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Adam Trombly
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HI.  Came across this on the net today, searched the SOTT forum and didn't find anything, so here ya go: From—

     New Energy and Project Earth Radio Show with Adam Trombly
    Excerpts from the March 17th, 2008 Show on
    Questioning War- Organizing Resistance
    with Carol Brouillet (to be continued on March 24th)

    Carol: Adam Trombly has been a pioneer with new energy. He also has been the Director of Project Earth with the Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen. He has been one of the most profound influences on scientists of his generation. He worked with Joseph Kahn to design and apply for patents for the Closed Path Homopolar Generator, which is a revolutionary design for super efficient generation of electrical power. He started Project Earth in 1983, and if you look at his bio,* I would love to quote it -

          “I ran into Adam next at the largest New Energy Technology conference ever held (even up to this point) in Hanover, Germany in 1987. Paramahamsa Tewari had brought his rather crude facsimile of the Trombly/Kahn generator. The next day, Adam gave one of those lectures with an impact that never seems to leave you.

          “Adam continued his research into new energy technologies with colleague David Farnsworth. In June 1989, in New York City, Trombly and Farnsworth physically demonstrated a small solid-state electrical transformer that measurably showed an efficiency of 54:1. Adam then walked down the street to the United Nations to give an address. From the point of view of one who witnessed this event firsthand, I can't believe the entire world didn't change as a result. One of the reasons I asked Adam if I could write this piece is because it is now ten* years later and the American people, in particular, have still not gotten the message that there is an entirely new and benign option to the current death spiral of humanity. As the result of ignoring the opportunity that was presented on that day in 1989, the world still suffers under the tyranny of fossil fuels and a global power structure which seems bent on the eradication of all species.” (*Written by Mark Schreibner in 1999 and posted at

    I think Adam has so much to offer to humanity...and if his message got out that we really could transform the planet.... Adam, you gave that magnificent, wonderful speech at the United Nations that should have changed the whole world, and it didn’t, because the American people didn’t hear you. It never seemed to go beyond those, that chamber....

    Adam: There are those who thought that talk should have changed the world, which was nineteen years ago, June of 1989, and basically, what that was about was, we had just physically demonstrated a technology that produced over fifty times more electrical power than it required. We physically demonstrated this. We hadn’t theoretically proposed it, or held up an empty beaker like Fleischman and Pons' with cold fusion. We actually physically demonstrated it.

    The talk was to an international audience, at the United Nations--obviously people from all over the world, representing all the various countries...and I said that we didn’t have to live in a politic of scarcity anymore, that we didn’t have to be subjected to a politic of scarcity anymore. Project Earth is, fundamentally, about that work. It’s about the work of relieving the people of the Earth from a politic of scarcity for the politic of shared abundance. Now, I’m not talking about communism, I’m talking about shared abundance.

    I’m talking about how different the world would be if these kind of technologies that have existed now, on the Earth for over a century, which we can tap into the Earth’s magnetic field. We can tap into what we call the zero point vacuum fluctuation background, or the quantum ether. We can tap into these abundant sources of energy that require no fuel, that require no source material, no sun, no wind, and are available wherever you happen to be in space, in the midst of infinity. So they're always already convenient.

    The problem is that even though Nikola Tesla was the first one to demonstrate the existence of these systems of energy over a century ago, and there have been many--not many really, there have been ten or so of us--that followed in those footsteps and physically and successfully demonstrated related technologies, the American public and the world public has heard precious little about them. Basically, they have been very actively marginalized. Those of us who have been fortunate enough, on the one hand, to work with these technologies and help invent and develop them have also been subjected to rather harsh treatment sometimes.

    Carol: Now weren’t you gagged by the Department of Defense? Didn’t you have a lot of your inventions literally stolen from you?

    Adam: I received a gag order in 1983 about two weeks after one of my main mentors, R. Buckminster Fuller, died. So I received a gag order saying that I couldn’t talk about or disclose any aspect of my first invention, which the government had nothing to do with financing. It wasn’t made under government contract.

    I actually honored that gag order and didn’t talk about it, and I was fortunate enough to be able to make it through a very difficult period of time, at that time, after Buckminster Fuller died. And without going into the whole story of the details of the difficulties, let’s just say I managed to emerge from it in good shape. And then in 1984 I became an R.J. Reynolds scholar, I received an R.J. Reynolds III Endowment, which basically ensured that Project Earth could go ahead.

    So I was gagged relative to my first generator, and then at the same time I was gagged, my entire laboratory was stolen.

    I never did know, we never did find out who it was that cleaned us out. It was outside of Los Angeles, and it was...the only thing that was left was the tube of working mechanical drawings for that generator, which I had hidden under a suspended ceiling, (laughter) before I left. I just had an intuition.

    That was in 1983, so that’s twenty-five years ago. And I made the wise decision that I had to go full-time into Project Earth at that point. I had been doing Project Earth for some time. I gave my first presentation in 1970 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, when I was 19 years old; that was my first Project Earth presentation. I decided in 1979 that I had to bring about the manifestation of the first technology, because my agreement with Buckminster Fuller was that I would never present a problem without presenting the solution, if it was at all possible, and that I would always provide tools.

    Recognizing that the number-one crisis confronting us all is the energy crisis, which of course is a complete fabrication on the part of the military/industrial complex, and never has existed. There really is no excuse for it, going back to the beginning of the fossil fuel economy. Nikola Tesla had already obviated the need for fossil fuels by 1904, but here we are today, over a century later, choking on the effluent of our fuel.

    In 1986 I spent an entire year working with another inventor, named Yull Brown, who conveniently called the Stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas derived from water “Brown’s Gas,” which people used to make jokes about, but the fact is that it is a remarkable discovery.

    The discovery was actually made by a German inventor named Viktor Schauberger during World War II, and he made it for the German government. And then we brought him over to the United States, the OSS brought him to the United States, and basically kept him under lock and key more or less, in the United States. And he redeveloped his implosion generator while he was in US government confinement, under house arrest, and then died.

    Of course, we never saw the benefit of that technology or anything else he invented. There’s been a whole list of technologies, seven generations plus of these technologies, that I personally co-invented and that the American public has never had the benefit of using. And there’s plenty more technologies that were invented prior to my work, and there’s other ones that are still being invented today by other inventors. Unfortunately, if they are real, then there is, generally speaking, an extreme kind of treatment.

    Carol: People who come up with these technologies... What happens to them?

    Adam: Well there’s a pattern. There’s even certain individuals that are involved in that pattern. This doesn’t just happen to be with technologies. It has to do with... I have a friend who’s an Academy Award winning producer, and he was talking to me not long ago about doing this UFO series where all the footage had to have verifiable meta-data, so that none of it could be refuted. And then he said, “By the way, do you know so-and-so from NASA?”

    And I said “Yes, I know him.”

    And he goes, “And how about so-and-so over here at Princeton?”

    And I said, “Yes.”

    “At Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research?”

    And I said, “Yes.” He went through this list of people, and every one of the people he named were people that I know are actively agents for the suppression of these technologies and this information. Unfortunately, one of the reasons why the United States government has been so not forthcoming about so-called unidentified flying objects is because they demonstrate, in their so-called physical reality, technology that basically surpasses anything the American public or the world public has generally been allowed to know about.

    They want to put this into some kind of sci-fi context, and make it like a hallucination--and we are so brainwashed.

    They’ve been so effective at this. Like the incident in 1997 where well over 100,000 people conservatively in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area--and this actually went all the way up to Prescott where the thing first started--witnessed this phenomenon that "they" finally reduced to the “Phoenix light.”

    The United States Air Force did another one of its famous cover-ups, which is very embarrassing for me, because I kind of started out in life as this CIA/US Air Force brat. It's really a very strange thing that the United States Air Force has been so directly involved in the cover-up of the reality of these technologies, because they basically demonstrate the very real--not just possibilities, but the very real--application of being able to tap into the background field, wherever you are.

