the being. Recalling past lives? The concept of such is as incredible to me as the concept of recalling what I had for breakfast this morning.

I have attached an advertisement for the book "Have You Lived Before This Life" written by L Ron Hubbard. I think you would find it not just interesting but full of answers in regards to the effects of past lives on a person's present life. I am certain that lady who dreamt of having her kidney stabbed at by an Egyptian queen and who in present life has had kidney problems, would find it extremely enlightening.


One thing I found interesting was the Cassiopaeans' mention, or your mention of their mention, of a dark, materialistic force. I believe who they are referring to are psychiatrists -- not those who entered the field hoping to help, but those who seek to control mankind under the guise of help.

I applaud you for having the courage to be true to your integrity and believing in yourself enough to know what you know to be true!
:-) My very best wishes, [Name withheld]

Date sent: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 12:28:46 EST
Subject: (no subject)

I decided to take a look at your website, read it a bit and started realizing are these people for real. Is this some kind o Hal-bop comet clan again. Who in the goverment is wanting to take control of the world? I don't think one person will take over the world. And as far as a govermental mock alien invasion, I'll tell you right now that not everybody in this country is just plain O'l stupid. Come on, give us a break here. There could be life out there, maybe Atlantis was real, we did land on the moon!, the are no such things as ghosts, and yes we are killing ourselves and don't even care. We would rather blame somebody else, like the goverment. No, I do not work for the goverment.

Subject: what else?
Date sent: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 07:25:42 PST

I have spent the last week reading over your site and have found it very enlightening. I am writing you rather than Ark since the technical aspects of physics are a bit beyond me.

Thirty years ago I realized that God is really physics... I have spent most of my adult life searching for answers to questions that have plagued me since the "rational" explanation of manmade religion and even science seemed to lack a focus that the "why" never coincided with the "what." I explored the political aspects of humanity trying to understand the necessity for killing and greed.

The C material seems to provide a much more logical conclusion of the why and what than I have ever read or thought. I have read much of the background sources you refer to, but those lacked a real concludable answer to the six reasons of life (how, when, what, why, who and .....) which the closest I've read is the Michael material. The conclusions I came to in the last few years was that DNA is the karmic record of a soul's past lives and a blueprint for the reason for living. Fairly obvious I know, but each of us has their own set of veils...

However, tying this all in with aliens and such, third/fourth density (which I perceived as dimensions) and the root reasons of the war in the cosmos with the political/social war here on earth had somewhat eluded me, although I suspected that it was much more complicated and complex than the party line or what I could perceive individually.

For me personally, I have taken somewhat of a perverse pride in my own individuality and independence, seeing groups, organizations and societal as its own "can of worms." I have my own sense of psychic perceptions and explored many of these in California where I spent 17 years. I have been told I'll be a survivor of the future happenings and realize that this does not now necessarily imply a physical existence in the 3rd density. Life is fleeting but the soul is forever. However, I believe that individual souls do not survive in higher levels, but rather are blended in the cosmic mixer and are separated upon birth in this density and perhaps the fourth... [Name withheld]

Date sent: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 14:13:40 -0500

Hi Ark and Laura,
"Absolutely fascinating." That is what I thought when I read the story in the Times. If anything, it gets me thinking - way out of the "box." [...] [Name withheld]


Date sent: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 12:02:16 EST
Subject: read your article

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the article about you. It was wonderful that you have found the love of you life. Know that your both. wished much happiness. [name withheld]

Subject: your site
Date sent: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 20:46:24 -0800


Yes, this is probably going to seem presumptuous of me, but it's been buggin' me to no end. So, if I don't say at least SOMEthing, I'll end up obsessing over it. I came across your webpage through the st.pete times article (not the web article, the paper one just in case you wanted to know) about you and I was curious, so I went.

I expected to find something verging on disorderly because that was the type of person I envisioned while reading the story, but not to the point your site is. As it stands, I found it very difficult to navigate through Cassiopaea. I had no idea what was new and what was old. Since I was a first timer to your site, it was the older pages I was interested in rather than the new, so I could have some understanding of what had been done. I had no clue. I was so overwhelmed I think my eyes actually bugged out! :)

I am very interested in reading the conversations with the Cassiopaeans and all of your essays. Eventually I will get to once I figure out where it is I want to start.

Now, here comes the presumptuous part... I don't know how much you know about HTML coding...but putting 104% for a table (front page), is going to make the browser scroll sideways. This is NOT what you want to happen. People...me in particular...get frustrated and it brings down the level of respect for your site. And since you are putting such a ... far-fetched idea out for the world anyhow, I would think you would want the site to look as neat and clean and organized as possible. I'm sure you have many hits a day, but think of how many people are closing or backing out of your site just because they don't like the way it is set up.

