Signs of the Times Special Report!

Scoop!: Penguin reveals all at Hendaye ...

Exclusive Report by John Humphries, Zelator

Penguin apparition captured on film.

Dateline: 26th August St Vincent's Church Hendaye

In an amazing turn of events at Hendaye France, John Humphries (Zelator Extraordinaire) reports on a sighting of a rare vision of a PENGUIN at Fulcanelli's fabled Hendaye Cross as seen in "The Mystery of the Cathedrals" PLUS a collection of rare holy relics PLUS a further sighting in Tarbes France.

First sighting of the the high initiate Southern Hemisphere bird. Sitting sagely in front of the Hendaye Cross.
A jealous Penguin guards the Hendaye Cross (Crux Hendaye) and all the secrets it yields. One had the feeling that this bird was twice as wise as a 33 degree initiate thus making it at least a 66 degree master.

The author approaches the saintly bird with a feeling of trepidation, where the secret is revealed, thus. "Head for the Southerne Landes younge man". Which didn't make sense coz he'd already just came from there.

Then the Penny dropped and the heavens opened. Knowing the secret "Language of the Birds" that the penguin spoke ie. South REALLY meant East!!!! So it must mean, head to Lourdes (TM)

The author went forth to Lourdes (TM) to catch a glimpse of the faithful pilgrimage. And came across many people shopping at holy places buying an array of holy objects.

The author bought the holiest of Holies.

Back L-R. (1)The Holy Lourdes(TM) Snowscape, (2)The official Lourdes (TM) Holy Water Bottle, (3) the Glow in the Dark Madonna (TM) presented as a gift to the faithful shelling out more than 20 Euros.

Front (1) The Holy Lourdes (TM) cigarette lighter and (2) the official Lourdes (TM) floaty pen with a Madonna who floats up and down into the Grotto. (Just like the real thing!)

And the Penguin was well pleased appearing at "The Texas BBQ GRILL (TM)" just outside Tarbes (10 Euros all you can eat, enfants 5 Euros).

Having sent the author in search of the holy grails and finding them, it was now working on releasing the trapped souls of some bison.

These bison's souls had been imprisoned in fibre glass shells with their ears broken off by some wayward French juvenille delinquents.

Stay tuned for more sighting of the Penguin!



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