Laura Answers Questions from Readers:
Transient Passengers

January 16, 2001

In recent weeks, the relationships of higher density beings to "one another," (if there is such a term in relation to 6th density) has come up over and over again. I have to admit that I was somewhat blind to this as an issue because, as a result of the interaction with the Cassiopaeans, I have been learning to let go of linear thinking. I have also grown accustomed to conversing and having exchanges with others who are similarly inclined to think in the new paradigm.

This is a failing on my part.

In the most recent installment of the Wave Series, comments by a reader were posted with the remark by yours truly that expressed some amazement that such remarks were made. Apparently, I was in error because, it seems, others have the same perception.

I received a kind letter from another reader who gently pointed out to me that I was "out of touch," and I was pulled up short and made to think about my assumptions. I immediately realized that even I had similar "linear" perceptions in the beginning of the Cassiopaean communication, and I have done a disservice to the reader by thinking that they can or will follow along with my "knight's move" thinking in such matters without some basis for understanding.

Because it lays out the problem so clearly, I will reproduce the letter here:

Hello Laura,

A quote from wave13e:

"The most striking thing to me is their direct claim that they also dictated the Marciniak info as Pleadians - and the gigantic discrepancies, contradictions and completely different slant on it all between the two sets of info".

You asked this: I will ask the reader who wishes to find what the Cassiopaeans have said about this to use the search function on the site, and to THINK about the specific questions and answers, to see that the above is a clear example of "twisting" the text and inference of that which was never implied.

Just remember you asked:

He/she got this information here The Wave Part 4 , interesting to note it was Terry who said at the MUFON meeting in Clearwater.

"...there is this thing out there called a Realm Border, it's a wave, a wall, a frequency of some kind that's like a doorway between the different densities - the Cassiopaeans, the Pleiadians, and whoever transmit through that - it expedites their ability to transduce from 6th density down to 3rd - at the time Marciniak was channeling her information, this wave was located in the region of space of the Pleiades, and they called themselves Pleiadians to give a reference point. As we perceive it, this window is now passing through what we call Cassiopaea. When it was in the region of Arcturus, they called themselves the Arcturians."

What do the C's say?

Q: (L) Who were the original creator gods?
A: Us. Sixth Density.
Q: (L) The Cassiopaeans? Were the Pleiadeans also the original creator gods?
A: Same. Sixth Density.

From The Wave Part 2

Q: (L) So, if we just find the general distances...and does each of these star clusters represent a general area of the wave?
A: Each represents locator in space time. You can judge speed and ETA by cross referencing distance with publishing dates and these messages from us.
Q: (L) I got it! You mean that YOU are the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and now you are the "Cassiopaeans" because you "are where you are"! And you are riding the wave. Is this wave a straight line connecting all these constellations?
A: Circuitous or cyclical route.
Q: (L) So, is it like a spiral?
A: Yes.

Now, if 6th Density is what they say it is...namely many souls in a group consciousness, they (are/were/will be again) Pledians. I have to admit I got the same idea.

Well, again we see the problem inherent in releasing material of this nature without context and basic principles in place. And, of course, there is the additional problem of "translation" from one person to another. Very few people are precise in their use of words, depending on many other factors in communication, including "feelings" and visual cues in conversation.

What the original statement contained that was totally inaccurate was:

"...their direct claim that they also dictated the Marciniak info as Pleadians"

Now, rather than analyze this thing to death, let's just look at all the remarks about this contained in the body of text we have at present:

Q: (L) How many members are there in the Orion/Lizzie group?
A: 16.
Q: (L) Who are the good guys? You say the Cassiopaeans are the good guys. Who else?
A: Pleiadeans and many others.
Q: (L) How many?
A: 16.
Q: (L) Are the sides equally balanced?
A: Yes.

Here we have the idea that there is a distinction between the Cassiopaeans and Pleiadians. In fact, we have a more or less "sorting" and enumeration of groups.

Q: (L) Who were the original creator gods?
A: Us. Sixth Density.
Q: (L) The Cassiopaeans? Were the Pleiadeans also the original creator gods?
A: Same. Sixth Density.

