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Using the "Search" function for Alex Collier I came up with 6 relevant threads. However, reading through them I could only find references to him being in the "same nefarious disinfo crowd" :evil:, and not much else. I recognize many of the other names, but hadn't heard of Collier, whose (1994) video seems to be making the rounds on the web.
I would appreciate if someone could direct me to a more thorough examination of, or possibly comparison w/ C's material, if something of that sort exists. Or, actually any other posts that might cover the person/subject. Or maybe I need to search in transcripts? I'm not averse to doing my own digging, either, if necessary. :cool2:
Thanks in advance.


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Actually, after being asked about Collier a number of times years ago, I put together an article chronicling our awareness of him via the Cs sessions and his connections and doings.

O.H. KRLL, Vall Valerian, the Cassiopaeans and other mysterious beings...

Strange things happen...

Those of you who have read some, most, or all of the material posted on the Cassiopaean website, are familiar with the fact that the Cassiopaeans, as a "channeled" source, stand almost alone in the presenting of the "Alien Scenario" as a Threat to mankind. You may also be familiar with the fact that, when we were first given the information regarding the "farming and harvesting" of human beings for the use of certain higher density beings, we were unilaterally distressed and wished very much to find grounds on which to reject this hypothesis. This, naturally, fueled an in-depth look at all of the literature that was available by ordinary means, as well as some that was only available via the "underground."

It is now time to tell a little bit about the background activities going on behind a number of the sessions, of which much of the material is posted here at Cassiopaea.

I was presented with copies of the now infamous "KRLL" papers in January of 1995, by a Reiki master from whom I was taking instruction and attunements. They had been given to her, and she passed them on to me, knowing of my interest in the UFO arena. I was perfectly amazed to discover threads of the same material that the Cassiopaeans were delivering woven throughout this purported "communication" from an "EBE" (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity).

We asked the Cassiopaeans about this subject even before we had read them. This extract will give the reader some idea of the great amount of discussion and commentary that went on amongst the group DURING the sessions. Sometimes it was a perfect melee of comments and differing opinions!

