Article - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Commentary on Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis

Based on our extensive scientific research, the planet is about to "rock and  roll" - we figure about 2009 give or take six months - and this is the material  manifestation of the "cyclic event" of the "cosmic shock," so to say.  

Having now Mouravieff's piece of the puzzle, I have just assembled from my  notes a little book (well, maybe not so little) entitled "Ancient Science,"  I will send you  a copy for review.  I will paste in here part of the introduction which serves  to explicate some of our ideas:

After over thirty years of research, the one thing that has become evident is  that the energies of Creation emanate "downward," and our individuality as  human beings is merely an expression of the "Theological Dramas," so to say.   To attempt to exert our will or to make our voice travel "upward," against  Creation results only in a clash of forces.   It is, in essence, an attempt to  violate the Free Will of Creation, i.e. Hubris.  This is why praying for  material changes, rituals designed to "change" reality, "positive thinking"  with the "intent" to change something "up there," in order to receive the  benefits "down here," is always doomed to produce more strife, misery and  suffering globally.  "Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven..." and this kingdom  is - or CAN be - within.

In other words, what we CAN do is to prepare ourselves for the emanations that  are traveling "downward" to be better received.  This is the essential point of  Castaneda's Don Juan when he said:

One of the greatest accomplishments of the seers of the Conquest was a  construct he called the three-phase progression.  By understanding the nature  of man, they were able to reach the incontestable conclusion that if seers can  hold their own in facing [human] petty tyrants, they can certainly face the  unknown with impunity, and then they can even stand the presence of the  unknowable.


The average man's reaction is to think that the order of that statement should  be reversed," he went on. "A seer who can hold his own in the face of the  unknown can certainly face petty tyrants. But that's not so. What destroyed the  superb seers of ancient times was that assumption. We know better now. We know  that nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of  dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those  conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure  of the unknowable.11 Castaneda, Carlos, The Fire From Within


All around us we see the results of this error: the idea that we can exert our  will and voice upward to change what is "above" us in order to change our  reality.  This idea is at the root of rites and rituals, demanding, pleading,  visualizations, "workings," and so forth.  When people think that "meditating  on compassion," or "feeling the feelings of all beings," is going to result in  the "sonic entrainment of the heart's rhythm [being] braided into more complex  and coherent patterns," which will then enable the person to "create a diamond  imperishable body for use as a teaching vehicle down here on earth," has missed  the entire point.  To compare such ideas to the true work of Seeker of  Ascension is simply ignorant.

An extensive study of the historical literature shows that those who actually  MAY HAVE achieved Ascension don't just sit down one day and meditate on  compassion or the feeling of oneness and "boom!" experience an "implosive soul  force."  Before Ascension can ever achieved the point of being able to think  even momentarily about "the oneness of all beings," or the "feelings of all  beings," the REAL seekers have spent many, many years in the struggle to "face  petty tyrants," or to fully REALIZE objective reality.  He has repeatedly  exposed himself to as many "unpleasant experiences" as he can find, all the  while struggling to master his emotions, his desires, his physicality.  It is  the work of making the physical vehicle "down here," receptive to whatever may  be "up there," as opposed to trying to forcibly create something "up there," in  order to have it "down here." 

Nevertheless, the many teachers of ascension continue to expound on the subject  by saying such interesting things as: "It is possible to ascend physically as  Jesus and the other masters demonstrated.  In this process, the physical cells  are all expanded into a higher frequency.  The physical body begins to glow  from within and radiate light.  Much as the blades of a fan seem to "disappear"  as they rotate faster and faster, a body that is vibrating at higher  frequencies seems to disappear from the third dimension. Its primary focus is  on a higher dimension. It seems "magical" to those who remain focused on the  denser third dimension, but it is a perfectly natural process."

Unfortunately, such promulgators of wisdom do not seem to be able to  demonstrate what they are teaching.  But nobody usually notices that part  because they are too busy having "spiritual experiences" produced by any number  of "techniques" which make them "feel good" long enough to whip out the credit  card or sign the check.  A considerable period of time is required to finally  come to the realization that techniques that relieve stress or produce "good  feelings," have done nothing to actually change their lives or their  "vibrations."  They are still recognized by their neighbor's dog, they still  find new gray hairs on their heads, and they still get sick and have aches and  pains like everyone else.  And they still "die in their sins."

