Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The Winds of Change

Are these reports indicative of HAARP Activation?

See also: Timeline for info on mass mind control programming

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

October 10, 2002 - This report is so strange that, even though it is out of sequence chronologically, I thought I would present it first. As I have written elsewhere on the site, we first noticed that something had "shifted" on September 24. I asked the group if there were any "glitches" that they had noticed, and further down, you will see the reports that came in.

Also, today, there were a number of spontaneous reports of observations, and they will follow this first story that really is creepy.

From Southeast US: C's have said: At realm border crossing. ...Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning... The grand cycle is about to close presenting a unique opportunity.

What I think I saw last night definitely gave me the chills and that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I'm a writer and I was still awake at 4:45 AM finishing an article. Normally I would have gone to bed earlier since I'd slept only three hours the previous night, but reading Laura's recent Signs post motivated me to staying up and continue writing.

A rustle in the foliage outside startled me. Although the wind had been blowing earlier, by that time all was quiet. The rustling was too quick to be wind. A great wave of chills swept over me, and I felt something was terribly wrong. Something was lurking outside.

I stared at the door to my apartment. It has glass slats which act as a storm shutter. I had the shutter partially opened. If one stands up, one can clearly see inside or outside through the gaps in the slats. From where I was sitting, all I could see were the partially opaque slats themselves.

I waited to hear the jingling of keys and shuffle of footsteps, which might have been one of my neighbors checking his mail at the mailbox just outside my door, but these sounds never came. Why anyone would check mail at 4:45 in the morning is beyond me.

Whatever was outside came closer, silently and quickly. I was hoping it would go away and ignore me, that I wasn't the reason it was there to begin with.

Suddenly, the slats rattled and a shape pressed itself up against my door. All I could see through the opaque glass was a pinkish splotch the size of a face, a few inches above the doorknob level. Whatever it was, it seemed to be about four feet tall.

The stealthiness, shortness, quickness, and oddity of this thing is what got me. My heart pounded as thoughts went through my head that I might be in the process of being abducted, or that maybe it was just a burglar outside. I yelled at it to identify itself, commanded it to go away, and said I'd call the cops. Two seconds later, it darted off as quickly as it came, but I couldn't tell if it still lurked out there.

Alright, maybe it was something rational like a homeless person or burglar, but I'm leaning toward the possibility that it was a Grey of some kind. Ever since a month ago, weird activity has really been stepping up around here. This particular incident was strange because I was fully conscious, and the creature was definitely physical from what I can tell.

In thinking about all this, what the C's said about realm border crossings caught my attention. What if the Wave's arrival is gradual, and we are seeing its effects in many ways, including breakdown of the border between realms. It's gonna happen eventually fully as the C's said in the excerpt above, but what if the breakdown happens gradually too?

What if this explains the increasing objectiveness of people's interactions with the paranormal and especially Matrix phenomena as of late? I've gotten a few emails from people talking about how, even though their encounters with interference used to be subtle, they are now more physical and sometimes even violent. Could this be because realms are bleeding over into each other more so now than before?

October 15: From the Pacific Northwest: I'm wondering if anyone else is having odd things happening lately. I noticed two posts on casschat regarding this; one person heard a transmission from Apollo 8 over his/her computer speakers, and the other heard some strange sounds coming through the speakers on a brand new stereo, then the stereo blew up. Either could probably be explained rationally -- maybe hackers in the first case and a fault in the stereo in the second.

Well, Friday night I came home from work and found that a huge branch from my oak tree had fallen into the driveway, right next to the house. The branch is about 9 inches in diameter and maybe 15 feet long -- it's big. There's no reason for it to have fallen. Portland has had some strongish winds over past week or so, but St. Helens has not. If I'd been in the driveway, it probably would have killed me. As it is, I'm lucky it didn't fall on the house.

Then last night as I pulled into the driveway, I noticed the porch looked strange. When I came up on the porch, I saw that the glass on the glass-topped table had been shattered into literally hundreds of pieces, pieces the size of peas. A glass-sided lantern and a leaded crystal ashtray that had been sitting on the table were on the concrete underneath the table frame, totally unharmed.

