Letters From Readers

Note: Names, as well as any text that would tend to specifically identify the writer, have been removed for privacy. Text that is sensitive, or that relate to requesting specific help has been omitted.

To: Signs of The Times
Subject: Thanks
Date sent: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 16:31:46 -0500


I stumbled upon your site a couple weeks ago and find that I can't stop reading and dreaming about it. So, just want to let you know that I, for one, deeply appreciate the gift you are giving to me, as your reader. Beyond my gratitude, there is nothing else that I can say of any value. Thank you!

Sincerely, Marjorie C.

From: "Fastwalker"
To: Signs of The Times
Subject: THANK YOU
Date sent: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 21:07:55 -0600

Dear Laura and Ark,

I just wanted to say what a joy it is to me to have stumbled onto your remarkable web site in January of this year. I was starting to think I was the only one in this sea of mannequins who gave a hoot about what is happening on this planet. The indifference and shallowness of my friends and family was starting me to question my own sanity! Thank "God"? I have been directed somehow to different books, articles and websites over the years to have enough "vocabulary" and discernment to find you and the C's and to read beyond the written words of knowledge on your pages.

I started with The Wave and then read Amazing Grace and have a chapter or two to go on Adventures not to mention the other great informative articles and links on your site. Your personal stories add much to the understanding of the information. I too have had mysterious "dream like" encounters. When reading about the boomerang craft and having my own experience in the mid 70's with three boomerang craft when there was little or no information on such craft almost made me fall off my chair! People were frozen where they stood and I was the only one walking around. I am still trying to figure that one out!

The Game Theory of John Nash chapter was fantastic. When I read in the following chapter about the Nordic people I again fell off my chair. My ex-wife of 13 years whom I divorced last year is Danish. She started acting strange and developed a Dr.Jeckel/Mr. Hyde persona. She said many things that stuck with me and one was that I frightened her. I gave almost everything to this relationship and was envied by my friends for having such a wonderful relationship. I don't think she was sharing my growth and perceptions of reality. When you ask a person in a very precise way a question and get a TOTAL blank stare in return, like a complete shut down and get violent reactions to boot. It was making me wonder what the heck was going on.

There seems to be an acceleration in the secret agenda taking place. Thanks to you I am now getting a grasp on that unfortunate chapter of my life. I am now healed enough to be on the dating scene. I can tell you that something is seriously wrong out there! The utter selfishness and lack of warmth of people is just " out of this world". I hope that some day I will find someone that will resonate with me. But, enough of that mushy stuff.

The acceleration of my perceptions have grow in an alarmingly exponential fashion thanks to your "Beautiful Minds". [..]

I will say farewell for now. Thank you for your time and devotion to this project you are to be commended.

Highest Regards, Ed R.

Date sent: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 15:32:08 -0800 (PST)
From: DS
Subject: Commentary on Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis
To: Ark

Diminish 'I' and Open "Self" to Theosis . . . (Please Forward to Laura Knight-Jadczyk:)

In the article "Commentary on Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis", you write:

"Bathing in ancient times was not uncommon, unlike the filthiness that became the rule with the superstition and ignorance brought in with the imposition of Christianity by the Emperor Constantine (called the Dark Ages, by the way. Connection?)"

This statement is not historical, and is of disrepute to anyone even remotely associated with a "University" or who otherWISE pretends to be "intelligent" much less "scientific" or soulful. Constantine did not "impose" Christianity. He only decreed it illegal to persecute Christians anymore. The "Dark Ages" were ushered in by Germanic BARBARIC invasion of the Western Roman Empire around the 7th century, long after the rule of Constantine. It was rather the Germanic likes of Charlemagne and his "Carolingians" who are responsible via their attack upon the Christian intelligentsia of Western Europe in like manner that Natzis and Soviet communists attacked Polish intelligentsia in later times. These persons were obviously only interested in the Church for political gain, as it was the Church that was the center of Western European society after the Emperor vacated Rome in favor of Constantinople. It is because such barbarians overan the Church of Rome by infiltrating her from inside, that the doctrines of the Roman Church changed which ultimately ended up estranging her from the rest of the Churches of Christendom.

"History" of "Western Civilization", especially the Protestant Reformation (Revolution), make much more sense in light of this ROOT. The actions of Zionists, Jewish and most importantly "christian" zionists, within American Government, and the whole notion of "imperialism" that has survived in the West to modern times is best understood from this point of view.

Charlemagne "relocated" the medieval Western European intelligentsia from urban centers to the countryside where they knew nothing of how to survive off the land. Many died en route and/or in the fields. This left the cities of Western Europe in ruins, ruled by rats, which "surprise, surprise" carry Bubonic Plague, and which carried Western Europe into a downward spiral, regressing any previous advances of Hellenic influenced "Roman" civilization. Such is the REAL story behind the so called "Dark Ages" which is seldom told, at least not in American "secondary" schools.

These tactics of relocation practiced by Charlemagne and Stalin and virtually every despot throughout time can be traced all the way back to the Assyrians and Babylonians. The major impact of these events was the distortion of Chrisitianity in Western Europe from it's Hellenic Orthodox Christian foundations.

In your hatred of whatever confusion and suffering you have personally endured as a result of "Western" civilization, you seem to have formed your own version of "modern" prejudices. These apparently are none other than giving in to fallen passions (such as an eye for an eye), a backlash against the distorted "christianity" of the West by which you suffered for the Truth and which you now seem to seek to discredit. But in so doing you malign anything that might be considered Christian in form, making all things Christian in substance guilty simply by association. I suggest you do your homework, and only present scholarly work. Unless of course, that is not your objective, your objective rather being the ear tickling that excites human passion and dissemination of "new age" nonsense in hope of raking in a few bucks from an "alternative" website by which the powerless come into the "know" (gnosis). Such gnosis at best is irrational, as the understanding of PRELEST makes evident. How can someone presume to study the human soul (pysche: pysch-ology) if they don't know the first thing about it as is apparent in such "new age" nonsense?

The REAL New Age began 2000 years, and "time" travel has been occurring eversince on the 8th day of the week ! A truly Good place to start homework is with the scholarly work of John Romanides and Heirotheos Vlachos. http://www.romanity.org/mir/me04en.h http://www.pelagia.org/htm/b02.en.orthodox_psychotherapy.00.htm http://www.pelagia.org/htm/ar03.en.the_picture_of_the_modern_world.htm http://www.romanity.org/htm/rom.02.en.the_cure_of_the_neurobiological_sickness_of_rel.01.htm http://www.romanity.org/cont.htm http://www.romanity.org/index.htm

Date sent: 21 Mar 2004 21:47:44 -0000
From: "Dongjoo L***"
To: Signs@cassiopaea.org
Subject: Regression?

