2013 Crop Circles


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Yes, truly pathetic, for which we are accustomed, possibly the first false cc of the season. :rolleyes:


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Thanks for opening the thread! I've thought about it but there weren't any CC that I could find yet. Seems like we have an opening bid now though!

*Looks at crop circle*

No worries though, it's only the beginning.

Pretty sure we won't be disappointed this year again. ;)

Let's keep em' coming!


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Despite having a very cold (and even record-setting cold spring), the grass seems to have gone to seed early this spring! Good news for my lawn, as I try to wait until it goes to seed before the first mowing. I don't know how the unusual springs around the globe will affect any of this.


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I have something quite similar near my house, don't know if it can be qualified as a crop circle.
Perhaps I'll get a picture soon.


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Can't say this one, reported May 13th in Northeastern Tennessee looks any better? Aeial view would help.


BLT Research has reported a crop circle found in a hay-field in rural Tennessee. The circle was found on May 13, 2013 in a field near the town of Gray, which is in northeastern Tennessee near the border with Virginia. Nancy Talbott, the president of BLT, says, “The design is reported as consisting of two ‘half-moon’ shapes facing in opposite directions connected by a ‘bar’ of some kind, with two complete circles ‘inside’ each of the half-moons.”

The circle is in high grass that has been reportedly pushed down, and there are no footsteps or vehicle tracks leading up to the formation.

BLT tracks crop circles in the United States on their website at: http://www.bltresearch.com/usacropcircles


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And this one is supposed to be the first official one:

East Field, nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 2nd June.



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This star-and-crescent one doesn't look genuine to me. The eastern point on the star is almost disconnected from the others, and it just doesn't have the symmetry one would expect. Lopsided and messy.

On the other hand, perhaps the crop had grown up by the time the photo was taken? :/


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jonnyopinion said:
Crop Circles are actually part of a marketing campaign for Tesco.
Suggest you use emoticons if you're telling a joke otherwise it looks like you actually believe it.
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