Now, you may think that is ok, because you don't want those narrow-minded people anyhow. But I thought the whole point of the site was to put the information out there for everyone. To inform the masses.. world-wide. Please, correct me if I am wrong. As I said earlier, I really haven't read too much of your site (compared to what is actually there!). (That was a little presumptuous...here comes a bigger part...)

I think I saw that Ark, your husband, maintains the site. I am guessing this means he does the uploading, design, making sure links aren't broken, etc. I'm not meaning to insult his coding skills in any way whatsoever; I just feel the site could be improved upon to attract more attention. (I suppose that doesn't sound too presumptuous.)

Anyway, to the point: I know you don't know me from Eve, but if you would like help in designing a more user-friendly site with cleaner code, I would be more than happy to lend a hand. [...] :) [name withheld]

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 23:53:21 EST
Subject: Article
To: laura@...

Dear Laura,

I am a [blank] year old male and just moved into the area. My father had seen the same "Demonic Lizzard" beings looking in on him as a child. I have encouters with them the past two years. They seemed very upset that I finally awoke during one of their bedside projects. I have tired to put it out of my mind and won't tell anyone about it. But I know it was real. I don't know what there purpose is/was. But I will tell you things they have shown me. (although I don't understand it) I will tell you they have to do with future enery masses and hybrides of different life species. [name withheld]

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 23:49:55 EST
Subject: To Laura...
To: laura@...

Dear Laura,

I read the article in the St. Pete Times that Mr. French and Ms. Diez wrote, you know the one..."The Exorcist in Love". I was speechless.

I believe that what you believe is a huge possibility. I have never had the insight that you have, however I do believe that there are those who have the ability as you and your husband do to communicate. I find your journey through this life to be amazing, your courage and your consistency with everything you've done is absolutely the most incredible thing I have laid my eyes on.

[...] Also, one more thing, what you did with your children gave me a whole new perspective on homeschooling. I am not a mother yet, but I want the best education for my future children as possible, as any parent would. I went to private schools the majority of my school days and I had the benefit of a small classroom. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your life and I admire your passion. the best of luck to you and your husband, Ark. Sincerely, [name withheld]

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 20:53:48 EST
Subject: mailing list
To: laura@...

I read the Times article and somehow it resonated with me, although I don't have the experience or education the rest of you all have in these deeper subject. I also don't have a lot of free time to learn. But if you ever decide to put together an e mail mailing list, please add me to it. I especially liked the part about the hurricane, and the coincidences in dreams and your lives. It was a beautiful story and I hope it continues...

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 08:58:24 -0800 (PST)
Subject: SP times article
To: laura@...

Hi Laura, I finally got to read the article yesterday. My computer crashed at home and I was so busy at work that I did not get to it until then. You are not going to believe this but I had a dream on Sunday I saw you working in a garden at one point you walked toward a man then held his hand. I did not see his face only silvery hair from the back. I was quite surprised when I saw the photo at the beginning of the article it was the exact same face I saw in the dream. I was trying so hard to see how I would get to the article on Sunday. Maybe It was in my mind so much that it sort of came to me in my dream. I don't remamber too much of it but the part where someone was working in a garden and I knew this person to be Laura from the cassiopaea site just stood out. I think the article was informative but it did not give the work you do serious justice. I hope The result will be that a lot of people will visit the cassiopaea site and learn to search for the "truth" themselves. Thanks [name withheld]

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 12:43:09 EST
Subject: The Exorcist in Love
To: laura@...

I am a physician who is presently visiting relatives in St Pete. A year ago I ha a near-death experience and subsequent numerous paranormal phenomenon. I have spent the last year trying to put my new mind set in perspective and have become involved in the emerging field PNI and networking with individuals studying depth psychiatry and other levels of consciousness. Thank you for your bravery in sharing your experiences in the paper. Many of the topics mentioned resonated with me. There is a surge of interest in the medical field with regards to consciousness and healing- a definite path to healing! Thank you again. [name withheld]

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 09:47:30 EST
Subject: Thomas French Piece
To: laura@...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story about your life and your "duende". I commend you for being so open and allowing so many strangers into your private world. Your website is staggering. I will come back many times to read further. I'm wishing you and your family all the best. [name withheld]

Subject: exorcist
Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 17:09:04 -0500

Hi Laura (& Ark),

I have finally finished reading the article. For what it was--that being a really long human interest piece--it was really good. I also read your comment on the piece. I especially liked Ark's essay sent to Mr. French on "acausal connecting principle."

I don't think that French wrote about some of the most interesting and remarkable aspects of your story, which makes sense because what newpaper reader could handle it?