Over the past two weeks or so, my animals have been acting strange. Petey, my Chihuahua, is refusing to sleep with me. In fact, he's refusing to sleep in my bedroom. He's slept with me since he was 8 weeks old, so this is rather strange. When I go to bed, he jumps up on the bed like he wants to cuddle up, but then he looks nervously at the window and suddenly jumps down and runs for the living room. My cat, who is about 8 years old, was declawed by her former owner, and has literally never been outside in her life ran out the front door into the middle of the yard, turned around and looked back at the house like she was terrified, and has refused to come back in. If I try and pick her up and bring her in (she's rather vulnerable without claws), she writhes and fights. It's been two weeks now. Prior to this episode, I spent 30 minutes one night trying to coaxe her out on the porch to sit with me; she was terrified of every sound and would not leave the house.

Outside my bedroom window (the one that freaks Petey out), I have a large three-trunked Cedar tree. I was working in the yard this weekend and noticed that something is sharpening its claws on the tree bark. At first I thought it was just a cat or a raccoon, but then noticed that there are two sets of claw marks. One is at the level a cat or raccoon would be. The other extends from about a foot higher than me (I'm 5'4") to about two feet beneath that; the marked area is about 14-16 inches wide. Now it's possible that there's a cougar loose in the neighborhood. This has happened twice in the past two years (cougars, that is), but both times the settings were more rural and remote. I live on a very busy street.

I'm sort of waiting for the next shoe to fall. Anyone else noticing strange things happening?

From UK: I just want to put a little something on record, it's the weather, or rather the wind. Where we are living, the prevailing wind comes out of the west, and crosses our south facing house. Sometimes it comes out of south west and sometimes, when snow is imminent, out of north east. Rarely does it come out of the east, well all day today we have a strong east wind bending the trees and howling around the place. My point here is that I have noticed this kind of weather comes when there is global trouble of a political or tragic nature. First I thought it was just a sense of forboding, to hear the wind in chimneys and rattling gates, like dark nights and thunder are a natural backdrop to scary movies. But there is growing evidence now to suspect otherwise because on several occasions this wind has preceded some drama on the 'world' stage. Just wanted to put this on record for reference.

From Texas: I was driving downtown, talking to a friend about bush and his craziness, and a green meteor shot downward from the sky behind the skyline of the buildings. I was immediately reminded of a few months ago when I was driving near NASA and Melissa and I saw another green meteor shoot *up* from the horizon. Weird eh? And what's with the green color?

From Northeast US: Well, my shoulder pain has flared up again, worst then ever. It,s so bad today I can hardly lift my left arm, or turn my head. My left heel is hurting pretty bad as well, for no apparent reason, and all the kids are starting with colds.. Hopefully, this is as bad as it gets because the shoulder pain is making me very cranky already!

From Northeast US: here in e NJ we are getting ready for a 'Northeaster' - it's a rare storm that comes in from the East rather from the West and is a violent storm with high winds. The last major one was the night before 9/11. Driving home now from work today and I stopped at a light and looked to my left and I see a deer with its head severed and I just kind of stare at it - I thought it was the backside but it wasn't. It's the same road I've driven home on for the last 10 years. And I just found out that my wife's sister had a car accident this afternoon - no brakes and no warning that there was a brake problem (squeaking that you will hear) - wierd.

From Israel: Feeling a little anxious about things around here. Keep wondering when the "show" is going to start. Lots of military jet activity again today. I have a feeling things are getting close.

And although it might not be anythings, I did think I might add that myself and both of my daughters have been itching our "4th density connection points" (birthmarks on the nape of the neck) like crazy lately. We've checked them. There's nothing there but the red birthmarks. It's like they're heating up and causing the itching. Also, the tingling in my right shoulder and part way up my neck that I reported a while back as occurring occasionally, is now almost constant. It's not painful at all. Just tingling, like something electric.

Just heard some thunder here as I was writing this. Looks like we might be in for a storm ourselves. Wonder if some folks "upstairs" are having themselves a "sparring match"? Z** just wrote me a note to ask if we had hail here yet. Says they came down big and heavy - about 5 cm, she said. Dang. Now it's lightening. I'd better send this and go batten down the hatches. I'd guess we'll be getting hit within the hour.

