Article: Henry See

Cosmic Spam:

"We are contacting you for a mutually beneficial transaction..."

Thursday, December 4, 2003: Anyone who uses email knows what a problem the proliferation of spam has become in recent times. Another Sign of the Times, we suppose. A very popular "spam gadget" claims that the writer is a relative of some formerly important, but now deceased, African politician or banker. There is a large sum of money waiting for you if you help this pitiful individual get what is rightfully his or hers. All you have to do is send your banking information...

Well, it seems that even the ETs are getting in on the act.

We have received numerous requests from readers over the last month to comment on a text that has been circulating on the Internet since September. It is called "Change the World Through Lever Effect" and consists of a request from purported alien beings for humans to invite them to intervene here on earth to save us from ourselves. It was "received" by M. Jean Ederman. We will have more to say about M. Ederman after we look at his message. Ederman insists that these "aliens" are our friends; they are here to help us in our struggle against the "enemy aliens."

The text has been translated into many languages and is popping up in email boxes like cosmic spam. It makes essentially the same offer as those emails from Nigeria.

It is currently posted in ten languages at the above link. We'll have more to say about a "special feature" of the English translation below in our analysis.

We note the first fact about this piece: it appeared on a French discussion board, onnouscachetout ("they hide it all from us"), on September 11, 2003!

Coincidence? We think not.

And so we see this piece of cosmic spam as a Sign of the Times. As the world falls more obviously under the thumb of repression, people are looking for a savior; even one with as dubious credentials as those presented here.

The text is so obviously disinformation that we had intended to ignore it. Spam is spam, be it from Nigeria or outer space. The debate on onnouscachetout - a French discussion group - was overwhelmingly negative, giving us some hope that people were able to see through such obvious manipulations as this one. Unfortunately things seem to be different in the good ole US of A.

Why are we not surprised?

Therefore, as it seems to be making the rounds, and as the junk filters of a good number of people aren't able to do a correct analysis, we have decided to respond to certain elements of the text to show why it is not only disinformation, but is also, we believe, a dangerous next step in the continual denial of our own responsibility for the current state of affairs on this planet and an open door for the continuing loss of our free will; all behind a mask of great concern for just these issues.

As the increasing awareness of "aliens" who may not have humanity's best interests at heart spreads, so does the sophistication of the disinformation that is being spread to lead people astray. This text has incorporated ideas of aliens as multi-dimensional beings, as opposed to material beings from another planet, and also places great emphasis on their desire to respect our "free will." Yeah, right.

But it is certainly the free will of anyone to respond "Yes" to spam. Even at the cost of their bank accounts, family, and even their souls.

We have written comments on the text, indented and colored. We will look at the overall character of the piece at the end of the article.

ATTENTION! Reading the text Change the World may open your "Heart Chakra"! As it begins to "resonate," you may begin to feel all warm and cosy. You'll have an assurance that goes beyond words that whoever sent this message is your friend.

Any rational objections to the text will be overidden by this urge to trust in your emotions, that self-calming that tells you that "This is it!", the chance to believe in something greater than yourself, a way out of the hole that mankind has dug for himself. All without any effort on your part.

The text Change the World was written to appeal to your emotions, not to your reasoning. It is full of emotional language designed to give you a feeling of warmth and security. By doing this, it short circuits your ability to THINK: to look at it critically, to analyse its logic, at the way it uses words, that is, to look behind the text and to understand what it is really saying.

We'll return to this after our analysis.


Uh oh, bad sign. This whole thing starts with the statement of a simple entropic agenda: "The world needs to be changed." We are commanded, the use of the imperative, to believe that we should not accept the world as it is. "Change it!" they exhort us.

On the contrary, we believe the world is as it is for a reason. We do not believe that we are here to change it. We are here to learn the lessons, to work our way out so that we no longer fit. Learn your lessons, then you graduate. There are no shortcuts. If we didn't fit this environment, we wouldn't be here.


Whoever transmitted this translated message to you is irrelevant, and should remain anonymous in your mind. It is what you will do with this message which matters !

Knowledge Protects. Interesting that we should be kept ignorant of the source of this message. Notice as well the appeal to "your mind". Right from the start they are suggesting that we should not ask questions while appealing to the intellect and the motor center."It is what you will do with this message that matters!"

Sounds good, right? Don't consider the source, just act.

Unfortunately, there is a subtle (or not so subtle) manipulation going on that is directing the unwary reader towards one specific form of action, a form that will, in fact, absolve them of really doing by inviting our "alien friends" to intervene for us.

We are instructed to look at the message itself, irregardless of the sender. Well, let's do it. Let's see what message we are being sent from these "friends" of M. Jean Ederman.

Each one of you wishes to exercise her/his free will and experience happiness.

"Happiness" is subjective and not the point of reality. The above is the point of view of the entropic principle. To believe that the point of our existence is to "be happy" is to miss the point completely. We are here to learn, to work on ourselves. To do this, we must confront our fears, our doubts, our own pride and ego. We must give up the mechanical actions that pass for "having a good time" in this world, or that even pass for "spiritual work." To really exercise one's free will, to regain that free will, one must continually struggle.

These are attributes that were shown to us and to which we now have access. Your free will depends upon the knowledge you have of your own power. Your happiness depends upon the love that you give and receive.

With the subjective happiness, now we throw in love. What does love mean? What does happiness mean? And what does happiness and love have to do with free will? Is love a mechanical program induced by a chemical reaction in the body, or is it more? If one is still mechanical oneself, is one able to love?

Does free will depend solely on the knowledge you have of "your own power"? Or does it depend as well upon your knowledge of the world as it is? If one cannot see objective reality, how can one really act? If one is still caught in the illusion, won't one's actions continue to maintain this illusion?

Like all conscious races at this stage of progress, you may feel isolated on your planet. This impression makes you sure of your destiny. Yet, you are at the brink of big upheavals that only a minority is aware of.