Dear ma'am or sir,

I was thinking for a long time that all the social science and humanity works can be turned into mathematical formula. I meet and read about people who do spiritual work but many of them have no organized way of doing things but just do it out of the way they were 'felt.' A lot of them have degenerative and old religious, cultural belief that goes against the laws of Creation and goes against pursuing wisdom and knowledge freely. I was working with a person who had such belief. When I said I do not believe in Bible and god, she got so mad she treated me as if I committed a hideous crime and told me I said blasphemous thing ( or something like that ) and hung up on me. She told me she never question what she does and do exactly spirit says. Bible is loaded with lies and the god mentioned in Bible is nothing more than alien who was filled with bloodlust and hunger for the power. I know this from studying history of Christianity and other materials.

Sincerely, Dongjoo L.

From: "John C***"
To: Signs of The Times
Subject: Illusion & truth
Date sent: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 14:21:21 -0500

To whom it may concern,

When the C's transcripts were posted on the old web site, I remember reading an answer the C's gave. Paraphrasing (cuz I don't have the exact text in front of me now but it's pretty close), they said even minerals have to learn that everything is an illusion. There was no qualifying of this statment. It was made in it's universal, inclusive sense. Or at least, that's how I interpreted it.

My 1st Q is, if "everything is an illusion," then by default, doesn't that include 'truth?' Consciousness? The universe? "Everything?" Maybe even us as God? (Afterall, 'everything' includes everything.) Since it would, let's assume, what difference does it make (except maybe to personally graduate up the density levels for a better life), what difference does it make whether one believes in disinformation as the truth (like believing in the Tooth Fairy say), or what awakened people perceive AS the truth? It's ALL an illusion! Truth & what we call disinformation, is all an illusion, per the C's when they said everything was an illusion.

Any help w/ this would be much appreciative. Maybe others might wonder the same thing.

Best regards & thank you for your efforts in enlightening everyone, John C.


You answered your own question quite succintly:what difference does it make whether one believes in disinformation as the truth except maybe to personally graduate up the density levels for a better life. If you want to "move up," you have to do the work, it's that simple.


Date sent: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 19:29:02 -0600 (CST)
To: www@cassiopaea.com
From: galaxiae s.
Subject: Request


Please accelerate the translation of the spanish pages. I Hope can read the wave series before year 2012!!! Thank you

Date sent: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:33:29 -0600 (CST)
To: www@cassiopaea.com
Subject: course in miracles

have the cassiopaeans had anything to say to validate the the "a course in miracles'books? I was profoundly impressed with it but i'm still new at the discerning sto from sts dis information game.I of course noticed the RA material commentary and wondered if anything might have been brought up about the above book

thank you aaron s.

3 Dec 94

Q: (L) I do want to ask about the "Course in Miracles" that is supposed to be channelled by Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Is this true?
A: No.
Q: (L) What is the source that this is channelled from?
A: Variable sources.
Q: (L) Are they good guys?
A: Some.
Q: (L) So, even the "Course in Miracles" must be taken with a grain of salt?
A: Good idea.

Date sent: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 17:06:28 +0200
To: signs@cassiopaea.com
Subject: comment on newly published serie hy laura and company

I am ... a swiss guy and reader of your and your associates articles on your site during the last two or three years...

I do appreciate reading your articles even when I sometimes disagree with your arguments and your special thesis. I do agree in a very substantial point an this is...... we have to learn, and may never stop to do this. This may imply that we must be ready to correct our statements. So we must be ready to consider anything and may not simply swallow, what others feed to us, but must test it and look at it from different points of view. What we must learn first, is to misstrust everything. We must sort out the false to save energy from wandering in false directions. I did this concerning the bible OT and NT for quite some years.

I have read your series, discribing your early years of awakening when your way of thinking was deeply rooted in christian belief. You yourself gave testimony how you bigan to misstrust christian belief and found its main goal in wishfull thiking as a way to allow controll upon humanity. Now I came across your site in "Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols"

Here you fall back - in my eyes - in that you start again arguing from the bible, in that you give "the prodigal son" as an example, how someone must be aware that he is here in some kind of exile......

That's not an exemption but i remember you gave more such arguments. How does that come? Is this now the new Christianity that trapped you? The prodigal son was never thought to be understood as you want me to believe, and here I find some wishful thinking on your side. There never was such an idea, but in the contrary. Jesus as a freedom fighter for the jewish case wanted to "fish out" the israelites from there greaco-roman culture (the pigs) and lead them back to a kind of strict observance of the torah, while expecting the coming of the kingdom, that is, the eschatological restoration of Israel in a state of unification of heaven and earth. Pilatus was well aware why he crucufied the one who exorcised a whole garison (the deamon legion) when he conquored the temple and established his own priests for some days befor passover. Wishfull thinking started, when hs followers couldn't accept that Jesus simply erred, and wrote all these different apologies.

But now... citing the bible as an argument for an idea, it does't really support does mean..... to establish an new christianity... to interprete it in a new fundamental way. that's a bad thing in my eyes, because it is not true. But it gives once more strength to something that was once declared to be simply wrong. In my eyes, it would be best not to quote such desperate works as support for an own message. I know, you can do this. You are able to argue in your own words.

I for myself would support that one has to find himself primary, and that can be said as: coming to one self. But that implies: what am I? For the most time. I am simply a machine, reproducing untested beliefs of others, citing what I do not know. I had to learn how to overcome this machine within me by learning: what is a quote and when do I quote unawarley. When i detected a quote I started studying, how it could be orignally meant (not what i liked it to have meant). By that, i had to accept, that people could view the world in another way and portray different truths. I had to accept, that an evangelist's ideal christ or the historical Jesus were at odds with my own truth.

Now quoting is a qute common task when giving information. But I disitinguish information from my own results or thesis. I would never quote a "prodigal son" as an agument, without to make clear what it means. Rather such a quote would become an item of investigation by itself. When i do not do this, and start to quote like you did it recently, I start to "reveal some true christianity". You are pushing in a direction that is completely false, in that you give "sanctity" to a work, you once discarded as some imposed belief system. But such new "revealers of the truth" are simply inheriting from some supposed or common shared sanctity of some Holy Writ to give more irrational strengt to the own idea. I suppose mostly out of the lack of real arguments and or experience.

Quoting the bibel as a supporting statement is in my eyes today an reason to misstrust an developping idea at all.

Now I want to say what pleases me most on your site..... - it's not your pace (never had a breakdown?) - it's not your conclusions (they change from time to time, as my own are used to do) - it's not the mass of your readers or material It is, when you do research and follow a question and publish materials, that are sometimes not that easy available (printed books) and try a synopsis. I think a good work was done in this actual series concerning an existing or non existing "jewish gene". I would apreciate more about it. I think, there is some hot stuff, because - is there an other existing or not existing other gene? I mean, how to think about the way of arguments. One of your current ideas is, there is a humanity with higher developped thought centers.... and there is a preadamic other humanity that does not have them. I know you use the material of another source (Mouraviev), but as i understand, you do support this.