January 14, 1995

Q: (L) Now, I want to ask about these KRLL documents that Sally has told me about and is sending. Tell us what is the background and validity of the KRLL papers. Terry knows more about them than I do. Supposedly it is some kind of exposition written by an alien being revealing the government conspiracy. Were the KRLL papers valid? (T) KRLL was supposedly a prisoner of the United States. (L) Was there really such a being as KRLL?
A: Semi.
Q: (T) Is there any validity to the KRLL papers?
A: Semi.
Q: (T) Was it dictated by this alien being?
A: Maybe.
Q: (T) Was it put together by a human?
A: Semi.
Q: (T) Is this in the same area of UFO lore as the Cooper and Lear and Lazar and Bennewitz stuff?
A: We have told you many times... Laura, pay attention... Listen!
Q: (L) Well, you say "semi." Semi means half-way. Is it half true or half-way true?
A: Whoa! Calm down! Patience! We are trying to tell you something important, and you keep asking questions. We have told you many times to communicate with each other and network and share ideas, because that is how you LEARN and PROGRESS! But, you are beginning to rely on us for all your answers, and you do not LEARN that way!!!!!!! Now, try this, you will be thunderstruck with the results: Each of you has stored within you unlimited amounts of factual and "Earthshaking" information. This information was put into your consciousness in order for you to retrieve it in order for you to learn. Now just start by holding a discussion about the last series of questions you were trying to ask us, and "let it flow."
Q: (L) Well, if John Lear and William Cooper are saying basically the same thing the KRLL document is saying, where did they get their information?
(T) One of the rumors going on was that Moore or Lear or Bennewitz, one of these, was the one that had written the KRLL papers. There was some talk that KRLL may have been an acronymn used by the government to identify this being who gave the information which is the basis of this document.
(L) To your knowledge, would Lear or Cooper ever have been in a position, or did they ever at any time claim to have been in a position, to observe any of this activity written up in this document themselves?
(T) I don't believe that either of them have ever claimed to have been in a position to have physically observed any of this or to have been in the underground bases. They were working with information they claimed to have gotten from other sources.
(L) And what do they claim their other sources are? Unnamed?
(T) A lot of them are unnamed. Moore and Cooper claim they have inside government sources. I believe Cooper is the one who claims that he at one time worked for the military.
(L) Is he the one who claims that he was the intelligence analyst for the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet or something like that?
(T) Yes. There are several versions of the Cooper papers as he modifies and updates them. He didn't change anything really, he just cleaned them up, re-edited them and added to them.
(L) Okay, if this is the case, it would seem to me that a person would have a much better chance of having something believed if they presented it as coming from a human source who either observed or saw it. Why would they say that this is an alien dictating this when that is so far and away more unbelievable? It seems to me that if they were making it up they would have far better chance if they said a human extracted this information rather than that it is what the alien said. That would almost tend, in a backward sort of way, to make you think that maybe this KRLL dude, maybe it was true. But, the only thing about that is, if it was an alien, especially if it was an STS alien, how much of it was true? That's the question.
(T) Well, KRLL was supposed to be one of the standard Grays.
(L) Well, then, maybe we can't rely on anything he says. We can rely on the fact that it is possible that it was an alien who gave this information, but if it was one of the standard Grays, then we have been informed as to who and what they are and we have to look at the information itself as being unreliable, not necessarily the human who revealed the scenario.
(F) Well, it is not necessarily unreliable even if it is an STS source.
(L) Yes, but as STS they would undoubtedly only give information that would tend to service their position.
(F) That would seem to be the case if you look at it from the obvious angle. But, that is not necessarily true. Just because it is an STS alien, and, in fact, a cybergenetic being, that does not mean that the information is necessarily inaccurate for several reasons. For those of us who have reached a certain level of understanding, our first assumption would be that it is inaccurate, so it could be a reverse psychology ploy. Give accurate information, get those who are at a higher level of understanding to think it's inaccurate, when in actuality it is accurate.
(L) Well, do you know what it said? From what Sally tells me, it says, basically, what we have been getting from the Cassiopaeans.
(F) Well, then it is accurate.
(L) We can't make that assumption!
(T) If this is a standard cybergenetic Gray, the question is how much biological is he? Is he biological enough to pass a dissection?
(L) Sure, I think. There are reports of autopsies of these guys, they just can't figure out how they feed because they are reported to have dead-end alimentary canals.
(F) They are cybergenetic, but they look and function exactly like a biological being. If you go inside of them you will find blood and fibers and tissue and microscopic evidence...
(L) The microscopic exams, from what I have heard, reveal that they're more in the line of a plant...
(T) Yes.
(F) Which, of course, would indicate that they have been grown!
(L) Yes. Imagine chromosomal linking of human genetic information with that of the plant kingdom.
(T) You could literally grow hundreds of them easily.
(L) And plant them like seeds... and, apparently that is what they have done. People have come back who have been taken to these ships and have seen walls of containers growing these things. Like a room in a hot house.
(F) Well, there you go. We have gotten information which indicates that the Grays have access to both dimensions because they are probes of the Lizzies. And this gives us a further clue as to what a strange place 4th level is if such "probes" can be grown like plants! And, what level must fully souled 4th density beings be when we are fooled into believing their cybergenetic constructions are the "real thing!"
(T) Does this mean that the abilities of the Lizzies, since they have to create "probes" to enter our density, would not be any more advanced than, say, your everyday spirit? Without the Grays, would they be able to interact with us at all?
(F) Yes.
(L) Yes, they are, they have, they will and they do from all reports I have studied.
(F) But, there are several problems. One is their appearance is very, very alarming...
(J) They would garner a lot of attention if they walked down the street.
(T) It depends on how they dress themselves!
(L) They can shape-shift.
(F) They can shape-shift, but only for a limited period of time.
(L) Because it takes 3rd density energy to do that.
(F) That brings up something, when we were talking to Susy on the phone the other night, Susy and Barry mentioned the Men In Black. The response said that the Men In Black were "Lizard beings." In many reports of Men In Black, they have been described as very strange in numerous ways. Their voices have been described as sounding like they come from an echo chamber, and...
(T) Well, when we asked about the Men in Black in one of the sessions, what did the Cassiopaeans say? That they are "Projections."
(J) Exactly, maybe that is a clue, maybe that is how they come into our reality: as projections from 4th into 3rd.
(F) But, there is one case that always sticks in my mind, and it took place relatively recently, on April 28, 1978, a guy in Maine who had been doing UFO research, was accosted by a single Man in Black. He said the guy was very strange in many ways. He had pink... his face looked like it was covered with make-up, and, in fact, when he touched himself at one point and his face started to smear as if it was completely covered. And then, he suddenly got up and said: "Have to go now... run-n-n-ing out of e- ner-gy." Then he walked out of the house and staggered down the drive. They guy said that at that point he became somewhat disoriented as he watched the Man in Black start to stagger....
(L) He was not the Energizer Bunny! [laughter]
(F) And then the man saw a light that he at first thought was the headlight of a car, but the Man in Black walked into the light and was gone.
(J) Projections! That's how they move from 4th to 3rd.
(L) They said they project as a "triage." Remember. It was something like travel in space/time.
(T) Well, we have gotten off the discussion of KRLL, but we have certainly been led into some pretty amazing conclusions about 4th level.
(F) All of what we have worked with over the years, the ideas of it being a nuts and bolts phenomenon, which I originally thought too, and it's clear if one has been following the whole phenomenon closely, it has evolved, actually, from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, and I am not knocking nuts-and-bolts, but those who are really looking with an open mind are seeing that this is far more.
(L) Alright, here it is guys... [had been looking for references to Men In Black] ...