From Midwest US: In the last two weeks my PC at work started acting up. Strange stuff. Virus scan choking, services blowing up. I must of un- installed, virus scan, manually edited the registry and removed all the vscan stuff un-install does not remove, re-installed vscan 10 times. It still will not start up in the services properly. Then the PC started in with the speakers screeching with no sounds playing. Eventually it went totally bonkers and I swapped out the motherboard and everyting seems ok. But I still cannot get virus scan to work right. I am manually scanning the entire drive nightly with a stand- alone tool. I am also fixing things that were corrupted as they come up.

I had a strange dream two nights ago. All I can describe it as, was as if I was observing a cosmic cloud chamber. It was like watching glass fibers spraying out of a hose and at certain points one of these things (trails) would interact with something and poof, something like a smoke ring would form, square or perpendicular to the path of the glass fiber thing. It was weird, but very interesting to watch.

Central Canada: Just this weekend I was looking for the nail clippers in the bathroom -- both my wife and I searched a basket *multiple* time (*VERY* thouroughly) where they should have been, and nothing was there. On Monday, I was grabbing a comb, and *poof*, there they were... Minor, but almost impossible...

Southeast US: I guess I'll add my name to the shoulder pain list. The pain in my left shoulder started about 10 days ago. Today is the worst day. I went to a chiropractor who was afraid to touch me because the pain was so bad and today I had it scanned in the ER and it came up negative. The chiropractor had told me he thought it was a torn rotator cup. So, I am thinking of trying accupuncture. As long as I do not lift the left arm, the pain is barely noticeable.

Southeast US: Ok, it is late afternoon Tuesday and the checks during the day to see what was being presented on the news channels has shown a repeat of the latest shooting by the elusive sniper(s).

We have conjectured that there may be agendas of gun control, diversions of attention on the political scene and several other ideas. For all of our lives we have been trained to think in terms of simple absolutes and polarities. Our conditioning has us wanting to boil down situations to a simple answer or another. That is often to our downfall to do so or seek either/or answers. What I am getting at here is that there will probably be several agendas being served in every incident from now on as things compress and coalesce around a rather specific point in the cycle of events.

With that being said, let me pass along 2 other agendas that have been served. We could sort of expect that somehow the memes terrorist - Al Q and Iraq/Saddam would show up eventually, it is just too good an opportunity for the puppets to miss. Today, I have watched off and on several different "talking heads" doing interviews with "experts" and every single one of them has gone out of their way to not so innocently attempt to say the words that make a possible link to the Govt's current boogyman, the Iraq/Saddam/Al Q/Terrorist. Well, like I said, we could have expected it.

The other thing that has been introduced today is an announcement from the Pentagon - you know that funny shaped building that was hit by a non-existant airliner a year ago? Anyway, they have announced today that they will do the American public a service by allowing the military to "help out" with surveillance, equipment and manpower. Sounds like they are really being nice guys here and pitching in to help save us from this madman with ego/control problems and a HAARP antenna on his baseball cap.

The problem here, is that the military is not supposed to be involved in civilian matters - at least not the Federal Military. State Militias or Reserve National Guard can be mustered under certain circumstances, but as far as I know, this is the first big cross-over for Federal Troups. A sort of Rubicon has been crossed I think. Watch this come back to haunt us in the days ahead.

Speaking of new connections, there was some speculation about HAARP activating different "programs" depending upon orientation, prior conditioning, etc. I have noticed a huge amount of people all across the country who during our "watch period' ended up with sinus or lung problems. Some of it has been discussed or mentioned. It is much bigger than just a few isolated cases and it is seemingly widespread.

Sept 24, 2002: Laura writes : Today is a bit funny because we have experienced two mechanical "breaks" around the house here. One is the brand new battery in the car - dead for NO apparent reason. The second is the dishwasher - pump failure. Usually when these kinds of things happen, it happens just prior to some sort of EM event such as an earthquake or a volcano or a hurricane, etc. I have even connected such things to loss of life type disasters such as plane crashes. At the same time, there is a sensation "in the air" of external agitation. I notice it on the list also. Another thing: this big boy Isidore was beating up on the Yucatan for the past couple of days and now he has bounced off the coastline and is heading north. Who knows what will happen next. So everything sensed could be related to that and nothing more. BUT, I am a bit curious to see if this period of Libra will be one in which a lot of deadly stuff goes on. So, shall we play and see if anybody is getting any impressions?

South Florida: I had a symbolic and apocalyptic dream.