Now in earlier times you overcame christian fundamentalism now you quote again in favour of some other dubious interpretaton you overcame the "jewish gene" and support some alternativ "higher gene" I mean, there should be some "click" for self - reflection.

I still cannot say the truth - but I know some things that are clearly wrong. And somehow I smell here a "wrong procedure". Please note ... this is not a critique of your thoughts or your results as such. I must leave them, as you have written them. I do not have a statement against it. But something here smells funny... and maybe you can catch it. Maybe your followups in this serie will "reflect" my input in some way. When you distinguish between the observer and the observed, this in no way excludes the observers actions (or the published ideas) from the observed. In the meanwhile.... happy learning and thanks a lot...... I will read on..... [Name and identifiers withheld by request]

Date sent: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 09:38:51 -0500 (CDT)
To: www@cassiopaea.com
Subject: Quaszgaa

A long time ago I asked you about an entity named the above. You had apparently just finished discussing it among your group at that time. It is a malevolent 4th dimensional being. Do you remember?

Lent is over. It is Palm Sunday. This is Holy Week for both Orthodox Christians as well as the other kind. You know the significance cosmologically of Holy Week. I am not talking about cosmology in terms of Physics. I am not alluding to The Passion. I am talking about cosmology in terms of Religion. All Religion but more important, what Christ is. Ancient Science. You and Ark walk a fine line in space. It is time to do a cosmic do si do. Superreality.... Hint: What is the significance of HOLY WEEK, Laura? I am not taunting you, I am asking you to RESEARCH. Look further....

-the pseudo archangel, PSM

Date sent: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 19:20:59 -0000
To: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk"
Subject: thank you!!!!

Dear Laura,

I copied out parts 11 & 12 of Jupiter, "Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols" a while ago, but am just reading them now -- the depth of your knowledge and awareness is mind boggling and my gratitude, at being so privileged to have access to this wisdom, is racing through my body as palpable energy. My physical body is vibrating off the scale, I can hardly sit through a page without pacing or going out for a cigarette.

Thank you, thank you from the depths of my being for putting yourself out there and willingly teaching at such personal costs.

I have not donated for a while now, since we live in a deficit financial situation; my two children and I are in school and my husband is the sole breadwinner. But as I was smoking my cigarette, I thought about how much I spend on my pack a day and realized how absurd it was for me to value that more than the gift of knowledge that you and all the group over in France are giving. So, today I sent off $30 and am going to start reducing my cigarette consumption and looking at cheaper options, such as rolling my own. I will now be donating every month, hopefully I will get up to as much as $60. This summer I will be getting some kind of a job, and I will do more as I can.

All my Love, Johanna

Date sent: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 19:17:09 -0500 (CDT)
To: www@cassiopaea.com

In response to http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/globemovers.htm ...

You might be interested in a similar (but not identical) story, here in California, in the Bay Area, involving Oracle Corporation. I'll keep it bare-bones simple. The website www.orafraud.org went live with a story about criminal conspiracy and the Oracle Corporation on 10 January 2004. Larry Ellison resigned as Chairman of the Board, Oracle Corporation, on 13 January 2004 - less than 72 hours later. Is there a connection? You'll have to draw your own inferences - for now. No one has explicitly suggested this was the Mossad but it's certainly a possibility. No one has filed any legal papers alleging defamation, either ... yet.

Regards, -- R. C.

Date sent: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 16:47:57 EDT
Subject: Questions
To: Signs@cassiopaea.org

Hi, I'm new to your site. I've been reading your material on "Organic Portals," which I think are similar to Dan Dennet's Zombies in that neither have a soul. My question is: how does one know which camp one is in? Is there a foolproof OP/Zombie detector. I think that it is easy to delude oneself about these matters. I'm 59 and I do it all the time. So far I'm fascinated by what I've read. I've sent for your "Ancient Science" [The Secret History of The World] and am looking forward to reading the book.

Thank You, Guy G.

Date sent: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 19:09:00 EDT
Subject: April 27 - New Age or Ancient Science?
To: signs@cassiopaea.com

I've got some remarks and questions inspired by your article "New Age or Ancient Science? A Conversation Between a New-Ager and a Gurdjieffian" of April 27. Regarding the paragraphs:

"But I just feel all the good in the world! There are forces of light defending humanity," argued the New-Ager.

"But if man is a sovereign creator of reality, then man needs no defense. And who are these forces claiming to work in man's best interest? If we evaluate them by their track record, what do we see? Take the forces that instigated the major religions, for one? What other fruit than blood and strife, in other words, food for the Moon did ensue? And did Yahweh ask Abraham's opinion about sacrificing Isaac?"

I ask: What about the Cassiopaeans and their statement "we are you in the future"? Isn't HELP what was received from them, and as such, a sort of defending force for humanity?

Regardless of this, most people will continue to attempt to create and believe in their own subjective reality. In doing so, they represent the main contributors to the entropic decline of our world, and at present we are in the penultimate phase of "runaway train".

I say: And what is the ultimate, then? And what is the duration of the penultimate? When did the latter start? What was the event that marked it's beginning?

The new-ager will tell us that "we are all one". This, in his opinion, is an absolute truth, because he has "felt it" as such, and he suggests that we too can "feel" it if we first of all accept his hypothesis that "all are one". We don't agree, so there is conflict. Like our reader today who just knows that there is a "divine spark" in George Bush. How does he know?

I propose: He probably knows by the same token that you seem to know that we are in the penultimate phase of "runaway train."

Our quest and love is for objective truth. That truth which exists outside and apart from our beliefs, wants and desires, all of which are not our own anyway, having been given to us through some apparent hereditary right to the process of "socialisation".

My comment: I think that this is in blatant contradiction with other Signs writings that state that we ought to look inside and work in us not expecting the solutions to come from "outside." Do you say that 'the truth' is something separate from us, that we are not part of it?

We do understand however that the process cannot be rushed, that time is needed, but we also understand that nothing will be achieved if each of us does not DO.

My question: Are you suggesting that we do not DO? If so, maybe your measuring stick is too long, and you don't accept modest DOINGS as valid ones. The one hope of man is to become conscious of reality, in as close to an objective manner as possible. Only this will allow people to precisely understand each other, to think the same thoughts.

I ask: This is the goal? To think the same thoughts? You mean becoming a single, vast mind? Thanks. R L

Perhaps a better way of putting it would have been to say "Only this will allow people to precisely understand each other, to acknowledge identity in consciousness."

