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In connection with the Coronavirus, I received a link to a video by Nyla Nguyen who has a Youtube channel 3D to 5D Consciousness. So far it is a channel with less than 60,000 views at the time of writing. There are no doubt many similar channels, so this is just an example where I try to approach the material and check the origins of terms used. The challenge with such work is that it takes time. The benefit is gaining knowledge and expressing the process of weeding and finding out what might be of value, which is a situation one is faced with very often when reading something, listening to something, watching something or talking to someone. Before adressing the content, here is some introductory remarks. And if you like to skip the details due to time, skip to the conclusion.
Re: List of disinformators?

Just a reminder that the C's said (in Session 020223), in response to a question about a particular source, "All is of value if examined with an open mind and proper perspective." The concept of "perspective" is strong throughout the sessions (you can review occurrences of that word in the sessions to see it), and often goes hand-in-hand with the recommendation to cultivate objectivity. So, even disinformation may be of value if you can recognize it as such -- easier said than done, of course. This is a complicated topic.
Re: List of disinformators?
That's very well put PopHistorian. For example, if NOS was to look for the long thread on this forum on David Icke's work, he'd see how complicated it is to reach a point where you can say this person or that person is a 'disinformator' or this/that information is disinformation. It takes work, but the process of doing it is fun and, more importantly, the things you learn in one area can be applied to other areas in ways you weren't expecting.
In https://cassiopaea.org/forum/thread...history-of-channeling-and-disinformation.695/ there is in the introduction to the eminent series on channels and disinformation:
Channel Watch 001

"Remember, there is much disinformation to weed through."
- The Cassiopaeans, Session 950924

Q: (L) Is there anything further you can tell us about this?
A: Time to read [source].
Q: (L) But didn't you tell us that [source] was a disinformation artist?
A: Yes, but can you weed?
- The Cassiopaeans, Session 960609
Why weeding is important is explained in this excerpt that follows the above a bit further down:
The PTB (Powers That Be -- the human oligarchy and their other-dimensional controllers) who run this planet certainly would find it to be a dangerous message that the people, and not they, have the true power. Why do they fear this message?

Q: (L) Do demons and evil spirits fear anything?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they fear any power that we, as humans, possess?
A: Yes. Knowledge.
A: The truth shall set you free... as you are imprisoned!
A: Truth exposes lies for those who need to learn.

Casteneda wrote, "The predator's mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now."

Signs of the Times research suggests that these PTB do all they can to program us for dependence upon leaders, whether they be political, religious, cultural, or whatever. Jane Roberts died in 1984, after less than twenty years of channeling work.
When one weeds, it happens one is not careful, and a useful plant is taken out; it also happens one does not weed enough to make the useful plants visible. In general, the process of weeding has to be adjusted to the size of the plants and apart from weeding, some plants may need a stick to lean on, or water if the earth has become too loose. But if the intention is right and one knows how to distinguish between the weeds and the non-weeds then weeding is better than no weeding.

