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Mother of all gushers - BP Oil Disaster in Gulf of Mexico

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Christiane Tourtet B.A.
July 08, 2010
Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator for the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens Initiative) in Tallahassee, FL, has issued a very significant press release, in regard to the tragic violation of the public trust and social contract, and the historic failure of Government and Industry concerning the never ending BP Gulf Oil Gusher. I am urging everyone to read very carefully his remarkable press release.


The BP Gulf Oil Gusher Represents:

An Historic Failure of Government And Industry

A Tragic Violation Of The Public Trust And Social Contract

For all of us who live on and near the Gulf Coast of Mexico, we exist in a state that alternates between exasperation and incredulity, between anger and grief, between shock and awe at what this oil spill has come to represent. Where do we start? How do we begin to express our collective disillusionment with so many instances of betrayal and letdown? As well as the relentless falling short of what used to be considered reasonable expectations of government and corporate social responsibility.

Is it unreasonable to expect our governments – federal, state, county – to ensure that industry (Oil & Gas in this case) complies with the laws of our land. Should we be concerned that basic regulatory oversight, put into place to protect people, property and environment, were completely ignored, suspended and not enforced? Do we accept that such disasters occur through a highly unlikely series of human errors, bureaucratic mistakes, equipment malfunctions and technological breakdowns? How can everything go wrong, at the worst possible time, in the perfectly wrong place, unless … … …

The BP Gulf Oil Spill was created by man; it was not an act of God as some would have us believe. It was an utterly manmade event; not an accident or conspiracy of circumstances where fate would have everything accidentally go wrong that could go possibly go wrong. Not only have these disasters happened many times before; they will happen many more times in the future, if the status quo does not change quickly. When the prevailing mentality (Drill Baby Drill), which so dominates certain sectors of the Energy Industry, is defined by an Operate to Failure MO, what else could be expected?

Here we are on Thursday, July 8, day # 79 of this nonstop oil gusher and what has occurred to instill confidence in the hearts and minds of the people regarding an enduring solution? Let´s put aside the gushing well, as it is clear that BP and the Coast Guard are completely out of their league on that one. We´re now talking about a coordinated, deliberate and well thought out response to the polluted waters and tainted coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. What have the US Government and BP really endeavored to do in order to protect coastlines, embargo estuaries and pluck the still living marine life from the depths of this petrochemical cesspool. Have they at least released pertinent and vital information on a timely basis, which can assist many of us in our mitigation efforts?

These are our beaches, after all. We live here. We play here. We work here. For many, the Gulf is like a second back yard – a place where we go for fresh seafood and fun in the sun, on the beach and in the water. For boating and fishing, swimming and snorkeling. We go to the Gulf when we seek the peace and comfort that only the Gulf and Her beautiful beaches and wetlands can bring. And now that is all gone, with no prospect of returning in our lifetime. Truly, many are silently weeping in the privacy of their homes due to the sheer enormity and gravity of this heart-rending event.

So, where are we today? Or, where will we be tomorrow with this completely unacceptable state of affairs? More importantly, where will the BP-US Government tag team be on day # 80. Will BP still spray poisonous dispersants in and on the Gulf? Is the Coast Guard now spraying toxic dispersants from their own planes, as we have been told? Has BP relinquished any control over what is essentially a federal disaster area, as well as a crime scene – theirs. Given these facts, any official response should be legally and operationally directed by the US Federal Government?

As Dr. Thomas B. Manton, former CEO/President of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation, has wisely pointed out in his articles – British Petroleum is an oil company that makes its money drilling for and extracting oil. They are positively not in the oil spill control business, as their history clearly demonstrates. And yet the US Federal Government has given BP complete command and control over the Gulf of Mexico. For all practical purposes, a foreign multi-national corporation is enforcing Martial Law in US Territorial Waters. BP, the largest corporation in the UK, is to this day the chief component of a unified command structure from which all concerned US jurisdictions are taking orders.