Here we have an idea that the "creator gods," (as distinct from Prime Creator, which will come up in a minute) are all at the level of 6th density. This is not the same as saying that each "group" is exactly the same. It's comparable to me saying to a Martian that I am the "same" as Barbara Marciniak because we are both from Earth.

Q: (T) Are you also the Pleiadeans?
A: No.
Q: (T) Are you connected to the Pleiadeans?
A: Yes and so are others.
Q: (T) You are all the family of light?
A: Yes. Exactly. You have been "doing your homework".

Here we have a further distinction. The Cassiopaeans have said that, No, they are NOT the Pleiadians in the sense that the questioner was asking; which was to strictly define and delineate a "position."

Q: (L) Okay, who is telling E__ P__ that they are the Pleiadeans?
A: Orion STS.
Q: (L) Well, if you were Orion STS and we asked who you were, wouldn't you say you were the Cassiopaeans?
A: No. Pleiadians. That is "trendy" thus deceptive.

In the above, a specific situation was being examined, where a fellow who was later SHOWN clearly to be a "disinformation artist," (long story), was in question. And here the idea that claiming to be a Pleiadian, because it was now "popular" might be being used for deception in some cases.

Q: (L) What level are the Pleiadians who channel through Barbara Marciniak?
A: 6th density.

This is a simple question, with a simple answer. But, depending on how the person asks their question, and how they follow it up, they can become very misled by their own assumptions with which they fill in, for themselves, all between point "A" and point "B":

Now, it is easy to see how this could be misconstrued without the entire perspective. And the Cassiopaeans have noted this:

Q: Her other statement is: 'The C's have stated that they are a continuance of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadean view on sex, to be freely expressed, appears in direct opposition.'
A: Well, this is a jumbling of concepts. But just to tackle one of these, who is to say that the representations of Pleiadian concepts are really the same?

And here is another facet to that perspective:

Q: (L) How do you relate to the Pleiadians?
A: Pleiadians are communicating with many others; we are bursting upon the scene with you, but we are essentially the same, just at slightly different focus points on the realm border.
Q: (L) Well, why is all this activity happening now?
A: The grand cycle is about to close presenting a unique opportunity.
Q: (L) Does this mean that this is a unique opportunity to change the future?
A: Future, past and present.

In the above, we begin to understand that there is an essential "sameness" of the many sources of higher levels that are communicating with others on Earth. But, not only are they at "slightly different focus points," on the realm border, the individuals with whom they communicate are also different in terms of their ability to receive or "transduce" what they receive.

Now, in the excerpts below, even though I am still attempting to understand things and ask questions in a linear way, we begin to move into a new conceptual realm; we begin to experience a higher level of abstraction:

Q: (L) Okay, who created the Cassiopaeans?
A: Your super ancient spiritual ancestors.
Q: (L) Do these beings have a name? [as in a defined "group."]
A: No.
Q: (L) What are they called?
A: Transient passengers.

Q: (L) Now you mentioned the creators of your group as the super ancient ancestors called the transient passengers, what is the meaning of this term and who are these beings?
A: Transient passengers are not beings. Transient Passengers are unified thought form.
Q: (L) Why are they called transient passengers?
A: Because they transit all forms of reality. And they spring forth from the Unified form of existence.

Here we must go off in a "knight's move" to bring in another concept. What few people know is that each time we communicate with the Cassiopaeans, we address a different "aspect" of that reality. There is no single communicant. In the beginning, we asked about this:

Q: (L) Why is it every time we communicate with you Cassiopaeans we get a different person?
A: Energy disbursement.
Q: (L) Who is the energy disbursed to?
A: The next in order. We disburse. Our disbursement is akin to taking turns.
Q: (L) Is there an advantage to taking turns as opposed to having one communicant?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is the advantage?
A: Energy equalization.

Q: (L) In another transmission we were told that we would receive information from a different being each time of contact in order to get good information. Why is this?
A: That is to make sure that balance and equilibrium is maintained and also informational sources are fresh in the interaction between the giver and the receiver.

