A short visit into the Shadow Valley


The Force is Strong With This One
It’s during the day light I go down that stairs which start at the ground level of the street. A right descent, maybe 9 foot down, and then the first level, a hall where at the right is found a counter. At the right of the counter is a cylindrical box, maybe of brass with a net surface like handwork straw, but I’m not sure of these details. Within the box there are many 6 foot rods iron made. Weapon-like I thought. One of the sticks ends with a fork, is trident-like. I could take that one to defend myself… you know, just in case, after all is a frightening place.

However it was too late for that because then I notice an administrator into the counter, he is a six or seven foot Plutonian figure. He does not look nice or with good mood. Holding the fork he uses it to hit my naked legs pushing me to the left of the counter where a spiraled stairway goes even more down. By the way I am not using clothes or shoes, unless maybe some shorts, nearly nude.

We go down the spiral, three or more turns maybe. Meanwhile I try to gain his sympathy with some small talk but he does not pay much attention to it. Then I stop when I see down a big saloon. Right in front some young cows roam the barren and constrict room. I know there are others but I stare only that light brown one right in front of my eyes. Gosh, I remember these calves; I used to see them when I was a kid. The place now feels even scarier than before.
Then I see at my left giant scorpions, nine foot long I think. One is red but the one who really calls my attention is deep bright blue. Into its back is inscribed a number, it reads thirty-three. A great fear takes my being. I need to leave this place before I get imprisoned there along the calves.

Even that holding little chance of success, anyway fast I manage to go back up the spiral stairway. No one hinders me, but I am ready to fight with my clean hands to the death if necessary. I reach again the entrance hall. Pluto waits me there.
This time he addresses me in a polite manner. I ask him, “Why are you now gentle while before you were so rude?” He says, “Because you arrived late.” It’s true. I was supposed to arrive at the beginning of the morning but only at noon I was there. However obviously such should not imply punishment anyway. “What do you want?” I ask.

“That you write about this,” he says. “See, there is something to you.” I can care less to any payments from that situation but right before I can tell him something he brings me a Dominos’ cardboard. Opening the cover, I notice inside it a mixture of jewels with a cheese covert. It’s a pizza after all. Not willing to accept that anyway still, moved by curiosity, I check into the jewels, which seem like a necklace of big pearls. White they are, maybe also some black ones, not sure. There are other jewels in there but all is a mess with the cheesy mass. What inappropriate bribe is this anyway, I think. I am not even a bit hungry. Yet though I hadn’t took any piece of that food, at the same time I am chewing a little piece of that cake mass. It’s tasteless, no flavor.


The Force is Strong With This One
The bellow illustration (in public domain) to this dream may turn it more accessible and comprehensive.

Yet considering that sadly I have failed to post images with their size properly sighted, —they’ve appeared only like thumb-images— I don’t know whether this one will be displayed correct or not. If not, would be helpful if someone fixed it to a more visible dimension (for example, 849x601 pixels or more).

Isle of the Dead - 1880 A Bocklin.jpg

As I see it, I picked this impressive painting as a potent clue —truly many ones— associated with this dream. This is the 1880 painting, titled Die Toteninsel (Isle of the Dead), made by Arnold Bocklin. Also the 1883 and 1886 versions add noteworthy details —yet little less inspired than this one, though you can think into other way ;-). Besides, to complete this night, into a good frame, there is a hidden couple of nights —a set that stands out. I know this is a long shot, yet for me this recalls as stated by the C’s,
Session, 29th July 2006:
Ok […] Leo 3 nights! […] We said “next stop.”
Session, December 28, 1996:
Q: (V) How come I can’t get a straight answer?
A: Seek and find, tis fun!
Anyway, there are fabulous myths connected to all this. With attention and contemplation I can also recall and so clarify, some statements generously left by the C’s —truly a fun Search in which one may also perceive it fruitful. Anyway, “One image mirrors thousand words.”
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