Love is the Power of the Absolute that makes It Absolute and unqualified by permitting even the apparent antithesis of the STS hierarchy.

Reality in its fullness, by its very nature, surpasses the STS hierarchy in an ultimate sense. The STO perspective pairs Love with Infinite Potential - the endlessly proliferating properties of Creation in all its forms and varieties. The STO perspective celebrates differences in form, while acknowledging identity in consciousness.

And it is for this reason that the STS hierarchy is "bitter" toward Love: because Love allows and accepts that attention can be shared and STS craves exclusivity.

Love is that which moves out into the multiplying streams of Creative potential, all the while retaining that awareness of the dawn state of infinite possibility - non-anticipation.

Love is that which knows that no matter how many times the Logos is subdivided or multiplied, it remains intact.

Love is consciousness that knows it may be provisionally focused on chosen delimiting attributes, but it also knows that it is never diminished.


Date sent: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 01:15:03 -0700
To: www@cassiopaea.com
Subject: Israeli Moving Companies

Scott D. wrote : I like the website. I may be able to answer any nagging questions and fill you in on some other info. I am the one who essentially cracked the case by putting many of the pieces together. I'm sure that you've also visited madcowprod.com... a truly excellent site. I've spoken with Hopsicker on the phone and found him to be a real stand up guy.

I lived in Venice, Florida for a while and attended school in Sarasota. Hopsicker was haunting Booker Elementary and the hijacker-training airports long before Moore.

Also, be sure to check movingscam.com. Their messageboard is an excellent resource. The sheer number of Israeli scam movers is astounding. You won't have to dig much before you strike gold.

As for myself, I made a personal stop in the FBI shortly after I began submitting articles to whatreallyhappened.com. That was around Veterans Day 2001. It was a strange moment, but there is a part of me that believes that they took notice (and not just because my internet connection was kerpluey as soon as I got back to the house).

The FBI has been raiding Israeli movers, but it doesn't exactly make headline news. I take heart in knowing that the future is unwritten and that my mate doesn't mind that I dabble in theory. Just by having the courage to put your name to your words you have won half the battle. Others are standing to join us every day. For some real courage, visit http://www.truthout.org/multimedia.htm and check out both parts of Aidan Delgado's dialogue on his service in Iraq and his discharge after filing for conscientious objector status. Along with Gabriel Cade (the only Survivor cast member to be voted out because he/she refused to scheme or plot), Aidan and myself attended New College in Sarasota, FL.

From: "Vivienne M."
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: FW: What a wonderful world
Date sent: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:06:23 +1000

Hello Ark

I would like to seize this opportunity, first of all, to express my gratitude and admiration for the work that you, Laura and all the team are doing. It would take me pages to explain its significance to me. Suffice it to say here that finding your website was like a parched person unexpectedly stumbling across an oasis in a desert of lies. Needles can sometimes be found in haystacks it seems.

Kind regards Vivienne

To: ark
Subject: Higher Dimensions

"The Most Dangerous Idea in the World." I have not quite finished it as I am pressed for time, but many things have come to mind thus far:

First, I applaud your steadfast, never-sell-out stand.

Second, in relation to the fifth dimension, you must also be aware that ten dimensions or twenty-six dimensions are the only possible configurations according to more recent discoveries and string theory. These numbers appear in a very eerie way in so many equations and formulae. The conclusion and culmination of these equations can be used to describe string theory, and somehow, when we analyze the new higher-dimensional tensor, we see Relativity popping out as well as other field theory's (Maxwell, etc.) in a way that is hard to deny.

I am sure you are aware of these things because of your husband, and maybe you adress these points, but when you stop at five dimensions, I feel something is missing. Furthermore, the possible pathways described by quantum theory for, let's say, an electron also include pathways that travel backward in time. String theory suggests there are strings in ten or twenty-six dimensions and their vibrations represent said particle. Now a being of ten or twenty-six would have no problem, I am sure, navigating along that fourth temporal axis. Er, gah, time does not allow this. I support you and your ideas to the extent that I've seen them. If you cannot find time to reply, I understand. -Templar


Since I am just trying to talk about hyperdimensions for general readers, getting into the technical details, the math and physics, would not be helpful. Your input and comments are very much appreciated, however! Thank you.


Subject: 9/11
From : USA

Re: Pentagon Strike

I found this video interesting. I think it is important to consider all angles possible of that terrible day. Tragedies on such a scale cause huge emotional tolls that unfortunately do warp the facts and perceptions of the actual events we were bombarded with that stressful day.

As a pilot of 36 years I was horrified to see an aircraft used as a method of mass destruction. At the time I was also somewhat mystified how two 75's (in Airline jargon aircraft's last numbers are dropped so 737,767 are refered to as 73's and 76's) could bring down both towers of the World Trade Center and yet a third 75 did as little comperative damage as was done to the Pentagon.

I am aware of how much stronger the Pentagon is as compared to glass and "I" beam iron cross beams and cement, but the POI (point of impact) as the video suggests does not resemble a normal ground contact crash, although there have been no other heavy jet crashes that impacted a building such as the Pentagon unless you consider the Concorde loss a couple of years ago.

I have flown in the American Airlines 75 Simulator, it is the same as the 76, both planes are considered the same as far a F.A.A. type rating is involved so if you have the rating for one you can fly either. I have very little experience in flying airliners although I have a Commercial license it is in smaller aircraft, but I have been trained to teach to the level of an ATP (air transport pilot) which is regarded as the top rating in aviation.

Point here is that when flying in the full motion simulator and bear in mind that every pilot flying for every airline in the world gets their type rating to fly these aircraft in the simulator, not in the actual aircraft as these simulators have the ability to simulate flight that accuratly and simulate emergencies with no danger to the pilots or people on the ground not to mention fuel costs and that no airline can afford an aircraft not in service making money.

In flying these huge aircraft if a pilot used to smaller aircraft such as the very non experienced pilot that is given "credit" for supposedly flying this 75 into the Pentagon it would be equal to attempting to drive a huge truck into a very small tunnel at extreem high speed when all you have ever driven is a sports car.

Reaction time when you turn the control column in a 75 and similar aircraft is slow and unless you have extensive experience to the degree of hundreds of hours in heavy jets there is no way short of the largest amount luck or u Remember its a flight crew up front in an airliner, Captain and First Officer who are equally trained to fly which ever aircraft they are in but it takes two, believe me if an airline with the economy today could get away with only paying one they would but it is a two person job.

Furthermore a single pilot, who has flown nothing other than small planes getting into the left seat of a 75 and accurately hitting the Pentagon even if he was able to accurately program the FMC (flight management computer) for the latitude and longitude of the Pentagon; it would create odds Jimmy the bookmaker wouldn't touch it could be pulled off.