The title was: Mainstream media taken over by White Hats, DUMBS bombed by Alliance, Vatican Arrest Updates, & more
If one takes just the headline, then there is:
"White Hats"
This term I found used by post writers in the Q Anon thread, one can make a search for ”hats”
Otherwise it is a term used in the hacking community according to the article from Norton Security White hats are those who use their hacking skills for legal or authorised purposes and black hats are those who use the skills to commit crime.
While we are on Q Anon perhaps this is what in the video is calle "q intel".
q intel has already shared with us 06:04 that 80% of the information shared at 06:07 the mainstream media is optics it's 06:10 purely for illusions 20% is truth for 06:15 the people so you have to do a lot of 06:17 background research lot digging to find 06:19 out what's really going on behind the 06:21 scene okay
This statement, I think is fitting also to the content of this Youtube Channel, but that is probably not what the viewers expect. Except for this hint, they are not much encouraged to search deeper on their own.
DUMBs is Deep Underground Military Bases. Secret underground facilities have been mentioned in many sources and are not a surprise, only I did not know the acronym.
It is expected of the viewer that he or she believes that there is the Alliance, the good ETS (extraterrestials) as well as negative aliens.
01:01 just want to make a quick disclaimer for 01:04 the people who do not believe in the 01:06 Galactic's who do not believe in 01:08 extraterrestrial positive or negative 01:11 this channel is probably not gonna be 01:13 for you
PopHistorian has made a couple of threads that may say something about the origin of the Alliance and Galactics:
Alliance has taken control of the Main Stream Media
you guys we have confirmation that the 08:42 Alliance has taken over the mainstream 08:45media yay
Does that mean that from now on we can believe the Main Stream Media ;-)
An example of how the White Hats, the DUMBs and the Alliance are connected in the video
okay Fox News 02:15 appeared on my youtube feed and it was 02:17 sure 02:18 an image that Salt Lake City in Utah had 02:22 an earthquake okay right away alarms 02:25 went off in my intuition and I knew this 02:28 is not an earthquake 02:30 this was the Alliance doing an attack on 02:34 the dumps the deep underground military 02:38 bases that the dark ones were operating 02:42 okay 02:43 now how did I know this information well 02:45 earthquakes like this don't happen just 02:48 spontaneously I know we're in a war 02:51 right now I know there's negative aliens 02:55 underneath this planet and above this 02:58 planet and right now the Galactic ETS 03:00 are working with the White Hats in the 03:03 military to systematically remove all 03:06 these negative aliens from the planet 03:09 but they're also shutting down all of 03:11 these deep underground military bases
It reads as if the above is channeled information from her own mind, she doesn’t question or test its validity. I would not say there may not be more to an earthquake than the mere shaking of the ground, but I still think it is stretch to interpret the event as done.
”Vatican Arrest Update”
She has an idea that when celebrity politician have been identified as having Covid-19, then it is code for them having been arrested for crimes against humanity. There is no evidence for this being true except Sauron has given her this information, so it must be true? Of course not, but that is what she thinks.
I told you in the last video the Pope 06:50 has been arrested all the Pope's all the 06:53 banking officers have been arrested but 06:57 now Sauron from the Delta plane Delta 07:02 forces has given us information that 07:05 when you are hearing reports of 07:07 celebrities politicians all these 07:10 high-profile people gang the corona 07:12 virus infection it is code word for it 07:16 they have been arrested for crimes 07:18 against humanity
If she is really into channeling "Sauron" then there are a couple of threads on this subject:
Laura posted in 2006 an excerpt from Michael Topper:
This article should be read by anyone who seeks to channel on their own. It should also be read by anyone interested in reading channeled material.
Since this thread appears in a thread about COINTELPRO here are two article:
Aliens and Cosmic Cointelpro
Sauron (disambiguation) - Wikipedia gives several possibilities and while it may be different one it gives an idea of the background.
Sauron is a fictional character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth fantasy writings, and the title of one of the three games in the board game Middle Earth based on the character.
Sauron may also refer to:
Sauron (comics), a character in the Marvel Comics universe
Dictator Sauron, a character in the game Steel Empire
Sauron, a Tyrannosaurus character in the game Primal Rage
Sauron, a character in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
