Mirror, mirror, on the wall....

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are they dates?]

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Supplement to Adventures With Cassiopaea

Spring 2002: After many months of interaction with Maynerd Most (A pseudonym: See Adventures With Cassiopaea for Details) during which time he slowly and carefully spun his web of lies to convince me that he was the "superhypnotherapist" I (Laura) needed to "unlock secrets hidden in my subconscious", we finally made arrangements for him to visit with us and perform several hypnosis sessions on me ostensibly to "undo" possible negative programming that he was convinced had been put in place by "nazi-satanic ritual abuse." I had my doubts about any of it, but I was willing to check it out just to make sure.

Most came to our home in March of 2001. After we had done a couple of sessions, during which no evidence of the alleged satanic abuse, sexual abuse, or any other kind of similar activity came forth, we decided to try a session with the Cassiopaeans with Maynerd at the board with me. I was doubtful that anything would happen with a strange sitter, but again, I was willing to give it a try. Maynerd was so convinced that he was the one who knew how things ought to be done and that a "big breakthrough" would occur with him present, who was I to reject such claims out of hand. The following is the result of the first attempt:

March 17, 2001
Ark, Laura, Maynerd Most
Reconstructed from notes.
Q: Is anyone there?
A: Yes.
Q: What is your name?
A: Oxajil.
Q: Is that your name?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you transmit via Cassiopaea?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you have any messages for us?
A: Open other door.
Q: What does that mean?
A: Look mirror now Laura.
Q: Does this mean we should use the mirror for communication?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there anything Maynerd can do to help this process?
A: Open.
Q: (MM) If it would be my free will to do something along this line, would it help to facilitate communication?
A: Work on Laura.
Q: (MM) That means we should have done the work on Laura before the session, as Ark suggested?
A: Listen to Ark.
Q: (MM) So, we screwed up by not listening to Ark earlier?
A: No. Listen to Ark.
Q: (MM) Something else Ark said today?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Can you give us a keyword for this work on Laura that we need to do?
A: Number Five.
Q: (MM) What does number five have to do with anything?
A: Laura. Listen to Ark.
Q: (MM) Back to the number five clue. How does this relate?
A: Open other door.
Q: (MM) Door as in the mirror?
A: Open now.
Q: (MM) You mean we should try the mirror right now?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Is this related to what I was told in 1987?
A: Yes. More.
Q: Can we have another clue?
A: L V...
Q: We don't understand.
A: Knowledge protects.
Q: But what is this L V?
A: Process of L V. Source.
Q: (MM) Does this mean that the process of deprogramming will lead to the source?
A: L V I 3 5 Ark.
Q: (Confusion expressed about this last "clue.")
A: L 5 I 3 for more. Mirror.
Q: (MM) So we will know more or be able to get more via the mirror?
A: Yes. Goodbye.

End of Session

It's pretty easy to see in retrospect, especially for those who have read the Adventures series up to date, that the C's seemed very determined to get me to look in the mirror and see something and that they were not inclinde - or were unable - to communicate with Maynerd at the board. We did a mirror session at that time which is lengthy and has not yet been transcribed, but the major portion of it consisted of Maynerd trying to direct me to "see" the "Ark of the Covenant" or the "Holy Grail." He was extremely anxious that I locate this object in space/time.

One thing about the mirror work that really surprised me was Maynerd's obvious terror in the presence of a doorway to higher dimensions. This was a strange state of affairs for someone who claimed to be so knowledgable and experienced in "occult" matters. Ark later described his behavior as totally bizarre. As I perceived myself flying through a tunnel to emerge into the light of a different reality, Maynerd was literally throwing up his arms before his face, making signs and gestures, and trying to ward off what he thought were horrible creatures that were going to jump out of the mirror and "get him."

Indeed, I saw such creatures as I passed them on this psychic journey, but I pointed out that one only had to look at them and the light from the soul projected through the eyes caused them to flee in terror. It never occurred to me at the time that I was experiencing this phenomenon that Most was not "with me" so to speak, and had no idea of what one sees and experiences on such an excursion. That was another strange thing about him, considering that he claimed to be so knowledgable and experienced.

Since Maynerd was so terrified of the mirror work (all the while claiming that he was the "expert guide" and that I was in terrible danger without his rituals and guidance), we decided to try the board again the next day.

