A neverending love


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This is a podcast about dealing with the death of our doggies conducted by Glenn Cooke and Pat Stuart of Canine Paradigm. Guest is Birdy O'Sheedy, clinical psychologist and qualified dog trainer who recently had to put her dog Luna down. This podcast is somewhat unique in that Glenn and Pat work and train high end, high drive dogs for police and military applications as well as their pet dog and people training interests, but in this podcast they are both open and vulnerable about the loss of their dogs. It's nice to see men be open about their emotions. Birdy combines both her clinical psychology and dog training qualification to help people with their personal growth goals. She discusses her experience of recently having to euthanise, or as she puts it, transition her dog, Luna. I really enjoyed the podcast.

Edited to add: Language warning - Glenn and Pat don't filter!
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