As a strange cooincidence I had an aircraft based at the same airport this same pilot was training at, although several years earlier and also at that time was taking my CFI (certified flight instructor) rating at the same school which entailed as part of the training the teaching of other students. Its a great school, but it does not have anything resembling the a full motion simulator like you might find at Flight Safety or an actual airlines training academy. So I tend to agree with what I have seen as hard to believe as a 75 even hitting the reinforced Pentagon should have left a few more clues.

I noticed a year later when thinking about what the NTSB (National Transpertation Safety Board) final report would read. It was shown as classified for all 4 of the ill fated flights that day but has since left a final report on the crashes. Go to www.ntsb.gov and click on aviation.

The absolute rage in some of the comments about your video remind me of the mistake I made of leaving a small opinion on President Bush before his re-election and getting one or two wacko's who's views were so out of focus as to be beyond eerie. I always believed that kind of behavior only happened in the movies but these people threatened my very existance for having an opinion that Bush was not who I would want for President. Seeing similar comments here brought back that feeling and wonder what it is that creates such a loyalty to make a person act that ignorant unless its just an everyday way of life for a certain section on the population I just have never enteracted with.

Bottom line, we should always have an open mind, not be afraid to question what is obvious or made to appear obvious to the untrained eye, and strangely enough in Aviation every person who has flown once on any commercial jet seems to believe they are experts on flying. I can't count the amount of time and chewed off inner cheek I have used up listening flight after flight as some self proclaimed expert is telling anyone who would listen what every sound and bumpy rides were caused by. I Don't think they understand speed brakes, spoilers and other wing devices to slow down and bring the aircraft into the proper speed required for flight into type "B" airspace. Its always, "thats the gear coming down". Right, gear down at 60 miles out. Anyway that is just the point of due to the frequency of flight and the ease of the media releasing in old accident footage just enough information to screw up the truth as too many people believe they know it all when it comes to aircraft incidents and accidents.

Was this the 75 that hit as the news says? Maybe, probably...who knows? The other side of the coin is almost too scary to imagine. Short of being as frightening as the old movie about a faked mission to the moon (remember a 20 year old movie with I believe James Brolin?) Its that kind of scary only it would involve massive death for Political gain. I won't go any further.

This concludes just an observation of your video and I commend you for offering for consideration and challenge anyone to offer alternate possibilities. I would like to hear them all. Regards, TC

Date sent: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 23:18:14 -0500 (CDT)
To: www@cassiopaea.com
Subject: Parallel tracks

I was led to your site through a link in an article by columnist Mark Morford. (July 11 '04 SF Gate) He was talking about hoaxes and the end of the world. It was quite entertaining.

I have found your material very interesting and quite similar to some of the stuff that I've been 'getting' and writing about in my own journals and on my website. The skepticism and 'filtering' of the 'hackers' and 'satellites' is particularly telling (and a very happy thing to see), since it is rare that any one speaks of this, but it is something that I constantly emphasize in my own writings and teachings- using your common sense and actually doing research instead of taking what 'channels' say at face value.

What you call 'hackers' and 'satellites', I call 'talkers'- the ones who fill channels' ears with all sorts of fanciful -and dangerous- blather. It relieves me to see that you see "JHVH-1" (Yahweh) the same way I do. And I am glad that you eschew religion and cultism. It gives me great comfort to know that there is another thread in the fabric of what we call 'reality'- I am no longer alone.

I am still in the process of reading your material. The Quantum School sounds quite intriguing. You might find my own writings of interest- although my site is badly in need of updating, you can get an inkling of my own Path by reading it. It's www.sunfell.com. I also have a Live Journal. Just look up "Sunfell".

The mention of Fulcanelli, alchemy, Rosicrucians, and such really piqued my attention. Those elements are also prominent in my own Path. Add to that the fact that I am an electronics and computer and radio tech, but only a lay scientist. The paradox is that I stayed out of advanced 'formal' school because I did not want to lose my love of learning. Go figure.

I am sorry to see that you had an encounter with a psychopath - another spooky parallel - so have I. I think that they serve to temper us, and harden our resolve to continue our work, no matter how difficult they make it. I wish you all well. Sunfell

Date sent: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 17:19:28 -0400
From: "Sunday"
Subject: Inquiry from Canadian TV

Dear Arkadiusz Jadczyk and/or Laura Knight-Jadczyk,

I work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada's public broadcasting service, on a weekly program called "CBC News: Sunday". I recently came across the flash animation about what happened (or didn't happen) at the Pentagon on September 11, and would be interested in discussing this further with the person (or persons) who produced this animation. I can be reached at the e-mail addresses and phone number below, and I can be called collect (i.e. reversing the charges is OK, we will pay for the call). Looking forward to hearing back,

Subject: Article
Date sent: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 03:50:16 -0600

Stephen wrote : Dear Sign o' Times/Cassiopaea, I happened on your site(s) "accidentally". I've been reading the Wave series with interest, as I've felt compelled by my own evolutionary path for some time. I was struck with a comment made by Laura about why it's important to know the truth about 9/11 and how it relates to the path. I've felt this already and been obsessed by 9/11 research, even though I find it painful and don't know why I "need" know this truth. Thanks so much. Yours, Stephen.

Date sent: Tue, 31 May 2005 10:29:08 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Fwd: Dark Ages? what Garry Kasparov thinks
To: Laura Knight-Jadczyk


Thank you for sharing your material on the bible. I see you have done extensive research and that's what is required when one gets very curious. I am finding your work very interesting and helpful.

I am not a biblical scholar by any stretch. I haven't gone to church in over 40 years and have read precious little of the christian bible. I have not read extensively on the validity of the sources of the jewish or christian bible. I have read enough to know there appears to be a serious credibility problem all throughout the old and new testaments.

I noted that in one of your writings you mentioned a BC period for which normal ancient sources seem to be silent and apparently only the bible speaks of this time. This has to do with how our history was finally recorded chronologically. It was hardly the simple task we might assume. Seems there were no common or universal terms prior to the 15th century for most of the words that express a unit of time. What might be a generation(15 to 30 years) for one race or tribe could be a century for another.

Kasparov's writing is a little difficult to follow but the gist seems to be that our history is closer to us in time than we might think. All those events we have assigned to one time period may have actually happened more recently than we think.



Date sent: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 06:42:46 -0700
Subject: Gurdjieff

Your information is similar to what I know of as the Work. Are you part of the Gurdjieff Foundation's in Europe? What you are saying in some respects is very much the same.