Sauron, a robot from the webcomic Anima: Age of the Robots
Sauron, a planet in the CoDominium (book series) universe
Sauron, a planet in the game Escape Velocity (video game)
"Delta Force"
I had difficulties identifying the right one among those listed below :) but perhaps the suggestions gives an idea of what could be behind this name:
Delta Force is a United States military special operations unit.
The term may also refer to:
Emergency Response Unit (Norway), a division of the Norwegian Police Service
Project DELTA, a Vietnam War era United States special forces unit
Delta Force F.C., a Nigerian football club
Delta Force: America Strikes Back! (role playing game) Task Force Games developed RPG from 1986
Delta Force video game series
Delta Force (video game), a 1998 video game
Delta Force 2, a 1999 video game
Delta Force: Land Warrior
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger
Delta Force: Urban Warfare
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down – Team Sabre
Delta Force: Xtreme
Delta Force: Xtreme 2
Delta Force: Angel Falls
Delta Force
feature film series
The Delta Force aka "Delta Force 1", a 1986 action movie
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990 film), second action movie in the series
Delta Force 3: The Killing Game (1991 film), third action movie in the series
This idea of arrests keeps coming up several times including as a justification for the lockdown. This is not backed up by much else than subjective speculations:
The 37:39 Alliance have used this opportunity to 37:42 flip the switch on the Illuminati and 37:45 this is why they're doing mass arrests 37:47 as a cover-up this is why everybody's 37:49 under quarantine so you're off the 37:51 street schools are shut down things are 37:54 closed
There is also a segment which is more true, it occurs in minute 36:43-37:38. It compares the number of dead from Coronavirus so far with the number from the Black Death, the Spanish Flu and the Swine flu. Corona virus is so far much less deadly and the medias have generated a panic. This is followed by a claim that the Coronavirus only affects those who have 5G in their neighbourhood (Minute 40:35-40:41) which is not true, as there are people in areas without 5G that have been infected with the Coronavirus.
Red Pilled - Delta Forces save the truth about religion kept secret in the Vatican
the Delta forces have put up a 07:40 protection field against the documents 07:44 that were kept in the Vatican so they're 07:48 ensuring that these documents are safe 07:50 and protected and they will be released 07:52 to the public so we know the truth about 07:54 religion because with the collapse of 07:56 the Vatican's that means the church is 07:59 going to collapse as well - that people 08:01 are going to be brought up to speed in 08:04 awakening in terms of the in terms of 08:08 what's really going on with religion on 08:10 what the truth probably much explained 08:12 exposing the truth about their religion 08:14 so these people will be red pilled and 08:17 they have to option they can either 08:19 align with truth or they gotta be 08:22 aligned with the falsehood narrative 08:25 that that we've been living in they've 08:26 been fed for the last 2,000 years so we 08:29 prepare for that there's gonna be mass 08:31 awakening for religion it's very soon 08:33 okay
The above claims are pretty wild. It may be true that people will reevaluate religion, but it will not come from the Delta Forces having protected some documents in the Vatican. What could be true it that there are some people that manage to extricate the truth in the Bible and the New Testament and sort of hidden in plain sight as discussed in many other threads on the forum.
Above there is a mention of the red pill of Matrix fame. This following might serve as a comment:
It is in this context of the Matrix, and realizing that the inner knowledge of many great mystery teachings down through the ages have presented the same, or a similar concept, that I have come to view the phenomena and interactions of our world. Such a view certainly produces results of becoming “free” from the controls of this Matrix, so I can say that in terms of experiment, it produces replicable results. However, as Morpheus explained to Neo in the movie: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around; what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand; most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Were you listening to me Neo, or were you looking at the woman in the red dress? They will fight to protect it … We could just as well re-write this to say: When you are inside the Matrix, you look around and see Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, Zoroastrians, Wiccans, Magicians … most of these people are not ready to be unplugged … they are so hopelessly inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Were you listening to me, or were you listening to that Zionist Baptist Evangelist, or purveyor of Magick and mumbo jumbo?

