Letters From Readers

Note: Names, as well as any text that would tend to specifically identify the writer, have been removed for privacy. Text that is sensitive, or that relate to requesting specific help has been omitted.

From: AP, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
Subject: Different Realities + Questions

Hi Laura,

I want to share with you my experience in trying to order the Cleckley book. Here it is from Borders Books: "The publisher of this title has either gone out of business or moved without leaving a forwarding address. YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Call us if you can supply any more information."

Title: Mask of Sanity
Price: $21.95

This is exactly how the card I received in the mail read. I have ordered hundreds of books from Borders Books and have never had such an experience. Don't ya think maybe you're on to something big!!?

Laura said:
"It's like they are hardwired to be the way they are, and those who are not psychopaths may, indeed, have software that mimics the psychopath - but since it is software, it can be uninstalled and new software can be installed. But the psychopath - being hardwired - cannot be changed."

This is exactly correct. Psychopaths are hardwired and live in a different reality.

I have been thinking that the DSM-IV has creatively camouflaged many varieties of psychopaths. Again, in looking at the Cluster B Personality Disorders: (1) Antisocial; (2) Borderline; (3) Histrionic; (4) Narcissistic, we find a cornucopia of African lions, Mountain lions, Sharks, Cheetas, etc. you get the idea. Each book has a varied exterior but with the same interior hardwired structure and characteristics.

(1) Antisocial Personality Disorder - These are people who engage in a full range of violent and unlawful acts. Many of these individuals can be found in the police force, armed services, etc. Many are found in prisons. (Prognosis for treatment: Very Poor).

(2) Borderline Personality Disorders - These psychopaths are characterized by extreme emotional ups and downs (emotional lability). They cause havoc wherever they go because they are masters at manipulating others and causing problems in interpersonal relationships. One of their favorite games involves telling lies or distorted information to cause conflict between others while they stand back and watch with the Buddha smile. (Prognosis for treatment: Very Poor).

(3) Histrionic Personality Disorder - These individuals are very flamboyant, visible, need to be the center of attention in any situation. They literally suck the energy from every person with whom they come in contact. These psychopaths can be found in the entertainment industry. I am not saying they are all like this but a great number are. They are me, me, me and only me! Yet, on the surface they can have a very hypnotic effect on the general population. Just look at how people talk about their favorite "movie star, singer, etc." (Prognosis: Nonexistent because they are so successful in the STS framework).

(4) Narcissistic Personality Disorder - There is much overlap between them and the histrionics. These individuals are totally self-centered but are some of the most superficially charming people you will ever meet. They can be found in concentrated numbers in politics and in the legal system. They too are major energy vampires. I think of them as a huge black hole. (Prognosis: Nonexistent because they are so successful at the expense of us).

It seems to me that there are different varities of psychopaths who have the same hardwiring but perhaps some different software so they can perform a variety of functions.

Another interesting fact related to the DSM-IV and Personality Disorders is they they are coded on something called Axis II and insurance companies will not pay for an Axis II diagnosis. The DSM-IV is set up with a Diagnostic System with five Axes and on Axis I we have the "Primary Psychiatric Diagnoses" such as Depression, Anxiety Disorders, etc. What this means is that therapists will not address the Axis II - Personality Disorders because they don't get paid for it. Most interesting don't ya think?


R*** From : USA wrote :

I want to thank you for your series "Adventures With Cassiopaea!". I have found the series informative and instructive. Having had dealings in the past year with a psychopathic neighbor I can relate to your experience. It was during this experience that I discovered your web site and the information you provided helped open my eyes and helped me cope with the situation.

People may argue with your information and call it fiction but even if it was, the information you are providing is of great value in understanding human behavior and our current political situation. Before I had trouble reconciling the idea of whether the universe was a 'predatory universe' or a 'love and light universe'. After reading your material I realized the it was not an 'either or' issue but that the two universes existed side by side and in relation to each other. I thank you for that insight.

Speaking of psychopaths I just came across the following website 'http://www.ufowatchdog.com/reedlinks.html' . Another psychopath taking advantage of the UFO community.

Keep up the good work

P***, Ph.D. (Psychology) From: USA wrote:

Hi Laura,

I wanted to write you a personal note to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts. I think you are right on the money with the psychopath research. I read "Without Conscience" and have recommended it to many of my colleagues and several sets of parents. I am seeing more of these kids in my private practice and in the school system where I work than ever before.

md*** From : USA wrote :

Just another random viewer who has been reading the site for 6 months or so and thought it was time to let you know that I am on the same page as your ideas.

Being from the USA with a christian background, I've always felt how funny it is that the bible stories are on the same level as other fantasy tales, yet I was supposed to believe they are above them based on faith alone. Something in me has always questioned religions and come to the conclusion they are all related.

I've felt conflict between good and bad choices all my life and have felt different than most. I now think that I may be one of those people that live during this time because I'm on the verge of making a choice (sto/sts) in jumping to the next level. I thought maybe it was just the sts way of thinking and maybe it is, but now I feel it's the conflict within me and that I really am different a lot of people.

