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The Love Bite: Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas


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Budd Hopkin's famous Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abduction case brought to light a rarely discussed phenomena he described as alien directed, human bonding experiments. Mr. Hopkins recent book, Witnessed recounts the dramatic story of Linda Cortile's UFO abduction in 1989 from an apartment window in Manhattan, USA. Three men witnessed the extraordinary event, one of whom was "Richard", whom Linda Cortile had previously met in her alien encounters as a child and young adult. The mutually shared abductions and dream scenarios that took place between Linda and Richard were described as alien orchestrated bonding exercises.

According to Hopkins, the bonding exercises that Linda and Richard experienced are not unique to the abductee population. Other abductees have come forward to describe similar experiences. It goes something like this: An abductee meets another abductee during one or more alien abductions or in very vivid dreams. The couple may interact on a verbal or physical level to initiate the bonding process. This can occur several times until a bonding occurs. The nature of the bonding exercises seems to be tailor-made to the individual. The bonding interactions may or may not be recalled by either partner. Often, only one partner will remember the experience, while the other has no memory or only a vague recall. But when both partners meet in real life, there is an instant sense of recognition and the couple may fall in love.

There are variations to the pattern and sequence of events, but in most cases one partner falls in love more than the other--and is left feeling unrequited. The relationship between the two bonded individuals is such that both persons are magnetically attracted to one another, often in unlikely situations. The love relationship set-up may include a number of bizarre synchronicities, vivid dreams, and pre-bonding exercises during alien encounters. The orchestrated experiences are often intimate and sexual, such that one or the other develops an intense chemistry and love obsession with the targeted partner. Oftentimes, either abductee is married to or has an existing relationship with another mate. It makes no difference. The emotional, passionate and even telepathic connection between the bonded pair is unlike normal love relationships. (Whatever normal is, anyway.) Some have described it as the most phenomenal love imaginable, to the point of total spiritual immersion or indwelling with their "beloved." A match made in heaven. Then the inevitable happens. It's absolutely devastating. The targeted love partner becomes "switched off" and the love-struck partner becomes painfully unrequited.

The chosen partner usually has an initial love attraction (or friendship) for the other, yet loses interest, often right after an alien abduction or dream-like encounter. If one or the other abductees has a good recall of their dreams and alien encounters, they may remember being previously bonded together in one or more experiences. Some abductees report spontaneous remote-viewing images of the intended partner in such a way as to elicit emotions, such as jealousy, obsessive love, yearning and grievous unrequited love pangs. The alien manipulated love obsession process is akin to a carrot being dangled just enough to get the obsessed lover into a constant cycle of love and unrequited love. This may extend from relationship to relationship and is emotionally exhausting.

In the vignettes that follow I will demonstrate what I believe to be examples of alien-directed, human bonding and relationship manipulations. In two of the cases a love obsession resulted, leaving one partner emotionally devastated. In the other case a relationship manipulation took place to prevent a specific love affair from continuing. Some names and minor specifics have been changed to protect the clients' confidentiality.

Charles and Sara

Charles and Sara, both lifelong abductees, meet at a social event. The two feel an instant sense of recognition and are attracted to one another. They talk and exchange phone numbers so they can continue to correspond. Charles has a strong romantic attraction to Sara even though Sara is already happily married. Sara seems very familiar to Charles and he is convinced he has had dreams and shared alien encounters with Sara before. Charles distinctly remembers seeing Sara nude in an intimate dream-like encounter where bonding took place. He was able to correctly identify specific body marks on Sara that he could not have known otherwise. Charles becomes infatuated with Sara, telephoning her several times a day. He tells Sara of his alien experiences, claiming that the aliens set them up together, pre-bonding them because they have "similar energetic frequencies." Sara does not recall anything of this nature, nor does she share romantic notions for Charles. Sara is however, baffled by Charles' correct knowledge of her body marks and odd synchronicities that have recently arisen between them. Charles continues to have flashbacks of intimate contact with Sara and even has future memories of them being together with a child of their own. In fact, Charles believes that Sara's young child from her current marriage may actually be his, and she doesn't know it. He becomes obsessed and believes they have a special destiny together. Charles cannot take the hint from Sara that she is not interested in him, and continues to call her often. Sara doesn't reciprocate love feelings for Charles and starts avoiding him, leaving him crushed with unrequited love. The obsession has taken hold and Charles does not give up hope that they will have a special love relationship in the future. After all, this is what the aliens apparently communicated to him and Charles wants to believe the extraterrestrials are here for our own good.