It is not our responsibility to modify your future without you choosing it. Consider this message as a worldwide referendum! And your answer as a ballot!

Yeah, the worldwide referendum. This is a neat trick practiced by the right wing in the US. We are told that direct referendum where the people can express their will is better than representative democracy. Is this necessarily true? If one is ignorant of the real enjeux of a referendum, if one is living in an environment controlled by a mass media which can shape people's opinions as a potter shapes his clay, then what possibility is there for real democracy?

This is the trap being laid in this message. It appeals to this sense of lack of control and creates the impression that one can read this message and then act based upon one's inner true self.

Who are we ?

Neither your scientists nor your religious representatives speak unanimously about the unexplained celestial events that mankind has witnessed for thousands of years. To know the truth, one must face it without the filter of one's beliefs, however respectable they may be.

Disinformation works by mixing true statements with false statements. As in any act of selling, the salesman gets the client to agree with a series of statements, getting him to agree, leading him to the final pitch. This piece works in the same way.

A growing number of anonymous researchers of yours are exploring new knowledge paths and are getting very close to reality. Today, your civilization is flooded with an ocean of information of which only a tiny part, the less upsetting one, is notably diffused.

Again, a true statement. The client says "yes" again.

What in your history seemed ridiculous or improbable has often become possible, then realized, in particular in the last fifty years. Be aware that the future will be even more surprising. You will discover the worst as well as the best.

A true statement. The client says "yes" again.

Like billions others in this galaxy, we are conscious creatures that some name "extra-terrestrials", even though reality is subtler.

Ah, a more subtle reality. Jean's friends have learned a thing or two about how to present themselves in the last decades.

There is no fundamental difference between you and us, save for the experience of certain stages of evolution. Like in any other organized structure, hierarchy exists in our internal relationships.

Ah, but non-linear systems may possess internal structure and yet have no hierarchy. In fact, many non-linear living systems (like bee hives) are called heterarchies - the opposite of hierarchy. The above is a subtle lie designed to pull the reader in by making themselves "familiar" to us according to the hierarchies that exist in our own society. Hierarchies belong to entropic structures in which the higher structures feed off of their power over the lower structures to accumulate power and survive. They are control structures.

If you imagine the entropic structure as a pyramid where only one being can be at the summit, this is the hierarchical structure. In creative structures, manifestations of the creative principle at work in the universe, we can envision a circle with no start or finish. With each person giving, everyone receives. There is no hierarchy.

Ours is based upon the wisdom of several races. It is with the approval of this hierarchy that we turn to you.

Notice the "approval". This is a judgment. Someone (the hierarchy) had to pass judgment that allowed these beings to contact us. And if we play our cards right, then we'll get to be a part of this "hierarchy", too! Guess what level we'll be on!

Like most of you, we are in the quest of the Supreme Being. Therefore we are not gods or lesser gods but virtually your equals in the Cosmic Brotherhood.

Ah! Brother! We're hermanos! Can't we make a deal here?! [Beetlejuice]

Physically, we are somewhat different from you but for most of us humanoid-shaped.

Our existence is a reality but the majority of you does not perceive it yet. We are not mere observations, we are consciences just like you. You fail to apprehend us because we remain invisible to your senses and measure instruments most of the time.

There may well be beings of this sort in the universe. Modern physics has opened the door to other dimensions, and scientists of the stature of Einstein have considered the necessity of treating these dimensions as having material reality. Our myths and religions may well be descriptions of the manifestations of these beings in our reality.

We wish to fill this void at this moment in your history. We made this collective decision but this is not enough. We need yours. Through this message, you become the decision-makers! You personally.

We did not ask for this message, so how did we become the decision-makers through this message that we did not ask for? Notice the "collective decisions". This contradicts the statement above about "approval" from a controlling hierarchy.

We have no human representative on Earth who could guide your decision.

Why aren't we visible ?

At certain stages of evolution, cosmic "humanities” discover new forms of science beyond the apparent control of matter. Structured dematerialisation and materialisation are part of them. This is what your humanity has reached in a few laboratories, in close collaboration with other "extra-terrestrial" creatures at the cost of hazardous compromises that remain purposedly hidden from you by some of your representatives.

Apart from the aerial or spatial objects or phenomena known about by your scientific community, that you call 'UFOs, there are essentially multidimensional manufactured spaceships that apply these capacities.

Many human beings have been in visual, auditory, tactile or psychic contact with such ships, some of which are under occult powers that "govern" you. The scarcity of your observations is due to the outstanding advantages provided by the dematerialised state of these ships.

Such sources can be "starkly accurate" when it's useful. These technologies may permit some inter-dimensional travel or communication. We cannot rule this out.

By not witnessing them by yourself, you cannot believe in their existence. We fully understand this.

You see, they understand us! How touching.

The majority of these observations are made on an individual basis so as to touch the soul and not to modify any organised system. This is deliberate from the races that surround you but for very different reasons and results.

For negative multidimensional beings that play a part in the exercise of power in the shadow of human oligarchy, discretion is motivated by their will to keep their existence and seizure unknown.

And to keep us in their control, no? Could there not also be a good cop/bad cop routine?

For us, discretion is motivated by the respect of the human free will that people can exercise to manage their own affairs so that they can reach technical and spiritual maturity on their own. Humankind's entrance into the family of galactic civilisations is greatly expected.

If respect is given of human free will to reach technical and spiritual maturity on our own, then what do we need these beings for? Notice that anticipation is present in the hope that we will be sucked into the controlling hierarchy.

We will look more closely into how they respect our free will below.

We can appear in broad daylight and help you attain this union. We haven't done it so far, as too few of you have genuinely desired it, because of ignorance, indifference or fear, and because the emergency of the situation did not justify it. Many of those who study our appearances count the lights in the night without lighting the way. Often they think in terms of objects when it is all about conscious beings.