Looking back over my life ... I realize I've had nearly instant karmic reactions for the choices in my life. I give money to people, I find money. I make fun of somebody, I wind up being made fun of. The past few years something changed inside me that's made me realize these relationships, overcome my fear of millenia, being confined to my religion and just in general opened my mind to the unlimited possibilities. It's like something inside me is pushing me to just free my mind and open myself up to the possibilities.

It's funny I stumbled on this site when I was looking up chakras and quickly it's proven to be an invaluable resource. Nearly everything on here is something I agree with, or in couple cases something I've actually said...stated here nearly word for word by the cassiopaeans. That's how I know believe I was probably supposed to find this site.

Thanks for dedicating yourselves so fully to helping others and myself "awaken" and thanks for the research that proves it's not just made up fiction but in fact based on events and facts. I only hope someday I'll find the same passion.

From: "John M****
Subject: psychopathy

Whatever criticisms may be levelled at you, your work on the nature and meaning of psychopathy is truly revealing food for thought. Long may you be preserved and persevere!

The buzzing streets are fast asleep. Even from a mental perspective, energy always having to go somewhere, we must be fed upon; and that this is not recognized by the "culture" is the real mystery. The human failure is cultural, knowledge, facts, reality, body presence.

I love you for what you are doing and trying to do. It's why I love Gurdjieff. The social impossibility of the task is truly appealing. How to do it best?

Sharon and his group seem to have succeeded in creating the conditions to destroy the semitic peoples. You will know, i'm sure, that a hundred or so suitcase (literally) nuclear bombs have gone missing from the old USSR weapons inventory. Where are they now? Seattle, Tel Aviv, London? The news is as heavily sleep doctored in the UK as it seems to be in the States. Europe is a fat old farmer, fast asleep, awaiting the arrival of the fourth reich, in whatever new devilish form, (probably manhattanish,) but my instincts suddenly appeal to like minds across the universe, or as old Gurdjieff said; "if you going to live like a dog, at least live like a wolfhound."

In truth, Sharon and his buddies have so disgusted everyone, and by extension, the US government has so disgusted everyone over here, that it will take a little time for everyone to recover from the shock and go back to sleep and forget all about it. Just as Hitler counted on, and as Sharon counts on now. The only difference being is that you must never impugn the honour of an arab, especially a Moslem arab.

Advise your friends to avoid living in US cities, as I advise mine to settle out of London. The heavy price of support for Israeli 7 commandments psychopaths is as inevitably going to be paid as is inevitable the result of making meaningful relationships with the local protection racketeer.

God help America, and God help intelligent, humane Jews, for whom my greatest sympathy extends, for I am sure, their suffering must presently be of monumental proportions, to be publicly represented by such disgusting places like israel.

Yet our black and white cat, Ouspensky, still chases mice in the deep recesses of the kitchen, emerging triumphantly with the occasional poor bedraggled creature, and that is his state, his job, and his pleasure.

May I find some way to make an accessible cultural form, a way, of expressing some of the many powerful realities expressed by your group over there!

I just felt like giving you a bit of positive feedback so to speak, especially about your tremendous work , the thoughtful work, on the nature and implications,of psychopathy,

john m***

From: G***
Subject: Just finished reading Amazing Grace

G*** From : USA wrote :

I don't get a whole lot of reading time, In bed before going to sleep usually. Quiet Time. As I read the pages of your book I oftentimes thought/felt that you were telling my story. It/Was Amazing Grace for me. Finally finding someone who was going through similar stages was/is immensely Supporting/Empowering for me. Brings tears to my eyes. Awful lonely sometimes being surrounded by so many people that are just going through the motions. I just asked who it is that has been telepathically guiding me for so many years their name. The answer was "It is We, We are ONE..... I can't imagine for the life of me why it took me so long to ask. I have been Nudged often and purposefully Changed the Subject. [,,,]

There is no way that We are Here by CHANCE. We are on a MISSION. We have stepped up to the plate where Others "Fear to Tread". We are Blessed and Protected by Whatever/Whomever/Whomsoever Believith in Him. It's Difficult getting to the Bare Bones Truth. But What a Trip!!!

I feel Plugged In. Buzzy all over at Times like these. I am so Thankful that you were Willing and Strong Enough to Endure the Struggle/Join the Battle...Ride the Wave...Get off of the Fence...Join the Dance.

I leave you with my favorite poem written by Dana Redfield called Summoned.

The sky is on fire,
Our Mother is melting,
Her waters are boiling.
Two in a field, one is gone.

Brawn may survive,
But if the Soul Departs,
Man is but a machine.

Shun the spirit and
Intelligence mutates to
The lowest denominator.
Brute force reigns.

What's the use of a
Brain asleep to the life within?
The larger the cranium
The better for butting heads?
Souls in jeopardy call

For a militia of
Another kind.
A spiritual warrior stands.

Help is here for
All who remember,
All who care,
All who ask.

The body returns,
Dust to dust.
The spirit goes Home.

Where two or more
Join to gather,
There we are,
Never alone.

Blessings, G***

From: "C" UK
Subject: personal mirth


Finally got around to reading the "copyright" section of the "Maynerd Most" material. Again, the research and organization are excellent. I couldn't help but giggle at the idea of what the scene would be like in the courtroom, should this ever actually go to trial, heaven forbid (or 6D forbid or whomever. No, wait, they can't: free will. Bummer . . . .)