And, at an even later time, we find that our asking for a name is even conceptually limited:

Q: What is your name?
A: You still desire a name. We'll say: Toren.
Q: (J) If it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.
A: What matters is what matters to you and our desire to comply.

Now, getting back to the matter of "disbursement" and Transient Passengers:

Q: (L) Is there only one ultimate creator of the universe
A: All is one. And one is all.
Q: (L) From the one what was the first division?
A: Mass division and disbursement.
Q: (L) Was this simultaneous?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was this what we refer to as the "Big Bang?"
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is there any reference to this event in terms of time?
A: Always.
Q: (L) Can we say that all that exists in the material universe is, say, "x" number of years old?
A: No. It is the eternal now. Not only did happen, is happening and going to happen. The expanded presence.

Please pay close attention to the fact that the Cassiopaeans did NOT affirm the "Big Bang" idea as it is presented by science. They agreed that this "mass disbursement" is what we refer to in those terms, but that it is a constant cycling, eternal NOW. This constant cycling creativity now gives us some idea of how to deal with the concepts of "points of focus" on the realm border. And we have a new idea here, moving into even greater abstraction, and that is of each individual being a "realm."

Q: (L) Now, getting back to the planet, if at some point in the cycle, bodies were generated on this planet and brought to earth, who brought them?
A: Realm crossing.
Q: (L) It was not a who, it was a what, is that correct?
A: All is who and what.
Q: (L) Well, the other night you mentioned something about the Transient Passengers hauling these bodies off that planet and bringing them to earth, is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well, are these Transient Passengers Realms?
A: Yes. So are you.

Now we are beginning to have a glimmer that the higher realms are very different from what we may have thought them to be. Not only that, but that each of us has some part of the self that extends into higher realms, including 6th density. And, in the following excerpt, the reader may be able to detect how extremely difficult it was for us to put aside our linear thinking and grasp what the Cassiopaeans were saying.

Q: (L) Are there other parts of us in all realms doing other things at this moment?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And how is this going to be affected by the realm border crossing?
A: Will merge.
Q: (L) Do we need to do extensive hypnosis to bring these aspects of ourselves up and deal with these things a little at a time?
A: Will happen involuntarily. Will be like a thermonuclear blast. Message follows: See pattern. Orion, Pleiades, Arcturas, Cassiopaea; check distances from earth; progress locator for wave combined with earth references of space time. For you to figure out. Cross reference channeled messages, printing dates and location. We are where we are.
Q: (L) What do you mean you are where you are?
A: Cross reference Time and distance.
Q: (L) What book do we need to cross reference?
A: Any star chart and Marciniak, Arcturas Channel, Orion literature and Us. We speak from "crest" of wave, now, where are we?
Q: (L) Is this a riddle?
A: From, not of.
Q: (L) You speak from the crest of the wave? (T) Are you riding the wave?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) You said in another reading that you were 6 thousand miles...
A: Window of transmission.
Q: (L) We are certainly hoping that you are going to make all of this plain and clear...
A: It is.
Q: (L) Well, can you help us poor 2 strand DNA creatures to understand this?
A: How far away is Cassiopaea?
Q: (L) Do we need specific distances?
A: General is okay.
Q: (L) So, if we just find the general distances... and does each of these star clusters represent a general area of the wave?
A: Each represents locator in space time. You can judge speed and ETA by cross referencing distance with publishing dates and these messages from us.

And we should stop and note right here that this "US" means 6th density, not any specific group, though the concept that is being suggested is that of constant cycling disbursement, and that we are supposed to understand something very subtle from this exchange.

