Alice trapped in the underworld


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Last night I had a very weird dream. I am not sure if the dream had a deeper meaning or it was just another weird dream, but I’ll share it here in case it does.

The dream started with me in the train (my subconscious obviously loves trains) but the train was going into the the underground, deeper and deeper, which I never dreamed before. Usually I only ride on the surface. And the ride was quite long, like I was going several kilometers deep.

After some time, I finally reached the end. There were some people there waiting for me. They told me that I’m gonna be there for a very long time because this was some sort of a prison.

There we found a girl named Alice. The story was that Alice was hibernated by her father for some reason, and she was supposed to wake up after couple of years. But, something went wrong, and she slept there for thousands of years. And she was very angry because of that.

In the next scene, in front of me was some kind of a theater stage with many actors, waiting for me to start their play. In that play I was supposed to be an interactive player, like some kind of a virtual video game. And in that game I was supposed to find out what is that story about, like some kind of detective work. But, I did something unusual, I already knew the answer even before this whole play started and I started hitting one of the versions of the Alice, saying that she is not the real Alice but the evil witch! After couple of hits the evil witch revealed her true form and I won the game at the very start, without having to go trough the whole drama that was prepared for me. And then I woke up.

The dream was weird, but made a big impression on me. I tried immediately to make some analysis, and although I cannot know what all of those elements mean, I cannot say that it doesn’t make some sense to me.

I thing that the train that went into deep underground world symbolizes the connection in the brain/mind that I haven’t used in a very long time and that Alice girl is some part of my subconscious (perhaps my emotional center) that was frozen in time by my personality (her father) for some protective reason, but has forgotten to wake her up. The evil witch could be a fake personality (or some attachment maybe) taking a role of the real self.

Unfortunately, it is all still very symbolical, and I still have no idea, if my analysis is true, what actually happened with my subconsciousness in the past. But slowly developing access to it is a positive thing, I guess. Many times I dreamed about going into the underground worlds, but never this deep, so I seem to be changing something inside with my practice of mind silencing.
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