So we have not chosen to allow them to appear because we are ignorant or indifferent or afraid? What about because we choose not to be interfered with? This sounds like more anticipation from these beings.

History is replete with stories of the dangers of dealing with these beings, be they fairies, leprechauns, djinns or the gods on Olympus. Perhaps we have said "no" because in our collective unconscious we are aware of our past interactions with them?

Who are you ?

You are the offspring of many traditions that throughout time have been mutually enriched by each others' contributions. The same applies to the races at the surface of the Earth. Your goal is to unite in the respect of these roots to accomplish a common project. The appearance of your cultures seems to keep you separated because you substitute it to your deeper being. Shape is now more important than the essence of your subtle nature. For the powers in place, this prevalence of the shape constitutes the ramparts against any form of jeopardy.

And what if there are, in fact, different races upon the face of this planet? Not the races we have been accustomed to see, but races with no visible distinguishing marks? What if there exist races at different stages in the evolutionary process, those we have called organic portals or what Mouravieff called the pre-Adamic race?

You are being called on to overcome shape while still respecting it for its richness and beauty. Understanding the conscience of shape makes us love men in their diversity. Peace does not mean not making war, it consists in becoming what you are in reality: a same Fraternity.

This is a subtle one. If we are not One, if we are Two at different stages of the spiritual process, then being part of the same Fraternity may sound nice but could actually be a call to not see reality as it is, to push aside differences that may in fact be essential in order to graduate to the next class. While from the point of view of the Absolute, all is one, in this world, the One is manifested as many and it behooves us to take notice of these differences. It is spiritual arrogance to take the place of the Absolute and deny the multiplicity of Creation.

To understand this, the number of solutions within your reach are decreasing. One of them consists in contact with another race that would reflect the image of what you are in reality.

These statements are limiting. I also get the strange feeling that they want to "mould" us in their image. Where have we heard that before?

To speak of limited possibilities is to deny the Creative Act. In any situation, the true Creative Act can inject a non-linear component and cause a shift that dramatically outweighs the initial impulse. By restricting us, they are attempting to cut us off from this Creative Principle, another sign that this message reflects the opposing, entropic, principle.

What is your situation ?

Except for rare occasions, our interventions always had very little incidence on your capacity to make collective and individual decisions about your own future. This is motivated by our knowledge of your deep psychological mechanisms.

We reached the conclusion that freedom is built every day as a being becomes aware of himself and of his environment, getting progressively rid of constraints and inertias, whatever they may be. Despite the numerous, brave and willing human consciences, those inertias are artificially maintained for the profit of a growing centralising power.

Back to the hypnotizing, yes, this is obvious, type of statement.

Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on their way.

Mankind has been mechanical for much longer than this statement would have us believe. It is feeding on our ego. Rather than describing the true terror of the situation, that we have been controlled and manipulated for millennia, they stoke the flames of pride: "You can recapture what you have so recently lost," "your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable."

"Desire." Happiness.

Man is a machine until he learns another way of being. We have never been free in this world. But they are not interested in the truth; they would have us believe the self-calming lie.

This can change as long as you keep this creative power in you, even if it cohabits with the dark intentions of your potential lords. This is the reason why we remain invisible. This individual power is doomed to vanish should a collective reaction of great magnitude not happen. The period to come is that of rupture, whichever it may be.

Keep the creative power in you? Shouldn't we share it? Isn't that how it becomes "creative"? By being shared, exchanged with others? And the creative power is most certainly doomed to vanish if a collective reaction of great magnitude calls on these guys to show up!

But should you wait for the last moment to find solutions ? Should you anticipate or undergo pain ?

A pressure tactic. Better decide soon or you're going to hell!, I mean you will undergo pain! Where have we heard that before?

Your history has never ceased to be marked by encounters between peoples who had to discover one another in conditions that were often conflictual. Conquests almost always happened to the detriment of others. Earth has now become a village where everyone knows everyone else but still conflicts persist and threats of all kinds get worse in duration and intensity.

We didn't need these beings' help to see this stuff! But notice this one: "Conquests almost always happened to the detriment of others." Really? Can you show us an example of a conquest that was beneficial? This is the logic of the conqueror. Every conqueror considers his conquest "beneficial."

This is a line of reasoning we will see later when they speak of "friendly abductions."

Although a Human being as an individual, yet having many potential capacities, cannot exercise them with dignity. This is the case for the biggest majority of you for reasons that are essentially geopolitical.

There are several billion of you. The education of your children and your living conditions, as well as the conditions of numerous animals and much plant life are nevertheless under the thumb of a small number of your political, financial, military and religious representatives.

Indeed. They can be starkly accurate when it suits their agenda.

Your thoughts and beliefs are modelled after partisan interests to turn you into slaves while at the same time giving you the feeling that you are in total control of your destiny, which in essence is the reality.

Yeah. Kinda like this message. Notice the careful ambiguity at the end: in essence, is our reality that we are slaves or that we are in control? We are slaves. We will remain slaves until we learn to live as free beings.

But there is a long way between a wish and a fact when the true rules of the game at hand are unknown. This time, you are not the conqueror. Biasing information is a millenary strategy for human beings. Inducting thoughts, emotions or organisms that do not belong to you via ad hoc technologies is an even older a strategy.

Wonderful opportunities of progress stand close to big subdual and destruction threats. These dangers and opportunities exist now. However, you can only perceive what is being shown to you. The end of natural resources is programmed whereas no long-term collective project has been launched.

One of the purposes of the Cass material and our work in the QFS is to teach us to "see the unseen", despite what we are being shown. One can learn to see objective reality, but it is not given as a gift. It is hard work, day in and day out. Most people can't or won't see objective reality even when it IS shown to them.

Ecosystem exhaustion mechanisms have exceeded irreversible limits. The scarcity of resources and their unfair distribution - resources which entry price will rise day after day - will bring about fratricide fights at a large scale, but also at the very heart of your cities and countrysides.