Q:Who or what are the Men in Black?
A: Lizard Projections.

(T) We got on to that because we were asking about the projection of the guy in the Camaro that showed up in my driveway.

Q: Does this mean that the Lizards are just projecting an image of a being?
A: Yes.
Q: The MIBs are not real in our physical terms?
A: Partly correct. You do not understand technology but we will describe it if you like. First we must explain further "time travel" because the two concepts are closely related. The first step is to artificially induce an electro-magnetic field. This opens the door between dimensions of reality. Next, thoughts must be channeled by participant in order to access reality bonding channel. They must then focus the energy to the proper dimensional bridge, the electrons must be arranged in correct frequency wave, and then the triage must be sent through realm curtain in order to balance perceptions at all density levels. Triage is as follows: 1. Matter; 2. Energy; 3. Perception of reality.

(L) In other words they send through...
(J) Holographic images.
(T) They transmit energy that takes matter here and creates what we perceive, and what we perceive depends on...
(L) It is like doing a back-flip through the realm curtain.
(T) And what the individual sees depends upon what they expect to see, which the Lizzies have to tap into first before they do the triage... that is the "reality bonding channel." If you are open to see Men in Black, even if you don't know what they are, then at some level of consciousness...
(F) But I think this is not just limited to Men In Black.
(L) Listen to this! [reads from transcript]

Q: Several times I have heard references to big rectangular boxes, I would like to know who these belong to?"
A: Lizard projections...

(L) What are they doing, projecting their whole damn reality into our world?
(F) Well, apparently part of the whole process of going from 4th density to 3rd density is the "projection" process itself. This also, of course, explains much of what we have read and heard about in terms of higher phenomena. You cannot ground it at all. So many people have fallen off the track by expecting to capture metallic craft and dissect them, and, while that does happen... That is where material science falls apart. It is stuck in a vicious cycle.
(J) Yes, and it is using it's own rules to make itself obsolete!
(F) Right!
(T) So, the bottom line is, we have simply gone beyond the KRLL stuff, the Cooper and Lear stuff, and so on.
(F) Which is one of the reasons why the Cassiopaeans keep telling us to stop asking these stupid questions.
(T) We don't need to go into all that.
(F) Yes, that's "UFO's 101."
(T) There's another thing that is even more interesting and that is that we are not alone in this density, there are other beings on other planets also. And, it just may be that some of them are coming here just to throw some more stuff in the soup to keep us confused as to which or who is what.
(F) I have a feeling, though, that probably, everything that we have experienced in the UFO area over the many years is a passage from higher levels of density to this one. I don't think that we have ever experienced a 3rd to 3rd transfer. That is just my feeling. And, it is only just now that people are beginning to realize that. In other words...
(T) Well, that is what Vallee thinks, along those lines, so he is just looking at interdimensional, because...
(F) But Vallee is also a material scientist so he is examining it in a scientific way. He is a little more open-minded than some who would just say it is impossible because we haven't discovered it yet... But, he is doing it in a very careful way.
(L) Well, have we done enough with KRLL?
(T) Yeah, I think we have done more than enough with KRLL.

