:Laura Knight-Jadczyk


Crop Circle Hoax?

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Sept. 14, 2002

Q: (L) I want to ask about this crop circle that has made such a big splash on the Art Bell show and other places on the internet.

alinefacethat was supposedly created on or around Aug. 15, 2002 and I guess the first thing I’d like to ask is 'who dunnit?'
A: It was produced via 4th density technology.

Q: (V) STS or STO 4th density technology?
Q:(L) Okay.  You said via 4th density technology.  However you did not say via 4th density beings...
A: Correct.  There has been much advancement in 3D realm tech due to 4D interaction.
Q: (V) Between whom and 3rd density?
A: Consortium.
Q: (L) Well, I noticed that last year, on or about the same date, the crop circle appeared with the woman’s face and the so called signal thing.  Was that also the production of 4th density?
A: No.
Q: (L) I noticed also that Aug. 15 is, in fact, an ancient feast day of the Mother Goddess and therefore the appearance of the face last year was somewhat appropriate.  This one, produced on almost - if not exactly - the same date, seems almost like it is a response to the face image last year.  The message deciphered from this new crop circle is - and Ark has checked it and confirmed the deciphering - "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.  Much pain but still time - and then an unknown word - there is good out there.  We OPpose deception.  Conduit closing. (bell sound)."  What is the meaning of this message?
A: The first thing that was intended was to demonize the crop circle phenomenon.  The second thing was to give those who are susceptible the impression that their favorite gray aliens might be “good guys.”  The third thing intended was to send a message of doubt directly to this room.
Q: (J) 'The conduit is closing.'  Since the C's have talked about creating a conduit since the beginning, they are trying to convince us that the conduit is closing.  What was the garbled word, was it believe, or is it believe?
A: It was believe.  However the glitch was due to the application of the technology.  This provides the clue to the STS source.
Q: (J) Okay so their amateur fumbling caused the glitch.  (A) The guy is probably the glitch in the software.  There was a noise...
A: Wishful thinking will get ya every time.
Q: (L) So they were wishfully thinking that they had everything perfect and they didn’t. (A) Still I want to know if physical characteristics of this circle were matched with the physical characteristics of what would be considered authentic crop circle?
A: They can get close.  But again, there are differences.  These can be detected if one is aware and looking.
Q: (J) Is there any criteria you can give us to measure against, is there anything in particular to look for?  Or would it pop out as something strange that doesn‘t make sense in a crop circle if you examine it?  Or is there actual... 
A: One thing to look for would be growth disruptions to the area.  Real circles do not disrupt the creative principle.
Q:  (J) Now would this be crop circles created by STS, STO, or both?
A:  STO.
Q: (J) So STO doesn’t disrupt the life cycle but, if it were STS then it would change it.  That would make sense.  Well, there again their effect: the coldness, the burning, the whole negativity of it, would logically disrupt the life cycle.  As for the way that they do this: you say that it was directed from 4th density.  Do they actually come in and have any kind of physical apparatus in the vicinity?
A: It was not done from 4D.
Q: (J) I’m not talking about the one that we’re talking about this time, I’m talking about when STO creates a crop circle do they have a physical...
A: Real crop circles represent thoughts from 6th density unified thought realm.
Q: (J) Okay, and so that’s why they don’t disrupt the growth; because they're using thought forms as opposed to STS technology, either the 3D or 4D or what not.  Have any crop circles been made by 4th density STS directly?
A: Very few and quite ineptly up to this point.
Q: (V) Can you tell us an example of another one, if there is only a few?
A: One comes up as a series of “symbols” similar to occult cipher.  Check the data.
Q: (L) I think I've seen one like that.  I noticed it because it was so different from all the purported authentic ones.  This suggests, of course, that Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the woman who writes for Fate Magazine, and who claims that crop circles are produced by secret government technology, may have an 'inside line' to the Consortium.  I thought so.  So start looking at crop circles. (A) Well you remember there was a crop circle that they said it was Greek or something...(L) Anything else on this crop circle?  Alright we’re done with the crop circle. 