The Cass group was sitting outside on the grass, near a downtown intersection. It was night time. We looked up and saw a strange plane flying overhead, which looked like a silver boomerang with an array of large jet engines mounted beneath it, a large one in the center, and three smaller engines off to each side. We stared in amazement as it did a bunch of fancy maneuvers. It changed shape by folding its wings upward like a V, and fired its afterburners, darting up, then back down, and around.

Suddenly, Laura had a realization that something was wrong. She yelled to everyone that the flames coming out of the jet engines weren't only to be used for propulsion, but as a weapon as well. The craft was definitely hostile. I realized this too and ran for cover, diving beneath a ledge. Just at that moment, the craft descended backwards, so that its rear pointed down over the group. It shot out a huge column of flames that enveloped the entire group, including Laura. I was still beneath the ledge half a block away, and didn't get incinerated, though watching the scene in horror.

The dream immediately fades out and cuts to the next morning. I wake up in the bed of an unknown house, with my clothes still on. The house is located farther away from downtown. I hear a steady "tick tock tick tock" sound, as if time was short and ticking away. A phrase appears in my mind, which captions this scene: "The Face on Mars is frozen. Truth is the fire."

I get out of bed and step outside. People are busy hosing down their charred houses with water. I look to my right and off into the distance, and see a mile wide circle of scorched earth.

At that point, I ran back to the hotel I was staying at (hotels and meetings with Cass group members have been a recurring theme lately). In the lobby were people evacuating slowly, some crying. There was also a broken pair of binoculars on the floor, which I fixed and took with me.

I knew that my family had died in the recent incineration, and felt this event was punting me into taking a new direction, namely doing something about the hostile alien force which had killed so many people I loved.

Was this dream broadcast by HAARP? There are several potential images that may be broadcast. And if not images, then at least symbols that people dream which warn them of intruding thought manipulation. My dream involved these elements: *fire from the sky *realizing hidden truth *running out of time *loss of loved ones.

Now, in my view, a more likely sign of HAARP activity are tornado and storm dreams. I've had one in the past month, and my friend has had three. She rarely gets them, so this is significant. The few times she's had them earlier in life, the tornados were always distant. These times, they were right overhead and wreaking havoc. It could be a mere "small dream" or personal dream, but I know others who have had storm dreams recently too, so it could be a wider phenomenon.

From Canada: I know since the weekend I've felt that "something has changed"... I can't put my finger on it, but something is different... Hmm... Now that I say this, it sounds like The Matrix -- "they've changed something"...

Midwest US: I feel something different also. And in my house we are also experiencing failures, mainly electrical (answering machine wigged out big time and is in the trash, electronics in the coffee pot is acting up more than usual). I am also experiencing a type of mental tiredness that seems to be a kind of fog. Last night it took me 1 hour 20 minutes to get home from work and I live only seven miles away. The radio played the clips of Al Gore screaming out his denuciations of Bush and then the radio also played a clip from Bush screaming his demands of alegiance to the invasion of Iraq. It was weird, it just seemed as if they were both screaming at the world for attention, "to get our attention". I don't know. Something feels weird. With the recent stuff about the 'Captured Moon', Bush pushing for Invasion, I have had all types of thoughts about Blitzkrieg for some reason. I have had imaginings that perhaps the Captured Moon thing was actually a new weapon and that HAARP will be activated to hide it as they move it into an operational orbit at the moment of invasion. Perhaps we are going to see a Miracle - missiles being knocked out of the sky in realtime and the whole world will wonder!! My mind definitely gets away with itself. Perhaps something good is going to manifest. I don't know, something does however feel different.

From Missouri: Well, I am having this very strong tension in my solar plexus and this is usually a sign (for me) that things are heating up. My daughter's car battery died also. She is also experiencing some very serious stuff at her store - a potential dangerous psychopath stalking the girls who work there and it is suspected that he has stolen a huge amount of merchandise from the store. He used to be a merchandiser for the store. There is a "tension" in the air that we have all noticed (my family), fortunately it has not caused any tension between us. I know Missouri is supposed to "shake" when the sun is in Libra.

From Ireland: My money's on an "attack" or event of some sort or other in the UK, but not a lot of it.