Q: (L) I got it! You mean that YOU are the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and now you are the "Cassiopaeans" because you "are where you are"! And you are riding the wave. Is this wave a straight line connecting all these constellations?
A: Circuitous or cyclical route.
Q: (L) So, is it like a spiral?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So we really need to set up a map so we can draw it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When we speak from Orion we are "Orions". When from Pleiades, we are "Pleiadian", and so on.
Q: (L) So, all of these channeled books you have mentioned are coming from the same basic source, through different channels, that they are able to connect with because of their different positions in space time and preparation level of the channels, is that correct?
A: Close. We have given you a Wave crest locator. We are from where we are and speak. Get it?
Q: (L) You are the wave crest?
A: We are Marciniak's Pleiadians. We are where we are.
Q: (T) So, you are not really Cassiopaeans from the Constellation Cassiopeia?
A: We are Transient Passengers.

And this seems to be where all the difficulty lies in the minds of most readers. The Cassiopaeans were attempting to express the unity of not only 6th density, but of all densities, and progressive and cycling disbursement of creation, reality, advancement, and "points of focus" that grow gradually greater and more inclusive as "time" progresses. Their intent, when taking all into consideration, was never to suggest that THEY "dictated" the Pleiadian material to Barbra Marciniak, but to give us clues to the unified nature of 6th density which, though "unified," is still cyclical and with different foci. Their meaning would be the same as if I said that Barbra Marciniak and I are one. In the sense of universal Oneness, this is a deep truth. But at this level of experience, there is Manyness and different focus due to perspective. More than that, they are telling us that what we perceive to be structures in space are defining the focus points of the endlessly cycling and disbursing Wave of Creation. That Prime Creator has many parts and aspects and that the entire Cosmos is the Body of God.

Keep this in mind:

Cassiopaeans: All there is is lessons. This is one infinite school. There is no other reason for anything to exist. Even inanimate matter learns it is all an "Illusion." Each individual possesses all of creation within their minds. Now, contemplate for a moment. Each soul is all powerful and can create or destroy all existence if [they] know how. You and us and all others are interconnected by our mutual possession of all there is. You may create alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate of the universe within which you dwell. Your mind represents all that exists. It is "fun" to see how much you can access.
Q: (L) It's fun for who to see how much we can access?
A: All. Challenges are fun. Where do you think the limit of your mind is?
Q: (L) Where?
A: We asked you.
Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no limit.
A: If there is no limit, then what is the difference between your own mind and everything else?
Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no difference if all is ultimately one.
A: Right. And when two things each have absolutely no limits, they are precisely the same thing.

This point is emphasized in another way:

Q: (T) Are we talking about the creator god as in the Pleiadians?
A: Not Pleiadians. Prime Creator.
Q: (T) What is the difference between the Prime Creator and "God?"
A: None. As long as you exist, you are of the Prime Creator.


In the following instance, as at the time of the talk to the MUFON group, Terry was still, like the rest of us, struggling with the linear concept that simply would not embrace what the Cassiopaeans were trying to convey:

Q: (T) Since you are riding this wave, in order to communicate, since the wave is what you are using to focus this contact with, and you are, whoever you may be at whatever point the wave is, you gave Barbara Marciniak information under the name "Pleiadians". You are telling us this. Have you told the other people, such as Barbara Marciniak, that you are contacting other people?
A: No.
Q: (L) So, Barbara may not know that the contacts are the same only under a different name?
A: No. Progressive information. Also, system is like mosaic.
Q: (L) Does this mean that different people get different pieces of the mosaic?
A: Yes.

Q: (Susy) Are you from the same group as the Pleiadians?
A: Same. When at Pleiades, Pleiadians, when at Cassiopaea, Cassiopaeans. Light beings.
Q: (Susy) What kind of source are you?
A: 6th density.

And, as we all know, a mosaic is made up of many tiles which, only together, form a complete picture.

Light and darkness unify all densities.

Q: (L) Are there 6th density Orions known as Transient Passengers?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So there are Transient Passengers that are STO as well as STS?
A: TP is "wanderer".
Q: (L) And what is a wanderer?
A: TP.
Q: (L) Well, the idea of the Wanderers, according to the Ra Material, is 4th or 5th density beings that have chosen to come back into 3rd density to help us. Would that be the same kind of Wanderer?
A: 5th or 6th density.

Q: (L) So, there are STS and STO at 6th density which balance? And they are just there, they exist?
A: Reflection for balance.

