About Antarctica

There seems to be a lot of hubbub going on among the elites there right now, since the discovery of lake Vostok in the 50s, the ensuing research over the years, the advance of the new ice age, the visits very recently by John Kerry during the election, and Buzz Aldren at his advanced age.
And now this: Satellite spots MASSIVE object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica
Have they found something world changing there?
what is the nature of their finding? a city? A giant amazon type forest? an alien structure? a recently discovered magma dome?
an affect of the wave perhaps and more evidence of the world "opening"

Just my ponderings. If the crew thinks it would be an interesting question I would love to read what the Cs might have to say about it.

Thank you,

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I would like to ask also a few questions about what's happening in Antarctica, as Cliff High of halfpasthuman.com also talks abou it extensively

some links

_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVAI07f-5M0 Clif High-2017 Predictions on Everything with Greg Hunter

at minute 45 - they talk about the new discoveries made, mainly related to energy, new technologies- as the context changes we are going through need new inventions.
He deems that the discoveries will be a source of wealth for humanity, as they consist of precious technologies to be revealed and applied.

He also has some further interviews posted and he comes back consistently to Antarctica, because that it seems to be a huge emotional attachment existing concerning this issue.

He put special emphasis on the accelerated speed of changes which will reshape our thinking, as only being present in the present will help understanding and being able to take appropriate decisions and actions. Sort of what the Tao te Ching says:

Nurture the darkness of your soul
until you become whole.
Can you do this and not fail?
Can you focus your life-breath until you become
supple as a newborn child?

While you cleanse your inner vision
will you be found without fault?
Can you love people and lead them
without forcing your will on them?
When Heaven gives and takes away
can you be content with the outcome?
When you understand all things
can you step back from your own understanding?

Giving birth and nourishing,
making without possessing,
expecting nothing in return.
To grow, yet not to control:
This is the mysterious virtue.


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Well it seems that some kind of interesting dynamics is taking place on Antarctica - a number of quite tony bases were built there... Kerry visited ole Shackleton's hut there:


Those new bases look almost some kind of Space Stations, Brazilian, South Korean, Indian, German, China soon will have FOUR bases:





How do you build in the most isolated place on Earth? For decades Antarctica - the only continent with no indigenous population - hosted only the simplest huts as human shelters. But, as Matthew Teller finds out, architecture in the coldest, driest, windiest reaches of our planet is getting snazzier.


And even if you could reach it yourself, like all Antarctic research stations Comandante Ferraz will be closed to the public. Virtually nobody other than the crews posted there will ever see it in the flesh. So why, you may ask, spend so much on architectural style? Wouldn't a dull but functional building do just as well?


What is the explanation for this architectural flamboyance?

"Antarctic stations have become the equivalent of embassies on the ice," says Prof Anne-Marie Brady, editor-in-chief of the Polar Journal and author of China as a Polar Great Power.

"They are showcases for a nation's interests in Antarctica - status symbols."

From: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38574003


FWIW, Joseph P. Farrell wrote and posted this on his website _https://gizadeathstar.com/

January 17, 2017

2016 closed in its final months and weeks with a series of very weird stories about Antarctica. First, we saw the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill III, visit the continent, ostensibly to bless the Russian Orthodox chapel at the Russian bases there. As I pointed out at that time, that story just didn't sit entirely comfortably with me, as any Orthodox bishop could have done that. Why get the Patriarch involved? Following his visit, there were stories on the internet that the Saudis(!) had found something at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, which they turned over to Russia (for some not adequately explained reason) so that the Patriarch could take whatever it was to Antarctica and perform "ancient rituals" over it and remove it from endangering The Rest of Humanity.

Needless to say, I didn't buy the idea, for many reasons, not the least of which was that I can't imagine the (out)House of Saud turning anything over to the Russians for Christian rituals to be performed over it, especially if, as the story suggested, it was some sort of ancient high technology.