Southeast US: My car battery died recently & the next day the ignition module went out, again. My computer's firewall is malfunctioning tonight -it never has before, and my computer keeps crashing. Things are weirdly tense with a coworker. We each feel a strong need to go somewhere else far away, but that's not new to me as I really hate living here and feel trapped here and in my job where deja-vu and odd, albeit now enlightening, MCS events happen. I get a high pitched, even tone in my ears before things of a natural disaster happen, which I noticed a couple nights ago. And my dreams reflect coming events at times -usually right at 2 weeks prior. Challenger explosion, the military jet that crashed around Nova Scotia, deaths of relatives or friends, my own death once, and once again lamely attempted by STS I'm sure now (just after I found the Cass site). These are usually intense and frightening dreams. For the last 9 or 10 years I had recurring dreams of being in out of control elevators in skyscrapers barely getting out alive. They stopped about a year ago. I've wondered about that lately. Prior to the WTC event, I had a terribly frightening dream of a massive Chinese invasion of the US where their main tactic was the destruction of tradition and social civility on all levels by forcing familes apart and making people do taboo acts if they resisted. And nobody resisted despite my pleading, reasoning and attempts to organize! I escaped into a tunnel and chose a different timeline to enter from a selection in a small library. Strange how the Chinese seem to be so quiet in this turmoil...

Meanwhile, my normally strong-willed sister opted to solve her problems by downing 50 caps of barbiturates over the weekend -no Thursday. She's fine now. She argues incessantly with her child and they are both very manipulative and quite "asleep". She told me that at that moment, which was during an argument over a backpack that her frustrations had built up intolerably for her and suicide was the only action she could take. Now after a weekend of respite in a care facility, she's on that fake happy high which really freaks me out. I worked for a short time in a treatment center and saw that response a lot in folks being discharged after suicide attempts. It was probably the anti-depressants.

Northeast US: Well, several interesting things here: A young boy killed in a car accident yesterday (15 y/o), at my street corner, a young girl hospitalized in a car accident today at my street corner, and the heads of two children were crushed in an elevator shaft two weeks ago, 1 block from my house. Otherwise, all is normal.

Central Florida: Interesting that this came up. I have a friend who, after about a 3 month absence, he showed up out of the blue and the first thing he said after "hello", was "the world has gone crazy in the past week or two - I can feel it in the air." "You know better than I do what is going on, tell me what is happening." I am getting that impression from several people, although most of them aren't as blunt about it as he was.

I found it very interesting that there has also been a crescendo of interference and manipulation at a time when I am discovering things that I have hidden from view for my entire adult life. I am in the early stage of discussion of some of this with a few other people and it appears that they too are sensing some urgency or stop up of events.

From Australia: 1) The computer breakdowns. It is happening again - a new motherboard (number three) and it started with the desktop lockups again. And now, for an added twist - and extra exposure to the STS dudes, too - the CMOS error messages started to come up. Something is interfering with the checksum and the only thing to do that is to apply an electric field to the chip. So this is pretty obvious. Either somebody is flying over the house, zapping us with extra energy or the natural frequency fields are becoming agitated thus interfering with the machinery. The Sun is going bonkers again... 2) Get the physical manifestation in the body like the tremors in the right eye-lid, indicating increased tension and psychic stress. As well as frequent bursts of energy in the solar plexus area and the heart chakra. The heart disturbances manifest themselves in palpitations. These two just act as a confirmation of a very subtle feeling already explicated by the other members of the group. On top of that, the weather is just freaky, with very violent storms in the past two weeks or so. Here we go again...

Pacific Northwest: My daughter's battery died last week. It wasn't a brand new battery but a relatively new one. She stopped at a red light, the car went dead, and it stayed that way until they bought a new battery. The mechanic told her it had been completely drained (no problem with the new one). There may not be a connection, but she told me this weekend that she's decided that the whole WTC thing, the Iraq thing -- everything -- is being orchestrated by "something" not of this world, something we can't see but is manipulating us. I've never talked to her about anything weird, never mentioned the hyperdimensional stuff, and she has no access to the internet (or even a computer); she and her husband have been talking about it, trying to make sense of it, and came up with this on their own. And it's very unlike them, normally. But they appear to be waking up on their own. And, yes, I jumped in, but very gently, very carefully. For the first time, I didn't feel any pulling away or blind crashing down. Even more interesting, my twin granddaughters, were sitting there (they just turned 10 years old). They listened to the entire conversation and asked some astute questions. But I find it interesting that they ( my daughter and son-in-law) are starting to have weird things happen the minute they start to wake up. Note: I don't find it surprising, just interesting. And, they weren't even TRYING to test the MCS; other than seeing the movie, they didn't know anything about it.

