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Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« on: November 07, 2010, 06:47:50 AM »
I have been seeing these twinkling lights in my peripheral vision for over three years now. It comes and goes. It's mostly in the evening when I'm lying in bed, but it has also happened during the day. The lights are mostly white, but I see blue ones sometimes too. Has anyone else experienced this? What is it?

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Re: Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2010, 06:05:03 AM »
I had read a session that talked a bit about something similar to this.  It had to do with neurons, I believe, going off in the brain that can cause you to see lights and things of that nature.  I can't remember the exacts of it.  I spent some time looking for it but cant find it.  If someone else knows which session that was in...
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Re: Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2010, 10:16:13 AM »
Hello I think I could help out:

Quote from: Transcript 96 26 06
A: Oh yes! Q: (L) Is the Earth one of those areas that is more imbalanced than balanced at the present time?
A: Yes, but rapidly moving back toward balance.
Q: (L) Is the Realm Border part of this balancing?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) A few weeks ago several of us began to suffer from internal heat, insomnia, and other things. What was this?
A: Image. Deep conjunction of fibrous linkage in DNA structure.
Q: (V) Well, I want to know if it is in my mind that I get so hot, or does my body temperature actually elevate?
A: Only on 4th.
Q: (V) I don't understand.
A: Bleed through, get used to those!
Q: (L) Does this mean we are actually experiencing a bleed through of 4th density?
A: Image.
Q: (V) Are the little flashes of light I see also a manifestation of this?
A: Maybe so, but try to concentrate on the ethereal significance, rather than the physical.
Q: (L) When you say "deep conjunction of fibrous linkage," does this mean that we are conjoining with a linkage to a 4th density body that is growing, developing?
A: Slowly, but surely. Now, get ready for a message: We have told you before that the upcoming "changes" relate to the spiritual and awareness factors rather than the much publicized physical. Symbolism is always a necessary tool in teaching. But, the trick is to read the hidden lessons represented by the symbology, not to get hung up on the literal meanings of the symbols!
Q: (L) You say that the symbology has to do with hidden meanings. The symbology that you used was "image" and "deep fibrous linkage" of DNA. Now, is that a physical, symbolic image? A: Yes. Q: (L) What is your definition of "image?" We have many.
A: Learning is fun, Laura, as you have repeatedly found!
Q: (L) Well, I am so hot now that I really want to know! And, how come I am always the one who gets assigned the job of figuring everything out?
A: Because you have asked for the "power" to figure out the most important issues in all of reality. And, we have been assisting you in your empowerment.
Q: (L) Image. DNA linkage. (V) "Power" was in quotes. A: Leave that alone for now, you will know soon enough.
Q: (V) Is this 4th density body something that already exists so that we could communicate with it?
A: Habeas Corpus? Q: (V) Well, they just said... (L) Well, what they must mean is that you ARE it - you are transforming little by little and all of the
unpleasant little side-effects are just part of it. A: Yes. Q: (V) Righteous! (L) TR showed me a couple of acupuncture points that seem to induce an altered state. Is this, as he says, a way to open the door to the subconscious? A: Stimulates endorphins.
Q: (L) Is there any point on the body that CAN be used to assist in opening the gate to the subconscious?
A: No such assistance is needed. First, we would like to suggest that you seek a "spin" doctor for your quest!!
Q: (L) Would a "spin" doctor be a Sufi master?
A: One example. Q: (L) Yes. We are supposed to do several things involved with spinning.
A: Hilliard. Leedskallen. Coral Castle.
Q: (L) Well, they are really pushing on this gravity thing. Can I ask a question on another subject?
A: You
Q: (L) time?
A: No.
Q: (L) A: 4,5,6,7.
Q: (L) But I thought that time perception was an illusion?
A: YOUR perception of it is an illusion. Remember the example of the dogs and cats riding in a car?
Q: (L) Yes. Ouspensky and the horse. So, time, as an essential thing, DOES exist?
A: But not as you know it. When we refer to "timelessness," we are speaking from the standpoint of your familiarity only.
Q: (L) Does time then exist, and does space have a limit? can ask about the Easter Bunny, if you wish. Is 3rd density awareness the only density with perception of
Well, what others?
A: You are getting clouding the image
Q: (L) Okay, let's be done?
confused because your inborn linear perception is your efforts are trying to produce. go back to the "balancing" of Earth. How can this


see also here where this session is for the first time quoted:
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Re: Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2010, 12:22:07 PM »

I've been seeing similar lights occasionally for some time now, like a few years, maybe 10 or so.

