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  1. Anthony

    New title: Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work

    ...afraid that that dark side of himself would overcome him and that he would hurt those he loved. I don't know if Jennifer Ashley read Aleta Edwards' Fear of the Abyss, but themes from that book keep recurring in the series. , what kept Elliot from succumbing to darkness and despair and losing...
  2. Anthony

    New title: Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work

    ...quotes from the book and some general remarks: One recurring theme so far in the series is straight up from Fear of the Abyss by Aleta Edwards: "He'd always been terrified that his father would rise up within him-the father who had beaten and belittled him and his brothers." I find it...
  3. Persej

    Daydreaming/Imagination/Memory and relation to environment

    You were very lucky to find such a friend and go through the process of dismantling your fantasy. I was not so lucky. I am sure that many psychologist share the same view. That is why you cannot find MD in DSM manual. That is why there are no books about it. That is why people with MD complain...
  4. Maat

    Daydreaming/Imagination/Memory and relation to environment

    However, here is what Aleta Edwards says about fantasy/daydreaming in Fear of the Abyss :
  5. Chu

    Fear of the Abyss in Spanish - ¡El miedo al abismo en español!

    ¡Tenemos el agrado de informales que El miedo al abismo, de la Dra. Aleta Edwards está finalmente disponible en español! Muchas gracias a quienes lo hicieron posible, y a todos aquellos que supieron esperarlo pacientemente. :clap::thup: El miedo al abismo - Les Editions Pilule Rouge Muy...
  6. 987baz

    "Healing Developmental Trauma" by L. Heller and A. LaPierre

    Thanks Ant22, I have Fear of the Abyss on my kindle, like you I think I read about 20% of it or so and that's about as far as I got, I will get back to it once I am done with this and the other books from the reading list. I haven't read Scattered, only When the Body Says No, by Mate, ADD is...
  7. Ant22

    "Healing Developmental Trauma" by L. Heller and A. LaPierre

    ...own oblivion, the first book that dealt with shame I encountered was Fear of the Abyss: Healing the Wounds of Shame & Perfectionism by Aleta Edwards. I actually stopped reading after around 20% because I'm not much of a perfectionist and the whole shame thing just didn't seem to fit. That's...
  8. Chu

    La peur de l'Abîme en français ! - Fear of the Abyss in French!

    Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que La peur de l’abîme, du Dr Aleta Edwards est désormais disponible en français ! Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont rendu cela possible, et à tous ceux qui ont attendu patiemment. :clap: :thup: Il sera bientôt disponible sur Amazon, la FNAC, votre...
  9. seeker2seer

    Éiriú-Eolas - Breathing Program

    ...them at least weekly for the about the last 3 years. To give some context, for the last two months I have been working through the Aleta Edwards book "Facing the Abyss" with a professional counselor. I discovered I do have the Perfectionism, Control, and Shame (PCS) personality described in...
  10. Palinurus

    In great need of help it is sometimes called but necessary nevertheless. Here are two topics that could help you cope or get used to the idea you have to shine some light into these gaps: Fear Of The Abyss - Aleta Edwards Show #38 - Dr. Aleta Edwards Interview: Fear of the Abyss Hope this helps you out a...
  11. Approaching Infinity

    New book from RPP: Fear of the Abyss by Aleta Edwards

    Hey everyone, I just want to announce that RPP's edition of Fear of the Abyss is now available on Red Pill Press, CreateSpace, and Amazon! (Kindle is coming soon.) Here are the links:
  12. 3DStudent

    How do I know I'm not an organic portal?

    ...need is from not feeling you're good enough, or feelings of shame? If so, Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff and Fear of The Abyss by Aleta Edwards may be helpful books. I don't think you will lose those qualities if you don't work on yourself. They may be dampened though. People in everyday...
  13. Shared Joy

    I feel loss and grief.

    Hi Claudia, Please give you some time to process all these impressions, as many things can be reactivated and surface: Use self-contemplation as much you can without jumping to conclusions. Sometimes the information is too much to be processed at once. It took you many years of denial to turn...
  14. Marina9

    Brain Over Binge

    ...somewhere else. And I really second what Keit mentioned, rewiring the brain takes lots of work, don't be too harsh on urself, Aleta Edwards says something really nice about treating urself with the compassion you would treat someone else :) u'll see that as time goes by if you have any...
  15. ClaudiaYG

    I feel loss and grief.

    ...Now I think they did what they could with what they had, within their capabilities. We have a reading group and we are right now with Aleta Edwards' "Fear of the Abyss" and I identify myself a litle less with the PCS personality after a relapse of the auto-immune condition I have. My...
  16. Marina9

    Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy - Treatment for Depression

    ...It reminded me a bit of Fear to the Abyss too. The good thing I find with this type of books is the useful tools they give you, like Aleta Edwards and her exercises, I do believe if we commit to working on them we could be able to see true changes. Also having this books along with a...
  17. Marina9

    A good addition to journaling / Cognitive Behavorial Therapy ABC Worksheet

    ...or conditionals, and working with those will take us to the central "issue" we have.. the so called monster, which is something Aleta Edwards talks about in Fear to the Abyss, the Abyss we just don't want to discover cause we fear it's a huge monster.... So we were practicing this exercise...
  18. Psalehesost

    Almost creepily accurate 'Color Oracle'

    ..."consulted" it twice; each time I found out much of value. Basically, the first time around, it helped me see the issues described in Aleta Edwards' Fear of the Abyss from a different perspective. It made a number of things click, and was one part of what led to some fairly recent and useful...
  19. patty2292

    Dialectic toolset - black vs white

    Very well put RedFox. What it reminded me of was a section from Fear of the Abyss by Aleta Edwards: It is addressing, as you have said, to acknowledge those black and whites, your good and bads to come to a realization that they actually exist. As with alot of people, with every good trait...
  20. Keyhole

    Which psychology book should I read next?

    ...on who you are now and what programmes you have acquired along the way. "Fear of the abyss: Healing the wounds of perfectionism and shame" by Aleta Edwards was a must read for ME. But as I said, it is entirely dependent on you. You could try Brain Changer, Redirect, Women who run with wolves
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