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The Force is Strong With This One
Hello this is my first post!

Last year I found this video and I got curious...

I wanted to ask you if this has the same/similar effect to being "Rolfed" as I read in a C's session June 9th 2009. It came to my mind when the C's said that when you clean the house, and you don't put something back on, someone else does. It is like that? to "clean" yourself from deep emotions you have to be careful because if you don't have what to put back in there somebody else will? Or maybe I'm getting it wrong and it works differently.

According to this website , it all started with Christine Day.

quote from that page:

"To assist us in this process of paramount important, throughout her book, Ms Day takes us step-by-step through the Initiations of Light that have been taught to her by the Pleiadians themselves. As she so beautifully writes:

"When you open up to your Self you will become able to play your part more fully and consciously in this transition of the earth, because you will have a greater awareness of the energies around you. The planet needs more people living in the consciousness connected state with Spirit, awakening to the light of themselves, and consciously anchoring their light onto the planet. As you take you place, you can then play an active part in helping to anchor all light energies on the planet. As you participate in this way you will be accelerating your own self-realization process, expanding your Sacred Heart, deepening your connection to the Self. One action feeds the other, building your essence of love and connection to your place within the Universal consciousness.""

And here is another website.
And another from Europe.

Well... at the time I seriously considered doing it but no one did it in my country. But now instead of doing it, I think the best for me is to keep reading and networking.

What do you think?
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