March 19, 2001
Ark, Laura, Maynerd Most

Q: Hello.
A: Hello.
Q: Is someone with us?
A: Air. Cassiopaea.
Q: Do we have the Cassiopaeans with us?
A: To U.
Q: Do you have a name?
A: Faitij. [Curious name; almost an Arabic flavor.]
Q: (L) Okay, we had a hypnosis session today. Did we do all that was necessary to blow off the locks?
A: Close.
Q: (MM) Did we do what was necessary for now?
A: Close.
Q: (A) What percentage of what was necessary to do did we accomplish?
A: 49 percent.
Q: (MM) Was 49 the right number?
A: Yes. Laura has open window in more keys. ["keys" as in sound?]
Q: (L) Did we utilize the clues from last night properly?
A: Yes. Now must look us up to talk to us.
Q: (L) Look us up as in the phone book? (MM) Look them up in the mirror. (L) Is there...
A: Key FI 3 ["phi" 3?]
Q: (MM) Key "phi 3?" You jokers! (L) What is phi 3? (MM) Phi to the 3rd power? (L) A phi circle with 3 turns?
A: Route.
Q: (MM) Is this phi 3 a path or something?
A: Open your.
Q: (MM) Open "your" phi 3? (A) Now route is French for road, and "F" could be for France; and "I-3" could be a number of a road in France.
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Are you pointing us to somewhere in France?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Is it a place that either Ark or I have been to?
A: No.
Q: (MM) Is it a place we should go to?
A: Yes. O T
Q: (MM) Operating Thetan? I can't make any sense out of this because I am trying so hard to stay out of it. (A) We know the route number. O T must be the initials of something. It might even be in the little book you just bought. (MM) Are we correct in our suppositions so far?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Tell us more about O T.
A: O T.
Q: (L) Well, that was real clear! [We get book and look at it.] Does O T mean Operating Thetan?
A: No.
Q: (L) Let's go back.... You say "route." (MM) Is it a place in France?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it the name of a place?
A: No. Laura can see.
Q: (L) Do we need to do more hypnosis to enhance the seeing process?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do we need to do it as soon as possible, like right away?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Is there a couple word clue... [Begins to sweep the alphabet as though gathering energy.]
A: Key is not number mix F,
Q: (MM) What?!
A: Yes. Five 3
Q: (L) So, you are saying that it may not be a number mixed with a letter, but that the key is Five 3 O T.
A: Yes. Not key F I 3. Route I 3.
Q: (L) Not "phi," but a route with an F somehow. This is not making a whole lot of sense here. I realize you are trying to tell us something, but you are going to have to come at it another way because we just aren't getting it this way. (MM) Are we understanding what we think we are getting?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Can you be more clear because we aren't understanding something here?
A: Titus lair.
Q: (MM) Titus was an emperor, but that's all I remember off the top of my head. [We stop and look Titus up in a book and discover that he was the one who sacked Jerusalem and was commemorated on the "Arch of Titus." It was then suggested that the temple treasure was taken to Rome, and stolen from Rome by the Visigoths.] (L) Okay, are we onto something with this Titus and the Temple treasure? Is O T the Old Temple?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Does this have to do with Perseus' purpose?
A: Just told you. Place Laura must go to slow F I 3.
Q: (L) To "slow F I 3?" What is F I 3 that it must be slowed?
A: Sneak attack.
Q: (L) So, this is some kind of code for the route of entry of a "sneak attack?" (A) And we must go there to slow this attack? (MM) Can you tell us more about this attack?
A: STS 4 D.
Q: (MM) And what are the STS 4 D things attacking?
A: Earth.
Q: (L) So, you are saying that there is a doorway there that they can come through, or do through, or plan to come through, or through which they can send energy, or something along this line?
A: No.
Q: (L) There is something buried there that we must find to use to slow this attack?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) If we find it, that will slow the attack?
A: Not just slow. Jump up the protection required in order to survive slam by meteors in 2010 space war.
Q: (L) Well, I want to know... why do I have to be there? (MM) Do all three of us in this room have to be there?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Why?
A: Must create conduit.
Q: (L) So, we are back to the seven people that must assemble?
A: No.
Q: (L) Doesn't have to be seven. (MM) But it has to be the three of us?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Can we bring others with us?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Just checking. (L) I'm not leaving my kids! (MM) Bring the whole family?
A: It is humanity's hope for survival what lures you to the quest here Perceval 3.
Q: (L) Well, we have one slight little factor that we are going to have to deal with, and that is the money factor. Obviously, we are going to have to have a lot of money to carry out this mission. I mean, do we need to just pack up, sell the house, and move?
A: To save the world you will vote for knowledge protection rite, Laura; instincts not knowledge abandonment. Move when time is right.
Q: (MM) That strikes me as a really odd note, for some reason. (L) Well, that's their whole thing. Knowledge protection "rite" is "awareness." Do you mean some kind of actual ritual?
A: Be prepared.
Q: (L) Yes. How does knowledge protect? By awareness and being prepared. Being prepared is the "rite" of "knowledge protects." (MM) Is there something we need to do or know to be prepared?
A: Yes. Sell books.
Q: (MM) So, what you guys are saying is that it is not exactly a ritual, but being prepared is having all the books out.
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Do we have to have all the books out?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) So, that means it is not on the slate for this May. Are we all supposed to be there this May?
A: No. Just knowledge is must. [Tape ends; pause while new one inserted.] Quest.
Q: (L) So, knowledge is a must, and for this we must continue to quest. (A) To sell books, one must write books. Writing books is an opportunity to get knowledge and spread knowledge, and that is the most essential thing here. (L) Do we need to do another hypnosis session before Maynerd leaves tomorrow. Would it be advantageous?
A: Okay, yes. Not urgent now.
Q: (MM) Yes, it would be advantageous. Is that what you are saying, that we've done as much as we can?
A: Not.
Q: (A) It wouldn't harm, is that what you are saying?
A: Spade up the sleeve.
Q: (MM) Ace in the hole. (L) Spade. Can also be a shovel. A double meaning. An ace in the hole; turn something up; dig. They could have just as easily said "ace." If we were to do another session, what would be the key words to guide the focus?
A: Safety gate.
Q: (A) Define "safety gate?" (MM) A back door they can access you? A secure entrance? What?
A: Post-hypnotic gate pre-text.
Q: (L) Maybe they are saying that we need to install a post hypnotic gate pre-text? Is Maynerd supposed to install a post-hypnotic suggestion series of words that I or Ark can use to open or close a gate?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) What kind of gate? (L) One that can be opened or closed. (MM) Somehow connected to the knowledge protection rite. What is a pre-text? A pretext? (L) Should we put in a suggestion for viewing the mirror, a series of words, to open the gate for viewing, and then a series of words for closing the gate?
A: Yes. Precisely. Just a few words.
Q: (L) In Polish?
A: No.
Q: (A) What is this "spade up the sleeve?" (L) Well, applying it here would mean to have it open and close at will. (MM) Does "spade up the sleeve" mean our "secret weapon?"
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Do we have to develop this secret weapon?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Is that what we are supposed to do with the hypnotic safety gate?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Is there any more information you can give us?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) Can you give it now?
A: Puns or slogans.
Q: (MM) The Green Language?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So we are supposed to come up with some puns or slogans to install as triggers of our own...
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) And that will facilitate Laura's ability to open the mirror seeing at will?
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) But this is not urgent, it just must be done before we take off on the quest?
A: Yes. Must follow lots of paths.
Q: (L) So, we still have a lot to learn coming up before us here. [And only now are we beginning to move into the stage where we can literally get to the bottom of the matter, I think.] (L) So, we cannot just rely on the mirror. That's an ace up the sleeve. We have a lot of work to do. (MM) We are talking about a situation in which Laura is going to need...
A: Yes.
Q: (MM) ...a system in which Laura can "turn on" unknown to anyone else, that we can use in public without anyone else knowing...
A: Yes. Use to home in on right level of log u to snse [sense] fight...

End of Session.

The energy fell off. Whether this was a remark that reflected a sensing of a "fight" that was present at this point, blocking the transmission, or was an instruction that we were to be able to learn to sense "fighting," we don't know.

The above session was troubling for a lot of reasons. The first one was the fact that the C's seemed to be revealing our "mission" in a plainer way than they ever had done before. This was entirely out of keeping with their mode. They had always told us that we must discover certain things - such as "Level One Destiny Profile" issues on our own, that they could not tell us. Aside from the paradoxes that might be produced when one changes the past, there is the simpler issue of violation of free will.

Another point was the designation of the "Perceval Three." This was also in direct contradiction to the mode of the C's activity, as well as previous information that had been given in abundance.

Something was wrong.

My initial response was that I was very happy that the C's were now speaking more plainly. I was open to the idea that this was because we were now hooked up with the "right" person - i.e. Maynerd Most. I can even say that I wanted to believe that Maynerd was all he claimed to be and because of this, I initially brushed aside all the hints, the urgent clues, that suggested I needed to look at this situation more deeply. It wasn't until the mirror session that is the subject of this article, that the C's managed to get through to me what they had been trying to get me to see without violating my free will or learning process. At the end of the mirror session, I will add some more data from later sessions that will help to explain exactly what was going on in the above two sessions with Maynerd Most at the board.

Also, before reading the session, I would like to bring some other important matters to the reader's attention. As even the most casual observer will note, when listening to the sound clips from the hypnosis/mirror session conducted by Mr. Maynerd Most, his lapses of professional demeanor in relation to a subject in a state of hypnosis induced and controlled by him, are not merely reprehensible, they are legally actionable.

Mr. Most, has recently written and posted on a public message board where he is active defaming me and my work, the following:

*Note on the practice of hypnosis in Florida - The state of Florida has strict laws concerning hypnosis. Florida Statute 456 outlines who can practice, and who cannot: Florida Statute 456 on the Practice of Hypnosis, LIMITS this therapy to LICENSED practitioners of the healing arts, including physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and optometrists "within the perview of the statutes applicable to his respective profession." A patient may be referred to a "qualified practitioner" by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts, but that "qualified practitioner" must employ hypnotic techniques under the SUPERVISION, DIRECTION, 'PRESCRIPTION', and RESPONSIBILITY of such referring practitioner. (66) FLORIDA STATUTE 456 Practice of Hypnosis 456.005 Penalities: Misdemeanor of the second degree: (456).