At that point, we turned to other subjects.

I first became aware of the Matrix books, assembled and published by Val Valerian, the following month, in February of 1995. I was invited to visit an elderly gentleman who had been interested in UFOs for over 40 years, and he showed me his library, which contained the Matrix books. I only saw them on the shelf, and did not actually have time to open the covers, but he assured me that they were full of interesting information. At that time, I had no idea of how they would "connect" to the KRLL papers.

A week later I had received the KRLL papers from Sally and had read them by the time of the next session. I decided to ask a couple of follow up questions. This is an unpublished excerpt from the "Mutilations" session of January 21, 1995:

Q: (L) Okay, give me a quick yes or no answer on this: Dr. Paul Bennewitz - reliable, yes or no?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is his statement, as it is recorded in the KRLL papers, falsified?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is any of that statement true?
A: Partly.
Q: (L) Who is O. H. KRLL?
A: No one.
Q: (L) Is O. H. KRLL a group?
A: Symbolism. For documentary purposes only, your government likes code names.

I would like to draw attention to this last remark which, considering later revelations, seems to indicate that the individuals responsible for the KRLL papers may be government "related." Take it for what it's worth.

Q: (L) Are you implying that this piece of work was put out by the government for dissemination of the subject matter? (J) Is it disinformation?
A: Complex.
Q: (L) Give us a percentage of factual information in this document.
A: 43%
Q: (L) Are you saying that 43% is factual?
A: Close enough.
Q: (L) Okay, so, in other words, this has been planted by the government. Was it put out with the intention of giving out some factual information...
A: No. Planted? No.
Q: (L) You are saying it was not planted? (T) It was leaked purposely?
A: Your government is operating on many cross-purposes, very complicated!

Again note the "government" reference and the implication that there may be elements in the government who are interested in "informing" the public along with those interested in "disinforming" the public and various combinations of both activities.

Q: (T) Even the simplest things are very complicated with them. Okay, question: The U.S. government...
A: On purpose!
Q: (T) Very true. Question: The government, our government, the U.S. government, according to what you said earlier, is holding 36 craft of one kind or another that they have gotten in one way or another. How many other governments have alien craft?
A: All is one.
Q: (L) We already have a one-world government is what they're saying. (T) Yes, they're just waiting to make it official somehow.
A: Has been so for long time, as you measure time.
Q: (L) Let me ask this one before the tape runs out and we take a break. What is the "ultimate secret" being protected by the Consortium?
A: You are not in control of yourselves, you are an experiment.

In September of the same year, I met a young woman, an astrologer and writer on assorted metaphysical subjects, who attended the now well-know sessions of September 16 and 24th wherein the Cassiopaeans more fully explicated the subject of the Earth-Orion connection. The books were not only shown to me by this multi-talented individual, they were lent to me for a period of time, and I felt compelled to read them in their entirety so as to return them in a timely manner. They are very lengthy, and this took several weeks of daily reading many hours. (Later, I was gifted with the copies belonging to the elderly gentleman aforementioned, and now have them as permanent references.)

In any event, as I was reading them through the month of October, 1995, I saw that the KRLL papers were part of the Matrix books. I was also pretty overwhelmed with the material itself, as anyone who has read the first three volumes, one after another with very little stopping to eat or sleep will understand.

There was an address in the books and I decided to write to Val Valerian and send him some of the Cassiopaean material -. the raw transcripts from the first few sessions - and query him about his sources. I figured that I needed to share what we had quid pro quo, if I expected him to answer any of my questions. I included my phone number, and was surprised when, a short time later, he called me on the phone.

Val was very curious about the Cassiopaean contact and mentioned the fact that it was really "disconnected" and a "mess" in terms of needing editing, suggesting that he would be interested in doing it and publishing it in an upcoming "Matrix" volume.

Since I was interested in getting opinions from other people on the material we were receiving, I thought that this was a golden opportunity to "connect" with other like-minded people. I agreed to send Val everything we had received up to that point. This was, I believe, mid-November of 1995. But, I hesitated to send it all without editing out certain "sensitive" information.

In the meantime, I tried to find out what I could about him. The woman who lent me the Matrix books told me that his name was really John Grace and that he was a retired Major in the Air Force. That made me even more hesitant about sending our files.