    That’s basically what you can do, and so there is a very direct linkage between these craft from wherever they are from, and whether they are back-engineered United States versions of flying discs, or whether they are actually alien aircraft that you are seeing, at any given particular moment--make it either one at this point. You basically don’t want to even suggest that you’ve seen it.

    Even if 100,000 people say that they’ve seen it, and then the governor of the state of Arizona got on TV and made fun of it--with the little alien rubber-headed guy next to him--and stuff like that.

    Only ten years later a good friend of mine got him to admit that he lied on camera, and we were all really happy that she did that: to get Fife Symington to admit that he lied to the American public about what he’d actually seen.

    That gave people in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Prescott area--Tempe and all the areas where this was seen, and has been seen, on a very frequent basis--some validation. Otherwise it would have had absolutely no press. This is something which should be covered by the news media. This is not just something which happened ten years or eleven years ago. This is something that continues to happen on a very, very regular basis in that area.

    Recently in Texas you had a number of sightings, and the US Air Force came out and lied about them again and said they were just jet fighter aircraft, which is just nonsense.

    They are not just jet fighter aircraft. And the American people have an inherent right, since we actually have financed the development of these things, in terms of the ones that we have back-engineered, and we also have the right to know that the United States government has been interacting with these, let’s just say "other forms of life" for some time now. And it’s kind of like the first time I mentioned this on a national radio show was...oh, twenty-four, twenty-five years ago. And I’ll never forget the person who was interviewing me at the time a break she said, “Are you really sure you wanted to say that?”

    And I said, “Yeah, I am. I am really sure, because when I found out about this I was so surprised. When I read my father’s journals--which I discovered in my mother’s attic seven years after his death--I was so surprised to find out that there was really such a thing as a flying disc. There really was such a thing as alien cultures. And there really are such things as technologies that can produce energy without pollution.”

    My father felt it was really strange that these technologies were being reverse-engineered within the government domain in the early fifties already, and that terrestrial inventors starting with Nikola Tesla had already invented similar technologies, and that these technologies had never been made use of.

    Our economy was seized in the early 1900s when the coup d’état, economically speaking, occurred with the formation of the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation and not a government entity. Then Franklin Delano Roosevelt seized all the gold bullion in the hands of American citizens in 1933, which was the greatest theft in history. He ordered Americans to surrender their gold, and then he gave it to the Federal Reserve! Literally, there has never been a greater theft in history, and FDR has been so lionized. It’s just peculiar, because he stole the gold of the American people.

    Carol: But they’ve been stealing regularly since then, just the Savings and Loans and the recent financial scandal. The whole economy is on the verge of tanking right now. But Adam, say a bit more about your dad.

    Adam: Well, during World War II my dad was a radar navigator bombardier on the B17- Gs. He was the first of his kind; they called them Mickey Men. When you flew on a mission, if you were in his position, you flew in the nose of the aircraft; you flew in the front of the aircraft. And you either were standing somewhat behind and to the left of the radar screen, or you were seated at the bombsight at the front. Then on one of his missions over Germany the lead plane had been shot down and they had become the lead plane; and then the pilot of his craft had been shot and killed, and he was seated at the bombardier sight. One reason that I mention this is because they had just dropped their load of bombs, and there was very heavy flak.

    There were these white lights that would come and navigate through these squadrons of B-17s sometimes, and they were called foo fighters. They moved very, very quickly and they were very, very bright. At first they thought they might be some secret German technology. But they didn’t do anything to harm our aircraft. They just did these incredible non-ballistic maneuvers, took right-hand turns at speeds that were unimaginable back then.

    They weren’t anything like the Focke-Wulf, the jets that the Germans had towards the end of the war. They weren’t anything like the Messerschmitts, either.

    They were just...they were these lights that came. Right after he dropped this load of bombs, in the midst of this heavy flak, one of these bright lights came to the nose of his craft. He heard it come at an incredible speed. He heard this voice, which he said was inside his head, say “Harvey jump!”

    And he jumped up out of his seat, and at the moment that he jumped up out of his seat, as he described it in his journal, as soon as the voice said "Harvey jump," his entire body responded without hesitation. At that very moment a piece of flak blew up through the tube of the seat that he was sitting in, and came right up through his seat. It would have blown him apart, just at that moment. Simultaneous to this, he received this incredible amount of information from that light that he saw. Things about “why.” He saw that he wasn’t going to die, and that he didn’t ever have to be afraid in any mission again because he wasn’t going to die until after he had got back to the...he saw certain things about the future of his life very clearly.

    When the debriefing happened--foo fighters had been reported in the squadron, so they debriefed people when they got back, when they saw these things, if anything interesting had happened--and he told them what had happened. He didn’t tell them everything that he had seen, but he told them basically what had happened.

    He had--he ended up with--the highest level of classification you can achieve in the military. He was also one of the most highly decorated officers in the 8th Air Force. My story kind of starts, my life sort of restarted, when I found his journals, April the 3rd, 1967, in my mother’s attic, and I found this story which was very much connected with my life because I hadn’t been conceived, yet (laughter). So I was really happy that whatever that light was had come along and told him to jump at that moment.

    After the war he finished up his Masters, and then his Doctorate at Purdue. He was recruited into a biological warfare program, actually by a guy named Frank Olson who was an Air Force--fellow Air Force--buddy, and also an alumnus of Purdue.

    It was a joint US Air Force/CIA program. Truman had basically engineered the joint program because Vandenberg of the US Air Force wanted to control the anti-alien program, and Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, who was the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, wanted to control it as well. He basically made them form a joint project. When Dwight Eisenhower took office, Hillenkoetter ended up leaving and becoming a consultant to the whole process.

    He was still involved very intimately in the whole process, but Dulles took over the CIA, and that was the beginning of a catastrophe, a catastrophic process. When I discovered my father’s notes, I discovered that there was this whole other agenda that was happening.

    I was planning to go to the Air Force Academy. I had already gotten a letter from Barry Goldwater, Sr. recommending me, because we had friends that were very close to him. I was kind of gung-ho almost, until all of a sudden I discovered that there was this whole other world happening… I was precocious in physics and I had already written...I actually presented my first paper in 1965 when I was thirteen, to a small group at the University of Chicago. It was about quasi-stellar objects, which were a relatively new phenomenon back then. When I found my father’s notes and discovered these things existed--these technologies existed that utilized physics that we weren’t being taught about--I was extremely curious and wanted to find out more about that.

    But my father, when his friend Frank Olson was murdered.... He and Frank Olson and a group of other scientists were taken to a social occasion outside of Baltimore, in November of 1953, by a gentleman named Sid Gottlieb, who is the guy who actually started the project with the Central Intelligence Agency called MK-ULTRA, which had a lot to do with mind control. The after-effects of a lot of what Sid Gottlieb did are with us today. But Sid Gottlieb had managed to acquire a bunch of lysergic acid diethylamide-25--LSD, in other words.

    My father, and Frank Olson, and a number of other scientists--a handful of other scientists--were given huge doses of LSD in their cocktails. And the rationale, according to my father’s journal, was...he was not told he had been given this until he was actually feeling the effects of it, and then Frank actually took him aside and told him “Look, you are not going crazy, you were given a psycho-active drug and it has a temporal window--in other words, you’ll be like this for seven or eight hours and then you’ll start becoming normal again.”

    According to his notes, Sid Gottlieb told them that this was to see if this would help them to adapt to extraterrestrial biological entities, which affected their consciousness directly. Since they were trying to do biological experiments in relationship to such beings, and people had committed suicide, all sorts of things had happened regarding this. Sid Gottlieb thought this might be a way to help them adapt to altered states of consciousness which everyone who got close to this being experienced, because it was a much more highly evolved being than most human beings are.

