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Graphic Photos of What the U.S. Terrorist Regime has wrought

The Signs of the Times still regularly receives emails exhorting our emphasis on "negativity", and reprimanding us that we do not focus on the light. We have discussed this in an open manner on the site (See In Sync 1, In Sync 2, Dear Readers, Shocks and Signs of the Times), but it seems that our discussions have merely incited more declarations that we are missing the point.

Some have written that people are waking up to the Bush Reich and there is even an awakening to the light and spirituality. Interesting response, since most of the internet spreads this propaganda, and they cannot tolerate even our little spot of cyberspace.

We wonder if these same people would respond in this manner if these photos were of their children, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. These people must not have family sweating, dying and killing in Iraq like sitting ducks after Bush has incited the Iraqis to violence with his psychopathic, blood lust cry of "Bring 'em On!"

This is still troubling, because we wonder where is the empathy. Perhaps the Bush Reich has such a firm grip in the propaganda saturated spin-land that it has managed to suppress natural reactions to others pain. Just where is America's soul?






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