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Black Swan:
Here's a little more from Bruce:

--- Quote ---Neg type, age, experience, an intelligence account for the variations in how Negs treat humans. These factors are responsible for variations in patterns of psychic attack and how Negs will react when countermeasures are applied. Some Negs have an "animalistic" intelligence and react on "instinct," but some are highly intelligent; the more intelligent Negs are, the more dangerous they are. However, because all Negs are bound by certain limitations, some semblance of a standard pattern will always emerge, and this is their greatest weakness. It's clear that Negs do not share the same emotions as humans. Higher emotions like love and compassion are alien to them. They do not have the capacity to comprehend these. My overall impression of all Negs I have come into close contact with are that they have an insect-like intelligence and are incapable of higher emotions. All Negs I have encountered so far have been interested in humans in much the same way as most humans look upon cattle, or upon wild game and/or playthings.The bold is my emphasis.
--- End quote ---
Oh, geeze, does that sound sickeningly familiar? Here's more:

--- Quote from: Bruce ---The most powerful "weapon" I have in my anti-Neg repertoire is education. The knowledge of what can happen and how Negs work can help armor people against their effects...
--- End quote ---
There you have one of our favorite mantras, Knowledge Protects :)

--- Quote from: Bruce ---Strength of mind will not, in itself, protect you from psychic attack and Neg related problems. It's an invaluable asset, but will not alone generate immunity. However, combined with an understanding of the psychic attack and Neg problems, its defensive worth improves. No matter how strong a person is inside, if one does not recognize a problem, one cannot deal with it. This is why Negs take great pains to hide their presence. People who do not believe in, and hence do not recognize Neg activities are easy to interfere with, whereas aware people are a much more difficult proposition for Negs.

Some Negs require permission before they can significantly interfere in your life. This factor is illustrated by legends, like stories of vampires needing permision to enter homes. Once permission is give, even if obtusely or as a result of trickery, it can be difficult to revoke...
The level of permission needed, and what Negs are capable of doing after getting it, varies a great deal. In the experience in which I became possessed, which I related earlier in the book, the Neg in question did not strike me until the moment I gave it permission. I gave it mental, not verbal permission, which indicates the Neg was aware of my thoughts at that time. Therefore, I urge caution with what you think, as well as what you say aloud.
Sex and fear are the two main devices Negs use to gain access to a victim's inner sanctum during attacks. Sex and fear involve primal instinctive reactions. With sex comes physical surrender and emotional bonding; strong emotional bonds form between lovers during sexual union and are reinforced with each subsequent union. This may explain why some Negs approach humans through sex.
Fear produces the fight-or-flight reaction, which is a powerful instinct. But when fear reaches the point of terror, another deeper instinctive reaction occurs: surrender and submission. This is a plea for mercy. Victims open themselves to attackers physically and emotionally; it's a last resort in hopes of mercy. Many animals exhibit this same behavior-a dog rolls over, exposing its belly and throat as signs of submission.
Another way of describing how fear and sex are used by Negs is to say that eliciting these powerful reactions causes victims to open up their minds and drop defenses, providing a window through which Negs can penetrate.
Some Negs require permission to enter your space, so it's reasonable to suggest that at least some of them operate within guidelines. There seems to be unwritten conventions that constrain many higher-order Negs from using direct force to do or get what they want. Because of this, some Negs will obey direct orders, if commanded in the right way. Incidentally, this is the basis of ritual exorcism and banishment. Commanding Negs can give unpredictable results, but it is always worth a try.
To React or Not: When a Neg problem arises, a decision must be made. You must decide whether or not reacting is wise, and if so, what level of action is warranted. While a psychic attack can last hours or even years, the average campaign lasts about thirty days. Sometimes, if problems are mild and no direct attacks are taking place, it can be wise to do nothing but keep track of what is happening. Inaction can be fruitful, simply because action may exacerbate an otherwise mild situation.
If Neg manifestations are not severe, ....and you decide on action, it's usually best to start with passive countermeasures. Apply these and wait to see what happens before doing anything else. This will often discourage whatever is happening without causing Negs to overreact.
However, if a direct psychic attack occurs, both active and passive countermeasures should be applied immediately. This should be done as fas as possible without letting Negs know countermeasures are being used. If Negs suspect their presence is known and that countermeasures are aimed at them, problems could escalate.
It's an unwise practice to openly challenge and/or abuse Negs verbally or mentally. This could antagonize them to the point where they will retaliate instead of leaving. The idea behind countermeasures is to make life difficult for Negs. Make the home atmosphere as uncomfortable for Negs as possible, but do not antagonize them. This will encourage negs to vacate peacefully, leaving your home and family alone. As said previously, it's not wise to let Negs know that you know about them. They may stop trying to hide their presence, and their manifestations will be much less subtle. Bold emphasis mine
--- End quote ---
I realize I haven't gotten to the definitions I mentioned before, Deckard. My apologies they are not included in this post but I will get to them next time.