What the modern day seekers of ascension are looking for - whether they realize  it or not - is the age-old quest.  Those who are not familiar with the  extensive literature don't realize that the Quest for the Holy Grail and the  Great Work of Alchemy are described in almost the same terms.  This means that  the Quest for the Holy Grail and the Work of the Alchemists hold many clues for  us as to the REAL WORK OF ASCENSION.  Repeatedly they present allegories of  struggle, deception, battles with dragons, deceivers, and evil forces of all  kinds.  The story o the Knight who slays the Dragon and rescues the Princess  from the Tower after years of seeking, struggling, suffering and overcoming, is  an allegory that is as valid to day as it was in ages past.  It is the TRUE  PATH OF ASCENSION.

As we present the information in this volume, the reader will be introduced to  the idea that the science of the ancients may have included a very  comprehensive knowledge of the deeper reality that present day sciences,  including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and astrophysics, are only  rediscovering.  And here we do not mean the ancient Egyptians or Babylonians or  Sumerians, but rather peoples of far greater antiquity than they, and that the  Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and so on, retained only a distorted and  corrupted version of these things in the form of myths and legends which they  elaborated and utilized in their "magical practices."  Further, we propose that  it is only in the light of the present day scientific knowledge that the true  ancient knowledge, depicted in these myths and legends and religious rites can  be properly understood.  Which is not to say that we are suggesting that we  understand or have interpreted all of them.  We are only saying that there are  many things in these ancient stories that suggest the former existence of an  advanced science, that may have enabled interface between layers, or dimensions  of reality on this planet in archaic times.

This idea is not original to us, as many readers will know.  However, we do  think that we have been able to shine a light into certain dark corners that  have been, heretofore, poorly understood.  Arthur C. Clarke pointed out, "Any  sufficiently evolved technology is indistinguishable from magic."  

When we divest our minds of preconceived notions about what the ancients may or  may not have known, and we just look at myths and legends, the substrate of  religions, over and over again we see descriptions of activities, events, terms  and potentials that express such things as a knowledge of free energy, anti- gravity, time travel, interplanetary travel, atomic energy, atomic  molecularization and demolecularization; just a whole host of doings that are  presently understood as the wild and superstitious imaginings of howling  savages.  Today, these concepts are only beginning to be understood.

  Many scholars explain that such stories - myths and legends - were primitive  attempts to understand the environment by personifying, or anthropomorphizing,  the forces of nature.  Other interpreters make the mistake of assuming that it  was a "sacred science" in terms that strictly deny any form of material  interpretation and interpenetration.

I gave such ideas a great deal of thought at one point, all the while observing  my five children develop, and noting how they noticed things and what they  noticed, and how they explained it to themselves and each other.  One of the  earliest observations I made about children and their reactions to their  environment was that they pretty much just accept it as it is.  They don't seem  to need "explanations" for it.  What is "out there" is what it is until some  adult repeats to them some story about it which may entertain them or frighten  them.  Until "stories" are told to them, children are intensely busy just  imitating what they see other people do, most generally the adults in their  lives.  Without fantastic tales being told to them, their games of make-believe  consist of ordinary mundane and very HUMAN dramas.  And even when they are told  magical stories about flying horses or people with super powers, they often  resist these dramas in preference for those that directly apply to their own  experience and observation.

Perhaps the comparison of the development of a child's thinking in relation to  their environment, to the development of evolutionary thinking of human beings  in general, is not altogether appropriate, but I do think that it ought to give  us some pause to question just where and how the creation of myth and legend  actually served human beings evolutionarily speaking.  Why would anyone tell a  story about a man with magic sandals that enabled him to fly if they are merely  anthropomorphizing the forces of nature?  If it is a "magical being" such as a  "god," why does he need sandals to fly with?  He could just as easily have  wings that are part of his physical structure.  He's already a god, after all.   He's not human.  So why the sandals?  

