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265 years ago, a 28 year old German woman named Johanna Sophia Schmied who lived in the village of Taucha near Leipzig, gave birth to a monster that is unlike any other. This monster has become popularly known as the "Chicken Man."

Fate magazine's February (2000) issue recounts the facts of the case as preserved by the attending physician, Dr. Gottlieb Friderici. The physician witnessed the event and preserved the fetus in formaldehyde along with an extensive report of his autopsy, including drawings and the medical history of the mother.

During the autopsy, the doctor noted that the oversized head did not have the characteristics of hydrocephaly and the tumor like outgrowth was completely filled with brain matter. The heart did not have a pericardium, but was instead, embedded in a "peculiarly thin membrane".

The bone structure was also very different in significant ways from that of normal human beings. Neither the lower arms nor the lower legs consisted of two bones as would be present in humans. The kneecap was also absent.

The author of the Fate Magazine article, Hartwig Hausdorf, points out some similarities in the story of the mother of this monster and modern day abductions. He asks the obvious question:

"...Do we have surprising evidence for a case of targeted genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials, abandoned when the results did not meet their expectations?"

This creature is truly monstrous, and it is difficult to even feel pity for it when observing that nothing in either its interior or exterior configuration corresponds to that which is considered to be human.

Mr. Hausdorf writes:

"There are discrepancies in number, size, and above all, certain components are entirely missing while others appear to be 'extraordinarily developed."

This story and the accompanying photographs, were so curious that I decided to ask the Cassiopaeans for a few remarks at the end of a session last month. I thought the comments were interesting, and maybe you will too.


Q: Now, we have this bizarre picture here of this absolutely strange creature in a museum in Germany. What is this 265 year old creature that has been kept in formaldehyde all these years?
A: Hybridized conception/gestate.
Q: Was there hybridization and genetic manipulation going on almost 300 years ago?
A: Most done this way are miscarried.
Q: Did it live at all after birth?
A: No.
Q: Who was responsible for this experiment?
A: It was not an experiment. It was the result of Reptoid "rape."
Q: So, the mother was raped by a reptoid. Why do reptoids rape human women?
A: We have discussed motives.
Q: Yes. They feed on the fear, terror, or absorb some substance emitted by the sexual organs and/or chakra as a kind of "food," and in some cases they are "changing the genetic program." But, in general, when we have discussed this, it has not included impregnating human women with Reptoid sperm. How often does this activity result in impregnation?
A: Rarely.
Q: So, in this case it did, and here is the result. Pretty horrible.

Going in another direction, a photograph was recently sent to my by a correspondent. I shared this photo with our discussion group, and a number of members declared outright that it was a fake because they could "detect" anomalies.

Well, Ark and I did some experiments with photos that we crumpled and drew on the back of, and these experiments produced precisely the effects that the critics were claiming were proof that this photo was not "real." We subjected the photo to various graphic modification filters and enhancements, and even though we are not experts, we had expert guidance. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we could not discard it as "faked."

You can see a crease across the photo which is consistent with the fact that the story I was told was that it was carried around in someone's pocket for quite awhile.

There are some odd geometric markings that show up with enhancement, but, as noted, we did some experiments with drawing on the back of a photo and then scanning it, and the same effect is produced. It looks like someone drew a map on the back of the photo.

Now, the thing that struck me about this photo was the hands, elbows and feet of the creature. Look at them closely and then look again at the "Chicken Man" creature in the jar above.

Is it real? Do any readers have more info on it? I would appreciate any further data if it is available.

Update August 2002: Several readers have written to inform me that the above "creature" was/is "a creature carved into the rock at Cheddar Gorge, a tourist attraction in England. The gorge system has many mythical creatures carved into its rock, and this "imp" photo has been doing the ufological rounds for ages before someone pointed out what it actually was!"

When I received the first email with this information, I attempted to confirm it with the folks at the Cheddar Gorge attraction. No one there seemed to be aware of it or the claims that it was supposed to be in the cave.

Nevertheless, another reader not only wrote with the above information, he tracked down the source of that information: Fortean Times magazine. He also forwarded an image of the article:

Even though it then seemed that we had proof that the photo was a hoaxed monster, so to say, I must add that the folks at the Cheddar Caves refute the above Fortean Times claim:

From: Cheddar Caves
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 3:39 AM

Unfortunately, this particular plaster goblin is not one of our exhibits. However we do have plaster goblins, but perhaps not as evil looking as the picture you sent! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Many thanks

Kate Walton
Personal Assistant Cheddar Caves and Gorge

So, we are at an impasse with this one. It still may be a REAL Imp!