Mr. Most is quite correct. Perhaps Mr. Most should have checked out the above statute before traveling to the State of Florida to perform therapeutic hypnosis on me - which I ought to add was taped and the tapes are in our possession and can be produced when the situation warrants. After all, Mr. Most is the one claiming to be a "psychotherapist," not me. And thus far, we have been unable to discover a single piece of evidence or validation for his training and claims.

Mr. Most goes on to say:

"In the second volume of her voluminous and on-going autobiography, Adventures with the Cassiopaeans, Ms. Knight-Jadczyk informs us that she has no training in hypnotherapy, or any other kind of therapy. 'I admit that I have none freely. Well, that's not entirely true. I have certification in hypnosis; until I quit in 1996, I was listed in the directories of The American Counselors Society and The National Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, neither of which is any kind of major endorsement.'"

What Mr. Most fails to note is that the above quoted remark from me (Laura) is a footnote to the following statement:

"So, on the one hand, we have six respectable people, none of whom has ever even "fudged" their credentials..."

The reference was to "credentials" in terms of college degrees and other claims, including publishing credits, such as those falsely made by Mr. Maynerd Most. It made no reference whatsoever to any lack of training in hypnotherapy or any other kind of therapy. In fact, I described quite clearly the training I received in those areas through the years in Amazing Grace. The reader may like to view my certification HERE.

In short, in Most's defamatory and manipulative words above, what we are seeing is another example of the semantic aphasia of the psychopath who, as one expert put it: "knows many words, but not the meanings." He goes on with his defamation:

Indeed, since the first organization no longer exists, and seems to have had a very small and completely non-professional membership, and the second has no record of a Laura Knight or a Laura Martin ever taking any sort of training or receiving any kind of certification, then we must ask just what does this certification consist of?

This is a case of deliberate falsification since I have on my desk the directory which includes many professional members in all 50 states.

A Laura Martin was indeed a member of the Society in 1994 and 1995, but simple membership and directory listing explicitly carries with it no certification or even a recommendation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Most is incorrect again. The societies named above, are composed of members who have graduated from the training programs of St. John's University, an accredited institution formed long after I received my training from its founder, Dr. Arthur Winkler. As it happens, over the many years since I took the courses, I had lost my certificates and wrote to Dr. Winkler to ask if it could be replaced. My certificates were replaced.

If therefore Ms. Knight-Jadczyk has any type of certification in hypnosis, which is doubtful as no positive evidence of such certification has been presented or can be found in the records of the institutions cited by her, it does not in the state of Florida entitle her to practice Hypnotherapy without the direct supervision of a licensed practitioner of the healing arts, as listed above. If she has been practicing such hypnotherapy without any supervision, then it is a violation of Florida law, and is a second-degree misdemeanor as noted above.

Since we have dealt with the issue of MY certification, perhaps Mr. Most ought to apply these standards to himself since, as noted, I have never claimed to be a "psychotherapist" as he has done, repeatedly.

Furthermore, Spirit Release Therapy and Past Life Therapy, and exorcism, are not accepted as "therapeutic modalities" by standard psychological therapy and are not even covered under the above statute. However, therapeutic hypnosis that deals with child abuse issues, including sexual abuse, as Mr. Most claims is his speciality, is indeed covered under the above statute. Mr. Most wrote to a member of our group:

Dear S***,

Well, it sounds like you are a classical client of mine. My specialty was early childhood trauma abreaction, and I mainly focused on incest, sexual abuse, etc. [...] In the course of all that, I've come across many "Greenbaum" cases. Corey's lecture, quoted by Laura in the Wave I think, is partly taken from my research. I talked at length to him a few months before the conference where he gave the lecture and my then partner was in the audience.

[...] I am Dr. Mack and Bud Hopkins' worst enemies. Hopkins refused to speak at the same Fortean convention a few years ago, because I had attacked his work so strongly the night before at the party. So it goes. . . These guys are shameful. [...] I studied with Milton Ericson years ago, and he stressed the value of conscious participation in the trance state as the only way to insure the value of the trance's contents. [...] I had a semi-famous abductee, one of the above's "clients," whose experience turned about to be, with enough carefully unfoldment, her father masturbating at her bedside. [...] Feel like visiting the beautiful piedmont one weekend? I can do a simple evaluation, and see if there is work we can profitably do together. It is possible to do it in one day, I've a few other semi-detached clients in Asheville who do occasionally, so. . . Are you game? Anyway, let me know what you feel,


What are the statutes regarding such practice in North Carolina?

A more pressing question, however, is when, precisely, did Maynerd Most study with Milton Ericson? After all, the good doctor died in 1980 at the age of 79. We already have a pretty full schedule for those years according to Most own account. Nevertheless, we have sent inquiries to the related institutes to discover if anyone who did actually study with Ericson remembers Mr. Most.

In any event, I do hope that Maynerd Most clearly remembers every word spoken in the several sessions in which he hypnotized me "therapeutically," as he most certainly is in violation of the law in Florida he has cited. I do thank him for researching this matter for me since it now adds to the list of frauds he has perpetrated on me and others which can be submitted for review to the State Attorney of Florida.

Now, on with the Mirror session itself, which began with the board:

July 5, 2001

Present: Ark, Laura, MM, OE, BT [Laura and Maynerd Most at the board]
Q:  Testing.  (L to MM)  Warm up your fingers.  You're not going to go flaky on me are you?  (MM)  You never know.  I'll try not to make it go around the board 8 times between letters.  I have a terrible time when I start.  (L)  Hello, is anyone there?  Hello, hello.  [Extremely long pause.]  Well.  We are just sitting here with no action.  (A) A** just walked by.  Maybe we wait.  They don't like kids.  (L)  They love kids; they just don't want them around.  It's not healthy for them.  (MM makes inaudible remark)  (L)  You nonbeliever!  [Laughter]  (MM)  It didn't stop them the last time.  (L)  They were desperate.  They had something to say, too.  Maybe they thought they told us all we needed to know.  [Long pause.  L gives MM instruction on how to suspend the arm from the shoulder.  Planchette begins to move in circles and stops on Capricorn.]  (L)  Hello.  Is anyone there?
A:  1
Q:  (L)  Do you have a name?
A:  UC !
Q:  U I C ?
A:  O U Look.  [The word "look" is a whole word on the board and was not spelled out.]
Q:  (L)  1 U seek, O U look?
A:  S A R  Wait. [This last is a whole word on the board and was not spelled out.]  Listen.  [Another whole word on the board was indicated.]
Q:  Listen?
A:  Yes.  [Another whole word on the board.]  M
Q:  [Planchette stopped.  Long pause.]  (MM)  It stopped.  (L)  It's like in between Sagittarius and Capricorn.
A:  Look.  [Again indicating a whole word.]
Q:  (L)  So, what have they said so far?  (A)  Once "U C."  (MM)  What are we supposed to be looking for, or looking at?
A:  Lara look.  [Spelled "Lara," whole word "look."]
Q:  (MM)  Well, they spelled your name.  (L)  Yeah, but they left out a letter.
A:  Laura look.  [Spelled name, whole word "look."]
Q: (MM)  Is there some reason why you left the "u" out?
A:  Yes.  Lara L U C.
Q: (L)  What is "Lara Luc?"  (MM)  Okay, are we talking to the Cassiopaeans?  Or are we just scooting around in astral space here?
A:  Cassiopaea, Laura..  [Planchette begins to spiral slowly.]
Q:  (MM)  Okay, what is this?  (L)  It's still turning.  We did that in the beginning a lot.  It builds energy.  [Planchette continues to spiral.]
A:  Aura lock.
Q:  (MM)  Okay guys, don't make it fly off the board, alright?  [Planchette spiraling faster and faster.]  (A)  It is spiraling very fast.  (MM)In my mind's eye see a little green flame planchette.  I can follow it around the board with my eyes closed.  (L)  You're not supposed to have your eyes closed.  They're supposed to be open.  (MM)  I'm actually doing better with them closed.  Um, is there something to that little green flame I'm seeing guys?  Anything you want to tell me about it?  [No answer.  Planchette flies out from under MM's fingers.]  (MM)  Okay, than you for flying out from under my hand.  And it stopped on that same spot.  (L)  Okay, they said they were doing an "aura lock?"  (MM)  Yes.  That's why I asked about the green flame.
A:  3 body junctim ground rail motqetuh.
Q:  (L)  I don't know what they are saying.
A:  o s e over k o r e 5 k
Q:  (L)  It stopped.  What did they say?  (MM unintelligible remark)  (L)  We have to start somewhere until it's grooved.  It's called "grooving."
A:  New groove. [Planchette spirals.]
Q:  (L)  That's why they're spiraling.  And they just want to spiral.  [Pause while planchette continues to move in circles.]  And it makes your arm tired.  (MM)  Maybe that's the point?  [Long silence while planchette continues to spiral.]  I'm getting in the groove here.  (BT)  It will wear out your muscle response.  (L)  Yeah.  That may be so because of... (MM)  Brother skeptic's desire to make things go a certain way?  [Planchette continues to spiral.]  (L)  Busy, busy, busy.  Boy, they are just busy, aren't they?  (BT)  Pretty energetic spiraling.  (L)  My arm is about ready to fall off.  All right!  Maybe ask some questions, even if we stick with some simple ones here in the beginning.
A:  Time to urge everyo [spirallying] ne to under (L sighs)  (MM)  Come on.  (L sighs) stand ri ri ri de.
Q:  [MM rubbing shoulder]  (L to MM)  You hurting?  (MM)  Yeah.  (L)  That's good.  Something's happening.  (MM)  Well yeah.  The thing's flying around the board so fast I can't... (L)  No, it's doing other stuff, just trust me.  (MM)  What did we get?  (BT)  "Time to urge everyone to understand ride."  (L)  In other words, that you're supposed to ride, not drive.  I think they're having trouble doing things because you like to drive, not ride.  (MM)  Well, I'm doing my best... (L)  I know.  (MM)  This is so much better than the last time.  (L)  Okay.  Well, I'm just telling you.  There's probably unconscious reasons for this.  (MM talking seemingly to air)  My mistake.  Leave me out of it [Irritated].  (L)  Well, just stop pressing hard,  Just enjoy it.  You're supposed to enjoy the ride.  (MM)  Does your shoulder hurt as much as mine?  [Laughter]  (L)  No, but it used to.  And it probably hurt a whole helluva lot more.
A:  Other method other purpose board is good for grooving so enjoy ride!
Q:  (L to MM)  Well, you need to be grooved.  (MM)  Well what's the other method, other purpose?  (A)  It's open to you to ask.  (L)  Is it adviseable to continue to work with the board?  In addition to the other method?  [Long pause.  Spiralling.]
A:  Do it here right now.
Q:  (L)  Do what here right now?
A:  Mirror.
Q:  (L)  Damn it!  (MM)  I tell you, you may be grooving me... (A)  Are we having fun?  (L)  "Do it here right now?"  Why"  Sorry guys, I had to ask.
A:  See 4 density.
Q:  (L)  They aren't gonna let me out of it, are they?
A:  Laura now!
Q:  (L)  Will I see our $300,000 bux?
A:  Open maybe gain insight about funds look
Q: (BT to L)  Okay, is that just you, or with the moon full or what?  (L to BT)  Well, I don't think it makes any difference.  We did it before with Ark and MM.  [Long pause.]  Any other words of wisdom before we set the mirror up?  (MM)  Uh, actually guys, I've got a couple of questions.  Would you kind of help me out here, since I'm the "newbie?"  I know she needs to look in the mirror, but u, what can you tell me about all this weird stuff?  Like what do I need to know?
A:  Laura look
Q:  (MM)  alright, come on, come on.  I'm not through yet!  I am the stubborn one guys, I'm sorry.  If Laura looks, is there anything we need to know about her looking to help her do it?
A:  Hypnosis laura future time new look deed ok not much human toil to funds
Q:  (A)  What does this mean?  (MM Peremptorily)  Okay, the "deed ok" is, I was silently asking, "I don't want to hypnotize Laura; I'm afraid of being another Dr. Puharich"  So I think the "deed ok" was, they were answering me in the middle, which may have thrown off the "much human," because I was resisting... Oh, no, no, I don't want to do this; you guys really don't want to do this do you?  (L)  Well, you've got to remember, MM, all the work that was done to prevent me from being able to do it naturally, it has to be overcome, and we don't have a lot of time left.  (MM)  Okay.  I would prefer to do it another way, but I suppose they're not helping me much, though, are they?  (L)  Well, why don't you ask a question to the mirror?  (MM)  Well, this is very interesting isn't it?  (L)  It's a full moon.  [Long pause]  (MM)  Okay guys, I'm getting the feeling that you're telling us.... [tape ends MM restates lost question on next side]  Are you telling me the only reason I'm here is to make sure she can actually get deep enough to see through the mirror?  If not the only reason, maybe a big part of the reason?
A:  [Long silence.  No response.]
Q:  (MM)  Say something guys.
A:  Percival.
Q:  (MM)  Okay, there's five of us at the moment.  Is this making a difference?
A:  Yes.
Q:  (MM)  Should we cut back down to three for the mirror?
A:  No.  T iu e t h u l t o i t
Q:  (L)  What was that?  Try again, guys.  (MM)  Wait, wait, wait, wait.  (L) What was this word?  This "tiue" whatever?
A:  Ties you to it guide Laura mirror look room is mirage.
Q:  (L)  What is it?  (MM)  They don't usually spell that bad.  Okay, more clarity please, on "room is mirage."  What do you mean by that?
A:  People in room perceive mirage
Q:  (L)  Oh, I get it.  The people in the room add energy to the viewing so it enables it to come through better and clearer, is that what you are saying?
A:  Yes.
Q:  (MM)  Okay, we're going to look in the mirror.  We're going to do it right after you finish this next question.  But you need to tell us the steps.  You need to tell us exactly how you want it done.
A:  point out perception is just mirage and only look for what is real
Q:  (MM)  What the hell is that?  (BT reads back)  That was a direct response to you asking for steps.  (MM)  Guys that really doesn't help.  (A)  Point out that perception, yes?  Is just a mirage, right?  (MM)  But they're saying that the perception of everyone in the room should be a mirage, that we're giving energy to the mirage, so how do we see through it?
A:  people help move perception satisfactorily jump start
Q:  (MM)  Okay.  Is there anyting else, and if not, we'll go right to the mirror.  Anything else we need to know?  [
A: [No response.  Long pause.]
Q:  (MM)  Absolutely nobody just moved close to me right now.  Nobody moved?  (A & B) No.  (L)  Why?  (MM)  Ooooh, nothing.  (A)  Something touched you?  (MM)  That's right.  So what, I need another pat on the shoulder.  (B)  It was your right shoulder?  (MM) Yeah.  [End of tape.]