[personal questions by guests omitted]

Q: (L) I have a question.  I had a thought the other night after I read Dolan’s book.  He was talking about this government technology for mind control and so forth, and how the government or the military was trying to cover up the alien presence and interactions, what they were really up to and what they were really doing, and I came to this idea after reading all of these cases.  What is evident is that there were apparently abductions and landings and contact stories from very early on in the so-called UFO phenomenon.  What I thought about was the fact that Bud Hopkins and Whitley Strieber promoted in their books, mostly Whitley, the image of the gray alien as the standard American abductor.  After the publication of these books all American abductions seemed to follow the pattern of the gray alien abduction.  However, it is primarily an American phenomenon.  Most other places in the world don’t have little gray aliens with bug eyes.  So, what I want to know is this:  is the gray alien abduction scenario:  a.) A screen memory b.) a creation of the American military mass mind programming project in order to acclimate people to certain conditions, circumstances and interactions, or c.) something else or d) are they really just gray aliens abducting everybody?
A: You have stumbled upon an interesting question indeed.  As we have noted previously, physical abductions are rare.  Not only that, some abductions do not end with return of the victim.  Now, what do you suppose you would do to cover up this fact?  You might “create” a lot of abductions that end with return and “no harm done.”
Q: (L) That wasn’t one of my answer selections!  Does this mean that the abductions reported by the people that Bud Hopkins worked with followed by Whitley Strieber were staged?
A: Close enough for horseshoes.
Q: (L) Okay, what would get us closer.
A: How about several varieties of experiences including government experiments.  Did you ever notice how some cases exhibit extreme trauma and some do not?  Same general story, but one is related with deeper sensation of reality, and another is not.  Why do you think so many “abductees” are able to accommodate the experience, while some result in ruined lives?
Q: (L)  So you are saying that some of them are not really being abducted.  They're just having something projected into their mind.  So how long has this been going on?
A: Over 30 years.
Q: (L) That would be back to the 70’s.  And so where did Whitley come up with his gray aliens…and how does this relate to grays as cyber-genetic probes?
A: There really are “grays.”  But not nearly as ubiquitous the gov would like you to think.
Q: (L) So with Whitley telling everybody how it happens and what they look like along with contouring of the blanket EM mind control field or whatever, with the beaming out of a mind-programming wave - whatever it is - they're able to make a whole hell of a lot of people - everybody who is susceptible - think they are in contact with gray aliens.  What is it that makes some people susceptible and not others?
A: Most generally that they are not organic portals.
Q: (L) So that leads to our other question, do organic portals ever get abducted?
A: No need.
Q: (L) So they’re using this, in a sense, as a weeding mechanism?
A: More or less.
Q: (L) So those people who declare firmly, that there is absolutely, never have, never could be, any evidence of abduction, could be OP’s?
A: Generally speaking, yes.
Q: (V) Well, a souled person who has their faculties about them with knowledge is not going to get abducted either? (L) I don't think that's necessarily a logical conclusion. (V) Not necessarily?  Well, I thought they told us that once your knowledge level increases you will no longer be abducted. (L) I don't think that this was the actual conclusion.  Yes, it is true that if your knowledge increases then you have an idea what’s going on.  And most especially, if your mind is strong enough not to be susceptible to these mind control waves, you can certainly put an end to that nonsense.  But, that doesn’t mean that you would not be physically abducted if those 4th density dudes or the government decided to do it because that has nothing to do with battling mind control waves.  I mean if they really want to get to you they’ll send somebody into you life who is an OP and they’ll come to you thorough that person. (C) Could I just ask one question?  Last fall I believed I was abducted, and I actually have one memory of it, of a gray, you know, while I was laying on a table.  I also had physical signs on my body of an abduction.  I’m curious as I’m hearing this: was I being abducted by grays that really exist or was that like the government mind control making me think that I was? (A) What kind of physical…(C) I had pain in my uterus area, I had pink eye, missing time, I felt like I got run over by a train.  I had all these physical symptoms of something really bad happening and then one memory of being on a table with this gray standing in front of me. (L) Do you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress? (C) Not that I know of. (V) No panic attacks? (C) No anxiety or panic attacks.  (V) I think if somebody is getting hauled out consistently for most of their life they’re going to be pretty jumpy about everything. (L) Loud noises. (C) Oh yeah, like every loud noise, everything freaks me out, makes me jump, it’s like abnormal reaction to loud noises and…  (V) Do you remember what was being done to you while you were on the table? (C)  Well, I slipped into the memory when I least expected it.  You know, once I realized what was happening, that I am looking at a gray, I just kind of freaked out and got really scared and I snapped myself out of it.  So I had no idea what was being done.  But I know that I felt completely under control, like calm, like I wasn’t scared on the table, like he was making me not be scared; like he was controlling me.  But in seeing that, being numb, I got scared and pulled out of it.  I’m just wondering if that actually happened, if I really was abducted by real grays, or mind control was going on.
A: How about real abductions, but not necessarily by “grays.”  They are very popular screens.
Q: (V) Okay, if not grays then who?
A: Ask her brother!
Q: (C) Okay, well he’s claiming that he’s being abducted by the government agents.  So if that’s who he thinks is abducting him, does that mean that's who’s abducting me? (L) Either that or he’s saying that it’s happening to him, while the one who is really being abducted is you, and he’s saying it because he is part of the screen.  Projecting, reflecting.  Talk about diversion. (C) What are they saying?  (A) Maybe he’s being used to divert attention.  To access you…one way or another.  (A) So I understand it’s probably some kind secret government activity that she is involved in, right? (L) Seems to be so.  (J) Is there a criteria for what they project?  Is there a certain reason why they pick certain screens?  Some people have experiences with reptoids and others have experiences with mantid beings and other different types of aliens.  Is there a particular reason why they choose such a screen?  Is it to play on a person’s emotions or a person’s perspective, or is it simply the way the person’s mind deals with… 
A: Reptoids and mantids are not screens.
Q: (J) So those are real beings who are doing that?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Real 4th density STS.  (L) But this matter about these grays: I mean, I had the thought and shot up out of bed.  I got up out of bed in the middle of the night because I started thinking about it, and thinking about it, and thinking about it.  I had read Dolan and I had read about these programs and then I read this thing about them being able to just send out the whole mind programming thing into a "shaped neutral cavity created between the ozone layer and the earth, and I started to think why is that nearly everybody in America gets abducted by grays?  And why is it that everybody else - all of the rest of the world - experiences different kinds of creatures?  What is it and why is it there so much of it going on here as opposed to what's going on in the rest of the world?  And I remember asking the C’s about it once and they said because America is the capital of STS, but that did not in any way confirm that all of these abductions were actually taking place.  However, putting the fact that there is this almost unbelievable number of gray alien abductions in the US together with the US being the capital of STS, together with the little leaks about their mind control research, well, I just asked "what is really going on here? 