He called again. During the course of this follow-up conversation, during which Val was urging me again to send the files, I told him that I had discovered his real identity, and that I had been thinking about what the Cassiopaeans had said about the KRLL papers, and his own connection with the military, and that I had concluded that HE was the author of the KRLL papers.

There was a LONG pregnant silence before he recovered and evaded the issue adroitly, leaving me with the impression that, since he WAS the author, I should be even more inclined to trust him because we were on the "same side" so to speak. I again agreed to send him the files.

After I sent the diskette with all our material on it, I didn't hear from Val again.

On December 2, 1995, I asked about this:

Q: (L) Now, tell me about this guy Val.
A: Learn through active pursuit of contact and observation.

But Val was not responding to the several letters I sent. I didn't have a phone number, and I was not aware of an e-mail address at this point, so I didn't know what else to do.

On December 16, 1995, I again asked why I had heard nothing:

Q: (L) Why haven't I heard from Val?
A: "Push buttons" more. Ask for more contact.

Well, I did, but I was beginning to suspect that the "learning through active pursuit of contact and observation" might not be such a positive thing in this particular case!

But then, he called twice in late December, and again in January to ask follow-up questions about the material I had sent him. I had the distinct feeling that I was being "probed" for something, but could not identify what. He asked me to send him everything as it came through. I agreed to do so.

Then silence again.

On January 13, 1996, I asked about this strange situation.

Q: What is going on with Val Valerian? He was calling every week, and I have not heard from him in almost a week.
A: He lost track of time.
Q: Why did he lose track of time?
A: Busy with many projects.

Well, he was certainly busy with many "projects." His other project seemed to be promotion of a guy named Drunvalo Melchizidek and his "Flower of Life" workshops. I read this information and was puzzled as to why Val would become involved in promoting something that was clearly not the same level of material as, say, the Michael Topper articles contained in the Matrix books.

The very next thing I heard was in an e-mail from a very knowledgeable researcher who sent me the "Stunning New Information Channelled by Alex Collier: The Andromedans!" That was the line in the Subject field of the e-mail, and I was certainly interested in reading more though I was only able to scan through it quickly at the time.

At almost the same time, I received information from another contact who had asked Val (in a personal conversation via telephone) about the Cassiopaeans, and that Val had said that he didn't want anything to do with the material because it was too "disorganized" and would require too much work to get it presentable for publication.

Well, I just dropped the whole subject for quite awhile. I had too many other things to attend to at the time.

I didn't come back to the subject until January 4th, 1997 when the following exchange occurred:

Q: (L) Now, it occurred to me tonight while writing to J, and it rather jumped into my mind while thinking how best to answer his questions, that it was very strange that Val was virtually begging me for every session I had transcribed, and I sent them to him as they were done, he called every week for awhile to discuss them, and then suddenly silence, no responses, and virtually in the next week after the last contact, he produces Alex Collier and the Andromedans. And, the funny thing I thought about recently is that Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopia! The only thing is, there is a core of information in the Andromedan stuff that is so similar, but it is wrapped in 3rd density garbage. Is it possible that the reason for this strange interaction is that the material I sent him has been, shall we say, borrowed?

Note: The above remark about the Andromendan material was my opinion at the time based on my very cursory skimming of same coupled with the growing feeling that, in interacting with Val Valerian, we might be dealing with an individual or group of individuals who made a career out of "borrowing" material and then attributing it to this or that source, in the same way the KRLL papers were put together and distributed. I wasn't even sure if Alex Collier was a real person! I had tried to get some further information about him via the internet, but had hit only brick walls. Thus, my "assumption" was based more on the Cassiopaean assessment of the KRLL papers as having a "43 percent" accuracy rating, so I applied this formula to that which I had only briefly skimmed. I leave the remark in the text because I don't like to edit the transcripts which are presented, for the most part, verbatim.

In recent times, we have been contacted by persons closely associated with Alex Collier and the Andromedan material who objected (quite rightly) to my careless comment. Thus, I took time away from the work of getting the "Wave" series completed to download and read the Andromedan material more carefully. I can now say that it is NOT accurate to say that the Andromedan material is similar to the Cassiopaean material "wrapped" in anything. In fact, after reading it, I find very little similarity at all. So, I apologize profusely to Alex Collier and his associates for the remark, but I will not remove my remark because, as many of you know, I work very hard for clarity, accuracy, and truth here on the website. Part of that truth is the fact that I am not perfect; I am learning all of these things right along with the reader. When I screw up, I admit it, try to fix it, avoid doing it again, and keep moving on.