I did think he did a commendable job of sympathetically profiling you for the general public, though perhaps leaving too much room (despite his trouble pigeonholing you) for John Q. to write you off.

Again, how could SPTimes take a different position?

I think the greatest benefit (though you're of course in a better position to judge) of the story will be pointing that fraction of the public that is interested/curious/receptive to your website, where they'll find you as (insightful, astute, critical, etc.) medium rather than subject of story. I also think that's where they'll find your _real_ story--not that the story of your life leading to marrying Ark isn't a powerful testament to love and the acausal connective principle (i love that phrase; so clinical). [name withheld]

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 21:51:27 EST
Subject: St. Pete Times Article
To: laura@...

Laura - It is hard to put into words how I felt after reading the article about you. What an amazing life you lead. I wish he had changed the title, but I understand the media, unfortunately. My best wishes for you and Ark and your children in this life and beyond..............An interested reader.....

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 20:38:31 EST
Subject: St. Pete Times Article
To: laura@...


I want you to know that I support alot of your views. I do not want to think about aliens due to the fact I will no longer feel safe. I hope you can/will help me with something somewhat trivial, but important to me. I am a misfit. I appear normal. I am a single mom, slender, working, ect.. I have some weird things about me I cannot "put my finger on". I had hypnosis done several times for self improvement a couple of years ago. The man violated my trust so I will not go back. He did not appear to believe in past life--but I don't think this is a past life thing. I have the de ja vu often--I get chills when it is occurring. I am convinced I am some sort of "good" force in the midst of evil. I am a caring non-judgemental type. When I was very small I also had a figure in my window. However he looked like a shadow of Dick Tracy and spoke the words EVIL. My window was too high & my mom saw no-one. It WAS there. I am now almost 37. It was real. I get strange feeling sometimes & see glimpses of shadows--like people passing by. I have a way of seeing into people--I don't know if you understand what I am saying. I don't know how to describe it. [name withheld]

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:50:08 -0500 (EST)
To: laura@...

Hi Laura

I read your article in the paper thought it was for you which very interesting but here is a question that have been in my mind for a long time : The bible tells us about Jesus from His birth to about when He was twelve and then He comes back on the bible at 30 years old until 33 when He died WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM DURING THOSE YEARS WHERE WAS HE WHAT WA HE DOING ????????????????? Thank you .

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:44:34 -0500
Subject: Newspaper article

Hi Laura.

[...]I read "The Exorcist In Love" and had to write - I don't even know where to start. The hair on my arms stood up as I read several items in the story, from dates that corresponded with things that happened to myself and an ex, (we lived practically down the street from you at the time, off of Madison Ave.) to the fact that I've been researching reincarnation for a novel I'm writing . . . and so many things in between. For many years, I've been a firm believer in some outside force that draws us to people we need to be in contact with, for various reasons, in our lives. I see from what I've read that you are a very busy person, but would you be willing to exchange email with me? I have several questions I'd like to ask you, if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Thank you [name withheld]

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 11:46:36 -0700
Re: Times Article

[...] Somehow I can't hold this Tom French in very high regard, and really don't understand how he could remain so naive after being around Laura for five years.

From: "Ron Story"
Subject: Exorcist in Love ≤ as sent to st. petersburg times≥
Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 13:29:24 -0500

The following text is from an E-mail sent to the Times today. I intend reading more of your site later in the day, as I have several appointments. Thank you so much. John Spiritwalker

We have enjoyed the above article very much, especially as it a strong parallel to my own life. I was also considered strange for the same reasons as Ms. Knight. I could read encyclopedias at four years of age, and gave many of my teachers fits. I am Clairvoyant, and come from a family of Clairvoyants. Both my parents and I saw a UFO at close range . I channel information from several sources, including an Extraterrestrial. I have a fourteen year background in engineering, a degree in education, and am an ordained minister with New Age Ministries, and am on the staff at the College of Metaphysical Studies, in Clearwater. My website can be found at: http://home.att.net/~jspiritwalker/index.htm It contains a Biography, as well as channeled information, some of ET origin ≤ science ≥ . The links contain membership information in several organizations. Please continue to keep the public aware of such information. Sincerely, John Spiritwalker (AKA Rev. Ronald John Story)
E-mail: JSpiritwalker@worldnet.att.net Website: http://home.att.net/~jspiritwalker/index.htm

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 06:38:04 -0800
Subject: Further Information

Similar threads to what the Casseopeans talk about can be found in various fictional sources. Comic books.
The Invisibles by Grant Morrison DC Comics
Planetary & The Authority DC Comics by Warren Ellis
Promethea & Watchmen by Alan Moore
Xena, Warior Princess
Earth: Final Conflict Star Trek (all series, but specifically, see an episode of Voyager in which Chakote (sp?) goes through an initiation process.
The Truman Show,
the Matrix,
Dark City and
Being John Malcovich are all essentially the same story told in different ways.
But the Invisibles comic book is something that you might want to check out first. Have a nice day.