Well, when we look at the phenomenon chronicled by Dolan, what we see is that the government IS, most definitely and crucially, interested in UFOs and aliens.  We also see the truly Machiavellian way they have sought to not only cover it up, but to actually pretend that it does NOT even exist!  They have pushed this "there is nothing to it" idea to such an extreme, that people afraid of talking about it for fear of being thought nuts.  Well, what if that is on purpose?  That way, if anybody has a REAL abduction, and there is REAL evidence, or something really awful happens, they can easily attribute it to lunacy. 

BUT, what if they ARE really concerned about some awful things going on?  What if they really need to conceal things?  It's not enough to just deny it or pretend things are all in people's minds, because obviously that is not true.  So, what would Machiavelli do? 

Well, first of all, he would build up a straw man to knock down.  He would create aliens that are complete and total distractions from what is real.  So, as it happens, at about the time we now know that this mind control research was at a stage where it would be possible, suddenly, one day, Whitley Strieber gets a best seller writing about aliens. And we now know that the TRUTH about aliens is something that the government has actually killed people to cover up.  That can't be proved absolutely, but it is strongly circumstantial. 

So the next logical question is this: if - as we now know - the secret government is really working on concealing this problem from society, do we -for a minute - think that Whitley would be able to publish a book that reveals the truth?  And that it would be a best seller?  Not one book either, but two on this subject, with the picture right on the cover?