Andrew and Sharon and Ingrid

Andrew, a 32-year-old single male abductee, has had difficulty maintaining long term relationships with women. He fell in love with a beautiful, affectionate woman named Sharon. Two months into the romantic relationship a tall, tan, "Grey" alien and a shorter, dark alien in a hooded cloak visited the sleeping couple. Andrew recalled the first part of the abduction with the tan figure, but feelings of fear and foreboding overcame him and the memory faded. Sharon was seriously distraught and emotionally distant the next morning. Later, Andrew discovered that the cloaked alien jabbed Sharon in the side with a pointy, spear-like object as the entity warned her to stay away from Andrew, leaving her petrified. Even though Sharon found a red triangular mark on her body the next morning, she assumed it was just a horrible dream. Less than two weeks later, Sharon no longer had amorous feelings for Andrew and seemed to be "switched off." She soon broke off the relationship, leaving Andrew grief stricken. In the next couple of months the aliens revisited Andrew. In this encounter he remembered graphic imagery of his girlfriend Sharon being a "slut", having sexual relations with his best friend, making it appear that his best friend cheated on him behind his back. This invoked feelings of intense jealousy, rage and unrequited love for his ex-girlfriend Sharon.

In another relationship of Andrew's the aliens again interfered. This particular girlfriend, Ingrid, did not recall the alien visitation they both shared one night. Andrew remembered the tall, tan aliens in the room and saw Ingrid sitting up in bed, her face contorted in horror, frozen into a silent scream. During this encounter, Andrew attempted to ask the alien, "Why are you always interfering?" But within seconds of his request, Andrew experienced intense pain and blacked out. After the abduction, Ingrid abruptly changed her amicable attitude from indifference to outright nastiness and the love affair suddenly ended. Andrew's persistence at pressing the aliens for an answer was met with a barrage of platitudes such as, "She wasn't one of us. You are one of us. She wasn't necessary, not part of it. She doesn't understand us." And the notorious, "You are not ready yet to know." After both of these broken off relationships the aliens projected into Andrew's mind seductive images of a beautiful, exotic Tahitian woman with children, implying that this was Andrew's future wife and kids. The understood message, according to Andrew, was, "If you stick with us and so as we say, this is what we will give you." It never happened. The aliens lied. Today, Andrew is still single and distrusts the aliens for interfering in his love life. Even so, Andrew maintains a positive and hopeful attitude of overcoming these obstacles and has had some success in resisting abductions.

Sophia and George and Dave

Sophia, a 33-year old married wife and mother was on a truth quest concerning her lifelong alien encounters. Her husband George did not share her spiritual interests or fascination with the UFO phenomena. George was not an abductee and spent most of his time working long hours in his career. His emotional coolness left Sophia lonely and wanting for a companion who could understand. During Sophia's alien encounters George seemed to be "out cold" or deathly unconscious. In any event, he was conveniently out of town or unavailable. When the couple's daughter turned two, she would awake screaming in terror during the night and hide in her bedroom closet, "away from the monsters." This sometimes happened on the same nights Sophia had alien intruding "dreams." During these periods, the daughter acted out with a lot of anger especially towards her father. In the midst of Sophia's quest for an abduction therapist, Sophia met an older man named Dave. Dave was also an abductee and happily married. When the two met, Dave couldn't stop staring at Sophia as if he knew who she was. Both exchanged business cards after briefly meeting at a UFO conference and continued to correspond by telephone. Sophia then recalled "déjà vu" type dream memories of having been with Dave before in very intimate detail, years before met. She became empathetically connected to Dave and had several dreams of him in which she was able to pick up real information on Dave's personal life that she had no way of knowing. Dave started having spontaneous remote-viewing images of Sophia, which she was able to confirm as true to detail. Sophia also had remote viewing images of Dave, and intuitively knew things about him and his family, which he confirmed also. Sophia was in love with Dave and couldn't understand why she loved him so much, as Dave was many years older than she and not really her type. The two experienced a strong, spiritual and emotional connection with one another as if they had known each other for years.