Can you imagine the judge having to take the idea of channelling SERIOUSLY, if only for the trial? AND the lawyers, regardless of the side they're on? Storm Bear on the stand? Or better, Terri Burns?? The board as an exhibit? What if the C's are called as witnesses?? Will Maynerd Most show up as the Discovery channel guy, or Dr. Evil? (What a glorious chance to use the legal system in digging up his background!)

And what will everyone make of "Frank"????

Will the Times show up? The Wall Street Journal!! After all, this is an important copyright case.

And official ruling (it is to be hoped) that a transdimensional channeller who is only the receiver of information, but not the initiator or organizer of same, comes under the classification of "hired worker". Monty Python couldn't come up with this one in a million years . . . . Really, just the larger idea is so entertaining.


From : Greece : Athens *** wrote :

First, forgive me the errors, because I am not a native English speaker.

Allow me to thank you and congratulate you for sharing your enlightening visions, research and perceptions with us. I greatly admire you for your efforts, strength and dedication. Also I want to ask you if you would mind me translating some of your intriguing WTC material in Greek and publish it on my -admittedly miserable- home page. I hope that the current events will not seriously restrict our access to the important material you have collected.

Dear Ark and Laura,

Your article on The New Jerusalem is most correct. It is the most wonderful thing I have read on your site thus far.

It is due to the collective ontological history of mankind that Christ and His Kenosis has been rejected. As far as the Goddess and Hero King, this is in keeping with the history of the Theotokos, The Birth-Giver of God and Christ the Incarnation, Himself. The corruption and rejection of Christianity is very true, [...] What does the Birthgiver of God really Mean? What is it in our collective experience that is ultimately Truly Terrifying? It is the Watching of the electron with the expectation to "find" some new thing that changes it and its behavior. It is our little creator/destroyer selves who watch "everything".

From : USA : Oregon *** wrote:

Just another random viewer who has been reading the site for 6 months or so and thought it was time to let you know that I am on the same page as your ideas. Being from the USA with a christian background, I've always felt how funny it is that the bible stories are on the same level as other fantasy tales, yet I was supposed to believe they are above them based on faith alone. Something in me has always questioned religions and come to the conclusion they are all related.

I've felt conflict between good and bad choices all my life and have felt different than most. I now think that I may be one of those people that live during this time because I'm on the verge of making a choice (sto/sts) in jumping to the next level. I thought maybe it was just the sts way of thinking and maybe it is, but now I feel it's the conflict within me and that I really am different a lot of people.

Looking back over my life ... I realize I've had nearly instant karmic reactions for the choices in my life. I give money to people, I find money. I make fun of somebody, I wind up being made fun of. The past few years something changed inside me that's made me realize these relationships, overcome my fear of millenia, being confined to my religion and just in general opened my mind to the unlimited possibilities. It's like something inside me is pushing me to just free my mind and open myself up to the possibilities. It's funny I stumbled on this site when I was looking up chakras and quickly it's proven to be an invaluable resource.

Nearly everything on here is something I agree with, or in couple cases something I've actually said...stated here nearly word for word by the cassiopaeans. That's how I know believe I was probably supposed to find this site.

Thanks for dedicating yourselves so fully to helping others and myself "awaken" and thanks for the research that proves it's not just made up fiction but in fact based on events and facts. I only hope someday I'll find the same passion.

Dear Laura and Ark,

I know you don't know me. I am just a person so accidentally stumbled onto your website. I am a classical singer, my wife is a pianist, we deal with singers all the time. She asked me if i would look up Nobility Syndrome on the net, since sometime ago I heard about it on NPR. But the engines did not give me that result. Instead it gave me Noah's Syndrome.

I started reading this week. I have read almost half of the book already, and some of your other articles. My wife is currently reading Les Mysteres des Cathedrales by Fulcanelli. Over along period of time we have read many things. When I started reading your book I felt something that I have not felt since I read "The morning of the Magicians" a sense of truth. Even though I was and am very sceptic of almost anything that comes out in the subject. My opinion has been that science and religion did not need to crash but be complementary to each other. By religion, i basically mean mystic thought.

I too since childhood experienced, like many have and choose to ignore it, prophetic dreams. This concept of prophetic dreams has been very troubling to me through out my entire life because generally speaking it was seldom i dream tings that were nice that came true. However the bad things almost always came true. The last big prophetic dream I had that had enourmous "ring" was last year. I do not remember the dates exactly, but I remember that I had dreams in succesion.

Tuesday night, I dreamed a of a great earth quake, people running everywhere, asking my help, I being on a high pinacle trying to help others. they kept screaming "The Savior, The Savior." The next night, Wednesday, I had another dream, more catastrophes, people dying everywhere. The word "the Savior" was uttered once again. Thursday night came, I had numerous dreams, this time, one flash came. Everything turned into a TV like screen, and with red the words Death was written in many font sizes and looks over the screen. I woke up. I told some friends about it, no one seem to care.

As it turns out, that weekend i was out of town singing, and doing things related to my career so I never saw TV or anything. But on Monday as i turned on NPR, the first news I heard was: Great death toll in "El Salvador," victims are still being pulled out of the mudslides etc, from the earthquake. You can imagine the angst and guilt that I felt, because i was not able to put 2 and 2 together. Obviously "The savior" reffered to "El Salvador" direct translation. I am an native Spanish speaker, and the here I only speak English.