Following all that strangeness was the visit of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry to the southern polar continent. The spin for that story was almost as ridiculous as the Saudis-found-something-and-gave-it-to-the-Russians story, for we were told that the Secretary had made his visit because of a personal interest in "climate change." Well, maybe, but the circumstances of the visit, during an otherwise exclusively diplomatic junket, seem odd. Why the side trip to satisfy personal interests in climate change? After all, he's the chief diplomat of the U.S.A., and a simple phone call at Foggy Bottom would have had piles of climate change data and analysis on his desk in Washington in a matter of minutes. As I noted last year about this story, this trip suggested a diplomatic purpose. After all, diplomats talk and negotiate, all of which raises the issue of who Mr. Kerry might have been talking to and negotiating with down there, especially since the U.S.A. maintains relationships with all the countries that have a presence in Antarctica.

But it quickly became even stranger when former Apollo 11 astronaut and "second man on the Moon" Buzz Aldrin went to Antarctica, after texting he was about to go to the launchpad. Those words were, as I noted at the time, capable of two possible interpretations, the more likely one being that, as a former astronaut, he was simply using astronaut-speak for boarding the airplane that would take him there. The other possibility was that he was referring to Antarctica itself as the "launchpad," and of course, that raises all sorts of sticky issues, especially in the context of Mr. Kerry's visit and its weird potentialities. Moreover, once in Antarctica, Mr. Aldrian promptly became sick (with exactly what we're not informed), and had to be emergency-evacuated to New Zealand.

Things became even stranger when regular readers here emailed me various articles about other famous or "connected" people visiting Antarctica, which included, among others, a British prince and the late King Juan Carlos of Spain.
As I began to conjecture what might be drawing all this recent attention, one possibility that I entertained was "they found something," something possibility of historical, cultural, or even technological importance, or all three. At that point, I received articles about the alleged pyramid, about which I remain skeptical in a 60-40 kind of way, 60 percent on the skeptical side, and 40 percent on the "it sure looks like a pyramidal structure" side.

Now, a new "thing" has appeared, according to this recent article shared by many readers here:
What is this fort doing in Antarctica? Motte and bailey castle remains emerge from icecap

OK. "Motte and bailey" may be a bit much, for there are lots of ifs here, and one of them is, of course, that photos can be photoshopped rather easily these days, and even put on Google earth. Nor is there any real evidence here that the article's conclusion is correct, namely, that this represents some ancient construction, rather than a modern one. After all, much going on in Antarctica is secret, and what we are told is subject to all the previously-mentioned caveats and hedges. But, I have to be honest, here my intuition leans to the genuineness of the photo, and to the artificiality of what it is showing; it's a "something artificial" in a region supposedly where such a thing shouldn't be present. The question really is, if this is the case, then what is it, and how old is it?

And that idea makes me move my pyramid skepticism marker to the 55-45 ratio, and not the 60-40 one. Add to this the new attention on the large underground gravitational anomaly that has recently been reported about Antarctica, and we have a very curious picture indeed. Take the "pyramid" and this "structure" together and I'm 55-45.

So why am I bothering you with an article and objects I'm 55 percent skeptical about, and 45 percent positive about?
And the answer is, when one views these stories in the context of visits by King Juan Carlos, John Kerry, Kiril III, and Buzz Aldrin, not to mention British Princes in recent years, and not to mention that strange relationship of Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering to the southern continent via the Nazi expedition there, then the scenario of "they've found something they're not talking about" gains more corroboration, and pyramids and structures might provide the clue: they've found something old, artificial, and therefore, the remains of a lost civilization.

And we all know what myth lies at the center of that conception, and for our purposes, it's wise and prudent to recall that that lost civilization was said to be warlike, and possessed of strange advanced technologies, by some people's lights.


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I've been reading a thing this week (about 40 pages) compiled by Cliff High with some near-future predictions. Some kind of important discovery in Antarctica is all over the 2017 predictions. Something about people joining the military just to get a chance to go there, like a sealed access gold rush.


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I'm reminded of the C's talking about the Earth opening up as well as the race of "new" humans coming up from underground. I think that if this block of ice breaks off, even if we don't literally SEE anything happen, it may be what's happening. Like the C's said before, 4d events will manifest here as "natural" Earth changes. Very symbolic that John Kerry was there on election day. I also keep thinking that John McCain is one of these reanimated WWII corpses every time I see a picture of him. There's something particularly zombie-like about him :)

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From the Session 2 December 1995

Q: (L) Did the Germans construct a time machine during WWII?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) They actually did it?