Please know that British Petroleum has hired on a security staff and small paid-for-hire mercenary army that would make most small nations jealous. They allocate more time and resource in securing than they do in cleaning up. They spend more in marketing warm and fuzzy slogans around this PR disaster than they do mitigating and remediating the water and shoreline. They direct more personnel in the affected geographic area toward tasks that are peripheral to oil spill control than they do toward protecting the fragile Florida wetlands, Louisiana bayous or Alabama beaches.

Now we get to the real kicker here. The reader will find four proposals formulated by two different organizations (at the hyperlink below), which have a great interest in capping the gushing well and, at the very least, containing and capturing the leaking oil. Both groups have an equally strong desire to implement an integrated implementation plan to protect, mitigate and remediate all affected areas in the Gulf of Mexico. The challenge has been to get a response from anyone at BP, the Coast Guard, the concerned State governments or the impacted counties in North Florida, Alabama or Mississippi. These proposals have also been sent to the White House, specifically to the Office of Energy and Climate Change policy, as well as to the Co-Chair of the Gulf Oil Spill Commission Investigation.

As of today, Thursday, July 8, we have yet to receive a single response or acknowledgement from any of the aforementioned parties. Should we be concerned!? The consensus from those directly impacted and observers alike is that those who created this problem cannot be relied upon to fix it. Therefore, We The People are left with no alternative but to take matters into our own hands, wherever our lives and property have been put into jeopardy. We will act, and hopefully the unified command structure will follow our lead.

What would all the citizens and seasonal residents who populate the SouthEast say if they knew about this complete lack of response from the very governmental agencies which are tasked to protect them and their property. We also try to imagine what must be going on in the minds of those who staff the unified command structure, every time they receive a perfectly sound and efficacious proposal to get this job done right and expeditiously. In this same regard, we ask ourselves why the offers of assistance from various foreign nations have been either turned down or outright ignored, as have those from other international entities and NGO's.

We wonder out loud about whether it is now time to establish a Regional Citizens' Initiative (NGO that effectively functions as a parallel government) to step in where government and industry have completely failed and betrayed the people.

Concerned Citizens of the Gulf Coast


Dr. Tom Termotto

National Coordinator

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens' Initiative)

(850) 671-1444

Sir Daniel Bilbruck


Bison Resource Development Group

Dr. Thomas B. Manton


International Oil Spill Control Organization

Please feel free to contact Dr.Tom Termotto, and or any of the points of contact mentioned above.

© 2010 Christiane Tourtet .


--- Quote from: Laura on July 08, 2010, 06:10:59 PM ---Actually, realizing that there really is no plan of the psychopaths, though there may be short term alliances, and that what they do just sort of happens as a result of their natures, is both comforting AND horrifying.   
--- End quote ---
     from this thread-

     I have been going carefully through Political Ponerology for the second time, and have been impressed by the fact that Lobaczewski actually makes this very point.  And we have no better example than what is currently unfolding in the Gulf, though I wonder if even Lobaczewski would be shocked at the scale of it.  Speaking about the phenomenon of pathocracy, which he defines as "a system of government wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people", he says:

--- Quote ---     Under such conditions, no area of social life can develop normally, whether in economics, culture, science, technology,
administration, etc. Pathocracy progressively paralyzes everything. Normal people must develop a level of patience beyond
the ken of anyone living in a normal man’s system just in order to explain what to do and how to do it to some obtuse medioc-
rity of a psychological deviant who has been placed in charge of some project that he cannot even understand, much less
manage. This special kind of pedagogy – instructing deviants while avoiding their wrath - requires a great deal of time and
effort, but it would otherwise not be possible to maintain tolerable living conditions and necessary achievements in the eco-
nomic area or intellectual life of a society. Even with such efforts, pathocracy progressively intrudes everywhere and dulls everything.
--- End quote ---

An interesting read:
30 Facts Evidencing the Rothschild League of Bankers Planned the Gulf Oil Crisis

--- Quote ---30 Chilling Facts Proving We The People Are Under Attack, in an Undeclared War, With the Rothschild League of Bankers:
1) The media is grossly censoring the extent of the devastation in the Gulf. The poisons–oil and chemical dispersant (Corexit)–are destined to spread globally, but honest reporting is restricted, and independent investigators are being arrested. This censorship is a sure sign of fascism–not freedom or democracy. In this way, the media, financially directed by leading investment bankers (cited below), accomplices this global poisoning, or omnicide. (Click here for an example of more accurate reporting from the Gulf by an independent news source.)

