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wouldn't the planet at that time have literally been a "Garden of Eden", where seasons never changed? If so, then what actually happened during "The Fall"?

From the Cs information “The Fall” happened because numerous Souls desired physical experience. And soon they became addicted to self-glorification of a physical sensations.

October 7, 1994

Q: (L) Regarding the "Fall" in Eden and the loss of the Edenic state, how long ago did that happen?
A: 309000 years ago approx.
Q: (L) What was the situation... what happened... what was the state of mankind?
A: Loss of faith caused knowledge and physical restrictions by outside forces.
Q: (L) What did the snake or the "tempter" represent?
A: Forces known to you as Lizzies; we have already taught you this.
Q: (L) The Sumerian story of the creation of human beings involves a story where they say they killed a god and mixed his blood and parts to mix with mud and then planted it in these female "gestation" goddesses and that this is where the human race came from. Now, this sounds an awful lot like what the "Grays" are doing at the present time. Did someone actually kill a "god", break his soul in pieces, and thereby make the human race?
A: Symbolism and not correct event sequence.
Q: (L) What was that story about? What was the real seed event?
A: Lizard beings genetically altering the human race after battle for their own feeding purposes.
Q: (L) When did these events that these Sumerian stories are talking about take place?
A: 309000 years ago, approx.
Q: (L) So, it happened so long ago that these stories have lost the truth?
A: Reflection passed down through psychic memory channel.

October 23, 1994

Q: (L) Let's go back to the three forces. You said numerous souls desired physical existence. When the numerous souls did this, how did physical existence come to be?
A: First was apelike.
Q: (L) And then what happened? Did these apelike being just pop into the air? What did the souls do with these apelike beings?
A: Souls altered them by transfer.
Q: (L) Transfer of what?
A: Souls into seeded bodies. Orion Union was first into Neanderthal.
Q: (L) The Orion souls came into Neanderthal bodies?
A: No. Put humans there for incubation process.
Q: (L) Were altered ape embryos put back into ape females for gestation?
A: No. Souls only.
Q: (L) They put the souls into the ape bodies?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Did the soul's presence in the ape body cause its genetics and DNA to change?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) They entered into living creatures on this planet to experience 3 d reality and by entering in caused mutation?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Then were altered by Orion Union first. They resemble you.
Q: (L) Who resembles us?
A: The Orions.
Q: (L) We haven't talked too much about the Orions...
A: Orion Union. There are others in Orion Community.
Q: (L) Are some of the Orions not good guys as we would term it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are some of them good guys?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, you are saying that the original creators or genetic engineers were Orions?
A: Close. The original engineers but not inhabitants.
Q: (L) Where did the souls come from that entered into the bodies on the planet earth? Were they in bodies on other planets before they came here?
A: Not this group.
Q: (L) Were they just floating around in the universe somewhere?
A: In union with the One. Have you heard the Super ancient legend of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel?
Q: (L) Who is Lucifer?
A: You. The human race.
Q: (L) Are the souls of individual humans the parts of a larger soul?
A: Yes. Close. The One. All who have fallen must learn "the hard way."
Q: (L) Are you saying that the act of wanting to experience physical reality is the act of falling?
A: You are members of a fragmented soul unit.
Q: (L) What is it about wanting to be physical is a "fall"?
A: Pleasure for the self.
Q: (L) Did, at any time, the human race live for a long time in an Edenic state, where they were able to use bodies and still have a spiritual connection?
A: Yes. But not long. No addiction takes long to close the circle.
Q: (L) So, mankind was addicted to pleasuring the self?
A: Became quickly.
Q: (L) How long from the time of the moving of souls into bodies did the "Fall" in Eden occur?
A: Not measurable. Remember Laura, there is no time when this event occurred. Time passage illusion did not exist at that point as well as many other falsehoods.
Q: (L) So you are saying that the Fall in Eden was also the beginning of time?
A: Yes.