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 05:07:59 -0500
Subject: Courage, knowledge, vision


I will try to keep this brief as I realize you must be overwhelmed with correspondence since the publication of Thomas French's "The Exorcist in Love". There is so much I could say but let me share simply that it has led me to embrace further exploration of knowledge, a path upon which I had already embarked nearly two years ago. Fascinated and humbled by your knowledge, your intelligence and courage, it fortifies the one lesson that is driven home to me each day - that there is so very much I need to learn. I find each day, in spite of life's pain, that it is a thrill to awaken each morning simply because of POSSIBILITIES.

I feel compelled to share with you a very vivid dream I had about a year ago...one which was so real I can still feel it's profound emotional pull on me. This occurred during a time of great emotional turmoil when I was on the threshold of important self discovery yet the dream was more encompassing, seeming to address my complete existence. I was standing outside, somewhere in an open area gazing up at the sky. It seemed to be evening or cloudy as the sky appeared somewhat dark. There was a large, dark elliptical portal high in the sky, seeming to be held open by two benevolent beings, one on each side. I could not see them but rather sensed their presence. The portal seemed very foreboding and terrified me. I knew it was my destiny to go through it but was resisting with all my might. The beings were gently encouraging me to pass through. A voice, a third entity who seemed to be more authoritative, lovingly encouraged and insisted, telling me that others had gone before me and though it had been difficult, they had been rewarded with untold happiness and peace. I insisted, as a small child might, that I couldn't go through on my own, that I needed help. The voice continued to encourage me, unrelenting in "his" insistence that there was no way around the inevitable, that I must do it on my own, that I would be able to do it, that no one could do it for me or accompany me. I remember feeling absolute terror at the prospect - because there was so much unknown, because the obstacles were so great, the power of the unseen so strong. It seemed an insurmountable, lonely task yet I was encouraged by the insistence that I could accomplish the unfathomable. My dream ended there but has remained a vivid part of my life. I wonder what your thoughts are on this.

Also, about ten or twelve years ago, probably my most physical dream - one which my body actually seemed to be engaged in. I was in a setting that appeared to be in ancient Egypt, a participant - one of about three women - in a spiritual ritual of some sort attended by a queen. The three of us, the attendant women, were seated facing an altar of sorts upon which burned a ceremonial fire, small in size. We were meant to perform ritual movements which included rising at certain times from the seated position. I apparently couldn't quite get it right and stood at a time when I shouldn't and was immediately seized with dread as the queen became enraged. She took a ceremonial dagger and, after heating it in the fire, came and stood behind. I then felt her plunge the dagger into my back, low to the left of my spine just around the kidney area, the blade horizontal to the ground, dragging it to the left and then abruptly upward, much as in the manner of the Japanese sepulchu (sp?) (suicidal sword thrust to the abdomen). I seemed to lose consciousness then, the pain so agonizing that I immediately awoke and discovered to my consternation, that I was half sitting in bed, my left side constricted and withdrawing in response as if the attack had actually occurred. It was the most vivid, graphic, physical dream I've ever had. I wonder if it is coincidence that upon the birth of my first child (many years prior to this) I nearly died from toxemia, a disease related to the kidneys. I've also had considerable trouble with urinary problems off and on.

I've had many other memorable dreams but none quite as disturbing as my encounter in Egypt. I have felt for the past year as if I'm on the verge of something - don't quite know what - just know each day alive gives me more time to discover what it is. Thank you for being a conduit. There are so many paths, so many teachers. Each one I have encountered has brought invaluable growth and insight and you have done no less. I hope in some small way I might encourage others too.
[name withheld]

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 08:22:28 EST
Subject: Article.....
To: laura@...

I very much enjoyed the article about you and your life. I saw a little of my Mom in you. She's gone now, but I have always believed that Mom was physic. Most people I tell this to think I'm sort of crazy. My Mom had vivid, intriguing, symbolic dreams many of which came true. Most of her dreams were about family members or close friends. I have also seen Mom heal herself. Whatever gift or talents Mom had were intuitive and were never encouraged or developed. I've often wondered what she could have done if she had had an opportunity to advance her skills. [name withheld]

Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 00:05:07 -0500
To: laura@...
Subject: Similarities between us

Hi Laura.

My name is [blank]. I have been following your website for about 2 months now. I was originally attracted to your site by the Grail Quest series, as I had read "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" several years ago, along with another one of his related works. I think you have a great website.