A: Influences derived from our messages to you are to be seen more and more due to your widespread sharing of same.
Q: (L) Well, I am not objecting... I just want people to hear it, so I don't really mind...
A: Good, perhaps, but... there is much opportunity for corruption!
Q: (L) Well, that is certainly true, considering the stuff that is coming back to me about the "Wave." But I have exchanged so much information with other folks on the net that I am NOT operating in a vacuum. Things CAN be dated!

Well, this has recently come up in discussion among us again. After much more study and analysis, Ark has determined that there is a great deal of "disinformation" contained within the Matrix material. So, I went on a web search to discover what I could about the opinions of other people and possible corroborating research into this matter.

I discovered a most interesting fact: On December 22, 1995, John Lear appeared on Bob Lazar's radio talk show on KLAV in Las Vegas.

In a report by Glenn Campbell, the following remarks are made:

I think UFO Line is one of the most interesting UFO radio talk shows ever to hit the airwaves. It is not for the guests or content that I adore it so. Both have been nothing new and--at least in tonight's case--have been no different than the crapola put out every week by Art Bell. What makes this show stand out is the refreshing attitude of the boys who host it, Gene Huff and Bob Lazar, who just don't give a damn.

Tonight's guest was a surprise, and although he has always been one of the principal characters in the Lazar story, he was not on my list of potential guests in my last report (12/15). He is John Lear, the ufological wolfman who, in the words of one reviewer, "never met a UFO story he did not like and wholeheartedly endorse." [...]

Lazar asked Lear about John Grace, aka "Vladimir Valerian," (sic)and what he was up to. Lear said he was in Oregon and had a successful business [apparently selling his expensive self- published newsletters and documents, Matrix I, II, III, etc.] Lear said that Grace was a tech sergeant at Nellis when he met him and that they cooperated on the naming of a UFO document that Grace had written. They decided to attribute it to "O.H. KRLL," a name they made up.

Bill Cooper later claimed, on a TV show in Lear's presence, that he had read the same O.H. KRLL document years before while in the Navy--an impossibility.

Lear says the "O.H." meant nothing, but Cooper later claimed it meant "Original Hostage."


Lear described how Cooper's claims about what he read as a Navy petty officer seems to be continuously revised to support whatever Lear claimed. In the beginning, Lear said Cooper could personally vouch for "50%" of what Lear claimed, but within about a month it became "150%."


Gene Huff added: "Obviously, no matter what you think of Cooper, Cooper does have a great mind, and he has the capability to take everyone's information and spin it into a giant story that he read about when he was in the Navy."


Nonetheless, Lear still believes Cooper's original story, before he started embellishing it.


Lear: "Good old Bill, he takes a lot of flak, but we named the disease that Bill Cooper got that many of us got, that was called the UFO disease. The UFO disease is when you start out in this business and you hear and see some stuff that really happens, really real, but you start adding onto it, and like Bill, he just got too far out."


The station probably cannot be heard outside Las Vegas--but I think that's good. This is a connoisseur's show. You have to know the characters to fully appreciate it. No doubt, tapes of the show will be circulating for years in the UFO underground, so there isn't any need for worldwide broadcast.

Glenn Campbell: posted to alt.conspiracy.area51, 12/27/95 Copyright © 1996, Glenn Campbell, PO Box 448, Rachel, NV 89001. All rights reserved. 2/20/96

Now, the most curious thing I find in the above extract, is that John Lear "blew the whistle" on Val's authorship of the KRLL papers... almost immediately after Val received the diskette from me which contained the remarks about this being connected in some way to a government "leak" as well as my own statement to Val that he was, in my opinion, the author of the KRLL papers!!!

I am not assuming anything, I am just noting the chronology of events.