Black Swan:

--- Quote from: Bruce ---Psychic Influences A negative psychic influence can be defined as a negative thought, urge, or compulsion that is inconsistent with the true nature of a person. This is caused by a telepathic, hypnotic, or emotional broadcast orginating from a mind other than the mind of the person experiencing it.
A low order of psychic influence, for example, can be experienced by talking to any good salesperson. However, anyone who is passionate, selling goods or ideas, will exert some level of psychic pressure on an audience. The more skill and natural ability salespersons have, the stronger will be the psychic pressure they broadcast, and the weaker the defenses of people experiencing this pressure, the more they will be influenced by it.
Psychic influences among humans are a natural part of life...Each time a person succumbs to a psychic influence, its source gains power. The reverse applies, and each time a psychic influence is resisted its source loses power.
Psychic Attack Psychic attacks involve related but stronger influences than these and involve more energy and direct pressure. The energy involved can generate various types of paranormal phenomena; the degree of phenomena experienced is stronger if the victims are mediumistic, thereby providing a source of energy to power the phenomena.
Typically, people under attack will first experience nightmares and other such nocturnal sleep disturbances, plus anxiety attacks and symptoms of stress...Telepathic and psychic sensitivity increase during sleep, as does hypnotic suggestibility. This makes sleep the prime time for Negs to interfere with humans, to insert core images (real life traumas, bad experiences and painful unresolved issues or implanted ones), to form attachments, and to insert posthypnotic suggestions... They (people under attack) can also experience a variety of unusual ailments such as dietary intolerances, sudden illnesses and infections, stomach and bowel disorders, muscular cramps, pricking and jabbing pains (especially in the feet), depression, plus misfortune and bad luck in just about everything. Typically, the lives of people under strong psychic attacks start to fragment and come undone.
Psychic attacks always include some form of influence. Peculiar, unhealthy, or socially detrimental urges are common. Preexisting weaknesses will be exploited and magnified often to obessional levels...Direct attacks normally happen inside buildings. They are far more likely at night because Negs are always more active at night...Typically, psychic attacks will start with some kind of nocturnal interference, like obsessive looping thoughts, nightmares, waking paralysis, cold shivers, and "things that go bump in the night." The incidence of phenomena like astral lights and pings, strange noises, and unpleasant atmospheres will increase. Seeing frequent shadowy movements in one's peripheral vision is a sure sign something is wrong... Public places such as movie theatres and malls are also more likely to contain roaming Negs.
Direct attacks can be temporary affairs, especially if victims are only briefly exposed to Negs. But even short exposures can be exhausting; Negs can drain sensitives of vitality in minutes. Victims of circumstancial direct attack will often be tagged and targeted for future Neg invasion. In a way, it could be said some Negs memorize the psychic scents of new victims so they can be tracked down later.
Long Distance Attacks: Using a method similar to live remote viewing is one way Negs manage to overcome travel limitations (running water) to invade people from a distance. In this case, the Negs in question must either be highly experienced or hosted by someone with natural clairvoyant ability. However, the clairvoyant host (the human host of the attack) may not be aware they have these abilities nor that they are being used by Negs to attack others.
--- End quote ---
I hope some find these definitions and descriptions helpful. Bruce offers much advice and suggestions if one is under attack and I found his book extremely helpful. The main deterrent, however, as we have been discussing, is self-mastery. :)

thank you

this is very informative and  so  are the links ben provided

I was reading through some other thread, not sure exactly which one

If I dont have specific question I usually  follow threads chaotically ,  following one link after another
- if I am not mistaken I think it was the discussion about Barbara Bush being Alistair Crowley's daughter

In any case someone has mentioned that sexual encounters if not driven by higher emotions very often can serve as good port for psychic attacks or even spiritual attachments

In addition to this  very often I have found a  reference that our emotional attachment can  serve as a port of psychic attack

I would be interested if anyone has a better understanding of this aspect of psychic attacks?

Actually it would be interesting to discuss place of sexuality in The Work, namely how these two relate to eachother, maybe on a separate thread

I have worked with people with schizophrenia. Whether what they were experiencing were called hallucinations, for them, they were reality. There was no way to explain to joe that there was no policeman following him, which scared him to death. He saw it, I didn't. I might have been the blind one. He was labeled crazy though. We listened to all their stories with interest but without reinforcing the theme, and then our goal was to eliminate the frequency and intensity of their occurance. This was done by us through the use of creative expression. All creative arts therapies are based on the premise that creative expression is stress reducing - among various other benefits: focus, problem solving, etc- which absence/elimination of stress has shown reduction in manifestation of positive symptoms in schizophrenia (hallucinations for example).

Where I am getting at:

Whether hallucination, psychic attack, a subconscious part of the person's psyche making itself manifest, some of us (including myself) cannot distinguish and are not in a position yet to tell. I personally call these moments "going crazy", "loosing my mind" moments. I usually get under the shower and it does go away, but it's probably because I relax under running water, in the sea, etc. and when I relax, I can gather my mind and focus easier. Whatever energy running water has that wards off entities, I don't know about.  

Our mind is vast and full of all types of "monsters" itself and it can definitely drive us crazy, especially when it brings up to us things that scare us, which can have the physical paralyzing effect. Petrify is a word coming from the greek petra which means stone. Whoever saw medusa was literally petrified. And to my understanding so far, it's our internal medusas we are to battle with first, which may or may not be products of hyperdymensional influences.

But if you think that our mind has no limit and the whole of creation has no limit, just as the C's said something similar if my memory serves me well, and if you also take into account the predators mind we all posses, then perhaps our mind and the hyperdimentional influences are the same thing, because the atrophy lords influence us first and foremost through our minds. Until we get to a point where we have enough knowledge to KNOW about the nature of these things, it is probably best by practice, to learn to control our thoughts, and when events such as "seeing" or "sensing" entities occur, to just observe them, make a note of them (perhaps one day we can explain them if need be), and continue doing what we are doing and push ourselves to concentrate harder at the task at hand, like what SAO says 'closing all ports". In philokalia books, I read that the "devil" wins just by allowing the thought to enter the mind.

Just some thoughts and brainstorming while reading this tread, and thank you Deckard for bringing it up, some of these thoughts took shape while reading what everyone had to say. usually people are afraid to talk of these things because they afraid of the "crazy" label (moi!) and it greatly helps when one sees that other people think and experience things like these that we cannot even name with accuracy what they really are, where they come from.


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