My mind is now tuned to think, dream, and do everything in English. I was filled with great sorrow and consternation, and guilt, because I knew, in advance what was going to happen. The earthquake took place on Saturday morning. I felt that the least i could have done was call someone to prepare the people. But of course, this would have accomplished nothing but fear and no one would have believed me anyway.

As I read several of your articles, I see that I am not alone in this predicament. In the last 5 years I have been seraching for systems that will allow me to understand with happens to me when i dream. I have now gone from mainstream New Age and ocult books to Western Qabalah, to Jewish kaballah, to Buddhism. And now I have found you. Only to realize that what i knew before i did any reading was true. Our brains function within an electromanegtic band, and like radios, they can me transmitors and receivers, and capable of opening channels with other realms of universal existances. Everything is connected.

I was thinking about your publication problems. And I thought that your PDF formats would enable many people to get better copies of your writings, and store them. If for any reason your website is shut down, many others could preserve what you wrote. I hope you give some consideration to tranferring everything to PDF format. Good luck with your endeavors.


The last few adventures 26-31. The Team has done such a great job on letting the light shine on so many things.

I am so grateful that you all have done so much work. It is like your reading my mind on what needs to be brought to light. Thank you so much. I pray for your protection in knowledge and safety. You have given me hope to work today to repair the past to Change the Future. Thank you

From : USA : Arizona *** wrote :

Read your latest "Grace" series - fantastic. They seem somehow even more readable than the comparable pieces of the Wave series. I'm so glad you have taken the time to put together these accounts, they really bring a lot of diverse strands of reality together in ways that help me make sense of my own life. Regards, -JP

From : Espana/Spain : espana *** wrote :

Gracias por una web como la vuestra.

Subject: Thank you for my life back..
From : USA, TEXAS *** wrote :

Greetings, Yes I know that the subject line is dramatic, but there is a bit of truth to it. You see I got blasted not to long ago, maybe 8 months ago, with the information regarding Planet X. It was very small at first, but eventually being the individual I am, I let myself go down each path, each senario, each emotion. But alas I am tired, and I want my creativity back, my time to learn the next step of technology, to basically evolve. I had put out the question a long time ago. I have had many questions, they all are answered, however I find if the answer is undesired we tend to await another answer, hoping for a deviation from the first one. Like hoping that the word NO will be different perhaps the next time we hear it..we are a funny crowd.!!

Anyways you are busy, wonderful. Be thankful, as I am thankful for you and your work. I look forward to your further observation in regards to 'earthchanges' or whatever at this point it is called.

I read Mark Hazelwoods "Blindsided" book today, (finished it in two hours). After reading it I realized that two things bugged me. One, his only real explanation to the differrences or mis-dating going on between the Gregorian calender, comes from a very Tammie Faye looking physcic on a talk show. Wow, I almost re-read the book one more time to make sure I had not missed anything. All this time I had not read the book, though forming an opinion of it as well as an opinion of MH and the Planet X crowd.

Thanks be to you both for this site.

From: ***
Subject: thank you

Whatever the intent is behind what you all are doing out there, your words are well appreciated. too bad the "news" doesn't give such heartfelt and interesting commentaries on what is REALLY going on around us. please keep working hard as you seem to represent what most humans would deem as a beacon of light for the lightseekers (such as myself).

Dear Laura,
I discovered your site in early December. Thank you for your work. For refusing to take the C's word at face value. For the research and verification. And for putting your family first and refusing to join a New Age circuit where love and light could have made you more money than the search for the truth.

From : USA *** wrote :

I want to thank you for all the work you have done on thie site. The material is what I have been looking for and it has answered many of the questions I have about what is going on. No need to reply. Just wanted to say THANKS.. YOU ARE DOING MORE GOOD THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!

From: PR *** wrote :

Solo quiero dar las gracias, has sido muy inspirador. I just want to Thank you. You have been very inspirational for me.

From : USA *** wrote :

I truly believe you and Ark and out to help us all. That is why I follow you. We are only here for each other. I swear that [reading about] Maynerd being on a boat with Michael Aquino, I saw that in like a movie or a book once before. Try and look into it or ask the Cassiopaeans. I know its weird but I got kind of like a deja vu from reading that one part. Something I have seen before. You already send me all your updates so dont worry about sending new stuff. I also want to say that the transcripts are very helpful to me personally, they clear me up and let me see things how they really should be. Thank you and PEACE AND LOVE!!

From : USA *** wrote :

THANKS SO MUCH for posting this article! I feel as if someone FINALLY understands what I've been through for a quarter century, and am going through once again now. I'm sure I will spend a lot of time with the links you provided and the links each of these sites provides. Thanks. Kowledge IS protection!!! Gradually, I've been reading transcripts and other articles from you guys. I tend to trust the wide-awake reception, as well as the analysis you subject the material to. The Cassies make the most sense to me about what is going on at present. It would not surprise me in the least that the Lizzies are programming a lot of psychos. Keep posting your info. Some of us really appreciate it. Thanks

From : Belgium *** wrote :

Dear Laura and Ark,

As I have been reading the materials on your site regularly for quite some time now, I was wondering what I could contribute (apart from a donation, which I am contemplating anyway) in return for the benefits that I think I have derived from them -- the broadening of my outlook on certain things and, perhaps, the shaking of my complacency!