Well, I read about people who said when they saw this picture that they felt sick, or they had this or that kind of experience.  And everybody and his brother was suddenly seeing grays.  And all of a sudden as soon as - I mean there were a few cases of this exact type prior to Strieber’s book - after Strieber’s book became a best seller the abduction phenomenon went right through the roof. And that was a big platform for most of the whole New Age thing going on today.

So all of this clicked together in my head in the middle of the night. 

As a result of this, there was another very interesting thing.  If you look at that Roswell video, and you ask yourself the question: was it a hoax, and if I was going to do a hoax, how would I do it?  After all, a hoax is supposed to be 'convincing,' right?  If it was a hoax, the hoaxers would have made that alien look like your standard gray.  But the alien did not look like your standard gray.  Not only that he had six fingers on each hand and each foot.  He had almost like the body of a child.  He looked like an enlarged fetus.  So if that had been a hoaxed video or if they were going to plant this video to confirm anything about the "popular alien reality," if they faked that alien, they would’ve made it look like a gray because that was what everybody was expecting to see. 

And in fact, one of the reasons many so-called researchers - including Mike Lindemann - rejected this video, dismissing it as a hoax, was because it didn’t show a gray alien!  I mean people aren’t even able to think!  They rejected it because it didn’t look like the gray alien.  Well, that’s one of the most compelling reasons that it is very likely real; the fact that it didn’t look like a gray.  And of course everybody is so convinced that they must look like these little four fingered bugged-eyed half insect creatures that Whitley Strieber has promoted so that when the real thing is right there in front of them, they reject it because it doesn’t look like Whitley’s grays. 

(J) It may have been almost like a test to see how well the project was going because what is the reason for releasing the autopsy video, except to make sure that everyone’s conditioned toward the contemporary gray which seems to change with time. 

(L) Okay, so where were we, ah yes, Whitley’s ubiquitous grays.  There really are some grays, but they may not look like Whitley’s gray…are there grays that look exactly like Whitley’s grays, real ones?
A: He missed the mark.