November 26, 1994

Q: (L) The other night we were talking about the "Mark of Cain" and I lost part of the tape. I would like to go back over that a little bit more at this time. What was the true event behind the story of the "Mark of Cain?"
A: Advent of jealousy.
Q: (L) What occurred to allow jealousy to enter into human interaction?
A: Lizard takeover.
Q: (L) Wasn't the Lizard takeover an event that occurred at the time of the fall of Eden?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was this story of Cain and Abel part of that takeover?
A: Symbolism of story.
Q: (L) This was symbolic of the Lizzie takeover, the advent of jealousy, and the attitude of brother against brother, is that correct?
A: Partly. The mark of Cain means the "jealousy factor" of change facilitated by Lizard takeover of earth's vibrational frequency. Knot on spine is physical residue of DNA restriction deliberately added by Lizards. See?
Q: (L) Okay, Jan is going to move her hand up my back and you tell her when to stop at the "knot".
A: Okay.
Q: (L) You mean the occipital ridge?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What was the configuration of the spine and skull prior to this addition?
A: Spine had no ridge there. Jealousy emanates from there, you can even feel it.
Q: (L) Do any of these emotions that we have talked about that were generated by DNA breakdown, were any of these related to what Carl Sagan discusses when he talks about the "Reptilian Brain"?
A: In a roundabout way.
Q: (L) Okay, at the time this "Mark of Cain" came about, were there other humans on the planet that did not have this configuration?
A: It was added to all simultaneously.
Q: (L) How did they physically go about performing this act? What was the mechanism of this event, the nuts and bolts of it?
A: Are you ready? DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off. At that point, a number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is equally reflected in the ethereal.
Q: (L) How many people?
A: 6 billion.
Q: (L) Okay, there were this many people on the planet, how did they effect this change on all of them?
A: Light wave alteration.
Q: (L) And light waves, actual light waves, affect DNA?
A: Yes.

March 11, 1995

Q: (T) Now wait a minute. I am losing the whole train here. What were we before the "Fall?"
A: 3rd density STO.
Q: (T) Didn't you tell us that 3rd density beings could not be STO? (L) No. They said there are 3rd density STO beings. (T) We are STS at this point because of what happened then?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Okay, now, we were STO at that time. The Lizards opened the door, we are using this as an allegory, I guess, the Lizards opened the door and showed us a pot of gold hoping that we would reach in for the pot, or walk through the door, when they were waiting for us on the other side in order to take us over in some way. Am I on the right track?
A: Hoping is incorrect idea.
Q: (T) We were 3rd density STO at this time. Was this after the battle that had transpired? In other words, were we, as a 3rd density race, literally on our own at that point, as opposed to before?
A: Was battle.
Q: (L) The battle was in us?
A: Through you.
Q: (T) The battle was through us as to whether we would walk through this doorway... (L) The battle was fought through us, we were literally the battleground. (T) I got that, but I want to get back to this analogy to make sure where we are in the overall picture. The battle was going on when the door was opened. Was the battle over whether or not we walked through that door?
A: Close.
Q: (T) Okay, we were STO at that point. You have said before that on this density we have the choice of being STS or STO.
A: Oh Terry, the battle is always there, it's "when" you choose that counts!
Q: (T) Okay, so we are still looking at that pot of gold? What I am trying to find out is... there is something important here... (L) Let's back up and ask it this way: Prior to this event, humankind was or was not...
A: Prior to?
Q: (L) Okay, not prior. But, we are still talking about somewhat of a historical event in a sense even though it is all simultaneous. This event, somewhere on the cycle, was humankind all one soul, so to speak...
A: Backsliding.
Q: (T) We are moving backwards here. Okay, let's ask it this way...
A: Closer. You were with the thought waves, perhaps better to defer to him for this one.
Q: (L) It's a tough one. (T) This must tie into why the Lizards and other aliens keep telling people that they have given their consent for abduction and so forth. We were STO and now we are STS.
A: Yes, continue.
Q: (T) We are working with the analogy. The gold was an illusion. The gold was not what we perceived it to be. It was a temptation that was given to us as STO beings on 3rd density. The door was opened by the Lizards.