A: Ja.

Q: (L) Were the German experiments in time travel carried to the U.S. after the war?

A: In splintered form.

Q: (L) Did the U.S. take possession of a time machine constructed by the Germans?

A: No.

Q: (L) Why not?

A: Was taken elsewhere.

Q: (L) Where?

A: Mausenberg, Neufriedland.

Q: (L) Still in Germany?

A: Nein!

Q: (L) Where is Mausenberg?

A: Antarktiklandt.

Q: (L) Who is in control of or running this machine?

A: Klaus Grimmschackler.

Q: (L) I didn't mean a specific person, a group. Americans or Germans?

A: Deutsche.

Q: (L) Did they use this machine to transport themselves there and also in time?

A: Has been performed in Glophen in gestalt, bit, yie aire das gluppen und werstalt de vir seinderfor bidde.

Q: (L) Why are you giving this so that we don't understand?

A: Sorry, got the transmissions mixed up due to subject matter.

Q: (L) Getting back to this German time machine: did the Germans capture a crashed, or retrieve a crashed, UFO during the war?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who was flying that craft - excuse me - OPERATING that craft?

A: Grays.

Q: (L) Were the Germans able to back engineer and construct other craft similar to the one they captured?

A: Did not need to. They got the information on such things from channeled sources.

Q: (L) Did the Germans get the information from the Vril Society?

A: Partly. Also Thule Society.

Q: (L) These individuals who have this time machine in Antarctica, what are they doing with it or what do they plan to do with it?

A: Exploring time sectors through loop of cylinder.

Q: (L) What is a loop of cylinder?

A: Complex, but is profile in 4th through 6th density.

Q: (L) Are there any particular goals that they have in doing this "time exploration?"

A: Not up to present, as you measure it.

Q: (L) Well, if they escaped and took this time machine to Antarctica, are they working with any of the so-called "aliens?"

A: 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Are these Germans and their time machine, any part of the plan to take over earth when it moves into 4th density.

A: Maybe.

And from the same session explanation of strange appearances:

Q: (L) I saw a film at Roxannes's house last month where very strange UFO's were seen, and she called them Merkabahs. They were like gigantic, translucent, living creatures - sort of like jelly fish - and they would appear and fade... what were these things?

A: 6th density manifestations through realm precursor wave influence pockets.

Q: (L) It seemed that the person who was filming these things could literally call them up. How was he able to do that?

A: Magnetic trine of loco-points on grid matrix interact with thought form projections.

Q: (L) Does this mean that there is something extraordinary about the person?

A: Just from subconscious parallel transformation standpoint.

Q: (L) Is there some way we could manifest one of these critters if we wanted to?

A: Would be exceedingly difficult, as loco-matrix is not currently in your favor.

Q: (L) So, it is partly a function of location, a grid, if you will?

A: Yes.

there is also this article on Sott


Chills and thrills are in abundance here, in Antarctica: cold as it is, but also mild weathered patches, strange phenomena...

From session 3 Dec. 1994, the already classic quote on the same:

Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning. Just you wait "Henry Higgins," just you wait!


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Maybe this Kerry's tour is some sort of vanguard for possible future exodus of elite/establishment who will follow the example of there Nazi predecessors after WWII. So maybe they are slated for assimilation by 4D STS?



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Oh I must agree! The details are quite curious and it would definitely be nice to hear what the C's have to say in all of this. Thanks all for the great recap!
Yes, many thanks for the recap! The recent satellite image really has my curiosity piqued. And the stories of nicer micro climate zones there now.


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Apparently Donald Drumpf is of German decent and his family is closely related to the Heinz.
John Kerry,s wife, I believe is a Heinz. A whole lot of people seem to think good things are coming, but
I recall the C,s saying that what happened to the native Americans was a trial run, or something to that effect.
Will Donald Trump ever hold the presidency, and if he does, will he represent the American people, or be just one more
United States corporate CEO?
We sure do live in interesting times, it boggles the mind to even try to figure how it,s all going to play out.