    This is just a part of the fallout. I remember after Eric Olson and I gave an interview for NPR in New York--I think that was in 2000--I got a letter from a guy who worked at Detrick and he talked about how his father had worked at Detrick when Frank and my dad worked there, and how he had kept his mouth shut and so he had retired. This is what the guy said to me in an e-mail, he had retired with full benefits (laughter). As if this was some sort of accomplishment in life, to be an ass-kissing government scientist, to never raise your voice. My dad raised his voice because he knew his friend had been murdered. He knew Frank had been thrown from the window of a hotel in New York.

    Carol: How can you reach people when what you are saying is so beyond their experience? They think you are nuts, you are crazy, they shut down.

    Adam: This is always the problem, isn’t it? It really is. Even if you just talk about the technology, in terms of the things that we know, we physically have been working now for going on thirty years with technologies that produce more electrical power than they use. When we talk about that kind of stuff, because there has been such an amazing job, since the 1940’s, we have had this blackout of the American consciousness about these issues.

    Before that we had a blackout of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla invented alternating current electricity. He communicated electrical power without wires in 1886. He made the first Earth amplifier in 1886 as well, which was in Colorado Springs, which was basically a giant Tesla coil--not like the ones you see on TV exactly, because those aren’t really Tesla coils at all. Those are toys.

    This was a building that basically was attuned to the Earth itself and to the resonance of the Earth and amplified the Earth’s magnetic field in such a way that you could actually use it for electrical power.

    Yet, though he physically did this, and patented these technologies back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, he was marginalized and anathematized because this wasn’t the direction that certain families wanted to take the economies--the families who run the Federal Reserve, which has now driven the American economy into the toilet--also the same families who drove us into the fossil fuel economy. There’s a lot of good people who are in those families, don’t get me wrong, just like there’s a lot of good people that you can find just about anywhere. But we have been driven into this narrow definition of reality, which is really quite stupid. It’s not an intelligent approach to reality.

    Every atom and molecule, if the universe worked the way they told us, then you couldn’t see anything right in front of you. I mean, the chair is incredible (laughter)!

    You know everything that has appearance in the midst of infinity is incredible, and every single atom and molecule is being the dynamic modification of the field space in which it appears--and this is not something that would be alien language to physicists who are in an advanced state of physics, who are working with advanced physics. This is something that these gentlemen and ladies readily understand, that every atom and molecule is only being the dynamic modification of the space in which it appears, and that you and I are also only being the dynamic modification of the space in which we appear, and that this is a dynamic process, this is an ongoing process, it’s happening constantly, and it’s a miracle, and it’s a wonder. And if you really begin to understand the physics of it, then a whole different universe opens up. And it’s a wonderful universe, not a horrible or terrifying universe.

    The horrible and terrifying universe, from my perspective, is the one where I get to be rich and you get to be poor--or (laughter) I get to be poor and you get to be rich, or whatever. And I get to enjoy abundance and/or you get to enjoy abundance. It’s kind of ridiculous economic stratification, which is an artifact of a primitive form of thinking and is really stupid. It isn’t even intelligent; it’s very odd to be in this kind of situation.

    Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, and I were talking one day, and we were talking about a show that was in concept at the time--the show was “Star Trek: The Next Generation”--which was basically the planet was stupid, and this was a planet that had really stupid beings on it that were still clever enough to attract intelligent alien cultures; then they would steal their technologies. And I said, “Well, this is a lot like we know that the Earth looks like that from space (laughter).” Sorry, but it’s true. It does. We have done that. We have acquired technologies that are way beyond anything that I have produced or Nikola Tesla produced from parts unknown.

    Carol: Since your speech at the United Nations we have had, I would say, a renaissance of communications technologies. You didn’t have the Project Earth website in the days prior to the internet. Now we have these new ways of communicating, and I know that the corporate media is still bashing taboo topics like ETs, new energy, 9/11 Truth, and trying to marginalize and pigeonhole and separate us....

    Adam: They don’t even want the truth about Barack Obama, for God sakes. I just started saying something on Jack, on his blog, today on, and it was refused, and I didn’t use any profanity or anything. I just said, “We’re finally getting to see this guy’s true stripes. We’re finally getting to see who this guy really is, and he’s just another corporate marionette, who has a really good rap.” And that’s too bad, because I really had advocated that a lot of people involved in my network--and I have a huge network--and I had recommended him to thousands of people.

    Carol: Oh dear.

    Adam: Back in 2006 and basically not long after I had done that, an article came out in Harper’s Magazine called Barack Obama Inc, and it was the beginning of the breaking of that stride, in terms of my own opinion of Barack. But it is interesting to me that the corporate media is so behind him, and they are so against Hillary Clinton--and yet they want everyone to believe that they are exactly the same. It’s kind of like the whole rap that came down that voting for George Bush was just the same as voting for Al Gore, which of course is patent nonsense...unless there is this thing that we call “Republicrats." But I don’t want to get off too much on this tangent....

    Carol: I want to talk to you a little bit about the elections, too, because we have had a couple of presidential elections blatantly stolen.

    Adam: They’ve been stealing elections for a long time. And George Bush’s father would have stolen the election from Bill Clinton if he could have, but that was prevented by a few brave souls, much to the chagrin of Poppy Bush, much to the chagrin of George Bush Sr. The fact is that he lost, and George Bush really went into meltdown when he lost, because he didn’t think it would be possible to lose to this hick from Arkansas.

    When Clinton took office, I was at the Arkansas Ball, and I was at a few of the balls and the inauguration, and at the big gala and all of that stuff because I was very involved in that whole thing back then. What we witnessed was an incredibly naïve young president, kind of almost with a messianic kind of fervor. Which is why one of the things that freak me out about Barack Obama is he’s taken it to the next level. He says things that are unbelievable at his rallies.

    The one thing we can say about Clinton is that we never found him using alpha entrainment at his rallies, and there is evidence that alpha entrainment has been used at Barack Obama’s rallies. I haven’t done the tests myself, personally. But people who I have been in communication with, for some time, have told me. At my recommendation they made measurements. Alpha entrainment was discovered at Nuremberg Stadium after Hitler had seized power from Hindenburg. Von Hindenburg was removed from power by Hitler. When Albert Spier talked in his whole confession about what had happened at Nuremburg Stadium, he said, “It was the first place that they used alpha entrainment.”

    It’s based on a process called frequency, frame, and response. It was discovered by them--the Nazis--that human beings, if they are exposed to a constant alpha wave, or a mixture of waves, depending on what those wave forms are, that they will become entrained, they will enter into a kind of trance-like state, a stupor. If you look at the American people right now, a lot of the people around the world--I travel a lot, and a lot of the people around the world go, “What the heck,” they’ve been saying this a long time, “What the heck is going on with the American people, why are they so stupid? Why are they so unaware of what is going on?”

    I try to tell them that not all Americans are unaware of what’s going on and that some people are more resistant to this entrainment than others. And we’ve caught the Republicans doing this years and years and years ago, using alpha entrainment in their commercials, stimulating pleasure centers in the brain, making you feel really good about their candidate--and stimulating revulsion areas of the brain when they were putting up a picture of Al Gore, for example. So this is something what we’ve been involved with for a long time.

    I’ve actually been using spectrum analyzers for a very long time now. And you can hook a spectrum analyzer up, and if you know what wave forms to look for, in a TV signal for example, you can see all kinds of interesting wave forms--the Lilly wave, invented by Dr. John Lilly when he was working for NIH, the National Institutes for Health, in 1959 when they first started implanting dolphin brains and discovered that they needed to give the dolphin brain a chance to respond. Then they discovered that they could use these same waves on human beings. He was doing work for the Navy at that time, and he got out of that research because he felt so conflicted about what they were doing.

    We discovered that this was on the wiring harness of our home in Aspen when he was visiting us in 1990, and he saw this on my spectrum analyzer and he said, “How did that get there?”