Many on the list have mentioned over the last week that they've felt a sense of depression. However, I've been feeling something as well. However, I haven't felt depression. I've been feeling (especially the last 1-1/2 weeks or so) an incredible sense of impending doom, for lack of any other way to describe it. The "doom" part could well be interpretation; I think the "impending" part is what is important. Yes, of course, that sounds like it would be depressing, but it's actually not, so maybe my description is woefully inadequate; it's more like apprehension -- to the Nth degree. The other side of this is that my senses seem to be heightened. Colors and smells are more intense. I'm enjoying the Fall (the best part of the year in the Pacific Northwest, and this one is particularly beautiful) as I've never enjoyed it before. But I'm still feeling this sense of "something wicked this way comes" for lack of a better description.

From Australia: Put yourselves in the shoes of those 3D STS guys who went to a great deal of trouble to fly some aircraft into the WTC in order to manipulate a war. (ie pretend that you're Mossad and try not to feel too nauseated!). All of a sudden, you find that your plan is 'stalling', (people are starting to ask 'awkward' questions and they don't want to do your dirty work for you). It's starting to look as if you're not going to get what you want. What would you do...? The nuclear bomb in the suitcase scenario starts looking better and better each day, esecially if you've done some 'ground work' to convince everyone that it's a possibility - if not a probability that terrorists can obtain one. You must bear in mind that your 'methods of operation' lean heavily towards deception and manipulation and MUST occur from behind the scenes to be effective. So far, they have been effective.

Now, (still pretending to be Mossad)- you know that lightning doesn't stike twice in the same place! If it did, even someone as 'bright' as Bush would start to notice and 'smell a rat'. Besides, you've already got him right where you want him, as he's even ready to go off to war all on his own if he could. With or without the approval of the American people - not to mention the UN! This means that you're not going to bother leaving a bomb in a suitcase in the US. So, you turn to Europe instead. Tony Blair is 'barking the same bark' as Bush, so you don't need to leave anything in a suitcase in Britain -

What about France? My money's on Paris, France. With a date of the 8th or 18th of October?

Now, I know the future's not 'set'. How do you prevent something that hasn't even happened yet and is only one possible future scenario anyway? With great difficulty!!! I hope we can change the future together - not only to prevent war, but to prevent any further 3D STS atrocities from occuring. This is because I feel that this is what they have in mind.

From California: I woke up this morning a little bit after 3AM thinking "somethings changed." The synchronicity sure is strange. FWIW, Here are my thoughts. The series of quakes that have been happening around the world have me a bit concerned for the California faults. A look at: will show how unsettllingly quiet California has been recently. I also think someone may take a planned potshot at BushBoy, staged of course, to escalate and harden the drive for war with Iraq. His name in S&B is "Temporary" and he was elected in a zero year which indicates the Tecumseh Curse may be in play. Another little item maybe the assassination of Arafat. It would probably be done by one of his own men but for the purpose of destabilizing the Middle East on an even grander scale. Actually, I shudder to think of any of these ideas becoming real. It would be absolutely horrible. Unfortunately, 4D is addicted to the energy which is produced by these sorts of events. IMHO, things seem to be leading up to another feeding.

Northeast US: I have been waking up out of the norm as well lately. My son told me that when my alarm went off yesterday morning he heard me say " when the bell rings the food is free". I don't remember saying anything at all! I have noticed that for the past few weeks when I wake up, I am not awake yet, I don't know where I am or who I am and there is confusion as to what I'm suppose to do next. I have been waking up as if I am someone else with their thoughts and their life going on, and it's shocking to be yanked out of that without warning. I suppose this sounds pretty lame, but upon waking I almost feel like I am one of my ancestors.. I'm related to me, but am living another lifetime in my sleep that is related to who I am when I wake up. But, I am a totally different person from the awake me.

From Spain: Yes, I have also been feeling very strange. Last week I had two dreams of attack and ivasions. Last night I had another one. There is something strange in the air...