Best Regards, Robert

Subject: USS Liberty AGTR-5
Date sent: Sun, 08 May 2005 07:15:46 -0500

Dear Sir;

I am a survivor of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty June 8, 1967. I just want you to know that if you will check with www.ussliberty.org you will find that we have recovered the second flag that we flew on that day. It was recovered recently and turned over to the Liberty Veterans Assoc. and will be residing in a musuem in the near future. The other flag is at the National Cryptological Museum at NSA. The first flag is still to be recovered and I understand it is more like a rag then a flag. Just thought you would like to know that we now have two of the three flags that the Israeli Defense Force says we didn't fly.

Subject: More 911 info for you to consider
Date sent: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 10:32:26 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Ark and Laura:

Greetings! I regret I can't donate financially to your enterprise, as, honestly, I can never be sure from one week to the next whether I will be eating or not. But, hopefully, this meager offering can contribute in some small way.

Although i feel the author is incorrect in his theory of a sting operation, he provides startling new evidence i have never been aware of until now: http://members.aol.com/mpwright9/sting.html

And furthermore, I am taking the liberty of providing a link to a very commendable Oklahoma Newspaper from Idabel, Oklahoma, whose official website is now prominently addressing apparent government complicity in the Oklahoma McMurrah bombing! I hope they provide some use for you in your noble endeavors, which I have been following for quite some time. Be it known that your site is one of the few that I have evaluated with a certain amount if implicit trust! http://www.mccurtain.com/

Gratefully, Dane M. - Oklahoma

Date sent: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 06:15:59 -0700
Subject: Gods, Genes, and Consciousness

Dear Laura,

A good friend called my attention to your site. I have found your research solid and persuasive. It is consistent with much of my work that resulted in my most recent book God's, Genes, and Consciousness and other writings. The big difference is that I treat the "gods" of old as actual beings whose intervention in human history provided much of the material used in the Bible and contributed to the supernatural misrepresentation of the creator source of the universe and the human species, among others. You may wish to check out my website (unfortunately up to date with my current writings). Go to www.vonward.com. If you have not seen my latest book and would like to I would be happy to send you a copy in appreciation for the magnificent work you have produced. Please give me a postal address and I'll send it. Your articles and books are a goldmine for a researcher and writer like me, trying to get people to do what you suggest: revisit the history of our religion and admit it's human.

With all best wishes for your work, Paul

To: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk"
Subject: "Jews (Lost Tribes)" - South American connection
Date sent: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:03:20 +0300

Greetings Laura, Hoping that you are well.

Wanted to confirm something from you. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe in one of your articles you wrote something about a group of people who left from the Central/South Americas and went to the middle-east and brought with them human sacrifice - pointing to a connection with the Jews ( Pyramid people I think - although I've tried to retrace the page/article I can't find it).

Cayce says that around 3000 years before Christ a group of people (Lost Tribes - Jews or "Mosaic" ) left for Central America and are the ones who introduced human sacrifice there ( I think after the Mayan civilisation) which grew to its ghastly proportions during the Aztec civilisation. So is it that "this group of people" - whoever they are - who are so inclined to human sacrifice and domination/power originated from South America ,went to the middle-East and then returned to the America's with this system or am I confusing issues. C's point out that during the Mayan civilisation there was no form of human sacrifice (session - 950225). Thus first am I right on the interpretation of your article and secondly whats the connection to the Cayce reading (hoping it is valid) -(Attached are two articles from Cayce readings regarding the same for your perusal)

Thanks patrick


That there is a strong connection between the bloodthirsty, flaying god of Judaism and South America, there is no doubt in my mind. But figuring out who was where first is a bit problematical, as you might guess! Thank you for the articles, and I'll keep digging for data and publishing it as I get it together.


Subject: Is it Time
To: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Date sent: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 16:03:14 +0300

Dear Laura

Greetings Hope all is well with yourself.

Times are truly dark. They don't care much now, being mannerless to the bone. But what I see when I observe how frantic and desperate they seem to be, I realise also that those who are of light, those who are Concerned, the ones who are to bring the new dawn must be gaining in power .....individual and collective power.

There is a deep concern for the souls of the world. Mercy. When I sit down for mediatation in the early morning hours I feel the strong veil which has encased me for so long breaking but at the same time enormous, very enormous efforts counteract this .Truly negative and uncompromising energy. It still wants me to be a mechanical enslaved being ie Idiot (Macbeth), but no.. its time to claim my eternal birthright and carry out my pre-ordained task.

I see a reflection in this in Ethiopia where I've now been two and half years. I came here knowing there are deep accounts to settle. I see a beautiful people but caged, and behind all this of late I've being sensing a dark energy which has been here for long, an energy which has established cultural/ religious and social norms which restricts expresiveness in people, binds them and sucks them. Ive been there....and I can see it in front of me.....and I know it.The just concluded elections here demostrated this to me very clearly. All attend the same school, Blair Bush Meles. But I feel alot of experimentation has been done here on this land ,moreso than many others.

I've finished reading your book - The Secret History of the World- and its a marvel to say the least. In it you mentioned something about the Ethiopians (which Ethiopians?) coming from the Indus valley and I was wondering whether you were insinuating that they are connected to the group which settled in Sumeria from South America ?.

On the side, I was surprised to learn last week that its general knowledge here that the last Emperor Haile Selaise who claims to be of the long line of descendants of king Solomon was practising human sacrifice as a norm. The above was a by the way.

As I said there is greater concern now in global events. Many souls have to be reached. You have mentioned before that the aim of your site is to reach those who have to be reached and awaken as many as possible. From the first time I saw your site I knew its the doorway through which many will eventually acclaim the Grail. The wonder and difference of this time, after the turmoil, is that a golden age will be visible, will come to be. All other cataclysm eg end of Atlantis didn't bring paradise on earth. I know you know this. Not all if at all many will be able to initiate the search and accomplishment of the Grail, and find out the truths of personality, the I's etc. NOw I'm talking about the whole populance of the world ie souled beings, elderly mothers, farmers traders businessmen children etc being able to assess the eternal truths, since coz all are the children of God, all have a right , but the extent of their accomplishment /rewards depends on them and their efforts and love.

I think the seed for the Golden age has to be planted by the One, All That Is, God. He Has To make a movement - thus The Word through the Logos/the Bride/...and thus the recreation/creation of the world. It is remembered that " He comes for the deaf, the blind ,the lame and the hunchbaked". He has to give/avail the Gift, The Present to His children and the rest depends wholly on them. But the New age will definately come. He has to make a movement. This is a very literal affair. No spicing of words.

I believe you have sensed or seen the Present...The Star...Everbecoming One through your own efforts and of your group. Not everyone will be able to do this. But all have to be given a chance.

I believe that your communications with the C's is one of the results of the Movement of the One...thus the Word and the establishment of the new world.