    So, this kind of entrainment is not just used at Barack Obama rallies, if indeed it is being used there--this is secondhand information on that. On people’s homes, however, is firsthand information because I’ve done those measurements myself, and this is to keep people in a narcoleptic state. When John Lilly saw this waveform on my spectrum analyzer, when I was powering up my spectrum analyzer early one morning, and he said, “Where is that from?”

    And I said, “That is from the electrical power grid.”

    And he said, “But I invented that wave form. It’s a mind control wave form.”

    And I said, “I had no idea." I really didn’t know that. I wasn’t familiar with the Lilly wave. I didn’t know that it was a mind control wave form. All I knew was every morning when I turned on my spectrum analyzer, which is hooked up to the power grid, we could use the power grid; we used certain aspects of the power grid as an antenna. I looked at it. I would see it, and not really cognize what it was about.

    But when he told me what it was about, he said, “This is…they are using your own harness of your house to trigger your water molecules to go into an entrained kind of pattern that will create certain neurochemical responses in the human body.”

    This is done, this is an incredibly sophisticated program, developed over decades. This isn’t something that they just came up with lately, this is something that has been developed over many decades. Every year we have almost exponential increases in the sophistication of technology. We now have computers, that they are working that process a thousand trillion point operations a second. That’s called a petaflop.

    When you have this kind of computer power behind a broadcast like the HAARP experiment up in Alaska, which is now, by the way, not just in Alaska, but is also outside of Perth, Australia. There’s a Southern Hemisphere HAARP down there, which is a joint program between the United States government and the Australian government. And we have Indonesia, which is very strangely placed, but they are trying to put an ionospheric amplifying system in place there. We have one in Northern Scotland that’s been put in place by the government of Great Britain. We have three that are operating again in the former Soviet Union, in Russia, which is where they were invented, by the way. Because the former Soviet Union listened to Nikola Tesla and used a lot of his ideas.

    Actually when I worked with Yull Brown on the Brown’s Gas project in 1986, he had worked, he had been arrested as a Nazi engineer, actually, after World War II, put into a gulag when they discovered he was a skilled engineer. They put him to work, the Soviets did, and he worked on ELF entrainment in movie theaters, where they would take people watching a romance/comedy and they would feel terrified because they had found wave forms they could entrain these people with, so it didn’t matter what they were watching. They could make them feel whatever they wanted to feel. And basically you could make a whole auditorium full of people feeling really like they’ve just seen Jesus Christ, even though the guy could be standing up there talking about chewing gum.

    This is how absurd it is. If you really look at the transcripts of what Adolf Hitler said at Nuremberg Stadium, what Adolf Hitler said was repetitious, jingoistic, you know, and punctuated by these “Sieg Heils, Sieg Heils.”

    Just in a very similar manner to a former guest of yours, who used to be a Black Panther, [Larry Pinkney] pointed out that they are goose stepping to Barack Obama. And people who are in the Barack Obama trance train don’t see this objectively. And unfortunately, those of us who do see it objectively are then anathematized by fellow Democrats. I’m not. I don’t want to call myself a Democrat at this point, but the fact of the matter is we’re anathematized by people we should be allied with.

    We should all be allies at this point, and instead, I just wrote an article, that’s published on which is Karl Rove’s Dream. It’s about the fact that Karl Rove in his best moment couldn’t have dreamt up Barack Obama because Barack Obama has proven to be the most divisive happening in the history of the Democratic Party.

    Carol: Hitler believed in World View Warfare, and if they had had the technology back then, they certainly would have used it. Somebody said that they called Germany the “Radio Project” because radio had such a huge impact on people at that time. And they called the United States the “Television Project” because television was powerful and had a more profound effect on the American consciousness. People would see a limited part of reality, but a bigger chunk of reality- they would totally miss. Television has been psychological warfare directed specifically at the American people for a long time.

    Adam: You’re absolutely right.

    Carol: Now you’ve also touched upon the HAARP technologies, and especially with these new transmitters, that I wasn’t aware of before, in Australia and Indonesia, where else are they?

    Adam: There are three in Russia. The ones in Russia were in existence prior to any of the other ones. They were discovered accidentally by a group of high school students in the United Kingdom who discovered this ELF signal, on a very primitive set, it was called the woodpecker. The woodpecker wasn’t the whole signal that was being broadcast by the Russians, at the time, but the Russians knew that they could entrain water molecules with extremely weak signal. Any technical people listening, this is simple low level signals can actually trigger these responses when you know what you are doing, like if you have a copy of someone’s genetic copy, of their DNA for example, you can send a signal encoded on HAARP and trigger a neuroresponse in them, from a great distance.

    This is something that when we discovered in 1994. A colleague of mine called me to the laboratory that we had in Oregon, and I flew out and joined him, and he revealed that he had discovered that the HAARP broadcast included the Lilly waves, and it also included these double helix waves that on the spectrum analyzer screen literally looked like chromosomes or DNA molecules. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was seeing it, we looked at these very, very carefully, to see if they had any relationship with the DNA, and in fact they were very specific frequency relationships using the DNA molecule as a wave guide the primary frequency for that, and then harmonic and subharmonic of that up and down band…

    Carol: You were picking up DNA messages? How would that effect human beings?

    Adam: Well, that’s the real mystery of the whole thing. It’s like I was so flabbergasted when I saw this, and I was told not to publish, and I was told not to communicate this in any way, shape or form. Immediately, I wrote an article about it, and published it, and we got raided by thirteen Federal Marshals at our lab, this was in 1984. We got raided ten days after I published the article, and twenty-three million dollars was the replacement value of the equipment that was taken in that raid.

    When it was finally, when the Federal Court ordered it to be returned, it had been destroyed. It was the carcasses of the instruments were returned with broken circuit boards inside, and there was never any remediation. There was never any. They never fixed it. Somebody was very, very, very upset. Even though that wasn’t the excuse that they gave for the raid. Somebody was obviously very upset that I had published that article. Because this is getting down to the nitty-gritty of what is going on right now.

    When we discovered Democratic candidates, not, we haven’t discovered Hillary Clinton using this, by the way, but we have discovered that it seems the Obama campaign has been involved in this. It’s like- there’s enough already. We’ve had enough mind control.

    This is all coordinated with television and HAARP, it is just one aspect of it. There is also the ground wave transmission system, which is a huge component of this, because when HAARP goes down, and it has gone down for various reasons, several times, in the last couple of years. The ground wave transmission system has now been made much, much, much more powerful, and you can look it up on the internet and there is some good stuff on there, and there is a lot of stuff that isn’t so good. But it’s all about this frequency following response, because it isn’t just through the auditory response, it’s through auditory, visual, and electromagnetic response that we can basically be somewhat manipulated.

    If you are aware of this, however, you can also countermand it. You can also choose not to be subject to it. Like if you are watching TV…

    Carol: So that’s why they call us tinfoil hats folk because there are things people do to protect themselves from…

    Adam: Well, the tinfoil hat people, unfortunately, aren’t very successful at that, but (laughter) It’s really more of an act of will, then an act of tinfoil hat. This is more a matter of choice. Once you know that the manipulation is possible, like I was teaching in Tempe, Arizona a couple of years ago, and a very brilliant young engineer said, “You know, I love everything you have to say,” And we were talking about a really broad spectrum of subjects, “Except for this issue.” He said, “You reduce your credibility to a shambles when you start talking about alien civilizations, and UFOs, and these technologies, associated with them.”

    And I said, “So, I guess you didn’t see the giant craft that was several miles across that flew over Phoenix.”

    And he said, “No, I didn’t” And he said, “I have a lot of friends who did, but I didn’t. I was at work and I didn’t see it.”

    And I said, “Well, I pray to God you see it. I pray that you actually see something, and it breaks through your moment of inertia, and that you retain it, when you see it. Because what happens with people, when they see these things, millions, and millions, and millions, and millions of Americans have seen craft, but they become entrained again. Then they think that they were hallucinating. They think that they must have just dreamt it. Or they say things like, somebody who I used to live with said to me, one day she said, we had seen a craft, not more than three hundred feet, maybe not even two hundred feet, or actually directly over our house, moving very, very, very slowly, a very large black wing shaped aircraft, completely silent, with a gallery of people sitting in the front, this was in San Rafael, California, on Lucas Drive, where this happened. And she said, “That’s not an airplane.”