  Mirror Session

MM:  As you breathe, stay focused on the mirror.  And, at the corners of your eyes, allow yourself to become aware of the room.  You can see almost all of the room out of the corners of your eyes.  Stay focused on the mirror.  Take a deep breath, release, again deep breath, release.  As you breathe, allow the perceptions of the room to fade.  The room we are sitting in is a mirage.  It's empty.  There's nothing here but you and the mirror.  Focus your eyes deep into the mirror, and let your perceptions of everything in the room, except the mirror, let them fade.  As if it was a mirage in the desert, waving, disappearing, until nothing is left but the mirror.  You can see the surface of the mirror, you can perceive a boundary or surface to the mirror.  Everything else is fading out.  As you look into the mirror, it's like looking into a very still piece of water.  Look deep into that surface, allowing everything else in the room to fade away.  Breathing comfortably, relaxing thoroughly, focusing on the mirror.  Allowing the room to fade away until nothing remains but the mirror.  I want you to focus on the mirror; feel the room fading.  Allow yourself to become completely focused; all of your awareness, all of your energy; focused on the mirror; feeling that boundary, the surface of the mirror.  In just a moment I'm going to count from ten to one.  With each count you will feel your body getting very light, your body fading away like the rest of the mirage.  With each count, as your body fades, feel your awareness going through the boundary, until at the count of one, you will be looking with your eyes open deep into the mirror, past the boundary, and deep within the mirror, you will see only that which is real.  As we count back now from ten to one, feeling your body fading away, until is nothing is left but your focus on the mirror.  As you focus on the mirror, look deep into its surface, until at the count of one you will be deep within the mirror, seeing only that which is real.  Now, counting back:  [countdown]

Deeply focused into the mirror, just allow the energies to come.  Focusing on the mirror.  Beneath the surface.  Just allow the energies to surface.  Keeping your eyes open now, stay focused on the mirror, begin to feel or see or sense what is deep within the mirror.  Staying focused on the mirror; just feel your body; staying focused on the mirror, just allow the sensations in your body to drift away.

Deep, slow breaths.  Focused on the mirror.  Allow any bodily sensations just to fade away.  Any discomfort, any tension, just allow it to fade away.  Staying focused on the mirror.  Allowing the energies to emerge.  Looking deep within the mirror.

Just describe what you see and what it is.

[Long pause.]

Whatever you see -start - just allow it to emerge.

[Long pause.]

Whatever it is, just describe what you are seeing in the mirror.

A:  Lights.

MM:  Good.  Just keep looking.  All the lights.  Just keep describing what you see.

A:  Plasma clouds.

MM:  Just stay focused on the mirror.  On the clouds.  Just tell me what you see.  Just describe what you see.

A:  [Mostly inaudible.  Seems to be descriptions of amorphous cloud shapes that move and come and go.]

MM:  Stay focused on the mirror.  Take a deep breath and allow all bodily sensation to fade away.  You can talk easily and without effort.  The awareness of your body is fading away as you gaze deep within the mirror.  Just describe what you see.

A:  Nothing in particular.  Just amorphous lights and clouds.  Shapes.  Geometric figures.

MM:  Pick one of these figures and look very closely; just describe what you see.

A:  [Descriptions of shapes and colors, clouds of light, coming and going.]

MM:  Keep looking.  Can you follow one figure.

A:  Well, it's like amorphous.  Moving clouds.  Some of them billow slowly, some of them are just flitting by.

MM:  As you see one flit past, reach out and slow it down.

A:  Oh, you can't slow them down.

MM:  Speed up to their level to look very closely.  What do you see?

A:  Nothing but lights and clouds.

MM:  Take a deep breath.  Again a deep breath.  And release.  With every exhale, every exhale, you become more and more focused on the depths of the mirror.  Breathe in, as you release, allow your awareness to go deeper into the mirror.  Deep into the mirror.  Good.  What do you see?

[Long pause.]

MM:  Deeper into the mirror.  Nothing but the images in the mirror.  Deep into the mirror.  Breathing deep into the mirror.  This room and your body are the mirage.  What you see in the mirror is reality.  Open yourself to it.  Feel it as real, and describe what you see.  On the count of three, you will let go of all awareness except for the images deep within the mirror.  [Countdown.]  Just describe what you see.

A:  Indefinite shapes and colors and lights.  Figures waiting to take form.

MM:  Describe what you see.

A:  Geometric light.  That's the only way I can describe it.

MM:  Just let go and move deep into the mirror.  Go deep into the mirror, so that you're in the space of the mirror.  You're in the space of the geometrical lights.  With your mind's eye you can look around in the space; just tell me what you see.

A:  The problem is, a specific question has to be asked in order for anything to form.  [Sound of beating heart on tape.]  Vague directions don't seem to go anywhere except into vague amorphous representations.

MM:  Okay.  You need to ask a question to see something.  Relax completely.  Stay open and focus deep within the mirror.  Ask your question.

A:  I am not the one to ask.

MM:  Why not?

A:  It's not appropriate.

MM:  Why not?  Okay!  What are you experiencing right now?

A:  Sensations of constriction.

MM:  What is constricting?

A:  Asking for the self, serves only the self.  I cannot be the one to ask.  It is inward directed, and constricts.

MM:  [Loud smacking noise.]  Just keep looking.  What are you feeling now?

A:  It's better now.  Some danger was passed.

MM:  Breathe deep.  As you release the exhale, sink back into that space.  Deep into the space.  See the clouds.  We would like for Laura to see an image of the C's.  Can we see an image of the Cassiopaeans?

A:  In the mind's eye.

MM:  You're looking in the mirror.  Watch it form.  Tell me what you see?

A:  Shapes, light.

MM:  Keep looking.  Relax into it.  Can you show Laura more about this image?

A:  I see an image of a spiral galaxy spinning in space.

MM:  Can you show Laura 4th density?

A:  That is inappropriate phrasing.  It causes constriction; constriction in my chest.

MM:  Why?

A:  Because it is phrased so as to be a question from self to self.

MM:  On the board, you said that Laura could see 4th density if we looked in the mirror.  What did you mean?  Can you show Laura what you meant?

A:  What about 4th density do you wish to see?

MM:  Try not to merge with the mirror.  What does Laura need to see about 4th density that is so important that we do it now?  Show that to her.

