2020 US Election - Let The Games Begin!


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Wait, what?!? That's quite a bit of a jump. Disney has had a 'no fly zone' since 2003...
Okay. But it doesn't show up on the software if it's not active. That's all Monkey Werx is doing: reporting on TFR's as they emerge.

Also, it may be somewhat different, these temporary flight restrictions.


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So, Ashli Babbitt's killer yet to be arrested/charged (?), but this guy has:

Man accused of throwing fire extinguisher at police during Capitol riot arrested in Pennsylvania

[My note: article has video of the incident - fire extinguisher was thrown from a distance and hit/ricocheted, 3 officers struck - typical spin of event but a separate incident from Sicknick's death? Pic from different article]

Pictured: The FBI says this is an image of Robert Sanford during the riots in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.
A retired Pennsylvania firefighter has been arrested and now faces charges in connection to throwing a fire extinguisher at police during last week’s deadly mob attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters.
According to court documents filed Thursday, 55-year-old Robert Sanford of Chester, Pa., faces federal felony charges, including assaulting a police officer, after authorities identified Sanford in footage showing a man throwing a fire extinguisher toward police.

“The video was shot from an elevated position and showed an area of the Capitol with a large group of police officers surrounded on at least three sides by a group of insurrectionists,” the court filing states.
In the footage, according to the court documents, the fire extinguisher can be seen hitting one officer wearing a helmet before it ricochets and strikes an officer without a helmet. The object then ricochets again and strikes a third officer in the head. That officer was wearing a helmet.

The incident was separate from an ongoing investigation into the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who reportedly died after being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher during the Jan. 6 riot.
Sanford, who recently retired from the Chester Fire Department according to court documents, was also charged with disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, civil disorder and unlawfully entering the Capitol building.

Authorities said the FBI earlier this week had asked the public to help identify a man in video footage wearing a hat with the letters, “CFD.” A friend who was aware that Sanford was on the Capitol grounds during the riot contacted police after seeing the FBI photos.
According to The Associated Press, Sanford is due in federal court in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon, though authorities said the case will be prosecuted in Washington, D.C.

Court documents did not indicate whether Sanford has an attorney to represent him at this time.
The Justice Department has so far brought more than 70 criminal cases in connection with last week’s pro-Trump riot that occurred as a joint session of Congress met to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

Five people died amid the chaos, including Sicknick and a woman shot by a plainclothes officer. Three others died of “medical emergencies” near the Capitol grounds.
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And this on Sott:

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So prepping the people to launch something under the guise of imminent (faux) Chinese threat rather than stolen election? Save the Republic from foreign attack/spies/traitors thus soothing public's outrage over Capitol riot/protest? Trump becomes hero again? :huh::nuts:
I dont know, just watching the show ☕🍻


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What happened to Pompeo's confident statement: "Yes, there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration"?

He is finally sounding like Trump is leaving office, or at least he is:



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If you look very carefully at 3:15 into this video analysis you can clearly see a paramilitary figure (helmet and gloves and I think face mask clearly visible) sticking out from the left side door return on the other side of the glass partition (from the viewers perspective) pointing a hand gun directly in the direction as the planted agitators break through the glass, seconds before she tried to climb through and was shot.

View attachment 41754

I suggest any investigation begins by finding out who this is and why they do not appear to be dressed as per normal police.
If you watch a longer clip, you can clearly see it was a man in a suit.


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I fear that 6/1 will have greater implications than 9/11 will ever had. Many lefties now spout the words ''domestic terrorists''. Reminds me of the Bush regime and how they used terrorism to further their goals. Only this it's the Left and they are not going to war with some schaduwly force overseas. But right here at home. Patriots, nationalists and Christians are their main target and they really really want this war.



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Additional article on Sanford - time expired to link:

Quite the interesting vid in this article - starts (following ad) saying two officers have been suspended (not Bailey) for their actions during the riot. Have to say, it really looks bad regarding the protestors. Interestingly enough, includes clip of AB being shot but the shooter's wrist area/face - like Ashli's face - is blurred out! :shock: Now saying black cop a hero for purposely leading mob away from senate chamber after noticing door was open - thought the mob already knew the building layout and had a plan to go in and lynch black dems!

No matter how you look at it, this whole thing was really, really bad - a tragedy all around. 😢


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Quite the interesting vid in this article
That vid is gone now - replaced with another. Probably realized the blurred shooter's face/wrist was a problem.

ADDED: Quoting that Sanford admitted marching to Capitol on Trump's orders!
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