As mentioned, not all have the courage to claim their birthrights, some develope courage seeing others but since all are the children of God, He is merciful, and thus has to give all a chance By His Introduction and Reintroduction of who we trully are and are capable of. All have to be reached soon, so they can make at least some effort before times get worse. But it so happens that most of their success will be dependent on the stability of those who are ahead of them........so are They ready. Those who are leaders here, will definetly acclaim more in that kingom. It is a kingdom being created isn't it.

I think it goes without saying that those who are involed in freeing and liberating themselves and others must have played a role in bringing the world to this state. They must have planted some of these seeds. That's why its only them who can make right and " Get out alive" as you aptly put it.

Time still dictates. And it seems there is very less of it. This is a Concern. PRESENT THE ESSENCE. Those who are to understand will understand. Others will do so later, but at least the Present / Gift and how to attain it will be on their doorway. THE ESSENCE OF WHO THEY ARE AND WHO THEY BELONG TO....

I'll soon be leaving Ethiopia...next month ....after completion of my voluntary contract with VSO and head back to Kenya. I hope before I leave to fully understand my purpose here and learn my lessons . It is an interesting and strange land for sure. ...

I've been listening to some of Bob Marley's songs of late now. Most are very pertinent to the world now. And I - " Want you to know, I'm a Rainbow too".Here's wishing you all the Blessings and Good Wishes the Divine Mother /Black Virgin can bestow on you.

Sincerely yours

Love and best wishes Patrick K.

Subject: Pentagon Date sent: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 17:40:24 -0500

My dad just showed me the animation and I also read the e-mails other people sent. I think they're just making reasons for why they happened though they don't realize that their reasons have a slim chance of actually happening.

Though I'm only 10, I could tell that it couldn't be a plane. For example, the one that said it got buried underneath the dirt, if it really did, they would have easily found and likely have felt it underneath them. Also, the plane can't just get buried underneath the dirt. If it did, something would have to be sticking out the ground so they could tell it was an airplane. Some other e-mails that people sent are that the "plane" went in front of them. They can't be to sure because even if it was a plane, it would go by to fast to tell and there would have been skid marks.

Now for my reason it can't be a plane. If it was a plane, after it had hit the building, there would be markings of the wings. It's impossible for a plane to go though the Pentagon and not leave markings of the wings.


To: Ark
Subject: RE: SOT interactive
Date sent: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 05:12:00 +0000


Have you and Laura seen the new show on cable ( USA CHANNEL) called The 4400? It started airing about a month ago, right around the time I finished the Wave series. I can't help but think of the paralells in their premise and what the C's had to say about the hybrids among us. I wonder if this show is just another attempt at getting the public familiar with the idea of the alien presence among us that most are unaware of. Anyhow, I enjoyed the Wave series. N.

Date sent: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 22:51:37 -0700

Hello, first and foremost I would like to thank you. I am 20 years old and still recovering from a very recent abandonment from a psychopath. ... I became very ill after this incident. Rright now i'm just looking forward to moving away and leaving this behind me. Thank you, your article cleared the last questions I had in my mind about this "relationship" and hopefully now I'll be able to move away fresh and ready to begin again. sincerely, diana

Subject: Comment on "Official Culture in America"
Date sent: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 20:07:12 -0600

Laura: Thanks for a great article! Very insightful and wonderful validation for me as a non-sociopath trying to survive in this psychpathic society! I am a School Psychologist and a friend and colleague of mine have frequently discussed these very same concepts. I agree, that we must guard ourselves well and not be taken advantage of by the psychopathic contingent, but I must add that it is critical to find like-minds. It's difficult to stay strong when every day becomes a struggle to survive against this mind-set. Thanks again!

Subject: unpatriots unite
Date sent: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:24:26 -0400

Hi Laura, Ark and the Signs team -

More of your posted responses to your readers' apparently negative responses to your editorial bias or the political facets of your mission, again prompt me to write and tell you that you're still doing a good job. Why defend yourselves to your readers? The internet is not a push but a PULL medium, hence nobody who reads your page is doing it by mistake.

Me personally, I read all sorts of things from all sorts of different editorial/political/sociological perspectives . . . much like I feel the Signs team does (and know from having read her accounts of her scholarship that Laura does), and each one I read, I read with an eye toward the overt posture of the publication, the explicit claims of the author, and the implicit meanings in the text. I imagine much of your regular audience has this in common. I don't know: do you have demographically mapped statistics from your server logs? If you don't, perhaps our friends over in Langley or Ft. Meade have such data . . . we could FOIA it in 50 years or so, I suppose and get great retrospective data.

Perhaps a small percentage wind up at cass or signs by mistake. I would think that this demographic either doesn't come back, or does so only long enough to see if you have responded to whatever slander, accusations, recriminations and general uncivil flaming they send you. Or is today's (Thurs, 6/24) message in response to regular readers that claim to be alienated by your "unAmerican, undemocratic, unpatriotic, freedom-hating" editorial policy - all those reactionary right wingers who previously thought your NWO oriented stuff was good, but now hate to see it turned against the actual scion of the bush dynasty, when they're feeling a little righteous vengeful bloodlust ..?

Me, I roll with it. I don't always agree with your comments (for example, I think your reader's comment on Judge Calabresi's comparison of Shrub's to Hitler and Mussolini's accessions to power, was just a little paranoid to suggest he's just another puppet on a string for the NWO powers that would be, when he's actually, while beholden to such powers to some degree - whoever they actually are - both in a uniquely privileged position from which he can speak without much political consequence (he can't really be un-appointed, but could conceivably be impeached, though not for the comments you posted, until McCarthy starts getting the public really involved in the denouncements of witch hunting), and yet also diverging radically from the common behavior of judges, in criticizing both a sitting president (implicitly) and the behavior of the supreme court.

However, that hasn't made me think that you're all a bunch of raving lunatics (cassiopaeatics?). Rather, if you hadn't posted some comment like that I'd have suspected that Signs itself has been infiltrated by disinformation agents.

Moreover, whether I agree with your reader's comment (or your own comments), I am aware of the events upon which they comment, often, only because I have come to your page to see what you thought were the underreported, or sensational news stories of the day, and why.

Anyway, why would your detractors be calling you unamerican now? Didn't you move to France ages ago? Haven't you been criticizing the extractive global industrial system and its goals and methods since you first went online?

In your shoes, I think I would have to comment that such patriots as Thos. Jefferson and Ben Franklin (I know, a mason) had to study freedom in France. Or just not comment at all.

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now radio program uses two tag lines: "The Exception to the Rulers" and "Speaking Truth to Power." At the risk of diluting her trademark, I'd describe what you are doing the same way. And when I don't believe that what you are speaking is the truth, I just place it on the balance opposite every other piece of news I get from the monotonous "push" of the radio and TV (and the rest of the pushing mainstream), and use it as a counterweight to the dominant strains of not-Truth. And how could I possibly say whether you or CNN is presenting the truth? I certainly cannot authoritatively say myself in most cases what is true, and nor can I assume because what you say pleases me, or confirms my opinion, that those reactions are caused by Truth.