Indeed, there may be an "archetypal pool of ideas" from which all humanity may  draw in dreams and visions, but that leads us into realms that of thought that  do not answer the simple question as to where and how and why howling savages  were served by making up fantastic tales about the forces of nature, that  included certain elements that suggest technology and not a truly "magical  state of being?"

In the present day, there are all sorts of "mystical" groups and organizations  that claim to be the recipients of ancient knowledge, and that this matter has  to do with what is commonly called "occultism," or the "esoteric" or magical  practices.  There is a plethora of books that purport to be scientific, but  which totally reject mainstream science in any context.  Subjects such as  sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, new physics, have all become subjects of  fevered study in order to discern the "occult significance" of the works of the  ancients.  And invariably, it is done in strictly ephemeral terms, positing  that all of the abilities of the ancients were accomplished strictly by magical  rites or rituals.  

Occultists claim that the mental and spiritual powers of the ancients were what  we have lost.  They then assert that this ancient wisdom was broken up and  obscured in magical doctrines which those who are not "initiated" simply cannot  grasp.  They claim that parts of it have been handed down by continuous  tradition, and released to the world at opportune times, and other parts have  only been released to an elect few, of which exalted company, they, of course,  are obviously members.

When considering such ideas, we do come to the thought that it is very likely  that there are rites or stories or myths behind the rituals, that may, indeed,  have been passed down in such secret groups in a more pure form than the  stories that make their way around the globe across millennia.  But that does  not mean that the "priesthood" of such groups truly understand the stories or  rites of which they are guardians - especially if they do not consider the  possibility that some of such information may be strictly and purely scientific  codes and require a trained scientist to decode them.

Most of the so-called "occultists" and "sacred geometers" remind me of David  Macaulay's "Motel Of Mysteries,22   Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1979"a humorous  account of an archaeological excavation of a twentieth century motel, in which  everything is meticulously excavated, recorded and then totally misinterpreted.   The "vast funerary" complex unearthed by Howard Carson contains wonders such  as the "Great Altar" (Television), a statueof the deity WATT (bedside lamp) and  the Internal Component Enclosure (or ICE box).  But just misunderstanding is  not all we have to contend with.  That  there are others who seem to be part of  the very Control System we have mentioned above with what seem to be extremely  dangerous proclivities of promulgating dangerous and cunning lies is also  evident as we will discuss further on.

In terms of archaeology, there are processes involved in the formation of the  archaeological record.  A lack of understanding of these formation processes is  not always confined to the non-professionals.  It has only relatively recently  been suggested that the archaeology of a site is not a direct record of what  went on there, but instead may have been distorted by a whole series of  processes, including cataclysmic disruption.

We are suggesting that the same may be true regarding myths and legends and  religious rites.  They are a sort of archaeological record of the history of  mankind held in archetypal terms, buried in stories, distorted by a whole  series of processes.

Even if some of the purported ancient schools and mystical paths have kept some  of this information intact, or in a purer state, it still seems that much has  "faded on the page" due to the long period of time since such things were part  of the consensus - thus external - reality.  But still, there are those who  have seen the contradictions in our reality and our beliefs and who have sought  in these ancient teachings to discover what might have been known.  Many of  them have made discoveries that, when considered with information from many  other fields, assists us in this essential discovery of our true condition and  purpose.

The question naturally arises, what does the history of the subject have to  tell us about what may or may not "really work?"  Can we examine it; can we  track it and discover not only the obstacles of the process, but also the REAL  BENEFITS that might accrue to the Seeker?  Can we track and discover the  apparent abilities that are the SIGNS of accomplishment of the successful  Quest?

In short, what is the REAL Philosophers Stone?  What can the Hero really  accomplish when he finds the Holy Grail?

> Meantime I would just like to add that there was a time in my life when

> I would not have understood or known how to understand the way you

> approach this. 