Q: (V) What I saw in that abduction that I remembered were not like exactly like Whitley's grays.  What were those little guys?
A: The real thing.
Q: (V) Okay, are they based on the moon?
A: Most are based on Earth.
Q: (L) Now organic portals. (A) I want to ask what is this pain, this here, which is really bugging me.  I’ve had it a few days.  I woke up in the night with a sharp pain here, very localized, and it comes back once in a while. (B) Is it swelling? (A) I don’t think so. (L) Why? (B) Because I’ve got what appears to be arthritis in that joint. (L) Does it have a sharp pain that goes with it? (A) Yes. So it might be that.
A: Neck stiffness pinching nerve.
Q:  (L) Okay, now we have a couple of questions we want to get to here.  You said before that OP’s were originally intended as a bridge between second and third densities and that they were used.  Is Mouravieff right about the potential for OP’s to advance being dependent upon souled beings advancement to STO at the end of this cycle?
A: Not exactly.  A soul imprint can grow independent of the cycle.  However, it is more likely for a soul to “grow” when interacting with 4th Density STO.  STS tends to drain energy for its own use.
Q: (L) The question came up about the remark as to the numbers of OPs and you said something about encountering half as many OP’s as souled humans.  It was pointed out that, in mathematical terms, that would work out to encountering or interacting with more souled humans than OPs.  So, you said the population was evenly distributed, when you say the population was evenly distributed does that mean that there are half organic portals and half souled humans, more or less?
A: Yes
Q: (L) So when you say encountering 'half as many,' what does that mean?
A: It means that “souls” run in families for the most part.  Thus a souled, and we mean “potentially fully souled, individual is likely to encounter and interact more with other souled humans.  However, when awakening, they may encounter even more OP’s.
Q: (L) So they tend to run in families so they can have aberrations.  Or a family that’s mostly OP’s could have an occasional souled human, which they don’t know what to do with.  And, in the same way, a family of mostly souled people could have an occasional OP, or a line of them that pops up in the family every now and then.  But for the most part, people with souls marry people with souls unless there is some danger of them awakening in which case there’s special situation where they insert OP’s into their lives.  But I would say that in a general sense what they’re saying, and y’all can correct me if I’m wrong here, is that, what, water seeks its own level, so to speak.
A: More or less.
Q: (L) So in other words, the people who noticed that remark were right, and the way I took it was wrong.  Okay, another question, are there other types of soulless beings more than those reanimated or remolecularized dead dudes and OP’s?  Is there such things as holographic projection beings running around on the planet at this point and time?  
A: In a sense, you are all “holographic” projections.  But to answer the question, it is rare.
Q: (L) So, there are holographic projection type beings or there can be, but there’s not too many of them.  Alright, on to the next question.  Are there any particular clues that we could have about identifying OP’s?
A: Is it necessary to have more clues?  Remember some things are to be learned.
Q:  (C) I think they’re saying to start paying attention, making mental notes and figuring it out for yourself. (J) Didn’t they say that generally OP’s don’t get abducted? (L) Well, we’ve certainly been given a lot of clues over the years, we just weren't ready and didn’t know what they were talking about.  (C) I think it’s probably better, from what they’re saying, if we just all figure it out from experience.  You learn more by just watching than if they handed it to you. (L)  Another question we had was, in areas where 3rd and 4th density are merged or merging, is it easier for Men in Black to project themselves into such a reality.
A: Of course.
Q:  (J)  They once said something about bi-density beings.  They were like hybrids between 4th density beings and a 3rd density being.  Or could such an individual be a genetically enhanced human?
A: Humans were once “bi-density.”  And some may be again in the natural way.  Those of 4D STS “manufacture” are similar.  Just think of them as a type of OP with souped up engines.
Q: (L)  My next question is: I've been being a bit mouthy on the website.  I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when I see so many lies and so much fraud, and the potential for so many people being hurt.  I know that things are going to be they way they are being, and that we will 'do what we will do,' but it just isn't in me to keep silent when I see what I see.  What are the chances that any of my activities are going to even be helpful?
A: While it may not appear to make a difference, sometimes actions accelerate growth.
Q: (C) Do they mean personal growth or everyone’s collective growth? (B) In the form of intensified lessons?  (L) Yeah (laughter).
A: Personal growth.  And it can lead to lessons, but also to a star for passing the test.
Q: (L) Okay, next. (A) Well, let’s first try to ask about this Polish guy Pajak who, in the 80’s, had a plan for what he calls magno-craft, a propulsion system for UFO’s.  Later, he improved it, and has a supporter.  But there are some strange phenomena around him recently, especially after he was contacted by a woman who is a former Miss Italy.  She received some kind of communication for plans to build telepathic pyramids…