Q: (T) I want to go back to the analogy of the door. The door has always been there. The temptation has always been there... (J) Is there... (T) Has, is, will be... is always.
A: "When" you went for the gold, you said "Hello" to the Lizards and all that that implies.
Q: (T) Okay, that was what I was trying to get at. You said that the Lizards, or the forces of STS opened the door.
A: No. Shouldn't say opened. We said "opened" only to introduce you to the concept, so that you would understand.
Q: (L) So, let's let go of the part that somebody "opened" the door. (T) The door was always there and always open. I was just trying to work with the analogy. So, the concept is that, as STO beings we had the choice of either going for the gold or not. By going for the gold, we became STS beings because going for the gold was STS.
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And, in doing so, we ended up aligning ourselves with the 4th density Lizard Beings...
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Because they are 4th density beings and they have a lot more abilities than we at 3rd density...
A: You used to be aligned with 4th density STO.
Q: (T) And we were 3rd density STO. But, by going for the gold we aligned ourselves with 4th density STS.
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And by doing so we gave 4th density STS permission to do whatever they wish with us?
A: Close.
Q: (T) So, when they tell us that we gave them permission to abduct us, it is this they are referring to?
A: Close.
Q: (J) Go back to what they said before: "Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged." (T) We, as the human race, used our free will to switch from STO to STS. (L) So, at some level we have chosen the mess we are in and that is the Super Ancient Legend of the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. That is us. We fell by falling into that door, so to speak, going after the pot of gold, and when we fell through the door, the serpent bit us!
A: But this is a repeating syndrome.
Q: (L) Is it a repeating syndrome just for the human race or is it a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation?
A: It is the latter.
Q: (L) Is this a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation simply because it is the cyclic nature of things? Or is it as the Indians call it, Maya?
A: Either or.
(T) Was it a density shift also? The realm wave is supposed to be a density shift. A window between densities. Is there also a shifting between STO and STS. Is there a gateway that you go through? A door?

December 28, 1996

Q: Okay, do different individuals have connections to different archangels? (V) Yes, are our souls born from different archangel realms?
A: No. The soul was never created. Was/Is/Always will be.