Anyway, I'm still out here reading, and appreciating. Have you considered that the flamers and detractors write their flaming detractions just to divert you from the mission we all log on everyday to read? So, keep it up; illegitimi non carborundorum. Michael

Subject: Who Speaks For the Truth?
To: sott
Date sent: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 03:30:05 -0500

First of all, I'd just like to commend you for your tremendous effort on the Signs page. The Signs of the Times has helped me on a daily basis. Its really a fantastic peice that is incredibly informative and well presented. I really appreciate your effort.

I was just reading the article titled "Who Speaks For the Truth". In this article, you say, "One of the big lies that we have bought is the lie that we are here to change the world, to make it a better place. [...] To believe in progress is to believe a lie." This paragraph is thought provoking for me as I have been struggling with this idea recently.

Logically I can see the truth of this. Yet I cannot resist the feelings that I should attempt to fight for change anyway. In the article, you also say, "What do the words of these men [...] have to do with standing up for the truth in the face of the lies of the Bush administration and its work to impose a theocratic police state upon the American people?"

You mention standing up to the lies of Bush and company. Isn't standing up to lies, fighting for truth and justice trying to make America a better place?

As an example, think about the civil rights movement in America. There were many key people that brought about this movement, and it succeeded. Didn't they try to change the world? And didn't they acheive their goal of technically bringing legal equality to more people? In the long run fighting for change may prove to be inconsequential. But by giving it all we have, couldnt we at least prevent things from getting any worse? Is it really pointless to try and fight for change? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this confusing subject. Thank you ~Matt

Subject: Parmenides
Date sent: Sat, 14 May 2005 16:49:21 -0500

Dear Laura,

I found your website by strange coincidence and I felt a strange trust contrasting my usual feelings on the world wide web. I read http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/ssupplement2.htm and some passages reminded me strongly on the work of the contemporary, brilliant scholar Peter Kingsley who gave a totally, archeologically grounded view on Parmenides and Empedocles in his book "Reality". If not, I strongly advise you to read it (and read Parmenides & Empedocles). This is all dangerous knowledge. Best regards, Martin V. (student of philosphy and psychology).

Subject: Community Support Officers
Date sent: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 20:09:35 +0200 (CEST)

Several months ago, I noticed these uniformed guys wandering round the streets of London - always in twos. They wear these black and blue uniforms with the words: "Community Support Officer' emblazened on the back.

For months I wondered what these guys were doing just wandering slowly around the town. Then one Saturday night when cycling around the West End of London I realised what they were about - they're basically brownshirts in traffic warden garb. It was just after the pubs had closed and Leiecester Square was teeming with Saturday night revellers. I saw a young guy throw a plastic bottle into the gutter. When two Community Support Officers rounded on him and ordered him to pick it up, the penny dropped.

Over the last month or so, there seem to be more and more of these fat necked thugs wandering around. I heard somewhere that they are usually recruited through the prison service or the Territorial Army.

Yesterday I was cycling slowly along the pavement in Notting Hill Gate, and two of these guys came up to me and virtually ordered me off my bicycle. They didn't have the usual manner of policemen - it was much more menacing, much more like Dim and Georgie (or was it Pete?) from a Clockwork Orange after they'd become 'millicents' or something. In my brief encounter with them, I sensed a truly frightening development. Jake

Date sent: Fri, 07 May 2004 11:24:21 +0100
Subject: Ancient Science

Hi, Just waited to say since I came across your web site I haven't been able to stop reading. My mind is a buzz with questions & answers, slowly digesting the information, making sense of it all in wonderment! The Wave is a worrying one though, I am only on chapter 4 but find so much to take on board & come to terms with question etc. ... Regards Lisa M.

Subject: A thank you
Date sent: Mon, 23 May 2005 15:29:33 -0500

Hi Laura,

I would like to say a simple 'thank you' for the amazing effort and time you spend 'doing what you do'. I myself have trod the pink & fluffy new age trek but always had doubts as to its overall effect especially seeing the world as it is. I have only began to read your works .. namely 'adventures' and half thru Wave 1. but the things you and the Cass impart are things i have felt for many years. I look forward to learning much more from your publications: and am always challenged to find 'within myself' the true nature of things. Not being one to send 'kooky' emails I just sincerely thank you and Ark for the work you do. regards Ken L.

Subject: Acharya S
Date sent: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 02:51:46 -0400

Just wanted to tell you folks that I enjoyed John Kaminski's article on Acharya S on Wednesday. I've read both of her books, and I have been profoundly influenced by her writing. In answer to your comment on the article, no,Acharya does not go into the Christian creation of Jesus, except to say that most of the evidence points to monks living outside Alexandria as the fabricators. My own thought at that point in the book was that this would make a great follow-up third book. You guys are great, and you're my main source of news now. By the way, I'm 25% of the way through The Secret history of the World, and I've learned so much. Kevin J.

Subject: Need help please listen
Date sent: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 10:43:49 -0500

Hello, I'm writing to you because I feel I have no one else to talk to about such things. I indeed believe history repeats itself and see the proof happening right before me eyes. Its like WWII all over again, but America is now in the place of nazi germany and the muslims in place of the jews.

The american people have now idea whats really going on and the real powers that really run this country are going to keep it that way. The fact that the US government was the real power behind 9/11 is obvious to me and really scares me. I am amazed at how ignorant the American people are about all of this, just like I'm sure the German people where during the Nazi rule. Most of who know nothing about what was going on behind closed secret doors, and I'm sure the germans felt they where on the side of good.

Right now I feel ashamed to be an american, I can't talk to anyone about any of this because how blind they are to what is happening around them. They only have one perspective, and that perspective is that of the US media.

I tried to talk to someone about what I feel really happened on 9/11 and of what is going on now, and I assure you I will never share my views on this topic with anybody else. I feel traped and helpless to do anything, I wish I could wake everyone up from these lies that they believe without any doubt. Every American is too scared to questen any thing the are told about 9/11 and the "war on terror" because they are afaid of being unamerican.

Thoughts of what the world is going to see over the next ten years scare me soo much I often think of suicide, I think this is the beginning of the end and the horrors we will see is to much to think about. Its to hard to tell the good side from the bad side. I think its more like evil VS evil, and all I can do is watch. I'm sure I will end up having to fight in this war I do not belive in, and I WILL kill myself before I see that happen. I have never been so scared in all my life, and the fact that so many people don't see whats happening right in front of them angers me. I don't know what to do.




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