A:  That's an inappropriate request.

MM:  On the board, you suggested that there was a reason why Laura needed to look now, and that it involved seeing 4th density.

A:  There are many questions.

MM:  Go on.

A:  Why don't you ask them?

MM: [Voice becoming tense and hard.]  Laura, I want you make sure that you see or hear C's and that you repeat what they say to you.  Don't just answer in your voice.  Do you understand?

A:  I understand that it comes through me.

MM:  Okay.  That's what I'm saying.  See it or hear it in the mirror.  Okay?  See it, hear it, coming from the mirror.  Connect through the mirror.  And let the being in the mirror speak.  Why does Laura need to see 4th density now?

A:  The answers to the questions can be obtained by seeing when the questions are phrased properly.

MM:  [Obviously irritated.]  Okay now Laura, just look in the mirror, keep your eyes on the mirror, and literally what do you see?

A:  I see shafts of light to the left, billowing lights at the upper right, fluctuations of light in the central depths, flashing lights that are random throughout, amorphous images coming and going.

MM:  [Very authoritative.]  Okay.  Show Laura what she needs to see NOW.

A:  The question must be asked specifically in proper terms.

MM:  What, in 4th density, does she need to see now?

A:  Answers to the questions.

MM:  How will she see these answers?

A:  When the question is asked.

MM:  How will she see these answers?

A:  When the questions are asked, the answers appear.  Vague questions receive vague answers.

MM:  So there is nothing that you need to communicate, other than what we ask?

A:  Only if you ask, can you receive an answer.

[Long silence.]

MM:  Okay, Laura, take a deep, deep breath.  Feel where you are, feel your psychic state, feel the openness in the mirror.  Now I want you to just leave that behind, and I want you to consciously step out.  I want you to look at your connection to the mirror, between the chair and the mirror; and what do you see?

A:  I see a silhouette like shape.

MM:  In the mirror?

A:  Yes.  It's like a silhouette-like cut-out.

MM:  Okay, keep looking at the cut-out.

[End of 45 minute tape.  Continuation on reverse begins in mid-sentence. You can listen to the tape in mp3 format audio. The file is almost 6MB]

MM:  The figure is beginning to change.  As you watch, you will be able to see more and more.  What do you see happening to the figure?

A:  The figure is there, and there are flitting images in the depths.  Amorphous.

MM:  What do you see in the blackness?

A:  Lights, emerging and receding.

MM:  Follow the lights.  Follow the lights.  Just keep watching the lights.  What are they doing?  Where are they going?

A:  They come from the center and sparkle out in all directions.

MM:  Focus on the center.  Allow your awareness to move through that center.  Keep looking.  Describe what you see when you move through the center.

A:  It's moving, waving.

MM:  Now stay in contact with the waving.  Feel that waving.

A:  Ooh!  Look at that!

MM:  What did you see?  Describe it.

A:  Living light.  Iridescent light.  Iridescent shapes.  Like shimmering eggs.

MM:  Can you see them now?

A:  No.  They emerged and receded.

MM:  Feel that waving darkness.

A:  Yes.  It's purple.

MM: [Voice very sharp.]  What's the purpose of doing the mirror work?

A:  To bond with another reality.

MM:  What reality?

A:  Fourth density.

MM:  And what in 4th density do you need to bond with?

A:  Awareness.  When you see, you become more aware.  And the more aware you are, the more you are able to operate in that reality, to become more free of restriction and deception.

MM:  Can you see the eggs again?

A:  Now I see a shaft of light coming down from the upper left to the lower right, like a light beam.

MM:  I want you to imagine that you're moving into that light.  See yourself in the mirror moving into that light beam.  Does anything change?

A:  Everything's brighter.

MM:  How do you feel in the light beam?

A:  Fine.  It pulsates.

MM:  Will you allow Laura to see - or can Laura see...

A:  If the appropriate question is asked.

MM:  Can Laura see what's happening through the mirror?

A:  If the appropriate question is asked.

MM:  Can you show Laura where the artifact is?

A:  What artifact?

MM:  The artifact that was discussed on the board, in the past.

A:  At the appropriate time.

MM:  So that means you could show it but you're not going to show it now?

A:  There are several steps that must precede such.

MM:  Can you tell us about those steps?

A:  You have to ask a simple question.  It has to be phrased simply and specifically.

MM:  [Sharp and impatient.]  Anybody ELSE want to give it a try with a question?

Ark:  Can you see kabbalah tree?  It's real structure?  Through all the densities?

A:  Umm!  As close a representation as there is, it seems is...

MM:  [Interrupting]  Can you allow yourself to see it by looking through the mirror...

A:  [Apparently ignoring MM]  Now this is very strange.

MM:  Describe it.

A:  Aaaah!  This is a very fluid place!  Whooo!

MM:  Describe it.  How do you mean "fluid?"

A:  Ahh!  Well, light doesn't go in straight beams here.  It... it ... it's like ropes or strings.  You ask about kaballah tree and suddenly I see ropes and strings, structures... the object that we draw as the kaballah tree is very structured and static and has nothing to do with the real thing!  Here it is - and it's almost indescribable.

MM:  Keep looking.  What happens as you just watch?  Can you still see the tree?

A:  Yes, it's living light that moves and connects like a vast network with infinite...

MM:  [Interrupts]  Can you show Laura the time machine?

A:  Would YOU like to see the time machine?

MM:  Sure.  Can you show Laura the time machine?

A:  That's an inappropriate request.

MM:  Why so?

A:  It's not phrased properly.

MM:  Can Laura see the time machine?

A:  Would YOU like to see the time machine?

MM:  I would like for Laura to see the time machine and describe it to us.

A:  It seems to be an object about the size of a very large breadbox.  It emanates a field, or a glowing beam.  I'm not sure if you only have to be in contact with it, or stand in the beam, or if you just stand near it.  It's clear that one does not get "inside" it, like in the movies.  The field it produces is the important thing.  The beam is like in the movie where they shine the beams up in the sky and wave them around;  it's like that, only it has a shape.  It's not long, straight and tubular, it's more cone shaped.  So yes, there it is, it's...

MM:  [Interrupts]  Now I want you to stay focused...

Laura  [Ignoring the interruption] ...it has angles to it, metal plates, and the structure itself is like some sort of geometric tubing...

MM:  Will Laura be able to remember and draw it?

A:  Actually, in a funny sort of way, it's similar to the shape of the static tree of life on it's side, doubled and inverted like having a mobius twist...

MM:  Is this the Ark?

A:  Yeah... it...

MM:  Ark.  Noah's Ark.  The Ark of the covenant...the Ark of Time...

A:  The object of which you speak, goes inside...it's the field...

MM:  Now, keep looking, and stay outside the mirror; could you show Laura, so she can describe it for us, where, in time, this machine originates?

A:  Ah!  That's odd.  The answer comes as 10,000 BC.

MM:  Where is it in our immediate future?

A:  Yes.

MM:  Can you show Laura where it is in the immediate future?

A:  In the immediate future.

MM:  Can you show her where on the planet it is, when it enters our future?

A:  At the appropriate time.

MM:  Why is this not the appropriate time?

A:  Because there would be danger.