2) The news and network “programming” is mind-controlling propaganda issued by the “partners” in the Rothschild League of Banks including Goldman-Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase and UBS that direct BP, Transocean, Halliburton, the clean-up capitalists, Corexit suppliers, even the trailers used by clean-up crews, through co-investors heavily represented in the Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), founded by David Rockefeller and chartered by the Royal Family of England. All together, these partners wield the most formidable economic power in world history.

3) Ongoing worsening environmental pollution has been a primary objective of these Rothschild League financiers since at least the 1960s, according to their leaked economic agenda. Destroying the environment, thus creating new global threats for remediation markets and emergency management is unconscionable, but very real. This has become a viable alternative to traditional warfare securing profitable population control through crisis capitalism.

4) The Gulf oil catastrophe reflects this one of three major financially-sustaining war substitutes. Currently, less urgent than environmental destruction is space-based threats (e.g., solar flares, alien menaces, and colliding asteroids). The third, and least apparent profitable war substitute is petrochemical-pharmaceutical enslavement. All three of these incentives and objectives for global governance, emergency preparedness, and profitable military and Homeland Security responses, “carries the weight of . . . considerable actual sacrifice of life.” (Quote from The Report From Iron Mountain–a scholarly, serious, non-fiction, non-satirical leaked worked claimed by Rothschild League banking cartel propagandists, including media pundits, to be a satire.)

5) The propaganda ploy used most effectively in the Gulf, and in all crises, is to blame illusory villains to create sham debates. When Obama is blamed for the oil crisis, for instance, the “accident” faults Democrats. When Halliburton is blamed, the Republicans feel faulted. This divisive diversion suckers masses of idiots, discredits the media’s intelligence, and shames people who still claim we have a “free” and “responsible” press.

6) The Deepwater Horizon (Mississippi Canyon 252) oil rig that exploded is the property of Transocean, not British Petroleum (BP); and both companies are financially directed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS investment bankers, all operating in the Rothschild League of banks.

7) Coincidentally, or demonically, the oil rig’s failed cementation job exploded on Hitler’s birthday, just in time to poison Earth Day 2010, thanks to Transocean’s contractor–the infamous Dick Cheney/George Bush officiated Halliburton Company allied with Homeland Security.

8 ) Halliburton officials admit knowing their cementation job was likely to explode just when it did, according to Congressional testimony.

9) Goldman Sachs (GS) officials, likewise, knew the rig was likely to explode when it did. They bet millions of dollars on this event only days before it happened! (Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of GS, directed 44% (4.6 million shares) of BP stock to be dumped three weeks before the explosion.

10 ) Not surprisingly, Transocean was merged into its current corporate state by Goldman-Sachs (a.k.a., “Government Sachs”) in 2007.

11) David Sidwell, Risk Committee Chairman of UBS, the wealthiest Swiss bank (in the Rothschild League or alliance of so-called “competing” banks) and the world’s largest wealth manager, also dumped BP stocks massively (i.e., 99% of the banks holdings, or 2.1 million shares,) as did Wachovia/Wells Fargo.

12) BP Oil CEO Tony Hayward sold 1/3 of his BP stock (223,288 shares) on March 17–a month before the explosion.

13) Just prior to 9/11, you may recall, Goldman Sachs did the same with airline stocks; and before the Gulf catastrophe, GS shorted mortgage company stocks, fueling the real estate collapse in America.