August 28, 1999

A: 4th density in another realm, such as time/space continuum, etc.
Q: Okay, so this realm changed, as a part of the cycle; various choices were made: the human race went through the door after the 'gold,' so to speak, and became aligned with the Lizzies after the 'female energy' consorted with the wrong side, so to speak. This is what you have said. This resulted in a number of effects: the breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain...
A: Only reason for this: you play in the dirt, you're gonna get dirty.
Q: What was the motivating factor for playing in the dirt? What essential thing occurred? You said once that it was 'desire based imbalance.' What was it a desire for?
A: Increased physicality.
Q: What was the objective sought for in this desire for increased physicality?
A: Sensate.
Q: How was sensate experienced so that these beings had an idea that they could get more if they increased their physicality?
A: Not experienced, demonstrated.
Q: Demonstrated how, by who?
A: Do you not know?
Q: It was demonstrated by the Lizzies?
A: Basically.
Q: Demonstrated in what way? Did they say: 'here, try this!' Or did they demonstrate by showing or doing?
A: Closer to the latter.
Q: They were doing, experimenting, playing, and saying: 'look, we are doing this, it's so great, come here and try it?'
A: Not really. More like: "you could have this."
Q: What seemed to be so desirable about this increased physicality when they said 'you can have this?'
A: Use your imagination!
Q: Was there any understanding, or realization of any kind, that increased physicality could be like Osiris lured into his own coffin by Set? That they would then slam the lid shut and nail him in?
A: Obviously, such understanding was lacking.
Q: Sounds like a pretty naive bunch! Does the lack of this understanding reflect a lack of knowledge?
A: Of course. But more, it is desire getting in the way of...
Q: Okay. The 'Fall' occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing...
A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call "modern man" was created. The controllers had the bodies ready, they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to "jump in."
Q: So, prior to this time, this prior Edenic state...
A: Was more like 4th density.
Q: But that implies that there was some level of physicality. Was there physicality in the sense of bodies that look like present-day humans?
A: Not quite.
Q: What did these pre-fall...
A: Cannot answer because it is too complex for you to understand.
Q: Does this mean that the are experienced... that the bodies we possibly would move into as 4th density beings, assuming that one does, would also be too complex for us to understand? You are saying that this 'sort of 4th density' pre-Fall state, in terms of the physical bodies, is too complex to understand. If going back to 4th density is anything like coming from 4th density, does that mean that what we would go back to is something that is too complex to understand? This variability of physicality that you have described?
A: Yes.
Q: So, was there any kind of worship of God, or religious activity in this pre-Fall state; this Edenic, 4th density state?
A: No need when one has a clue.
Q: What I am trying to get at here, what I am trying to understand, is the transition from the goddess worship to the god worship; the change from the understanding of cyclical time as expressed in the feminine cycles, and expressed as the goddess; to the concept of linear time, expressed as the masculine principle. It seems to me that these were stages of inversion of concepts which gradually led to the ideas that the Lizzies are imposing on us, and seem to have been working in this direction for millennia - the dominator experience which expresses as: believe in something outside yourself that will save you, otherwise you are damned because the world is gonna end, and you are going to get judged. This is the concept I am trying to deal with here. I am trying to understand what was worshipped. Okay, we had these guys; they fell from Eden, but they were still fairly close to the original concepts, in some terms. Once they jumped into the physical bodies, as you put it, what was their level of conceptualization regarding the universe? Did they still retain some understanding at that point?
A: Kind of like the understanding one has after severe head trauma, vis a vis your normal understanding in your current state.
Q: So, they were traumatized; they may have had bits and pieces of ideas and memories, but they may also have lost a great deal altogether. There may have even been a sort of "coma" state of mankind for many millennia. But, after they woke up, with the bits and pieces floating around in their heads, they may have begun to attempt to piece it all together. So, they started putting it all back together. What was the first thing they put together regarding the cosmos around them?
A: Sex.
Q: What did they decide about sex? I mean, sex was there. They were having sex. Is that it?Or, did they understand the cosmos as sex?
A: More like the former. After all, that is what got you guys in this mess in the first place! Just imagine the sales job if you can: "Look how much fun this is! Want to try it?!? Oops, sorry, we forgot to tell you, you cannot go back!"
Q: I really fail to understand - and I know it is a big issue that has been hinted at and alluded to, and outright claims have been made regarding sex in all religions and mythologies - but I fail to understand the mechanics of how this can be the engineering of a 'fall.' What, precisely, are the mechanics of it? What energy is generated? How is it generated? What is the conceptualization of the misuse of this energy, or the use of the energy?
A: It is simply the introduction of the concept of self-gratification of a physical sort.
Q: On many occasions you have said that the ideal thing is to have perfect balance of physicality and ethereality. This has been said on a number of occasions. Now, I don't understand how it can be that gratification of a physical body can be the mechanics by which one is entrapped? Is it not gratifying to look at something beautiful? Is it wrong, sinful, or a form of a fall, to look at beauty, to hear something beautiful such as music, or to touch something that is sensually delightful such as a piece of silk or the skin of a loved one? These various things that the human being derives pleasure from very often elevate them to a spiritual state.
A: Possession is the key.
Q: What do you mean?
A: In STS, you possess.
Q: That's what I am saying here...
A: If you move through the beautiful flowers, the silk, the skin of another, but do not seek to possess...
Q: It seems to me that it is possible to experience all of these things, including sex, without the need or desire to possess; only to give. In which case, I still don't understand how it can be a mechanism for a 'fall.'
A: If it is desired, then the mechanism is not to give. Do you eat a piece of chocolate cake because it is good to give to the stomach?
Q: Well, you could!
A: No, in STS, which is your realm do not forget, one gives because of the pleasant sensation which results.
Q: Could it not be said that, if everything that exists is part of God, including the flesh, that if one gives to the flesh, without being attached to the giving, that it could be considered a giving to the 'All?'
A: Explain the process.

