2024 Crop Circles

Just noting the crop circle's possible depiction of planets does not match our solar system: Mars is twice the size of Earth, there's a small planet between an Jupiter and an over-sized Saturn, a questionable depiction of Uranus and Neptune and no Pluto, of course. Also curious is that there are "planets" contained within the crescent at left and the "S" in the middle.


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urning it vertically that looks like a coccyx / vestigial tail (root chakra) between the legs of a human stylized into circles. Up top, the hand is touching the waves of the crown chakra communing with the cosmic knowledge. But that's just me, I'm no expert.
I thought the same thing. Other impressions include that there is something "goddess-like" about this one. As the Cs have said before, comets, goddesses and plasma shapes in the sky are connected:

From Session 28 May 2013:
What is important about the above is the “Third Man Theme” which was part of the next question:

(L) And then in 1999, I came back to the topic again:

(L) Then in 2003, Ark was asking some questions about background cosmic radiation:

(L) Now, at the time of that particular session on August 17th, we were living in Auch in 43 degree heat. It had been probably the hottest summer ever in France. People were dying by the thousands. 20,000 people died in France in the heat that year, and we were dealing with that horrible situation with that evil Dutch landlord. So, it really WAS quite an event that the weather finally broke and we got rain. It was thunderous and stormy. Ark's previous question about dark matter, followed by his question about the weather breakthrough being a sign of a breakthrough in our own situation, and your answer that “one day there will be sheets of rain”, was quite interesting. Within a few months, we were able to move to this house things did improve for us in many respects. But then in 2011 there was this issue of cracked airplane windows that were occurring in numerous places around the world. There were several news reports. I don't know if anybody remembers those, but we archived them on Sott.net. So Andromeda asked at the time:

(L) So that was the last reference to the term that is exercising my mind right now: “sheets of rain”, and what brought it to my mind was of course the current state of the planet which is quite dire as far as I can see. There are enormous amounts of rain falling in many, many places. It's been raining here almost continuously since December at least, and we had rain before that. (Perceval) It's still snowing in a lot of places. (L) It's snowing in places, and you just mentioned that in this last excerpt... You said, "Sheets of rain, or dust plus electricity. Snow too." And Belibaste asked, "Because there's more dust between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth." Is that what we're looking at in the term “sheets of rain”? Something that conducts electricity... Is this related to these extreme amounts of rainfall and snowfall? Is it all electrical phenomena, like even the jetstream and all that sort of thing?

A: Indeed, and the rain can conduct.

Q: (L) Okay, so going back to my triple goddess viewed through sheets of rain, since I now have a different understanding of what these "gods" and "goddesses" represented, that they probably were cometary bodies... What you're saying, or what I'm assuming you're saying, is the triple goddess viewed through sheets of rain is essentially a comet or comets? Is it electrical discharges? (Belibaste) The cause of the sheets of rain might be the triple goddess, i.e. triple comet. (L) Oh... Is Belibaste right on that? That the cause of the sheets of rain could be a triple cometary body?

A: Close. Also consider plasma shapes including those that may appear "chalice like".

Q: (Belibaste) This cometary body is highly charged, and because of potential difference, there's a discharge with the surface of earth, in the atmosphere, leading to sheets and rain and thunders and plasma sheath which can have a chalice shape. (L) What has recently been working in my mind is the observation that when the earth is in a comet dust stream, it apparently affects the weather profoundly. That means a lot of cloud cover and rain. This seems to have been true about past events in history. I noticed that I didn’t get a single viewing day for one of the recent comets. So I began to wonder just what the deal was. How could the ancients have seen the alleged comet gods if the sky was under cloud cover most of the time! So this might explain it. There were close passages and plasma discharges viewed through cloud cover or “sheets of rain” and we know that some of the plasma formations can be quite anthropomorphic looking among other shapes. (Perceval) It seems it's a compounding effect where cometary bodies have electric effects on the planet that disrupt the planet in different ways that may cause increased precipitation, which then allows for further cometary activity? (Ark) Well, but I would like to ask about what is the nature of the dust? Earth origin or cometary origin?

A: Cometary, and some still holds charge.

Q: (L) Well, we've certainly been having, in addition to all of this rain, a veritable sprinkle storm of little meteorites that hit people's houses, and hit people's cars. It's getting to the point where it's like weekly and sometimes multiple times a week. It's not - I don't believe - a phenomenon of people simply reporting it more or noticing it more. It's just like freaking bizarre!

A: See opening remarks.

Q: (L) You mean "new world coming", well a new world coming means that the old world has to go. That doesn't strike me as being entirely pleasant.

A: You have long been aware of the cataclysmic nature of cosmic transitions, why get nervous now that it is at the door?

Q: (Perceval) Stage fright! (L) Yes, stage fright. Okay, going along our list of questions... Along the same line: What percentage of fireballs or other celestial visitors actually come to our attention?

A: 43 percent.

Q: (L) What is the percentage increase observed or otherwise in fireballs over this time last year?

A: 26 percent.

Q: (L) What caused the wildfires in the west of the UK and Ireland this past April? (Perceval) It was when the ground was still quite cold, and winter was still holding on, and there were hundreds of wildfires in the gorse and low scrub all long the west coast of Scotland.

A: You noted that it came after the Russian event?

Q: (Perceval) We figured it could be connected.

A: Connect the dots!

Q: (Perceval) Probably on the same latitude roughly, as well. (L) And a similar thing happened in California in early May. Is that still going in the same direction?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, let me ask this: Considering this whole sheets of rain discussion – sheets of conductive dust or rain – is it possible that some of these fires could due to some kind of electrical conductivity and not necessarily a visible fireball that you'd see streaking through the sky?

A: Oh indeed.
An overview of the triple goddess:

Triple Goddess (Neopaganism) - Wikipedia

For some reason "s waves" popped into my mind when viewing this one, then I thought of gravity waves.
Reported July 14, more pictures here :

Normanton Down Barrows, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire​


A beautiful "circle" and a sensible farmer. I hope visitors will do as he asks and use the tramlines to access the circle.
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