2 Dreams- "The Satanic image"


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-"The Satanic Image" (c. 2005-2009)

The dream opened with me standing at the top of the stairs looking down (7 stairs) into the basement of our house. There was a lot of stuff down there, but what was more important was the little, bright red dot that shone exactly on whatever I was looking at. Ever seen the light of a laser pointer hit a surface? It was like that, and it was as if it was “coming out” of my eyes. You know, laser-precision vision, only literally.

Anyway, I was looking at the dot and how it moved when I moved my sight, when an image started to form in the air in front of me near the bottom of the stairs. It looked similar to a large sheet of rectangular, art/drawing paper and on this page formed three consecutive images.

The first image I cannot remember.

The second image was actually a b/w rendition of a stained-glass picture that I had seen in the basement window of someone's house. The person had just propped this “window” on the ledge, and leaned it against one of the basement windows inside to allow the light to shine through it. From what I can remember, it was a simple image of the Christian cross on top of a hill with a swirl (artistic representation of the torn cloak) around it. After this image had formed on the “paper” in front of me, an idea sparked in my head which made me openly say with an inquisitive, almost enthusiastic vibe, “Hey, show me a Satanic image.”

The second image disappeared and in its place was the third image that appeared to be drawn and shaded in pencil of a young man standing with his right-arm stretched out in front of him, and his index finger pointing directly at me. He was staring straight at me. He looked like a healthy, strong but not overly muscular, clean-cut man of about 25-ish, with no beard or glasses, and wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up just past the elbows. It was a full body portrait but I do not remember his pants or shoes. But I do remember his face. He had an “intent” look; firm but not scornful or angry. I later realized that this “drawing” was surprisingly similar to the WWII Uncle Sam “I WANT YOU for the U.S. Army” posters, but with a stronger, slightly fierce look on his face.

Now, there was another component that accompanied this final image. I already didn’t expect to see something so simple, and in hindsight I remember thinking just how un-Christian (and "un-Hollywood") it was. And I certainly did not expect to feel the overwhelming power that emitted from it. It was CRUSHING. It’s a bit hard to describe but it felt neither cold nor hot. I guess it had a sort of "coolness" to it and maybe a certain “spikiness”, but more than that it was just the sheer volume. It was so strong that it made me wince continuously while trying to defend against it which I could not. Along with this, there was also a sound inside my left ear of a loud, sustained, high-pitched tone. The dream faded out and I woke up quite rattled.

-“Thy Will Be Done” (some time after the “Satanic Image" dream)

I don’t remember much about this dream. It was always quite vague but I do remember the ending.

I was standing in front of four or five people (all male, I think). I don’t remember their faces (but I remember they did have faces) and I was talking to the lead man. I think he was trying to get me to do something (?), I’m not sure because I could not understand what he was saying, but, needless-to-say, I did not agree, and then the whole scene in front of me changed. Everything got really dark, the people became “shadows/dark men”, and the same energy onslaught and high-pitched sound described in the "Satanic Image" dream started “flowing” directly at me. I winced and started to crumble but then something happened. I “relaxed” and the energy onslaught dissipated allowing me to recover a bit. I then “tensed up” again and the onslaught resumed. I “relaxed” once more and the onslaught subsided and almost disappeared before the dream faded and I woke up.

This was different. It was like I could decide to allow the onslaught to affect me or not whereas in the “Satanic Image” dream, I couldn’t. This overwhelming energy used in both dreams was the same. It felt exactly the same. (As a side note, I realize that most people (myself included) will see this as an energy attack of some sort. And this might be correct. But as I type this, it occurs to me that the energy might just be "who they are"; the energy is the drawing and the drawing is the energy, possibly.)

Now, I’m not quite sure how this happened (or even if it's relevant, as in, I don't know if these two dreams are somehow related) but I can only guess I “learned something” in the time between having those two dreams that enabled me to know there was an option of how to not be affected by that energy. But I don’t know what specifically, if anything at all.

Might the second dream be a case of “attachment” or something else (I'm aware there are options)?
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