MM:  Stay on your side...  10,000 BC.  Where has it been between then and the immediate future?

A:  It's been found and used numerous times.  It was used for very negative purposes, and it was deemed appropriate to retrieve it and...

MM:  [Interrupts]  Now don't get pulled in the mirror... stay on this side!

A:  [Inaudible remarks]

MM:  Can you show Laura so she can describe to us, the catastrophic situation in our future, our near future?

A:  It seems as though it will be a progression.  Like the beginning of rain, when the first few big, cold drops fall; and then a pause followed by a few more drops; and then, a downpour.

MM:  Describe what you are seeing?

A:  I see rocks - but they aren't very large.  They are like the size of your fist.  Just a few.  And they make something of a stir.  An uproar.  People will be excited... very upset.  It looks like just two - two small rocks.  And then nothing else happens for awhile, and then they forget about it.  It all dies down.  And then, a third, a fourth, a fifth and a sixth - and maybe even a seventh... isolated events, or so it seems.  Still small.  And then, a big one.  All this will go on over a period of months.

MM:  Take a deep breath, stay on this side of the mirror... looking through.  Keep looking; look through the mirror.  Would you show Laura, so that she can describe for us, the situation concerning Percival, Percival Three.

A:  The previously mentioned time machine, placed precisely at a specific location - and it's not exactly clear whether the action - there's a choice at that point in time, you know...

MM:  What kind of choice?

A:  A group can leave with the machine, or a group can bond their awareness, and utilize the device to shift the earth out of the path of destruction.  It's not a shift in material terms, it's a shift in time.

MM:  So that the comet will hit where the earth isn't anymore?

A:  Right.

MM:  How, much of a jump does this require?

A:  Oh!  Well, in terms of time, a miss is as good as a mile!

MM:  How much of a jump in time is required?

A:  A day.

MM:  The space that the earth travels during one revolution on its axis, is enough to avoid a direct hit?

A:  Yes.

MM:  What would the effects be of moving the planet and everyone on it back or forward a day?

A:  If you can do it, most people, after the shift, will forget that there was ever a danger.

MM:  Is that a good thing?

A:  [Sighs]

MM:  Yeah, I know.  Trick question.  Now take a deep breath.  Pull back, come out just a little.  Let Laura's consciousness hear me clearly.  Is there anything bothering you about this contact?  Anything you can consciously feel while maintaining your connection?  Anything at all disturbing you.

A:  There's only a disturbance in the questioning.  The questioning is constricting and directing consciousness.  Questioning needs to be open and it's as though the answer can only come through uncorrupted if the question is framed in a non-assumption way.  For me to act as the intermediary of what is being viewed, for others to ask questions, the questions must not restrict.  This restriction is felt physically.  There is some constriction - instantly, when the question is phrased so as to shift it from me asking myself - me asking the other me - rather than holding the responsibility for the question yourself.  Do you understand?

MM:  Well, my next question is why does Laura keep slipping into the mirror?  Why is it so hard for her to stay on this side?

A:  Ahhh...  There is a formation of a bond of awareness.  There is another self in that not-too-distant future time that is me.  It's me communicating with me; it's the C's approaching me; and because it's closer from 4th density, its easier to communicate back and forth if I merge with myself in the future.  It's like bringing two soap bubbles close to each other - they just become one.  It's not the negative thing you...

MM:  It seems to me that we want to avoid that happening.

A:  Not necessarily.  Each and every one of us needs to begin merging with the higher self in terms of awareness...[inaudible]

MM:  Why am I sensing negativity?

A:  Insecurity.

MM:  I'm quite comfortable with my own energy.  Is that all that is at work here?

A:  Oooh!  [Sees something in mirror, apparently]

MM:  What are you seeing?

A:  Well, they are like combination puppies and flowers...  [Tape ends. New tape starts. You can listen to the tape in mp3 format audio. The file is almost 4MB.]

...something that was with you; I can't say that it was in you or around you; something that you still carry with you, it's almost like a very heavy suitcase.  It actually looks like you have to force it to close by standing on it and shoving stuff in the cracks and tying it closed with straps because it is ready to burst open.

MM:  Okay, now look deeper in the mirror, through the mirror.  Just keep describing what you see.

A:  Ummmm.  Now I see amorphous moving lights and clouds.

MM:  Keep moving through that waving, purple darkness.  In that space, just look around very carefully and tell me what you see.

A:  [Inaudible.]

MM:  Will you allow Laura to look around in the space so she can describe it for us.

A:  Well, this is funny, have you ever seen a cartoon with a pencil being?  [Laughs]  Oh, that's funny.  That's what it's like.

MM:  The stick figure is like dowsing rods?

A:  No.  That's... that's... [Laughter]  What a play on words!  They are so funny!  Core.  You know the words "core being?"  Well, it's not a joke!  [Laughter]  Just think of yourself as a light being, in a sense, and in another, as not so amorphous as some people would think.  There is some plasticity.  You know how in this reality, the solid substance seems to be what it is and we have no control over it?  Well, in 4th density, there is amorphous substance all around, and there is the "core being," who can assemble this substance by an act of will.  It then becomes more structured in the same way food, in our reality, becomes your body, though here it takes a long period of assimilating and converting.  There, it is rather quick.  There is the core being - and it's really a core!

MM:  Like an apple core?

A:  No, a core - like tubular almost.  But you know, most people don't utilize it as such, because they like to play with the materials available.  It's more fun.  But, it's not necessary, and under different circumstance, they can remove all those things exactly the same way we take off our clothes.  [Inaudible]  It's just more valuable.

MM:  Now, you are using "you."  Is that a general term, or is the stick figure me?

A:  Anybody in 4th density.

MM:  Are we in 4th density?

A:  I am.

MM:  So that's YOU, you are seeing in 4th density?

A:  Me and others.

MM:  So the stick figure is you in 4th density?

A:  It is the visual representation of the core being of any 4th density individual.  It is the essence.

MM:  Take a deep breath.  There are mechanisms at work that I, personally, am uncertain of.  Is there anything you can tell me to make this easier?

A:  Can you ask more specific questions?  What, specifically are you uncertain about?

MM:  I'm uncertain of the nature of the contact.  I am uncertain of the nature of the perception.  I'm uncertain of why I'm involved the way that I am.  I'm uncertain why it's necessary to do this at all.

A:  Okay.

MM:  Any response?

A:  Ask the question.  I cannot answer if you do not ask.

MM:  Why am I having these uncertainties I just listed?  What can we do to make this whole process easier?

A:  The uncertainty relates to - it's difficult to answer the way you have asked it "why are you having these uncertainties."

MM:  Are the uncertainties part of the process?

A:  How do you perceive the uncertainties?

MM:  I perceive the uncertainties... Is the uncertainty an artifact of how I'm having to do this?  Does the artifact come from our clumsiness in doing the process?

A:  It is unfamiliar territory; it is an unfamiliar process to you, in particular, because the essential nature of it requires as much openness...

MM:  [Interrupts sharply]  OKAY!  Why am I seeing what Laura is seeing?

A:  That has to do a great deal with why you are part of the process at the moment.

MM:  Why am I part of the process?

A:  That has to do with genetic linkages, and choices made at other levels to do certain things at a certain point in time, both at a future point in time...

