A technical question about how to keep videos from BitChute


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I am not sure if I am in the right thread. Sorry if not.

Since I know how to listen videos from youtube in my mobile phone and keeping them in my computer, I would like to know how to keep videos from BitChute and be able to used them in my mobile phone? Is there a special program that I can use, similar of the program that I use with Youtube videos?

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I use Bitchute Download, works, too.
On some players, the Firefox menu right click shows 'save video' or 'save',
to me, thats a new feature.
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There's at least one more way to save videos from Bitchute and Rumble: On page, where the video is, right click mouse button --> Save page as.. .

It should create a folder, where the video is to be downloaded. In that folder, among other files is a file whose extension is .mp4. That's the video file. All the other files can then be dumped.

In Windows, to see the extensions of files, in folder settings, "Hide extensions for known file types" should be unchecked, though.

I have used that trick with Firefox and Waterfox.
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