South Central Florida: I'm wondering if all the mechanical failures and problems, aren't due to our HAARP system at work. I'm really surprised at how Isidore has fallen apart, since it was supposed to strengthen into a catagory 4. I noticed it's supposed to head for New York State. They are also in a drought. I spoke with my mother in Upstate New York Monday night. She was hospitalized for 2 days the week before, with a possible silent heart attack. Sunday night, she woke up with a piercing tone in her ear that went right to her brain and started her heart pounding again. She claims nothing like that has ever happened to her before. She said it vibrated into her brain and lasted for about a minute. She's still undergoing tests to see what could have caused this problem. So far, they can't find anything.

Canada: I had a weird dream and it hasn't seemed to fade away... The dream was very short but it involved a cop coming up to the door of the farmhouse I lived in about 8 years ago... I didn't really have any feeling that he was either antagonistic or an ally, but he was going to search the quonset for something (drugs, I somehow remember?), and went to get his rifle out of the car. He picked it up wrong-end forward and it went off shooting him in the chest, and we all rushed to help/call 911... Now, this doesn't seem terribly unusual, but the dream was especially vivid around the accidentally shooting himself incident, and I have *never* had any dream like it. Dreams are often vague and unreal, but this was very *real*. In addition, the incident was not "hollywood-ish", like dreams sometimes are (that's the only way I've ever seen anyone "shot", so naturally...), but was *real*... It could just be a dream, but somehow it stuck with me... I wonder if there is any significance to the "shooting self in the chest"? Seems kind of similar to shooting yourself in the foot, only more deadly? And combined with the "atmosphere" change around that time... I'm wondering what significance there could be to it...

Midwest US: I have for the last few nights been having dreams that have had a vagueness to them as far as detail, but they each have the same activity going on in them. The activity standing in the middle of this large group of people scurrying around hurriedly trying to get somewhere; everyone's eyes are big and almost bulging as if in a state of shock or terror. In the dream I am just "watching", aware of the activity but detached as if I am not really there. Each night for the last three nights it has been this scenario, different groups of people and only a few that I recognize. The feeling that I am aware of after waking from the dream is similar to the one I experienced with the "boars and living dead stampeding past me". It is a sense of seeing something that has occurred or is occurring, but not actually participating in it; just an observer.

New York City: My friend M** and I both had tinnitis yesterday. I had a migraine. I have been keeping records on my migraines and this one was out of character. I can pretty much tell when it's coming and have been able to head it off before it gets bad. Not so this time it was so unexpected, the timing was odd.

The computers in our lab have been going hay wire and we're constantly having to reboot the servers. And I feel like I'm in a time warp.

I don't know if that means anything but I had a strange invasion dream last night. I dreamt we were invaded by the Chinese. Americans were fleeing to cross the borders to mexico and Canada. Everyone in my family was overseas while I was stuck here because of some work I had to do. I was trying to get out but due to all the traffic ended up stuck in Florida. In some odd way Jamaica connected to the American continent so I had to just drive through Florida to get there. It seemed strange I asked about this oddity in the dream and someone said "dont you remember after that disaster? It was apparent to everyone when the lowering of sea levels showed most of the caribbean and the americas make up one large continent of atlantis"

The Chinese turned out to be very good, restoring the ideals of democracy and treating prople well. No "normal upstanding" american was left to experience this good treatment as all left or were fleeing in fear. Only the prisoners from the drug wars, homeland security and various government induced restrictions were left and they were all freed. After navigating my way through panicked americans, I got to Jamaica got my family and proceeded to return to America with them. On my way I could still see the traffic jams of all the fleeing refugees. They yelled that I was going the wrong way and the Chinese were sure to kill me. I tried to tell them otherwise but they just wouldn't believe it so I just continued. I woke up when some Chinese soldiers rescued me from a groups of americans who were trying to force me to mexico with them.

From Israel: My prediction is about Israel. In my opinion, going to be an increase in driving incidents , murders and other crimes. Also another type of "terror attack" , but this time no bombs , but attempts to poison people in restaurants and other public places (a week ago we had this kind of attempt in one of Tel Aviv restaurants ) if it will not serve the "general" agenda to kill it's another technic to generate fear. Religious fanatics going to spread the word about end of times and that the only solution is to become religious faithful (to Jehovah of course). Increase in Patriotic Propaganda - "It's us against the rest of the world". Israel government is going to prepare Israel people for the times Bush will attack Iraq , and it will include: vaccinations , "special" military facilities against nuke and biological bombs. Of course all the citizens will trust the military and will do all the "necessary" demands. I always had this thought in my mind , that when the time will come - our military will demand form all the citizens to gather in special "protected" places. I have chills when I think about it , because it "reminds" me of Holocaust .