After reading "The Exorcist", I realize that we have quite a bit in common, and I would like to share that with you if I may. I[...] There were some funny little synchronicities between you and me that struck me deeply. In the article about you, it said that you rarely did homework in school, but were an excellent student who far exceeded her peers. I too never did work in school, but was one of the brightest. Unfortunately, it was a school policy that unfinished homework would give you a "0" in your grade book. For every three "0's" that you got, you would be marked down one full grade for the semester. For example, in my 9th grade English class my grades for each of the four semesters was, in chronological order, "D", "F", "F", "F". In my Final Exam I got a 97 out of 100, the best of the 300 students at my grade level. I still failed though, due to homework.

I also, like you, have dreams that come true. For example, in 1989 I had 3 dreams. One was about someone I knew dying. He died a week later by getting hit by lightning at a park. Another was about someone else that I knew dying. A week later he got hit by an out of control Corvette at a race track (he was a race car mechanic) and died soon thereafter. The final dream was that I "might" die by the end of the year. This dream occurred in September of 1989. One month later, on October 27, 1989, I was the passenger in a Mustang GT that collided head on with a tree. I was in the front passenger side of the auto, which bore the brunt of the impact. I died on impact. The EMS rescucitated me with a defibrillator and I went into a coma. My parents were told there was a slight chance I might not survive, and a good chance that I would have permanent brain damage. My brain was bleeding (cerebral contusion). One week after the accident, the hospital was forced to allow me to sign myself out because I kept on trying to break out of the hospital. I have no lasting ill effects, physical or mental, from the accident other than slight pain in my hip (it had broken).

Like you I also have a deep interest in particle physics and the quantum world, along with UFO subjects, history, the paranormal etc. [...]

I also have trouble fitting in with society and have also felt my life had a hidden meaning or a plan which is kept out of my view. [...] I also noticed in the article that you have read Sitchin's "Genesis Revisited". In 1992, when I lived in Atlantic City, my apartment was on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean. I was a night auditor at a hotel, and so was forced to sleep during the day. It was a studio apartment, and the morning sun rising over the ocean would illuminate my room with sunlight, despite the blinds. I would fold a pillowcase and use it as a blindfold to shield my eyes from the sun in order to sleep. On one occasion I did this, and just as I was falling into the state somewhere between waking and sleep, I felt what I can only describe as electricity enter through both of my ears. It seemed to impact my brain. My entire body spasmed convulsively. The next day I went to the bookstore looking for I knew not what. I found Sitchin's "The 12th Planet" and began reading it and his other books vociferously for months, eventually taking detailed notes. It wasn't until sometime afterwards that I thought there might be a connection between the electric charge through my ears, my finding Sitchin the next day and the subsequent obsessiveness with which I poured through his materials. I still don't know what to think of it, if anything at all.

Last, but certainly not least, I believe that I too may have lived in a previous life. [...] One of my favorite musical groups, The Smashing Pumpkins, have a line in one of their songs that states, "Belief is not to notice, belief is just a faith, and faith can't help you to escape." I just hold all belief in abbeyance until proof positive comes. Even then, I am more than willing to discard belief systems should they meet with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. [...]

Subject: a surprising valentine
Date sent: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 19:19:54 -0800

dear laura and ark,

the story by thomas french was astonishing in many ways. it was unusually good for a newspaper story. you were uncommonly fortunate to have him for a reporter. also very unusual was the tremendous amount of space allowed by editors. you said it seemed short, but in comparison with other newspaper work, was practically a book. also unusual was the amount of work thomas french was able to do with you. usually, features are written without much participation from the people in the stories. i was quite surprised that it turned out to be actually a moving, sympathetic story that evoked great affection for you and ark. reporters work within very strict limits and often are not in control of their own work, as i'm sure you are aware, but within the boundaries of daily journalism i think this one came off really well ... now it is up to you to bring out your own two books, in what i hope is a big series of books, Grail and the Cassies, so we can all buy them and send you $$$!!! love from [name withheld]

Date sent: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 19:21:48 -0500
Subject: Article in the newspaper
To: laura@...


This will be the third time I have tried to type a letter to you since reading you article. Every time I typed an opening line it sounded so nuts. So here goes, I wanted to share an experience with you, that I had as a child, and perhaps you can tell me if after all these years it was only a dream. I was perhaps between the ages 5-9 years, I was sleeping in the upper bunk in the bedroom of my mom and stepdad's house, I remember waking up to a person (when I told my mom about this she thought it was my real dad trying to kidnap me, but he did'nt have a key, so at my early age I kinda dismissed her theory) and taking me by the hand. We walked out of the bedroom and into what was dining/kitchen with windows facing the driveway and I remember that it was bright outside and that I should not be sleeping. I should be outside playing instead. That is all I can remember of the incident, except that the person had on a long coat and hat.