Hatred grows bigger but so does love. That is what keeps you confident in your ability to find solutions. But the critical mass is insufficient and a sabotage work is cleverly being carried out.

But what is love? This message gives no hint that love is anything more than a chemical high. And if "love" is growing bigger, please show us where... take your time... no hurry...

Human behaviours, formed from past habits and trainings, have such an inertia that this perspective leads you to a dead end. You entrust these problems to representatives, whose conscience of common well-being slowly fades away in front of corporatist interests, with those difficulties. They are always debating on the form but rarely on the content.


Just at the moment of action, delays will accumulate to the point when you have to submit rather than choose. This is the reason why, more than ever in your history, your decisions of today will directly and significantly impact your survival of tomorrow.

Indeed. Such sources can be starkly accurate when it suits their agenda.

What event could radically modify this inertia that is typical of any civilisation ? Where will a collective and unifying awareness come from, that will stop this blind rushing ahead ?

Ah! Now we get to the crunch! What, indeed, can we do!

Tribes, populations and human nations have always encountered and interacted with one another. Faced with the threats weighing upon the human family, it is perhaps time that a greater interaction occurred.

A great roller wave is on the verge of emerging. It mixes very positive but also very negative aspects.

Who are the "third party" ?

There are two ways to establish a cosmic contact with another civilisation: via its standing representatives or directly with individuals without distinction. The first way entails fights of interests, the second way brings awareness.

Standing representatives? Do they mean the ones in power? Individuals without distinction? Do they mean the "low guy" on the totem pole? With "individuals without distinction"? We are back to the idea of the referendum. The false idea of direct action.

But who says that there are only two ways, and who says that entering into contact via either is the only way out of our predicament?

The first way was chosen by a group of races motivated by keeping mankind in slavery, thereby controlling Earth resources, the gene pool and human emotional energy.

The second way was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause of the Spirit of service. We have, at our end, subscribed to this disinterested cause and introduced ourselves a few years ago to representatives of the human power who refused our outstretched hand on the pretext of incompatible interests with their strategic vision.

Why would these beings go to the people in power on this planet first? Especially knowing ahead of time what these people were like? Sounds to me like some other powerful beings got to them first. Competing factions. This is starting to sound like Sheldon Nidle's "Becoming a Galactic Human," the Photon Belt Phiasco: You know, mass landings and all that.

That is why today individuals are to make this choice by themselves without any representative interfering. What we proposed in the past to those whom we believed were in a capacity to contribute to your happiness, we propose it now to ... you!

Oh, so the guys in power wouldn't buy this crap, but then ignorant "individuals without distinction" just might? And how smart can these aliens be if they thought that those in power would bite? Would you trust anyone who was willing to make an alliance with any of the earthy representatives of human power?

Most of you ignore that non-human creatures took part in the exercise of those centralising powers without them being neither suspected nor accessible to your senses. This is so true that they have almost very subtly taken control. They do not necessarily stand on your material plan, and that is precisely what could make them extremely efficient and frightening in the near future. However, be aware that a large number of your representatives are fighting this danger! Be aware that not all abductions are made against you. It is difficult to recognize the truth!

Ah, this is an especially savoury paragraph. Notice the statement that they have "almost very subtly taken control." But do not fear, you are not completely controlled, in spite of thousands of years of written history which demonstrate conclusively otherwise.

Notice the statement that "not all abductions are made against you". Curious, no? We would have thought that an abduction was a particularly strong example of the abridgement of a person's free will. An abduction is the taking by force of someone against their free will, is it not? How can an abduction be done by respecting someone's free will?

This does not bother the authors of this text, nor, apparently many thousands of individuals who have said "Yes" to this sinister pact.

After reading this paragraph, we checked in the original French version and discovered that this phrase was not included. Strange. So we went to the French discussion board, onnouscachetout where the message had first appeared and asked the author to explain why the phrase was in the English and how his interlocutors could resolve this contradiction between "abduction" and "free will." This was the response from Jean Ederman (our translation from the French):

Why does the English version speak of abductions?

During the course of a telephone conversation with the second translator, of Anglo-Saxon origin, about the formulations for the translation, this person convinced me that in American culture in particular, the question of abductions was extremely important due to the mediatisation of this phenomenon, in the USA in particular.

I therefore interrogated my friends on the possibility of mentioning this and waited for their response. The addition that certain people noticed was thus the result of this response that added precision on this point: not all abductions are hostile and there exist representatives in power who are fighting against, in their own way, these "assaults" of the "third party."

How can it be that certain abductions are not hostile and at the same time our friends affirm that they respect our free will? Are abductions and free will compatible?

They are for the simple reason that they have as goal to render us freer to choose and act by unlocking channels (in particular the sixth and seventh chakras) that prevent us from seeing more clearly the game of the "third party" who is doing everything possible to prevent this opening, notably by continuing with hostile abductions on the same chakras! Thus an initial abduction that is lived as hostile (which would be the case) will later be followed by one lived as hostile because of the memory of the first, while in fact this new abduction will have a contrary effect.

Even if it is very far from this situation, we can make the following metaphor: as a vaccine containing a small amount of the pathogenic agent will leave a temporary and weak pain in order to render someone immune to a disease, the same disease is made up of the same pathogenic agent in greater abundance, leaving the memory of greater suffering. But the unconscious will translate the two experiences in the same hostile mode. In a certain way, the friendly abduction is the counter-poison to a hostile abduction.

The respecting of free will consists thus in permitting the abductee to recover at least their initial state, if not a state of greater awakening. This principle also holds for other pathological situations, other than psychic, knowing that a defective organ calls forth the maximum energy from the body in order to correct itself, and that this energy cannot therefore be used for opening the conscience. It is for this reason that abductees have been seen to have had healings.