New Shocking Facts:

14) The Management Boards of the Eurex Stock Exchanges and the Executive Board of Germany’s Eurex Clearing AG decided, on April 14, 2010, to introduce an equity option on shares of Transocean Ltd, effective on the day of the explosion, April 20, 2010. This gave inside traders a full day to dump their “uninsured” stock in Transocean at the highest price possible (before the rest of Wall Street responded to the explosion). Then the crisis capitalists were able to reinvest their funds securing the higher price value.

These officials published zero reason for Transocean’s new equity option program that encouraged banking criminals to use “protective puts” to make millions.

In other words, by paying a relatively small premium (compared to the soon-to-be plunging market value of Transocean stock), the Rothschild Leaguers knew no matter how far the stock dropped, it could be sold at the original “strike price” (also called the “put option”) anytime before April 20, 2012.

This additionally evidences premeditated murder, and the financial motives of the Swiss/German banking chiefs influencing Europe’s most active stock exchanges. These inside traitors and industrial sabateurs, financially controlling Transocean, Halliburton, and BP, committed the gravest environmental crime of all time, with obvious plans to profit from the mass murdering of people and destruction of the Gulf.
15) This was how money was made from the obvious sabotage. After UBS sold its 2.1 million shares of BP, prior to the explosion, the “put option” policy on BP stock was similarly exercised when UBS bought back 8.6 million BP shares by June 7.

16) Transocean Vice President of Marketing, Terry Bonno, met UBS officials on May 27, 2010, according to a heavily censored Thompson Reuter’s report and transcript. (CLICK HERE to read it.) The “Ultra-Deepwater market will start to pick up longer-term,” Bonno encouraged banking officials.

17) So within weeks of the explosion the Rothschild League of investment bankers were yelling “Buy! Buy! Buy! BP stock,” stating the costs for clean-up were miniscule compared to what their investments and company profits would earn.

18) This quote detailed the BP-banking-stock-jocks’ plot: “Buying shares today while writing $55 calls and “puts” for the January 2012 expiration allows for an outstanding cash-on-cash return if BP merely bounces back by 14% over the next 21 months. In a best case you’ll net 98% total returns on the actual cash outlay (assuming you write the puts against paid-up marginable equity already held in your margin-type account).”

(Editor’s Note: Can you imagine the psychopathology, blind ignorance, and murderous greed of investing, or reinvesting, in these companies that are killing us and our planet?)

19) Much like the instantly manufactured equity investment option created for Transocean right before the explosion, BP’s stock insurance plan secured the ongoing devastation in the Gulf with this financial promise: “In a worst case scenario you’ll end up with twice the number of BP ADRs at an average cost of $42.64 or less,” stock gurus promoted. “That’s lower than the annual lows for BP during the entire period 2004 right through 2007.”

Proud Profiteers in Media Magic

The wizards of oil, pulling the strings behind the media’s propaganda, are best exemplified by Goldman Sachs’s CEO, Lloyd Blankfein. Lloyd merged, and still largely controls, ABC/Disney and Miramax. Blankfein’s partner, co-chairing the PFNYC, is Rupert Murdoch, controlling FOX News, Time-Warner, Associated Press, News Corp and much more. Another partner in this David Rockefeller-founded PFNYC cabal is Thompson Reuters chairman, Thomas Glocer. The PFNYC was responsible for financial reconciliations from 9-11, and “veering” World Trade Center reconstruction money from New York to Las Vegas through Apollo Management’s MGM  private equity investments. (Apollo co-owns Nalco/Corexit with Goldman Sachs.) The PFNYC was chartered by Britain’s Royal family, bringing NBC/Comcast into their stead, as well as the General Electric company. Last but not least, CBS owner, Sumner Murray Rothstein (Redstone), joined the clique through his CBS-Viacom stable of companies.

20) The Halliburton cementation job’s sabotage, and resulting oil hemorrhage in the Gulf, served perfectly, synchronously and financially, to “veer” media attention away from Lloyd Blankfein’s/ Goldman-Sachs’s shorting of the American housing market, accelerating the planned economic collapse of the USA for the forthcoming New World Order’s “New Deal.”
21) And just when we thought the Government Sachs connection to the Gulf oil rigging could not get any deeper, we learn that GS holds controlling interests (with Apollo Management) in the Nalco Company which produces the hideously deadly oil dispersant named Corexit!

