9/11 Museum: "necessary to debunk bogus conspiracy theories"


The Living Force
USA Today
Weekend Edition
August 20-22, 2010

Excerpts from the cover story:

At Ground Zero, controversy shadows emotional tributes
Flap over nearby mosque is just one point of contention

When the 9/11 museum opens in two years, it will contains personal items donated by the victims' families "to show posterity that at the start of the 21st century, there were people with achievements, passions and dreams that terrorism could not erase."

"Some families are boycotting the appeal because of misgivings that the museum now being build in the Trade Center's foundation pit." [Of course, no mention of the "misgivings" millions of Americans have about the 9/11 Commission cover-up] "They complain that this location will be unsafe in case of attack; that it will devote too much attention to [repeat mantra here] the al-Qaeda terrorists who hijacked two airliners and crashed them into the Trade Center's towers..."

"Museum officials respond that the underground site helps tell the story of 9/11 [vs "the truth of 9/11"] by showing visitors the Trade Center's footings."

They went on to say the museum is important because "the terrorists' role must be explained, in part to debunk bogus conspiracy theories"

In other words, a mere memorial is not adequate for the task. Instead, an emotionally-charged museum (filled with personal momentos of the victims) is required to guarantee ongoing reinforcement of official propaganda.

It all begs the question, if the "conspiracy theories" are so "bogus", why all the effort to debunk them.

Maybe it's wishful thinking for now, but in the "new world" maybe we should build a psychopath museum because the psychopaths' role must be explained to debunk all their conspiracies. Or maybe we could establish something like the Historic Landmarks Commission. But instead of installing markers indicating "Washington Slept Here," ours would say, "Psychopaths Destroyed This" (e.g. along the Gulf of Mexico, on Wall Street, etc.).

Edit: I forgot describe the memorial pool. By perfectly symbolizing the nature of STS, it inadvertently tells more truth about the matter than the museum ever will:

The pool is framed by a plaque of the victims' names, from which water falls 20-30 feet to the bottom of a huge pit, where it all then drains into a dark void in the center! (Maybe some of those 6th density STO beings on the crop circle committee "inspired" this design to "awaken" visitors.)


Dagobah Resident
Shades of holocaust museums.......the list goes on and the objective remains the same!

_http://www.campaigner-unbound.0catch.com/secrets_of_inner_elite/secrets_known_only_to_inner_elite.htm said:
Global conspiracies which function succeed by establishing "controlled environments" around the minds of the credulous masses of the world. Such a controlled environment is summed up efficiently by stating that the credulous masses are ruled by mythologies, and that the elites rule such masses by creating, shaping, and manipulating the mythologies. The methods employed by Joseph Goebbels and carried further by British intelligence networks for creating and manipulating the mythologies of credulous masses through control of all or at least key portions of the press and radio and television, are the center of modern techniques to this effect.


A Disturbance in the Force
Maybe it's time for the truther organisations to get together and build a truth museum where we debunk the bogus Al-Qaeda hijacker conspiracy theory.
There is plenty of evidence out there, and there are also a lot of victims families who now know the truth and would be willing to add their testimonies.
I can just see it - full-screen presentations of the best 9/11 truth videos, careful frame-by-frame dissection of the bogus MSM footage. Of course the place would probably be shut down within a week on some pretext, but hey, I can dream can't I?
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