Laura, I will be 46 years old this may. I can still remember this as if it were yesterday. My mom and stepdad's home was in Illinois, in what was known as an unincorporated area. When I read your article about all you studies, your varied interests, and your concern for people, (living and dead) I felt that perhaps sharing this with someone else, like yourself would be okay. I truly belive in reincarnation. I identify with alot of your ideas. I hope you can shed some light on this experience for me. From one seeker, to another

P.S. What really cemented my resolve to write to you is in the "Kidd" article you asked the "C"s, why your son "picked" you. My mom asked me that when I was very little. I don't know what I answered.

To: laura@...
Subject: Facsinating
Date sent: 14 Feb 2000 17:20:50 -0500


I have just read your story per the Times and subsequently am in the process of studying your site. Are you familiar with a Californian named Nora Amrani? Wonder if we could open general dialog. For example, did you know that the word Orion is actually pronounced Ayr-An and gives us the term Aryan. Hope to hear from you. Sincerely [name withheld]

Date sent: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 16:22:04 -0500

Thank you for being real. It is so hard sometimes to go on when nothing you see (or hear or feel) seems real.

Date sent: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 12:46:15 EST
To: laura@...

Dear Laura:

I found the story truly amazing, because in part, it was my story, too. I imagine you hear that a lot. I am a hypnotherapist also, but unlike you, I used my talents for pain relief. I am certified in [blank], but not here. I have practiced T.M. for years, as well as self-hypnosis. I have always felt that I was not meant to be in this world at this time. I tell people that I march to a different drummer. I do not pretend to be versed in the many different subjects, such as yourself, but I have this strong sense that I want to know about my "past-life". I have, for years, wanted to experience past-life regression, but I don't know whom to turn to. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with the public. Of course, not everyone will understand, but then, do you really expect them to? Congratulations to you and Ark. I am in my third marriage and still looking for the ever-evasive "True Self." However, this time I am married to a man 20 years my senior, so it is more like a father-daughter relationship. I have promised myself that, when this "phase of my life" is over, I will concentrate on finding answers. I envy you. [name withheld]

Date sent: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 11:20:17 EST
Subject: Past life hypnosis regression
To: laura@...

Dear Laura,

I really enjoyed the St. Pete Times article on you. You mirrored a lot of my thoughts and questions in regard to why I'm here, my life purpose, trying to wheedle and pry answers out of God etc. [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 23:17:54 -0500 (EST)
To: laura@...
Subject: Thanks for sharing your story

My landlady and I really enjoyed your newspaper article as we are a lot like you and have experienced similar encounters in our lives. I wonder how many people are out there like us and just afraid of recognizing it or letting it be known. I am so happy you followed your heart and found your love. May God bless your union and your family. Wished I could have heard your story at MUFON which I occasionally attend at the Clearwater Library. If you do it again would love to hear you! Maybe your courage to share your life will bring others out to share their experiences. 2000 will be good for us all. Sincerely, [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 17:44:34 -0800
To: laura@...
Subject: "Exorcist in Love"

Dear Laura and Ark:

(Pardon my being so "familiar" and bold as to call you by your first names). I did use your first names because in some way I feel as if we might all know each other... or possibly have known each other in another time. I'm assuming that this is a time that you might dread the most... the emails stemming from the article. Please be assured that I wish only to say a sincere "thank you.".... Not only have I read the article but of course went directly to your website where I've only completed the first page. I intend to digest the site in its entirety as I was unable to pry my fingers/eyes from the article. Don't EVER change for the public's sake... and don't take the criticism to heart... when dealing with the general public ignorance (on their part) is often bliss.. (smile). It took a lot of courage on your part to share what has been written.... I, for one, am now a devoted fan. [name withheld]

Subject: RE: St. Pete Times Article
Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 19:31:14 -0500

I devoured the article today in the St. Pete Times, and immediately went to your web-site. I was not disappointed, as the web-site reflected Tom French's depiction of you and Ark: Two intelligent, well-spoken, "renaissance" people, also living this life. I don't think you should worry about the article, or feel that he depicted you as "crazy," or you and Ark as "boring." On the contrary, I thought he played the devil's advocate role as a reporter must for a mainstream audience, yet portrayed you as an intelligent, inspiring figure who is in touch with some things most of us can't understand. I too am fascinated by science and have experienced things through Ouijia boards, and other "occult" practices, yet continue to live a normal life, raising a son and struggling to find my true purpose. Your web-site is refreshingly objective and thought-provoking. I support you, and wish you all the best, [name withheld]

To: laura@...
Subject: Exorcist In Love
Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 18:11:13 -0500

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 17:14:40 -0400
Subject: New info for you
To: laura@...