MM:  If I decided NOT to do this, what would be the effect?

A:  Someone else would step up and fill your shoes.  The Universe is infinitely capable of taking care of itself.

MM:  Is that what is going on here?  Is the universe trying to take care of itself?

A:  Oh, yes!  That's...

MM:  What do you see?!

A:  I'm just seeing that you, me, we ARE the universe.  It acts through us.

MM:  What should we do - we need to know - in order to get funding for our research?

A:  [Laughter]  Well, I have to say that the first thing that pops up is a series of numbers and I'll just tell them -  6,14, 25, 48, 52.

MM:  Are these dates?

A:  I don't know.

MM:  Well ask 'em, are they dates?

A:  You ask them.

MM:  [Yellsaudio]  Are they dates?!

A:  No.

MM:  What are they?

A:  Numbers to use as you choose.

MM:  And what should we do with these numbers?

A:  Whatever you choose.

Ark:  I think I know what to do with these numbers.

MM:  Is that a question?

Ark:  No.  [Inaudible]

MM:  Well, I don't follow you.  Say that again?

Ark:  I think they are probably lottery numbers.

MM:  Are these lottery numbers?

A:  They could be.

MM:  Why won't you be more specific?  I'm asking a very specific question?

A:  They could be lottery numbers; they could be used in any number of ways.  They could apply to choices that are taken over the next three months.  You may encounter someone who has these numbers involved with them in some way; you may find these numbers on a page in a book which will then tell you something you need to know.  These things come in so many layers; there is any number of applications; so don't close off other possibilities and say they are just "lottery numbers."  They could be, but they could also be so much more.

MM:  [Sighs with exasperation]  It's suspicious to me that gave 52.  Am I just exercising my suspicions?

A:  You can reverse.

MM:  We already have a 25.

A:  Then you have two 52's.

MM:  Okay.  Let's go in a different direction.  Take a deep breath.  Can you show Laura, so she can describe for us, what we need to do, to get the next step started?

A:  Ask without limits, and everything will fall into place.  Do not worry, there are things moving in areas that we don't even know about, that will converge in amazing ways, and it's better not to even know, because then you will anticipate and block it.

MM:  [Sharply]  Okay!  Why was Ari here today?  Can you tell me what that is?

A:  He has a very strong interest; he wishes he could be as bold as he used to be; and as free.  However, it may not be possible for him to get free of the bonds that restrict him.  However, the energy exerted in any direction, even exerted toward an individual who does not respond to it the way you wish, when they leave your presence, may carry that energy with them into the rest of the reality.  And it is there available to someone else.  Any energy put into a goal, even if you talk to 25 people who are the wrong people, the fact that you are putting energy into a goal openly...

MM:  [Interrupts sharply]  What was that image you just saw?!

A:  Well, just lights and geometric figures...

MM:  Okay, these lights have some sort of function.  What's the function?

A:  They are like the substance from images will ultimately coalesce in a very solid and realistic form.  These are incipient image formation stuff.

MM:  I get the feeling that some of these lights, some of these seed thoughts, whatever, want to come through the mirror into this reality.  Is that a correct assumption?

A:  I don't see that at all; no.

MM:  What's giving me that impression?

A:  Well, you said it: assumption.  You have a lot of assumptions.  It's very hard to work with all those assumptions.  [Inaudible descriptions of mirror images]

MM:  And that's NOT crossing over into our reality?

A:  No.  They are just looking.  Like friendly puppies; energy forms.  They are cute.

MM:  Anybody else got a question?

Ark:  What was this thing when Maynerd felt something touch his arm?

A:  Maynerd has some friends who travel with him, and they try to keep him out of trouble.  It seems like, in this particular instance, somebody was banging on his shoulder just to let him know he was okay.

MM:  And what kind of friends travel with me?

A:  Actually, one of them looks like - he has a suit on, with a watch chain dangling from his waistcoat - but he doesn't have the time, which is funny.  Brown suit, shoe boots, average height, he points his finger a lot; glasses.  He's fond of you.  Can't say that he is an "attachment," but he likes to be around you.

MM:  Where's he from?

A:  Actually, what I am seeing is obviously a projection.  He is projecting this image, and I almost feel like, in a funny sort of way, he's maybe even you in another life.

MM:  Okay, he's not the one who patted me on the shoulder.  [Very strong voice effect] Did the C's pat me on the shoulder, both then, and did they burn the hand print on my shoulder back in the past?

A:  [Feeling extreme constriction and unable to resist the command/assumption, very low and weak voice]  Yes.  [Immediate sensations of choking.]

MM:  Okay.  Now, the C's are quite aware of all the different things that are in my luggage.  Will you ask them to show you what is in my luggage?

A:  Dirty underwear!!  [Laughter.  Constriction released suddenly and the answer erupts almost before MM finishes speaking.  The instant the question was asked, the large, overstuffed, strapped suitcase mentioned earlier was seen to spring open and hundreds of pairs of dirty underwear flew everywhere.  They weren't just normally soiled, but were stained with fecal matter and it was as though, instead of washing them, or admitting that they needed washing, each pair was hidden away and new ones were added until they were soiled and added to the collection.  However, all of this visual imagery was not requested, so it was not given in words. For a better understanding of this imagery, go HERE.]

MM:  Keep looking!  What else?  Come on!

A:  [Strong voice]  There is some real funny old fashioned clothes.  I swear, this pair of pants - if you ever wore them out in public don't say you know me, they are awful pants - and they have suspenders.  [They were huge, baggy, candy striped clown pants.] There's a leather case.

MM:  Open the leather case.  What do you see?

A:  In the leather case there is a bunch of little bottles; they are bottles of pills; they are blue.  There's a shaving kit, a comb; the comb has missing teeth...

MM:  Do you see anything else in there?

A:  There's handkerchiefs, an old mirror, and there are clean, white shirts, that have never been taken out of the packages.  You have never worn these shirts.

MM:  Now, you're doing real good.  Now, if the C's would be so kind as to explain to Laura why I carry this luggage...

A:  Why do you carry it?  Because you can't let go.

MM:  Why can't I let go?

A:  Because you always want to be prepared.

MM:  And what am I prepared for?

A:  You're prepared for a trip, that's one thing.  And you're afraid that something is going to make you get on the wrong train.

MM:  Yep.  Can you translate that "wrong train" into more direct terms?

A:  Well, there's a funny thing about that.  It's like the real problem is you think you don't have any money to buy what you need when you get there.

MM:  [Sharply]  Okay, this funny but we're wasting time.  Anybody else got another question?

O***:  [Asks question about health issue.]  Is there a particular course of study to follow to be of greater service to the process of furthering free will?

A:  [Comments on the health issue.]  [Tape ends.  Large section missing from the beginning of the next tape.]

MM:  If the C's will be so kind as to give Laura a symbol that she can see in her mind's eye, that will allow her to quickly establish this contact...

A:  I've got it.

MM:  Do you need to describe it?

A:  No.

MM:  See it very clearly.  Now, you will break the contact by seeing this image fade.  And as it fades, the mirror will come back to just being a mirror.  Coming back into your body.  Take a deep breath.  [Countdown to awaken.]




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