One thing Mouravieff wrote that was powerfully meaningful to me was his series  of comments on the "type" of the Knight - who is already well-developed  emotionally, but really needs to work on the intellectual part.  The fact is  this: even though my husband and myself are considered to be "intellectuals"  and to have pursued intellectual development all our lives, what became  excruciatingly clear was that it was very one-sided in some respects.  Because  of what Mouravieff calls the "A" influences - and we just call it the Matrix  Control System - our EMOTIONS were distorted to only allow us to accept ideas  that were emotionally pleasing - even if they were of a high intellectual sort. 

 All of this has to do with what Mouravieff suggests is the "matter of  matters," i.e. "evil."  And that, of course, takes us to the many ideas of  "fixing" the world, or "saving" the world, or whatever.  In other words, what  amounts to hubris - deciding that the ideas that a person has about good and  evil based on human intellectualizations - must be enforced on creation.

What I finally realized - in a period of intense initiation - was that God has  Many faces - not all of them pleasant to behold.  And, at that point, I SAW the  "Matrix," and I SAW the "A" influences and "B" influences, and that the REAL  work of this level of being is to CHOOSE one's alignment with one or the other,  and then to begin the process of discerning and "assimilating."  This is why  everything is "masked" in symbols.  This reality is, in a sense, the landscape  of the Quest for the Grail.   It is a TEST.  

But more is needed, as Mouravieff points out.  One must, at some point, DO  something.  And this is where faith comes in.  It is not "faith" in the sense  of a "belief," but Faith in the REALITY of higher things... and it requires the  individual to essentially "step off a cliff" at the edge of the Matrix reality  into the reality of the REAL.  

I did.

And just as the alchemists describe it, such an act results in the "death" of  something - and the physical body - so attuned to the "A" influences - being  forcibly disconnected from them via WILL - goes through some of the most  horrible sufferings imaginable.  It could be said to be similar to drug  withdrawal in a sense, but a LOT worse.  In physical terms, an infection took  hold in my body affecting my eyes, ears, and lungs.  I literally wept blood.   For days I lay there, almost unable to breathe, with compresses on my eyes,  medications in my ears, ingesting the massive doses of the most powerful  antibiotics available that had no effect - and I did NOT relent.  I KNEW that  what I was experiencing was the efforts of the "agents of the Matrix" to turn  me aside from my resolve.  And I just kept affirming that "you can kill me if  you like, but I am NOT changing my course."

And at some point, there was a "shift" and the forces withdrew.

Ark "found me" 40 days later.  To the day.  

Now, I have to tell you that this process of being brought to the point of  SEEING was facilitated in a gentle, but firm way by these "Cassiopaeans."  In  fact, looking back over my life in retrospect, I can perceive the influence  from the time of my birth - always there in the background watching over me,  waiting for me to "ask the question."  And when at last, in 1984, I was brought  to that point of bankruptcy - another period of serious illness - the  communication began in a direct way - I would ask the question mentally, and  just wait in a meditative state - and it would begin to flow as just "ideas"  which I would write down.  

Well, because of the fact that my emotional nature has repeatedly led me into  traps - I already knew that my "machine tolerances" had to be analyzed and  adjusted.  I knew that I had to do research to ensure that what I was  "receiving" was not just more and better disinformation, so to say.

And so, over the next ten years I did research... and it was during this  research that I came to the idea that, for me to be able to be objective about  things - more of the "adjustment of the machine" - the mode of transmission  really needed to be modified so that the thoughts bypassed my conscious mind.   And so, the two years of developing the circuit for the transmissions via the  board and planchette.  

Yes, it is unusual.  But for me - knowing my own nature - that of  susceptibility to manipulation because the Love nature in me is so developed    and this energy was so  easily stolen, and manipulated by "agents" - it was a  necessary step.  

Of course, meeting Ark was an event that was utterly stupendous.  It resulted  in all kinds of "effects" that I try to describe, but words fail.  Some of  these actually included bilocation.  