Hi Laura,

I read the article about you in the St. Pete Times. I felt it was necessary to tell you about the book, "Conversations With Tomorrow" written in a question/answer format taken from recordings of channeling done by Jasmine in CA. I had the book, lent it to a friend and never got it back. When I recently went to a book store to reorder the book, it was no longer being published. I contacted the person who gave me the book and she is trying to locate another copy for me. This is why I do not have Jasmine's last name and may be forgetful on some details of the book. Nevertheless, the entity that Jasmine was communicating with is very, very similar to the C's. They were called the Fairns, a "group" of over 2-300,000 souls communicating through Jasmine, who would speak for them, an effective method for long, complicated answers. Her voice changed as the Fairns spoke through her, each soul contributing their individual knowledge on the subject and answering as a single entity. If you have read this book already, I apologize for the recap. The book is about a scientist who found out about Jasmine and believed her channeling was a hoax. In an effort to prove she was a fake, he decided to have a session with her and his entire session(s) were recorded. Later these recordings became the book. After his experience, he no longer thought she was a fake and the channeling was a hoax. He became a true believer. Interestingly enough, his questions were scientifically based, hoping to go over her head with his knowledge. To his surprise, she not only answered all of his difficult, high end questions accurately, but she startedto give him new ideas and possibilities. He was astounded by her knowledge and that is what got him to the level of thinking that maybe someone else really was speaking through her. The book is divided into chapters about different subjects. One chapter is about trees, another the oceans and yet another describing the different realms, their purpose and functions. They describe a 3 planet connection and talk about the reasons why we are being visited by others. They talk about an interesting job that "aliens" have under our oceans of keeping dumped toxic waste from escaping into the waters and the significance of this work. The book has much to offer. [...] Anyone could contact Jasmine and talk to the Fairns. Years ago, I spoke to Jasmine twice but never had a session. My friend who gave me the book did have a recorded session with Jasmine and the Fairns. She said they did not speak english fluently, or at least did not use combinations of words that we normally use and they had a great sense of humor. I'm not sure if I sparked your interest or not, but I thought it was worth contacting you. I hope you and Ark have a great life together and your work enriches your soul. [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 19:06:47 EST
Subject: Valentines Hope
To: laura@...

Dear Ms. Laura Knight-Jadczyk,

As a former reporter for the [newspaper name withheld for privacy] and a former dabbler in metaphysics (as a child & teenager) I read with much interest the story about you which appeared in the St. Pete Times today. At first I was shocked that the paper would even write about someone involved in channeling, etc. [...] Honey, I am surprised that those editors at the Times treated you as well and as fair as they appeared to have done in the article. I guess they've eased up a bit and are trying to be a little more open minded. Though I felt, perhaps as you did, that the story was missing lots of information - raising more questions about your life, you, and the events that we would of liked to have seen explored and answered in the story. It did however lead me to your website and related webpages, which I spent about 2 hours reading. And it will probably lead many other readers to do the same. The story did not make me want to rush out and buy books on channeling, UFO's, exorcism, physics or the like. But it did give me a sense that one should follow one's own intuition and we should all attempt to quench our thirst for knowledge and truth within ourselves. It also provided a nice love story. I am about your age (46) and about to leave a 23-year relationship (perhaps because it is not feeding my own soul) so your own tale of a newfound love gives hope we women should not be afraid to satisfy our own calling (and not be distracted by the needs or frustrations of others with my lifestyle or interests). In addition, the article made me believe that you must have an amazing amount of energy to raise all your kids and also to do so much reading and probing. I think more women would like to know just where you get all that energy and I would of liked for that article to have asked or answered questions like: "just how much sleep do you get?" "with all that curiosity, why didn't your family encourage you to pursue an academic career?". Your newspaper story didn't answer enough to my liking, and there were tougher questions I would of liked to have seen answered, too. [...] I would encourage you to write your own book about your life story because it sure is an interesting story. Good luck to you on your many endeavors. A reader in St. Petersburg

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 13:55:06 -0500

Dear Laura,
Just finished reading the article in the St. Pete Times Sunday Edition. Was both shocked and slightly relieved to find that someone else in the world has experienced the lizard-like encounters similiar to mine. Although, I would describe mine as almost an alligator-lizard-demonic creature. I have been very close-mouthed concerning these experiences only telling immediate family and finally my husband who doesn't know what to make of it. All I know is that it was real, terrifying, paralizing and I never want to encounter something like that again. It did follow me around for a while from location to location and seems to be gone now. My feeling are, lets not stir it up again. It happened at a time in my life when I was weak and I am determined to not go there again. I just wanted to reconfirm that it was indeed real and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Thanks. [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 12:22:41 -0500
To: "laura@..."