Knight-Jadczyk, Laura. The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive (pp. 61-62). Red Pill Press. Kindle Edition.
Facebook and Google censor algorithms removed?
Next she thinks that Google and Facebook views have gone up because their censorship algorithm has been removed, but is this believable?
here's another good news Google and 14:02 Facebook algorithm has been removed 14:06 their censorship algorithm has been 14:09 removed this is the reason why you're 14:11 seeing a huge spike in my viewership 14:13 this is why you've seen a huge spike in 14:15 my subscribers I suspected for a very 14:18 long time that my channel was heavily 14:20 censored I mean it took me almost a year 14:23 to gain 1000
I don’t think one can reason as done above. Maybe it is just a result of the Coronavirus lockdown inspiring people to ask questions. However, considering how many assumptions and "weeds" there are in the video, maybe it was even promoted by the algorithm, but we can't answer this question.
DNA is mentioned and some awareness that manipulations are taking place, while it may not be exactly as described it is not far of, but this happens in other ways too, like eating GMO food, poisons
03:26 a lot of secret space program they do a 03:29 lot genetic manipulation to our DNA so 03:32 there's a lot of negative things that 03:34 are doing down on these underground
Ihave 5g technology installed everywhere 39:49 there what they're doing is they're 39:51 cranking up the 5g frequency but barring 39:54 the people with these frequency it 39:56 destroys your DNA this is already been 39:59 proven by many scientists and many 40:01 doctors that 5g technology is extremely 40:04 dangerous it completely destroys your 40:06 DNA remember in my last video I told you 40:08 guys that they're going after your DNA 40:10 they've trying to destroy your DNA 40:12 because your DNA is changing for the 40:14 better it's getting stronger 40:16 we're coming more telepathic or we're 40:19 coming more psychic and empathic we're 40:22 developing basically our galactic 40:23 abilities and they're doing everything 40:26 to suppress these ability to suppress 40:29 our ascension
About Ascension there is much in Secret History of the World, or one can do a search ascension | Cassiopaea
3D to 5D consciousness
In the introduction to the channel it says:
This channel is about transforming your current state of being from 3D/4D level of consciousness to 5D consciousness. 5D level of consciousness is where your highest and best version of yourself resides, and it is who you must become in order to attain the kingdom of heaven from within yourself.
Here it is not clear what D stands for, Dimension or Density, and while there is truth to the necessity of working on oneself, it is hard to see how believing all the "weeds" propagated in this video can be helpful.
Twin Flame, old soul and starseed
The introduction to the Channel gives a summary of the New Age CV: which includes being "a Twin Flame, an old soul and a starseed".
A Twin Flame apparently is one better than a soul mate, see Quora. I tried to find out who came up with the concept, but someone claimed it was a topic that was old and had different names, An Australian composer Claire Buchholz collected a few quotes from Plato. (And while beside the topic, I should mention she makes very pleasant music with a classical touch). Starseeds has several meanings but is in the New Age interpretation explained in this Wiki where it is mentioned that star people was a Native Indian Concept.
Activated for a mission
an old soul, and a starseed who has volunteered (many thousands years ago) for this special mission. With the new portal opening on March 20, 2019. I have been recently activated and I know my mission and what I have came here to do.
Is that important so that she may be believed? I tried to find out what portal opened on March 20, 2019 and only found 3-3-3 Portal March 21st 2019 | Zoëland Maybe it was the 20th in North America while already the 21st in Europe.
To get and idea of what Zoë is saying there is again the Galactic Federation
I, Zoë, together with the Galactic Federation of Light ask you to participate in this co-creation between worlds by setting high and powerful intentions for the collective. The most important is to visualize peace, co-operation and connection in love and respect, heart to heart, between humans. Visualize that the highest Good penetrates the old structures where greed and power struggles prevail. Use the power of Light and Love, and let it transform the darkness to Light. Be Light. Be Love.
Zoë calls herself Zoë Devi, maybe because she has had many Indian yogi teachers and teaches kundalini yoga, she has a degree in biochemistry, has performed as a vocalist, on TV, is a psychic from an early age, and promotes Nordic Light Healing™ Reconnective Healing® The Reconnection® etc. Activation of DNA is also mentioned. It is hard to say if this Zoë is the origin of some of the beliefs held by Nyla Nguyen, or if it simply an expression of the current beliefs held in some New Age communities. I don't know.
To conclude, and if I am too harsh make a comment and correct me, but in this video all that is said about the "White Hats" is neither backed up or probable. The Galactic Delta Force exploits with regard to the Deep Underground Military Bases and protecting secret documents in the Vatican so religious truth can come out, are also not credible. That the Alliance has taken control with the Main Stream Media is ridiculous. Read the papers and see the nonsense we are being fed every day, or is that what their Alliance does? And the Sauron informations? I have to admit it was funny to discover the origin of some of these names in the world of fiction, military and computer games. The Covid-19 "information" that celebrity politicians having Covid-19 is code for them having been arrested for crimes against humanity or that only those get Covid-19 who have 5G in the neigbourhood only puts more doubts. It is more difficult to find redeeming features. Perhaps the idea of the DNA holding potentials that can be tampered with, that there are both positive and negative cosmic forces/aliens, that humanity can develop, and that the Covid-19 is not as dangerous, as it is hyped up to be, are plus point.

Put on the scales the delusions are substantial, they dominate and overshadow, but how it could get this far is understandable, as onesided reliance on intuition, channeling, card reading, (also in the video) and dubious unquestioned sources and concepts will only help to confuse. In a world where many have either chosen, or been led to deselect, even despise sciences concerned with the real world in favour of the arts and social sciences of the postmodern variety, or who have chosen to spend time on simple entertainment, or massive consumption of fiction, movies, games etc, or who are so overworked they have no time to think, then support for content, as found in this video, can not come as any surprise. The remedy, if desired, is more real knowledge because false knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all.
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