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Well, on the last Session the C's said:

A: They are driven by a lust for money which equals power in your world. Plus the drivers of 4D STS agency to establish total control before changes of a cosmic nature.

and also

A: It's all about balance. The measure of creativity can be approximated by the depth and duration of the plunge. Note however, the effort required to pull in inspiration is high at present due to massing of negative energies around your planet

War on any new front wouldn't do it. Maybe new technologies that enable that level of control by superseeding current vital technologies? Perhaps an enhanced mind control grid? Maybe the geographic position of Antarctica allow for those technologies to be applied.

It could be something out of our physical reach. And, combined with the unstoppable Wave, could all give rise to unprecedented cosmic play and earth changes, bleedthroughs, some things which can't be explained with common reasoning.

On the positive side we should have equal backing from the STO beings, should we be able to use it. We are never alone, and under pressure we could do better work, provided we do some adjustments as to putting aside what is hindering our progress(be it physical, mental or emotional) and doing the work.



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HI Y'All,

I thought I would drop my 2 cents in here for what its worth. I have been hearing the same things others have posted on here. I got intrigue by this topic about a week ago and have mostly youtube myself up to date. ( i usually go the route of articles/books)

I started looking up Antartica when a recent featured article on sott by Joachim Hagopian brought up the "Hallowed Earth" theory. I started to bounce back and forth between these two points of interest, and some really strange things were being said. Before I go further, I just like to add that I grew up a huge Jules Verne fan and the mythologies associated therein, until I "grew" out of it and joined normal rationalizing "society". I figure that these weird theories should be easy enough to gather facts on to draw a conclusion and I would be back to my normal life the next day. Well not as I predicted.

I will just link a few videos that might prove to be an interesting watch, maybe with some popcorn..... and the reader can draw their own conclusions.
The first video is a good intro summary to this topic, the second goes really out there, but the people associated are pretty interesting.( it is skipable if you don't have the time) The third video is from another source that seemingly has nothing to do with the previous sources, but draws amazingly similar conclusions. The fourth one is a extrapolation of the third one, if you thought the third one was not juicy enough. Here they are in that order.

General Intro (not necessary for folks somewhat familiar with topic at hand)


Again, this one is Skippable, but well worth the individual snippets of info. This was done by two guys named David Wilock and Corey Goode, it is a article written late 2016 that they narrate on the video. If anyone has heard an honest review of these people's work/s, please link or if they are disinfo agents. The current read I have on them right now is, pretty down to earth dudes who have the least amount of agenda compare to most out there working with this type of info/knowledge.


This third one is an interview done by Greg Hunter on the work of Steve Quayle. The odd things that really pop up with the info presented by David/Corey(n they have their own story) and that of Steve Quayle is how many correlations and facts that link their research together to draw very similar conclusions. As far as I have gathered, these two separate groups have little if any connection in the real world, correct me if I m wrong.


This last one is a a longer interview done with Steve Quayle and he goes much more in depth on his research.


Again, the reader will have to draw their own conclusions as to what is our reality right now and where it might be headed. I personally like all three of the researchers, especially Steve Quayle. All three seem to be as honest as humans can get nowadays. Neither of them pronounces to know the whole truth, just their lifetime of research and experience shared with all.

I had written this post and then lost it to a webpage timeout.....now I remembered that this was a "Questions to the C's" thread. If a question can be asked, I would pass on this one. My wish is to share this in the hopes that it might help. Each of us have an individual and collective destiny to explore, I wish you all safe travels.

p.s. When the FOTCM was initially formed, I was not that keen to say I was a "born" again Christian. Steve Quayle in this respect has turn a whole new leaf for me. :)

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I have a question for the Cs regarding all the high level visitors to Antartica recently and the various rumors swirling around about something (or someone?) having been discovered there.


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Re: Antactica

Mr. Premise said:
I have a question for the Cs regarding all the high level visitors to Antactica recently and the various rumors swirling around about something (or someone?) having been discovered there.

Yeah, i herd that to. This guy gives a time line of some of the recent activity.

The Fallen Angels Imprisoned in Antarctica and are still Alive! / 19:21
Published on Mar 14, 2017
The book of Enoch seems to reveal that the fallen Angels are still alive and may very well be in Antarctica. No wonder all that strange things that happen in this barren waist land. But what is more shocking is that Enoch reveals that the fallen Angels are still effecting events and men on the earth.

Session 16 September 1995 (Fallen Angels)
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