11 June 2020 Capital of Turkey (Ankara) Is that a dragon in cloud?


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Interesting video . some thing is there whether it is biological or not. My guess it is not biological. some rim or small part of visible part of non-organic item like ship.

What I find it is interesting is watching the video in slowest speed. It looked to me like opening, closing portal interaction with white streaks of lightening, intense white like explosion, sudden darkness. light doesn't look like coming from the top of the earth's atmosphere, from the middle and the some time white light, some times soft blue sky type of thing, some times completely dark. May be i am imagining. But it is weird.


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I am suspicious too about this dragon. I mean the Cs talked about display of extreme weather, windows fallers, that the Lizzies are reptile looking... so maybe it is one of these things or just an hoax. We have to wait and see if such a thing is reported again.
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