June 12th 2008

A: You must never forget that this is a real war at the deepest levels, a war for souls and the future. All of you here are crucial to the successful outcome. All sorts of ploys will be utilized to destroy your unity. This was begun at your births and includes early childhood torture at the hands of those most susceptible to control in your lives. This was intended to make dysfunctional traits that would interfere with the successful completion of your respective missions. It is a great challenge. But you knew it beforehand and were strengthened for the task.

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From the Cs information “The Fall” happened because numerous Souls desired physical experience. And soon they became addicted to self-glorification of a physical sensations.

Thanks for putting all this in one place, Kay Kim. I do remember reading a lot of this years ago, and it must have stuck in my subconscious mind because the "learning" I did keeps popping up in my posts. I need to do more forum searches before posting on threads.

I guess in one sense it is personally helpful to see where I am with my understanding, but I need to keep it to myself instead of sharing my ignorance where all can see it. Thank you, and others, for your patience. I do eventually actually learn things!


The Living Force
I need to do more forum searches before posting on threads.
That's always good, I try to do the same, often with mixed results though.

I need to keep it to myself instead of sharing my ignorance where all can see it.
But I disagree with that. By sharing you allow yourself to learn much faster since others can point out the flaws in thinking. It is painful for self-importance of our egos but hey, that's why we are here, no? To get rid of it. So keep posting, man! I enjoy your networking.


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From the Cs information “The Fall” happened because numerous Souls desired physical experience. And soon they became addicted to self-glorification of a physical sensations.
Thank you so much for posting this compilation. I would like to share something very personal that happened to me while I was reading it. I share this in hopes that it will also help someone else on their journey. I am relying on Laura and her administrators to correct errors in my thinking (and not to laugh too loudly at someone who has just fallen off the turnip truck).

While I was reading this, it was borne in on me quite powerfully that 'I', in whatever form that was, was there at the Fall, that 'I' chose to move from STO to STS, with everything that implies. Given that I am presently here on Earth in a physical body, this must be true, no matter how much I think, at the very top of my mind, that I want to be STO-aligned. On some level it's probably pretty funny that I am just now realizing something that has been known all along, but I am too appalled to laugh. Talk about a blind spot!

You're probably thinking: "Good lord! How narcissistic is that! Everyone else is involved, too." I can only say that previously for me the idea was only academic, and now it is knowledge on a very deep level. It may have dawned on me because I am carrying the crystals everywhere.

Close on the heels of this realization came another, to do with history and the revelations of the despicable machinations of certain secret groups. The slow trickle of revelations that began at the end of the 18th century and turned into a flood during the past 30 years or so, especially after internet use became widespread. The Covid flap has been especially useful for showing the Man behind the Curtain, for those with eyes to see. However, these revelations have made many people fearful and despairing - my husband won't even read about them because he doesn't want to know that such cruel acts could be perpetrated and such dreadful individuals exist. I now realize that looking at the flood of light on evil deeds can serve a very useful purpose: to help us detach from the choice to become STO. If desire got us into this mess, then it seems likely that knowledge and detachment from the pleasures of Earth life could help us make a different choice. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating suicide. I'm talking about taking what seems to me to be the first step towards an STO orientation, and that is not wanting anything for oneself, down to the very deepest level of one's soul.
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