A whale filmed near Solta, Croatia


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A spectacular sight - a whale filmed near Solta

This one is a little blury: Splićani snimili kitove: 'Nikada ih nisam vidio, divan osjećaj!'
People from Split recorded the whales: 'I've never seen them, wonderful feeling!' When a whale comes out of the sea it looks like a tanker. Only now did I realize how small we were. For the first time, I saw a whale and realized how powerful a mammal was, said one of his friends

According to 3 creatures you may encounter sailing! - Yacht Charter Croatia:
Whales are quite rare in the Adriatic. The Adriatic is often to shallow, or too warm for whales, but every now and then a whale, or a group of whales wander into the Adriatic. Now, if you see a whale on your sailing holiday in Croatia, consider yourself extremely lucky, and perhaps try buying a lottery ticket! Fin and Sperm whales where spotted a couple of years back in the Adriatic.
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