    I said, “Obviously, that’s not an airplane.”

    The next day, when she was making breakfast, I came into the room and she goes, “Hey, sure weird airplane we saw yesterday.”

    This is what happens with people, this is how profoundly this technology has been developed that the American people, and not just the American people, but people all over the world, are being subjected to this kind of mind control. It was initially developed in the Soviet Union, before that it was developed in Germany. We can’t say that initially it was developed in the Soviet Union, it was brought into the electrical domain, the electro-magnetic domain more than any other thing in the Soviet Union.

    It wasn’t completely successful in controlling the mind, because the Earth, itself, is producing, because the Earth is profoundly destabilized electromagnetically, the Earth’s magnetic field is actually degrading right now.

    This is in the scientific literature, this isn’t like some far-Left wing crazy thing to say, in the most conservative, meaning the Geophysical Union Journal, in Nature Journal, in Science Journal of the American Association of the Advancement of Science, in Physical Review, people have talked about the degradation of the dipole moment of the Earth’s magnetic field.

    A reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field is imminent, and so these kinds of instabilities in the Earth’s magnetic field make it more difficult for them, whoever that is- this paranoid quantity. Fortunately there are people who are involved in this, who are doing this to other people, and for lack of a better term, I’ll just use the “them” word. This is not so successful; otherwise we wouldn’t still be having this conversation.

    People watched 9/11 happen and believed somehow, that this was, an organization, something happened out of the control of the United States government, which was impossible, by the way. And yet, people have ignored the facts. People who are actually very bright, commentators like Bill Maher, whose otherwise a very bright guy, becomes completely stupid about the subject of 9/11, and this is again, always traceable back to this kind of mind control that is going on. It’s an ongoing process, in our society, and in other societies throughout the world.

    People are unaware of it, and conveniently kept unaware of it. And systematically uneducated, we are systematically, I mean, people get all kinds of degrees and still don’t know anything about reality.

    Parents are paying huge amounts of money to send their kids even to very good private schools, and their kids are getting out of these very good private schools with very small subsets of the information that they should have by the time they are leaving these schools.

    We need to break the trance. We need to break beyond this. We need to embrace a heart of love and intelligence, creative and real intelligence. I don’t mean like New Age jingoistic intelligence, but really heartfelt intelligence, is needed to bring us through this time.

    This is a very narrow gate, we need to pass through, as a civilization, as a species, and as a planet, and we don’t have any time. There’s no time left, I was calling this an emergency in 1983, I was calling this an emergency in 1980. Now it is a catastrophe that is in the process of happening. There’s so many different things that are happening right now. The American people need to seize the day.

    The reason that Project Earth was not, for example, going to endorse Barack Obama is because Barack Obama does not know, he is in the back pocket of nuclear industry, of Exelon Corporation.

    Robert- I realize that things like Project HAARP were powerful military transmitters emitting radio waves at a certain range of frequencies based on the antenna that they can put the signal into and it might be in the mega-watts or perhaps in the gigawatts of power output, but all the energy ever consumed by mankind starting with the first bundle of firewood mankind burned, all the way up to what we are using today is less than one five hundredth of one percent of our daily energy income from the sun, and I find it hard to believe that a few or a couple of transmitters are able to destroy the magnetic fields of the Earth or play havoc with the rotation of this planet.

    Adam: You are also projecting because what you are thinking I am meaning, is not what I am saying.

    I’m saying the Earth’s magnetic field is destabilized, but I’m not saying it’s been destabilized by HAARP. I’m saying the Earth’s magnetic field is in fact unstable in the first place, and this is the thing that needs to be understood, we have an unstable planet, if you consider the fact that we have fossil remains of our species that are 200,000 years old, 196,000 years old or so, and we only have a history that’s five thousand years. There is something wrong with that picture.

    The reason that we have very brief periods of history where we actually still have recorded histories is because the Earth’s magnetic field does reverse itself, we know this from the rock record, this is well established science, this is not science fiction, and in fact right now the dipole moment of the Earth is degrading.

    It is not caused by HAARP that it's degrading. It is not caused by the grid that the Earth’s magnetic field is degrading. The Earth’s magnetic field is degrading, in spite of anything else. It degrades because basically of lunar gravitational stress, it degrades because it’s basically, well lunar gravitational stress is a huge component of this, but periodically the inner core and the outer core of the Earth decouple. And the interface, the inner core, outer core, interface goes into liquifaction, and we’re at what we call a viscous crisis right now. We’re at a point in the Earth’s history where we are actually exacerbating this.

    Robert: Are you implying that mankind activities, as puny as they are, are having any effect at all on the magnetic poles or the Earth? Spin? Adam: Yes. I’m saying that, by virtue, there’s something about mankind’s activities being puny…It’s a very interesting concept. We have managed to destabilize the climate of our entire planet at this point. Ok. This is a well established fact. We’ve done that is by adding this copious spectrum, not just carbon dioxide, but greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. When you add this copious spectrum of greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere, at the rate we have done this, in the last two hundred years, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. You attenuate the rate at which the solid Earth can dissipate heat into space. Because the Earth’s atmosphere is a heat sink, and beneath that level of the heat sink, you have the crust of the Earth, the lithosphere, which is a heat sink, and then this is all a system that must dissipate its burden of heat into space, in a systematic way.

    When you build up greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, one of the things that has not been talked about by many other scientists, I was the first person, as far as I know, back in 1983 to introduce this at a conference in 1983, the idea that by building up greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we are actually backing heat up into the solid Earth. People say, “Oh well, that would take thousands of years.”

    Well, it’s a real-time process. What’s been discovered since the time of those objections is that the solid material or the semi-solid material, we call it the mo-ho, Mohorovicic discontinuity, that’s at the base of the lithosphere, right above the asthenosphere which is at the top of the mantle, this is an admixture, actually of mantle material, basaltic material and granitic material from the crust that, from time to time, when the Earth gets hot, like it’s getting right now, there’s increased seismic and volcanic activity involved. When the Earth gets hot then the underside of the crust begins to melt and mix in with the molten material at the top of the mantle, and this is why we have this seismic discontinuity at the base of the lithosphere, and when this is happening, this goes all the way down.

    This doesn’t stop there. This affects everything all the way down to the outer core inner core interface. This happens semi-periodically, on this planet. Some people thinks it happens as often as every ten thousand years. At this point I’m not so certain about that. The rock record does seem to indicate that there’s a certain periodicity to this. But it happens.

    The Earth’s magnetic field does degrade and all I’m saying is not that we are the primary cause of it, but that we are exacerbating an unstable situation, and that’s irresponsible. If you know you have an unstable situation on the planet, you don’t want to exacerbate it. You don’t want to add this incredible, experiment to our atmosphere that we have created here.

    We have created an enormous experiment which is having extreme effects. By the way Project Earth, the Institute for Advanced Studies, we were the only small group that forecast accurately twenty-five years ago the weather patterns we are expressing or experiencing today. We were the only group that forecast, for example, increases in tornadic activity and increases in the wind velocities worldwide. Because what doesn’t go up, vertically into space into a dissipative column goes horizontally out- as wind. Because that is what wind is. Wind is solar power and it is solar power that instead of going into space is being deflected into the troposphere of the Earth, in these incredibly increasing violent winds that are commonly now over sixty miles an hour, and tornadoes are hitting in downtown Atlanta and other places. People get shocked by it.