It is often said that an abductee may have been taken many times. This is not foreign to what I have said.

There exist as well friendly abductions where there have been no prior hostile abductions. This is due to the role the concerned human might play in society in order to help other humans to open themselves to new conceptions of life and the universe.

Inversely, there are hostile abductions that serve the purpose of the "third party" and that, because of a particularly negative psychological make-up in the individual, cannot become the object of a correction, so deep is the blindness.

These two aspects of abduction, positive and negative, reflect the reality of a great number of recent cases. After these abductions, certain humans are particularly violent in their thoughts and acts, others particularly open and luminous. Others, as neutral as before.

Horse hockey.

If their idea of free will is that they can play games with our minds, in what they claim are our better interests, without asking permission, then we don't want anything to do with it. But there will always be people who want the shortcut, who are unwilling to do the work necessary themselves. They will be captivated by such an offer and such a facile explanation.

However, given the evidence pointing to the nefarious effects of vaccinations, we find the metaphor chosen by M Ederman or his "friends" to be particularly apt, although obviously not for the reasons he cites.

The work to bring the lower three centers, the motor, the emotional, and the intellectual, into harmony is a long and painful work to overcome our own mechanicalness. There are no shortcuts in this work. We are able to groove a connection to the higher centers, what Ederman is calling the sixth and seventh chakras, only by forming a magnetic center within, but forging this center in struggle against our mechanical impulses, our habitual responses to stimuli from our environment.

M. Ederman would have us believe that this can happen through "friendly" abductions. That it can be the result of an assault on our free will rather than through the constant strengthening of our free will by fighting our mechanical responses to the world. We must learn to reprogram and rewire ourselves, changing the internal chemical reactions in our bodies as we move, think, or react emotionally. Our free will is developed by stepping back from our lives as automatons and making the conscious choice to no longer act as an automaton.

But as we will see below, these "friends" of Ederman's are not only willing to impose such a radical change of perception upon individual abductees, it is in fact the same plan they seek to impose upon all of humanity through their intervention.

How could you under such conditions exercise your free will when it is so much manipulated ? What are you really free of?

Indeed, how could one exercise free will under such circumstances? It sounds like they are suggesting there is no way to do so. This is a limiting perspective. And as we have seen, their suggestions don't help. They only add more obfuscation to an already confused matter.

Peace and reunification of your peoples would be a first step toward the harmony with civilisations other than yours.

But they already said "peace does not mean not making war" so how can there be a "reunification"? And how does that affect free will? What if there are individuals on this planet who don't want peace and reunification? And who exactly are these other "civilizations". Oh, right. We have been instructed not to ask. Sign on the dotted line and then you'll have your answers.

That is precisely what those who manipulate you behind the scenes want to avoid at all cost because, by dividing, they reign! They also reign over those who govern you. Their strength comes from their capacity to distillate mistrust and fear into you. This considerably harms your very cosmic nature.

And what, pray tell, is our "cosmic nature"? The ability to see via the opening of our sixth and seventh chakras through the intervention of friendly aliens, who really do have our best interests at heart, while they have taken us against our will?

Yeah, that really does make sense.

This message would be of no interest if these manipulators' tutorate did not reach its peak and if their misleading and murderous plans did not materialise in a few years from now. Their deadlines are close and mankind will undergo unprecedented torments for the next ten cycles.

This is ambiguous and fear-mongering. Sign today on the dotted line or forever miss your chance for salvation! You've seen it on TV! You've seen it on the Internet!

Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers.

To defend yourselves against this aggression that bears no face, you need at least to have enough information that leads to the solution.

Fine. But how do we get this information? Where does it come from? How can we trust this source more than any other? Because they tell us they are our "friends"?

As is also the case with humans, resistance exists amongst those dominant races. Here again, appearance will not be enough to tell the dominator from the ally. At your current state of psychism, it is extremely difficult for you to distinguish between them. In addition to your intuition, training will be necessary when the time has come.

Ah. And who will train us? Our "friends"? Or do we train ourselves by dissecting the pablum being served in interventions such as this?

Being aware of the priceless value of free will, we are inviting you to an alternative.

Said the spider to the fly...

What can we offer ?

We can offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life, constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal relationships, liberating technical knowledge, eradiction of suffering, controlled exercise of individual powers, the access to new forms of energy and, finally, a better comprehension of consciousness.

Hmmm... I seem to remember a similar pact...

Luke 4:5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 4:6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 4:7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

This is violation of free will. We are where we are because that's where we belong. We are here to learn certain lessons that this particular planet and reality provide. These beings want to offer a "way out". A way of learning the lessons without the work. Lessons without those things are worthless and do not comprise true knowledge. Entropy takes the path of least resistance. There is no free lunch in the universe, and if you think there is, you ARE lunch!

We cannot help you overcome your individual and collective fears, or bring you laws that you would not have chosen, work on your own selves, individual and collective effort to build the world you desire, the spirit of quest to new skies.

And yet all of the above, that they "cannot do," are the precise reasons that the planet is in the state it is in today! So basically, they are saying you can skip over the hard stuff, pass "Go" and collect 200 bux! What a deal!

What would we receive ?

Should you decide that such a contact takes place, we would rejoice over the safeguarding of fraternal equilibrium in this region of the universe, fruitful diplomatic exchanges, and the intense Joy of knowing that you are united to accomplish what you are capable of. The feeling of Joy is strongly sought in the universe for its energy is divine.

They are expecting something, even if it is personal satisfaction. The feeling of Joy and bliss is avidly sought by those of the entropic persuasion. They always want to know what's in it for them.

The Creative Principle engages in creation because that is its nature. It does not seek a reward for its acts. The Creative Act is the reward. It is not Joy that is Divine; it is Creation itself. The "feeling" of Joy is the entropic substitute for Creation.

What is the question we ask you ?


Why are they asking us? Shouldn't we be asking them?