Now, lest you think that is a little crazy, I want to point out that Ark is a  30 year career scientist.  At the time he "found me," having been on his own  quest for all his life as well, he had "put away" his dreams and was  functioning as the Director of the Department of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex  Systems at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw,  Poland.  How he dealt with this "activation" of circuits and potentials that  had been suppressed for years is a story in itself.  Some of it is even rather  humorous now, when we look back.  Especially when a man who has convinced  himself that he is a "linear thinker" sees his "other half" come in a window  while she is physically 5,000 miles away.

At that moment, I had fallen into a spontaneous "trance," so to say - something  that has almost never happened - and I was struggling to maintain my awareness.   I would force my eyes open to observe the environment, and what I saw was  LIVING LIGHT.  Meanwhile, some part of me had apparently decided to take a  little stroll across the Atlantic.

This occurred several more times during this "readjustment of frequencies"  stage, and was always followed by a baffling period of intense cold where my  teeth would chatter and my body would ache just as if I were freezing.   Thankfully, I found an exact description of this process in the works of Ibn al- 'Arabi, which he calls a "descent."  Based on his description, it is a  temporary "seating" of the higher centers IN THE BODY for the purpose of  "bestowal" of qualities.  I sort of think of it as my higher self as the  "computer hardware repairman" who cam to make some serious adjustments in my  circuitry. Al-'Arabi points out that when the "angel," as he calls it,  withdraws, the individual, having been in a "state" of super-accelerated  vibration - which manifests as heat (and boy, was it HOT!) - then feels the  normal condition as intensely cold and cannot get warm by any human means and  must simply wait for the vibrations of the body to catch up with the vibrations  of the newly bestowed "station."  

I was very relieved to read this.  And again, it was exactly right for me to  read it AFTER experiencing it so that I would not doubt my experience and think  that I had "manifested" it due to emotional thinking.

This is also why it was exactly right, after going through the past year of  "trial by fire" that Mouravieff should become the new piece of the puzzle -  only AFTER the experiences he describes.  This is what convinces me of the fact  that he has brought to us a major piece of the puzzle.  There is NO possibility  that anything that has occurred in the past years was "suggested" to me by  reading his material beforehand, and the events are described by him in detail -  exactly as they happened.  In short, it further strengthens my HOPE that we  CAN "DO" something.  And I must say that, like you, I was losing my hope in the  course of the seemingly endless struggle.

Because, of course, our struggle has been enormous, probably based on the fact  that we have "gone public" and have made some significant ripples in the  "Matrix."  And frankly, I do NOT think that anyone could do it without a  "living Tradition" such as the C's - because we always have guidance - even if  sometimes it is rather cryptic due to the non-violation of learning directive.   If not for their assurances that this relentless attack was the "fire" from  which would come "light," we would have just given up any public work at all.   The attacks, the liars and defamers, spreaders of "scandal" and odious and  sickening acts of purely filthy libel - attacks on our children even - were  utterly horrendous.  

But we survived, we passed that test, daily turning the negative emotions into  "light" and giving it out to the world.  

And Mouravieff was the "gift" that came after.

And what a gift it is.

>Any idea I

> had that nothing was true unless I could explain it has long ago been

> driven out of my mind by the lessons I have been taught during my

> investigations. 

Oh, indeed.  But now, perhaps, you know better what we have done so far... you  start with faith that there IS Truth "out there."  You evaluate your own being  and determine how best to find out what is or is not truth - that's research -  after a period of that, which is the "collecting of "A" influences," as well as  a repeated series of shocks when you discover that what you may have believed  as true is NOT true... this begins to "fuse" the magnetic center.  

After a period of that, once you get down to some of the most fundamental lies  in which you believed, and you are mightily shocked to have to make the choice  to give them up, or go back to sleep in the lies. 

 THEN you realize that Truth leads to action.  This action results in another  major shock - and that takes you over into a sort of "space" that is sort of an  "interval."  Hopefully, you have enough will to sustain yourself there... and  if so, you land on the next "note" which is essentially, a different "world."   And in THAT world, polar beings find each other.  And in that world, you find  hope.

But again, hope is nurtured by knowledge - by research... and so, at this new  level of being, you continue... 

And there we are.  And now, we see more light at the end of the tunnel.  That  hope is growing.




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