Q: (L) Are the 6th density Orions, also known as Transient Passengers, are they the same TPs that have been referred to as the ones who genetically engineered us or put us here?
A: Close. They are Wave riders.
Q: (L) Are those groups that ride the wave, is riding the wave part of the definition of Transient Passengers?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they like to ride this wave?
A: Is it "fun" for you to live on earth?
Q: (L) Well, I like living on earth a great deal, but I don't like pain and suffering, and I don't like man's inhumanity to man and I don't like to see other people suffer.
A: Do you live on earth for amusement?
Q: (L) I would like to live on Earth for amusement but I haven't had a whole heck of a lot of laughs since I have been here this time. I would like to have a life on the planet where things were pleasant...
A: You misunderstood.
Q: (L) I see what you are saying. That's where they live because that's where they live.
A: Yes.

I hope that, at this point, the reader has a clearer idea of the matter. When we consider the vast differences in understanding between ourselves and our little companions in the animal kingdom, we may be able to extrapolate the idea of how difficult it is to grasp concepts from realms of awareness and understanding higher than our own. In the end, we do ourselves no service to attempt to force them into linear constructions which, remember, help us to function at 3rd density, and are designed for 3rd density; but when we are getting read to move on, we begin to let go of them.

And sometimes is IS a struggle. But it is part of the necessary struggle to expand and open the mind and become free of all restrictions of subjectivity and wishful thinking. This is exemplified in the following:

Q: Now, could you talk to us a little bit about the purported "Photon Belt?"
A: The key issue remains one of interpretation. The messages are genuine; interpretations are variable in their accuracy. So, when one speaks of the "Photon Belt," one may really be thinking of a concept and giving it a name.
Q: (L) So, you mean that various persons are seeing something and only describing it within the limits of their knowledge?
A: At one level, yes.
Q: (L) Are the Lizard Beings agents for some other group?
A: Well that is a rather simple question. But, there are levels of authority in 4th density STS environment. And these are determined by intellectual and physical prowess, as always, in STS. The "pecking order" as you call it. So, therefore, we could state that at the bottom are those you are familiar with as the Gray beings, and in the middle are those you would call the Lizard Beings, and above that are others that you are not so familiar with.
Q: (L) Who are they?
A: The most commonly known, of course, are the Orion STS.
Q: (L) What do they look like?
A: They are, in fact, humanoid in structure, resembling large human beings.
Q: (L) And we don't see them that often?
A: Well, of course you know by now, that the ones most frequently seen on 3rd density level, are the Gray beings. All others equally less frequently seen.
Q: (L) Are there any positive Extra-terrestrials from the area of Sirius interacting with human beings at the present time?
A: Well, now! First off, it is important for you to know that the term you use: Extra Terrestrial, which of course, is one of the most correct terms used at your level, all that is NOT of the Earth is Extra-Terrestrial. And, for those on your surface earth environment to refer to themselves as the supreme species, or alone in the universe, or the one and only in the cosmos, is laughable in the extreme. It is akin to a microbe on a grain of sand referring to itself as the only form of life on the beach. Would it not? Now, when you ask are there any beings in the vicinity of Sirius, it would be something like that same microbe, located on the grain of sand, on the beach, which is, of course, but one of the beaches located on the surface of the earth, after all, asking if there is, in fact, any life located over in the vicinity of that seashell. Now, to answer your question: Are there any beings who reside in the vicinity of Sirius who are positively oriented, or STO as it were, again it is difficult to answer that because we do not know how to define the "vicinity of Sirius." But, if you mean within a light year or so of Sirius, as you measure distance, then we can say there are no such beings in that area in 3rd density. But that leaves open 4th through 6th density. So, you see, as you already know, but we wish to reinforce this, there is so much to contemplate here that it is laughable when those around you refer to certain areas or star systems and claim that there are beings from here or there or wherever, and that their objective is this or that or the other. Because if you knew the TRUE nature of the universe, of All of the universe, of all possible realms, you would also know that any and all things are possible, and, in fact, DO exist! You must NOT forget this.
Q: (L) So, in other words, these people are right?
A: All of these people are right, and all of these people are wrong. Because it is silly to point to some section of the sky, to ascribe any area as being the "Home" of this that or the other.
Q: (L) But what if that is, in fact, the case? The Orions live in some star system in Orion, right?
A: So are you.
Q: (L) Well, we aren't living there now!
A: That's not the point. If you were to stay in 3rd density and view your star, which you know as the sun, from another point in your galaxy, it would appear to be a part of the Orion system. Would it not?
Q: (L) Probably.
A: Well, now perhaps you are beginning to understand what we are talking about??? At one level, and in one sense.
Q: (L) Well, how do these beings get here crossing such vast reaches of space? A: As we have told you, there are seven levels of density which involves, among other things, not only state of being physically, spiritually and etherically, and materially, but also, more importantly, state of awareness. You see, state of awareness is the key element to all existence in creation. You have undoubtedly remembered that we have told you that this is, after all, a grand illusion, have you not? So, therefore, if it is a grand illusion, what is more important, physical structure or state of awareness???
Q: (L) State of awareness?
A: Exactly. Now, when we go from the measuring system, which of course has been nicely formulated so that you can understand it, of density levels one through seven, the key concept, of course, is state of awareness. All the way through. So, once you rise to a higher state of awareness, such things as physical limitation evaporate. And, when they evaporate, vast distances, as you perceive them, become non-existent. So, just because you are unable to see and understand has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what is or is not possible. Except within your own level of density. And this is what almost no one on your current level of density is able to understand. If you can understand it and convey it to them, you will be performing the greatest service that your kind has ever seen. Think about that for a moment. Let it seep into your consciousness. Analyze it. Dissect it. Look at it carefully and then put it back together again.
Q: (L) What is it that limits our awareness?
A: Your environment. And it is the environment that you have chosen. By your level of progress. And that is what limits everything. As you rise to higher levels of density, limitations are removed.
Q: (L) What creates this environment of limitation?
A: It is the grand illusion which is there for the purpose of learning.
Q: (L) And who put the illusion into place?
A: The Creator who is also the Created. Which is also you and us and all. As we have told you, we are you and vice versa. And so is everything else.
Q: (L) Is the key that it is all illusion?
A: Basically, yes. As we have told you before, if you will be patient just a moment, the universe is merely a school. And, a school is there for all to learn. That is why everything exists. There is no other reason. Now, if only you understood the true depth of that statement, you would begin to start to see, and experience for yourself, all the levels of density that it is possible to experience, all the dimensions that it is possible to experience, all awareness. When an individual understands that statement to its greatest possible depth, that individual becomes illumined. And, certainly you have heard of that. And, for one moment, which lasts for all eternity, that individual knows absolutely everything that there is to know.
Q: (L) So, you are saying that the path to illumination is knowledge and not love? A: That is correct.
Q: (L) Is it also correct that emotion can be used to mislead, that is emotions that are twisted and generated strictly from the flesh or false programming?
A: Emotion that limits is an impediment to progress. Emotion is also necessary to make progress in 3rd density. It is natural. When you begin to separate limiting emotions based on assumptions from emotions that open one to unlimited possibilities, that means you are preparing for the next density.
Q: (L) What about Love?
A: What about it?
Q: (L) There are many teachings that are promulgated that Love is the key, the answer. They say that illumination and knowledge and what-not can all be achieved through love.
A: The problem is not the term "love," the problem is the interpretation of the term. Those on third density have a tendency to confuse the issue horribly. After all, they confuse many things as love. When the actual definition of love as you know it is not correct either. It is not necessarily a feeling that one has that can also be interpreted as an emotion, but rather, as we have told you before, the essence of light which is knowledge is love, and this has been corrupted when it is said that love leads to illumination. Love is Light is Knowledge. Love makes no sense when common definitions are used as they are in your environment. To love you must know. And to know is to have light. And to have light is to love. And to have knowledge is to love.




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