Then I remembered reading a book that addresses some of the issues that are dealt with in the Cassiopaean materials, more specifically the Aliens' agenda and the one world order. This book is entitled "Celui qui vient", by Anne et Daniel Meurois-Givaudan (published in recent years). The information is obtained from discarnate guides that the authors claim to have met through astral travel, and by drawing upon the akashic records.

While you may not find this method reliable, the fact remains that some elements seem to tie in rather neatly with a few points made by the Cassiopaeans. The only trouble is, the book is in French, and I doubt that any English translation of it exists. So I have done my best to translate a few excerpts that are reproduced below. Please forgive the clumsy passages, as I am no native speaker of English. For the same reason, please feel free to edit this text, should you wish to use it for publication (in which case I don't know what should be done as regards the copyright - upon request I can try to obtain any permission that would be necessary). Hope you'll find this of interest.

Note: the above-mentioned authors have further researched the one world order conspiracy and related matters apart from any channeled information. The results of their research are recorded in volume two of "Celui qui Vient", entitled "Les Dossiers du Gouvernement Mondial".

Best regards,

"Dive into the Universal Memory, it is the great book where everything has been recorded. You are going to discover the North-American continent shortly after WWII."

There now appear below and around us meadows, vast and somewhat dry expanses of land stretching as far as the eye can see, then roads that look like broad, straight ribbons ..., then huge hangars with a few planes and cars. We are getting closer at breath-taking speed. Wire netting, barbed wires emerge and vanish. We are now like two beings walking down a corridor. Beside and in front of us are military men, very high-ranking it seems, as well as a few men in civilian clothing. Everyone is striding along briskly while muted conversations can be heard. The atmosphere seems to be tense, and we are fighting not to get caught up in this, so as not to be sucked back into our physical bodies, so far away, so forgotten. To our right, the blurred profile of a weapon briefly appears, then fades away.

"One of the men in civilian suits walking in front of you is no other than the President of the United States of that time, D. Eisenhower," comments the voice of the great blond being. "He has been here before. The men around him belong to a top secret Office dependent on National Security. You are now in an underground military base. In fact, it is almost an entire underground city built with public funds cleverly embezzled by the Government itself."

"This is an experimental base for surveillance and exchanges, designed for the purposes of a situation that goes beyond habitual human understanding. The meeting you are going to witness is the tenth and last one of a series fraught with consequences for the future of humanity on earth".

The voice suddenly dies down while two officers wearing black helmets push a heavy door in front of which our group has just stopped. Before us appears a large and beautiful room or rather an office with all the modern equipment of the fifties. Standing in the middle, three men are waiting, two military men and one civilian and, close to them ... three creatures. Should we also say 'men' ? These beings are short, like eight or ten years old children. Their bodies are entirely covered with short gray hair. Is it a piece of clothing, some sort of close-fitting suit or their very skin? It is impossible for us to settle this question. Their eyes are small and vivacious, their noses are practically non-existent and their mouths extremely thin. As we enter the room, they step towards the man who appears to be the President, whom we can only see from behind. The three men by their side also move forward and two of them make a somewhat embarrassed military salute.

After pausing briefly, the President walks towards a large desk to his left. Without any further ado, every one quickly sits at this desk, including the three beings, the keenness of whose eyes is really astonishing. It is truly difficult to say what it is that drives them. Friendship or hostility?

"Nothing like that," the voice says. "These beings do not operate according to the principles of present human consciousness. Basically, they act under the impulse of a collective consciousness that drives them to seek their own profit, their own expansion, irrespective of anything that could be called a mood or state of mind. It is not that they are incapable of friendship, but, rather, that the realm of sensitiveness or affect has remained extremely undeveloped in them. On the other hand, Life has allowed them to make remarkable advances in the field of pure intellectual understanding. Hence this kind of coldness about them."

"And ... what are they here for?" we ask, while a conversation is awkwardly getting started around the desk. "They originate from an extremely distant world located light years away from yours. They have been observing the Earth for a long time just as, for a long time, we have been observing them from our own world. Their people suffer from a serious immunity problem that is precisely due to the peculiar dryness of the soul I have referred to."

"For any being, as long as the many aspects of the ego have not been transcended or sublimated, the emotional reality plays the part of a safety valve whose importance must not be underestimated. They do not possess this regulating capability, and that is their major handicap."

"At the time when this meeting was being held, they were claiming that they had no intention of settling down on your planet; they only wanted to do some research work and to make a few experiments in order to stop the disease that affects them all. As you can see, this sounds like a bad science-fiction novel. It is, however, the plain truth, a reality that has been kept from your race for half a century. A reality that is beginning to transpire through various testimonies, which will soon include yours."

"Nevertheless, all this would be fairly natural, were it not for the presence of a lie on those visitors' lips. Their purpose is indeed a gradual stranglehold on your planet, conceived of as an inexhaustible reservoir of the substance that they lack and take from certain animals."

"But what are they doing here with these military men and politicians ?"

"They are seeking to conclude a pact. In return for a few experiments on animals, they are offering an unprecedented scientific contribution to the US Government. It is their way of allaying any suspicion or reluctance."