    Robert- Hold on. I want a scientific explanation. Since mankind’s total energy usage is one five hundred thousandth of one percent of our daily energy income from the sun, and since it is the increased temperature of the sun that has increased in the last fifty years. I still want an explanation of how mankind has caused this recent warming trend, when in fact all the planets are warming up, and it appears to me that the sun has all of the input here, and mankind is literally a spectator, even though there are six or seven billion of us watching.

    Adam: Well, you know this is a very interesting thing because, and what you are talking about in terms of what you’re calling science, um I don’t call science. And I have to be very blunt about that. What’s interesting to me about this is this is Bush Administration’s basic shtick, this is their shtick. This is what they would really like everyone to believe.

    Over twenty-five years ago, we predicted very specifically what was going to be happening in the Earth’s atmosphere because of the buildup of greenhouse gases, and those models have held true. Nobody else forecast this, by the way. Nobody else forecast the increase in wind velocities. No one else forecast the increase in tornadic activity. Nobody else forecast the increase in hurricane activity and the severity of hurricanes. We said, I said, personally, in lectures I gave in 1983, ’84, ’85, that we would, within twenty years, start seeing forms that they wouldn’t know what to call them. Like now we have tornadoes that are two and three miles across, and people have a very difficult time calling them tornadoes anymore- because you have three hundred mile an hour sheerwall.

    The caller suggests that is all due to increased solar output, and in fact, in terms of photometrics and charting photometrics over the years, there is indication of greater instability of solar output and there are indications of some moments where the sun actually flashes like on the SOHO program (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) which we’ve been observing with for a long time.

    I was involved in the Clinton Administration, and we’ve been observing the sun now, for well over a decade, and we’ve been able to see a whole solar cycle and we’ve been seeing that the sun in fact, has some very interesting things going on with it morphologically, but net..., net it isn’t getting brighter, it's actually fluctuating more, it’s more unstable, and so there are times when it could cool, and there are times when it could heat, but in fact what we’re doing to the atmosphere, has been very predictable for some time.

    We have very specifically predicted the consequences of our actions, and they are happening, and this is a problem. This is a problem, even in a legal case sense, because we have documentation that these things were predicted twenty-five years ago, that are happening now, and this is not having any solar variability taken into account whatsoever. OK and so, just with a normal amount of solar insolation, what we call that in science the amount of sunlight coming into the Earth’s atmosphere. Just with a normal amount of insolation, with the amount of greenhouse gases, these effects would be seen, and that’s what we have seen.

    So this is why we are saying that this is exacerbating the dissipating ability of the Earth to actually dissipate its burden of heat into space. This causes planetary instability. It isn’t the only cause, we have all kinds of things that are undermining our planetary stability before we ever touch the system, and for us to act in such an irresponsible way in an unstable planetary system like we have in the Earth Moon system. It’s beyond belief. It’s not intelligent. We aren’t acting like intelligent species right now. We’re acting like a rather stupid species, as a matter of fact. We’re acting like a very uninformed and uneducated species, and what we’ve offered for a long time, all the time, that I’ve been doing this work, I have first offered solutions.

    And other people before me: Tesla, Hubbard, Edwin Gray, people who were brought into the government domain, and never heard from again. Edwin Gray was a friend of mine who eventually was assassinated. And Edwin Gray was one of my, heroes, because he had actually created an amazing motor-generator set, back in the late 60s and the early 70s which he patented and got some publicity for it before in California. He was brought into the government domain, ended up making cold bazookas for the government, I mean that was one of the things he made, magnetic bazookas. I actually saw one in operation, a strange thing to do with his talents, when he could have solved the world’s energy problems with just his technologies not even including anybody else’s. Ok.

    The American people deserve to know that there are solutions that are beyond this variable solar and wind. Solar and wind are great, by the way, we have, at the installation I’m standing at, for the Institute for Advanced Studies on Maui, we have sixty solar panels at this installation. The reason for that is because when our lights are on when everyone else’s lights are out, I want people to know who fly in their helicopters over here quite frequently, on a daily basis, that our lights are on because we have sixty solar panels and that we’re not running on Zero Point Vacuum Technology because every time I get one of these things going we get raided and then we get our lab cleaned out. Like I said the last time it cost, it was a replacement cost of 23 million dollars, and you don’t notice any of these great concerned industrialists stepping up to the plate. I personally don’t have 23 million dollars that I could come up with out of my back pocket to replace all of that stuff. So we never did replace all that stuff.

    What we need is a worldwide effort, a joint effort of all the governments of the world, all the sane governments of the world, at least, if there are such things. We need a joint effort, a joint rapid development and deployment effort for Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation based technologies and a transitional technology called hydro-oxy which we worked on Yull Brown and I worked on together in the mid-eighties. Stanley Meyers who was assassinated unfortunately several years ago, had an incredible breakthrough in terms of the efficiency of his electrolysis process, he was actually able to adapt a normal car engine to hydro-oxy power. A gallon of water, in a normal six cylinder engine, would get you about three hundred miles in this system. That’s a fact. I mean a physically demonstrated fact. We were shut down in 1986, and Stanley Meyers was assassinated. So, you know, we basically, have all kinds of things that can be done.

    The United States government knows about these things. The Russian government knows about these things. I know that for a fact. The German government knows. I started lecturing in Germany in 1980. There’s all kinds of governments in the world who are aware of these things already. There are really incredible solutions available to us, as a species, by which we can heal the Earth, instead of destroying it. By which we can take into account these kind of variables exist in our background, like whatever solar variables, the fact that we live on an unstable planet.

    Nikola Tesla had a plan for stabilizing the planet, somehow or another, his intuition was great enough that he intuited that we had an unstable planet, and he actually designed a system of towers which would basically help stabilize the Earth’s magnetic field and simultaneously provide all the power we could possibly ever need, for all of our needs, on this entire planet. That matrix of towers, in 1904, Nikola Tesla said we can create a network, whereby visual, sound, and all kinds of information is simultaneously communicated without wires and also provide for all the energy needs of Earth.

    James Pierpont Morgan was the guy who was financing his work at that point, and J. P. Morgan pulled the plug on him when he was confronted by the heads of several very powerful fossil-fuel industry families and people who were exploiting the mineral resources, of our planet. They said, what the hell are you doing? We have oil. We’re seizing the economy, we’re going to run the show.

    The New York Times ended up writing an article about this tower, that was built on Long Island, they called it Tesla’s Folly, and failed to acknowledge the fact that Tesla had been promised a quarter of a million dollars to finish the project by James Pierpont Morgan and was only given 108 thousand. Even though he was only given 108 thousand, the local residents on Long Island, near Montauk said that the light show that he put on, the electrical discharge display that he put on with what he had already built, 170 foot tower, 170 feet into the ground, 340 feet in diameter, basically he created a spherical resonant domain on the crust of the Earth, inductively coupled into the Earth’s resonant magnetic field and amplifying that magnetic field and creating useful power with it. This is something we could do today. This is something the United States government could definitely do today at a fraction of the cost of fighting this stupid war in Iraq, but these guys who have criminally seized control of our government won’t do it. Even the guys who we think are good guys won’t do it because they are afraid for their lives.

    Alex Trombly will continue this conversation on March 24th, 2008 on ...

There is more here: __

Thought provoking, and highly stimulating
Who were the teachers of Gurdjieff?
Is there an innoculation against sociopathy?

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Adam Trombly
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2008, 01:45:36 PM »
Really interesting guy, Adam Trombly ...

I always suspected, that Teslas inventions ended up in one of the US government pockets. I didn't realize though, that others had followed up on similar ideas and actually rebuilt working devices to tap ambient electromagnetic forces. I think I read somewhere that Tesla in fact was assassinated in 1943.

And also the thing with alpha entrainment. This is very often used as "relaxation therapy" in New Age circles. Wonder if that is another form of mind control. One thing that I didn't quite understand is whether these alpha waves are transmitted via the electricity grid or by TV - or both? Thankfully I don't watch TV very often. And I am planning to separate most of my home electric system from the grid via photovoltaic cells, the only mains power used will be the one recharging the batteries.