Dear Laura,

I have just finished reading your story in the St. Pete Times and admire you for your courage in allowing your story to be told. After reading the story, I went to your web site and read some pages. The comment labeled Dean had some things I could comment on at length, but it was all channeled to me. I understand all that was written, and the answers came to me before I read the next questions. I thank you for your story, and also thank Thomas French for his diligence over the years in gathering the information. Thank you again for 'coming out', and I wish you and your beloved partner a loving life. Blessings, [name withheld]

To: laura@...
Subject: spirit
Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 15:57:15 EST

I read the incredible article that was published in the Sunday newspaper, and I was facinated. Not only is my fiance exactly like you, but had the same basic Nazi dream. The interesting part is that she has these "powers" that you also have. She also can see the spirits of the dead, see the future of an individual upon touch (only if the person consents to this),and as well as I do, we have astral travel. I'm so glad that there are others like us. [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 15:49:41 EST
Subject: re: the article
To: laura@...

Just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading French's article about you and your life and found it very interesting. I also just read your account of the sisters in Punta Gorda and that was really intriguing also. I'm not sure where I stand with this whole thing but I do believe there is more out there then just "us"! [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 15:20:07 EST
Subject: Article
To: laura@...

Hello Laura!

I saw the article "The Exorcist in Love" first thing this morning. Once I picked it up, I was unable to put it down. I don't know how long I sat there reading page after page...but after I "came out of it", I felt somehow different. I don't know what to say really, except to say that I was astounded at many things. Reading the article about you made me realize two things.....one is that I believe you. Two is that I have lost hope. I think you lost hope too...shortly before you met Ark. I am at that miserable place you were at....after your separation. I won't go into my life.....but suffice to say that I felt like, in many ways, that I was reading my own story. I've always felt different. I've always longed to learn about the world and the outer world. I've mostly been a loner....and I also dedicated my life, 17 years of it at this point, to the wrong man. How desperately lonely is it? I hope your memories of that time are fast fading. Reading your article made me realize that I've lost hope. I said that already....I'm mostly just new to this realization and am dealing with it. But.....like you, I can hope to FIND hope again. I'm not saying a man will fill the bill......but something in me has been in a dormant sleep for many years....and I think I woke up today. I'm pouring over your website. I think it's fascinating. I'm glad I got the paper this morning.....usually I never see it. My husband reads it and tosses it out. I asked him to read it.....because it really does give insight into myself....but he turned up his nose. What a world he lives in....ignorant bliss, all knowing, never knowing. I'm rambling.....but thank you for sharing your story, although no doubt it couldn't have been easy for you to do so. And Thomas French is an amazing writer, I think. Thank you for your part in waking me up. I believe....am starting to believe...that hope is never totally lost...and that it is certainly time to wake up and see the things my eyes can see and to also see the things only my soul can see. It's been a long time coming. [name withheld]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000
Subject: St. Pete times article
To: laura@...

I just finished the times article about you. I was somewhat disappointed in how the article went. After visiting your web site and reading your response to the article, the pieces fell into place. I am [a Public Official], and have dealt with reporters for almost 27 years. The treatment that you received from Mr. French is typical of how my dealings with the press has been. They have a sense that they are just above what they write about. That there slant on whatever they are writing about is the only truth. Enough of my rant about reporters, I did manage to glean from the article that you are an interesting and intelligent person. And you have made me think that thoughts that I have held most of my life are valid. One last thought, your husband mentioned in a response to Mr. French that in his journal he would write that "whatever you do, do it like the fate of the universe was at stake'." That has been my exact feeling all of my life, but your husbands words have put into a more imaginable idea in my brain. Thank You so Much, [name withheld for privacy]

Date sent: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 12:36:03 EST
Subject: The Thomas French article about Laura

I have just finished reading, word by word, the article by Thomas French about Laura. Please pass on to Laura my warmest thanks for being, in a world so full of skepticism and unfair judgmentalists, so brave as not only to dare to seek out the things she has, but also to have had the courage to share her experiences about them with us all. I have had some experiences myself, different and far less extensive, which I cannot believe are simply dreams or explainable feelings. I have always supposed everyone has had experiences like these -- now I am not so sure. One day, if an opportunity comes, I may dare to share them with her and you. I do not know what to make of such things, and I do not know what to make of what I have just read, but I fundamentally believe that we have stopped living when we close our minds to unexplored possibilities. What would we be, as humans, if no one dared to ask the questions that no one dares to ask? Hooray for Laura! God bless you both. [name withheld]



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