Nevertheless, I DID send a copy of the transcript of the session quoted above where I remarked about the similarity of certain aspects of the Andromedan material to the files I had sent Val back in 1995 and 1996. It was a courtesy because Val was mentioned in the session. No response. So, I brought it up on June 28, 1997:

Q: But, I did send a copy of last week's transcript to Val, and a nice little note with it, because he was mentioned... and so on. But, there has been nothing but a resounding silence. We have heard nothing.
A: In this case, the silence is noteworthy. Regarding Valerian, it is those with which he is directly acquainted and/or associated that is of greatest importance!
Q: Do you want to give another clue on that?
A: He is interesting, but those with whom he is acquainted and associated are even more interesting!! The information in his sphere of influence is of "blockbuster" like significance. We suspect an intellectual exchange of the kind to which you have become accustomed with some of these beings would boost your knowledge/awareness base atomically!

I don't know precisely what the Cassiopaeans mean by this last remark... but it is extremely curious! Why do they refer to the associates of Val Valerian as "beings" with "blockbuster" information?

It gets curiouser and curiouser!

Also see: Critical Notes on Val Valerian's Matrix III
Thank you for posting the information, and so quickly. ;)

I've done a bit of digging. Seems the '94 video is going semi-viral lately (on google). Long thread on ATS :rolleyes:. (I'd never been there before...)
Apparently some newer videos now out there. Lot of people "feeling" he's not a scam-artist, relating to his "emotional" expression, and the 911 "prediction".
I'll probably check it out a bit more, since it's makin some waves, along with other "disclosure"-type news coming in both alt and MSM venues.
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Alex Collier?

Does the forum have an opinion of Alex Collier?

I've seen a few of his lectures and videos. and he always seems very plausible and sincere.
Of course, I realize there is disinformation to suit everyone, but I find him appealing. Is there any reason to think he is a disinformation artist? If he is deliberately misleading people, than he's a brilliant actor.

What do you think?


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Re: Alex Collier?

Hi Viv,

If you use the search function (very useful ;)) to find if the forum has already a thread about Alex Collier, you will have a couple of answers.

Here's one of the answers:


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Re: Alex Collier?

Search? :) Thanks Gandalf.

He's mentioned a few times, but no-one has reached a conclusion about him.


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Viv said:
Search? :) Thanks Gandalf.

He's mentioned a few times, but no-one has reached a conclusion about him.

True. So perhaps you can being some quotes and analysis to the table since it interests you?


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Viv wrote: << If he is deliberately misleading people, than he's a brilliant actor. >>

I think most disinformation is most effectively disseminated by "true believers," not those who are acting.


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Re: Alex Collier?

Viv said:
I've seen a few of his lectures and videos. and he always seems very plausible and sincere.

I too have seen a few of his lectures. Thing is, he doesn't really bring anything new to the table. It's scandalous information to some people new to a broader reality, and he puts on his "serious and concerned" face throughout his presentations. He presents "secret" information, turns them into issues that need to be dealt with but has no real answer as to how to resolve the issues, i.e. it's bigger than you, now you know it, you can't do much, so good luck.

So what do you think most searching people come away with after hearing something like that? ["Keep looking and you'll see more on just how screwed you are" is the basic subconscious message there].

The "issues" (and I put them in quotes for a reason), are never concrete: allusions are made and left dangling for the audience to fill in their own blanks.

One thing he said that did strike me, and he made an emotional show of it in one presentation I saw, is this: he stated that "aliens" abduct children because they have a lower (if any at all) toxic load, and are therefore preferred as (physical) food.

So the dual nasty implication is that if you have no toxic load, you are at the top of the menu as catch of the day, and the other is that if you are toxic and "safe" from this form of predation, you are fated to live out whatever the toxins do to you. So which is "better"? Being possibly eaten, or kinda toxic (and unthinking)? It's a fear-based twist and probably the subtle keystone of his entire presentation. (I could be wrong, of course!)

As far as being the catch of the day goes, that's what he says, and talk is cheap. I'll de-toxify and clarify my thinking in any way I can because it is a clear and present danger, and meet what may come my way better prepared for it.


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People tend to forget the 4D STS influence and how it can take hold of a person and lead them astray, lead them to believe what is false or twisted, and give them "proof" that is totally convincing. You just need to read John Keel's "Operation Trojan Horse" to get a good background on this. Then, of course, there is the alleged Greenbaum program which I discuss at some length in The Wave. How many New Age purveyors of "wisdom" are really programmed to lead others astray by human programmers? Of course, then you have to get into the question of who is leading the human programmers to do this and you come back to 4 D STS.

Again and again I come back to the fact that deeply studying history is one way to really get a handle on things.