Kentucky: Is it just me, or is the IQ of people around me dropping? Friends, family, and co-workers are really acting weird. It is like the "Dumb" grabs hold of them and doesn't want to let go. Even simple stupid things they will ask how to do, even they have been told numerous times, or will just completely forget recent conversations. I've even resorted to asking them if they are like this on their home planet. Jeez.

Southeast US: Our power went off Monday afternoon. The power company didn't know what was going on but said they would have it back up in 2-3 hours, which they did. Our entire neighborhood went out. It was a nice day and this kind of power failure is rare here. I felt very uncomfortable when this happened and I immediately went outside and played frisbee with my dog. I noticed that my voice was amplified and was echoing throughout the neighborhood as I laughed and spoke. It was like there was a big bubble over us, compressing the sound. I didn't see anyone else around in the neighborhood, nor any cars going by, which is unusual. For a minute I felt like I was in some strange movie all by myself. At the moment the power went out I was speaking with a friend from up North on the phone. He called back within a few minutes after power was restored and I could tell he was also somewhat disturbed by this occurence. Hard to explain, but there was an air of "weirdness" about it all that made me uncomfortable and put me on alert.

California: Yes I feel like a Stall happened. Defenately something will come maybe good maybe bad? I do know this that The Los Angeles (San Gaberial Mountains) are on fire. The smoke looked like a mushroom cloud for two days. I mean you couldnt miss it. I would ask people at work about the smoke. They didnt even notice. (shows the state of awareness in Orange County ). It is very close to the cities at the base of those mountains. Anyway....

French/Swiss Border: Just as a note on a few observations around me, the place that I bank at has two doors one has to pass through, both with a button to press to be allowed to enter each door. Two of the larger shopping stores in town have a security guard, one has secutity guards and a watch dog, both have cameras on the outside and lights that can be made to flash, at least on one of them. Now as far as I can remember in the evolution of these stores(they've changed ownership several times), this is a rather new addition, why I wonder? Is there really more crime now then before? Also there seems to be more of an "american" feel to the way they are run by starting with coupons, and the layout of the store.

There were 5-6 swiss military planes flying over my apartment about a month ago. I have never to my recollection ever seen them in the air around here. Helicopters and airplanes fly around at odd hours of the night. In the morning sometimes I notice trails in the sky that somehow seem rather plentiful and unusual. I hear a buzzing sound in my ears/head that seems to be present a few places I've gone when I become still and listen. There are of course cellphone towers spotted around the area on the Swiss side.

I had a dream that seeemed significant. The human activity on the surface of the ground shrank in significance and the sky grew in significance almost like a focus of activity/attention. The clouds turned pink and a fleet of gray vesseles came out of the sky. I remembered being on a row-boat of sorts on Lake Geneva and having to row around in an particially invisible maze, at the same time I knew that I wanted to be there, that I was there in anticipation of the event in the sky, not knowing however what would happen next. Two of my friends had dreams about aliens and various activities they preformed in relation to them, the same night (they are boyfriend-girlfriend by the way). One of them talked about a seemingly illogical dream she had about escaping the area in a car from the threat of a nuclear bomb detonation. They think something is going to happen. I think something is going to happen. It seems to me that the coating of "ordinary conventional life" is wearing thin for some of us and illusions are going to come crashing down. Things could become progressively more and more bizzare and intense in relationship to an "ordinary regular conception of things and events" till one day the bubble is completely burst and who knows what is going to happen then.

Australia: On the 12th of Sept., on another list, I had a friend who is Field Tested Psychic at the Cayce Institute, who started a thread saying that the "energies had been strange" and the veil had gone thick like jelly. There was general agreement from other members on this list that there was "something" going on. A high ratio of INFJ's (highly intuitive) "pinging" at the same time. My feeling was of general uneasiness which passed after a couple of days. Weird lucid dreams were reported pretty well all around. The overall feeling seemed to be one of blockage as if a net had been placed around the earth/ cosmos somehow. Really constricting. My dream involved a helicopter SWAT team descending from ropes as I was taking out the garbage. I looked at them nonplussed and invited them in for a beer which took them by surprise.


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