A: Co-opted so as not to get any closer.
Q: (A) Can his machine propulsion - his magno-craft - be made to work?
A: Not as published.
Q: (A) Prime numbers.  So back to some math and some prime numbers in the sessions that we had long ago.  The idea at that time was to relate or to make a graph of prime numbers by using a pyramid.  I tried to do it without much success.  But just last week I found by chance that there’s a guy in Germany, who did without knowing about C’s.  He produced just such a graph.  Here it is (Ark shows image.)  He did it.  It is a graph of whole numbers and he assembled it in a pyramid and you see how prime numbers arrange according to certain lines.  There is a certain order which can be found.  So my question is whether what he did really is what I was supposed to do because I was trying to assemble prime numbers in a three dimensional pyramid, which doesn’t fit your description or to make a graph because three dimensional thing is not really a graph.  The question is: is this pyramid which I got from this guy what I was supposed to do?
A: Close but not there yet.
Q: (A) Can I have a hint what is lacking, a different ordering of numbers would be better?
A: Most likely.  You will just “stumble” on the method.
Q: (A) Another question related to prime numbers, you said in prime numbers you will find resonance and I was kind of surprised about that…
A: There is your clue.
Q: (A) It was supposed to be related to sound, but I have a problem with sound because sound frequency depends on the medium in which sound propagates.  The medium can be air, can be stone, can be everything; frequency spectrum will depend on the medium.  Now we are talking about pyramid and sound related to pyramid.  Was this…
A: Yes…Pyramid, Pyrenees, Pyr…
Q: (V) There must be something about the Pyr.  How does Pyr relate to prime numbers?  (A) Where is pyramid, where are they coming from, where’s the name coming from, what’s this?  Pyro, fire, no? (L) Yeah, fire.
A: Frequency of light…
Q:  (A) Sonoluminescence.  But again there is this term frequency, I have areal problem with you guys using the term frequency because frequency is number of oscillation per unit of time, but what is unit of time, a second, a minute, an hour, a year?
A: Can we say “nano?”
Q: (A) It doesn’t make sense because what’s nano?  It doesn’t explain in which unit frequency is supposed to be measured, there is no such thing like frequency if we don’t say which unit of time.  So nano suggests it should be some nano measure of frequency, or natural frequency, but I don’t know any particular frequency that is, so to say, can be served as a unit of time.  
A: How long is a grand cycle?  Think in those subunits.
Q: (L) Well a grand cycle is what, 309,000 years?  So how does that relate? (A) Essentially it defines a unit of time.  So if I say frequency is equal to 1, it means one grand cycle, if I say frequency equals 10, it means 10 oscillations per grand cycle, and so on, okay.  Okay, it’s a kind of an answer.  If anything, it makes sense.  I can do something with it.  At some point when we were talking about these prime numbers, you mentioned a name and the name was Zuber.  I asked what does it mean and you answered 'research.'  Well I was researching, of course.  I was just looking about, using google.  I was looking for Zuber and prime numbers and something like this.  And, surprise, surprise!  There were essentially, very few references, and all of them were to Matti Pitkanen.  So he has a lot of papers about prime numbers and theory of everything based on prime numbers…(L) How did Zuber get in there? (A) Zuber is one of these references because one of the references is a famous book by, which I even have, by physicist named Zuber about quantum field theory.  So my question is, is the Zuber of the book on quantum field theory and conformal theories and so on, the right Zuber?
A: What do you think?
Q: (A) I think chances are 50%, and chances are that he’s not the same.
A: 80 percent!
Q: (A) 80%, that doesn't help much!  I have this paper by Matti Pitkanen here, maybe you will reevaluate this.  The paper is called Quantum Criticality and 1 over F nosxe.  and here’s Zuber.  Let me read it, hmm…conformal invariance, yeah, it must be the same.  Okay, 90 percent. (laughter).
A: 100!
Q:  (T) I don’t know if this has been addressed before, but what are some possible causes of intermittent ear ringing? (C) I have some theories about it but I want to know if my theories are correct.
A: Monitoring as well as picking up programming signals and also some background “universe” noise.
Q: (C) The reason we ask is because I’ve noticed a pattern.  I even keep a log about it now because it’s so weird.  I personally get ear ringing when it seems like I’m talking to somebody out loud or to myself about a theory about something that has to do with matrix stuff.  (L) So you’re being monitored? (C) Right.  So any time it seems like I’m having a breakthrough thought - you know drones, the matrix, the programs, holographic inserts - all of the sudden I’ll get like an ear ringing.  Sometimes the left, sometimes the right, but I’m trying to find out what the pattern is.  So I’m keeping track of it. (T) What process is responsible for creating the actual ringing noise?
A: Partly “interpretation” by neural processes that, at some level, recognize the potential and issue symptomatic warning.        