Sophia made plans to visit an abduction researcher and hypnotist but was detracted from visiting the therapist following an encounter akin to a virtual reality abduction involving military men. She became ill after the threatening scenario and could not visit the therapist. One of Sophia's main reasons for seeing the therapist was due to her overwhelming love obsession with Dave. Sophia called Dave often, initiating most of the communication. Soon, she started to get the feeling he was trying to get rid of her, as he became indifferent and uncaring. Even though Dave rarely called Sophia or reciprocated her affections, she made excuses that he was just too busy and really would be with her if he could. Wrong. Dave was friendly and enjoyed Sophia's affections. But he was not in love with her. It didn't seem to matter to Sophia, as she thought that perhaps in the future they would end up together. After all, the syncronicities, profound love and bonding they experienced must have been divinely ordained. Two years later and with the help of an understanding abductions therapist, Sophia's love obsession with Dave finally tapered off. It had taken an enormous emotional and physical toll on Sophia and at one point she became very ill.

Part of the therapeutic process was for Sophia and her husband George to undergo marital counseling, bringing to light the awareness and effects of alien abductions, and avoiding emotional isolation of one another. Even though Sophia and George's marriage is still intact and improved, the love obsession left Sophia very hurt. She loves her husband, yet admits she is not as attracted to him anymore. Sophia's consolation is her faith in God and helping others.

On the surface, these relationship problems appear to be easily explained marriage and family issues. But as I got a closer look at a number of abductees lives and interpersonal relationships, it made me wonder. The psychological swamp gas theory was no longer palatable. There was something real, possibly sinister going on beneath the veil of alien contact in these people's lives. It made me question what came first, the chicken or the egg? Are dysfunctional relationship problems due to faulty coping mechanisms of the individual's response to alien abductions --or have the aliens deliberately contrived the family problems all along?

In my experience counseling abductees, one of the hallmarks of these people's lives is the sense of emotional isolation and feeling misunderstood. The pattern of emotional isolation may be an unconscious behavior on the part of the abductee stemming from their own family of origin issues. (In many cases the alien abductions are multigenerational). The isolation can also be a pre-conditioned response installed into the abductee by the aliens to keep them from talking. Or worse, it could be a result of the aliens manipulating the lives of the abductees, closest friends, lovers and family members. In my professional opinion, all three factors are responsible for the effects observed in these unique situations.

Some researchers believe that the human bonding relationships which result in high drama and love obsessions may be instigated for purposes other than the alien breeding and hybridisation program, as one may suspect at first glance. (Although that is a factor that can't be ignored). Barbara Bartholic, a hypnotherapist and abductions researcher of over 25 years, has studied and defined the love obsession phenomena down to a "T."

"First," Barbara states, "the individuals are set up during encounters from childhood for maximum emotional and sexual bonding. The bonding process sets the stage for the drama of the love obsession. The aliens are somehow able to harvest the energies emitted by the emotionally charged persons. These emotions range from intense love, longing, passion, rage, jealousy and anticipation of one's beloved." Ms. Bartholic believes we are all affected by this phenomenon, not just abductees and contactees. It is just that we only find out about this love obsession phenomenon and all its associated life dramas through the ones who do remember.

"The love obsession drama can be played out on a large scale as well," Barbara adds. "This is incorporated through glamorous public figures or super stars." The drama-directing aliens can use the superstar images for massive unrequited love obsessions in the general population. "In short," Barbara concludes, "it is like one big human Nintendo game."

The key point here is the emotional energy derived through a series of intense dramas and crises. As ludicrous as it may sound, the aliens seem to feed off these emotional energies. I've had several persons admit to me in private that they had a higher frequency of alien encounters during the more stressful and chaotic periods of their lives. As one of my support group members has sarcastically described it, "The aliens have a way of jerking my emotional chain, putting me through intense highs and lows."

In the face of adversity there are some abductees who choose to learn from every experience, whether good or ill. Sophia confessed in amazement, "Once I decided to pursue in-depth research into my abductions, a series of tests and trials assailed me, like going through a gauntlet of spiritual warfare."

Whatever the true reasons for the aliens' interference in our relationships, we may never know, but from what some abductees have reported, the effects are both devastating and exhilarating. After surviving of the grievous effects of an alien contrived love obsession, Sophia poetically stated, "Even though my experiences have been incomprehensibly painful, I wouldn't trade them for any other. I realized it was better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all."

I marveled at her statement and could only imagine what the aliens are missing. Life itself.

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