How to can you answer this question ?

The truth of soul can be read by telepathy. You only need to clearly ask yourself this question and give your answer as clearly, on your own or in a group, as you wish. Being in the heart of a city or in the middle of a desert does not impact the efficiency of your answer, YES or NO, IMMEDIATELY AFTER ASKING THE QUESTION! Just do it as if you were speaking to yourself but thinking about the message.

This is a universal question and these mere few words, put in their context, have a powerful meaning. You should not let hesitation in the way. This is why you should calmly think about it, in all conscience. In order to perfectly associate your answer with the question, it is recommended that you answer right after another reading of this message.

Right after being hypnotized and biased by this message... INSTEAD of after rational thought and seeking of knowledge about the matter. Go by feeling, not thought.

Do not rush to answer. Breathe and let all the power of your own free will penetrate you. Be proud of what you are ! The problems that you may have weaken you. Forget about them for a few minutes to be yourselves. Feel the force that springs up in you. You are in control of yourselves !

These are "feel good" platitudes that mean nothing. They are part of the programming of the message: Breathe. Be proud! Feel how in control of yourselves you are so that when you say yes, it is a binding contract with this force that is manipulating you. You will have said "Yes, come save us" of your own "free will"!

Looks like they are trying to pull a Faust one...

A single thought, a single answer can drastically change your near future, in one way as in another.

O! "Brother"! Ain't that the truth! It just may not be in the manner you expect!

Your individual decision of asking in your inner self that we show up on your material plan and in broad daylight is precious and essential to us.

Yes, indeedy, folks. Without this, they can't come. They need to be invited. That is why it is so precious. It is your covenant with the devil, your pact with the dark side.

If the dark side appeared showing its true face, how many people would sign up? No. It is forced to take on the cover of "love and light," to suck in gullible people who can't think, who allow their wishful thinking and desire for an easy out override critical thought.

Then when things don't quite pan out as you had hoped, you'll have no one but yourselves to blame. You forgot to read the fine print. Too bad, cookie! Better luck next time!

Even though you can choose the way that best suits you, rituals are essentially useless. A sincere request made with your heart and your own will will always be perceived by those of us whom it is sent to.

In your own private polling booth of your secret will, you will determine the future.

What is the lever effect ?

This decision should be made by the greatest number among you, even though it might seem like a minority. It is recommended to spread this message, in all envisageable fashions, in as many languages as possible, to those around you, whether or not they seem receptive to this new vision of the future.

This is giving to others who are not asking and is violation of free will.

Do it using in a humorous tone or derision if that can help you. You can even openly and publicly make fun of it if it makes you feel more comfortable but do not be indifferent for at least you will have exercised your free will.

Don't take a stand! Don't show others what you really think! Just make sure you are comfortable.

But at least we have some sort of response to their definition of "free will." It consists in spreading information that you may well disagree with, as long as you poke fun at it! Something really amusing to reflect upon while you're being abducted. Sure to pick you up in a pinch!

Forget about the false prophets and the beliefs that have been transmitted to you about us. This request is one of the most intimate that can be asked to you.

Indeed it is. The pact with the Devil, himself. Not much in life is more intimate than the future of your very soul.

"Forget about the false prophets?" You mean those that "come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves?"

Making a decision by yourself, as an individual, is your right as well as your responsibility !

Don't listen to those people who have rational, thought-out arguments against this idea because they are just "false prophets"! Where have we heard that before?

Passivity only leads to the absence of freedom. Similarly, indecision is never efficient. If you really want to cling to your beliefs, which is something that we understand, then say NO. If you do not know what to choose, do not say YES because of mere curiosity. This is not a show, this is real daily life, WE ARE ALIVE ! And living !

Ah, shucks. See how concerned they are? If you have any doubts, don't say yes. This is certainly convincing evidence that they are our friends... Of course, by rejecting this offer you will be "clinging to your beliefs."

Your history has plenty of episodes when determined men and women were able to influence the thread of events in spite of their small number.

Just like a small number is enough to take temporal power on Earth and influence the future of the majority, a small number of you can radically change your fate as an answer to the impotence in face of so much inertia and hurdles ! You can ease the mankind's birth to Brotherhood.

But what if the larger number of people don't want "mankind's birth to Brotherhood"? Wouldn't that small "speshul" number of people be violating the others free will?

And what exactly is this "Brotherhood" we are being offered?

One of your thinkers once said: “Give me a hand-hold and I'll raise the Earth".

Spreading this message will then be the hand-hold to strengthen, we will be the light-years long lever, you will be the craftsmen to ... raise the Earth as a consequence of our appearance.

Praise the lord! All we have to do is take the hands of these alien saviors and all will be right with this planet! Praise the lord!

What would be the consequences of a positive decision ?

For us, the immediate consequence of a collective favourable decision would be the materialisation of many ships, in your sky and on Earth.

Yeah, well, we really want that, right? Anyone remember the eighties TV movie, V? Why again is this a good idea to fill our skies with alien vessels, aliens who claim to have technology and powers way in advance of our own? Oh, yeah. They have our best interests at heart.

For you, the direct effect would be the rapid abandoning of many certitudes and beliefs.

A simple conclusive visual contact would have huge repercussions on your future. Much knowledge would be modified forever. The organisation of your societies would be deeply upheaved for ever, in all fields of activity. Power would become individual because you would see for yourself that we are living. Concretely, you would change the scale of your values !

Just how would seeing a bunch of UFOs in the skies make power "individual?" Besides that, who is ready for such a radical change of thought? Who are "we" to decide for the others on this planet? We can decide for ourselves. To decide for others is to continue playing the same game by the current rules. This is supposed to be a change? An improvement?

Yet, as we saw when we looked at their fantastic explanation for abductions that do not abridge free will, this is their plan for everyone on the planet. Think of it as a "friendly" abduction of 6 billion people!