Q: (C to T) Remember the one with Ryan, I said it was a warning one.  It was the loudest ear ring I’ve ever had.  It burned my ear.  (L) So, in other words, seems that the C's are suggesting that your spiritual perception, psychic perception, is picking stuff up, transferring it in a subliminal way to your mind, and then your neural processes are trying to translate it and give you a warning.  Is that what you were thinking?  (C) I think so.  I was wondering constantly about the idea, the concept of fake humans, holographic inserts, drones, organic portals, what ever you want to call it, and just what happened was weeee (a sound like ear ringing) and just really loud in my right ear.  (L) So in a sense it’s like your early warning system. (C) Ummhmm. (V) You know I don’t even have to be talking to somebody, I can just be thinking about something and it’ll just zheeee (a sound like ear ringing). (C)  The other night is was lying in bed thinking about what you said about drones…(L) I wonder if OP’s have ringing in their ears?
A: Ask one.
Q: (Laughter) (A) No, first of all there is also ear ringing which comes from physiological causes.  (L) Yeah, tinnitus.  So of course they could have physiological ringing in the ear.  (C) It happens only when I’m thinking specifically about these kinds of matters.  (T) Does the frequency of sound have any significance? (C) Yeah, ‘cause sometimes they're waahs, they're soft, there’s different tones you know, sometimes it’s in the right ear, sometimes the left ear.
A: Observe and you may learn your own internal “code.”
Q: (C) That’s what I thought, it’s like a code. (A) I think it’s like when people can use, what is it, a finger code, you can somehow train, bypass conscious interference that way.  (L) Yeah, that’s what it is, it’s bypassing your conscious damping.  We all tend to just think our ways out of things. (A) But the interesting question is can one somehow disturb this monitoring?  Is it something physical that can…
A: Sure, the issue is to cover the many frequencies and shifts.  White noise makers deal with some but not all!
Q: (A) I was wondering if a shot of whiskey beat it.  Like, you know, when I had this experiences in Göttingen and the advice was…(L) A shot of whiskey! So you want your shot of whiskey now? (laughter)  (A) Sure, to prevent being monitored!
A: In some cases a shift in chemistry also means a shift in susceptibility, but not a cessation of the activity.
Q: (L) So it ain’t gonna stop it, though you might reduce - temporarily - your susceptibility. (V) Well, a slug of whiskey?  Wouldn’t that be just a little too easy? (A) You know we are in a non-linear world so to become even a little less susceptible can mean a lot. (V) Right.  (B) Is that justification? (laughter)  (L) We've got some Southern Comfort.  Next? (V) Just so I can get it out of the way because I’ve been wondering for  months and months: I would like to get some information about the symbol that came to me one day in meditation, the ankh with the infinity sign vibrating in and out of the bulb.  Where did the symbol come from?
A: Your consciousness.
[personal question by guest deleted.]
Q: (L) Next?  (V) Did we ask if if 4th density drains energy from OP’s?
A: We have indicated that 4D STS drains through OP’s.
Q: (A) I want really to know what kind of mechanism is behind this 911 number coming up in the NY lottery. (V) Yeah, me too, and it wasn’t only that it was something with the…
A: Warning.  It ain’t over!!!
Q: (A) Who was warning?
A: Mass consciousness signals to self about clear and present danger.
Q: (A) Makes sense. (C) That we created it our own selves? (L)  No, that mass consciousness is sending itself a signalt about a clear and present danger…clear and present danger of what?
A: Wait and see.
Q: Might it have something to do with Iraq?
A: No cheating.
Q: (V) Okay.  I’m a little curious, and I don’t know if it’s been asked before or not, what is China’s role in regards to Iraq, is there any…
A: Big question mark, eh?
Q: (V) Well, it just keeps popping into my mind, and popping into my mind, China, China, China, China.  They’re so quiet at this time right now, I don’t hear them saying anything…
A: Indeed…
Q: (V) Are they supplying them with the chemical and biological weapons?
A: And…
Q: (V) Nuclear weapons?
A: ?
Q: (V) You can’t, you can’t say that?
A: Nope.
Q: (A) In fact there is an answer.  The answer is yes.  I mean if you were China and you had nuclear weapons and you needed a LOT of money, what would you do?  (L) And there is somebody who needs what you have, and there is all that oil and all that money, are you kidding?  Saddam wouldn't be being as cocky as he is if he didn't have a really big boom-boom lined up.  And it's aimed at us, I can guarantee. (V) Now does our government and their so called intelligence know that this is happening? (A) Of course! (V) Okay. (L) Sure. (V) Are they in cahoots with them? (L) Sure. (A) On a certain level everybody’s selling everything. (L) At those levels above they are because their objective is to decimate the Earth’s population. (V) Is China the only one feeding Iraq weapons? (L) Why should they be?  The US is feeding them weapons. I mean it’s so dirty it’s inconceivable. They're all in bed together.  (V) Is Laura right, the world leaders, the 10 % that want to get rid of…
A: That is the plan.
Q: (A) But you must remember, if one country is selling weapons to the other country, that doesn’t mean it’s weapons are going to work.  Selling is one thing, using is different thing.  Once in a while they will fail. (V) What a mucky game, huh? (L) Oh it’s awful.
A: On that pleasa
nt thought, goodbye.

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