The first time was when I was cleaning a white computer case in my garden under the bright sun, scrubbing it while leaving my eyes "do what they wanted". I noticed some tiny lights moving around like they would be some sort of insect-like, flies maybe, flying seemingly randomly. But as soon as I would try to focus my sight they would disappear immediately.
I was able to see them other times as well when I was tyring so "see the etheric body" as described on a website I found, the technique used was "let your eyes look into the far away distance and try to focus your attention on the space beetween your index and thumb" (which worked fine for me), and when I did this, sometimes this moving lights would appear as well.
And lastly I see them when I sneeze hard, or cough hard enough to get a little dizzy.

I found that it when happened to me, there was two "factors" into play: the unfocused look and a greater or lesser "drifting" of my mind (for lack of a better describing term).
For the "what is it" part of the matter, I don't know but I theorized (without actually searching for an answer anywhere) that if it was not some kind of weird thing going into my brain for whatever reason, it could be some sort of "needle-point-like sized living being made of "light" unknown to me". I thought that because of the movement they seem to have, somehow random but somehow not-so-random at the same time, like a group of flies would behave in a kitchen, I don't know if that make too much sense. My usual reaction is to "say hello" to them, in a childish way, like I would be a 5 years old seeing fairies flying around and being amused by it.

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Re: Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2010, 03:21:48 PM »
So, the lights could be 4th density bleedthrough, but then what could the ethereal significance be. I would have thought 4th density bleedthrough would be the ethereal significance. Did the C's ever talk again about "image", or did anyone ever discover what that meant?

P.S. as I was reading the replies I saw the same light on the computer screen. So, it's not just in my peripheral vision after all.

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Re: Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2010, 05:37:29 PM »
I get them a lot when reading on the screen. It seems that the screen makes them easy to spot.

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Re: Twinkling lights in peripheral vision
« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2010, 01:31:15 PM »
Hi everyone.

I've been thinking about this since yesterday and I cam up with a few ideas.

I remembered another way this small lights phenomenon occurs to me (in fact it's this way it's the strongest, I wonder why I didn't remember it yesterday). When I get sick and my body won't keep up it's latest meal, or even want to get rid of an non-existant one, I get so constricted in the process that I often get on the point of having strong vertigo, my mind still being operational but my body not keeping up well. On those occasions I can see those lights really clearly.

Regarding the 4Th density bleedtrough and ethereal significance, this made me think about it in that way: I don't know how "ethereal body" relates in the density system but if ethereal body is factual, it may be also related to the glowing coat of awareness described here:

Castaneda further explains that infants are born with a glowing coat of awareness and that this is what the predator eats, to the point where only a narrow fringe is left. This narrow fringe is sufficient to keep man alive. This narrow fringe is man's self-reflection, where man is irremediably caught.
in the glossary.

This "ethereal body" I am seeing is indeed a narrow layer of some blueish thing that I would describe as the last remaining flame one can see when a flame on a candle or a piece of wood is dying and mostly gone. If this is indeed what remains of the "coat of awareness" and it's what the predator feeds on, I suppose it would be located at the 4Th density level. I must add that I can see that blueish thing on about anything if I proceed the same way I do when I see it on my own body. It could be a sign that it's an optical illusion, but it could also be a sign that everything has an "ethereal body", or a 4Th density image or extension to it. I don't know.

All of this leads me here: if the two phenomenons are related, they may be a 4Th density bleedtrough we are able to see more easily those days.

Regarding the screen making them easy to spot, I thought about something the C's said regarding strobe lights being a psychic opener, it was followed by a list of strobe light we could find around in our environment, one of them being TV and computer screens. I believe at that time we were still using old style computer and TV screens, but modern flat screen could also be strobe lights, although I am not sure. If I am correct, the strobe effect of the screen would open the mind and make them easier to spot.

Now for the word "Image", it's the first word that came to my mind when I said "it could also be a sign that everything has an "ethereal body", or a 4Th density image or extension to it" but instead I wrote "extension", and came back to it and added "image" a few seconds later. Maybe it could be related to the 4Th density "image" of our bodies linking to our 3rd density bodies as Laura suggests in the transcript quoted by Legolas, or the other way around, 3rd to 4Th density, or both at the same time.

Something else also came to my mind. I like to play around with words and I noticed that "Image" could naturally break down in my mind as "I" and "mage", Mage is the french word for Magus, or that's what the translation from google is. For me the "Mage" is the STO pendant of the STS sorcerer, one who knows the hidden rules of the Universe and uses them for greater good when nothing else is available. My typical related character would be Gandalf for example. I don't know if I am going completely insane here, but I remember reading Laura speaking about Green Language, so it may be worth being mentioned anyway. Added to it the "deep fibrous DNA linkage" that would allow one to become such a "Mage". OK, now I feel completely crazy  :scared: Playing with words seems to have dangerous side effects on me  :lol:

Anyway, the seeing of this small lights seem related to me with the fact that the mind can come be less grounded into the body, or something along those lines.

For what it's worth.