The most important thing for us is that humankind would form a single family in front of this "unknown" we would represent !

How can they be so sure of our reaction? And why exactly do they want us to form a single "family"? Because of the "Joy" they would feel? They say that our society would be "upheaved for ever", and they think this wouldn't be painful for us? Seeing them for ourselves would make us individually powerful?

Danger would slowly melt away from your homes because you would indirectly force the undesirable ones, those we name the "third party", to show up and vanish. You would all bear the same name and share the same roots: Mankind !

Boy, that sure sounds simple enough. But if it were so simple a thing to accomplish, wouldn't we have done it already? Oh, that's right, we need the presence of these beings to accomplish this. Of course, they are mighty scarce on the details of how this would be accomplished. Don't the "bad guys" have weapons of mass destruction? Don't they have means of fighting back? Why would they give up so easily. If they are bad guys, wouldn't they do the utmost in their power to remain in control?

Later on, peaceful and respectful exchanges would be thus possible if such is your wish. For now, he who is hungry cannot smile, he who is fearful cannot welcome us. We are sad to see men, women and children suffering to such a degree in their flesh and in their hearts when they bear such an inner light.

Guess the first sentence here implies that the initial changes won't be so peaceful and respectful, eh? Just what are they inviting us to get into?

What if some men, women, and children don't bear an inner light? What if some of them are entropic at the core, have made a conscious choice to join the "dark side"? Are we going to be forced to become "One" with them, too?

Suffering changes DNA. Suffering helps one learn lessons. There is a purpose to suffering. We need it at this level. But then again, I would hate to see some alien beings with little sad faces because I was suffering!

This light can be your future. Our relationships could be progressive.

Or maybe not...

Several stages of several years or decades would occur: demonstrative appearance of our ships, physical appearance beside human beings, collaboration in your technical and spiritual evolution, discovery of parts of the galaxy.

This is sounding more and more like V...

Every time, new choices would be offered to you. You would then decide by yourself to cross new stages if you think it necessary to your external and inner well-being. No interference would be decided upon unilaterally. We would leave as soon as you would collectively wish that we do.

Yeah, right. And I'm sure they have some desert property on Venus they would like to sell us, too. They hold all the cards, why wouldn't they seek to control us? Ignorance Endangers.

And as we have seen in this message, they don't manipulate, they don't use subtle means to paint their offerings as other than they really are. And what do they mean by "collective wish"? They already said a minority on the planet can invite them to come. What if a minority continues to desire their presence?

Depending upon the speed to spread the message across the world, several weeks, or even several months will be necessary before our "great appearance", if such is the decision made by the majority of those who will have used their capacity to choose, and if this message receives the necessary support.

The main difference between your daily prayers to entities of a strictly spiritual nature and your current decision is extremely simple :

we are technically equipped to materialise!

That's actually kind of scary.

Why such a historical dilemma ?

We know that "foreigners" are considered as enemies as long as they embody the "unknown". In a first stage, the emotion that our appearance will generate will strengthen your relationships on a worldwide scale.

Because they will be perceived as enemies!

How could you know whether our arrival is the consequence of your collective choice ? For the simple reason that we would have otherwise been already there for a long time at your level of existence ! If we are not there yet, it is because you have not made such a decision explicitely.

How do we know this is true. What if they have been waiting for just this moment? Waiting till things started to heat up?

Some among you might think that we would make you believe in a deliberate choice of yours so as to legitimate our arrival, though this would not be true. What interest would we have to openly offer you what you haven't got any access to yet, for the benefit of the greatest number of you ?

What interest? How about controlling us. How do we know they can deliver what they offer? The intentions hidden in this message certainly are not reassuring.

How could you be certain that this is not yet another subtle manoeuvre of the "third party" to better enslave you ? Because one always more efficiently fights something that is identified than the contrary. Isn't the terrorism that corrodes you a blatant example ?

What? It doesn't sound to me like they answered the question. What if your enemy pretends to be your friend in order to insinuate himself into your life? What if we are being asked to participate in a fight between factions, both of whom are the "wrong" side? And speaking of "terrorism," apparently these guys don't know that the "terrorists" are a manufactured threat of the Bush Reich. If they don't know that, what else don't they know? Hmmm... now that I mention it, we see here the same old tired maneuver: create the threat and then offer the solution...

Whatever, you are the sole judge in your own heart and soul ! Whatever your choice, it would be respectable and respected ! In the absence of human representatives who could potentially seduce into error you ignore everything about us as well as from about those who manipulate you without your consent.

In your situation, the precautionary principle that consists in not trying to discover us does no longer prevail. You are already in the Pandora's box that the "third party" has created around you. Whatever your decision may be you will have to get out of it.

In other words, we're already in the fire so what do we have to lose if we take these stranger alien hands to pull us out? Perhaps they lit the fire!

In the face of such a dilemma, one ignorance against another, you need to ask your intuition. Do you want to see us with your own eyes, or simply believe what your thinkers say ? That is the real question!

We're still lost on how seeing them will help us... And why are these our only choices? Why can we not reject both "our thinkers" and our "alien friends"? And why is "want" so important?

After thousands of years, one day, this choice was going to be inevitable: choosing between two unknowns.

Ignorance Endangers! For those of you who have seen the second Matrix movie, notice how this sounds eerily similar to the choice that the Architect asked Neo to make towards the end of the movie.

Why spread such a message among yourselves ?

Translate and spread this message widely. This action will affect your future in an irreversible and historical way at the scale of milleniums, otherwise, it will postpone a new opportunity to choose to several years later, at least one generation, if it can survive.

Choose us or die.

Not choosing, stands for undergoing other people's choice. Not informing others stands for running the risk of obtaining a result that is contrary to one's expectations. Remaining indifferent means giving up one's free will.

Not violating another's free will by giving them what they have not asked for causes you to run the risk of not obtaining what you want, even at their expense. This is entropic thinking.

