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Shortly before I found Laura's work online, I had started to search for answers to the question of what am I supposed to do now. This was back in 2011 or so and I came across the usual stuff like the Zeitgeist film series and a few others then Icke and his videos. To someone who never followed any alien theories, it was rather strange to see a man proposing idea of reptilian shapeshifters posing as humans. I was trying to find out just what was wrong with the world we live in so I could make better decisions on what I could do and the one thing I kept looking for was answers on that level.

Years later, I still am looking for those answers but with this site and all the recommended books I have a slightly better idea. ;-) But the thing that occurs to me when others start searching for answers and they come across sites such as Icke's is the question...are they looking for answers as to what they are supposed to do or are they wanting to have others clean up the world for them? If that makes sense? For me it's about responsibility for ones self and life. As noted many times in the forum, responsibility seems to be abdicated to others for convenience and comfort.

Maybe the question of what is one supposed to do in this life is the deciding factor in what one believes and follows?
Just wanted to add, not all his views were made in the above excerpt, I didn't want to inflict a whole 3hr interview on viewers here, I like y'all too much to do that!:lol:
It is true in his latest book he is big on the prison planet theme. He sure is stating that reincarnation on this planet is hijacked by other entities and be is propagating the 'avoid the white light' narrative. And he is suggesting what Gnostics call the Demiurge, could be an AI intelligence, creating our matrix.

I have not find anywhere he states the soul is invented for the entrapment purpose though.

Regarding the danger of Icke:
besides this book, there is a sudden surge in popularity regarding the prison planet theory, with its counterpart on the other end of the spectrum: Earth is like a giant happy school. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. These prison planet types are all propagating that avoiding the white light is the way to escape the forced reincarnation-cycle. The C's state the opposite ofc.

If we the take the word of the C's in this matter as being the truth: in that case these prison planet theories certainly are dangerous: leading to more Earthbound spirits.

I must say I'm not able to dismiss the possibility the reincarnation cycle could be manipulated though. What I think is potentially the most harmfull aspect about these prison-planet theories is the tendacy to victimhood among its followers, losing willpower to change themselves/their lives/the world around them 'cause it all hopeless anyway'.

Added: on a more personal note: the books of Icke really helped me in my personal proces. I wouldnt be where I am at right if it wasnt for his extended research, especially on the more earthy conspirational topics. I do believe he is sincere, but I do not dismiss the possibility his research/ information got tainted/mixed up along the way.
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on a more personal note: the books of Icke really helped me in my personal proces. I wouldnt be where I am at right if it wasnt for his extended research, especially on the more earthy conspirational topics. I do believe he is sincere, but I do not dismiss the possibility his research/ information got tainted/mixed up along the way.

Yeah, I tend to see things in balance. He's obviously been proven right on many points over the years, it's just that on some key issues like 5d he's just plain wrong. I keep an eye on him still but mainly I'm focused on different thinkers these days. What with the mooted future of pandemic/comets/ice age/social collapse/bleed-through, well we'll have our work cut out for sure. These days we should train our minds to focus solely on the true in every situation. That's why I'm grateful for the C's cosmology re- densities and polarities of STS/STO. It provides an anchor for one's mind as we struggle to understand our worldly state.

If the future turns out to be as challenging as we suspect, then I'd expect a lot of souls, particularly boomers, are gonna be "checking out". That's why the sublime knowledge of 5d and the silver cord, with the prerequisite of a bond of faith, is so vital as part of one's spiritual arsenal. With every passing day, the C's statement that "Life is Religion" rings ever more true. How we live will determine how we die I suppose.
This David Icke vid just popped up on my YT feed, seems pretty interesting starting off. He's a bit whacky, and sometimes very irresponsible (think souls/5d/silver cord stuff), but when it comes to Lizard Beings he's on firmer ground. I've been thinking about the work of William Blake recently, and musing on his bizarre psychic life. He conversed with "Angels and Devils" on a regular basis. If he were alive today he's be derided as a raving schizophrenic, yet his insights regarding good and evil are still sublime today. He saw the creator of the world as a cold, calculating, aloof deity, and thus saw the emergence of Christ (Logos Incarnate) as a grand cosmic correction for the prior error in Being. Kinda sounds like 4d STS and Caesar, right? Indeed it does. It would seem that we are approaching a time where our environment will be altered, and will then be able to see more in the visual realm than we do currently. Blake was a kind of prototype figure in so many respects, he blazed a trail that I am still trying to get to the bottom of today. He was a truly remarkable man.

With the current war in Gaza raging, there's plenty of burnt offerings sating the thirsty forces of darkness. It's all kinda making a very sick kind of sense now. What once seemed insidious and opaque in my mind as I wrestled with conspiracy theories and different philosophies, it all now appears in crystal clarity. We do live in a realm of illusion, by choice. We see very little of what actually is in actuality. We have that peculiar tendency to lie to ourselves, and until we learn beyond that reflexive trait we will sleep soundly in a kind of vain piety. One of the things I gathered from Jordan Peterson was his idea that it's so good to harness that monstrous power that lurks within us. This is what Blake did, and he dared to stare into the mystic realms at a time when all around him was a dull conformity. He was ostracised for daring to see the unseen, in more ways than one.

We here have the concept of the Consortium, for Icke it is a secret Cult of cryptopathic human minds. He's still very much on the trail of secret societies too. With a bit of sifting there remains some genuinely good info from him, but of course even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day. Worth a listen, he doesn't ramble off-topic on this one.

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