Around the table from which we cannot take our eyes, a real conversation has at last begun. The three little beings seem to speak faultless American English. We are intrigued by the somewhat shrill pitch of their voices and by the attitude of one of the three men that were standing by their side upon our arrival in the room. It is the civilian, who seems to know them particularly well and to be openly acting as their mouthpiece or supporter in the heat of the discussion.

"Do not be surprised at this" our guide's voice says. He is one of the very first representatives or members of what at the time was not yet the one world government, but for which the ground was being prepared. In fact, when the meeting you can see took place, this man knew much more about this whole business than the President himself or any politician in power."

"As you can see him there, he is fully cognizant of the middle-term objectives of the little beings."

"And just what are these objectives ?"

"To support the setting up, over a few decennia, of a 'Planetary Government' giving absolute power to a very small elite of individuals who will let them have their own way".

"Obviously, this involves gaining full control of the populations through the deliberate spreading of epidemics, through premeditated wars and economic unbalances."

"This means that there is a long-term objective, doesn't it?"

"Indeed there is. An ulterior motive that most of those who are cooperating with them and who form the core of the one world government are not aware of. This goal - after urging this government to set up a 'unique dominant race'-- is total control of the planet and genetic fusion with its last inhabitants."

"Get into the habit of not just thinking in terms of nations, continents or even in planetary terms", the blond being's voice continues. You must think in universal terms. And it is a good thing if unfolding events force you to do so."

"For now, keep analyzing what's going on. Look at that metal device that is being displayed on the desk by one of the little gray creatures. It's one of the first elements that will allow your 20th century technology to make a giant leap forward."

"In this room, it forms the subject of bargaining that should have given the US an uncontested supremacy, which, however, will rapidly be undermined by other negotiations being conducted in another country."

"For, at the same time that these events were occurring, the gray creatures were already getting ready to make a similar contact with a few Soviet politicians in power, thus betraying the exclusive agreement that is at stake around this table.

For a while, we observe the small shining object in silvery metal, which looks like a miniature printed circuit. Then, suffocating in this stuffy atmosphere, we can't help reacting with a start that pulls us back in the presence of our four companions. But why are you showing this to us?" we ask at once.

"Even though this exactly reflects what happened fifty years ago, even though this has been intensifying and bringing about serious consequences at the present time, aren't these pictures just the kind of thing that would generate fear or make people paranoid, rather than bring about any progress? We are concerned with the expansion of spiritual consciousness! Why are you steeping us like this in troubled waters?"

"We have told you before, my friends: because nothing must be separated from anything else. Spiritual consciousness worth the name does not exclude any field whatsoever. It is concerned with everything. So much so, that it is precisely upon its anesthesia, or upon the blinders that some want to put on it, that those who are currently wielding power in the world are counting.

The Awakening of Spirit means insubordination to all egotic plans and therefore to any government that claims it has the right to think in your place, whether it be politically, economically or religiously. Breaking free from the illusion we have told you about is not just waiting for it to dissolve through the force of prayers alone. It is shining your Spirit through it, taking all the density out of it by becoming the active ally of the One Who is coming."

"Do not blame all the evils that beset you on the little gray creatures. These know your weaknesses, your lack of determination, and they take advantage of this - that's all. The same is true of the one world government, some of whose members are cooperating with them. Humanity has called it into existence through its own inability to take charge of itself."

"The little gray creatures are themselves 'radio-controlled' by a force far beyond them. They are the unconscious ambassadors of a destructuring energy that compels all autonomous life forms to react. Think about it: this energy itself, thus let loose and allowed to operate, is an integrant part of the Divine Plan by virtue of the fact that it induces a maturing process."

From : Australia *** wrote :

I'm 'dying' to hear more of your pshcyomantium (I think I've spelt it wrong), now that you've got it in the right place. LOL Blessings to you both on your journey ..I have only just tuned in,(18,19 & 20) and when I read 'pangs of psychic hunger' I almost wept.. I am realizing the past is the key to the future .. I had many signs (now that I 'see') along the way, but, I chose to ignore them (bugger ! :) :) .. Thanks for sharing your just about everything, now I must go back and start at the beginning .. Much Love

From: Canada : Ontario *** wrote :

I just got on your site after reading the wave series X111H and I see the words of my favorite song "Won't Get Fooled Again". This song has been my anthem for years but now I am not sure. Is STS trying to warn me from this site? You often said to beware of things that seem to be right, or secronouios (please excuse the spelling). This song has always uplifted me and until recentlly I did not know why. Please tell me no. I know you must get a thosand questions daily so a brief response would be apprieciated. I am awakened from Light and Love, you gave me balance. Actually having written the above I have answered my question. No need to respond.