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He often describes the dilemma of the 'Andromedans'; being STO they can't interfere, but there are dire consequences if they don't. In his latest presentation in 2009 he announced that they had decided to intervene and would 'mentor' the human race. The 'Andromedans' always sound so good and wise; who would not want to be befriended and guided by such a race?

It occurred to me that encouraging a belief in a 'saviour' outside ourselves could be dangerous. If enough people hear this and want it to be true we could end up giving permission on some level for something negative to come in and take over.

As for the comment about children being better food physically, this makes sense to me. Children are good to eat, and the rest of us provide lots of delicious pain and misery.


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Viv said:
As for the comment about children being better food physically, this makes sense to me. Children are good to eat, and the rest of us provide lots of delicious pain and misery.
Veal and lamb come to mind - as above, so below.


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I saw the conference today about the Alex Collier Earth Transformation 2010, took my attention the following points:

1- He talk about the Galactic Plane that coming to the earth ------- The wave????
2- That the people must raise up the vibration of the body to go to the 4 density
3- That the actual government system doesn't work and the religions either very focused in USA.
4- He talks about the Andromedan's want to mentor us in the process of Earth changing in technology, health and "politics" which he said for them the politics is the same that the religion-

When I see this man and how he talk well take my attention because too much bla bla and bla about ET´s , but his point of view is totally USA thinking, USA change the world, and the USA is the main country in the world and too much love to USA, let's changes USA and that kind of things but the point that the ET´s wanted to MENTOR US to have a GOVERMENT with all those benevolent of help make me doubt ??????????? Why we want to some ET¨S come here and mentor don't we have enough with all this garbage that we are living, Don't we want to take our own boat and drive it ???? Or I'm wrong ????

What kind of benevolent ETS offered to mentor the humans race?????????????? in that way ???????? :scared: :huh:


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zim said:
4- He talks about the Andromedan's want to mentor us in the process of Earth changing in technology, health and "politics" which he said for them the politics is the same that the religion-

I saw that interview recently. To me it did sound like a ploy to get people to put all their faith into a single savior and not work to help themselves, sort of like a 21st Century Fox version of the religious take on all that's going to happen. He really had me going up until that remark but then I wasn't even into the C's stuff anyways so I didn't know any better.


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Hahaha fun idea, if the andromedans are going to help, and the forum is about the cassiopean transmision, and andromeda is cassiopaea's daughter. Wouldn't some of the group be the andromedans helping in the future, sons of the material inspired in the cs transmissions? :P


Whatever, Alex awoke me about the ETs subject and all those fantastic ideas I wasn' even aware could exist, and as it is, I lost myself in stupid ideas because as Ouspensky said about the gospel that ask for purity but do not tell you how to get that purity.

The worst thing is that I was asking to all heavens to know to do that, how to reach that, becaus I can't do it just throwing my Tv out of my house, and asked and demanded a contact with something, or osme abduction believing I was going to be saved. In those moments really strange things happened, increment on my anger, delusions like hearing voices in moments, at some hour my TV would loss signal, but happening at the same time I had a crucial moment in emotions, like getting angry about someone remembering the situation or even in an imaginary situation taking it as true, and the tv signal was lost, and a lot of interference and the most interesting thing was that those ideas were like beaming to my head trying ti make me furious, incredibly I got in that crucial moment a decision and in those imaginary moments instead of imagining hitting bitting destroying or whatever pathological thought, I apologized and said I forgive you to the person in that imaginary climatic moment haha what the hell I was living??? just because I couldn't find the answer to lot of things. And suddenly about chosing the good way the interference ended, but maybe the nex day or the next month I could be living the same attack.

In those periods appart of delusions I got really destroyed, I was part schizophrenic and part multiple personality, I was just emotionally and mentally destroyed, just destroyed. My personalities was divided in to eyes' colors. I had a blue personality, green, red, orange, and no black eyes personality until the end of my inner chaos.

Then I got to read the cassiopaeans, there was pure knowledge, all I wanted to know, a lot of affirmations, but I didn't trusted, don't know why. Then I got the last hit and just internally died, I exploded asking to mother earth about an answer, it was just like an atomic bomb about everything. And cassiopaeans appeared.

And that disinfo thing was partially good, but was opening my mind to something I was not prepared. And lead me to danger, and could be the actual cause of my sleeping attacks.
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