22) The Rothschild Leaguers “ruled out all [Corexit] competitors even those that have shown to be far less toxic and, in some cases, nearly twice as effective,” reported Paul Quinlan in the New York Times. The reason being . . .

23) Nalco formed from a joint venture with the David Rockefeller-controlled Exxon Chemical Co. in 1994. Then, . . .

24) In 2003, The Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L.P., and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, bought Ondeo Nalco for $4.3 billon dollars.  All three companies are partnered in the Rockefeller-founded, Royal Family-chartered PFNYC.

25) Ironically, according to Nalco’s website, the company is portrayed as a water, energy, and air conservation corporation. They claim to be the world’s leading water treatment company. Their poisonous dispersant, Corexit, is not their main business. It is a “first aid product that they’ve always had and they’ve never really used.”

26) Corexit was found poisoning clean-up workers, causing kidney and liver disorders, following its debut in the 1989 Exxon-Valdez disaster. Nalco blamed these problems on 2-butoxyethanol, now claimed to have been removed.

And that’s not all. . . .

27) The George Bush/Dick Cheney 9/11-linked Halliburton Company purchased the world’s largest oil-spill cleanup entity, Boots & Coots, three weeks before the “natural gas leak.” This was synchrounous with the bankers beginning to unload BP and Transocean stocks, and securing equity options to insure their investments. Other major shareholders in Nalco/Corexit include billionaire Warren Buffett and his conglomerate holding company, Berkshire Hathaway; Maurice Strong, Al Gore, George Soros.

28) Historically, Homeland Security has contracted with Halliburton to provide detention camps for political dissidents and displaced populations, through KBR, whose financial underwriters feature the aforementioned war-makers: Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC; Goldman, Sachs & Co.; UBS Securities LLC; Citigroup Global Markets Inc.; and Wachovia Capital Markets, LLC–the precise financial institutions shorting BP and Transocean stocks as detailed above.  Furthermore, . . .

29) Homeland Security’s choice of accommodations for Gulf oil clean-up crews are the same toxic trailers banned from use during Hurricane Katrina.

30) Homeland Security medical officials are also now implicated in fraudulently promoting (through Alex Jones) a “decoy product” for infectious disease markets called Silver Sol for profit and probably depopulation as well. (CLICK HERE for the shocking story.)
--- End quote ---

Recent Aerial view of the Gulf, By Sea Shepherd:

Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero. ***Exclusive footage

AL Today:
The C's have said that high technology can correct the ignorant actions of mankind. No matter how "we" hose up this BBM, it seems to be no big deal and the environment can be corrected. The point I see is the collective experiential experience of us/we on this BBM combines into a mass consciousness we cannot perceive. From what I "see" this World going to krap, all these little individual fragmented souls wandering around collect into a mass consciousness related to this Mother Earth, BBM. The Earth LIVES and we/us are part of some kinda mass consciousness. The veil may shield us from some truths so we may decide, make our choice as to what path to follow. But  I think, and I may be wrong, something "fooled" us into a situation where that I do not understand how we were "fooled". STS is a selfish situation and what was this situation where we could be "fooled"? Unless I am STS and this path was the fastest path to ultimate STS? Did I choose a fast path to a blackhole, or was I ignorant and lied to? THAT IS THE QUESTION I ASK.!.?.!.? The sleepers agree by inaction and apathy. For this world, ONE makes no difference, our collective individual fragmented consciousness combines into a mass decision. This BBM because of "us" is groaning & in pain under the stress of our screw-ups, and many do not "see" that we are a collective with this living Earth. When our individual bodies sense inflammation, white corpuscles attack the problem, kinda like a cometary bombardment wiping the slate clean. Is there  difference?  Sorry I cannot express my thoughts into words.


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