From India *** wrote:

Hi , I feel overwhelmed to go through ur Research you people are doing under the so much tough conditions. I want to thank you guys for the work. There is lot of hindu mythology (including stories of ramayana, Mahabaharata, Bhagavat Gita ,purana's, Hindu God Sri Krishna, Vishnu 10 incarnations, etc) with lot of fascinating stories with lot of resemblance to our present technologies and more. I found very few questions to Cassiopeans on these Hindu subjects except couple of questions on rama,arjuna , shiva. Veda's has references to atoms and molecules, which we used to wonder about the origin of the technology. After reading history of mankind from cassiopea(parantha's- nuclear war in india 50,000 yrs, veda's from their descendants), Every things makes sense to us. I am sure, the more questions on this mythology and their time line will give more understanding on history. Thank you

From: New Zealand : Auckland *** wrote :

Hi! I have been a reader of Cassiopaean material for a while now and I have to thank you for sharing it. It has given me so much more to work with on my spiritual journey. I have always loved and respected the Ra material and the C's have expanded on those understandings. Anyway I am grateful..

Thank you so much. Ever seeking,

From: U.S.of A. : Florida *** wrote :

First a complement. I do enjoy your writings. You allow your personal view to shine through, after all you are the author, but you always go back to the facts. You show me your facts, where I can go to find them, and then your interpetions. I have read many times your quotes of the C's stating that "Knowledge Protects" and also your concerns about our hapless fate against the evil forces above us.

There is a question of whether we Third-D.ers could have any "effect" upon the higher levels above us. The events as they unfurled on 9-11 show us how true your interpetations have been. The three planes where the passengers had no knowledge of the hi-jacker's intentions, completed their evil mission. The one plane where the passengers (3Ders) had knowledge of the intention, they were able to change the effect. Knowledge certainly protected the rest of us. Anyway... I do have one question or maybe just a comment; In the Yin/Yangness of this reality, could 9-11 also be seen as a "HARVEST" ??? Thanks

From: Australia : New South Wales *** wrote :





From: USA *** wrote :

Just to say thank you for this web site. Three years ago I probably would of just passed over it. Two years ago I had what is termed a pscychotic break. Prior to that I was studing the ancient mystries, the teachings of Thoth and numbers and codes as they applied to names. At that time I started having very vivid dreams about belief systems and religions and the belief systems behind them. In my waking state I was actually seeing what you call the lizzies. It was like the form within the form as I was seeing reptilian faces behind the human face. I would just shake my head when this would happen. As time went on I was sleeping less and starting getting a voice that was lecturing me on other dimensions of time. It was very much about how we are controlled by these things in the 4th dimension. It was if I had found out something I was not supposed to know and there was an entity trying to get in here to guide me thru this attack that soon followed.

From : USA : California *** wrote :

Greetings from Rainy California - I've been debating for a couple of weeks now whether I wanted to write to you or not. I decided, yes, what the heck?

Well, I've been following your "Adventures" with some interest, and when I read Part 14, with that excerpt from "Women Who Run With the Wolves", I finally got an answer to something... That dream, the predator dream, I had that dream about 5 years ago, in 1997. I always think of it as "the house dream". I woke up from it in a complete panic, with my heart racing and this feeling of fear like I've never felt before. It subsided in a few minutes, and my heartbeat went back to normal, but I could never figure out what it was supposed to mean, or what it was telling me.

Wierd things have always "happened" to me, so I usually don't take too much notice. "They" are always messing with me. But now, ever since I read about the dream, things seem to have heated up and gotten serious. I have fallen TWICE, which is very uncommon for me! I hurt my left arm the second time, and it's very frustrating to not be able to do certain things because I have a gimp arm. It's not broken -I'll be fine, but it's not fun! What is the significance of now understanding what that dream means? Have I suddenly moved to another level? Am I more "awake"? Am I more of a "threat"? I can't go back to sleep. I won't "quit". They know that. They can't kill me. They know that too. Do they laugh at us when they send us these little annoyances? I always imagine that they are having a great laugh at my expense! How rude of them! Well, thank you for you time. Take care and BE VIGILANT! *** P.S: I can't wait to see what they're going to do now, because I've shared this with you! ;)

From: "***"
Subject: I am eternally grateful

Hello, Laura, Ark and Research Team

I have been meaning to write you for the longest time. Forgive me for my delay. It appears that you are now going through some VERY difficult times. I am just one voice speaking up from the many that haven't. I just wanted to say that what you have done is the greatest work (research) that I have found. Thank you for the hour's, day's and year's that you have spent on this and to share it with me. I am eternally grateful.

I do not want to be long winded, so I will be short. I have read the current postings (adventures) and I see how close you are to letting the cat out of the bag. I wish I could help in some way more than donating. I know that, that is enough. If you need more please do not hesitate to ask. My sprit soars with the knowledge that you have put out there for us. I know that you must have so much more …sigh… to see you work and assist would be so nice. (My daydream). Anyway just wanted to let you know that I love the team, the work and to offer a word of encouragement. Thank you

Subject: Hello!!! WOW
From : u.s.a. : California *** wrote :

Hello. I am a 21-year-old student. I have been searching for answers to questions that have haunted me for years. Why am I here? Are we alone? as well as many others. I was raised in a Christian household, but for that past 5 years, I have come to the realization that there must be more. I have studied many world religions and none have satisfied my appetite for knowledge. I wish to expand my mind but it has been met with mediocre conclusions but I am not sure if it was because I was looking in the wrong place or what but when I read the information on your site something snapped within me. Many things that I have read make since to me but leave me with a thirst for more. I would love to find out more information about this. Thank you for your time.