While we are on the subject of monsters, in the Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art, I came across a most unusual photograph. It was in a chapter about "Body Art," and the many ways our howling-savage ancestors decorated their physiology. Many paragraphs are devoted to the subject of tattooing, and some nice graphic images accompany these remarks. But only a single, vague paragraph is dedicated to the subject of this amazing photograph that I am going to show you.

The author, Paul G. Bahn, comments:

"Other forms of bodily art, such as hairstyles and scarification, can only be assessed from prehistoric human figurines and images, except for some preserved bodies whose hair is preserved - for example, from the Altai, the European bog bodies or the early Chinchorro mummies of northern Chile. There is more evidence for skeletal modification. For example, it is known that the deliberate deformation of the human skull, by binding the brow of growing infants or applying pressure at regular intervals, thus giving it a high sloping forehead or a broad flat forehead, was widespread: the phenomenon may even exist among the Neanderthals, and seems to occur in early Australian skulls such as specimens from Kow swamp, 13,000 year old."

And that's it. Not another word about it.

Then, you turn the page and there is this picture. The caption on the picture simply says:

"Deliberately deformed skulls from the Ica area, Peru. Precise date unknown, probably early centuries A.D."

And that's it. Nothing said about how binding the head of an infant can deform the skull - but it cannot make the skull grow bigger!

It seems pretty clear to me that these skulls are more than double in cranial size of a normal human skull.

Well, I was pretty curious about this so I went looking to see if I couldn't find out more about these skulls that were so casually mentioned to be present in the "Ica area, Peru."

I found an article on the web - which did not have the author's name on it anywhere, so if anyone knows it, please let me know - where there were photographs of the same skulls.

This gentleman wrote about the skulls in the following way:


Begin quoted article: The movie "Stargate" has become a popular video cassette rental. Its feature film release was met with disappointing reviews, however, a sort of cult following has ensued as people have started discovering the movie by word of mouth. It deals with a touchy subject... Aliens that visited Earth thousands of years ago.

I learned about the film from the company that was producing a CD ROM about the movie called "The Secrets of Stargate." The associate producer of the CD ROM, Joel Mills, had learned that I had in my possession photographs that could prove that the movie "Stargate" was based on historical fact. They wanted to include copies of the photographs of the "unusual giant skulls" that my wife (Bea) and I had collected over the past five years. It seems that the movie deals with the theory that extra terrestrials had used humans as slaves to mine metal in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Mills felt these giant skulls were proof that the ancient pharaohs the the same elongated skulls hidden under their crown headdress, and that, in fact, the "Coneheads" of Saturday Night Live are based on fact, not fiction.

I pointed out to him that Egypt's King Akhenaton and his daughters were proud of their distinct features (elongated skulls) and the true facts of this royal family are shrouded in controversy. Some historians point out that the giant skulls of this family are a deformity caused by inbreeding. Others discount this and claim that it is the art style of the Armana period.

The secret society known as the Rosicrucians place King Akhenaton on their highest pedestal by reconstructing his statue and main temple at their head office in San Jose, California. Mills also asked permission to use photographs of giant skulls that I had obtained while filming at the Nasca lines in Peru. Although "Stargate" did not deal with a Peruvian connection, he felt the world needed to see the photographs to understand that ancient skulls of extraordinary dimensions could be found at other major archaeological sites around the world, in particular, the Nasca Line and the ruins of Peru.... in the shadows of the Cheops pyramids in Egypt... and the ancient Mayan ruins of Central America... The Triangle of the Ancient Gods.

I was happy to send him the photos but warned him that the photos would probably be too controversial for the general public. He seemed surprised at this comment and wondered why he hadn't seen pictures like this before. The complicated answer took a great deal of time to explain! I will try to encapsulate this answer and relate to you a brief history of these unusual skulls.

I first came across drawings of the skulls in a book by Ignatius Donnelly called "Atlantis, The Antedeluvian World." The author tries to prove that at one time there existed a Continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that sank into the sea. Before it sank, the rulers left for Egypt, Mexico and Peru and became rulers of these countries. He found information about these skulls hidden in the Library of Congress in Washington.