To give when asked, and asked in a sincere manner, is the way one respects another's free will. The above is blatant manipulation... Cosmic blackmail.

It is all about your future. It is all about your evolution.

It is possible that this invitation does not receive your collective assent and that, because of a lack of information, it will be disregarded. Nevertheless no individual desire goes unheeded in the universe.

So the only reason this message will be disregarded is because of lack of information? What happened to free will choice? What happened to "wanting" and forgetting about those Eeeevil, lyin' false prophets who provide information?

Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships. A unique cultural shock in today's mankind's history. It will then be too late to regret about not making a choice and spreading the message because this discovery will be irreversible. We do insist that you do not rush into it, but do think about it ! And decide !

Wait a minute. Now they are implying that they might show up even if we say no. Or are they telling us that if we don't say, "Yes," we end up on someone's black list?

The big medias will not be necessarely interested in spreading this message. It is therefore your task, as an anonymous yet an extraordinary thinking and loving being, to transmit it.

You are still the architects of your own fate...


We are not the architects of our own fates if these beings appear out of nowhere and take over. If this message is genuine, it is from a source firmly ensconced in the entropic principle.

There appears to be an esoteric principle that a person's free will must be respected as a person or group advances on the path to enlightenment. However, most people are not aware that there are two paths: a path towards Creation and a path towards Entropy. They are both "spiritual" paths, and yet they lead in opposite directions. One is expansive, giving, and leads towards Consciousness, or the Creative Principle. The other leads towards contraction, heaviness, and denser forms of matter.

Both are necessary for the existence of the universe. Consciousness needs matter to shape; it is the canvas of creation. Matter needs consciousness to become.

One makes a choice to follow one or the other path. Not making a choice is a default choice for entropy, to allow choices to be made for you. If you leave a vacuum, it will be filled. If it is not your choice, that vacuum will be filled by the choice of another.

This message plays with this idea, and yet distorts it. It recognises the question of free will, yet twists it into a ugly reflection.

On the Signs pages, we have looked at the growing agreement of the majority of the American people with the entropic force since the Second World War. The assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 was an important marker on this path. Although there is much evidence to show that JFK was killed by members of the Mafia, the Government, and the US intelligence services working in concert, the US Government was able to successfully sell the lone gun theory, the idea that Oswald acted alone. Even if a majority of US citizens believe the Warren Commission is wrong, in actual fact this has changed nothing. Those responsible have never been brought to justice. Their crimes have never been brought to the light of day.

That the people of the US have allowed this to happen, have prefered to ignore this issue rather than deal with it, have chosen the Lie over the Truth, effectively gave consent to the assassination, tied their free will to that of the assassins.

Allowing George Bush to come to power through a coup of the Supreme Court was another tacit agreement, another step in the pact of the US with the forces of entropy.

Believing the Bush Reich line on the events of September 11 was yet another.

But there do exist people who refuse the official story, who are questioning official politics, official science, the social structures in place to keep us machine-like and mechanical in our lives. So other types of pacts are necessary to bring these reticent types onboard.

The text presented by Jean Ederman is one such attempt. It is targeted at just those people who are willing to question the official discourse, people who have been softened up through forty years of New Age ideals, of love and light, of desires for states of higher consciousness, whose distrust of official science has led them to reject critical thinking and knowledge in favour of "feeling" and "intuition."

These are people who are seeking "experience," and the "friends" of Ederman are certainly promising a grand one at that! Their ships shall appear in the skies. Our beliefs will be overthrown overnight. Of course, not the beliefs of those who say "Yes" to Cosmic Spam, because they already "know" that these beings are there. So they are being used to forcibly overthrow the beliefs and ideas of those who do not respond or who say "No." They will become accomplices in the "friendly" abduction of the planet.

And this is how they respect "Free Will."

We do not know if this is in fact a message from beings outside of our realm of perception, or whether it is the hallucination of one man. There are enough anomalies in this world to suggest that there may well be such beings who interfere on our plane.

But if they exist, they certainly don't have our best interests at heart.

25 December 2003: We were recently contacted by "Jean Ederman" who asked to have what he called his "right of reply." We responded that if his reply contained facts, and not propaganda, that we would consider posting it.

The text that he sent was not a reply to our analysis. It was an interview that he had with a French journalist, in French. Because his "response" was not a response, we declined to publish it.

However, this new text raised another, very important question. We in no way question the sincerity of M. Ederman. We think that he believes what he presents: that it is in fact a geuine contact.

The first question posed to M. Ederman by the journalist was the following:

1) Who is it that proposes this choice to us? In fact, this text is not explicitly signed. Beginning with the assumption that this transmission is authentic and that it comes from extraterrestrials, where is our free will respected in the face of a correspondent who asks us to take a position without revealing his own identity, or so little, nor of his personal history? Who are they?

Already, with this question, as pertinent as it may be, the questions and answers are already accepting that which needs to be questioned: is this authentic?

UPDATE: 9 February 2004

We received an email today from the Belgian website Karmapolis with a correction to our comments above.

First, they were the journalists who conducted the interview with Jean Ederman that he sent to us as his "reply." This interview was an exclusive interview with Mr. Ederman and was not to be given out for publication to anyone else without the written consent of Karmapolis.

Second, the interview was part of a longer piece about the "Change the World" message in which the journalists do raise the question of the authenticity of the message. Therefore, reading the interview alone does not accurately reflect the opinions of the journalists or their site. We recommend our readers who can read French to look at their entire work devoted to the cosmic spam message. They bring in issues pertaining to the context of the message that are similar to points that we have raised elsewhere on this site.

We have dealt above with the contents of M. Ederman's message. We invite you to read the following article, exerpted from the book Ancient Science by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, if you wish to understand why we question the veracity of this "contact":

Aliens and Cosmic COINTELPRO

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