Quite looking forward to Part2 of the interview ...
Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
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Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Ulysses - Tennyson

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Re: Adam Trombly
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2011, 12:54:58 AM »
there is a rather fabulous interview with Trombley put up Aug 24, 2011 on (you will have to register to read it) where he discusses entrainment and the complex thought-control and biowarfare waveforms being put out by HAARP since 1994, when the waveforms were physically observed on high-tech equipment at a research lab.

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Re: Adam Trombly
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2011, 02:12:09 PM »
Searching for more info on Adam Trombly I came across Rand Clifford.
I am posting because he quotes Ponerology!
Some interesting thoughts from Rand Clifford.

From Reptiles to Humans: A Three Brain Odyssey
by Rand Clifford

Authors Bio: Rand Clifford is a novelist and essayist living in Spokane, Washington, with his wife Mary Ann, and their Chesapeake Bay retriever, Mink. His novels CASTLING, and TIMING are published by StarChief Press.


"And today, evil embraced by reptilians to protect profits seems unlimited. Fossil fuel profits are the most sacred, including the oil "wars", and consequent blood lucre of the industrial military complex. The common good has become so irrelevant it seems to have become incomprehensible in reptilian circles.
We cannot have free energy because it would devastate profits of reptilian overlords.
We cannot have peace because there is such profit in war.
We cannot be free because there is such profit in slavery.
We cannot live because there is such profit in death.

Definition: pathocracy (n). A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people (from Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, by Andrew Lobaczewski).

An advantage psychopaths have over people with conscience...people with a "soul", is that lying is little different than breathing. Psychopaths skate without remorse through behavior from which people with conscience recoil. Recognition of psychopaths, the misery they dump on everyone else, and on everything—and especially the knowledge that they can easily be revealed—might be the most important advance of all time regarding civilization more fitting of the name. Developments in brain scanning technologies leave psychopaths with nowhere to hide. One might think of it as X-ray vision regarding a person’s soul...or, perhaps, as a reptile, or stemmer detector."

'Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.' 'That imagination survives formal education is a miracle' - Albert Einstein
Quidquid id es, prudenter agas et respice finem.

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Re: Adam Trombly
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2011, 07:41:37 AM »
Great link!  I am sure it must be wonderful affirmation for LKJ and the rest of the hard-working crew every time a new reference shows up. I wonder if dimensional  escape velocity = critical mass of knowledge+work.  We should inquire of the C's if Tesla's 'free energy' (or anything similar) is put into practice in the future, despite the reptiltian suppression, and if we can do anything to help bring it about.

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Re: Adam Trombly
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2016, 12:10:56 AM »
Who Is Adam Trombly? (UPDATED!)

This blog, originally published December 9, 2011, was updated March 16, 2012. Scroll to the end for the update.

This blog was written jointly by Professor Pious and by Muertos. Authorship of various sections is stated within.

Adam Trombly is one of the “experts” presented in the Thrive movie, and upon whom Thrive maker and narrator Foster Gamble relies heavily for his conclusions that “free energy” machines exist and are being suppressed by conspiratorial forces. Trombly makes his first appearance at 35:07 in the movie, and the film focuses on him for much of the next few minutes.

This blog will attempt to present answers to the following questions: Who is Adam Trombly? Is there any evidence that his machines actually work? Is there any evidence that, if his machines work, they have been suppressed? Bottom line: are his claims credible?

Who Is Adam Trombly?

[This section by Muertos]

Adam Trombly is a researcher who is closely associated with “free energy” devices. The device he is most closely associated with is something called a “Closed Path Homopolar Generator.” This is a free energy/perpetual motion device. As has been stated on this blog before, these devices do not work because they violate the basic laws of physics.

Some general links to familiarize you with Trombly:

[This section by Professor Pious]

Unfortunately most of the information in the links here on Adam Trombly trace back to Trombly’s own “projectearth” web site. It seems most information on Trombly available on the Internet has simply been copied from his own web site.

He claims to be:

    “an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling”

In addition, the Thrive movie bills him as a “physicist.” Not a single academic degree is mentioned from any accredited institution.

[Muertos comment: I searched at some length for information on Adam Trombly’s academic credentials. I couldn’t find anything. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a Ph.D. in physics or any of the other fields he claims to be an expert in, but it seems unusual that, if he did, he and the Thrive movie would not mention that fact. Every other expert in the film who does have a Ph.D. in a relevant field is identified as being a Ph.D. Trombly is not.

This section regarding credentials is not an “ad hominem” attack, either, as some may eventually try to claim. The question of academic and scientific credentials is directly relevant to the credibility of Trombly to design and build these sorts of machines. Even if we cannot expect that revolutionary new energy inventions will always come from credentialed experts—I am not making that claim at all—if there’s something to these designs, at the very least credentialed experts would be who we would naturally look to in order to explain and verify these claims.]

Does Trombly’s machine actually work?

Trombly’s web site contains a review of his “Homopolar Generator” by a Bruce E. DePalma:

As one might expect, DePalma is also a well-known “free energy” researcher, whose research never produced a device that produced excess energy. Here’s a short biography of DePalma:

    “De Palma studied electrical engineering at MIT, leaving without a degree around 1958. DePalma worked in weapons electronics at General Atronics Corporation in Philadelphia following his under-graduate years at MIT before returning the Boston area for a job at Polaroid in Cambridge MA. In the mid-1960s he also obtained a teaching assistant position in the laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton, the renowned inventor of stroboscopic photography.
    Coincident with his return to Massachusetts, he became infatuated with psycho-active drugs and believed the mind altering effects he perceived opened an entirely new way to pursue the study of physics. Unfortunately, this experimentation led to problems with his academic and corporate relationships and by 1970, he left both to strike out on his own and begin the full-time pursuit of free energy machines that occupied the rest of his life. While he was thought to be quite brilliant by the many students he recruited to assist him, his addictions to hashish and LSD colored everything he wrote and conceived, and invariably left within a few years when it became clear that despite his most sincere efforts, nothing he ever postulated could be scientifically verified. Undaunted, he recruited more as needed, invariably assisted by his willingness to share his psychedelics with the newcomers.”


That leaves us without any credible verification of Trombly’s free energy homopolar generator, except Trombly’s claims that an Indian scientist named Paramahamsa Tewari had taken up the research.

Thankfully Gary Posner has some fact-checking here:


    “According to FTP, a variation of the “N Machine” [Homopolar Generator] was already in full operation. Thus, on September 21, 1990, I wrote to B. Premanand, founder of the Indian Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal:

    ~I would like to know if the Indian government has in operation a power generator that produces more energy than it consumes (i.e., a perpetual energy machine). This claim is being made repeatedly on the “For The People” radio program (heard on 7.520 MHz. internationally from 2400 to 0200 hours UTC).

    The machine is supposedly a magnetized gyroscope, located on the west coast of India in a city that sounded like “Caroa,” which is supposedly south of an old Portuguese colony that sounded like “Doa.” If I heard correctly, a German company that sounded like “Gadori” may have actually built it.

    Although Premanand’s letter of reply never made its way back to me, mine did reach him. I was quite surprised, and delighted, to discover that, as a result of my letter, he had devoted nine pages to this subject in the April 1995 issue of his group’s Indian Skeptic newsletter (in which a copy of my letter was reproduced). Premanand wrote about his efforts to track down Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, who, according to a 1987 Indian newspaper account, had demonstrated his machine in Hannover, Germany, before an audience that included 1,500 scientists from around the world. His Space Power Generator (SPG), one of about twenty-five similar machines presented at that conference, supposedly extracts power from the vacuum of space. Though the prototype was said to have been built at the Tarapur Atomic Plant in India, Premanand could find no one in the Department of Science & Technology of the Indian government who knew of Dr. Tewari or his SPG.