I had learned from the Peruvian government that these unusual skulls could be found in many museums in Peru and excavations were uncovering them even now near the Nasca Plateau. I had read Erich Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods?" and remembered his theories of ancient astronauts landing in this desert area. A few years ago, we were invited to film and photograph these skulls and other discoveries that Peruvian archaeologists are currently unearthing. These skulls are so numerous in the area of the Nasca desert that you can find small makeshift museums in the backyards of the locals. They dug up their ancestors so you can view their remains for a small fee.

Some skulls show the evidence of ancient brain surgery that prove their ancestors possessed certain abilities that modern science has just recently discovered. Stunned, we wondered why we had not seen photographs of these skulls before. Our guides explained their church leaders feel these skulls are the work of the devil, the offspring of the fallen angels in the Bible.

In Mexico we found the same types of skulls in a museum in Merida, a city close to the ruins of Palenque. Lord Shield Pascal had the same elongated skull, an image which is found engraved on his tomb. Erich Von Daniken has described the drawings as Pascal sitting in a rocket ship. The conquering Spaniards found the natives deforming their heads to make them appear more "god like" and the priests declared them devil worshippers.

Meanwhile in Egypt, King Akhenaton was also regarded as a heretic and all information about this king was obliterated until just recently. These finding prove that the rulers of these advanced societies all shared the common bond of huge skulls and brains that probably provided them with superior intelligence. This information has been shared by secret societies and religious leaders for hundreds of years and up until now they had decided to keep these secrets for themselves. All who first see the pictures feel...

"They show proof of beings from another world."

It seems that these conclusions were deemed to be too shocking for the average person and that these skulls were to be dismissed as deformities and hidden far from public view. That is, until President Fujimori took power in Peru. He had decided to allow the skulls to be photographed and has brought them to the attention of the world.

Resistance to publishing the photographs has remained, and there appears to be a world wide cover-up of the skulls true origins. The only answers seems to be that public knowledge of "Fallen Angels" or ancient astronauts would disrupt society and the world's religions.

I told Joel Mills he would probably face the same struggle to get the photos published in the CD ROM, just as we have encountered with the various news media. He felt sure that the time was here and now to wake up the world, and that the movie "Stargate" was just the beginning. I wished him luck and success with the idea and sent him all the material I had in my possession to document the facts he needed.

Several months passed and then one day he phoned to tell me he had left the CD ROM production team and that none of the skull photographs would be included in "The Secrets of Stargate". After several run-ins with executives in Hollywood, the pictures wee deemed to be unsuitable for inclusion in "The Secrets of Stargate."

He was much happier with his new job promoting a public speaker that teaches the history and wisdom of ancient Egypt and again asked for permission to use the photographs, but this time for private presentations only. He had learned first hand about the powers that have kept these pictures hidden from the public. End quoted article.

Now, just to give you some other views, here are more photographs:

This is the second skull from the Cambridge Illustrated History that I scanned.

Again we ask: what could cause a skull to be so severely enlarged? It is clearly not just "deformed."

If we were to place an image of a normal, "deformed" skull on top of this specimen, I think we would find that there is no comparison in terms of cranial capacity. Again, we might think that something other than "head binding" is in operation here.
Are these "alien" skulls?


Just to try to put the thing in perspective, I searched for an example of "real" head-binding in order to see if the above examples could, conceivably fall into this category. I found a discussion on the subject of "body art" and the following paragraph:

II. CRANIAL DEFORMATION The practice of deforming the head was much more common in Mesoamerica than was mutilation of the teeth. The practice of head deformation has a very wide distribution and dates from antiquity. It is an enduring practice known from many parts of the world. Plateau Indians in North America created a flattened forehead by pressing a board against the padded forehead of a infant swaddled in a cradleboard. Many Indian groups, particularly in the Northwest employed this procedure. Plateau Indians in Washington state and Idaho created a flattened forehead by pressing a board against the padded forehead of an infant swaddled in a cradleboard. The most famous were known as the 'Flatheads.' In Mesoamerica, deformation was also done by head binding. The Maya used head boards and head binding to produce a distinctive shape which denoted social status and rank in society. A person of high status would have mutilated teeth, a conical shaped cranium and crossed eyes (produced by dangling shiny objects close to the infant's eyes).

An image accompanied this article which was a drawing and not an actual photograph. What we see here is clearly that the head binding practice did not alter the volume of the skull. It merely changed the shape.

In the "alien" skulls above, this is not the case. These skulls are almost double in cranial volume.

Considering these distinctions, it is singularly curious that more research isn't being done on these things and that more information about them is not available. Something so startling and so strange ought to be investigated scientifically.

But then, maybe they have. Maybe that's why we don't hear about them or see them more often.

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