9/11 - Illuminati plan TOTALLY revealed first time - what was genius



September 18, 2006 - This very page becomes the first page worldwide to TOTALLY expose 9/11 - Illuminati stage Mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan.

So why was the complete puzzle so difficult to solve?
Basically the plan worked due to three reasons that reflect the features of End Times Reductionism, the OPPOSITE of genius:
- total illuminati control of mass media;
- totally terrorized sheep (see staging the "Pentagon crash");
- totally brainwashed sheep (which includes not being willing to admit total illuminati control of mass media).

You need to review the basic pieces of that plan to finally see what was genius:

- the basic idea to implement the plan of hijacked planes, the core lie: no planes, second "jet" inserted by mass media;

- the only technical detail revealing genius, was (litterally) the core cover-up: demolition of the WTC cores, using a mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement, upwards directed;

- the choice of the combination of personalities used to convince people, in the first days and in the first year, about the "passengers". Ted Olson was just a conspirator celebrating the murder of his wife; for the sheep Barbara Olson was one of the last personalities that they would imagine that the "conservatives" would murder, but that was not the case for anyone aware of how the illuminati had closed all controversies about Clinton immediately after his "acquital". That proved that Barbara Olson was not playing an illuminati role.
Genius was the choice of the other one, Lisa Beamer, the one that really mattered all along the first year, the period of time that really mattered in the illuminati planning, who was truly grieving the death of her husband. And as planned, she didn't get it, until that was irrelevant for the illuminati.

At that time, they were already rolling.


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come on Matt, tell us somethin we don't know :)


I'll tell ya somethin ya don't know!!

The control pressure of the STS is now really on because we NOW have free energy from Hydrino resonant-transfer plasmas (www.blacklightpower.com) which were once used by ancient people in caves all over the world. Sounds unlikely?

Well... scientists do not know how light was being produced in the chambers of the Huashan hills, China (www.humanresonance.org/huashan.html) or at La Man
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