    In a June 21, 1994, letter (reproduced in Indian Skeptic ), N. A. Janardan Rao, Vice President for R&D and Technology Development of Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. in Bangalore, wrote (to the author of a 1994 Indian newspaper article), “Many years ago I had corresponded with Dr. Thiwari [sic] and he had sent me a small book written by him on this subject. I then proceeded to actually design and fabricate a free energy machine. We incurred an expense of more than one hundred thousand rupees and 8 man months in fabricating this unique device. Subsequent testing showed that there was no free energy as claimed; an infinitesimal electrical output was detected which could be attributed entirely to Faraday’s law” (emphasis added).”

So Trombly’s device was indeed the basis of a design for a free energy device that was actually built and…surprise…never worked.

[UPDATE: Since this article was written, there is now a viable question as to whether Mr. Trombly actually built this machine at all, and what it actually does.]

Interestingly enough, we see the “free energy – extraterrestrial” link being promoted in 1990 by the long discredited Richard Hoagland in the writeup by Gary Posner linked above. A search of the thrivemovement web site turns up no mention of Hoagland, however, he is most closely associated with the discredited “face on Mars” claim.

Is there evidence to support the claim that Trombly’s inventions have been suppressed?

The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 does allow the government to impose “secrecy orders” on certain sensitive patent applications:

However, Trombly has not published the two written gag orders he has claimed to have received. Furthermore, inventors with secrecy orders imposed on their patents are entitled to compensation from the government due to lost revenue: (Constant v. United States, 617 F.2d 239 (Ct. Cl. 1980))


Trombly makes no mention of ever having sought compensation from the government for his inventions being suppressed. Of course, if the invention never worked in the first place, and the gag orders were imaginary, why would he? It is more likely that the suppression did not take place because Trombly’s machines did not work.

[This section, and rest of the article, by Muertos]

There is no evidence that Trombly’s inventions have been suppressed. First, as we’ve seen, there is no evidence that they actually work. Why would a government or a power company go to the trouble and expense of trying to suppress an invention that is useless in the first place? By logic, therefore, we can already be extremely skeptical that the “suppression” claims are true.

Trombly presents no evidence of suppression. At 36:28 of the Thrive movie, while Trombly is speaking, former President George H.W. Bush is shown on the screen—however, no claim is made that Bush was involved in suppressing Trombly’s work. The sole purpose of introducing Bush is to create a false association in the mind of the viewer that Bush must have had something to do with it. This is innuendo, not fact.

Furthermore, at 39:15 of the film, Trombly blames the “military-industrial complex” for suppressing free energy. About thirty seconds later he says, “The suppression of UFO phenomena is hand in hand with suppression of free energy.” He does not back up these claims. Indeed, the movie next launches into various related claims by Steven Greer, but does not return to claims about the supposed suppression of Trombly’s specific device.

Why, if Trombly could prove that he was being suppressed, does he and the Thrive movie resort to innuendo to make their case? If Trombly’s machine actually worked, it would be easy to prove government suppression. First of all, since he has claimed to have received two “gag orders” about his invention, if he produced these orders it would be strong evidence that the suppression is taking place (and, logically, that there is something worth suppressing). He has not received any gag orders, nor has he applied for economic remuneration as a result of having received them—remuneration to which he is entitled by law. Secondly, if there was any other evidence of suppression, he could add it to the gag orders, thus backing up his claims. Mr. Trombly has not done this.

The issue of the UN/Senate tests

There is another clue that the suppression is not taking place. At 36:24 of the film, Trombly claims that he was invited to demonstrate his generator in front of the U.N. and the United States Senate. Why, if the “powers that be” are so afraid of his machine, would they invite him to present it in front of them? Wouldn’t that be extremely dangerous for them to do, if as Thrive implies these official bodies have a strong vested interest in suppressing devices such as Trombly’s? After all, if his invention actually worked, they’d be stuck, wouldn’t they?

Think about it. If Trombly demonstrated his machine in front of the UN and the Senate and it actually worked, an effort at suppression taking place after the demonstration would be much harder to “sell” in the face of verified evidence of the machine’s operation. Why would the conspirators take this risk? If they weren’t yet sure his machine worked, they would not have to have a demonstration in their open chamber to determine this before they invited him—they could easily send someone out to Trombly’s lab and have him demonstrate the machine to them, and then they would report back to their superiors. Therefore, there is no point in having him demonstrate the machine in front of them if there is any chance that it would make their ultimate aim of suppressing the technology harder rather than easier.

To those who say, “Oh, but they obviously rigged the demonstration precisely to discredit Trombly!”, I reply, first, that there is no evidence of it, and second, that this too would be unnecessarily risky. If the UN and the Senate are afraid that the machine works, and they need to screw around with the conditions of the test to make sure Trombly fails in a public forum, they are exposing themselves to further risk—their efforts at rigging the test might not succeed, and even if they did, others who were there could testify that the test was rigged.

We have already presented evidence (Posner’s fact-checking) that Trombly’s machine never worked to begin with. It makes little sense that conspiratorial forces would exert any effort to suppress a machine that doesn’t work, and no sense at all that, even if they did exert this effort, a key piece of the case demonstrating Trombly’s failure had the potential to backfire publicly and complicate the effort at suppression.

Why, then, would the Senate and the U.N. invite somebody like Adam Trombly to demonstrate in front of them a machine that works on a principle that violates the laws of physics and for which there is no evidence that it actually works?

The answer is quite simple: they’re bending over backwards to demonstrate that they are not suppressing this sort of technology. As you can see from this blog, any rational person certainly has good reason to be skeptical that Trombly’s machine can do what he says it does. However, if you invite Trombly to demonstrate his machine in front of you, even despite this extreme skepticism, you have given him the benefit of every possible doubt. If his machine fails under those conditions, you can be certain that there was nothing there of substance to begin with.

[UPDATE: In light of recent discoveries, it seems likely that the U.S. Senate test in 1989 was in fact a test of a machine that did something totally different than the machine the film claims Mr. Trombly invented supposedly does. Scroll to the end for that update.]

Are Trombly’s claims reliable?

I am not going to spoon-feed an answer to this question to you, the readers of this blog. I invite you to draw your own conclusions. Keep in mind:

    Adam Trombly does not appear to have academic credentials in physics. (If I am wrong about this, and readers can present evidence that he does, I will correct this blog immediately).
    Adam Trombly claims that his machine does something that we believe to be impossible given our current understanding of the laws of physics.
    Trombly’s design was the basis for a machine built in India and investigated, and found not to work at all.
    Trombly has not presented any evidence that his machine actually works.
    Trombly has not presented any evidence that his design has been suppressed by the government and/or business interests.
    In direct logical contradiction to his claim of suppression, he admits he was invited to demonstrate his device in an open forum before some of the very official bodies who are part of the institutions he claims are suppressing him—which would entail considerable risk to the suppression plot, if his claims were true.

None of these six points are absolutely conclusive on their own (though I would argue that points 3 and 4 are pretty close to conclusive). However, all six points together definitely seem to point unmistakably in a certain direction.

I’m sure Adam Trombly is a nice person, and from the movie he seems to be a smart person. I for one would love to have a beer with him and have him explain to me how his device works. On the basis of the evidence I have seen—and the evidence I haven’t seen that I would like to see—I am skeptical that his claims of building working “free energy” devices are correct.

Update 16 March 2012

This article cannot be taken in isolation. Please see this article which presents additional information on Adam Trombly and the claims made in Thrive.

In short, a person, David Farnsworth, has come forward stating that (I) Adam Trombly did not actually build the machine shown in Thrive, which was actually built by David Farnsworth; and (II) that the machine shown in Thrive does something totally different than the movie claims it does–in other words, that it is not in fact a “free energy” or “zero point energy” device. This was the device tested in front of the Senate in 1989 (or possibly 1988), which explains the issue regarding that test–it’s not evidence of government suppression of “free energy” because the device shown, and then allegedly suppressed, was not a “free energy” device to begin with.

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