From: ***


Just a quick note to say that I found your site after the bombing. It rekindled my interest in New Age theories which have been lingering in me for years, ever since I read the Great Late planet Earth back in the 70's. I have always been inquisitive about the "bigger picture" outside of organized religion and doubted that things are as they appear. I will admit that what I read on your site, I do not necessarily believe, but I am open minded enough to allow the possibility for anything. That's where an individuals research, knowledge base, understanding, etc. comes in to make decisions on what appears to be most correct for them. It is kind of scary from a Christian perspective to take the jump from what the bible says and what we have been taught by our ministers, because one wonders whether or not New Age theories are not the twisted path leading Christians et al on the path to hell. I do feel a certain confidence however that I am pursuing something that will and is opening my eyes. Keep up the good and hopefully spiritually correct work!

From : USA : Rhode Island *** wrote :


OK, so you mean I'm not the co-dependent, depressed, dissociative misfit that modern psychology says I am? I didn't think so, either. But you know, these seemingly intelligent people don't get it, when you say that they missed out on a lot of information, by not including the spirit, the unseen, and the unmeasurable. Maybe we haven't developed our science enough yet to quantify the metaphysical, but it doesn't mean it isn't there.

Bravo to you two...I commend your steadfastness, and your guts!

Since coming back here to refresh myself on your stuff, I'm getting some odd anomolies around. My phone was clicking away the other day, while I was talking to my sister, and I'm finding that some of my metaphysical abilities are getting stronger again. Blessings to you, and your family.

Subject: Aloha from Kauai

Aloha Kakou,

I have been reading your posts for many years now. I have greatly appreciated your comments of late about the Adventures with the Cassiopaeans. The insights have come at a propitious time in my own life and are helping IMMENSELY. Thank you very much. Mahalo

Subject: A heartfelt thanks
Hi Laura,

I don't think I have addressed a mail directly to you so this is long overdue, but probably at the perfect time, as it is only now that I can probably properly express what I want to say.

The "Adventures" have been adventure for all of us - and your process of recapitulation has almost become a group "cleansing" of energy or something energetic. I have found that since you began this series, I have suddenly become aware of energy - both in the sense you describe with respect the interaction of the kids outside your daughter's school, but also on some kind of deeper level , where I am beginning to sense energy "problems" in people and also to fix those problems.

As I have never had any kind of training in this kind of field - it is with some trepidation that I approach this - but somehow just following instinct seems to have got me through so far. Also - never having had any kind of experience of the extraordinary - this has all been a bit of a surprise to me - and I am not really sure what to make of it! I just know it feels right, and that somehow I am at the beginning of a new adventure of my own! It has also allowed me to stem the flow of my energy to others of a more STS persuasion - particularly in my work environment - which is driven by a group of people who I have watched becoming more and more greedy over the years, and also more inwardly focussed, and thus also more energy hungry. It has been enormously satisfying to begin consciously cutting off their drain on my energy, and even to influence things from a distance from an energetic point of view.

Having been married to a psychopath, as described on your site, it has been a long and slow process to disengage from her and to allow my son to disengage from her. It was actually such a relief to find your posting on this, as it so exactly describes her, but until you realise and understand the way of the psychopath, there is always a niggling feeling that maybe you are just being a bit paranoid. But having read that article, I am in a position to confidently deal with the selfish issues she continually presents disguised as being somehow to my or our son's advantage.

Having always been completely open and trusting of people, expecting them to be the same - my marriage was a huge object lesson in the way turning the other cheek becomes a self destructive excercise in the end, but it has nonetheless been an almost impossible personal task to excercise my free will, but your writing and the postings on your site accelerated that process substantially. Knowledge protects!

As none of us really do - I have no idea where we will be in the next 2 years with the events panning out from 9-11, but what I do know is that I have some kind of quiet excitement deep down inside of me that we are part of something really important, and with your, Ark's and the C's guidance - we are somehow creating a possibility of a future that is not what the logical mind or the Matrix system is expecting!

It is with a sense of wonder that I approach each day now - never quite sure of what it holds, but sure that it will bring either a new opportunity to practice knowledge gained, or gain new knowledge. The lessons which you have learnt and shared so intimately in "The Wave" series. and now in "The Adventures" series have certainly helped me to "see" that nothing is quite as it seems, which in turn allows one to practice discernment in almost every facet of life. Particularly your emphasis on impeccability as described by Castaneda in terms of overcoming self importance seem to have really opened up something within me. It has created some kind of a tension within, which seems to constantly remind one of self importance issues in the daily walk of life. The way of the warrior is truly daunting, and yet seems the only real way to progress on this path. I am amazed at how deeply imbedded self importance is in almost all I do, and one also becomes aware of how almost every interaction undertaken daily seems almost designed to emphasise self importance and the self. Overcoming this appears an impossible task, but as the C's say "All there is, is lessons" and this is one which we get to practice all day!

Anyway, I really just wanted to thank you and Ark for the sustained effort and self sacrifice which you excercise in order to hold the C website together. Although I cannot currently provide you with anything financially tangible in terms of support (our currency is currently trading at a huge discount to the dollar) I thought that I would just write and give you some insight into the benefit which you have provided me, and to thank and encourage you. It is almost as though I know you personally and intimately, and this gives an added dimension to my enjoyment of your writing as well as somehow adding a little extra to my learning experience. With my heartfelt thanks...



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